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    Raw Is War: Episode 21.
    Location:Providence, Rhode Island.

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are live here in Providence, Rhode Island, and we are 24 hours removed from the In Your House, Pay-Per-View, and what a show it was.

    King: And Chris Jericho, the best in the world, continued to dominate and retained his WWE Championship

    JR: Well I wouldn’t say dominate, there were instances where both CM Punk and Lex Luger had a chance to win, Chris Jericho just capitalized at the right moment. As did Cody Rhodes, who won the two out of three falls match, but the talk wasn’t about the match, but what happened after.

    King: I finally like Cody Rhodes again! Has he joined William Regal and Drew McIntyre?

    JR: It may seem that way after what went down, because after his match at In Your House, both Regal and McIntyre beat down Sheamus, only for Cody to watch on and not help. And King I have to admit, you were right, Cody has not changed, he showed his true colors. All he cares about is himself and keeping that title and having no challengers

    King: I was right, just like I’m right that All American Perfection is the best tag team in the history of the WWE, they retained their titles and proved they are better than the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

    JR: But what wasn’t right last night was what happened during the Triple H, Ted DiBiase match, and how Triple H has seemingly turned his back on these fans and attacked a true legend of this business in the Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase Sr., who we understand is resting comfortably in a hospital.

    King: Triple H was teaching Ted Jr. that you can’t ride the coattails of your parents to make it somewhere in this business.

    JR: And that’s not all that happened last night. We found out the identity of the man who has been speaking to Ryback, none other than…

    King: Goldberg! I’m so happy he is back, and what he did last night Ryback deserved, he finally got a taste of what it’s like to make it in the big leagues.

    JR: But to coincide with that, what about the ending last week, and Eve last night ruling it wasn’t a match, and saying she is now ad vising Teddy, who is supposedly in jeopardy of losing his job. I don’t agree with any of this, and I smell something fishy.

    King: Yea it’s you, haha.

    JR: And tonight we start the night off with a Diva’s match that will start the Road to Triumph.

    King: It began last night when Natalya picked up a huge battle royal win to put her on top of the standings to start the Road to Triumph

    JR: It is always big to get the first win and get an early lead.

    <span style="color:#b22222;">


    JR: And here comes the spunky AJ, looking to pick up some points and catch Natalya early

    King: But her opponent is no slouch, and is going to win tonight

    <span style="color:#800080;">


    King: Beth Phoenix!

    JR: The always powerful, is going to be a force in this Road to Triumph, let’s see who gets the first points

    <span style="color:#b22222;">
    Watch 1:05-2:09

    JR: AJ battling back

    As AJ comes back Beth Phoenix knocks her down with a clothesline followed by another. Beth picks her up and sets her against the turnbuckle, and then hits some shoulders to the gut of AJ. Beth backs up, runs, but AJ moves, and as Beth grabs her mouth and backs out, AJ hits a spinning heel kick to the gut, followed by a dropkick, but Beth backs up against the ropes, and AJ hits a low dropkick to the leg of Beth which puts her down to one knee. AJ runs against the ropes, coming back…

    JR: Shining Wizard…

    King: No Beth laid her out with a big boot.

    Beth lays out AJ with a big boot; she picks AJ up by the hair, and sets her up for…

    King: Glam Slam!

    JR: And there it is, and Beth Phoenix will pick up 15 points





    JR: And Beth Phoenix gains ground on her former partner and is now in second place with 15 points, 5 behind Natalya

    King: Don’t worry in the end Beth Phoenix will have this won

    JR: Let’s not forget we also have one more Road to Triumph tonight so someone will gain some points tonight

    King: I can’t wait


    *Chris Jericho swaggers out in a trademark suit, shit eating grin to bat, the WWE Championship on his shoulder.
    The crowd are booing him like mad, but he doesn't care. He makes his way up the steel steps and into the ring. He grabs a mic and prepares to speak as the music stops. After the music stops, he pauses before speaking, smile still on his face as the crowd's noise increases.*

    Jericho: Oh pipe down, it's not all doom and gloom!! You people should be cheering!! You people should be celebrating! Because you still have me, the best in the world at what I do as your WWE Champion!!

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: I beat Lex Luger, I pinned him in the middle of the ring; one, two, three. Yeah, big Lex Luger that was so sure that he was going to win that match, that thought he was going to make me tap out to the torture rack. But once again, Luger's incompetence and inability to have his brain and body function as a cohesive unit was on display for all to see.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: And I also beat the man who still seems to think he's the best in the world, despite the fact that I have now beaten him not once, but twice!
    I once again at In Your House displayed that I am better than CM Punk, I'm smarter that CM Punk, and that I am indeed the best in the world at what I do.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: And now that I have beaten no less than 2 people in one match, where the odds were stacked against me, it is obvious and plain to see that Monday night Raw has no match for me. There isn't anyone on the Raw roster that has the prowess to challenge me. There isn't a single person that has the ability to beat me, do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: But of course you don't. You hypocrites will never understand. You'll forever cheer for the CM Punks of this world instead of appreciating and bowing down to the REAL best in the world. You'll forever wallow and be content with mediocrity. Well I won't stand for that.

    I AM the WWE Champion, and I WILL be the WWE Champion for a very very long time to come, because.......

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    *The crowd express their approval towards as he heads out but does not do his infamous pose/"It's clobbering time" entrance but instead sits in top of the stage near the ramp and has a mic in his ready, very reminiscent of his June 27, 2011 Pipe Bomb and looks ready to speak his mind.*


    Punk: Oh Jericho. Please, would you stop your self righteous ego take a rest for one night. The fact is you're nothing but a CM Punk wanna be. You want these people cheer and clamor for you even though you claim to be better, smarter and better than me at being The Best in the World but as you can clearly see you are not the one they cheer for, you are not the one they think is better, they certainly don't believe you are smarter than me and if put to a vote, who do you believe these people will call The Best in the World?

    *Crowd chants C.M. Punk repeatedly as Jericho is fuming in the ring and looks to speak but Punk interjects*

    Punk. No, no, Jericho. You had your time and you decide to come out here and say that there is no one left in this roster who can face you for the WWE Championship. I have just one thing to ask, how in the hell do pass your Wellness Policy tests? Because to believe that no one out there much less me can't challenge and even beat you for the WWE Championship means you are clearly high on the drug called your own ego. Egos in this business can make or break a man, and yours will break you if I don't when I lock you in the Anaconda Vise.

    *Crowd cheers excitedly*

    Punk: You've beaten me twice? You have quite the little fantasy there, because the way I see you, you've only beaten once in the 2 WWE Championship matches I've been in and we both know you had to resort to not facing me at my best to even beat me at Extreme Rules. Face it, Chris. You are afraid to face me, one on one in this ring at my best. You are afraid of C.M. Punk.

    *Jericho is enraged in the ring*

    Punk: You can't stop believing that had you not had to face me like you did at Extreme Rules and pinned Luger, that I would be standing in the ring right now as the WWE Champion. You know it in the back of your thick headed skull that there is nothing keeping me from facing you for the WWE Championship again, and you know how they say, the third time is the charm? Well make no mistake, you and me, one more time with the WWE Championship on the line, will be the last time you get to hold the most sought after championship in this business in your arms.

    I will be the next WWE Champion and whether I have to make you to Go to Sleep, make you tap like a little girl to the Anaconda Vise or hell even bring out my classic Pepsi Plunge, I will defeat you and stand tall as the WWE Champion while all these people stand out of seats and chant the one thing you know that I am and that's.....

    *Crowd chant: "C.M. Punk, The Best in the World" repeatedly as Punk speaks again*

    Punk: Now, Teddy Long, I know you've been watching this in the back so come on out here and make this official. AS the Voice of Voiceless, I know for a fact that these fans demand it.

    *Crowd cheers with a great passion*

    Punk: Give the people what they want, Teddy.


    *Teddy Long comes out and Jericho and Punk both look to the top of the ramp. Long is smiling as he begins to speak.*

    Teddy Long: Now hold up just a second playas. Now both of you make good points, and Punk I do agree with you, you weren’t the one to get pinned, however you have had a lot of chances at the title, and Chris Jericho needs new challengas. So here is what I’m goin to do, Punk tonight you will face Lex Luger, and Luger this goes for you too playa. You two will face in a Numba One Contenda’s match tonight, where the winner will get a shot at Chris Jericho and the WWE Championship at King of the Ring. Howeva, since Jericho needs new challengas, this is the last time eitha of you will get a chance to compete for the championship, so whetha you lose tonight, or at King of the Ring, this is the last shot for both of ya. Holla Holla Holla

    *Teddy heads to the back with a smile, as Jericho scowls and Punk smiles.*

    JR: Wow! what about that main event tonight King? Lex Luger vs CM Punk and the winner will face Chris Jericho for the last time at the King Of the Ring!

    King: That's huge Ross! it's last chance saloon for one of these guys and I hope Punk loses.. how many chances as he had? two or three times? Luger only had one chance!

    JR: Well the Total Package could earn himself another shot tonight by beating CM Punk.

    King: He will beat Punk and then he will move on to face the best in the world, Chris Jericho!

    JR: We are going to find out tonight folks, up next though.. the whole WWE Universe was in shock at the Return of Bill Goldberg at In Your House.

    King: You got that right Ross! my twitter feed was blowing up with people talking about Goldberg and many, me included did not expect him to be the one challenging Ryback.

    JR: I would agree King, well Raw is about to officially welcome back Goldberg tonight with his first match since re-debuting and that's up next!

    King: I can't wait Ross!

    <span style="color:#800080;">


    *Goldberg's theme blares out around the arena to a huge pop from the crowd, instantly chants of "Goldberg" can be heard as the man himself stands at the top of the stage taking in the buzz from the crowd, after a few more seconds with the smoke and sparks clearing from his entrance he begins to make his way down to the ring*

    King: Man is Goldberg jacked! he looks better then he ever did Ross.

    JR: Goldberg is an athlete King, always have been and always will.. takes pride in looking after himself and it's great having him back in the WWE and back in the wrestling world.

    King: What's going on?

    JR: What King?.

    King: Why's that fan in the ring?

    JR: That's no fan King, I believe that's Goldberg's opponent tonight.. a man very respected on the local indy scene, great chance for him tonight to show what he's about.

    King: Respected? He's smaller then the referee Ross! He makes Spike Dudley look like Batista *King laughs*

    *The ring bell sounds and the match begins*

    Start at 1:00

    King: Well that was easy!

    JR: Impressive showing from Goldberg no doubt aimed at Ryback with this dominating display of power!

    King: I wonder what Ryback is thinking right now, his spot could be about to be taken or in some peoples minds taken back by the man they call Goldberg!

    *The crowd react with another huge ovation for the undefeated Ryback, he stands at the top of the stage staring right through Goldberg who is staring right back.. he then with a mic in hand begins to speak*

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
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    "That look. That angry, empty, disappointed look that you're wearing right now, Goldberg? I've known that look for far too long now because it's the exact same look that I have on my face every time I have to march out there and beat down on that third rate fodder they keep giving me week after week and now, you're facing the same fate, you're dealing with the exact same injustice that I have to. Well, I'm not necessarily a man of words and I'm certainly not going to keep your appetite at bay any longer so Goldberg, how about we pick things up from where Eve cut us short at In Your House? Me and you, one on one. How about it?"

    Goldberg: You see Ryback. I am sure in your eyes you are a great athlete, but you are looking at the better man. I have stood up against the biggest individuals that this sport has ever produced and I have jack hammered them all. I’ve told you before Ryback, I’ve seen you come out here and dominate your opponents, but I am not your ordinary wrestler. I am no ordinary man. I’m not the type that who will come out here, cut the flashy promo just to get my point across. I am the type that will head to this ring and let my actions do the talking.

    *crowd starts chanting GOLDBERG… GOLDBERG… GOLDBERG*

    Goldberg: You hear that Ryback? They are feeding me more. I know what it takes to beat you Ryback, do you know what it takes to beat me? I know for the first time in your life, you are feeling fear. I can see it in your eyes Ryback; and soon, very soon you will have the chance to witness first hand the pain I will unleash on you. And the whole WWE universe, will be witnesses to this.

    *crowd cheers loudly*

    Goldberg: So go away Ryback. Go workout like never before. Get in the right frame of mind. Get access to the video library and watch my matches. Study what I can do Ryback. Then get ready, because you are headed to the match of your lifetime. Ryback… You’re Next!

    *a video pops up on the TitanTron. Its in a dark area of the arena and a person walks into view of the camera lens- but its too dark to see who it is. The person leans up against the wall, then slides down to a sitting position on the floor.*

    ?????????: My earliest memories are not of anything specific. No, my earliest memories are my feelings. You see, I grew up in what others would consider a privileged childhood. My parents bought me the best clothes, made me go to the best Catholic schools money could buy. To me, it was a living Hell, I was forced against my will into those situations. I dreeded every day of my existence. You see, all that caused my feelings to boil to surface, to manifest into feelings abandonment, to manifest into feelings of loneliness, to manifest into feelings of sadness, to manifest into feelings of hate, to manifest into feelings of revenge and to manifest into feelings of evil. . It is in our youth where our fates are set on the path into adulthood Unlike others though, I embraced those feelings, I used them to help others see the path. I opened their eyes. In summer camp, while others picked on the fat girl, I befriended her. I invited her into my world. I’ve done that with others countless of other times too. I showed them all that there is no good in this world. I showed them there is another way. I showed them to use their inner hatred as a weapon. I showed them to do the most vile and evil things, I showed them to channel the darkness of their hearts to destroy those who have wronged them, those that kept them down and those that are weak.

    *??????? coughs*

    ???????: And you see, that’s what brings me to Raw. There are those here that are clueless, there are those that are screaming out for direction in their pathetic lives. There are those that have darkness in their heart that need to be shown the path. MY PATH! My WAY!. But there is one person, who like me, hides in the shadow. You know who you are. Unlike me though, you haven’t done enough in your long career to amount to much. Me? my home was in barbwire city, I’ve put my body through hell and back. I’ve done all that and still helped others to see the light, that this world is shit, that its eat or be eaten. That they need to follow my path into darkness. But you, you’ve had it easy in your career. You’ve had things handed to you, you never had to claw and climb your way to the top. And you come in here weeks ago, not to wrestle, but to stop injustice in the ring. MY RING? Well I hate to tell you, but I am a force you shall not stop. No, you can not stop the evil that dwells in the darkness. You can try your best, but you shall perish in the process- So it is written, so it shall come to pass.

    *the Titantron goes blank*

    King: What the hell was that about?.

    JR: I have no idea King, it seemed to me that this person has been witnessing some of the strange things that have been taken place on Raw and has responded with his own message!

    King: Who is it though? And who is he responding too?

    JR: And how the hell Am I meant to know that King?. I'm sat here with you every week and your asking me the same question's that I would like to know also.

    King: Don't get excited Ross, I was just asking.

    JR: There's one thing I do know though King!

    King: Oh yeah, whats that?.

    JR: We have our second and final Road To Triumph match of the night and it's up next!

    King: Oh Boy I can't wait.. Well we know it will be Kelly Kelly in action, but who do you think she is going to pick to compete against tonight since she was the one who eliminated Eve?

    JR: Again King I have no idea but we are about to find out!

    <span style="color:#b22222;">


    *Crowd instantly begin to cheer as the powerful Kaitlyn steps from behind the curtain and on to the stage, she stands posing before making her way to the ring.*

    JR: Well I guess we now know King, it's the beautiful and powerful Kaitlyn!

    King: It's a smart choice from Kelly Kelly, there's no doubting the talent she has.. but she lacks in experience and I really believe Kelly could take advantage of that tonight.

    JR: It's a fair point King.

    <span style="color:#b22222;">


    King: Here she comes! the new and approved Kelly Kelly, she's so beautiful JR and I'm loving this attitude change.. you know, I think I could be in love!

    JR: In love? Don't let the looks fool you King, this Diva has a nasty streak and she has shown that multiple times over the last couple of weeks folks.

    King: I kind of dig feisty Ross! *King laughs*

    *With the crowd booing Kelly Kelly, she shrugs it off with her bodyguards walking her to the ring before heading back to the back.. She makes her way up the steps and onto the side of the ring before taunting the crowd and stepping in between the ropes.. After a few seconds of the divas exchanging words, the ring bell is heard and the match begins*

    Kelly Kelly vs Kaitlyn (Natalya)
    Start at 2:15 stop at 4:00

    JR: Powerful display from Kaitlyn here folks, she's been in total control.

    King: I agree Ross, she has that abdominal stretch locked in tight!

    *Kaitlyn continues to tighten and pull with the hold locked in while Kelly is screaming in agony, With the crowd expecting Kelly to tap out and any moment she continues to hang in there.*

    JR: I have to give Kelly credit here folks, Kaitlyn has dominated this match pretty much from the get go and yet Kelly has hung in there.

    King: The old Kelly would have tapped out Ross! This Kelly is proving just how tough she is now.

    *Kaitlyn attempts to once more tighten the grip with every bit of strength she has left only for Kelly to slide out of the hold as Kaitlyn loses grip, she then hits Kaitlyn with a side kick to the midsection before grabbing her and arm and hip tossing Kailyn hard to the floor*

    JR: Kelly escaped! I don't know who's more surprised.. me, Kaitlyn or these fans.. I really thought it was over there!

    *Kaitlyn hits the mat floor hard only to jump back to her feet to be hit with a forearm smash to the face, one more Kaitlyn rises again to receive the same once agin, Kelly then taunts Kaitlyn to the annoyance of the crowd before delivering a picture perfect drop kick to the face of Kaitlyn knocking her down for the thrid time in a row before going for the pin*

    King: Come on Kelly! You got this!


    JR: Kelly win the pin.. could it be three?

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    JR: Kaitlyn kicked out, this match continues!

    *With Kelly clearly disappointed that Kaitlyn was able to kick out she begins to shout and scream at the referee.. in the mean time Kailyn crawls over to the turnbuckle trying to stand up, Kelly see's her though and comes running at her and begins hitting her with everything she has knocking her back down before continually booting and stomping her in the corner, with the ref trying to stop Kelly she continues kicking and stomping away before the ref finally pulls Kelly away before warning her*

    JR: Come on Kelly! what's wrong with you? This should be a fair match and you are kicking your opponent while she's down? where's the respect?

    King: Do you think this is ballet Ross? Oh maybe you have a problem because it's not Stone Cold doing it now? Kelly is doing nothing wrong!

    *The ref continues to push Kelly away trying to check on Kaitlyn, Kailyn eventually gets back to her feet and charges right at Kelly knocking her down with a spear before both trade punches and rag each other's hair on the floor as the ref once more try's to break it up*

    JR: All hell is breaking lose here King!

    King: The ref is going to lose control if he's not careful.. maybe I should get in there and help out?

    JR: I'm sure you would love that!

    *With Kaitlyn on top and clearly in control the referee pulls her off Kelly and begins to warn her as the crowd boo the refs words.. with Kaitlyn clearly aggrieved with the Ref she starts questioning what she has done wrong, only to be blindsided by Kelly who again hits her with a kick to the midsection.. With Kaitlyn down and winded Kelly then hits her finisher Kelly Kick before going for the pin!*

    King: Kelly with the Kelly Kick! this must be it now!




    *Kelly once more starts screaming at the referee before shouting at the crowd to shut up as they begin cheering for Kaitlyn.. Kelly then begins stalking Kaitlyn as she try's to get back up she hits her with the..*

    JR: K2! K2!

    King: That was awesome! Kelly with the pin!




    King: Kelly wins! Kelly wins! YES!

    JR: credit where it's due folks, very impressive showing from Kelly here folks and she scores 15 points on the Road To Triumph Chart!

    King: Even better news Ross! She's about to speak.

    Kelly Kelly has her hand raised by the ref, but she pulls away, immediately going to the corner to grab a mic, a towel, and a bottle of water. She turns around, wiping herself off, and taking a big sip, before throwing the towel at the ref.

    KK: First off...DON'T touch me with those hands. We all know what men do, especially when a woman like myself is around, and well frankly, I don't want my body to have any contact with your hand. Got it? Now get out of my ring!

    The ref pauses, but steps out, obviously dejected by Kelly's attitude.

    KK: Now, I hope all of you were paying attention, because I just scored 15 points in this tournament, putting myself one step closer in becoming the new Women's Champion. Now, people can stop talking about who won the battle royal at in your house, or the fact that Trish got lucky on me and eliminated me. Instead, they can now talk about what truly matters. The fact that I am one step closer to winning the Women's title, and that I eliminated Trish at In Your House after she screwed me.

    Here is the best part though. I didn't just eliminate her from the Battle Royal. I eliminated her from the WWE. After she failed, she went home. That's right, she stuck her tampon between her legs like a sad little puppy and went home. I heard Vince offered her another deal, a lucrative deal, to be here in the WWE again, but after I showed her she is no match for the new Blonde Bombshell of the WWE, she went home crying. Trish, I hope you are watching at home, because frankly, you did the right thing hon. This ring isn't built for you anymore anyways. I think the weight limit is like what...1,000 lbs? And as we all saw at In Your House, your out of shape, full of rust, and frankly, no where close to the superstar you use to be.

    So, to all of you who plan on drooling over Trish again, why don't you get over her, and instead, focus on a real woman. The same woman who graces the cover of magazines, scores guest roles on other shows, and is going to be the new Women's Champion. Now, my name is Kelly Kelly, I'm your resident Blonde Bombshell, and that was your reality check.

    <span style="color:#ffa07a;">


    Trish's music plays and Trish walksdown the ramp and into the ring. Kelly looks shocked to see Trish andTrish grabs the mic from Kelly's hand as the crowd cheers loudly.

    JR: Look King it's Trish Stratus. She wasn't scheduled to be here today.

    King: Shut up JR! This is Trish Stratus we're talking about, she's welcome here whenever she wants to stop by.

    Trish: What's the matter Kelly? You look like you've seen a ghost.

    Kelly's speechless.

    Trish: I know I'm suppose to be sitting at home, in front of the tv, watching you run your big mouth as I cry and eat my giant gallon of ice cream, but what can I say? I'm not really one to spend all my time thinking about the past, especially when my future is looking so bright right now.

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Trish: You see Kelly you heard right about Mr. McMahon offering me a lucrative new contract recently, but what you didn't hear was that to sweeten the pot even more he promised me that if I signed the contract that night not only would I get to compete in the Road to Triumph, but I'd get a chance to take you out along the way.

    The crowd cheers even louder. Kelly looks even more worried.

    Trish: So since I'm a girl who knows a good deal when she sees one I jumped at the opportunity.

    Trish gets right in Kelly's face staring into her eyes. Kelly glares back at her.

    JR: Does this mean what I think it means?

    King: I think it does JR. I think Trish Stratus is back in the WWE.

    Trish grins and steps away a bit.

    Trish: But don't worry Kelly I'm not taking you out tonight. Oh no, I'm going to wait a little longer. I'm going to let you worry and turn around every time you hear a noise or see a shadow and then when you least expect it that's when I'll come for you.

    The crowd cheers furiously and Kelly looks pissed. Trish's music plays and she begins doing her signature taunt, but Kelly charges at her trying to deliver a clothesline which Trish counters with a drop toehold making Kelly fall through the ropes to the outside. Trish continues taunting and the camera cuts to the next segment.

    *The cameras cut backstage where Josh Matthews is shown with a microphone. He smiles before beginning to speak.*

    Josh Matthews: Ladies & Gentlemen, please allow me to welcome my guest at this time, the United States Champion, Cody Rhodes!

    *The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Cody walks onto the screen.*

    Josh Matthews: Cody, last night at In Your House, you successfully retained your United States Championship against Sheamus in a two out of three falls match, but afterwards-

    Cody Rhodes: I’m gonna stop you right there Josh, afterwards doesn’t matter. I walked into In Your House and did exactly as I said I would- I retained the United States Championship. You see, by doing so, I not only proved that I am better than Sheamus, I proved that I truly am the Golden Boy.

    Did I cheat to win? No. I proved that I have the ability to become the WWE Champion one day, but I’m taking this one step at a time, and I took a pretty big step when I retained this Championship.

    *In the arena, the crowd gives another mixed reaction.*

    Josh Matthews: Congratulations on that win Cody, but afterwards, you saw William Regal and Drew Mcintyre unleash a vicious attack on a man you said you respected, Sheamus. And you just stood there. Why didn’t you help the man you had just beaten?

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
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    Cody Rhodes: Last night at In Your House, Sheamus and I tore the house down as we said we would, but after we had embraced, I refuse to get myself into trouble that doesn’t concern me. Regal & Mcintyre have a fixation with Sheamus that didn’t involve me.

    I respect Sheamus but I had just beaten him. To me, that was done. This is a personal feud between Sheamus and the team of William Regal and Drew Mcintyre. For me to run into that ring after the brutal match I had with Sheamus minutes before would have been suicide.I would have been beaten down, I would have been bloodied and quite frankly, I saved my own career.

    But let me get something straight, by beating Sheamus, I am done with him, I’m done with William Regal and I’m done with Drew Mcintyre. I want to move onto the next challenger and keep this United States Championship for as long as I can.

    Josh Matthews: Now, you say that you’re done with these people but you have a match tonight against Drew Mcintyre, a man you know very well. What are your thoughts on that?

    Cody Rhodes: To me, this is just another match- but there is something I would like to get off my chest.

    I understand that Drew & I have history- we were the Tag Team Champions at one point yes, but for people to have done what they have done over the past 24 hours and say that I’m now part of the United Kingdom is quite frankly, insulting. Drew & I were partners a long time ago, and the little ounce of respect I had for him went quite a while back.

    Tonight, I will face Drew Mcintyre and I will hit him with a Cross Rhodes- I will pin him and I will win this match.

    *Cody walks off screen but walks back quickly.*

    Cody Rhodes: And by doing so, I will prove that I’m not part of the United Kingdom. But after that, I’m done. I want a new challenge, maybe it’s time for me to take part in the King of the Ring tournament. King Rhodes, kinda has a ring to it.

    *Cody walks off again as Josh watches on, before we cut back to ringside.*

    155yj6_display_image.jpgThe World’s Greatest Tag Team comes out to a loud pop. They are visibly angry and climb into the ring with mics ready to speak.

    JR: Well here comes the World’s Greatest Tag Team and it looks as though they may have something to say regarding the ending to their WWE Tag Team Title match last night

    King: What about it? That they lost? I think everybody would have a problem with that.

    JR: Maybe that Jack Swagger used the ropes as leverage to keep the pin on? Did you even think of that?

    King: I don’t think that is it.

    JR: Well we are about to find out.

    Haas: The World’s Greatest Tag Team is here and we are not happy. We had a match at In Your House, thanks to the fans of WWE. You guys went and voted and gave Shelton and I the chance to stop this tag turmoil once and for all, but that didn’t happen.

    Benjamin: That didn’t happen because All-American Perfection were up to there crooked ways. Swagger and Ziggler once again used dirty tactics to beat us. We went and out wrestled them from start to finish. They are continuing to prove that they can’t beat us and have resorted to using the ropes to win!

    Crowd boos as Benjamin looks at them in agreement

    Haas: Swagger and Ziggler have been cheating for far to long and the only reason they are still champions is because they can’t win clean. Hey Shelton, why do you think All-American Perfection has to cheat?

    Benjamin: Well that’s an easy one Charlie, because they can’t beat us! We are better than them and they will never be able to beat us. You take away their tricks and what you got is just a bunch of boring clowns.

    Haas: You fans wanted a fair match at In Your House, and you never got one. You were cheated out of a match by two jokers. That’s why me and Shelton demand a rematch!

    Crowd pops for the call for a rematch. Benjamin nods his head.

    Benjamin: That’s right! We want a rematch so that we can give the fans the match that they deserve. You deserve a chance to see The World’s Greatest Tag Team kick the crap out of All-American Perfection without any distractions or interferences. And you deserve to see the team you voted for to have a fair and honest fight. And we want that rematch TONIGHT!

    Crowd starts to cheer as they anticipate a Championship match tonight. Haas starts turns to Benjamin.

    Haas: Not only do we want it tonight, but we also demand that Ziggler and Swagger do this fairly. Until All-American Perfection can beat us fairly, we will not admit defeat. We will be your tag team champions, because we will not lose, not to All-American Perfection, not to anyone here in the WWE!

    Benjamin: Tonight we will have our match with Swagger and Ziggler, we will win, and we will become your new Tag Team Champions! And no one will interfere with that plan.
    *Teddy Long appears on the titantron with a smile on his face.*

    Teddy Long: Well playas, frankly I agree with you. The endin to the match last night wasn’t fair, and you do deserve a rematch, so you will get that rematch, right here, right now! And playas, should you lose, this will be your last shot, whether or not All American Perfection cheats to win, at the titles. So Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, get out here right now, cause you are goin to defend your WWE Tag Team Championships!

    <span style="color:#8b4513;">


    JR: Well I like the decision by Teddy Long, but it looks as though All American Perfection doesn’t seem to appreciate it.

    King: Why should they? What do they have to prove? They won last night, fair and square, the World’s Greatest Tag Team, who isn’t even that great, is just bitter they lost. Just give up already, this is unfair to the best tag team in the WWE

    JR: I would say, you, just like All American Perfection is nervous they may lose here tonight.

    King: Nervous? Please this won’t even be close.
    World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. All American Perfection
    WWE Tag Team Championships
    (Kofi Kingston=Shelton Benjamin, Evan Bourne=Charlie Haas)
    Watch till 6:11

    JR: And Benjamin makes the tag to Haas

    Haas comes in on the hot tag and hits an inverted atomic drop on Swagger, followed by an overhead belly to belly suplex. Swagger slides across the ring and gets up and leans against the turnbuckle, where Haas hits a dropkick that sends Swagger down, cover…



    Ziggler breaks the pin up and Benjamin comes in and hits a springboard somersault neckbreaker, followed by a baseball slide dropkick that sends Ziggler to the floor below. Benjamin then jumps over the top rope and takes Ziggler out with a suicide dive, he gets up and celebrates. Haas watches, but as he turns, Swagger hits a big boot, and Swagger gets pumped. Swagger locks in an abdominal stretch, where Haas is able to fight up, but Swagger runs Haas into the turnbuckle, rolls over with a cover…



    Haas kicks out and Swagger is frustrated. Swagger gets up and runs for the Swagger Bomb, but Haas gets the knee up and both men are down. They both make tags and Benjamin comes in with a diving clothesline, as he comes back he hits a t bone suplex, and Ziggler escapes to the outside. Haas comes around to get Ziggler back in the ring, but from behind Swagger takes out the knees of Haas with a football tackle. Benjamin comes to the outside to get Swagger, but from behind Ziggler hits Benjamin with the Zig Zag! Ziggler rolls Benjamin back in the ring, and Swagger keeps Haas down, cover…




    King: And once again All American Perfection proves they are the best tag team in the history of the WWE!

    JR: Well that was a good match, but Ziggler rolling out really allowed All American Perfection to pick up the win.

    King: Quiet JR, they are about to speak.

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    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    *After the match, Vickie grabs the titles and the microphone from Justin Roberts and gets in the ring. She hands Swagger and Ziggler their titles, and Vickie begins to speak.*

    Vickie: Excuse Me!

    *Fans boo*

    Vickie: Excuse Me!

    *Fans booing gets louder.*

    Vickie: I said EXCUSE ME!

    *The fans booing reaches a deafening level, but Vickie carries on.*

    Vickie: Allow me to introduce to you, the winners, and still WWE Tag Team Champions, and the best tag team in the WWE, All American Perfection.

    *She hands the mic to Swagger, who takes a breath before speaking.*

    Jack Swagger: Not only is Vickie right, All American Perfection is the best tag team in the WWE, but we are the best tag team in the world. You can clearly see that even the supposed World's Greatest Tag Team, can't match up to All American Perfection. When me and Dolph Ziggler first formed this team, we said we would be the best tag team in the history of the WWE, when we first formed it, we were already the best tag team in the history of the WWE. It was proven last night, and again tonight. We've defended our titles on back to back nights, and won both times, the World's Greatest Tag Team, even though you just proved you aren't, has had two shots, so they are out, but our question is, who's next? What tag team wants to get embarrassed next and just another name in the long list of opponents All American Perfection has defeated.

    *Swagger smirks then hands the mic to Ziggler.*

    DZ: You see it's like this.. You have me, Dolph Ziggler! Mr. Perfection, the showoff, the best damn performer in this Universe! then you have my partner, Jack Swagger, The All American, American.. the most naturally gifted athlete this company has ever had or will have again..

    You then give us Vicke Guerrero, the best looking and the best manager of all time and you have the perfect balance of All American Perfection! people actually doubted how good we would be.. I mean, just look at us.. well Look at us! We are the tag team champions baby!

    *Crowd boo while Swagger and Dolph hold up there titles*

    DZ: We again proved tonight that we can't be stopped.. when you look back at the best teams this company has ever had, the Road Warriors! *Crowd pop* The Heart Foundation! *Crowd pop* Even the Dudley's or the Hardy's *Crowd pop* sure they would good but lets be honest.. even they had nothing on us!

    *Dolph smirks as the crowd again boo*

    DZ: Why you all ask? They all had a weakness.. they all had one member who was not as good as the other *crowd boo* you can boo all you want but you know it's true! everyone knows Bret Hart right?! *crowd cheer* off course you do, he came back to Nitro but wheres his partner? well? Where's the anvil.. where's that clown with the silly beard? *Crowd boo* Half off you people don't even know who I'm talking about do you?!

    Now take the Hardy's.. Everyone loves Jeff, oh look there's Jeff Hardy doing another stupid stunt and costing his team the win while being completely of his head on drugs but shall we chant for him?! Yes lets do! what about his brother Matt Hardy?! no forget about him.. he does not even have seven different colors in his hair.. he does not even wear girls make up or stupid face paint!

    I could go on and on all day! every one of those teams has a weakness, the one person in the team was carrying the other, now look at us.. you have two future hall of famers teaming together, both sharing the work load, both getting the job done and both delivering the best damn performances and stealing the show each and every week!

    *Crowd boo heavily once more*

    DZ: Now that we are done with the so called Worlds greatest tag team, it's time to move on like my partner said.. it's not to matter which team is next though because the All American Perfection can not be stopped! *Crowd boo* but listen.. It's not showing off, when you can back it up like we can!

    *The crowd boo once again as Dolph flashes his cocky grin before dropping the mic as the theme music of All American Perfection plays out again as they make there way to the back*



    *loud pop from the fans*

    JR: And here comes the Cerebral Assassin King. Business is about to pick up.

    King: Yeah! What a display of violence he showed at In Your House. Poor Ted Dibiase Sr and Ted Dibiase, Jr. I think they bit off more than they can chew.

    Jr: That isn’t something to be happy about King. Ted Dibiase Sr. is a Hall of Famer. He shouldn’t have been treated like that, he was just there to cheer on his son.

    King: I guess no one told that to Triple H! Ha!

    Triple H: At In Your House, I made a statement. At In Your House, I dominated my opponent. At In Your House, I punished not only the son, but the meddling father as well. You see Teddy, when you run your mouth about me and continue running it day in and day out, then I make it personal. What I did to your father, I will do it again and again and again if he ever sticks his nose again where it doesn’t belong.

    *crowd cheers*

    Triple H: You see Teddy, I warned you for us to settle this like real men. I told you to come alone. I told you to leave your aging father and your girlfriend behind, and you see what happened to them Teddy. I BLAME YOU Junior. Your dad is hurt and laying down in a hospital somewhere and your lady friend is in the back licking her wounds all because you couldn’t come out here by yourself and take care of your business alone.

    *Triple H looks at the camera*

    Triple H: So Ted Dibiase Sr…. I know you are watching the show from your hospital room. I have nothing but respect for you and your involvement in this business. I am also aware that you are a WWE Hall of Famer, but I will not apologize for what I did to you; and you shouldn’t blame me. Think on this pops… where was your son when you needed him that day? Where was Ted Jr. when you were screaming in pain and begging me to stop? This is where he was daddy-o!

    *Points to the Titan Tron*

    King: Look JR… Ted Dibiase Jr won’t even move to help his father.

    JR: By gawd, he was hurting too King.

    Triple H: There he is, crying like a little bitch that he is. He couldn't even climb out of the ring to help you Daddy Ted.

    JR: Aw, that's not fair. It all happened so quickly!

    Triple H: So you see Junior… unlike you, I don’t need help. I don’t need my wife and I sure as hell don’t need Vince at my side. When I say that I am going to take care of my business, I deliver on that promise. Next time Teddy, I will not hold back. Next time, I will not be so forgiving with my actions. Next time Teddy, I will end your career. This is one game that you should sit out Ted, this is one game you don’t want to play.

    JR: Strong words from the Game folks, this rivalry between him and Ted is getting intense

    *Triple H begins making his way to the back with a mixed response from the fans*

    King: I'm just happy the real game is back.. I'm loving the change, he's back to how he should be.. the Game is Back!
    Oh yeah, speaking of change, that reminds me Ross.. I told you Cody has not changed and was working with United Kingdom!

    JR: Wait.. did you not see what Rhodes said earlier?

    King: Come on Ross! how stupid are you? it's all a ploy, I'm going to tell you whats going to happen, Rhodes will come out and will shake Regal and Drew' s hands to announce that he's joined fooling you and all these idiots once again! you just wait and see.

    JR: I cant see it King, Rhodes made some good points earlier.. it was not his business to get involved with, Rhodes did the right thing for him and I'm sure when Sheamus returns from his injury he will see that..

    King: I wouldn't count on it Ross.. Sheamus is going to be pissed, he may just rip Cody's head off the moment he comes back!
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    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    *The Golden boy Cody Rhodes steps out from behind the curtain to a mixed response from the crowd with many clearly unsure of what is about to happen.. Rhodes looks around at the crowd before making his way down to the ring*

    JR: Cody Rhodes folks! perhaps with the exception of Chris Jericho the most inform man in this company right now and after another grueling match is still your United States Champion!

    King: The biggest con-man in this company! I'm not complaining though.. I'm glad Cody has not changed one bit.. he does not need these fans.. you, or the respect of Sheamus!

    <span style="color:#800080;">


    *Drew steps out onto the stage to a chorus of boo's from the fans, with no Regal at his side he begins making his way to the ring*

    JR: No Regal? well that's a first.

    King: There on the same team I'm telling you.. There's no need for Regal to be out here!

    *Drew reaches and enters the ring staring at Cody while smiling, after a few seconds of both men staring at each other Drew offers his hand out as the crowd instantly start booing*

    King: I told you.. I told you! Shake it Cody!

    JR: No.. no way! You don't need them Cody, don't do it!

    *Cody looks out around at the crowd before laughing, he then walks over to Drew and stare's at his hand before again looking out towards the crowd as they continue booing!*

    JR: Don't do it Cody!

    King: He's going to do it.. I told you! he's the newest member of the United Kingdom, it was a big plan, a stroke of genius from William Regal.

    *Cody then begins to whisper sorry while the crowd continue booing before embracing in a hug with Drew to the shock horror of the crowd*

    King: Yes! I told you! I knew it, I knew it!

    JR: Why Cody, Just why?.

    *Drew and Cody now stand in the middle of the ring with both there arms raised high as the crowd begin booing heavily, it however does not last long as Cody spins around and boots Drew in the gut as the crowd erupt with a huge pop and the match is started*

    Cody Rhodes vs Drew McIntyre (Christian)
    Start at 3:05 stop at 9:42

    JR: That was so close, near fall for Cody.

    King: Why didn't he just join United Kingdom, he would never have had to have this match!

    JR: Well Cody looks fine to me King.

    *Rhodes then begins stalking Drew as he gets up until the crowd begin to boo which makes him turn around and he notices William Regal walking down the ramp*

    JR: Whats he doing here?!

    King: He's Drew's mentor, he has every right to be out here.

    *With Cody losing focus, Drew is able to rise up and deliver a big boot to the face knocking down Rhodes before heading to the corner and getting some advice from Regal.. with the ref checking over Rhodes though the crowd notices Regal passing Drew something which he places down his pants..*

    JR: What was that?

    King: What? I didn't see nothing!

    *Regal then runs around to the other side of ring and jumps up on to the side which causes the ref to go over and be distracted, the crowd seemingly knowing whats about to happen begin booing, Cody limps up to his feet and Drew reaches into his pants and pulls out brass knuckles before smashing Rhodes in the face and knocking him down.. he then places the knucks into his pants again and goes for the pin!*


    JR: Oh you got to be kidding me! No way!



    JR: Bah Gawd what a farce! United Kingdom just stole this match with Brass Knuckles!

    King: Are you sure? I didn't see nothing! *King laughs*

    JR: Well that's typical of you King!

    King: It seems Drew is learning from the great Regal, he's like a chip of the old block hey Ross?!

    *Before Ross can answer United Kingdom before stand in the ring and begin beating down on Rhodes, stomping away at him while the crowd begin booing, Drew then passes the knuckles back to Regal and picks Rhodes up, Regal begins slapping Cody in the face before placing the Brass Knuckles on and hitting him once more knocking him out cold.. with help and security running down.. UK make a quick get away as the show moves on*

    Josh Matthews is in a room where the walls are red and black with WWE themed posters including a King of the Ring poster where he is shown on camera on a Hollywood movie set style chair.

    Matthews: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to welcome my guest at this at this time, Tyler Black.

    Black enters the room and sits across Matthews with a pleased look on his face.

    Matthews: Now, Mr. Black, at WWE Cyber Sunday: In Your House you had a grueling and ferocious Street Fight with John Cena in which you came out victorious so what are your thoughts?

    Black readjusts himself, never losing that pleased grin on his face before he answers.

    Black: Well I'm still feeling the effects of that Street Fight that the WWE fans chose, but there is one thing that I would make certain not feel again and that was defeat at the hands of John Cena. No matter what the WWE fans would've picked, I was to going through hell and back to win.

    See now I've beaten Cena senseless, my WWE career can finally kick off and I can do pretty much whatever I want.

    Matthews: So with that said, what are some of your plans for the future?

    Black: You know what, The King of the Ring is pretty soon and though I have to qualify, and there is no doubt that I will, it's something that any WWE star should want to be at least once in his career. I figure I could go for it and win it all.

    I can only hope this is one of the very rare King of the Ring tournaments, where only a select few have won and gone on to challenge for the major WWE championships at SummerSlam. Owen Hart. Mabel, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle all have been King of the Ring winners and gone off to challenge for the gold. I look to add my name to those select few.

    People need to finally come to terms that I, Tyler Black, am the future of the WWE. The future for me is limitless and I look to begin the list of my many, many accolades to come with being the 2012 King of the Ring.

    Matthews: Is there anything else you'd like to add before we finish this interview?

    Black gives a coy smile.

    Black: What else is there to add? Simply a warning. To those who stand in my way to greatness, will feel my wrath because I will not let anything or anyone prevent The Era of Black from revolutionizing the WWE. Just ask John Cena, and the many, many more who will fall trying to stop me.

    Black gets up off his seat and walks away.

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    JR: And now it’s time for our main event, where we will find a number one contender, for the last time for either man, CM Punk will take on Lex Luger, winner faces Chris Jericho at the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View and whoever gets the win tonight, it is the last shot either will get at the title

    <span style="color:#b22222;">


    King: And it’s about time, I’m tired of seeing CM Punk in the WWE Title match, regardless that Chris Jericho wins every time

    JR: CM Punk has been so close both times; they say third time is the charm well maybe that is the case for CM Punk.

    <span style="color:#b22222;">


    King: I hope it doesn’t come to that, and I hope Lex Luger wins tonight, and not end in DQ, so CM Punk squeezes his way back into the match.

    JR: Well I don’t think that will happen, tonight is the last chance for either man to fight for the WWE Championship, who will come out on top?

    3:40- 7:05

    JR: Punk with a bulldog, now he is going to the top rope

    Punk heads to the top rope where he calls for the elbow, he jumps off the top rope, but Luger moves out of the way and Punk hits his elbow on the canvas hard. Punk gets up, shaking his arm, and when he turns, Luger picks Punk up and hits an inverted atomic drop, followed by a one handed bulldog of his own. Luger gets up and taunts Punk, he waits for Punk to get up, and as he does, Luger runs, attempting the running forearm smash, but Punk ducks it, and hits a roundhouse kick to Luger, cover



    Luger kicks out, and Punk tries to lock in Anaconda Vise, but Luger rolls to the apron. Punk goes over, but Luger hits a shoulder to the gut of Punk, that backs Punk up. Luger gets in, but Punk hits a back heel kick to the gut. Punk runs against the ropes, but when he comes back, Luger hits a quick military press slam, followed by a running forearm smash, cover…



    Thr- Punk kicks out and Luger can’t believe it.

    Luger then picks Punk up and sets up for the Torture Rack, but Punk hops off and hits a dropkick to the back of Luger, that sends him into the ropes, and when Luger comes back Punk picks Luger up and hits the GTS! Cover




    JR: And there it is, at King of the Ring, Chris Jericho will face CM Punk one last time

    King: No No No No No! I am tired of seeing this.

    JR: So don’t go

    King: Maybe I won’t

    JR: Well congratulations to CM Punk.

    King: Look at the top of the ramp, this is all about Chris Jericho, who is and always will be the Best in the World!

    *CM Punk stands on the turnbuckle celebrating as Chris Jericho comes to the top of the ramp in a suit and stares straight at CM Punk. CM Punk climbs down and stares right back at him. Luger gets up behind Punk, and stalks him, as Jericho smirks seeing what is occurring, when Punk turns, he ducks the running forearm smash, and Punk hits another GTS! Followed by the Anaconda Vise as Lex Luger taps out furiously. CM Punk lets go and stares at Jericho with a determined look, as the smirk from Jericho’s face is gone and now is just a frown, as the show fades to black.*

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    Let's fill for Nitro!

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    Final Filler for a HUGE show!

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