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    Location: Ford Center arena: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    Tenay: Hello all, and welcome to Nitro, and what a show we have planned for you tonight

    Bischoff: That's right Mike. We have victory celebrations planned from several of the victors from In Your House, including the World Heavyweight Champion – Brock Lesnar!

    Tenay: A hellish Last Man Standing match he retained his title in, only thanks to a Sable low blow

    Bischoff: But we know that Paul Heyman and herself has had differences recently, so that has to make you wonder – is all right in camp Lesnar?

    Tenay: And here comes Mr. Money in the Bank, Tyson Kidd!

    Bischoff: He shouldn't even have the briefcase today! Edge should be standing here either with that briefcase, or the World Heavyweight Championship belt. Edge got screwed!

    Tenay: The referee made the wrong call Eric, and he restarted the match – which he was entirely in his right to do that

    Bischoff: He could've at least gave Edge warning. Imagine winning the Money in the Bank briefcase for the third time, before the referee tells you, that you have to defend it immediately. Then Kidd sneaks up on you with a roll up! It's unfair on Edge!

    Tyson Kidd: Well, I wonder what happened at In Your House?!

    *Crowd explode with cheers as Kidd smiles*

    Tyson Kidd: I did exactly what I said I would do, and that was kick Edge's to retain my Money in the Bank briefcase! You see, for weeks and weeks Edge said that he was better than me. But I proved him wrong! But there is just an issue I had with the match. The way I won. He has pinned me one two three, but my leg was on the ropes. The ref restarted the match, and I rolled him up for the victory.

    I know I should delighted and all that, but I didn't finish him off correctly. So for that, I apologise. But - Me and Edge were both 100%. We were both in perfect condition, but I was the better man! Edge, you may have beat me at Backlash! But I beat you at In Your House! Now, it's equal! Now, it is 1-1! But I wanna thank the WWE Universe! For not letting Lita anywhere near the ring!

    *Crowd cheer as they chant Lita Sucks!*

    Tyson Kidd: If she was anywhere near that ring, Edge would have defeated me with her assist! She's done it before, but you people stopped that cow! I also wanna say thanks for not choosing Natalya! Awkward I know, but then the match would have been in my favour! No offence Nattie, I still love you! But me and you both know that I would have won if you were near the ring.

    It was a massive risk putting my Money in the Bank on the line after you people voted for it, but the risk payed off. I knew from the very start that I could beat Edge, and I did exactly that last week at In Your House! I did this for me, and I did it for you people, and the whole of Canada! And-

    Bischoff: Yay! Let's get the Pride of Canada out here!

    Tenay: At least Lita isn't anywhere near here!

    Bischoff: HEY! Lita and Edge, or LEdge, are a proper couple, unlike Kidd, who says he “loves” Nattie Neidhart, when really, Tyson is using her for his own diabolical needs

    Tenay: Baloney! Edge and Lita are only together, because they're nobody more evil than each other

    Bischoff: And that's why they're perfect together!

    *The fans boo loudly as Edge walks out angrily onto the stage. He strolls around a little bit, staring down at Tyson Kidd in the ring. In his right hand is a microphone, which he brings to his lips and begins to speak through.*

    Edge: You lying cheating little scumbag.

    *The fans boo even louder as Edge is fuming on the titantron.*

    Edge: Shut the hell up. Shut up right now. I’m not here to please you people, I’m here to talk to this runt in the ring and I’m here to talk about why he is parading around like he beat me. Sure, you recapped the finish to our match Kidd but you left out one tiny little detail.

    I should be standing here as the World Heavyweight Champion.

    *The fans boo loudly again.*

    Edge: Because I am the rightful owner to that briefcase. Last week at In Your House, I pinned you in the centre of that ring, one, two, three and the referee called for the bell. That is the end of it. I should have been the one leaving with that briefcase but instead, you got a little bitch move in the centre of that ring and rolled me up.

    That roll up should have been irrelevant. The match was over. Done. Finished. I should have walked out with that briefcase and you should have been crying in the centre of that ring. Instead, an injustice was done to me. The referee called for a restart because of a technicality and I lost the match.

    But once again Kidd, I proved I was better than you. Let’s face it, the pinfall you got on me was good, but the pinfall I got on you was so much better. It was so much cleaner. It was so much more what a wrestling pinfall should have been.

    *The fans boo again as Edge looks on the very cusp of a breakdown. He takes a deep breath as the fans continue to boo him. When he speaks again, he’s much more calm and collected.*

    Edge: Let me get something straight right now. Last week at In Your House, the referee screwed me. Forget about the Montreal Screwjob, last week was the Buffalo Screwjob. This company screwed me because they knew that by doing so, it would supposedly disprove me as the Pride of Canada and may even push me to quit Nitro.

    Well it didn’t. I’m right here because unlike you Tyson Kidd, and unlike your buddy Bret Hart, I am not a little bitch. I didn’t quit right there and then like Bret did 15 years ago. I stood there and I took my screwjob like a man. I’ve come back here because I am determined to not only avenge last week, but to prove once and for all that I am the Pride of Canada.

    *The fans boo and begin a Tyson Kidd chant.*

    Edge: Chant and cheer for this lowlife all you want. All that matters is that I am the Pride of Canada. Something you said before I came out Kidd was that you won last week for Canada. What you fail to realise is that nobody in Canada could give two damns about you.

    Everybody in Canada realises that you’re nothing more than a flash in the pan. You’re nothing more than an Edge copycat. You try to be me because I’m the guy everybody in the back wants to be. I am the MOST SUCCESSFUL SUPERSTAR IN WWE HISTORY!

    And yet somebody at the top is trying to break me down, trying to screw me over. It won’t happen again Tyson. You and me. One more time.

    *The fans pop for the challenge as Kidd rubs his chin in the ring. Edge’s eyes are wide open as the fans await something huge to happen.*

    Tenay: It's all kicking off at the start of the show

    Bischoff: Well imagine what the tail-end of the show will be like, if the beginning is like this

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    Tenay: And here comes the boss here on Thursday Nights!

    Bischoff: He needs to award Edge the Money in the Bank briefcase to Edge for the In Your House fiasco!

    Shane: Well, aren't we in a pickle here! A technicality it may be Edge, but the referee's decision is final, and Tyson Kidd is standing here the rightful Mr. Money in the Bank

    *Crowd Pop*

    However guys, it's still obvious you both still want a piece of each other, as does your girlfriends so let's make this happen, in a mixed tag team match. You will both team up with your respective love interests, Tyson and Nattie Neidhart versus Edge and Lita. And that is next!

    Bischoff: What an announcement there by the boss! A mixed tag team match!

    Tenay: And here comes the girlfriend of Tyson Kidd

    Bischoff: And she will regret this, first Lita and Edge will give her the beating she deserves, before Kidd dumps her for being too much of a hindrance

    Tenay: Highly unlikely, as you can tell Tyson and Nattie are more in love than Edge and Lita-

    Bischoff: Based on what? They're good guys “with no ulterior motives”? Well I can't believe you said that Mike! Neither Edge or Lita have any motives! How dare you question them

    Bischoff: Come on Mike! Despite that crap you spoke of LEdge's motives, how about you describe to this Nitro audience what happened between these two at In Your House

    Tenay: Well, these two were the final two divas in the Road to Triumph battle royal, and Lita was in control. She went up to the top rope for the Lita-Sault, when Nattie-

    Bischoff: Who was faking injury

    Tenay: No she wasn't! Anyway, Nattie got to her feet, and pushed Lita to the floor

    Bischoff: This was a match that Lita had won! Nattie feigned being hurt, therefore Lita went to the top rope, and Nattie “won” the battle royal!


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    Match 1: Tyson Kidd and Nattie Neidhart vs Edge (Ryder) and Lita (Eve)


    *Kidd rebounds off the ropes, and lands a running dropkick to Edge. Edge rolls to the floor, before Kidd follows. Kidd lands a chop to Edge's chest, before attempting to whip him into the steps, but Edge counters, sending Kidd into the steel steps. Nattie looks on concerned, as Edge picks up Kidd. He rams Kidd's back against the apron, before rolling him into the ring. Edge goes to the top rope, and launches off for an elbow drop, but Kidd rolls away, and tags in Nattie

    Lita enters the ring, and charges at Nattie, who lands a snap arm drag. Lita jumps up to her feet, but gets taken down by a clothesline. Lita rolls towards the corner, where Nattie runs at Lita, but Lita moves away, and Nattie runs into the turnbuckle. Lita grabs the hair of Nattie, and lands a swinging neckbraker. Lita climbs to the top rope, going for the Lita-Sault, but just like at In Your House, Nattie jumps to her feet, and sends Lita to the floor. Nattie climbs to the top rope, whilst waiting for Lita to get to her feet. When Lita stands, Nattie jumps and nails a diving crossbody! Nattie gets to her feet, and picks up Lita, before throwing her into the ring. Nattie follows, and goes for the pin




    Nattie climbs to her feet, as Lita reaches her knees. Nattie rebounds off the ropes, and goes for a low dropkick, but Lita rolls out of the way, and Nattie slides to the mat. Lita gets the referee's attention, as Nattie jumps on the apron, but Edge pushes her down. Kidd bemoans at the referee, before Lita pulls Nattie into the ring by her hair. She goes for the Twist of Fate, but Nattie reverses into a Northern Lights Suplex. Nattie bridges her back



    Lita places her hand on the ropes.

    The referee notices, and Nattie lets go of the pin, she goes over to Kidd, and tags in. Edge is reluctant to enter the ring, and drops down to the floor, before heading up the ramp. He turns his back to he ring, whilst shaking his head, but Kidd follows. He takes down Edge with a chop block, before dragging Edge towards ringside. Tyson rests Edge against the steel steps, before climbing on the apron. He sprints across the apron, before jumping off, and landing a running knee, which sends Edge over the steps!

    Kidd picks up Edge and throws him into the ring. Kidd climbs on the apron, and stalks Edge, waiting for him to get up. Edge eventually obliges, before Kidd springboards into a hurricarna! Edge is sent to the apron, where Kidd pulls him up by the hair. Kidd places Edge's head inbetween the second and third rope, before launching off, and nails a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to the mat! The crowd pop, as Kidd slides into the ring, as the referee begins his count




    Edge begins crawling to the apron




    Edge manages to get to his knees



    Edge, with the help of the apron and the steel steps, gets to his feet


    Edge slides into the ring, and gets to his feet. Kidd kicks Edge in the gut, and goes for the Code Blue, but Edge pushes him off into the ropes, and lands the spear! Lita charges at Nattie, and knocks her off the apron, as Edge hooks the far leg



    The referee notices Kidd's foot is under the bottom rope.

    Edge gets to his feet, believing he just won the match, before helping Lita to her feet, they raise each other's hands, before the referee gets Edge attention. He shows Edge that Kidd's foot was under the bottom rope on the titantron, but Edge is furious! Both Lita and Edge argue with the official, as Nattie reaches into the ring, and trips out Nattie, before dragging her out of the ring. Edge turns around to Tyson, now on his feet, and lands a clothesline. He covers again




    Edge pulls Tyson to his feet, and goes for the Edge-cution, but Kidd twists out and lands a right hand, causing Edge to stumble back into the ropes. He whips Edge into the opposite ropes, but Edge attempts the spear once more, however Kidd manages to stop Edge, and throws him shoulder first into the turnbuckle. He pulls Edge out and kicks him in the stomach, before successfully landing the Fishermans Neckbraker! Tyson jumps to his feet, and grabs Edge's legs. The crowd pop, as Kidd locks in the sharpshooter!*

    Tenay: Sharpshooter! Sharpshooter!

    Bischoff: This isn't happening! Edge won the match... again!

    *Edge is in the dead centre of the ring, as Kidd sits back. Edge screams in pain, and claws at the mat, before eventually, he has no choice but to submit!*

    Tenay: Edge has tapped out! Tyson Kidd and Nattie Neidhart has come out victorious!

    Bischoff: This isn't happening! Lita and Edge were the victors, they even had their hands raised-

    Tenay: By each other

    Bischoff: Nonetheless, their hands were raised, they won this match!


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    *The Camera shows shadows in a dark, empty room*

    ???: We invaded Nitro before, we're invading Nitro again. They can't stop us, they can't close the door on us this time. In the words of our good friend: WE'RE! TAKING! OVER!

    *This voice changes to a different, lower pitch one*

    ???: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages! The World Wrestling Entertainment proudly presents to you, the “Road Dogg” Jesse James! The “Badass” Billy Gunn!


    Tenay: The New Age Outlaws?

    Bischoff: NO! They're not ruining Nitro again!

    *The Wrecking Ball heads to the ring where he is handed a mic by a nearby stage hand and looks set to speak as the crowd cheers*

    Reks: Now, now, don't cheer me for my failures. I made a mistake by choosing to end things my way with The Burning Hammer and it cost me the match. I was inches away from becoming the new WWE Intercontinental Champion, that feeling of being o close and yet so far eat away at you at times but not me.

    I know damn well that if I get another to face Anderson for the gold, he wont survive the onslaught of pain I will make him suffer to walk away from that match as the new WWE Intercontinental Champion. So I'm here making my case that should Shane McMahon give me or make me earn another shot at facing Anderson, no matter what I will destroy those in my path and you, the WWE fans will love every minute since you people like to see those who deserved be wrecked at the hands of The Wrecking Ball and Anderson you deserve the beating I will give you. That I guarantee you...

    *Steen walks out with Jacobs and Corino to a huge amount of boos*

    Steen: Shut up! Reks, you come out here and talk about how you should get another title shot, but the thing is, you lost. You failed and if you get another try we will see the same results. Now me, on the other hand won my match, I also won my match at the last PPV. So with that in mind, shouldn't I be getting a title match?

    Jacobs: Seems about right in my opinion. I would much rather see Steen become Intercontinental Champion than watch Reks lose yet again.

    Steen: Thank you Jimmy, at least someone here has a brain and some damn common sense. So, tell me Reks, why should you be rewarded for failure, and I should be punished for continuing to succeed? I am curious to see what you say Mr. Wrecking Ball!

    *Reks looks on towards Steen and SCUM before speaking*

    Reks: I don't know about you but I do believe in being able to get a second chance. A second chance to knock Anderson's teeth in and though I lost, I know damn well I can and will defeat him to be the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

    I get your point of being a victor at In Your House but if you think just because you want to challenge for the WWE Intercontinental Championship mean I have to stand aside and not kick Anderson's ass, you're dead wrong and maybe kicking your ass is something I'll have to do as well.

    I've only just begun to make an impact in the WWE and believe, my path of destruction will have many victims, if you want to find among them, that's fine by me.

    Steen: You say you have only just become your path of destruction, you call yourself a "Wrecking Ball", yet I am the one doing the destruction. I am the one carving a path caved in the blood and bones of my opponents. I am making a path to a better WWE and that is because I am what is right for WWE.

    *Steen walks down to the ring*

    Steen: I have made it my goal to redefine what the WWE is, and to do that I need to rid the WWE of individuals that do not fit my mold of what Pro-Wrestling is, and you Reks, you just don't work in my view of things. Now you mentioned kicking my ass? That's kinda funny, cause I was thinking of doing the same thing, and than Shane will have no choice but to announce me as the #1 Contender for Anderon's belt.

    The way I see it is I kill two birds with one stone, remove you from the world when I Package Pildrive your ass through the ring, and than go on and become the Intercontinental Champion that this company needs!

    ???: Hold on a second lads!

    Tenay: And here comes the boss to sort out this debacle

    Shane: You two! You both want to become number one contender to Anderson's title, so a match between you two is in order... right? Well I've gone ahead and made a ratings decision! The main event tonight, will see Tyler Reks!
    *crowd pop*versus Kevin Steen!*heat*versus Mr. Anderson for the Intercontinental Championship!*enormous pop*.

    You guys better go prepare!

    Tenay: What an announcement! A Championship match tonight!

    Bischoff: In which we'll see Steen win the championship!

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    Tenay: And now, we have some singles competitions, from tag team competitors

    Bischoff: Darren Young is a formidable wrestler, he resembles John Cena – the face of the WWE. I guarantee he will come out this match the winner

    Tenay: I wouldn't be so sure. AW and Titus O'Neil are banned from ringside, so he has no backup

    Bischoff: He doesn't need any backup, and he'll prove it tonight

    Tenay: And JTG here, representing Cryme Tyme

    Bischoff: Without Shad. So when Young pins JTG 1-2-3, there is no excuses

    Tenay: It's well documented that neither of these wrestlers have been very successful at their respective attempts in singles competition

    Bischoff: But this is their chance Mike! Darren Young will prove why Titus and AW are lucky to happen

    Match 2: Darren Young vs JTG (Regal)


    *JTG escapes from Young's grasp, and runs into the ropes, which causes Young to fall to the floor. JTG awaits for Young to get to his feet, before running against the opposite ropes, and lands a springboard plancha! JTG taunts to the crowd, before picking up Young. He goes to flapjack Young on top of the steel steps, but Young twists out of it, and lands a back suplex. Young pulls JTG to his feet, before throwing him over the crowd barrier.

    Young rolls in and out of the ring, restarting the referee's count, as JTG struggles. Young picks up JTG in a fireman's carry position, and appears to go for the gutbuster, but JTG lands elbows to the head, causing Young to drop him, before following up with a reverse DDT. JTG waits for Young to get up, before landing a big boot, which sends Young into the ring. JTG climbs to the top rope, before landing a diving leg drop. He covers:




    JTG gets to his feet, and goes over towards for the turnbuckle. He waits for Young to get up, before charging. He goes for his running neckbraker, but Young holds onto the ropes, and JTG crashes onto the mat. Young pulls JTG to his feet, before landing the fireman's carry gutbuster. Young hooks both legs




    Bischoff: What did I tell you Mike! Darren Young coming out the winner tonight, fairly no less!

    Tenay: I'll admit I had my doubts, but Darren proved today that he could be successful some day, should he ditch those two jackasses in Titus O'Neil and AW.

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    *The camera cuts backstage to show Tamina putting on her boots, ahead of her match*

    Tamina: This tournament is the ultimate test of survival, talent and skill as a WWE performer. I know I have not had the best of starts in this tournament but, that will not continue. I am the toughest, most hard working diva here and I will prove it yet again.

    I have beaten Paige on no less than two occasions now and the fact that this is to take place within this Road to Triumph tournament, will make this match against Paige, even more important. This tournament will cement my mane, my legacy, my future and this match is a little speed bump along the way, before a rise to supremacy.

    *Tamina leaves the screen, as the camera cuts to Scott Stanford, who is backstage with The Anti-Diva, Paige.

    Stanford: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time....Paige.

    Paige: Thank you for the introduction, Stanford but if the imbeciles that are called the WWE fans don't already know who I am and what I am capable of then they are not only imbeciles but downright ignorants who still believe the idea of Divas wrestling in a Woman's world is what should be clamored and that is something that I will not stand for.

    This Road to Triumph concept is the stepping stone for me to make Women's wrestling be at the standard it should be. My Standard. My premiere. My Caliber. Not that of the Divas WWE has let the masses to believe is the best the women in this business can be capable of.

    Tonight I face Tamina. Perfect opponent for me to shatter and leave as a reminder of the damage I can do in this Division as I move one step closer to becoming the WWE Women's Champion.

    So you can be certain, the days of the Divas will come to an end under my reign as the WWE Women's Champion. The Triumph is mine and I will be victorious.

    *Scott Stanford thanks Paige for her time as she walks away, before the camera once again cuts back to ringside*

    Bischoff: Yawn.

    Tenay: How could you show so little respect Eric! Taming is one of the most athletic divas and she is the daughter of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka

    Bischoff: Snuka never made it in WCW, and if you can't make it in WCW, then you can't make it anywhere

    Tenay: John Cena didn't make it WCW

    Bischoff: I rest my case

    Tenay: Well, here's an exciting diva – or should I say Anti-Diva

    Bischoff: Wow

    Tenay: She's Hell in Boots, she's the Brit, Paige!

    Bischoff: Wow

    Tenay: I know Eric. What an amazing athlete she is

    Match 3: Tamina vs Paige (Kaitlyn) in a Road to Triumph match


    *Tamina has Paige up for the Samoan Drop, but Paige manages to escape. She kicks Tamina in the gut, before lifting her up over head, into a delayed vertical suplex. Eventually she falls back, and lands the move, before jumping on Tamina for the pin attempt.




    Paige gets to her feet, and goes to the top rope. She waits for Tamina to get to her feet, and goes for a double axe handle, but Tamina reverses into a reverse atomic drop. She rebounds off the ropes in attempt for a running crossbody, but Paige catches her, and lands the Fallaway Slam! Paige brings Tamina to her feet via the hair, and lands the RamPaige! She hooks the near leg




    Bischoff: YES! Paige picks up 15 points in the Road to Triumph tournament!

    Tenay: An impressive victory over a second generation superstar. Paige could be the dark horse in this tournament.

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    Tenay: Welcome back to Thursday Night Nitro, and last week, an unfortunate event happened

    Bischoff: Yes. Last week, we saw Nitro roster member Ricochet collapse right there at the end of the ramp

    Tenay: Yes. We're now being told that Ricochet is in a stable condition, and he is currently based in a medical centre in Connecticut. I'm afraid that this is all the information we have been disclosed for now, but as soon as we hear more in the coming weeks, we will keep you updated.

    Bischoff: But on a more positive note, we've got a tag team match to look forward to now

    Tenay: “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal and “The Ultimate Underdog” Rey Mysterio team up, to face “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, along with “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton

    Bischoff: This should be a huge match!

    Tenay: We already know that Mysterio and Daniels have beef with each other, and Jay Lethal was included in their feud last Nitro.

    Bischoff: So Orton can use this situation to his advantage!

    Tenay: He needs to make the most of this situation! This could be the easiest match in his recent history

    Bischoff: Daniels has won his only match so far in the WWE against Rey Mysterio-

    Tenay: By holding the tights.

    Bischoff: A win is still a win, and with a multiple time World Champion Randy Orton on his side, it's hard to bet against him

    Bischoff: Oh great. An impersonator of the late great Randy Savage

    Tenay: While it's proven that Jay is a huge fan of Randy, he's far more than a die hard fan of his

    Bischoff: Yeah. If you say so

    Tenay: Would this be classed as an upset, should Mysterio and Lethal win today?

    Bischoff: I would have to say so. Orton and Daniels are seasoned veterans, while Mysterio has proven to be inconsistent on big scales, Lethal hasn't even reached that height yet.

    Tenay: Anyway, should be a great match

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    Match 4: Randy Orton and Christopher Daniels (Edge) vs Jay Lethal (John Cena) and Rey Mysterio (Shawn Michaels)

    Start at 3:20

    *Orton does his signature taunt, before turning back to Lethal. He grabs the legs, before slingshotting Lethal stomach first in the turnbuckle. Lethal rests on the turnbuckle, before picking up Lethal's legs, so they are horizontal to the top half of his body, resting on the top rope. Orton grins at the crowd, before giving a hard kick to the midsection of Lethal. He grabs Lethal towards the corner, where he tags in Daniels. Orton holds the arms of Lethal, as Daniels gives a kick to his stomach. Daniels goes to the apron, before reaching into the ring, and grabbing the head of Lethal. He drops down to the floor with the head, landing the hangman.

    Daniels slides back into the ring, and stands up Lethal. He whips Lethal into the ropes, and on the return, delivers a forearm to the gut. He lands a takedown, before tagging in Orton once more. Orton goes for his backbreaker, but Lethal twists out, and lands a dropkick! Both men are down, as Lethal crawls towards his corner, and Orton tries getting to his feet. Lethal reaches out, and manages to get the tag, just as Orton gets to his feet. Mysterio springboards into the ring, landing his seated senton on Orton. He then bounces off the ropes, and ducks a clothesline, before going for his springboard crossbody, but Orton ducks, and Mysterio hits the referee!

    Orton gets to his feet, and throws Mysterio through the ropes to the apron. He punches the midsection, before setting him up for his DDT, and landing it! Orton then smirks to the crowd, before falling on the mat. He begins pounding on it, preparing for the RKO. He stands to his feet, but he gets turned around straight into a Diamond Cutter!*

    Tenay: It's DDP! Diamond Dallas Page!

    Bischoff: That son of a bitch!

    *Daniels enters the ring, and screams at DDP, but Lethal enters, and throws a right hand to Daniels, which sends him to the mat. DDP leaves up the ramp, as Daniels gets to his feet. Lethal throws Daniels over the top rope to the floor. He then turns to Mysterio, and lands the Lethal Combination, which causes Rey to fall on Orton. The crowd lets out a mixed reaction, more cheers than boos, at the referee gets to his feet, and counts the pin




    Tenay: Mysterio and Lethal wins, despite Lethal attacking Mysterio

    Bischoff: Whatever was Jay thinking! He could've cost his team the match

    Tenay: Why he did it I'm unsure, but he definitely sent a message to Rey


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    Bischoff: Get in there! Here comes the champion

    Tenay: He defended his title thanks to Sable no doubt, and here he is with both of his managers

    Bischoff: This is going to be awesome!

    Tenay: Time for a pissbreak I think

    “The Next Big Thing” starts its stirring composition which ignites the audience into a collective mass of jeering and booing patrons as World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar comes out from behind the curtain with both of his managers, Paul Heyman and Sable. Lesnar wastes no time in stroking his ego as he begins to boast on the microphone he has in his hand, much to the crowd’s dismay.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “What did I say? Am I a man of my word or what?”

    As boos rain down on the trio, Brock Lesnar and co. enter the ring.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “Didn’t I tell all of you that Stone Cold Steve Austin had no chance in hell? Didn’t I predict my victory where I would pummel him into the ground and walk out of In Your House still the World Heavyweight Champion? Well, I did and you’re all gonna have to save some room for all the bitter and nasty words that you all had towards me because you’re all gonna have to swallow a big helping of crow with a side order of “I told you so.”

    *crowd boos*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “But you know, despite the fact that I absolutely decimated Austin, despite the hellacious beating that I delivered, people still want to say that my victory wasn’t legitimate? Why? Because apparently, Sable “helped” defeat Austin and that “cheating” helped me pick up the win. Well, let me tell you people something, that match was a Last Man Standing Match; no countouts and NO DISQUALIFICATIONS. That means everything that Sable and I did to Austin was 100% legal and no amount of bitching and moaning is gonna stop that so get used to it and quit looking for excuses to bury me and out me down. And besides, Sable didn’t come out to help me win. She just wanted revenge on Austin for framing her. That’s all. And she did a great job, too.

    Sable shoots a taunting glare, along with a condescending smirk at Paul Heyman, who rolls his eyes. Sable takes the microphone out of Lesnar's hand. Lesnar appears a bit startled from the gesture but she quells his anxiety in a heartbeat.


    “I'd like to take a moment to point out that I was instrumental in your success at In Your House in more ways than one.”

    Brock Lesnar takes the microphone back and smiles back at his wife.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “Of course. You, Paul and I…we’re a team. We have a common goal in mind and that’s helping me get the respect I deserve and both of you have done well so far.”

    Heyman silently gloats to Sable who just looks in the other direction.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “So, you know what?
    *bleep* Austin. I’m sick and tired of his beer drinking, bird flipping, baldheaded antics because I’ve proven not once but TWICE that I’m the bigger and badder man. Why do you think Austin left the WWE in the first place? Neck injury my ass. He’s competing now so you know that’s not a legitimate excuse. It’s because just like he is now, he was afraid of me. When I was rising to the top and people wanted to see me go up against him, he flat out refused and walked out. I crushed Hulk Hogan, I dominated The Rock, I destroyed The Undertaker…and Austin was the only real legend left that I needed to cross off my list and he knew it. That’s why he didn’t want to stay in the company any longer and why he screwed me over in my match against Goldberg and my triple threat United States Championship match. Well, he got his just desserts and quite frankly, I’ve run out of pity for him. I could humor his feeble attempts and scratching and clawing his way up to my level, only for me to kick him back down and watch as he try again in vain. It’s gotten old. That’s why Heyman suggested that I move on from Austin and just keep moving forward. Looking onto bigger and better challenges; preferably ones that DON’T have a criminal record for domestic violence.”

    *Lesnar high fives Heyman, but gets taken down from behind by Austin. Austin begins laying into Lesnar with right hands, but Heyman tries to pull Austin off, however Austin temporarily gets off Lesnar to throw Heyman over the top rope. Sable quickly leaves the ring, as Austin begins stomping a mudhole in the champion*

    ???: Hey! Hey! Austin! Stop it!

    *The camera shows the titantron, where Shane McMahon is on the screen.*

    Shane: You may want to stop kicking Brock now Steve, because I have a bombshell to stop on you. Our next pay-per-view is King of the Ring, hence from next week onwards, qualifiers for the King of the Ring tournament will be held. And if you want in this tournament, you need to team with Brock. You see, next will be an “enemies together” handicap match. Brock and Austin, against The Rock, Shawn Michaels, and the Undertaker. And Steve, the losing team, won't be entered in this tournament, so if you want to be the King once more, “Austin 3:16”, will need to work together with “The Next Big Thing”

    Tenay: What an announcement

    Bischoff: Come on Steve! You better not mess this up

  10. #440

    Tenay: The man victorious on Sunday

    Bischoff: Meaning that at Wrestlemania – Undertaker won, Backlash - Rock won, and In Your House – Michaels won

    Tenay: One pay-per-view victory each, and if they play their cards right, these three can meet together one more time during the King of the Ring tournament.

    Tenay: The former WWE and WCW champion, the Great One-

    Bischoff: Let me step right in. Brock Lesnar, is the Great One. The Rock, is nothing more than a wrestler who only got into the business because of his father and grandfather, and then when left for Hollywood once he accomplished all he could.

    Tenay: Wow. You sound like a Cena fanboy

    Tenay: The demon of death valley, cannot be pleased after losing the fall at In Your House

    Bischoff: Well that's what you get for being an utter douchebag

    Tenay: You're an utter douchebag

    Bischoff: You're an utter douchebag

    Tenay: Nuh-uh

    Match 5: Brock Lesnar and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs The Rock, Shawn Michaels, and the Undertaker

    There is going to be no video that can fit the guidelines of this match, and there's no fully written match, so I'll just give you a match summary. Austin started it off with the Rock. He got the early advantage, hitting the Lou Therez Press, but when Shawn Michaels got the tag, a flying forearm gave him the advantage. Next came Rock/HBK/Taker working down on Austin, isolating him from Lesnar. However, Austin managed to counter the Rock Bottom into a DDT. He crawled over to Brock, looking for – believe it or not – the hot tag, and with the fans for once fimly behind him, he reached over to Austin... before dropping down to the floor.

    He started walking away with Heyman and Sable, before stopping halfway at the ramp. He shouted that he's the World Heavyweight Champion, and already a former King of the Ring, and doesn't need to win it again. During this Undertaker got the tag, and hit Austin with a chokeslam. When he began looking for the Tombstone, but Michaels got the blind tag, and landed the diving elbow drop. He then went over towards his corner, tuning up the band, but Rock tagged in, and landed the People's Elbow for the victory.

    Tenay: And the team of three, despite having their differences before and during the match.

    Bischoff: And what genius tactics by Brock here! And now he can make his way to the back in peace

    Tenay: But Paul Heyman is staying out here! What does he have planned?


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