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    Location: Illinois; Chicago - United Center

    Tenay: Live from Chicago, Illinois, this is Thursday Night Nitro, and what an event we have planned for you tonight!

    Bischoff: We kick start the King of the Ring tournament here on Nitro, with a battle royal, where the winner gains a place in the tournament at the Pay-Per-View, and will join the already qualified John Cena.

    Tenay: Don't forget new Intercontinental Champion Tyler Reks will open the show talking about his win last week, and Rey Mysterio will address why he cost Mr. Anderson his championship

    Bischoff: Plus Sable vs. Paul Heyman, with World Champion Brock Lesnar as the special guest referee, with the loser leaving Team Lesnar!

    Tenay: And as I said, here comes the Intercontinental Champion

    Bischoff: How he won last week I can't believe! Out of the three people involved in the match last week, Tyler was least deserving of the title

    Tenay: How?

    Bischoff: Because Anderson wouldn't have been pinned by Reks if it wasn't for Mysterio, and Steen was shocked by the events, so much so he couldn't win the championship

    *The crowd welcomes the brand new WWE Intercontinental Champion with tons of cheers as he heads to the ring with the championship belt wrapped around his waist. He soon enters the ring unbuckles the championship off his waist and places it on the ring mat before climbing onto the nearest turnbuckle and exploding in joyful rage*

    *The Wrecking Ball soon steps up the turnbuckle, pick up his championship belt and a mic along the way and waits for the crowd to settle down before speaking*

    Reks: Seriously guys, this feels amazing!!!!!

    *Crowd cheers excitedly*

    Reks: It's incredible that I've come this far in my career. To stand here as the WWE Intercontinental Champion is a feeling like no other.

    It's one of the highlight of my career. I knew once I changed myself, and grew confident that I was as powerful, intelligent and charismatic as I knew I could be that things would fall into place and that I create my own path to glory.

    *Crowd chants "Wrecking Ball"*

    Reks: I wanna thank you all, the WWE Fans for enjoying my success alongside me. I promise you that I, will be a champion you can be proud of, a champion you can be excited for because I'll take on all newcomers and a champion who will leave them all lying in the ring after I beat within in an inch of their life if they think I will give up this championship without a fight.

    I am The Wrecking Ball and I am the future of this business.

    Tenay: And here comes SCUM!

    Bischoff: The rightful Intercontinental Champion. Inches from winning the championship last week, but the shock of Mysterio caused him to lose

    Tenay: I wouldn't say that. Reks capitalized on the opportunity, something Kevin couldn't.

    *The crowd boos as SCUM come to the ring. Steen, Jacobs and Corino embrace the hate and smile*

    Steen: Reks, buddy. I feel I should point something out to you. You didn't beat me, you didn't pin me or make me tap out. You beat Anderson, so how about you go ahead and give me another match? This time it will be just you and me, and I promise that you won't be leaving under the power of your own feet. You guys think I'm right, right?

    *Steen looks at Corino and Jacobs*

    Jacobs: Of course, Kev. The way I see it Reks, you went after the weak link, you knew that there was no way you could beat Steen so you went after Anderson. Am I right here Reks? C'mon help me out.

    *Reks looks to speak again*

    Reks: I don't see why not? Steen wants to face me so badly, he can. I'll defend my championship against him and anyone, because in the end, all will fall before The Wrecking Ball.

    I'll be sure that Steen be the first of many to get his ass kicked in my long reign as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

    I imagine you're surprised to see I accepted the challenge but trust me, I won't back down from anyone and I will show that I'm a force to be reckoned with as are you Steen, so let's just see what happens when an unstoppable force meets immovable object.

    Let's see you step up like a man and try to stop me. Come on Steen, step into this ring and try to face me.

    Steen: Actually, I am a bit surprised that you accepted, it shows that you have a pairs of balls between your legs and that you're actually a man. You say that I will be the first to my ass kicked in your reign? That's actually pretty funny, cause I was thinking something similar, except instead of kicking your ass, I was going to ram your skull into the ring with a Packaged Piledriver, sounds so much better.

    Corino: It really does, and it sounds like something that will actually happen, instead of Reks' delusional fantasies that keep him company at night.

    *Steen motions for Corino and Jacobs to stay put as he heads to the ring*

    Steen: So the question is, will you man up and put your belt on the line now, or will you puss out and wait till the Pay-Per-View, honestly it doesn't really matter, I will kick your ass either way, do it tonight and get it over with is what I suggest, but it's up to you.

    *The crowd cheers loudly at the thought of a title match*

    Steen: On second thought, no. It's not up to you, cause I know that you'll chicken out and run. So, lets leave this to McMahon! Shane get your ass out here and make this match official!

    *Steen waits for Shane, but keeps his eyes on Reks*

    Bischoff: If Steen's not getting a title shot I'm going to scream!

    Tenay: Well prepare your lungs Eric, because I'm not so confident

    Shane: Well Kevin one man more deserving of a rematch than you is the former champion - Ken Anderson! And I spoke to Ken before the show, and I can inform you that in an In Your House rematch, Tyler Reks will defend his championship against Mr. Anderson, next week on Thursday Night Nitro!

    Bischoff: Boring!

    Tenay: What are you talking about Eric! This is a huge and terrific announcement!

    Shane: But SCUM, you want Kevin to have an Intercontinental Championship match! Well you can pick up the scraps! King of the Ring - Tyler Reks or Mr. Anderson will face Kevin Steen for the title! But you still need to compete though, and I've made a deal with a "talent". A wrestler who if they can produce an effective display, then they can have a contract. And that is next!

    Tenay: Kevin vs. a new talent!

    Bischoff: Oh. The talent's a dickhead. Steen will win no doubt!


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    Tenay: Back from the break, and Steen's opponent is in the ring, and he is called Oliver Grendall

    Bischoff: See! Even his name is weird. What an asshole!

    Match 1: Kevin Steen w/SCUM vs Oliver Grendall

    *Oliver charges at Steen, but Steen throws him into the corner. Kevin unloads with chops to the stomach, lighting up Grendall's chest. Grendall gets whipped into ropes, and Steen lands a clothesline, which sends Kevin down. Kevin bounces off the ropes, and lands a senton. Steen gets to his feet, and pulls Oliver to his feet. He lifts Oliver up overhead, before re-arranging into a powerslam. Steen motions that it's over, and looks towards SCUM, who are cheering him on. Steen shouts "Anderson" at Oliver, and kicks him in the gut, before lifting him on his shoulders, and lands the F-Cinq! He picks up Oliver, and holds him by the hair, before screaming "Reks"! He places his head between his legs, and lands the Package Piledriver! He finally covers




    Tenay: And a dominant display from Kevin Steen

    Bischoff: I think Oliver's got a good chance of getting a contract!

    Tenay: As if!


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    The camera cuts to a location backstage, a well lit and heavily populated area. The camera moves through the area and into a corridor where a few members of the roster stand idly by in conversation. A couple of the Superstars smile and wave to the cameraman as he moves on his way before turning their attention back to each other. The camera shot continues to move down the corridor away from the hustle and bustle and passes a few promotional posters, approaching another walkway, this one darker and quiet. As the cameraman passes the poorly lit corridor he hears a voice call out to him from off shot.


    He turns and the camera catches a glimpse of a man with unkempt, moppish hair diving at him and knocking him to the floor. Still functioning, the camera and its owner appear to be getting dragged into the corridor as the assaillant mutters to himself off shot. At the end of the corridor where there are very few functioning lights the dragging stops and the camera is ripped from the camera mans hands and his pointed at him very shakily as the attacker laughs to himself from behind the lens. The camera man huddles into a corner, trying not to look at the camera as he visibly shaking in terror, begging his assailant not to harm him.

    'Shhh... Shhh... i'm not going to hurt you.. it's alright.. you're completely safe.. this is all part of the plan.. Shhh...'

    The man continues to shake, still averting his gaze by looking down and away from the camera.

    'Look at the camera.. come on just take one peek.. everything's going to be.. LOOK AT ME!!!'

    The camera man reluctantly turns towards the camera, shivering and shuddering even more as he realises who he's talking to. A hand reaches towards the man from behind the camera and strokes his face almost sympathetically before slapping him followed by a long, almost crazed laugh from behind the lens. The camera is turned around 180 degrees and reveals Dean Ambrose to be behind the camera with a sadistic smile on his face which turns into a frown and then a crazed glare before it turns back to the camera man.

    Ambrose: There's no need for introductions is there.. you know who I am.. and i just don't care who you are.. I just care about what you represent. See in my eyes.. you're no different to the fools and freaks that run this place.. blissfully unaware about what lurks in the darker.. more secluded parts of an arena.. blind to the blade that hangs over you until it's too late.. and it is too late.. See people like you.. people like you look at people like me.. and they see something they don't like. They see something that scares them.. someone they don't understand and something they can't explain.. and so people like you call people like me.. crazy. I.. I'm not crazy.. i'm not.. LOOK AT ME!!!

    The camera man quickly snaps his eyes back to the camera as another laugh escapes Ambrose.

    Ambrose: See the only crazy person here.. is you. See people like you.. and people like Shane McMahon.. people like all the fans here in the WWE.. you're the crazy ones.. because you all like to live by.. the plan. See CM Punk wins another match.. or Tyler Reks wins the Intercontinental title.. and that's ok.. people like that sorta thing.. because it's all part of the plan. But one man claims he's the answer to everything wrong in professional wrestling.. one man promises to bring in a new era of excellence.. and people don't like it.. they become afraid of him.. because listening to someone so obviously.. normal.. well it's not part of the plan. I don't like.. the plan. The plan is a lie.. the plan is for people afraid of reality.. the reality that someone like me.. deserves a chance to make a name for himself..

    The camera man continues to shake and shiver, terrified of what Ambrose is going to do to him.

    Ambrose: My name is Dean Ambrose.. My name is Dean Ambrose.. My name.. doesn't mean a damn thing to you.. does it? Call me a liar.. I DARE you to call me a liar right NOW..

    Ambrose squeezes the camera mans cheeks and strokes his face again before backing away and then charging forward and pressing the camera right into his victims face.

    Ambrose: But my name will mean something to you.. my name will mean EVERYTHING to YOU.. and to ALL of the fools here in the back! I will show you.. I will show you and everyone else that I am the cure to all that ails this business.. that I am better than the best.. best in the world? That's just a gimmick.. the total package? Return to sender.. the next big thing? I'm bigger.. I don't care who you are.. where you're from.. or what you do.. I am an invincible wrestling machine.. I take pleasure from pain... i love to share the suffering.. I crave chaos.. and I WILL force my way into this company one way or another.. it's only a matter of time before the plan.. before the plan is throw in the trash.. and the only name on everyones lips will be.. Dean.. Ambrose.. Dean.. Ambrose.. Dean.. Ambrose.. SAY IT!

    The camera man mutters 'Dean Ambrose' before breaking down, begging and pleading for Ambrose to let him go.

    Ambrose: Shhh.. shhh i'm not going to hurt you.. i'm not crazy.. i'm just feeling a little.. moody.. When I debut.. when I convince these fat.. pathetic.. brainless slobs that reside on the WWE board of directors.. that i deserve my chance.. my chance to be everything that everyone already knows I am destined to be.. heads are going to roll.. blood is going to flow and bones are going to break. Because i'm not here to play by your rules.. i'm here to rewrite the book.. i'm here to show the world that wrestling isn't dead, that they don't have to accept the pure.. festering.. garbage that is forced down their throats on a weekly basis.. that the plan isn't all it's cracked up to be.

    So now i'm left with the question.. what do I do with you? I'm like a dog, chasing a car.. now that i've caught you.. i have no idea what to do! I.. I have a bottle.. inside my bottle is battery acid.. i've always wondered what battery acid tastes like.. would you.. would you like to find out for me?

    Ambrose backs away from the camera man before showing him the bottle of acid and waving it in front of the camera. The camera man panics and makes a bolt for freedom, he tries to pass Ambrose but Ambrose sticks out a leg and trips him. He scrambles to his feet and disappears down the corridor as Ambrose laughs and mutters to himself off shot before throwing the camera into the wall. The shot goes dead.

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    Tenay: How the hell is this man getting airtime?! Is he even under contract here?

    Bischoff: Only time will tell, but Dean becomes more interesting every week! Tonight he impressed me more than half the jackasses on this show!

    Tenay: I hope that man's alright! Ambrose tortured him! If he honestly thinks Shane will reward him for the shambles he created, he's got another thing coming!

    Bischoff: Are you going to teach his a lesson yourself Mike?

    Tenay: Oh... no, no. He's not that evil. I won't need to go that far

    Tenay: BOO! YOU SUCK!

    Bischoff: Woah Mike. I have a feeling you don't like Rey

    Tenay: Dean's pissed me off, and seeing Rey's face makes me want to kick a baby after remembering him costing Anderson the title.

    Bischoff: Technically, you can't see Rey's face. So your logic is flawed.

    Rey: Everyone in the past week has been asking me why. Why oh why did you interfere in the Intercontinental Championship match last week. Well there is a plain and simple reason-

    Bischoff: It seems Mr. Anderson isn't interesting in hearing the explanation from Rey!

    Tenay: Or Rey didn't send anything to Des to say, so he had to work around it.

    Bischoff: Whatever you say Mike, but c'mon Rey!

    *Anderson comes out to the ramp, and sprints down to ringside, as Rey meets him on the ramp. Rey lands the first blow, but Anderson follows up with three of his own. He grabs the head of Rey, and throws him into the barrier. Anderson jumps on Rey with kicks to the stomach. He backs of Rey, and waits for him to get to his knees. He runs at Rey in attempt for a knee to the head, but Rey rolls out of the way, and Anderson runs into the barrier. Anderson nurses his knee, but Rey climbs the barrier, before leaping off and landing the seated senton.*

    Tenay: We need order restored!

    Bischoff: Are you crazy Mike! This is amazing!

    *Rey backs off Anderson, waiting for him to stand. He goes for a hurricarana, but Anderson catches Rey. Rey throws right hands, trying to escape Anderson's grasp, but Anderson manages to land a falling powerbomb. Anderson grabs the head of Rey, and tries to rip off the mask, and simultaneously landing forearms to Mysterio's stomach. Rey screams whilst clawing at Anderson to try and push him off, before suddenly a group of 5 referees come down to ringside, and pulls Anderson away. Anderson tries to escape their grasp, as Rey gets to his feet, and lands a dropkick to Anderson. Anderson is sent into the barrier, as the referee now restrain Rey. More referee comes down to the ramp, and tends to Anderson, whilst stopping him from charging again at Rey.*

    Tenay: Rey having to resort to cheap shots

    Bischoff: How can you say ?

    Tenay: I dunno, I just did. At least the referee's are keeping both men under control

    Bischoff: Shane should do the right thing, and make the referee's release Rey!

    Tenay: What about Ken? Should the referee's release him?

    Bischoff: Meh. If Shane wants ratings it would be the wrong thing to do.

    Shane: You two do NOT just arrive on my show and fight!
    *jeers from the crowd* As your punishment, you will both be in action tonight - against each other! *loud cheers from the audience*. Now referee's escort these two men to separate locker rooms, and if either of you touches the other before the bell rings for your match, you will be handed a severe punishment!

    Tenay: Mysterio vs. Anderson! Tonight!

    Bischoff: You see Mike! With bosses like Shane McMahon, this ensures why Nitro is the dominant brand in sport entertainment in history! I can't wait to remind JR this at King of the Ring

    Tenay: Providing you're selected as opposed to me, but you still make a good point. Whatever happens tonight will be a match for the ages!

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    Bischoff: Back from the commercial, and before the break we found out Mr. Anderson will face Rey Mysterio tonight!

    Tenay: Well after the ending to last week it’s only fitting that Mr. Anderson get a shot at revenge.

    Bischoff: Let me tell you Mike I’m really liking this new Rey Mysterio, it’s the best one I’ve seen in years.

    Tenay: Well you may know him better than anybody, so I’ll take your word for it. But now we start with another Road to Triumph match where Lita will take on Paige

    Bischoff: My question is why is this even a contest? We all know Lita is far more experienced, and better, why don’t we give her the points now? Paige is a tremendous athlete, but Lita overpowers her in every way

    Tenay: That’s the thing though…

    Tenay: Paige is somewhat of an enigma. She isn’t as well known, and she is very capable in the ring. Lita may have not had anything to study on Paige, while Paige has all the video in the world to study Lita.

    Bischoff: Lita doesn’t need to study to defeat Paige she will pick it up as she goes, that’s what experience does.

    Tenay: Valid point.

    Bischoff: Another valid point is that Paige is the wannabe Lita, just look at Paige’s personality and it mirror’s Lita, I’m telling you it’s like Lita is facing Lita. But that's not a bad thing

    Tenay: Be that as it may, whoever wins is going to get a huge boost in points, and Lita really needs this to keep pace, however if Paige was to win, she could skyrocket to the top of the leaderboard, this match is huge for early standings

    Bischoff: Stop overhyping it, Lita will win, and will continue to win until she is at the top of the leaderboard and becoming Women’s Champion once again. Paige will produce a good showing in the tournament, but she is no match for Lita

    Match 2: Lita vs. Paige in a Road to Triumph match

    Watch until 5:48 (Ignore Title)

    Tenay: Sleeper hold here, and Paige is starting to fade

    *As Paige begins to fade, she is able to gather her wits as the crowd cheers her on. Paige then drops down, and Lita smacks her jaw on the head of Paige to break the hold. Lita backs into the corner, where Paige runs and hits a dropkick to Lita in the corner. Lita stumbles out and falls, and Paige locks in an inverted sharpshooter combined with a double chickenwing*

    Tenay: Lita in real trouble does she know how to break the hold?

    *Lita is looking for a way to break the hold, and finally is able to grab and pull at the hair of Paige which breaks the hold. Lita rolls to the apron, the ref checks on Paige, and then warns Lita about pulling the hair. Paige pushes the ref out of the way, but as she does Lita hits a shoulder to the gut of Paige. Paige goes sprawling back, Lita gets in, runs at Paige and hits a…*

    Bischoff: SPEAR! Edge has taught Lita well.

    *Lita hits the spear on Paige, but Paige rolls to the outside, and Lita is not happy as she takes a few moments to catch her breath.*

    Tenay: Brilliant move by Paige to avoid the pin and roll to the outside

    Bischoff: She! Even a beautiful and wonderful diva like Paige is no match for Lita

    *Lita gets back up and looks at Paige on the outside, once Paige gets up, Lita runs and hits Paige with a suicide dive, and both women are down. Lita is the first to get up, and she grabs Paige by the head and rolls her in the ring. Lita follows in, cover…



    Paige kicks out and Lita isn’t happy. Lita pounds away at Paige, who tries to protect herself. Lita then picks up Paige and puts her head on the second rope. Lita climbs out and beings to choke Paige with assistance of the ropes. The ref counts 1…2…3…4… and Lita breaks the hold. She hops on the apron, goes for the springboard knee, but Paige moves and Lita hits the ground hard. Lita holds her knee. Paige picks up Lita and hits a fallaway slam, and Lita flies across the ring, but is able to prop herself up using the turnbuckle. Paige runs again, but Lita moves, and Paige hits the turnbuckle hard, and when she turns Lita hits her with a twist of fate. Lita climbs the turnbuckle and hits the Litasault, cover…




    Bischoff: Told you. Lita picks up 15 points, and defeats Paige

    Tenay: Well Lita was the better diva tonight, but Paige was in control for most of the match, it almost looked like Lita played possum with the knee injury

    Bischoff: That’s just Lita being the toughest diva in the WWE, sucking it up and risking everything for those 15 points

    Tenay: And that now puts her in a tie for third with none other than… Paige, as well as a few others.

    Bischoff: Lita wins the whole thing, doesn’t matter.


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    Tenay: Next we have this situation in Team Lesnar, and now it will be resolved.

    Bischoff: Sable vs. Paul Heyman with Brock Lesnar as special guest referee. The loser no long apart of the Lesnar Empire

    Tenay: Who do you want the winner to be Eric?

    Bischoff: I can't decide. Heyman is a mastermind, but Sable is gorgeous! It's a tough call

    Tenay: So Paul E. Dangerously, also known as Paul Heyman is coming down to the ring with no music and a suit on still!

    Bischoff: I don't see why we are wasting our time with this! Paul Heyman is a manager and business man, and Sable is the wife of Brock Lesnar. These two should co-exist as opposed to fighting each other! The only upside is that we get to see Brock.

    Tenay: Well, the problems stem from jealously. Sable's jealous of Paul and Brock's history, and Paul is jealous of the time Brock gives to Sable. But tonight someone will get hurt

    Tenay: So it's not Christian and Chris Jericho vs. Trish Stratus and Lita, yet it's still the Battle of the Sexes!

    Bischoff: Sable doesn't need to have her face damaged! She's beautiful just the way she is!

    Tenay: But she has wrestling training, unlike Paul Heyman, which could prove crucial today

    Bischoff: Yay! Brock Lesnar, the World Heavyweight Champion!

    Tenay: Does he remain loyal to his wife, his longtime friend and business partner, or does he remain impartial? Only time will tell

    Bischoff: Let's just get this match over with. Neither person deserves to leave Team Lesnar, so let's get this over and done with.

    Match 3: Sable vs. Paul Heyman with Brock Lesnar as referee with the loser leaving Team Lesnar.

    *Sable immediately gets into the face of Heyman, who seems reluctant to do anything. Sable pushes Heyman back into the turnbuckle. Lesnar's facial expression is one that you could expect of a normal referee. Heyman is infuriated, and runs at Sable and knocks her over. Heyman lets out a loud laugh, as Sable looks at the mat in shame. She looks up at Brock in anger, before letting out a wink. Heyman stops laughing, and stares at Brock, who just shrugs his shoulder, before taking Heyman down with a clothesline.*

    Bischoff: Oh thank god Sable is not hurt! Heyman is getting what he deserves!

    Tenay: You seemed to like him a second ago

    Bischoff: Yeah well I changed my mind! Paul was only using Brock for his own evil purposes! The bastard!

    *The crowd jeers at Brock's attack, with even some "Heyman" chants starting. Brock picks up Heyman and throws him into the corner, before landing a huge splash. He bounces off the ropes and lands a shoulder block which sends Heyman down, as Sable rests against the ropes with a huge evil grin. Brock climbs to the second rope and lands a diving forearm, before ripping the tie off of Paul. He pulls Heyman up, before helping Sable lifting him on her shoulders. Sable seemingly struggles with the weight, but manages to land her own F5, in homage to her husband. She lands a cover




    Tenay: And Paul Heyman leaves Team Lesnar

    Bischoff: Yeah yeah it's a shame for Brock yada yada. Let's talk about that magnificent F5 from Sable! So impressive!

    Tenay: It's an achievement for sure but-

    Bischoff: Yeah! An achievement lifting Heyman's fat ass off the floor!

    Tenay: But-

    Bischoff: Shush you douche. They're about to speak!
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    Sable grabs a mic and stares at the beaten Heyman

    Sable: Did you really think you could beat me? I'm a former Women's Champion and you don't know the difference between a wristlock and a wrist watch. There was never any doubt in my mind that I was going to beat you like the BITCH... YOU... Are.

    The fans begin a loud chorus of boos. Sable leans down to speak to Heyman's face.

    Sable: And did you really think that my husband was going to pick you over me? You're a sorry excuse for a man! You ran ECW to the ground, but you will not run my husband to the ground so Paul in the words of Vince McMahon YOU"RE FIRED!!!

    Sable hands Brock the mic but before Brock Lesnar says anything on the microphone, he takes a moment to smirk and chuckle as the beaten and broken mass of despair, Paul Heyman, wills his aching body to stand on his own two feet as he rolls out of the ring and trudges gingerly to the back. Some cheers are heard, as are some jeers, and even a “Na, Na, Na, Na” chant starts, much to Heyman’s dismay, as he grimaces at his tormenters. Not once, during is humiliating trek to obscurity, does he look back at the woman responsible nor does he look back at the man who he once called friend, the one whom he raised in the wrestling business as if he were his own flesh and blood.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “Wait, wait, wait! Heyman! HEYMAN! Stop!”

    It takes a while for Paul to finally stop in his tracks. He still refuses to make eye contact with them though.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “This doesn't feel right. I’m…I’m sorry but there’s something that needs to be said. And, uh, I don’t know exactly how you’re going to take this but I just want you to know one thing…don’t let the door hit your fat ass on the way out! Now get the hell out of here! Hahahahaha!”

    Bischoff: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What an asshole! Brock for Life!

    Tenay: This is humiliating

    Paul resumes his walk of shame until he’s finally out of sight. With his exile now complete, Lesnar addresses the situation.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “You know, Paul, it didn’t have to come down to this but quite frankly, you gave me no choice. There was no way for my career to succeed with you still calling the shots. When I came back, I couldn’t lie to people and say that the WWE wanted me back. There was no way anyone would allow me to say that this company wanted me back with open arms. That’s why I needed you to make sure that I’d be given back what’s mine while ensuring that I never get screwed over by the company again. It was simple partnership, one that you and I could both agree on; I do the work in the ring and you go to the Board of Directors to make negotiations whenever something didn’t sit right with us. But a while back, when Shane McMahon and I were talking turkey over the phone and he was talking about how I would be the number one star on WWE’s latest brand, Thursday Night Nitro, I knew from the day that I signed a Nitro contract that you wouldn’t really be needed anymore. With a McMahon supporting me, where could you fit into the equation? What could someone like you give me that someone like Shane couldn’t?

    The moment where I burst on the Nitro scene and I became the World Heavyweight Champion, I knew that you were a liability. But I had enough respect for you to think things through and wait for the right moment to tell you. But then, as soon as Sable walked in and wanted to team up with us, I could tell from the minute you laid eyes on her that you were pissed about someone stealing your spotlight. That’s when I decided to wait things out and depending on how you could cope with Sable, I would either let you stay or watch you go. Despite your obvious jealousy, you handled things pretty maturely. That is until I noticed two things; your lack of initiative and you publicly insulting my wife. After the incident with Austin, instead of sticking up for Sable, you imply that she’s some kind of hussy and willingly made moves on that unkempt redneck like she didn’t have any class. Then, while I’m in the fight of my life to destroy Austin at In Your House, my little angel comes out to support me but where the hell were you? Too busy having chats with the green-eyed monster, huh? And to top it all off, you try to bully my wife out of her managerial role? Before I had the chance to knock your block off, Sable approached me with this great idea and we both agreed that it was time to let you go. And not only that, she kicked your ass while she did it. So, Paul, I don’t give a damn about you anymore and I don’t give a damn about what you say anymore. It’s over for you and so long as I’m still around, I don’t want to see your ugly, snaggletooth mug around here ever again.”

    By the time his speech is done, for the first time since his return, the crowd responds with some cheers for Lesnar, but boos are still audible
    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “So, now that we got that ingrate out of here, I can finally look towards King of the Ring where I finally get that damn Austin off of my back once and for all. With him out of the running of the tournament, I can finally face bigger and better competition. But with the way things look, the competition isn’t looking all that bigger or any better than that wife beater. With the way speculation has been buzzing around here lately, I have to basically beat The Undertaker…”

    *loud crowd pop*

    “…The Rock…”

    *loud crowd pop*

    “…or Shawn Michaels.”

    The audience goes into a cheering frenzy while Brock makes exaggerated yawning gestures.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “More easy picking I suppose. And by the way, I may have “lost” to them last week but that’s only because I decided that they weren’t worth my time. I could take down all three at once if I wanted to. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at my track record in relation to those three men. First off, we have The Rock, the People’s Champion. Tell me if I‘m wrong but weren’t you the man that I defeated when I became WWE Champion for the first time? Oh and remember that tournament that nitro hosted where the winner would be crowned the new world champion? Yeah, pretty sure I beat you then too.
    Oh and The Undertaker. Yeah, Taker and I go waaaaay back. Let me see…there was the moment where I, not that it’s a big deal or anything, beat you inside the Hell in a Cell and retained the WWE Championship and what about the time when I won the Royal Rumble by tossing your sorry ass out of the ring? Good times, eh, Taker?
    And last we’ve got the “Showstopper”. I don’t have an impressive resume against him but that’s only because he took the coward’s way out and ducked me every chance he got because he knew what would be in store for him, an ass kicking just like what happened to the rest.

    And that’s what lies in store for anyone who tries to take “The Anomaly” down, an ass kicking. So I don’t care who you are, where you’ve come from or what you’ve done in thus business. There’s no one in the world that can touch Brock Lesnar and for those who try get thumbtacks in their gut and boots up their asses.”


  8. #478
    *The camera cuts backstage to where Mr. Anderson is taping up for his match against Rey Mysterio. Anderson turns, notices the camera and then begins to speak.*

    Mr. Anderson: I’m assuming you want to hear the clichéd,*In a mocking voice*“What are your thoughts about last week and losing the title? What do you have to say to Rey Mysterio?” Am I right?*The camera moves up and down in a yes nod.*Well guess what… your damn right I’m going to talk about it, you’d be a freakin lunatic if you thought I wouldn’t. Am I mad? Yes. Am I mad at Tyler Reks? No. Obvious, right? But here’s the thing, while I’m happy that Tyler Reks was the one to win, he didn’t beat me, and neither did Kevin Steen, you know who beat me? Rey Mysterio. That’s right, Rey Mysterio is the reason I lost my Intercontinental Championship. The title I was making important and relevant once again, and Tyler Reks don’t think for a minute I’ve forgotten about the title, I have my rematch clause and I’m going to use it to regain what is rightfully mine. But onto more important issues, you want to know why Rey Mysterio did that? Because he is jealous, he wants to be me. The little jack off comes out dressed in hood and jeans to disguise himself, thinking like we didn’t know that a five foot midget dressed in a hood and jeans was actually him. But you want to know where we’ve seen that before? Where Rey Mysterio got the idea to dress like that? From me! If you all have amnesia and can’t remember a few months ago, I was the guy that dressed in a hood and jeans, ran out from the crowd, and made the spotlight mine, in my quest to get my job back. And look how it turned out, I’m here. But Rey Mysterio isn’t going to be so lucky. See they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, well you know what, I’m flattered, not in that way, but in the way that he wants to be an asshole. Well guess what Rey? You are no asshole. Only me and my Anderson Assholes decides who belongs and who stays, and we’ve decided that we don’t have room for five foot midgets who are so unoriginal they have to copy ideas from a few months ago like no one remembered they happened. Well Mysterio you just lit a fire under this asshole, and in a few short minutes you are going to know what it feels like to be beaten down by an asshole… no wait… MIIISSSTTTEEERRR AANNDDEERRSSOONN… ANDEERSOONN!

    *Mr. Anderson pushes the camera out of the way as he makes his way to the ring for the match.*
    Tenay: Strong words from our former Intercontinental Champion!

    Bischoff: But he is still an asshole. And not a good one!

    Tenay: So, I'm not entirely sure why I'm asking this question, but who will win this Eric.

    Bischoff: It's easy! Rey Mysterio! Based on his accomplishments, he is easily the better man

    Tenay: But their accomplishments are quite similar Mike! Both are former World Champions-

    Bischoff: Although Rey was champion in the WWE, unlike Ken, who World championships were in the crappy TNA

    Tenay: This will be Rey's second match here on Nitro since the rebranding of the WWE - and he lost that. So could ring rust play apart tonight?

    Bischoff: No way! The first win will come tonight, I guarantee it!

    Tenay: Well, Anderson is pretty pissed at Rey for costing him his championship

    Bischoff: So his anger will be his downfall!

    Match 4: Rey Mysterio vs Mr. Anderson

    (Skip at 4:55)

    *Both men are down, but Anderson tries his best to get straight up so he can take advantage! But as he slowly gets up, Mysterio does the same! They both slowly get up and start exchanging shots.


    Mysterio goes for another shot, but Anderson grabs Mysterio's hand and puts his left arm on Mysterio's neck to lay him out with a Chokeslam! He jumps from one side to another, and this time he strikes with a Leg Drop as Mysterio starts screaming! Anderson motions Mysterio as he sets him up for the Mic Check! Mysterio is up, but Mysterio rolls him up for the pin!!




    No one can believe it as they thought Mysterio would have this one! But Mysterio gets up and jumps off the top rope to hit a Springboard Moonsault, but Anderson moves out of the way! Anderson is up and kicks Mysterio in the gut as Mysterio is up. He lays him out with a DDT as Mysterio winces in pain! Anderson gets up the turnbuckle and goes for a Senton Bomb! He sucessfully hits it and goes for the cover




    Mysterio slowly gets up but ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Anderson goes for the cover but Mysterio has his leg on the rope! Anderson gets back up and picks Mysterio up again, but Mysterio ducks a Clothesline from Anderson, and hits him with an Enzuigiri which sends him to the ropes! The crowd boo as Mysterio motions 619! Mysterio runs to hit him with the 619 and gets up the top rope to hit him with a Diving Splash but Anderson moves out of the way and goes for the cover




    Anderson picks Mysterio back up, and goes for a Big Boot this time, but Mysterio ducks and slides out of the ring! He grabs a chair and brings it into play only for the ref to take it off him as they argue! Anderson goes to hit Mysterio with a Big Boot again, but Mysterio ducks, thus Anderson hits the ref! Anderson turns around..LOW BLOW! Mysterio pulls the ref back in so he can see Anderson down, as Rey goes for the cover




    Bischoff: What did I tell ya! Rey proved today he is the better man!

    Tenay: How can you say that Eric! Did you not see the low blow?

    Bischoff: What low blow?

    *Suddenly Christopher Daniels runs down to ringside and slides into the ring. He goes over to Mr. Anderson and picks him up for the Angles Wings, which connects! Rey goes to high five Daniels, but Daniels takes down Rey with an STO. He goes over to the corner, and lands the BME on Mysterio! Daniels climbs the turnbuckle to taunt to the crowd, when Jay Lethal comes down to ringside - chair in hand. He jumps into the ring, as Daniels goes for a clothesline, but Lethal hits Daniels with the rim of the chair in the stomach. He sets the chair up, before landing the Lethal Combination, ending with Daniels' head bouncing off the chair*

    Tenay: Jay Lethal taking advantage of this situation!

    Bischoff: He had no right being down here! This isn't his match

    Tenay: But it's also not Daniels' match!

    Bischoff: But Christopher Daniels is awesome!

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    *The fans immediately boo as the Rated R Superstar and Lita make their way out to the stage hand in hand. The two of them slowly make their way down the ramp as the fans are telling them exactly what they think, with a slut chant beginning at Lita. Edge climbs into the ring, closely followed by Lita. Both of them grab microphones as the slut chant gets louder.*

    Lita: Well, that’s original. You see, after a while- unless you haven’t noticed- those chants get boring. And it’s got to a stage where I couldn’t care less what you people think of me, think of Edge or think of anybody else because at the end of the day, you would all love to be in the position I’m in.

    All of you watched earlier as I made the ‘Anti-Diva’ Paige cry like the little girl she is when I beat her, because just like Tyson Kidd is doing to Edge, Paige is doing the exact same thing to me. I was the original Anti-Diva. She’s just taken my gimmick and thought, ‘oh I’ll see if anybody notices’. Well Paige, I noticed and I put you down.

    *The fans boo loudly as Edge laughs and Lita continues to speak.*

    Lita: And as for Nattie- well both you and your boyfriend who is smaller than I am, were lucky last week. We deserved the victory because yet again, Edge was screwed. Tyson Kidd should have lost to Edge, and then not only that but you, as the illegal woman, attacked me when we were celebrating after what should have been the victory.

    But what that just means to me Nattie, is that I have to get you back. And I will get you back. I will get you back, I will end your pathetic career, and I will win the Road to Triumph. In doing so, I will prove myself as the best diva in the history of this company and win the Women’s Championship.

    *Another loud boo echoes around the arena.*

    Lita: Now all of you need to shut your mouths and listen to somebody that is clearly better than you. Ladies & gentlemen, the Pride of Canada, the Rated R Superstar, Edge!

    *Edge goes to speak but he’s immediately drowned out by boos. He smirks as the fans quieten down, waiting a full minute before Edge speaks.*

    Edge: Finished?

    *The one word sents the crowd into another booing frenzy, and Edge waits a full two minutes before speaking again.*

    Edge: That’s right, you will listen to me, and you will show me some respect.

    First of all, something doesn’t add up. What, or who, has that much of a problem with me that they have to screw me, not once but twice? Firstly we had the ridiculous shambles that was the Buffalo Screwjob, now after last week, we also have the Oklahoma Screwjob.

    If you watch the video from last week, I clearly beat Tyson Kidd and once again, on a technicality- I don’t end up winning. What really gets me is that both times Kidd has beaten me, he hasn’t done it fairly. This is a guy who goes on about being fair and doing the right thing all the time yet he hasn’t done the right thing either time.

    *The fans boo again before beginning a You Tapped Out chant to which Edge laughs.*

    Edge: Again, that’s not true. If you watch the video from last week, I’m not tapping out, I was actually clawing at the canvas to pull myself across to the ropes. That’s beside the point. The thing is, this isn’t about Tyson Kidd, this isn’t about any of you, this isn’t about Nattie- it’s about somebody higher up having an issue with me.

    Having such an issue with me that they keep screwing me out of victories that should count. And last night, I finally worked out who was to blame. And well, I had my revenge. Everybody take a look at the titantron for a second.

    *The video flashes up and shows Edge backstage talking to a person off screen.*

    Edge: This is all your fault. You thought that I wouldn’t get you back for this?

    *The camera pans around and a referee is tied up in a chair. He is gagged and is saying something but the gag blocks it out. Edge reaches across and pulls the gag from his mouth.*

    Edge: What did you just say?

    Referee: I’m sorry Edge! I haven’t done anything wrong!

    Edge: Don’t lie to me!

    *Edge slaps the referee as the video fades to black.*
    Bischoff: Can you blame Edge? He's being screwed!

    Tenay: Hardly the result of one mistake from the referee - which he later fixed - can be considered a screwing

    *As soon as we return to ringside, the fans are booing loudly as Lita is laughing, and Edge is smirking.*

    Edge: That was the referee from last week’s match. He also happens to be the referee from the match at In Your House- and he is the entire reason I’ve been screwed recently. Now I’ve been trying to rack my brains working out why I’ve been screwed, and it finally occured to me the other day why I’ve been screwed. Why I’ve been stopped from reaching the top of Nitro, and I’m going to share it all with you.

    This is why the referee has a problem with me.

    *Once again, Edge points at the titantron, where we’re shown footage of the first episode of WWE Nitro.*

    *Edge grabs Kidd again but the referee tries to stop him. Edge grabs the referee by the face and pushes him away to the ground. He drops Kidd's Money in the Bank briefcase as Edge picks it up and turns back to Kidd with it in his hands. Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman have climbed out of the ring and are walking away with shock on their faces, with Lesnar also barely remembering his World Heavyweight Championship in his hand.

    Back in the ring, the referee jumps up again and tries to hold Edge back but Edge pushes him away as Kidd struggles to his feet.
    Bischoff: Hey look Mike! You can see my at ringside! I'm on TV!

    Tenay:... How did you get a job here?

    *As we return to ringside, the fans are unsure how to react, booing the actions but wanting to hear what this has to do with Edge being screwed by the referee.*

    Edge: And for those of you that have a pair of eyes, it’s clear that the referee that has been screwing me was the same referee from the very first episode of Nitro, when I attacked Tyson Kidd because I was sick of him trying to be me.

    So what is this? Some sort of revenge from the referee? Well I’m not the kind of person to threaten legal action, but if that referee is ever put in charge of a match for me again, I will not be held responsible for my actions, and you will find a lawsuit on your desk Shane.

    That, is a promise.

    *The fans boo loudly as Edge smirks.*

    Edge: Now onto tonight’s business. Lita has already picked up the victory, as I knew she would, but all that remains to do is for me to win the battle royal tonight and qualify for the King of the Ring tournament. I’ve won this tournament before, but I will become only the second person to ever win this tournament twice.

    The other man? Bret Hart. So basically, a man who still claims he’s the Pride of Canada.

    Well when I eliminate him tonight, then win the tournament for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, I’ll prove who the real Pride of Canada is.

    *The fans boo loudly as Edge throws the mic aside. Lita claps Edge as he looks around at the crowd with a smirk on his face, before the two of them climb out of the ring together and walk away.*

  10. #480

    Tenay: And now we have a Road to Triumph match, with Eve facing Tamina

    Bischoff: Go Eve! A smart businesswoman, and a great wrestler as well

    Tenay: Well so far neither diva has scored, so the winner will benefit hugely

    Tenay: Last week Tamina was pinned by Paige in a tournament match, so she really needs a win today

    Bischoff: But she won't get it! Eve is a dominant diva, and today will be easy!

    Tenay: Well it should at least be a good match whoever wins!

    Match 5: Eve vs. Tamina (Natalya) in a Road to Triumph Tournament Match

    Ignore entrances and watch until 3:35

    *Eve climbs to the top rope and goes for the moonsault, but Tamina gets her knees up. She gets to her feet, and lifts Eve on her shoulders. Before she can hit the Samoan Drop though, Eve manages to slip out, and throw Tamina out of the ring, before following


    Eve picks up Tamina, and lifts her up for a scoop slam


    Eve drops Tamina, before taunting to the crowd


    Tamina rolls to the steps, where Eve tries to kick her, but Tamina moves out of the way, and Eve kicks the steps


    Tamina takes Eve down to her knees with a chop block


    Tamina pulls Eve up by her hair, and throws her up the ramp


    Tamina lifts Eve up for a suplex, but Eve manages to slip out behind Tamina


    Eve goes for a neckbraker, but Tamina counters by twisting around into a german suplex


    Tamina picks up Eve, and lifts her on her shoulders - before landing the Samoan Drop


    Tamina realises the count, and tries to make it back into the ring, but she can't make it!


    Bischoff: It's a... draw?

    Tenay: Well, according to the scoring systems, both divas her claim three points, which puts them at the bottom of the divas who has currently scored


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