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    RAW is WAR Episode 22
    Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut

    JR: Welcome to RAW is WAR! Last week we saw CM Punk defeat Lex Luger in what was the last chance for either man to get a shot at the WWE Championship, and we now know that Chris Jericho will face CM Punk at the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View

    King: Speaking of King of the Ring, the tournament is going to return at the PPV, where the winner gets a guaranteed title shot! And the first two qualifying matches are tonight! I can’t wait!

    JR: And not only that we continue with the Road to Triumph, and for the second week in a row we will kick off the show with one of those matches.

    King: How about we tell them about the rest of the night too

    JR: I was getting to that. Tonight on top of everything else we expect to hear Sheamus’ reaction to Cody Rhodes’ statement last week about what occurred at In Your House.

    King: Good now we can start

    JR: Well we continue the Road to Triumph now, with AJ taking on Kaitlyn

    King: Let’s hope Kaitlyn can extend the losing ways of AJ, after she was destroyed last week by Beth Phoenix

    JR: Why would you wish that King? Wouldn’t you want a competitive match?

    King: No as long as AJ loses and I get to see Diva’s I’m happy

    JR: Well AJ seems to be in a good mood even after her loss last week

    King: I don’t know why but I can’t wait to see Kaitlyn wipe the smile off her face

    JR: Well Kaitlyn does not seem to be in a pleasant mood

    King: Nobody would if you had to face AJ

    AJ vs. Kaitlyn

    Watch 1:30-5:30

    As Kaitlyn sends AJ towards the turnbuckle, AJ is able to get her footing and climb the turnbuckle. Kaitlyn gets up and turns around and AJ hits the missle dropkick from the top rope, AJ runs against the ropes for the Shinign Wizard, but as she runs and Kaitlyn hits a scoop slam, then comes off the ropes with a legdrop. AJ gets up groggily, and from behind Kaitlyn hits a full nelson powerbomb, followed by…

    JR: Lotus Lock, can AJ escape

    King: No way… and there it is Kaitlyn wins, I told you JR

    JR: Well Kaitlyn, with a submission victory picks up a huge 20 points that puts her right to the top of the leaderboard

    King: And AJ continues to lose.

    JR: And how it looks as though Kaitlyn has something to say

    Kaitlyn: Oh my God, this is such a feelgood moment. My opponent was tough but I came out the victor tonight and I plan to do the same in winning this tournament. I have been working my ass off by following a strict workout program and getting my wrestling skills where they should be and it is finally paying off. My vision, my goal is to be the next fighting Woman's Champion. We have seen other great women champs in the past with Fabulous Moolah, Wendy Ritcher, Trish Stratus and so forth, but now it's my turn to carry that torch and give prestige back to the woman's title.

    *mixed reaction from the crowd*

    Kaitlyn: I'm not your model-type diva that just comes out here and makes herself look trashy. I'm not that type of diva who is just here for the money. I am here to be the best that I know I can be and at the tournament I will prove all those who criticize me wrong. I do belong here, I'm not just another pretty face. I will be the next Women's Champion!!!


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    We cut backstage to see Eve in her office typing on her laptop. There's a knock on the door and the camera switches to wider view showing Eve's secretary Martha reading a copy of Hunger Games while sitting in a separate desk from Eve and paying no attention to the door. Eve looks angry.

    Eve: Martha?

    Martha: Yes Miss Torres?

    Eve: Do you like being employed here?

    Martha: Yes Miss Torres!

    Eve: Then why don't you make yourself useful and get the door?

    Martha stands up nervously and opens the door. Chris Jericho storms in past Martha wearing his trademark 3 piece suit and he doesn't look happy.

    Jericho: Do you have any idea how long I've been trying to get hold of you? How many calls I've made? How many texts I've sent? How many emails I've sent? You tell people to contact you if they have a complaint to make about the running of Raw, but I've spent a whole week trying to get hold of you, and it's only now I've actually caught you? Do you have something to say about yourself?

    Eve looks angry, but she acts polite and smiles as she stands up from her desk.

    Eve: You know what Chris; I've had a lot of extra work to do as of late. In case you haven't noticed I've been picking up a lot of Teddy's slack lately which means I haven't had as much free time as I planned. And to add to all of that I have an incompetent secretary who can't even remember where she wrote down my messages or even answer the door without being told.

    Eve whispers to Chris: Teddy hired her.
    *Rolls her eyes."

    Eve: My office is always open for the concerned members of our roster such as yourself, but there will be times when I will have to ask for your patience and cooperation. So now, what can I help you with?

    Jericho: So this was her fault?!

    Points at Martha.

    Jericho: Well then given that it was Teddy Long who hired her, perhaps you should consider firing her and hiring someone a little more punctual and reliable?

    But I don't have time to talk about some incompetent secretary, I have more pressing matters to talk about, like the fact that Teddy Long has granted CM Punk yet ANOTHER shot at my WWE Championship!!

    How, or why has he done this?! On what grounds does he justify giving Punk another title shot? I have beaten him once, and I have beaten him twice. The only thing Teddy Long is doing here is giving Punk a chance to go for a third straight loss against me!!

    Surely you can see that Teddy Long is favoring CM Punk. He's abusing his power to grant Punk whatever he wants and it's not fair!! It's not fair on me, it's not fair on the fans to see their beloved Punk getting beaten ppv after ppv, and it's not fair on you.

    Jericho starts circling Eve.

    Jericho: It's not fair on you that you have to work in this type of environment. Raw is being run into the ground by Teddy Long and it's not fair that you have to suffer because of that. You're surrounded by fools here. Martha, Teddy Long, it's not right, and you know it.

    Jericho stops behind Eve and whispers in her ear.

    Jericho: You deserve better than this and you know it. And you have the power to do something about it. You can stop Teddy Long. You can overrule him. You're the one that's wearing the real trousers here on Raw and you can do something about the way that Teddy Long is running this show.

    So with that said, do the right thing here and make the right call. Call off the match, take Punk out of the picture and let's see some real change here on Raw.

    Jericho smiles and lets out a small chuckle.

    Eve: You know what Chris; I completely agree with you. It's pretty clear that Teddy has lost sight of what the fans want and even what his employees want. CM Punk has had enough title shots handed to him. It's time to make RAW fair again, it's time to make sure that everyone gets an equal opportunity around here and that those who do get one have to earn it.

    So tonight CM Punk is going to get one last shot to EARN a shot at your title. In the main event of RAW tonight Punk will compete in a match against an opponent of my choosing. If he wins the match then he will get his title shot at King of the Ring, but if he loses then he will not be eligible for another shot at the title as long as you are champion. Does that sound reasonable enough?

    Jericho: Reasonable? That's music to my ears Eve. This is how Raw should be run. This is what Teddy Long can't do.

    You are a truly great woman that knows how to run this show in the fairest and correct manner. You know what the fans want, you know what the board of directors want, and you know what you want. And this decision here tonight proves just that. Thank you.

    Oh, and while you're on a roll, perhaps you get rid of.... Maria? Over there? I mean, with a secretary as unreliable as her, it's no wonder it took me a whole week to get hold of you.
    I mean, what if I had sent a message to try and arrange a date for example? I wouldn't have heard back for a whole week and I probably would have moved on and you would have missed a chance with, well, me, the WWE Champion, the best in the world at EVERYTHING I do, if you know what I mean.....

    Of course.... that's all, hypothetically speaking.

    Bye..... for now.....

    Jericho exits the room with a smile on his face and Eve turns her attention towards Martha.

    Eve: Martha shut the door.

    Martha moves towards the door to close it, but Eve stops her before she does.

    Eve: From the other side because you no longer work here.

    Martha looks shocked as she leaves the room.

    Eve grins: Thank you!

    *Martha is then shown leaving the room in tears and running down the hall as she passes Chris Jericho who is smiling.. Jericho is shown walking down the hall for a few more seconds until a flicker of light flashes on the other side of the hall.. The cameraman begins walking down that way when all the lights go out and the camera screw that shouting whats going..

    After a few more seconds a light begins flickering right at the bottom of the hall and a shadow can be made out staring back.. *

    Cameraman: What the?! Who's that?!

    Second Cameraman: Is that him? it is.. it's him!

    *The camera crew starts walking down a few more steps, the shadow still stands at the bottom with the flickering light above him, he's holding some sort of weapon in his hand and can be made out to be wearing a long coat.. *

    Cameraman: Yeah it's him!

    Second cameraman: Quick! let's get him on film before he gets away!

    *The camera crew instantly begin quickly making there way down to the bottom of hall but the lights totally go out and the shadow disappears.. foot steps can be heard slowly walking down the hall, when the lights come back on, the camera crew are stood exactly where the shadow was and they begin spinning round trying to find him.. as they do, one wall has been painted with words... *

    Justice is coming..

    *Beneath the words is black Scorpion and then the camera comes back to ringside*

    JR: Well that was just creepy, but I still don't like the decision or the fact that Eve is an assistant to Teddy Long. Long is a great GM

    King: Well I like the decision, especially if we have the chance to not see CM Punk at King of the Ring

    JR: Speaking of King of the Ring, it marks the return of the King of the Ring tournament, where the winner will get a guaranteed title shot.

    King: And its guys from both RAW and Nitro, and I can’t wait for a RAW guy to win to prove that we are the better brand.

    JR: While we all hope a RAW superstar wins, there will be qualifying matches on both RAW and Nitro over the next few weeks, those qualifiers move onto the tournament of eight superstars, in which all matches will take place at the Pay-Per-View

    King: The best superstar really will shine through, you need to be able to wrestle and win three matches in one night to be King of the Ring, of course I don’t cause I am a King already.

    JR: Point taken, but you are right it will be no easy task at the Pay-Per-View, and when it’s all said and done one man will be standing as the King of the Ring, and guess what, we get our first qualifier next!


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    King: Who is it going to be…?

    King: Not him, why? He lost at In Your House, he doesn’t deserve a chance.

    JR: While he may have lost he has been consistent over the months and will be quite the opponent in the tournament should he win.

    King: Who is he facing?

    King: Good I can’t wait for Luger to destroy him.

    JR: I don’t think that will be true at all, and quite frankly I’m surprised he is allowed in the tournament.

    King: And why is that?

    JR: He lost last week to CM Punk in what was supposed to be the final shot at the title for either man, but should Luger win the tournament he could get a WWE Championship shot, its weaseling his way around the rule to keep himself in the title picture.

    King: I think its genius, he knows what he is doing, and if he wins we could have another match where Lex Luger meets Chris Jericho

    JR: Who’s to say Jericho doesn’t lose the title?

    King: Me because he is the Best in the World.

    John Cena vs. Lex Luger

    Watch 5:30- 13:07

    Cena pushes Luger off the ropes and comes back with a running leaping shoulder block, followed by another, Cena waits for Luger to get up, but Luger comes back with a running forearm smash to lay Cena out, cover…



    Cena kicks out. Luger picks Cena up and rests him against the turnbuckle, in which Luger hits a couple of knee lifts to the midsection. Luger then grabs Cena by the head and hits a one handed bulldog. Luger gloats for a minute, and as he does Cena gets up and runs at Luger, but Luger hits an inverted atomic drop, followed by a hip toss and Luger gloats once again. This time Luger picks Cena up in a military press position, then drops Cena, and Luger gloats once more. Cena gets up and struggles into the turnbuckle where he rests for a minute. Luger notices and runs at Cena, Cena ducks the attempted splash in the corner, and from behind Cena hits a spin out powerbomb. Cena gets up and calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, which he hits. Cena stalks Luger waiting for him to get up, Luger does, Cena goes to pick him up, but Luger is able to get off, spin Cena around, and pick him up for the Torture Rack. Cena grabs the ropes, and Luger goes to launch Cena over the top rope but Cena lands on the apron. Luger comes over and Cena hits a hard shoulder to the gut. Cena then climbs the top rope, and hits Luger with diving leg drop bulldog. Cena then stalks Luger once more to get up, he does, and Cena picks him up and…

    JR: Attitude Adjustment!

    King: No, come on Luger.





    JR: And Cena moves onto the King of the Ring tournament, a huge win for sure

    King: Oh great what has he done to deserve it?

    JR: I’ve already told you, and justice is restored as Lex Luger won’t have the opportunity to get another title shot

    King: Would’ve been better than Cena winning

    JR: Quiet King, Cena is going to speak.

    John Cena: So now everyone. The face of the WWE - John Cena has just defeated one the main eventer's from In Your House Lex Luger, and has become the first person to qualify for the King of the Ring Tournament. The King of the Ring tournament is one I'm not familiar with, I've never competed in one. But I never competed in a TLC Match, yet in my first match I defeated the expert - Edge. Previously I never competed in a Money in the Bank ladder match, but at Wrestlemania, if it wasn't for Tyler Black - I'd be standing here WWE Champion!

    But Tyler, I thrive in environments I never have competed in. At In Your House you defeated me, I understand that 100%. But Tyler, if I have to temporarily forget about you so I can become King of the Ring, you can bet your ass that will happen. No man is bigger than the WWE, and no man is more important that the prestigious King of the Ring tournament. Tyler you son of a bitch, and everyone in the back! I've become World Champion more than Black can count. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Tyler Black, Edge, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, The Miz, I can go on and on. They have all tapped out to the STFU.

    *Cena takes a second, before smiling at the camera*

    The era of Black is dead, and was never alive. The fact you say it is revolutionizing the WWE is quite frankly a joke. It's time the era of Thuganomics resurrects! Whether I'm rapping or talking or wrestling, the fan notices me more than everyone else. I may be the first of 8 people qualifying for the Pay-Per-View, but I will come out victorious! Tyler, you can't see me! But at the Pay-Per-View you will see me. Sitting on a throne with a crown on my head!


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    *We cut to backstage where Cody Rhodes is shown talking to a cameraman. His United States Championship is on his shoulder as the fans give another mixed reaction for The Golden Boy. He finishes his conversation with the cameraman and goes to walk away, but finds his path blocked by Sheamus, who gets a huge pop from the fans. Cody looks at him as Sheamus talks.*

    Sheamus: Care to explain what happened at In Your House, fella?

    *The fans boo as Cody adjusts his title on the shoulder, before replying.*

    Cody Rhodes: What happened at In Your House? I won Sheamus, I beat you and I finished whatever problem I had with Drew Mcintyre & William Regal in doing so, or so I thought.

    You see, last week on Raw, I had a match with Drew Mcintyre, a match I lost thanks to William Regal. After the match, they viciously attacked me like they attacked you only days before at In Your House.

    *The crowd boos as a Sheamus chant begins.*

    Cody Rhodes: And as you can hear, these fans have plenty of respect for you- something I do too. And it occured to me after that match that I made a mistake at In Your House. I should have jumped into that ring and saved you- and for that Sheamus, I’m sorry.

    Last week, I said that I’m going to be focused on becoming the King of the Ring but I’d like to take this opportunity to say that I won’t be doing that. I won’t be in the tournament because at King of the Ring, I want both Drew Mcintyre and William Regal in a tag match.

    And the man I want as my partner Sheamus, is you.

    *The fans pop louder than they have in weeks for Cody Rhodes.*

    Cody Rhodes: They think it’s a good idea and this past week, it’s been eating away at me the way that they attacked me and left me out cold in the centre of that ring- especially after Drew had beaten me in the way that he did. So that got me thinking, I need to get them back.

    And I thought of getting Ted Dibiase, I thought of getting Dibiase to be my partner and attack Drew & Regal- to end their little bullshit careers and finally put them in their place. They’ve been sticking their nose into my business for much, much too long.

    But then I thought about it a little more and realised that Ted Dibiase has his hands full with Triple H, and there’s somebody at home watching the show that would want to help me out. So that’s what I’m asking you to do.

    I don’t know if you still have an issue with me after In Your House and after this conversation, but that’s fine. Because I know your issues with those two reach further than they do with me. You may have lost a lot of respect for me but at King of the Ring, we could team together and destroy those two once and for all.

    *The fans pop loudly again as Cody smiles at the noise, obviously enjoying having the fans on his side once more.*

    Cody Rhodes: So what’s it to be Sheamus? Will you help me against those two? Or is it too much to ask of The Great White? Because let’s face it, against us when it’s two on one, they will keep doing what they’ve been doing.

    But if we team up, they won’t stand a chance.

    *The fans pop loudly as Cody steps back, allowing Sheamus the opportunity to talk. Sheamus rubs his forehead a bit, and then listens to the crowd chanting his name in the arena loud enough that it is heard backstage*

    Sheamus: Cody ... Listen, fella, I really don't know, alright? When those two cowards came out and attacked me when I was down ... I was hopin' you'd come to help me, but guess what Cody, ya didn't fella, and I really don't appreciate bein' left in the ring for two hungry dogs to pick me apart while you stand by and watch, fella.

    But you know what Rhodes, at the same time I can understand why you did wotcha did, fella. You were just in the ring with a former WWE champion that you had to pin not once, but twice. Maybe you were tired and that's why you didn't run down to help. Is that it Cody, were you tired?

    Cody Rhodes: Well-

    Sheamus: Of course you were! Any normal man would be tired after such a grueling match! But to a champion, your dignity and honor should come first. You should have helped me Rhodes. I could have taken them both on but they got me when I was down ... And I would have helped you last week, but I was out with my injury. I had a legitimate excuse, you didn't.

    I'll tell you what Rhodes, I have a match tonight with Regal, and once I kick his arse all the way back to England ... I'll think about teaming with ya, fella. Only time can tell at this point.

    *Rhodes nods before Sheamus turns and walks away as the camera focuses on a stone faced Rhodes, before we cut back to ringside.*


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    *Evan Bourne’s music hits, the crowd boo’s and he comes out and heads down to the ring. As Bourne gets in the ring, he grabs the mic.*

    Evan Bourne: Cut my music!
    *His music is cut* Now listen and listen good, why is it, that I have had to wait this long to even get another opportunity to put myself not only into the main event, but into the WWE Title picture? *Pauses* Please someone explain to me why I have had to wait this long, after I, still the rightful winner and should be holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase, was kicked to the curb, and not given another opportunity to get a shot at the title or main event like I should have been?

    *The crowd boo’s at the statement about Money in the Bank, and Bourne cuts them off.*

    Evan Bourne: Well let me tell you why. See after months of me coming out here each and every week, and no one believing me, the WWE realized I was right, so they kicked me to the curb, because they knew I would bring it up. And by kicking me to the curb, they thought if they waited long enough, I would just forget, well I didn’t so allow me to explain. Let’s start with that Money in the Bank match… the WWE and all of you people realized that Tyson Kidd cheated to win his Money in the Bank briefcase; he used it, when it was firmly in my grasp, to win the match. It should have been mine, but no, the following night Tyson Kidd proceeds to come out here and have a victory celebration like he actually earned it, so I called him out for being a hypocrite… for stating that he was going to cash in the title when the champ wasn’t week. But then he had a flash of amnesia, and told Chris Jericho to watch his back because he could cash it in anywhere at any time. I told the truth, but I was the one kicked to the curb. But that’s not the only reason.

    *At the realization that Bourne was going to speak again, the crowd boo’s in an effort to stop him. It doesn’t, and Bourne proceeds.*

    Evan Bourne: The other reason, the last time you guys saw me, I was teaming with Brian Cage, but before that, I called out Edge, for being a phony. I told you all that Edge craved the spotlight, that he needed to be in it, and that you couldn’t trust him. Look where he is now… he is exactly where I said he would be. He is trying to get back in that spotlight, trying to take it from Tyson, who he said was his good friend, because Edge realizes he is close to the end of his career, he is trying to get every last moment he can. But both he and the WWE needs to realize his time is done, and it’s time to put someone new in the spotlight, and that person is me.

    *Crowd is really giving it to Bourne now.*

    Evan Bourne: Despite what you or the WWE may think, I’m taking all that anger about being right and being kicked to the curb, and throwing it back in your face. I’m in business for myself to get myself to the main event, and more importantly to the WWE Championship. And right now, this King of the Ring qualifier is my moment, to get there, so no matter who you want, or what you want to occur, forget it, because I am going to ruin those plans, because not only am I going to qualify for the tournament, I’m going to win, and I’m going on to become WWE Champion.

    *Bourne drops the mic, turns toward the stage and awaits his opponent.*

    King: I agree with Evan! it's about time we seen him back in action.. since his attitude change he's been held down my the management, because he no longer panders to these fans he's left of TV? That's not right Ross!

    JR: You know King, I would agree.. I however think it's more of the case that you simply can't have everyone on the show each and every week, some times you have to be patient!

    King: Well Bourne has been patient enough! this is his time now.. I can see him using this to go all the way and perhaps win this tournament out right!

    JR: Well we are yet to find out his opponent King but I agree that Bourne could use this built up anger and frustration to his advantage tonight.

    King: We just have to find out his opponent.. do you know who it is?.

    JR: I have no idea King!

    JR: No way! is that.. it is.. That's the Animal Batista!

    King: Is Batista back? He can't.. this is Evan Bourne's time!

    *The crowd go ballistic at the sight of the Animal Batista, instantly they jump to there feet and cheer as the animal stands at the top of the stage, he does his trademark pose before heading to the ring*

    Batista vs Evan Bourne (Rey)

    Start at 6:45 stop at 13:19

    JR: Evan Bourne has Batista right where he wants him! could be a huge shock on the cards right here!

    King: Evan Bourne is about to fly!

    *Bourne jumps of the top rope looking for the shooting star press to a gasp from the crowd with the height he reaches, Batista is however quickly able to move which sends Bourne crashing to the mat*

    JR: Bourne just crashed and burned right there! It's not called high risk for nothing folks!

    *Batista then reaches his feet to a cheer from the crowd, He signals the end is near and lifts Bourne up, he then shouts it's over before delivering a huge Batista Bomb which gets a big cheer from the crowd and he then attempts a pin*

    King: This was meant to be Evan Bourne's time!


    King: No! come on Bourne!


    JR: The Animal is back! Batista wins!

    King: Why did he have to come back now.. just why Ross?! This was Evan Bourne's moment and it's been ruined.

    JR: Well perhaps Batista is about to explain but the Animal is about to speak!

    *After the match, Batista grabs the mic, breathing heavily, takes a moment before he begins to speak.*

    Batista: Got to tell you there is no better feeling than being back here on Raw and competing in this ring. I took some time off and focused on my life, did a little extra curricular sports, and now, I feel great. I feel like I can be on top. Which is needed here. These guys that run this place now like Chris Jericho, United Kingdom, all of them, they are prey to me, and I am a caged up animal. Well guys, the cage has been open, and The Animal is free. I am going to win this tournament and I am going to take everyone down piece by piece, starting at the top.

    *Batista drops the mic, and heads to the back.*

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    *The camera comes away from ringside and heads backstage where All American Perfection can be seen talking down the hall.. the camera begins edging closer and Vickie is the first to notice*

    VG: Excuse me!

    *Cameraman comes closer*

    VG: I said EXCUSE ME! We are trying to have a private conversation here if you don't mind.

    DZ: Vickie, it's okay.. they obviously want to here from the real worlds greatest tag team, the All American Perfection! *Ziggler starts to laugh* Well, as we have no one to beat this week because we have beaten all the competition I guess we could give you guys some time with the Tag Team champions!

    Oh! and before you ask.. we don't count those over the hill degenerates, the old age outlaws as real competition either!

    *Ziggler begins to laugh once more as Vickie and Swagger join in*

    DZ: It seems I may have upset a few of you idiots with my comments about tag teams of the past last week.. well, the truth hurts! so let me tell you some more truths right now.. this tag team division is basically just me and my partner Swagger, where is the competition? well.. where is it?

    *Ziggler stares at the cameraman as he goes to answer*

    Cameraman: well..

    DZ: Exactly! there is none.. You have jobber tyme, Shad and JTG.. the only competition them guys will give you is in a how many times have you been arrested competition.. then take the Prime Time players.. No big deal Titus O'neil and Darren can anyone remember I was in Nexus Young, the only reason anyone knows who those guys are because they have a big mouth named AW shouting it everywhere they go.. Competition? I don't think so..

    *Ziggler turns to Swagger*

    DZ: Rumor is.. they didn't even get one vote from the public at In Your House!

    *All three begin laughing once again*

    Jack Swagger: Hey wait I voted for them
    *Pauses* Only because I would love to to shut them up, and put a sock in the mouth of AW. But wait that's not all, we forgot to mention the last tag team, who also speak highly of themselves, the supposed World's Greatest Tag Team.And please don't complain about cheating, because if so the ref would have caught us, but he didn't, and we have beaten you both times, so your shots at us has run out, now we want to move onto to some other ingrates who don't appreciate facing the best team in the history of the WWE, and then beat them to make them believers, just like we made you. As of right now I don't think you can even call yourself the World's Greatest anything now, because you lost to us, not once, but twice. So Vickie you have some pull around here can you put in a request to the Board of Director's to have them two change their name? They don't deserve it, and we feel it should be reserved for the best team to ever grace the WWE, All American Perfection.

    *The three go to laugh, but are cut off by Teddy Long, and all three scowl at him.*

    Teddy Long: Well playas I'm not going to let that happen. But what I am goin to do, is let the three of you know that at the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View, we are goin to have ourselves a Tag Team Battle Royal, and the winning team will go on to face you, All American Perfection for the titles later on in the night. Now how's that sound playas?

    *Teddy Long smiles and walks away as All American Perfection scowls as the camera focuses in on the face of the three. Camera cuts back to ringside*

    JR: Well what about that blockbuster announcement King! There will be a Exclusive Pre-show Battle Royal at the King Of the Ring featuring all the teams currently signed with the WWE, the last man or team standing in the ring will then earn a Tag Team title match later on that night!

    King: That's huge Ross but sadly it's another sign of how badly Teddy Long is running Raw.

    JR: Care to explain that stupid allegation partner?.

    King: All American Perfection having beating everyone already, there the best tag team in the world right now, so to make them defend the tag titles without knowing who there opponents will be is a slap in a face to the champions!

    JR: Well if there so good King.. I'm sure they will not care who they face right?.

    King: It's wrong Ross! I hope they speak with Eve next week to get this mess sorted out.

    JR: Well we are moving on with the show folks and up next.. Sheamus gets his chance for revenge as he takes on William Regal!

    King: Just to think Ross, Sheamus could have been standing here as the new United States Champion and with Regal and Drew at his side had he just listened to the wise words of William Regal, instead he could be in line for his second beating at the hands of United Kingdom!

    *The crowd instantly boo the theme music of Regal, the experienced wrestler steps out from behind the curtain with Drew at his side, both shrug of the boo's and jeer's before slowly making there way to the ring*

    JR: Why is Drew out here? he has nothing to do with this match.

    King: Regal is his mentor, he has every right to be out here and learn from his trainer, Plus who's to say that idiot Cody will not stick his nose where it does not belong tonight and try and help Sheamus who he respects so much
    *King sarcastically says the last bit while laughing afterwards*

    JR: Well after that vicious attack on Cody last week I would say that the United States Champion has every right to come out here.. perhaps he could right the wrong that happened at In Your House.

    *The crowd instantly cheer the sight of the Great White Sheamus, the Irish born warrior taunts at the top of the stage banging his chest before staring at the ring and charging his way down with the crowd cheering his name*

    King: Sheamus maybe ready for revenge Ross, but is he ready? is he physically fit? has he rushed back from the injury to quick?

    JR: Good questions King, Only Sheamus will know that.. but either way he's been waiting since In Your House for this chance and it could be a long night for Regal!

    Stop at 6:43
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    JR: This has been an all out brawl but Drew has stayed out of it thus far.

    King: What else were you expecting? Regal is showing Drew the way and he's in control right now.

    *With Sheamus thrown into the barricade, Regal then begins striking him with elbows to the face, Regal then goes with knee shots to the gut before delivering a headbutt knocking Sheamus down*

    JR: Both of these men have had there fair share of street fights King and it's showing here tonight.

    King: It's been brutal Ross! this is what Sheamus deserves though.. he's getting a lesson from master Regal.

    *Regal then lifts Sheamus up before swinging him into the side of ring and charging at him with a knee to the face which causes the crowd to gasp at the collision*

    JR: Bah Gawd what a strike! Sheamus is hurt folks.

    King: Looks like the Celtic Warrior is busted open JR!

    *With blood now pouring from the nose of Sheamus after that knee shot, Regal once more lifts him up and rolls him into the ring.. with Drew looking on and clapping his mentor, Regal then begins to stalk Sheamus.. with Sheamus about to get up on one knee Regal charges at him looking for another knee strike only for Sheamus to catch him by the side and deliver a side walk slam to the canvas*

    JR: Sheamus came out of nowhere with that move, perhaps out of desperation more then anything!

    King: It's to little to late, the damage is already done!

    *Sheamus then notices the blood pouring down from his nose which seems to send him into a fit of rage, he then picks up Regal and begins striking him with big forearm shots to the chest from behind of Regal.. each strike lighting up the chest of Regal with a glowing red, Sheamus then lifts him up at hits white noise as Drew now watches on uncomfortably*

    JR: Sheamus has turned this match round folks and just listen to these fans, there right behind him!

    King: Come on Drew, get involved.. your mentor needs you!

    *With the tables turned it's now Sheamus who stands stalking Regal, with Regal about to make it too his feet.. Drew jumps up on the ring apron, Sheamus then comes charging at Regal with a Brogue Kick only for Regal to move which causes Sheamus to Brogue Kick Drew right in the face sending him flying of the apron and on to the announce table face first to a huge *Holy Sh*t* chant from the fans*

    JR: Oh my god what a Brogue Kick from Sheamus!

    King: He should be disqualified! Drew was not involved in this match and yet Sheamus has assaulted him for what reason?

    *Sheamus stands in the ring with a bright smile on his face after seeing Drew smash into the announce table, With the ref concerned about Drew he jumps out of the ring to check only for Regal to grab something from his pants with his right hand before unleashing a huge haymaker to face of Sheamus as he turns around knocking him instantly of his feet and out cold*

    JR: No! No! Not like this again!

    King: Now that's a strike Ross! serves him right for attacking an innocent Drew McIntyre!

    *Regal then throws the object out of the ring before screaming for the referee and going for the pin attempt!*

    JR: Oh come on? Not like this damn it!




    King: Regal wins! Yes Regal wins!

    JR: He used the damn brass knuckles again.. bah gawd UK have stole another victory!

    *Crowd begin heavily booing*

    *Drew slowly begins getting back up as Regal stands in the ring taking in the boo's with a smile across his face.. Regal then calls in Drew and both men once more begin stomping down on Sheamus!*

    JR: Not again! damn it not again! Cody if you are watching.. Sheamus needs you, here is your chance for redemption!

    *Crowd begin chanting "Cody" over and over*

    King: He's not coming Ross!
    *king laughs* the golden boy is either a coward or he's two sensible to be messing with United Kingdom again!

    JR: Well I'm afraid it looks like Cody is going to snub the chance to help Sheamus once again!

    *The crowd stop chanting the name of Cody and instead begin heavily booing once more when..*

    JR: Look! Look! Here comes Cody Rhodes!

    *Crowd pop*

    King: How stupid is he Ross?! this has nothing to do with him!

    *Rhodes runs down the ramp as UK notice him and stop beating down on Sheamus.. instead of fleeing the ring UK are daring Cody to enter as both men seem like they was expecting him, Cody looks on for a few seconds before noticing the Brass Knuckles on the floor.. Cody picks it up and places it on his right hand before jumping on to the side of ring.. UK now look on more fearful and edge closer to the ropes ready to escape*

    JR: Now who's the cowards King?! UK are ready to run!

    King: Cowardly Cody Rhodes having to use a weapon, if he's so tough why don't he just get in that ring and help his friend Sheamus?!

    *Cody then enters the ring and UK now have one foot outside of the ropes however Rhodes begins to smile and the crowd are sensing something is wrong.. Rhodes now begins to laugh and points at Sheamus, UK seem a little puzzled but now step back into the ring with both feet.. Rhodes then tells them to pick up the motionless Sheamus which Drew does.. *

    JR: What's going on? please don't say.. Oh god please don't say what I think is going to happen?!

    King: This time it's true! Cody has joined the United Kingdom!

    *Crowd begin heavily booing once more*

    *With Drew holding up a lifeless Sheamus, Cody then seemingly gets ready to strike, even taken a step back before tensing up his right hand as tight as possible*

    JR: Don't do it Cody! don't do it!

    *Cody then takes a few steps forward ready to strike while the crowd take a gasp of breath, to there shock though he does not strike Sheamus and instead swings a huge right hand shot to the face of Regal knocking him instantly down and sending him rolling out of the ring, Cody then turns his attention to Drew to quickly drops Sheamus and runs for the ropes before jumping out of the ring, the crowd then start chanting "Cody" over and over*

    King: He's just made the biggest mistake of his life!

    JR: I don't think so King, Cody has just made the save and proved every doubter wrong that his intentions are to represent the Rhodes name in the right manner!

    *With Cody having scared of Drew who is dragging an emotionless Regal up the ramp he then drops the Brass Knuck's and turns his intention to Sheamus before calling for help from the back.. help eventually arrives and Sheamus receives the aid and treatment he needs, as Cody then helps him to the back as the crowd continue chanting his name and the show moves on*

    The camera cuts to Josh backstage.

    Josh: Good evening everyone! My name’s Josh Mathews and I’m here with the lovely Trish Stratus. How are you doing Trish?

    Trish: I’m doing fantastic, thanks for asking! And how are you doing Josh?

    Josh: I’m doing great. Now Trish you made your surprise return to the company at the In Your House ppv in the Divas Battle Royal, but unfortunately you were eliminated by Kelly Kelly. That was supposed to be a one time match at the time and from what you said last week it led to you signing a new contract.

    Trish: That’s right Josh. I’ve always said that if the time was right and the offer was right I’d consider returning and I believe that’s what happened now. I’m still working on some projects outside the company and fortunately the WWE is willing to give me the time I need to work on them rather than expecting me to do as many media appearances for them as I used to do and they realize that as a WWE Diva any media appearances I do to promote whatever product I’m trying to promote it promotes the WWE as well even if I’m not there to talk about the company at the time.

    Josh: I completely agree with you on that and now that you’re back you have a chance to get payback against Kelly Kelly.

    Trish: I definitely want to show Kelly what Stratusfaction is all about. She interfered in the battle royal after she had already been eliminated and she eliminated me in the process. I felt that her actions were unfair and shouldn’t have been allowed in the first place, but I accepted the referee’s decision even though I didn’t necessarily agree with it.

    Josh: that’s right if Kelly hadn’t eliminated you then you would’ve probably won the match. Does that also make you want to take on Nattie and prove you’re the best?

    Trish: No, not at all. I’m actually very happy that Nattie won the match. Not many people know this, but Nattie and I are great friends. Every time the WWE was in Canada or whenever she had some time off we’d get together and have dinner or go shopping so I have nothing, but love and respect for Nattie and I’m glad she’s finally getting the respect she deserves.

    Josh: Well Trish I know you have a match up next so I don’t want to keep you any longer. Thanks for taking the time to do this short interview and good luck tonight!

    Trish: The pleasure was all mine Josh and thank you!

    *The camera then heads back to ringside where Trish's opponent is already making her way to the ring*


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    JR: Well it's time for our second Road To Triumph match of the night and making her way down to the ring is Trish's opponent tonight.. the beautiful Maryse!

    King: Wow she looks so good tonight Ross! You can't help but feel this is bad timing for Maryse though, with everything going on with her boyfriend Ted and his family topped with facing the diva of the decade in Trish Stratus is could be a tough night for sure.

    JR: You make some good point's there partner.

    King: I always do Ross!

    JR: emm.. Yeah sure, none of the less though every win is vital and I'm sure Maryse will be ready and focused the former Diva's champion will feel confident that she has what it takes to win tonight!

    *The crowd jump to there feet with cheers as Trish steps out from behind the curtain with a bright smile across her face, she stands at the top of the stage posing before running down slapping hands with the little kids as she heads to the ring.*

    King: How good is it having Trish back Ross? It just feels right.

    JR: I couldn't agree more King, with this new concept, Road To Triumph it wouldn't be the same without having what many people believe is the best diva of all time involved.

    King: I wonder if Kelly Kelly is watching?

    JR: No doubt she is King, well looks like we are ready to go, the match is about to begin and it's the battle of the Canadians!

    Start at 1:30 stop at 6:07

    JR: Maryse has Trish trapped in the corner here.

    *With Maryse having Trish cornered she begins slapping her in the face, Maryse then begins to climb the turnbuckle and then starts delivering shots to top of the head as the crowd count with each hit..






    *Before Maryse can hit Trish with anymore, Trish striker with a forearm to the midsection, before sliding underneath gripping the legs of Maryse and sending her down crashing to the floor with a powerbomb from the top rope and into a cover to a pop from the crowd*


    Three-Kick out!

    JR: Maryse kicked out! how did she kick out?

    King: I have no idea Ross, that was a hell of a powerbomb from Trish but full credit to Maryse for kicking out and this match continues!

    *Trish is shocked to see that Maryse was able to kick out and even nods in appreciation to Maryse, Maryse then dazedly gets back to her feet and attempts a clothesline only for Trish to duck and respond with a huge.. *

    JR: Chick kick from Stratus!

    King: Good night Maryse! it's over!




    JR: Trish Stratus is back.. and back with a bang picking up 15 points with a pinfall!

    King: This tournament is really picking up Ross! lets take a look at the standings.

    *The Titantron then shows the current RTT standings*
    1st. - Nattie - 30 points.

    2nd. - Kaitlyn - 20 points.

    3rd. - Kelly Kelly - 15 points.
    - Beth Phoenix
    - Paige
    - Trish Stratus

    JR: Well as you can see folks the Hart family's very own Nattie is leading the way with her big Battle Royal win at In Your House scoring 30 points!

    King: Yeah that was impressive, also impressive was that submission win by Kaitlyn which kicked of Raw scoring her 20 points and placing her right into second!

    JR: Well this tournament is just getting started folks and long may the action continue, it's going to be an awesome contest right to the end and remember, the finals will be held at SummerSlam with one women earning the right to be the new WWE champion!

    Trish is standing in the ring, as the ref raises her arm after her win over Maryse. She walks to a corner, climbing it, and posing for the fans.

    The fans immediately start booing, as Kelly Kelly walks out from the back with a mic in hand. She has a body guard on each side of her, as the music is cut.

    Kelly: Well trish, it looks like you and I have a few things in common. We've both been champions, we've both been the face of the women's division, and we now both have points in the Road to Triumph tournament...but unsadly, that is where our likeness ends. See Trish, last week, listening to what you had to say, I decided to use something I'm sure most of the women in the wwe are unfamiliar with, my brain.

    The fans start chanting bullshit

    Kelly: Screw you all! I do too have a brain! My name is not Maria! Now...Trish...where was I? Oh yes. See, I started doing some digging, and over the last week, I have put together a project that I feel the WWE Universe desperately needs to see. See Trish, people may call me a bitch, but I'm always honest. I don't hide behind things. People bring up me peeing in a sink, and I say, that's what happens when you drink tequila. People bring up the fact I dated Dave Batista, and to that I say, everyone needs a strong stiffy now and then. The fact is trish, I don't hide, I face the truth...just like you are going to.

    Kelly walks down the ramp, and into the ring, with her two body guards in tow. She stands across from Trish, with her devilish smirk stretched across her face.

    Kelly: See Trish, we all know you left the WWE in 2007, you even made one more appearance in December of that year, but the fans didn't see or here from you until May of 2008. Trish, I'm going to give you a chance to tell these deserving fans the truth..otherwise I will.

    We see Trish say "I don't know what you are talking about"

    Kelly: Ha ha ha! Fine. Don't say I didn't warn you. See Trish, I know of your lapse from January to April. I know of your fall from grace. While you may have wanted to leave the WWE, as soon as you walked out that door, you missed it. You missed the atmosphere. You started eating Trish to compensate for the feelings you were missing. You started shoving down snickerdoodles, twinkies, burgers, shakes, and pizzas. In one short month Trish, you looked like this.

    Kelly turns to the tron, as an image is shown.

    The fans are booing big time.

    Kelly: Just disgusting. You look like someone took a cow and morphed it with your body. Just gross...but! That's not where it ends. No Trish, you fell farther. See, we all know you married your high schools sweet heart, but given how large you were, given the fact you had your own gravitational pull, it's no wonder he left you for a few months. So in that moment, you hooked up. See Trish, we all know you went to a club. This wasn't just any night club though this was a over 250 club. What's an over 250 club you ask? It's when your ass weighs so much, you weigh over 250 and are put into a class of your own. You went in there, and hooked up. Trish, let's show the fans the cow you got plowed by.

    The fans are booing Kelly big time, as she just smirks.

    Kelly: So gross...I don't even want to picture what they might have looked like....ugh. So Trish, ever since learning that, I've just been wondering what made you go from being a fatty, back to the pin up doll you are now. Was it one too many twinkies? Was it realizing that the guy you were with wore a size 6 XL shirt? I mean, obviously something made you decide to get back into shape.

    Trish goes to say something.

    Kelly: SHUT UP! I'm not done talking! Do you know what Trish? Forget it. I don't care to know. Here is what I do know though. This Road to Triumph is far from over, and I know our paths will cross when we meet. Trish, heed my words very carefully. Leave now, or I will make your life a living hell. I will make you want to go back to being a fat fat fatty. I will make you wish you had never signed that contract. So Trish...are you going to leave?

    Trish goes to say something again.

    Kelly: Hold on. You know what...I'm going to do the right thing, and give you a week to make your answer. Say your goodbyes to the people in the back you will miss, do whatever else you need, and next week, give me your answer. Because if you choose to leave, nothing happens to you. I go on to become the Women's Champion, I reign over the women's division in the WWE, and you go home to your husband who forgave you. If you choose to stay...well...I'll be sending you packing anyways......See you next week.....hun....

    Kelly drops the mic, as Bitch Came Back by Theory of Deadman plays once more. She climbs out of the ring with her guards, heading up the ramp. She turns at the last moment, blowing a kiss to Trish and winking as the camera heads backstage where Cm Punk is standing by.
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    Punk: You know what? I'm not surprised Jericho would try and weasel his way out a fair and well deserved WWE Championship match with me. I said it last week and I'll say it again, Jericho is scared of me. He knows I am better than him, he knows that I am the Best in the World and he knows that I am the one the next WWE Champion. So what does he do?

    Go sniveling and crying like a little bitch to Eve, the newest "authority" figure on Raw. I thought Jericho was better than that, and even more I thought Eve was too. To see her agree that our WWE Champion should not face me really shocked me. Because she is the voice of The Board of Directors and to think that they would be against such a blockbuster match up such me facing Jericho for the WWE Championship is ludicrous even by WWE standards.

    So what does Eve do? She has made it so I have to face an opponent of her choosing and win to keep my championship opportunity.

    Fine. Bring on the challenge, because I am the Best in the World. I earned my chance to beat the living hell out of Jericho at King of the Ring and no matter what, no matter who stands in my way, I will be the next WWE Champion.

    Jericho and Eve think they can stop me from that goal and I will not let them, I will not let myself fail in that goal. This is my time.

    Jericho, you better start saying goodbye to the WWE Championship, because at King of the Ring I will make you Go to Sleep and start my reign as The Best WWE Champion the World has ever seen.

    *With the crowd still cheering for the self proclaimed "Best In The World" Cm Punk after his promo, the sound of Ryback's music blares out from the speakers to a big pop from the crowd*

    JR: Well here comes the undefeated carnivore Ryback!

    King: Perhaps only undefeated for a little while longer, it's anyone's guess on who would come out the victor in a match between Ryback and Goldberg!

    JR: I agree King! That's the clash of the titans right there folks, I can tell you guys.. Ryback was not originally scheduled to compete tonight but we are going to show you a tout from the monster himself taking earlier today.

    *With Ryback now reaching the ring, a Tout appears on the Titantron.. It shows Ryback shouting that he's done waiting and tonight he's going to call out Goldberg to which the crowd give a huge pop*

    King: Goldberg vs Ryback tonight? I can't wait!

    *Ryback now stands in the ring pumping himself up, with the crowd chanting "Feed Me More!" Ryback ask's for a microphone and instantly starts screaming "Feed Me Goldberg!" over and over again.. *

    JR: Well here we go folks, we are finally about to witness what not many people every thought would happen, we are going to see.. Goldberg vs Ryback live tonight on Raw Is War!

    *The crowd continue chanting "Feed Me More!" as Ryback waits patiently in the ring when..*

    *Big Pop from the crowd*

    King: Ask and you shall receive Ryback! I can't wait Ross!

    *The crowd are stunned into silence when they notice it's not Goldberg and begin booing, Gilberg does all the things that Goldberg would as he makes his way to the ring, Ryback however does not flinch and looks more pumped up then ever*

    JR: Wait a minute? what's going on here?

    King: Either that's Gilberg or Goldberg has lost a lot of weight very recently
    *King laughs*

    JR: well I can only imagine by Ryback's reaction he was not expecting Goldberg at all.. none of the less the ref is ready in the ring and this match is about to begin!

    Ryback vs Gilberg (Jobber)
    Start at 1:20 stop at 1:58
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    JR: Well I guess it's another win for Ryback folks!

    King: He's not done Ross!

    *Ryback then once more grabs a microphone and instantly starts shouting "Get up, Get up Goldberg!"*

    JR: Did he just call him Goldberg?.

    King: I think he did.. Ryback is losing the plot.

    JR: I think he's sending a message King.

    *Ryback continues shouting at his opponent as he keeps referring to him as Goldberg, the crowd are chanting "Feed Me More!" over and over again.. with Gilberg finally making his way back to his feet he's hit with another huge meat hook clothesline which hits with so much force it's flips Gilberg right over on to his face and stomach, Ryback then throws the microphone out the ring and picks up Gilberg before delivering another big Shellshock*

    King: Well I think it's message sent here Ross! Ryback looks ready.

    JR: He's going to have to be King, Goldberg is a monster of his own.. it's going to be Goliath vs Goliath, the question is when will it take place?!

    *With the crowd cheering and a few shouting "We want Goldberg" Ryback stands over Gilberg and looks down the camera, he then screams.. *Done!* before his music hits and he begins to make his way back to the back*

    *A video pops up on the TitanTron- a man is seen sitting somewhere backstage. It’s a little too dark to see his face, but you can see his has long hair *

    ??????: Anguish, fear, and sorrow are emotions we all feel, but never more strongly than in our adolescence. It bottles up inside you and you either go deeper in to a depressive state or you use as fuel in your quest to adulthood by using it as a weapon. You see, the way you do that is to turn it around, use it on those that oppress you, use it on those that claim to be above you, those that seem to want to bring justice in a world that is full of chaos. Yes, you know who I am talking about. You hide behind a painted face because you are afraid, you’re afraid that people will find out about the real you. The real you? The real you was at the start of you’re career. You were a follower, you followed one dirty bastard. You followed a wrestling God, a man who bleed for this sport, a man who died for this sport. You should have modeled you’re career after him, but like many others before, you chose to please the fans. You were tempted by fame, you were tempted by money. And like many others, you say you found God. You say you live your life for Him

    ??????? coughs

    ?????: To that, I say bullshit. You’re existence is a fraud. You say those things because you pander to the fans, you say those things to get more money, you say those things to keep your spot. And you come here to WWE weeks ago, claiming to bring justice. Justice for what? Justice to all the vile acts that have been committed by others? You think you are some kind of Saint? Some kind of shining light? A beacon of goodness? . You think your self as a God?

    ????? coughs, then spits on the floor

    ??????: A God? Yeah, that’s it. Well if that’s what you think you are, I’m Satan, I’m pure evil through and through. Yes, Satan exist in me, and I will be your own personal demon because this savior has already been crucified for your sins. Your sins? That’s easy- envy, you covet the limelight, fraudulently you want to end your career thinking you did good for your fellow man. Again, that’s bullshit. You are a fraud, a false God to those who have drunk your Kool-Aid. A modern day Jim Jones, you have the fans following and cheering your every move

    ????? coughs again, then spits on the camera lens

    ??????: But if you, deep down in that twisted mind, truly think that you are on some kind of mission to bring justice, to shine a Godly light on all that is dark, all that is evil- why don’t you step out the shadows? If not, I’ll hunt you down myself. I’ll drag you out to the ring, I’ll make an example of you. As I had done to another in the past, I’ll crucify you on a cross. I’ll wrap your body in barbwire and have you carried around the arena for all to see. There are others out there, in their hearts, that believe as I do. All I have to do is open their eyes, to show them the path. MY PATH! So it is written. So it shall come to pass.

    * The Titan Tron goes blank *

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