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    The Royal Rumble!
    Location: St. Louis, Missouri

    *The pyro’s explode into live and the crowd roar with excitement and anticipation for the Royal Rumble as the camera goes around the arena showing the fans in attendance!*

    JR: WWE Universe we would like to thank you for joining us here tonight and allowing us into your homes all over the world and we welcome you to the Royal Rumble! I’m JR, Jim Ross and alongside me, my broadcast partner fellow Hall of famer.. Jerry “ the king “ lawlor!

    King: Thanks Partner! Im so excited JR! the Royal Rumble is finally here and we are officially on the road to Wrestlemania!

    JR: That’s right King! We are live from St. Louis, Missouri at the Scottrade Center and we are pleased to say it’s a complete sell out and what about these fans tonight King!

    King: Ohh man, these fans are buzzing with excitement tonight and who can blame them Ross! The card is stacked and it’s the Royal Rumble!!

    JR: * JR laughs* seems like these fans are not the only ones excited! We have some great matches for you tonight folks, A new WWE champion will be crowned when Dolph Ziggler takes on The Ultimate Warrior.. We also have Bryan Danielson vs. John Cena and also we hope to give you an update on the situation with the Punk vs. Christian match that was scheduled tonight!

    King: Such A good line up we have tonight and we are going to start it all with out first match of the night.. Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio!

    King: What is wrong with the crowd, why are they booing?

    *Bell rings*

    Lilian: Introducing first standing at 5 ft 6, weighing in 175 punds, he is the biggest little man REY MYSTERRIOOOOO

    JR: The crowd certainly hate this man, ladies and gentlemen our first match of the evening is Rey Mysterio vs Sin Cara in battle for glory.

    King: Both men are very talented wrestlers but only one can be the winner

    JR: Here comes Sin Cara

    Lilian: His opponent weighing in 180 pounds, the international sensation SIN CARA

    *stop at 7:11*

    JR: OH MY GAWD, how did Mysterio kick out of that one?

    King: I have told you for weeks and weeks JR, Rey Mysterio is the best highflyer in Mexican history so I’m not very surprised at this

    JR: Well, we’re gonna have to see how Sin Cara can pull this off, he has been on a losing streak since Rey left him

    King: Sin Cara, what is he thinking right now?

    JR: I don’t know but he’s running to the corner….CORKSCREW SENTON followed by a cover 1..2…..NO

    King: Look at the face of Sin Cara

    JR: That’s impossible you idiot he has a mask on, anyways he is setting Mysterio up for something here…….Hurricarana out of nowhere

    King: See if Cara would have gone for the cover he would have won by now.

    JR: Sin Cara is going for his signature submission move La Mistica, but no Mysterio throws him out of the way and Sin Cara is on the ropes, Mysterio could go for a 619 here and it all.

    King: Look at Mysterio he’s running…………………619 CONNECTED

    JR: Now for that springboard splash Mysterio goes for after his 619….

    *Sin Cara gets up and nails a hurricarana into the ropes*

    King: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO……….619 BY SIN CARA

    JR: He’s not done yet……………………..La Mistica HE’S GOT IT LOCKED IN ON MYSTERIO WHAT IS MYSTERIO GOING TO DO


    JR: An outstanding performance by Sin Cara and a great effort by Rey Mysterio unfortunately it didn’t pay off.

    King: Well you know what is going to pay off?

    JR: What are you talking about King?

    King: The Royal Rumble, 30 competitors facing off for a spot at glory at Wrestlemania.

    JR: That is certainly going to pay off, first off let’s watch a video package of Royal Rumble stats

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    King: Well, after that we have to return to the action in the ring this is going to be a brutal matchup

    JR: Imagine who would beman enoigh to fight against Kane?

    King: I don't know but we're about to find out

    *bell rings*

    Lilian: The following is set for one fall, introducing first from parts unknown weighing 323 pounds KANE

    JR: Well here we go King.. Kane has been causing nothing but Havoc and Chaos on Raw these last couple of weeks and has had no action taken against him! He claims he wanted a challenge.. I just hope he gets his wish tonight and someone can teach this out of control man a lesson!

    King: What was that about being unbiased? I have to agree though Ross, Kane is scary.. His actions have been very disturbing and just think.. If he beats who ever he is facing tonight what will he do next on Raw?

    JR: I shudder to think!

    *Kane makes his way down to ring with the vast majority booing the big red machine! Kane is waiting in the ring with a mic in his hand*

    Kane: Well! Come on father… You said you had a challenge for me? Bring him out! Let him stare into the eyes of a monster and sense the fear around this arena, then we will see if he is ready to step in the ring with me!

    *Kane stops speaking and stares at the stage, the crowd do the same and there is a real buzz and excitement flowing around the arena waiting to see who the challenger is! *

    King: is it Mordecai Ross?

    *JR looks at King with a confused expression on his face*

    JR: Why are you asking me? How would I know who the challenger is..

    *After a minute or so there is still no sign of anyone appearing from the behind the curtain!*

    Kane: You see! People are scared of me * Kane laughs* He must have sensed the fear around this whole arena and ran away for his life.. Just like all of you do! You all run away and hide from your fears!

    *Kane is cut off by the lights going out!*

    King: The Undertaker? Who is it?

    JR: I have a feeling we are about to find out!

    *The lights come back on and a monster of a man is standing on top of stage staring right at Kane as the crowd give a huge pop!*

    JR: That’s Abyss! It’s the monster Abyss! Oh my god!

    King: Who? Look at him.. He’s a monster! Kane may have just found someone more scarier then him!

    JR: He’s a former TNA employee! This man is Scary King! I have heard plenty of stories of the damage that this man is capable of doing! Look at Kane’s face! He’s more shocked then anyone is this building!

    King: *King laughs* Kane was not ready for this!

    *Kane and Abyss continue to stare right though each other as Abyss makes his way down to the ring!*

    JR: This could be the clash of the titans right here folks! Just listen to these fans.. They can’t wait for this match to explode into life!

    stop at 4:17

    JR: OH MY GOD! Kane just nailed Abyss in the face with the ladder! This match has been brutal so far folks!

    King: Im not even sure this match was meant to be a no DQ! Then again.. Im not even sure this match was planned full stop!

    *Kane throws the ladder out of the ring onto Abyss and takes a breather trying to catch his breath after the damage both me have done to each other!*

    JR: I can assure you those ladders hurt guys.. Anyone thinking otherwise is crazy! This match has been a fight King.. An old fashioned fight to find out which man is the better!

    King: Where does it stop though Ross! These man have beat the hell out of each other so far and just look at Kane, he has more planned!

    *Kane looks around to see where Abyss has gone, He gets out of the ring looking for Abyss when out comes the monster from underneath the ring with a Kendo stick in hand and smashes it across the stomach of Kane and again across the big red machines back!*

    JR: He just snapped that Kendo stick across the back of Kane!

    King: What’s he getting now?

    JR: He’s looking for something else underneath that ring!

    *Abyss drags out a sack and then continues to beat down on Kane, before picking him and suplexing him onto the steel ramp way!*

    JR: My god this has been brutal!

    King: What’s in that bag?

    *Abyss picks up the bag and throws it further up the ramp, near to the stage! He picks up Kane from the flood and begins to drag the deadweight up the ramp!*

    JR: I have a bad feeling folks..

    King: Abyss has something planned, this match about to get a whole lot worse!

    *Both men are at the top of the stage, Abyss goes over to the far right and looks over the ledge where a few tables are set up were different electrical equipment is set up! He looks back at a staggering Kane and the crowd react with a big pop knowing what is to come next!*

    JR: No! No! he can’t be thinking off…

    King: He is! We have found someone more crazy and demented then Kane!

    *Abyss clothesline’s Kane back down to the floor and once again picks up the bag, he carries it to the edge of the stage.. Unties the bag and drops pins and tacks all over the tables and electrical equipment below! *

    JR: Tacks! This is crazy folks.. Both men are risking there life’s!

    King: Well Kane wanted a challenge and he’s getting one right here!

    *Abyss drags Kane over to the edge of the stage before helping him up and placing a hand across Kane’s throat getting ready for a choke slam! * crowd pop* Kane starts to fight back hitting Abyss with strong right hands!

    JR: Kane with a right.. And another! Kane is fighting back!

    *Abyss is able to duck underneath one of Kane’s strong right hand shots and gives a big right boot to the stomach.. Kane is right on the edge of the stage trying to keep his balance when Abyss takes a few yards back before charging at Kane with a huge spear!


    *Huge pop from the crowd as an explosion goes off from the electrical equipment causing many of the fans to jump in fear!*

    JR: There dead! They must be dead!

    King: I cant believe what I have just witnessed! Both men are not moving… this is serious!

    JR: We need some help down here! Please anyone.. I cant believe it! WE NEED SOME HELP DOWN HERE!

    *Both men are lifeless as they both lay on the ground surrounded by broking electrical equipment and snapped tables.. A small fire has began to happen from one of the speakers! Medics , trainers and anyone close by rush out with fire extinguishers trying to help!*

    JR: In all my years.. I can honestly say I have never seen anything like that happen and I hope I never have to again!

    King: It was world war 3! I just hope both men are okay!

    JR: Same here King, both men are yet to move folks! I’m afraid I fear the worst!

    *An ambulance is able to get through the side of the stage and both men are carefully loaded and helped onto the vehicle!*

    JR: I’m stunned folks! I really don’t know what to say..

    King: Well were going to try and clean this mess up guys.. We will also try and get an update on both men as soon as we can, right now though.. Dolph Ziggler is with Josh Matthews!

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    *The camera cuts back from the Kane vs. Abyss carnage and show’s Dolph Ziggler with Vickie at his side waiting to be interviewed by Josh Mathews*

    JM: Dolph tonight is the Royal Rumble and you are potentially only a couple of hours away from winning the WWE title! Are you nervous? This will be the first time you have been in this position in your young career..

    *Vickie grabs Josh’s hand and begins to speak*

    VG: Excuse me!

    *the crowd begin too boo!*

    VG: I said excuse me! Nervous? Do you realise that you are talking to the most talented man in wrestling! My client has been waiting for this chance his whole life.. And tonight with me at his side he will become the new WWE champion!

    *Ziggler begins to smile down the camera as the crowd continue too boo!*

    DZ: Nervous? No I’m not nervous Josh.. Like my manager just said, this is my time.. My moment! Tonight is the beginning of a new era! The era of the showoff!

    JM: Okay.. You must surly agree that the Warrior has the edge tonight though? He has a lot more experience and has been really impressive as of late!

    *Ziggler looks annoyed by what Matthews has just said..*

    DZ: Maybe it’s his Warrior sword.. Maybe it’s his spaceship or it could be all the juice he’s been taking from the Warrior gods in Uranus! *Ziggler laughs* the guy is a joke! He makes me ashamed to be in this company.. All that wont matter though, when that bell rings all the talking stops and I will do what I do week in.. week out and out perform my opponent! Look at me Josh.. Look at me!

    *Mathews awkwardly looks at Ziggler*

    DZ: I have the look of a champion! The charisma of a champion and the talent of a champion! Tonight I will become the champion.. It’s as simple as that.

    *Ziggler and Vickie both leave the interview!*

    JM: Well there you have it guys.. Back to you at ringside!

    King: Here comes the MIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZ

    *bell rings*

    Lilian: The following is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Intercontinental championship, introducing first from Cleveland, Ohio the awesome one THE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZ

    JR: This man is way too cocky for my liking and I hope that Triple H smacks him right in the mouth

    King: There is nothing wrong with confidence

    JR: You say that about everybody!


    JR: This is certainly outstanding, this is the biggest pop of the night


    Lilian: Introducing his opponent from from Greenwich, Connecticut weighing in 255 pounds, he is the game and your Intercontinental champion TRIIPPLLLLLEEEEEEE H

    JR: My god I can barely hear Lilian, you can clearly hear this is the road to wrestlemania, it has started and tonight we are going to find out if Triple H retains or if The Miz can defend his words

    *Stop at 7:13*


    JR: This match has been remarkable, the crowd has been remarkable, this is a classic for sure

    King: I don’t normally agree with you but, THIS IS A SLOBBERKNOCKER

    JR: Triple H is going for the pedigree onto the Miz, but Miz lifts up Triple H and sends him down to the ground

    King: Now Miz is in control I believe

    JR: What is Miz doing?


    JR: Triple H got his hand up to that and we are still watching this incredible matchup that so far has stolen the show.

    King: That’s debatable, what about Abyss vs Kane?

    JR: The matches on the card have been AWEESOME as the Miz says




    * The crowd are still chanting Triple H’s name after witnessing him retain his Intercontinental Championship!*

    JR: What a night it’s been so far folks and we are only at the half way stage!

    King: I still can’t get over that Kane and Abyss match! In all my years I have never witnessed something like I seen tonight!

    JR: I agree King, That was an all out brawl.. Right now though folks we are glad to say we have had an update on Christians injury, but I’m afraid it’s not good news!

    King: As you are all aware, Christian received multiple chair shots and was attacked by CM Punk a couple of weeks ago.. It resulted in Christian needing stiches and suffering from minor concussion, Christian on the following Raw was then told to take the night off and rest but instead decided to go against docters and managements orders and come out for his match to face Bobby Roode! Christian during the match would go to the top rope only to feint and fall to the floor allowing Roode to pick up the win!

    JR: That’s right.. We can however tell you Christian is hear tonight but again.. As thing stands right now, Christian will not be competing tonight and we can only assume the match with CM Punk will now be called off or changed!

    King: On behalf of the WWE, our apologies to anyone who tuned in tonight and bought the PPV expecting Christian to compete!

    JR: I’m sure Christian is watching the show backstage now and I can only imagine his regret in not being able to fight tonight.. After the intense rivalry of the last couple of weeks I’m sure captain charisma would have loved to have got his hands on CM Punk! But I’m sure you will all agree that the safety of these athletes is something that the WWE strives to ensure and once again we can only say sorry for the disappointing news!

    King: On a brighter note, We are moments away from watching Bryan Danielson make that Eminem wannabe tap out! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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    Lilian: The following matchup is scheduled for one fall, introdcuing first from Abeerden Washington Daniel Bryan

    King: Here comes the man that’s going to make Cena tap out tonight!

    JR: You seem very sure of that King, You would be a very brave man to right off John Cena! Like him or not.. Cena always performs to his best in a big match situation!

    *Bryan reaches the ring and begins too speak!*

    DB: Many of you are probably wondering why I am so happy, well I’ll tell you. Tonight I will start a new era for the WWE. First, I am going to put an end to John Cena’s career, and then I will go onto win the Royal Rumble and main event WrestleMania. On Monday, I made John Cena tap out and that may not seem like anything extraordinary, but it is. That roided out wannabe likes to make himself out to be invincible, but I have exposed him to be the talentless little bitch that he really is. He now knows that at any given moment I can easily apply one of my numerous submission holds and make him tap out and give up. John’s little facade of “Your gay, I’m angry, Thug Life” was entertaining for about thirty seconds, but when faced with a real life wrestler, it is clear that he is way out of his league. After I am done ripping his shoulder out of the socket, he will have to face the harsh reality that he isn’t needed or wanted around here anymore. Hell, even management has figured this out. Why else would they be bringing in all this new talent? To give me better competition and give you fans a reason to watch. This is World Wrestling Entertainment, not some gimmicky cartoon show. This is where the best wrestlers in the world come to compete; there is no room for hacks like Cena. So if the albino Flavor Flav will drag his sorry ass out here, I can hurry up and beat him and get ready for my real match later tonight.

    JR: Strong words from this talented young man folks, He seems just as sure as you are King that he will get the job done tonight!

    King: So he should be Ross! Bryan Danielson is the most natural gifted performer in this business today! He knows more holds and locks then you have had BBQ’s! *King laughs*

    JR: Very funny! Well I’m not going too predict a winner.. But I’m going to predict this will be a hell of a match and that Cena may just surprise you King with his technical ground work!

    King: Here he comes! The docter of boreagnomics! * King laughs*


    JR: You realise you are the only one that laughs at your jokes right?

    King: Maybe so JR! But when Bryan shows Cena how to wrestle and makes him tap then I will have another reason to laugh!

    *Both men have reached the ring and chants of lets go Cena can be heard around the arena as both men look around at the crowd before staring each other down!*

    JR: Just listen too the fans King, the atmosphere in here is amazing and they can sense this match is going to be something special!

    King: Come on Bryan!

    Angle/Bryan vs. Cena

    Start at 06:00 Stop at 21:30

    JR: Cena’s got him up! He’s looking for the FU!

    King: Fight out Bryan! Fight out!

    *Cena has Bryan up ready for the FU, Bryan is fighting trying to get out as Cena try’s to get composed and keep his grip!*

    King: Come on Bryan! You can do it!

    *As Cena lifts up Bryan, Bryan struggles free and escapes!*

    King: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

    JR: Bryan got out.. Cena looking for a clothesline!

    *Bryan Danielson ducks the Clothesline and reverses it bringing Cena down too the mat trying to lock in the Labell lock!*

    JR: If he locks it in folks.. This could all be over!

    King: Yes! Come on Bryan.. Lock it in!

    *Cena try’s to escape from the grasps of Bryan, crawling and dragging himself across the ring, Bryan grips hold of Cena’s arm and manages to Lock in the Labell lock!

    JR: It’s locked in! this could be all over for Cena!

    King: He’s got him! Cena’s going to tap! I told you Ross!

    *The crowd are on there feet expecting Cena too tap out! The pain on Cena’s face is clear for everyone to see as he tries to escape! *

    JR: Cena is in real pain guys! It can only be a matter of time before he taps out!

    King: Just tap out Cena!

    *Bryan increases the tightness of the hold and the pain on Cena’s face increases once more!

    JR: Cena’s fading folks! He could pass out right here!

    *Cena’s eyes begin rolling, as he begins to fade, the Ref is asking Cena if he wants to give up with no response from Cena,*

    JR: Cena’s out folks, John Cena is out!

    King: Ring the bell ref! this match is over * King laughs*

    *The ref rings for the bell and Bryan Danielson is declared the winner! The crowd begin too boo Bryan as he fails to release the hold! The ref is trying to pull Bryan off Cena but with no result!*

    JR: Come on now Bryan! The match is over.. You won, let go for god’s sake!

    King: Cena has deserved this!

    JR: What are you talking about King! Release the hold Bryan!

    *More referees come down from the back and force Bryan to release the hold! Bryan stands in the middle of the ring with a big smile on his face knowing the damage he has just caused, the crowd give the loudest boo of the night as Bryan makes his way up the ramp!*

    King: I told you he was going to make Cena tap out!

    JR: He didn’t make Cena tap out.. But he got the job done! What followed afterwards was totally un-called for though King!

    *Cena is helped to the back by the referee’s as the crowd give a standing ovation! The camera then cuts to the back where JBL is waiting.. *

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    The show cuts to backstage where Josh Matthews is standing by with JBL. JBL is wearing a suit and his Cowboy hat.

    JM: "So JBL, we all saw your fantastic return to the WWE in your match against Gilberg - What are your plans going forward?"

    JBL: "Yes, that's right, the WWE did see my 'fantastic' return to WWE last week, but you're only kidding yourself if you think that that was even close to me being at my best. What you saw last week was a mockery - what you saw last week was a man trying to fight a god. You see last week after the show, I realised something. I realised that there was one very simple route to the WWE Title. I realised that I didn't need to win against these awful competitors. I have nothing to prove to anyone here, because I am the greatest champion in WWE History. I don't need to prove anything to myself - I don't need to prove anything to the fans who sit their on their fat asses, eat Nachos and swig away at their Coke."

    ***Fans are heard booing in the background***

    JM: "Well, JBL What are yo-"


    ***Jeers again from the crowd. Josh Matthews is looking intimidated, and JBL Smiles and stares him in the eyes, getting a little closer to his face***

    JBL: "What am I going to do? It's simple what I'm going to do. I'm going to win the Royal Rumble.

    When I came back, I made it clear what my objective was here - I was going to be the WWE Champion once again. That has not changed. It's my destiny to once again hold the title, and there isn't a damn person who's going to get in my way.

    You see, it's easy to just destroy sub-par superstars all the time - I can do that with my eyes closed and I do that for fun. But winning the Royal Rumble...That's something I have not done.
    This is one of the very few things I have not done in my career, and it's something I intend to do. Everybody was in with a chance of winning the Rumble...That is until I turned up.

    To all of you maggots out there, you are looking at the past, the present and the future of the WWE; I will be taking what is rightfully mine and once I win that Royal Rumble, you peasants will line the streets singing hosanna as I drive on by, but you will be denied any acknowledgement from me, because I am better than you, I am better than everyone in this company, I am Richer than anyone in this company; I AM A WRESTLING GOD."

    ***Heavy booing from the fans continues as JBL Pushes Josh Matthews into the backdrop. JBL Walks off grinning as the screen fades out***

    *The camera cuts back from the JBL interview to the commentary table*

    King: There’s the winner of the Royal Rumble! That’s my pick, the wrestling god! John Bradshaw Layfield!

    JR: You could be right King, Everyone on the roster will fancy there chances tonight as shown with the interviews we have had.. Who ever wins it will deserve it and there is no bigger or better feeling then winning the Rumble and headlining Wrestlemania and that’s the opportunity that one guy will win tonight!

    King: Your right Ross! Who ever win’s it.. There career will never be the same ever again! It’s a chance to cement your name in the record books!

    *Both men pause for a couple of seconds after receiving information from there headsets*

    JR: Folks! I am pleased too announce.. We have just been giving word that Christian will be competing tonight! We can’t confirm weather he has been medically passed or if he’s begged for the chance too prove he’s fine, but we have just been told that Christian will be competing tonight!

    King: Christian is risking his career though if he has not been passed fit JR! and against someone like CM Punk? He’s going too be like a shark in the water smelling blood!

    JR: I agree, I really hope he’s been passed fit because as much as I was looking forward to seeing Captain Charisma, I don’t want this too be the last time we see him!

    King: I feel the same way!

    JR: Well guys.. The Royal Rumble is here, but around the corner is another PPV and the Elimination Chamber is the last chance saloon too headline Wrestlemania!

    The Rumble comes back from a video preview for Elimination Chamber, and we see CM Punk standing backstage with Josh Matthews.

    JM: Punk, we are just minutes away from your match with Captain Charisma, Christian. After what we saw on Raw, Christian has been cleared to wrestle tonight, but it doesn't seem like he is fit to. Do you feel the need to call off the match in hopes for his safety?

    Punk: In hopes for his safety? What are you smoking Josh? Were you spending too much time with RVD or something? Come on! Mr 2 Pump Chump begged for it to be a TLC, he pleaded to face me. The moment the match was made official, he signed his own death warrant. I've wrestled through broken fingers, broken arms, injured legs, injured backs. Do you know why? Because I am the best damn wrestler not just here, but in the world. Christian only brought this upon himself. Had he not interfered when I was sending a message two weeks ago, he wouldn't be hurt. No Josh..I am not calling off this match. I am going to go out there, I am going to destroy Christian, I am going to steal the show with this match, and then I'm going to win and come to the back while I wait for the Rumble.

    JM: Speaking of the Rumble, have you chosen your number yet?

    Punk: No..I still have to do a matter of fact, I was going to do that right before you stopped me.

    Punk turns to leave, but Josh grabs his arm. Punk immmediately spins around, smacking Josh's hands away, as he grabs him by the throat, shoving him up against the wall.

    Punk: You don't touch me. I am better than you in every way. I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't do drugs. For all I know, you have done all three today, and knowing who you are Josh, you probably have herpes of the hand. Keep your filthy hands off of someone as pure as myself.

    Punk releases his choke on Josh, as Josh seems unsettled.

    JM: Any...cough thoughts on tonight?

    Punk grabs the mic from Josh, pushing him off screen, as Punk turns his attention to the camera.

    Punk: I'm about to go draw my number for the Rumble match. It doesn't matter though. I could have #1, #2, or #29. Tonight history is going to be made. For the first time in WWE history, 1 man is going to win a TLC match, and win the Royal Rumble all in one night. Tonight is the start of my journey. My journey to show the world that you don't have to do drugs, or smoke, or drink, to be cool. Hell, you don't even have to be liked to be cool. Tonight, I will win the Rumble, I will go on to Wrestlemania where I will main event, where I will reclaim my rightful championship that should have just been handed to me...and when it is all said and done, on the night of Wrestlemania, I will stand tall, holding that title over my head. You may not like me, you may not accept me...but when I am your will have to cheer me. Now how is that for some knowledge?

    Punk throws the mic at Josh Matthews, before walking off. The camera's cut back to the ring.

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    Lilian: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first from Chicago Illinois weighing 218 pounds CM PUNK

    *crowd immediately boos as Lilian finishes*

    *King stands up and looks at the fans*


    *Somebody throws a beer can at his face*

    JR: SIT DOWN, you’re making a fool of yourself

    Lilian: and introducing his opponent

    JR: Here is the man who wanted to compete and got his wish he will be taking on Cm Punk

    *the song plays for 3 minutes and finally stops after no one comes out*

    Lilian: Introducing his opponent

    King: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA Christian abandoned his fans, what an idiot

    JR: Christian would never do that

    *crowd starts booing*


    *crowd chants HOLY SHIT*

    JR: This is not going to be pretty for Cm Punk

    *30 more seconds pass and the music stops*




    Lilian: His opponent weighing in 241 pounds from Toronto Ontario Canada THE RATED RRRRR SUPERTARRRRRRRR EDGGGGGGGEEEEEE

    King: Even I have to say that was a tremendous entrance

    *The fans go nuts as Edge’s music blasts through the speakers. They wait for a few seconds before popping loudly as he comes rushing out through the smoke in his wrestling tights. He rushes to the side of the stage and begins to get pumped up by the fans as they are going crazy. He grabs a microphone at the top of the stage.*

    Edge: Damn it is good to be back!

    *Fans pop loudly*

    Edge: I know what you’re all thinking- what the hell is he doing here? Well it occurs to me some guy is running around acting like he owns this company- like he’s the best in the world. I’m talking, of course, about the man in the ring- CM Punk.

    *Fans boo as Punk smirks and Edge shakes his head at the top of the ramp.*

    Edge: Well, here’s the thing Punk. I got cleared and I worked my ass off to get back to the same Edge I used to be. Physically, I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m ready to kick ass like only the Rated R superstar can!

    *Fans pop loudly*

    Edge: So, this is what I mean. Two weeks ago, you attacked Christian. My best friend of twenty-eight years. The guy I consider my brother. And you think that you can just get away with that? No. You aren’t getting away with anything!

    *Fans pop loudly.*

    Edge: So here’s the good news Punk. You’re not facing Christian tonight in a TLC Match.

    *Fans boo loudly.*

    Edge: But here’s the bad news. You’re facing me!

    *Fans go nuts.*

    Edge: You’re facing the Rated R Superstar, the Ultimate Opportunist, the most decorated superstar in WWE history! And the guy that’s gonna Spear you so hard, you’ll be coughing up your guts for the next week!

    *Fans pop before chanting ‘Spear!’ ‘Spear!’ ‘Spear!’ over and over again.*

    Edge: I’m gonna shut you up, not just for myself, not just for Christian- but for all of these fans and the entire WWE Universe! You’ve won one TLC match Punk. I’ve won FIVE! And tonight, it’s gonna be six!

    *Edge drops the mic and runs down the ramp as the fans go insane.*

    JR: This contest is about to get underway Cm Punk vs Edge it's up NEXT
    *stop 9:45*

    JR: Both men are about to get and OH, WHAT A ROUNDHOUSE KICK BY CM PUNK COVER ONE, TWO, THR-NO

    King: This match has been great Edge is back and better than ever, Edge is able to connect a few punches 1,2,3,4,5,6 AND A SPINNING HEEL KICK

    JR: Edge irish whips Punk to the ropes but Punk stays on the ropes and hits a dving rolling elbow

    King: Cm Punk is going up top

    JR: Yeah but Edge is getting up

    King: Punk for an axe handle


    Crowd: 1.....2.......3 YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA

    JR: What an amzing match by these competitors

    King: I think Edge and Christian cheated

    JR: Tell me how they cheated King?

    King: Well, Christian was supposed to compete not Edge and Punk was ready for Christian not Edge

    JR: While you may have a point there Cm Punk gave an absolutely great match tonight

    King: Of course he is the best wrestler in the world

    JR: You could say one of the best, but let's not argue because we have a videoclip for you guys on the Royal Rumble stats
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    Lilian: Ladies and gentlemen the following matchup is scheduled for one faill and it is for THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP

    *crowd cheers*

    *bell rings*

    Lilian: Introducing first weighing in at 213 pounds from Los Angles, California DOLPH ZIGGLER

    JR: This man is a cocky bastard and hopefully Ultimate Warrior hits him in the face and finishes him off

    King: Calm down JR

    Lilian: Introducinhg his opponent from parts unknown weighing 275 pounds ULTIMATE WARRIORRRRRRRR

    JR: Soon Ultimate Warrior will shut up Dolph Zigller and smack the cockyness out of his face

    King: That’s what you would hope

    *stop at 10:44*

    King: Dolph Ziggler is going to win this, I have a feeling JR

    JR: Unfortunately it just might happen, ladies and gentlemen the pre main event of the evening Dolph Ziggler vs Ultimate
    Warrior for the WWE championship

    King: Dolph Ziggler has the sleeper hold, he has it locked in Warrior is about to tap

    *After 5 minutes the ref, goes to check on Warrior and raises the arm*


    JR: This cannot happen


    King: YES YES YES



    King: NO NO NO

    JR: Repeated clothesline to Dolph by Warrior, Ziggler stays down, RUNNING SPLASH, FOLLOWED BY QA GORILLA PRESS DROP COVER



    Lilian: Here is your winner and the NEW WWE CHAMPION ULTIMATE WARRIOR

    JR: An emotional win for Ultimate Warrior

    King: How is it possible that this lunatic won the greatest prize in WWE history?

    JR: I don’t know but up next your main event of the evening, THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH, that matchup is up next but first we present to you a special video package

    King: Wow that is all I can say

    JR: Well, guess what that match is up next it's time for our main event of the evening here tonight in St Louis Missourri.

    King: I can't wait to see entrances number 1 and 2, or number 27 the luckiest number and of course number 30

    Lilian: The following matchup is the Royal RUMBLE MATCH

    *crowd cheers*

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    JR: Ladies and Gentleman we thank you again for joining us here tonight and allowing us in to your homes all over the world!

    King: What a night it’s been Ross, and these fans have been amazing!

    JR: Well folks the time has come… It’s the Royal Rumble up next!

    King: I can’t wait.. Im still sticking with JBL!

    *The crowd are hyped up and you can sense the excitement in the air as Michael Buffer stands in the ring ready too speak!*

    JR: Well here we go folks, who’s going too be number 1

    King: Please not JBL, Please not JBL!

    *The lights go out around the arena and the crowd pop with excitement, Electric is shown flashing around the stage.. After a minute or so a vignette is played!*

    *It shows a thunder and lightning storm in what appears to be Miami, A young boy is shown running through the streets while lightning is striking all around him.. As the video plays and the boy is running, it shows him getting older and changing.. From wearing American Football gear to a Hollywood suit, Eventually the lightning strijes the now fully grown man who is wearing wrestling gear and brings him to his knees, The man is shown looking up, You can see a building with the words Royal Rumble in lights and the Vignette stops!*

    JR: Are we going to find out who was behind this promo tonight?

    King: Who could it be.. I can’t wait!

    *The lights around the arena are still all off, after another minute of the electric flashing around the stage and arena it stops.. And the music hits!*

    JR: THE ROCK! IT’S THE ROCK! The Brahma Bull is here!

    King: Just listen too these fans! Rocky is back!

    *The Rock makes his way down the ramp and heading too the ring, The crowd are going crazy and chants of Rocky are ringing out around the arena!*

    JR: Well the Rock is the number one entrant folks.. Who’s going to be number two!

    King: I think I want to change my pick Ross, The Rock is back!

    *Once again the lights go out around the arena!*

    JR: Not again.. I don’t think my heart can take another surprise entrant!

    King: It’s Mordecai! It must be him!

    *The lights suddenly go out in the arena and for a moment there is a moment of panic. Then the titantron flashes to life as a message reading simply*


    *Then, a highlight reel showing clips of several sporting champions is shown*

    Muhammad Ali winning the World Heavyweight title in 1974 after beating George Foreman, Tiger Woods celebrating winning the Masters golf tournament for the first time in 1997,
    John McEnroe celebrating winning the Wimbeldon Grand Slam event in 1981,
    Carl Lewis winning a gold medal in the 100m at the LA Olympics in 1984,
    Frank Mir winning the UFC Heavyweight title in 2004.

    *Then the message*

    "All champions.....
    But none undisputed."

    JR: We have been having these Cyrptic message’s ever since the relaunch of Raw Is War!

    King: Well we found out who was behind the first Cyrptic vignettes! are we about to find out who is behind the second series of vignettes!

    *The lights again go off for a few seconds before a pyro hit’s the stage and the music plays*

    *Huge crowd pop*

    JR: Is that.. It is, It’s Y2J! IT’S CHRIS JERICHO!

    King: Y2J IS BACK! THE ROCK AND YJ2 BACK IN THE SAME NIGHT! Only at the rumble!

    *Jericho starts making his way down too the ring as chants of Y2J can heard around the arena!

    JR: I don’t think we ever had a Royal Rumble start like this folks! Too big returns from The Rock and Jericho to start this Rumble!

    King: I agree! Number one and two.. Who would have thought it would have been Rock and YJ2!

    *Both men are standing in the ring as the bell rings too start the Rumble! The crowd is split as chants of Y2J and Rocky can be heard! Both men are standing in the middle of the ring just starting at each other while looking out around the crowd!*

    JR: Who is going too make the first move!

    King: Just listen to the crowd! They are going crazy for these two superstars!

    *Both men continue to stand in the ring just staring at each other.. The countdown starts and the 3rd entrant is about to enter!

    JR: It can’t be! Razor Ramon? Scott Hall?

    King: Scott Hall! *King laughs* what is going on

    *From behind the curtain out steps Carlos Alberto Ramon & Alex Kidd as a small gathering of people chant HWA!*

    JR: Wait that’s not Scott Hall! That’s just a look alike!

    King: Who are these guys?

    JR: I believe they work for HWA King! But what are they doing here!

    *Ramon and Kidd enter the ring only to be received with chants of who are you? Rock and Jericho not standing side by side look at each other , nod there head.. And start to unleash on the HWA superstars! *

    JR: Here we go!

    King: Check those hard shots from The Rock and Jericho!

    *Rock is giving huge right hand shots too Ramon in the corner as Jericho is hitting Kidd with everything he has.. YJ2 knocks down Kidd with a forearm smash and then nails him with the..*

    JR: Codebreaker! Codebreaker! We haven’t seen that in a while

    *And then throws him over the top rope! Rock swings Ramon off the ropes into a samoan drop and then lifts him up ready to deliver the..*

    King: Rock Bottom! Man it’s good to say that again!

    *Before throwing Ramon over the top rope!*

    JR: Thanks for coming guys!

    King: Did they count as one? So we are on our 4th now right?

    *Huge pop from the crowd as Rocky and YJ2 throw out Kidd and Ramon.. Both men once again stare at each other as the crowd is again split chanting once again.. Rock is the first one to throw a right hand and Jericho reply’s with one of his own… both men are going back and forward!*

    JR: A rather strange start to this Rumble folks but it has exploded into live now!

    King: Both men are going back and forward, Giving everything they have!

    *The countdown again starts as both men continue to slug it out in the middle of the ring*

    JR: Well here’s number 4!
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    JR: Amazing Red! It’s going to be a tough ask for a guy of this size to win it from number 4 but he does not lack the heart or desire!

    King: He can have all the heart and desire he wants Ross, but what’s he.. 7 stone? He’s got no chance!

    *Red enters the Rumble in excited fashion jumping over the ropes.. Rock and Jericho both stop slugging it out and turn there attention to Red, Red has a look of panic on his face.. Red runs and jump’s straight at Jericho only to be caught in the 2nd Codebreaker of the night! * crowd pop* Jericho then looks at the Rock and starts to smile! Rocky picks up Red and delivers the Rock Bottom * crowd pop* as both men stare off again!

    JR: They are trying too out do each other folks!

    King: Where’s Amazing Red’s heart and desire now huh? * King laughs*

    *The Rock picks up Amazing Red and throws him over the top rope and then signals to Jericho that he has eliminated 2! *

    King: Bye Bye Average Red! * King laughs* I think you are right though JR! They are trying too out do each other!

    *Jericho annoyed with the Rock begins to strike with right hand shots knocking Rocky into the corner, Jericho continues to hammer Rock with shots.. He goes in the opposite corner and runs at the Rock looking for a monkey flip, the Rock catches Jericho with a huge.. *

    JR: Spinebuster by The Rock! Did you see Y2J’s head crack on the canvas?

    *The Rock then stands over Chris Jericho with his Trademark Eyebrow raised * pop from the crowd* he then lifts up Jericho from the mat and attempts to swing him over the ropes only for Jericho to come straight back through!*

    King: He almost had him! That was close for Jericho!

    *The countdown again starts as the crowd join in!*

    JR: Ryder is the 5th man! Woo Woo Woo

    King: Another one with no chance of winning!

    *The Rock stands in wait for Ryder to enter the ring only to be blind sighted by Jericho who from behind kicks the rock with a low blow into a Codebreaker!*

    King: So smart from Jericho!

    *Ryder slides into the ring and ducks the incoming shot from Y2J.. Ryder then fires back with a few shots of his own causing Jericho too stumble back near the ropes! Ryder does his trademark woo fist pump * pop from the crowd * and then goes for clothesline!*

    JR: Jericho ducks! Ryder has gone tumbling over the ropes on too the side of the ring!

    King: What Y2J have planned now?

    *Jericho springs off the turnbuckle and lands a big sidekick to the face of Ryder knocking him off the apron! Jericho with a smile on his face looks at the Rock and signals it’s now 2-2 on eliminations!*

    JR: This is becoming a personal battle folks!

    *Jericho starts too stomp on a groggy Rock and keep’s him grounded with shots across the back and head, He picks up Rocky and swings him hard into the corner.. Rock come back off from the force and straight into a snap mare suplex!

    JR: Nice suplex there from Y2J! He may have the Rock right where he wants him here..

    *Y2J then picks up the rock and signals to throw him over the ropes.. Jericho swings Rock only for him to reverse with a kick to the guy and a big.. *

    JR: DDT! A big DDT from rocky!

    King: I thought the Rock was going too be eliminated right there!

    *Both men are down on the mat as the countdown again starts!*

    JR: Here we go..

    King: Who got the number 6!

    King: It’s the showoff!

    JR: It’s the one that got shown up!

    King: Warrior got lucky! Ziggler after losing the chance too win the title could go ahead and win the right to be the number one contender tonight!

    JR: He could King you’re right!

    *Ziggler runs down too the ring with an intense and angry look on his face, He slides under the ring and delivers a big standing dropkick to the rock knocking him back down.. He then picks up Jericho and delivers another dropkick!*

    King: Ziggler has started on fire!

    *Dolph begins to beat down on both men trying to keep them grounded, As the Rock try’s to get too his feet he’s nailed from behind with the ZigZag! *crowd boo* Ziggler begins to strut around the ring before knocking down Y2J with an elbow to the face!*

    JR: Ziggler has started really well! The anger of losing earlier is being channelled and at the moment he’s in control!

    *Ziggler continues to stomp down on both men right up untill the countdown is once again started!*

    King: Who’s next?

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    King: * King laughs* this guy again?.

    JR: Anything can happen in the Rumble folks!

    *Gillberg makes his way down in usual fashion while Ziggler continues to beat on Y2J and Rock, Ziggler notices Gillberg about to enter the Rumble.. As soon Gillberg enters the ring Ziggler clothesline’s him straight back out! * crowd laugh*

    JR: I think that may be a new record folks! I think Gillberg just broke the record for the shortest time in the Rumble!

    King: Thanks for coming Gillberg! Least you won’t get battered like you did against JBL again! * king laughs* Didn’t you pick Gillberg JR?

    JR: No King.. No I didn’t.

    *Ziggler begins to do press ups in the centre of the ring too the annoyance of the crowd! * crowd boo heavily* Ziggler again goes back too stomping on Rock and Jericho, He picks up the Rock and his a swinging neck breaker before taunting the crowd!*

    JR: This is going to come back and bite Dolph in the you know what folks!

    King: What? What is?

    JR: His showing off..

    King: He’s the showoff JR! were you expecting a magic trick instead?

    JR: NO.. I was expecting him too be professional and try to win this Rumble!

    *Ziggler picks up Jericho and places him in the corner.. He then runs at Y2J with a big splash before strutting away to a chorus of boo’s!*

    King: This young stud has got these two legends where he wants them! You can’t say this guy didn’t deserve to win the title tonight!

    JR: Ohh I can.. He’s a hell of a talent, we all know that.. He has the Rock and Jericho where he wants them but how many times as he tried to eliminate them?

    King: Uhh..

    JR: He has not tried once and that’s my point.. He can do his press ups and struts, hell he could even do a dance in there, but that will not win him the Rumble!

    *The countdown starts once more and the crowd join in again!*

    JR: Bobby Roode is at number 8 folks!

    King: The leader of the selfish generation! He’s really come into his own this last couple of weeks JR!

    JR: Selfish generation? He should have a great time with Ziggler then..

    *Roode makes his way down too the ring and enters the Rumble to boo’s from the crowd, Roode looks at Ziggler and is pointing too the Rock and Y2J!

    JR: Is he trying to make an alliance here?

    King: What a smart move!

    *Ziggler nods his head in agreement and both men start to stomp on Jericho who is lying in the corner of the turnbuckle! Roode starts too choke Jericho with his boot while Ziggler is booting the mid section, They both pick up Jericho and have him against the Turnbuckle trying to eliminate him!*

    JR: This could be it for Jericho! It could be all over here!

    *The crowd give a small pop as they notice The Rock getting too his feet, While Roode and Ziggler are trying to eliminate Jericho the Rock sneaks up and grabs Ziggler by his hair and swings him into the corner.. Ziggler springs back off only to receive a huge shoulder barge from the Rock! Ziggler gets back too his feet and gets another.. Roode notices The Rock and comes running at him only to be caught in the second Samoan drop of the night!*

    JR: The Rock may have just saved Jericho from being eliminated!

    * The Rock staggers too his feet and begins hitting Ziggler with strong right hands, knocking him towards the ropes each time.. Rocky spits on his hand goes for one final shot to knock Ziggler over the ropes when.. *

    JR: Ziggler with the back body drop!

    King: The Rock is ou-

    JR: He’s hanging on.. He’s hanging on!

    *Ziggler try’s too loosing up the grip Rock has on the ropes! Roode comes over and both men are trying to release Rocky’s grip!*

    JR: Hang in there Rock!

    King: How is he still hanging on!

    *Jericho raises up from the corner * small crowd pop * and shouts out at Ziggler, Dolph Runs over with the clothesline only for Jericho too duck it and hit the Codebreaker! *

    JR: Another Codebreaker!

    *Roode then comes across after giving up trying to eliminate Rocky! Jericho gets back too his feet and trades blows with Roode!*

    JR: Jericho may have now just saved the Rock.. Was he returning the favour?

    *An exhausted Rock manages to slide back into the ring as Roode and Jericho fight it out and the countdown starts again!*

    JR: We are at number 9 guys!

    JR: It’s Sin Cara! He started the night off with a big win against Mysterio.. Could he win the Rumble also?

    King: No cause he can’t!

    *Sin Cara runs down the ramp to a pop from the crowd, Cara jumps on the ring apron and spring boards of the top rope catching Roode and Jericho with a double clothesline.. He then gets up and delivers a spinning heel kick too the Rock before picking up Ziggler and hitting a swinging DDT from springing off the second rope!*

    King: Waite a minute.. He couldn’t could he?

    JR: Well he’s started this match on fire king!

    *Sin Cara picks back up Ziggler and drags him too the ring corner, Ziggler takes a few hard shots from Cara before he’s placed on the top rope.. *

    JR: The Mexican sensation is looking to go top rope here folks!

    King: Mysterio has even entered yet Ross!

    *Sin Cara is looking for his finisher but does not notice Bobby Roode behind him.. Roode starts beating on the back of Cara before picking him up in an electric chair position!

    JR: This is not going too be good for Sin Cara!

    *Ziggler now stands at the top of the rope and Roode turns around with Cara’s back now facing Dolph when.. *

    JR: OHHH MYY! Huge ZigZag from the top rope!

    King: These guys are quite the team… the Selfish Showoff’s! Has a nice ring too it..

    *All 5 men are down as the countdown once again starts!*

    King: Number 10 already! It goes so quick but what a start it’s been JR!

    JR: I agree… well here we go again guys, who’s number 10?.

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