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    Location: Virginia; Richmond Coliseum

    The crowd are shown cheering, before the camera shows Eric Bischoff and Mike Tenay

    Tenay: Hello everyone and welcome to Thursday Night Nitro! And tonight, the show will close the build to In Your House

    Bischoff: We hear that one man from each of the tag teams involved in this title feud, will face off in a fatal four way match!

    Tenay: And our main event we know will consist of the Rock, and he will face Mr. Anderson!

    Bischoff: And the contract signing for Brock Lesnar's championship match at In Your House will happen today, and his opponent, by order of Mr. McMahon - Stone Cold Steve Austin!

    Tenay: But we kick things off with one of the winners of last week's main event, Nattie Neidhart!

    Bischoff: Her team stole a win thanks to Tyson Kidd! Edge had the match won!

    Tenay: But Nattie is standing here as a victor of a Nitro main event. Like her or not, you got to respect her!

    Nattie Neidhart walks out on stage to a huge pop from the crowd- she looks into the camera and blows a kiss. She finally walks down the ramp to ringside- she chats a bit with fans then slides into the ring, asking for, then receiving a mic

    Nattie: Well hello Nitro! How about that main event last week? Shane O’Mac really knows to give you fans what you want. You all wanted to see Edge and Lita’s asses handed to them- and well Shane knew just the right people to get the job done- Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart and myself.

    Nattie: And you see Edge and Lita, you both badly under estimated us. You thought my Uncle Bret didn’t have it anymore, you thought he was a broken man- and so how badly you were mistaken. You see Uncle Bret has been through a lot. He has lost people in his life, his career was ended for a few years by an inept wrestler in Bill Goldberg, and then he had his stroke. For most people, that would be the end for someone career wise- but not for my Uncle Bret- no it made him stronger. He has come back as strong as ever- and you found that out the hard way last week- oh and Tyson, well he just had to come down to get a better look at you getting your ass kicked- it’s a shame he caused you to take your eyes off of the match- I thought nothing got to you- I thought you were always focused in the ring. Oh wait, those are things that define being a Hart and those are the things you learn in the Hart Dungeon- but I forget, you didn’t train there- that’s why you will never be on the same level as Bret, Owen,

    A huge Owen chant starts up and Nattie tears up a bit before continuing

    Nattie: The British Bulldogs, Brian Pillman, Harry Smith, Lance Storm. And you will never eveeeer be as great as Jericho, myself- oh and who else am I forgetting? Oh yeah, the man who will beat your ass at In Your House- Tyson Kidd

    The crowd pops at the mention of Kidd’s name

    Nattie: Yes Edge, Tyson is gonna beat your ass- One Two Three, in the middle of HIS ring. Oh and I’m forgetting someone else- oh yeah Lita. I told you Bret and I would win, that I had no doubt about. While you were out playing your gigs, then coming back here and sleeping with half the roster- AGAIN! I’d been training the whole damn time, especially during my first go around here in WWE since they only pushed models at the time. I made the best of my time, I left the sinking ship known as the Diva’s division, I didn’t get lazy, I challenged myself by taking on the best womens wrestlers out there. And I didn’t come back until there was some real competition. So Lita- this tournament for the Woman’s title- you may as well just drop out along with Kelly Kelly and Maria and leave it to the rest of us- you know the real wrestlers. Well, I think its time to get on with Nitro- what do you guys think? Nitro!

    The crowd starts chanting Nitro over and over as Nattie smiles in the ring
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    Tenay: What's Lita doing out here?

    Bischoff: Nattie called her out! Lita definitely didn't underestimate her, although I could've understood if she did!

    Lita walks down the ramp, keeping her eyes on Nattie. Both Divas keep their eyes on each other, as Lita stops at the ramp. She smiles at Nattie, before sliding in the ring. She runs at Nattie, landing a Lou Therez Press! She lands punches to Nattie, before Nattie rolls her over, and delivers punches of her own. Both Divas get to their feet, as Lita goes for a clothesline, but Nattie grabs the arm and pulls Lita down to the mat. Nattie jumps on the back of Lita, and starts slapping the back of her head. Nattie gets off, as Lita rolls to the ropes.
    Nattie lands a baseball slide, which sends both Divas out of the ring. Nattie picks Lita up from the hair, before attempting to DDT her on the floor, but Lita counters, pushing Nattie's back onto the ring edge. Lita rolls Nattie in the ring, before stalking her prey. Nattie gets to her feet, as Lita kicks her in the gut. She goes for the Twist of Fate, but Nattie sweeps the legs. She goes for a sharpshooter to a huge pop, but Lita pushes her off.

    Tenay: What a brawl this has been! It's like a war zone out here!

    Bischoff: I'd say.

    Lita dropkicks Nattie, which sends her to the mat. Nattie is quick to her feet and responds with a dropkick of her own, which sends Lita against the ring ropes. Nattie goes for a clothesline, which sends both Divas over the top rope to the floor! Both Divas are groggy, before:

    Tenay: Here comes the boss to sort out this drama!

    Bischoff: This has been an entertaining match! Does it really need sorting out?

    Shane: Right, before you Divas brawl anymore, I have an announcement to make. I know you girls can here me, so listen up. At In Your House, we know it is Edge versus Tyson Kidd. Well Lita, you are the special outside enforcer!
    Mixed Crowd Reaction. Actually, I've changed my mind! Let's instead have Nattie Neidhart as special enforcer! Crowd Pop. Or maybe I should put the Money in the Bank briefcase on the line! Mixed Reaction once more.

    Bischoff: Ooo! I like the last one

    How about we let the fans decide!
    Crowd pop. Either one of you two can be involved, or the Money in the Bank briefcase will be! That is the fans choice. But however, for tonight. We will have a tag team divas match. Lita and... Kelly Kelly Crowd Heat. Will team against Nattie Neidhart and AJ Lee. Crowd Pop.

    And that's next!

    Tenay: What announcements from our general manager! Stipulations for Edge vs Kidd announced.

    Bischoff: And don't the Divas tag team match! Sure to be a great match.

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    Match 1: Lita (Fox) and Kelly Kelly (Kaitlyn) vs Nattie Neidhart and AJ Lee (Phoenix)

    Lita lays into Nattie with punches, but AJ pulls her off. AJ goes for the shining wizard, but Lita rolls out of the way. She gets to her feet, and hits AJ with a side Russain leg sweep, before Kelly Kelly enters, and picks up Nattie, before throwing her under the bottom rope. The heels take down AJ with a double suplex, before Kelly climbs to the top rope. Lita pulls up AJ from the hair, before herself climbing up the opposite ropes. Kelly dives off, and lands the Molly-go-Round, to the crowds disgust, before Lita jumps off and lands a Lita-Sault. She covers:



    Bischoff: YES! Lita and Kelly Kelly pulls of the win.

    Tenay: Well, with the Road to Triumph approaching, these two girls gains some momentum, which could be crucial come the time the series ends.

    Bischoff: You betcha. Soon, Lita or Kelly Kelly will become Divas Champion, and when they do, this victory will be shown as the starting point

    *Cameras cut backstage to show Jimmy Jacobs picking something out of his teeth. For a moment he stares at it and laughs*

    Jacobs: Hey Kev, Steve look at this! Its freaking huge!

    *Steen and Corino come up and look at it, Corino laughs and Steen has a blank look on his face before he notices the camera*

    Steen: Hold on guys, I got something to say while we have a camera. You see since my debut I have had my sights set on R-Truth, and I succeeded in beating him in our last match. However it seems he just hasn't taken the hint.

    Corino: What is that Kev?

    Steen: The hint that he is not wanted, nor needed here in WWE. His comedy gimmick with the imaginary child is growing old. Whats worse is that it seems he actually believe a child is there next to him at all times!

    Jacobs: Which is disturbing as hell!

    Steen: Don't get me started Jimmy. I had hoped that when I kicked his ass last time that he would have snapped out of this BS and did something real, but he hasn't. So, after much debating with the fellas about what to do, the recommended I just kick your ass again. So I will, and this time I will break your neck when I hit you with the Packaged Piledriver. Than and only than will you lose you delusions and realizes you are just a talentless man who has only gotten by, by pandering to the children in the arena. So, Truth. What do you say, will you face Mr. Wrestling at "In Your House", or I will I just have to find you and beat you till you accept? Honestly, either one works for me.

    Shane McMahon is shown walking past the three men, and stops, noticing Steen

    Shane: Hey Kevin. Hey, I got some news for you. You want to face Truth at IYH.
    Steen nods.Well then that's good, because Truth wants to face you too. And it will happen in either a chairs match. A lumberjack match. Or an I Quit match.

    Steen smiles, pleased with the decision, while Shane smiles back.

    Good luck Kev. You better win

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    Tenay: And here comes the man, who hasn't been on the best form recently

    Bischoff: Not on the best form? He's been on a losing streak. Just be frank, Tenay

    Tenay: Frank? But my name's Mike!

    Ricochet enters the arena with his music playing and he walks with like no expression on his face and acts as if the fans are not in the arena. He sits on the stage and has mic in hand.

    Ricochet - I have something that I would like to say.

    The crowd boo's him

    Ricochet - I know I'm not the most loved guy in this company and I'm ok with that.....I do however is I ask you to be quiet so that I can say what I want to say.

    The crowd boo's him even louder.

    Ricochet - he stands up. Listen up.......

    Ricochet falls on his face and doesn't appear to be moving

    Tenay: What's happening? Can we get some medics out here?

    Bischoff: Been there, done that. Gosh, it's like Victory Road all over again.

    Tenay: Shut up Eric. Vince, Shane, Paul. Whoever, can we get some paramedics here immediately.

    Eventually, the medics come to his aid. The crowd appears concerned, before they eventually bring a stretcher out, although the camera quickly cuts to a commercial

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    Tenay: And here comes Shelton Benjamin, who will be involved in this match on behalf of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team.

    Bischoff: And you may notice that Charlie Haas isn't here, and that's because the tag partners of the people involved in this contest were announced by Shane McMahon during he commercial that they are banned from ringside.

    Tenay: Great call there by Shane. Let's hope we can get a clean fatal four way match

    Bischoff: Yawn. The comedic ways of Cryme Tyme will ensure that they will never become tag champions.

    Tenay: What about Ultimate Warrior? Not too long ago he was WWE Champion, and he was as comedic as Lee Evans!

    Bischoff: Who?

    Tenay: Google him. Jackass.

    Tenay: And here comes Darren Young, unfortunately with AW in tow

    Bischoff: What a loophole found by the Prime Time Players. Titus O'Neil is not allowed, but AW is.

    Tenay: Yeah. Shane's decision wasn't that great then

    Tenay: Vickie's here as well? Jesus Christ

    Bischoff: Ziggler and Young has the advantage here today. Terrific!

    Tenay: Well if they lose, they got no excuse now

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    Match 2: Shelton Benjamin vs Darren Young (Matt Hardy) vs Dolph Ziggler (Mr. Kennedy) vs JTG (Chavo Guerrero)


    JTG lands a low dropkick, which sends Darren Young to the floor. Jack Swagger enters the ring, and they start exchanging punches


    Shelton Benjamin slides in the ring, and joins in


    Young slides back into the ring, and takes down Shelton Benjamin with a chop block. Swagger grabs JTG, and attempts to throw him over the top rope, but JTG manages to land on the apron. Swagger lands a slap to the chest of Young, before Young follows up with one of his own, but before hey can do anything more, they get cut off with a double diving clothesline from JTG. Young rolls out of the ring, as JTG stalks Swagger. He awaits for Swagger to get to his feet, but Vickie jumps on the apron. She distracts JTG, as Benjamin enters, and takes down Swagger with a Paydirt, before quickly covering




    Tenay: Benjamin stole a win!

    Bischoff: And Swagger has only himself and Vickie to blame!

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    *We cut backstage and the camera pans across to reveal Diamond Dallas Page smiling away as the crowd cheer*

    DDP: Have you done your yoga today? I know I have, and I'm feeling pretty damn good about myself!
    Are you feeling pretty good about yourself today? I sure hope so!!

    But one man that isn't feeling too good about himself right now, is Randy Orton.
    You see, every night, Randy Orton is unable to sleep! He's sitting in his bed each and every night sweating, and crying his eyes out.
    But that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing!
    Because the reason that Randy Orton is so worried these days, is because he's going to have to go one on one with ME, DDP, at In Your House!!

    And do you know why I know that Randy Orton's worried? No? Well let's look at an example; last week.
    Last week, Randy Orton lost his match!! Why did Randy Orton loose his match? Because he was distracted when MY music hit!! Why else would he be concerned with DDP's music playing if he wasn't worried about facing me!!

    Now, there's a no contact stipulation in place to prevent me from beating up Randy before In Your House. But again, this isn't a bad thing. This is a good thing!!
    You see, with this rule in place, it ensures that Randy Orton actually makes it to In Your House, so that you guys can actually see me beating him silly!!

    You see? ALWAYS look on the POSITIVE side of the situation!!
    And you Randy, should do exactly the same! So why don't YOU, when you go home to your beautiful wife tonight, meditate on the situation, do your yoga, and I guarantee you, by the time you're done, you'll be feeling pretty damn good about yourself!!
    Because, I know, that deep down you know, that I like me, you like me, and I'm trying to help you, like you too!!

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    The fans are in a bustle over Nitro so far, as suddenly...

    Shawn Michaels comes strutting out from the back, to a decent amount of boos. He walks down the ramp, smirking at the fans, as he makes his way into the ring. He stands at the center of the ring, and poses.

    Shawn stands up straight, going to the corner grabbing a mic. He turns back, walking to the center, as he raises it.

    Shawn: Well....well well well....look at what we have got here. We've got The Great One and the Dead One. Do you know what they both have in common? They are not the Show Stoppa. Rock and Taker want to play head games, I am the master of mind manipulation. Want an example? Hey, the stooges in the back, roll the footage!

    The titantron comes to life, and we see footage of last week with Shawn super kicking both The Rock and The Undertaker respectively. The tron dies, as Shawn turns back to the camera.

    Shawn: Now, i know all of you fans are hoping and praying you'll see the matches of all matches. The Rock vs Shawn Michaels II. The fact of the matter though is, you are not going to get that.

    All of the fans boo, as Shawn just grins.

    Shawn: No see, I'm not going to face The Rock for any of you. It was all of you people who turned your back on me the moment I retired because of my back. It's people like you who forgot about me when I stepped away from the ring for the first time. It was people like you who when I retired the second time, leached onto me in hopes I'd come back for 1 more match. No....when I face the Rock for a second time, I will be doing this for myself. This time, the outcome will be different. This time, The Rock will face the music. So Rock...for your challenge at In Your House, I'll see you there.

    Shawn turns, heading out of the ring, but halfway through, the arena sounds with a loud DONG, and the lights go out.

    *The crowd goes crazy as the Undertaker makes his way to the ring*

    Undertaker: I hear the drums pounding at a distance shattering the break of day. And as I am speaking to you Shawn Michaels, it is a voice that is chilling with a harmonic terror. Hell will remain your prison forever, hell will remain my fortress. The stones of tribulation quiver when the innocent calls. Shawn, I am the darkness that rolls through the air like a blanket of doom shadow of death; and as lightning blisters the sky, my eyes i will close, one by one the rest will cease to exist and I will turn my back to the madness and breathe the silence of the innocent.

    As I see around me Shawn, the land is bloody as I set the tombstones of the dead. But Shawn Michaels, this message not only goes out to you... Rock, I haven't forgotten about you. For both of you, your king has returned. I see both your hearts beating, and I know for a fact Shawn you are crying on the inside. Don't take my words for granted because soon that grin that you have on your face will turn somber and you will be weeping in agony and pain.

    Shawn Michaels... Rock... I hear the tolling of the death bells. The graves have been prepared. The tombstones have been prepared. One tombstone reads Shawn Michaels and the other one reads The Rock. I will bury you both myself. I have personally engraved the date of death, October 21, 2012, you both will Rest In Peace!

    Shawn looks at the Undertaker, looking him up and down, before raising the mic.

    HBK: Do you know the reason people are afraid of you Taker? Do you know why people cower before you? It's because you hide behind the veil of brimstone and fire. If these people knew the truth, if these people's eyes were open, they wouldn't be afraid of you like I'm not. See Undertaker, I've looked into your eyes, I've stood toe to toe with you, and I know the truth. The truth is, you are just a man. You are not the devil incarnate, you are not the keeper of lost are just a man who hides behind the truth.

    The fans are booing Shawn for his remarks, as Shawn gets right into Takers face.

    HBK: Let's get one thing straight Taker. At In Your House, there will be no tombstones. At In Your House, you will be in my house, my yard! You were the bigger man on the grandest stage of them all twice, but when The Great One, The Phenom, and the Heartbreak Kid step into the ring, only one man will step away the winner. That man will be the Show Stoppa, the Main Event, The Icon, Mr Wrestlemania, yours truly, Shawn Michaels! These fans know it, you know it, Rock knows it...and at In Your House, the truth shall set you free!

    Shawn drops his mic as he stands toe to toe with Taker, right into his face. Shawn goes to leave, but Undertaker pulls him back in to Hells Gate!

    Tenay: Hells Gate! The modified gogoplata!

    Bischoff: Taker has it locked in! Will Michaels pass out!

    Undertaker keeps the hold locked in, until the lights go out. When the lights come back on, Michaels is in a pool of his own blood, before we go into a commercial


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    Tenay: The legend killer. Randy Orton!

    Bischoff: The man who will face Diamond Dallas Page at In Your House

    Tenay: And I hear he's calling out another legend today.

    Bischoff: Ooh yay. My favorite part of the show returns!

    We see Orton standing in the ring, with a mic in hand, as the fans can be hard booing him big time.

    Orton: Last week, the supposed Great One decided to answer my challenge. The simple fact of the matter is, it was a cheap shot. I had the Rock beat, when DDP decided to stick his nose where it didn't belong. That's the problem with legends like The Rock, Stone Cold, or DDP. They grasp onto that final straw, in hopes that they can get 1 more fat check, or they can feel that rush one more time. Reality check, this is the era of the Legend Killer, the era of the Apex Predator, the era of the Viper, not of the Wanna Be Has Beens of yesteryear.

    The fact of the matter is, at In Your House, DDP will be put down like every old dog is meant to be put down. There will be no second chances, there will be no do overs. At In Your House, DDP will become DDG. Dat Dead Guy, after I punt his skull in. For tonight though, I want Diamond Dallas Page to witness what is in store for him come In Your House, so, how about another legend comes out here and try to prove they are better than me?

    Orton stands, waiting a few moments, but nothing.

    Orton: Fine, if no one has the balls to come out and be put down like they all inevitably will be, I'll find a legend for the time being.

    The fans can be heard chanting bullshit, as Orton smirks. Orton turns, and rolls out of the ring, as he walks over to the announce table. He grabs Mike Tenay, pulling him in with one hand.

    Orton: How about it Mike? People consider you to be a legendary announcer. Hell, you made a mark in WCW, TNA, and now here in the WWE. Should you be the guy whose skull is caved in this week? You know what, if you were Jim Ross, I might actually do it because that guy is a pathetic excuse for a on the other do are spared for now Mike.

    Orton shoves Mike back into his chair, as he turns, walking around the ring barrier, stopping, as that evil smirk comes across his face.

    Tenay: What a- Orton stares at Mike - legend killer

    Orton: Well...if it isn't Ace the Pet Detective, The Mask, Mr Jim Carrey! Give it up for Jim tonight!

    The fans all cheer, as we turn, seeing Jim Carrey sitting front row. He grins, raising a hand, as Orton grabs his shirt.

    Orton: So how about it Jim? You are a legend in the movie business, and if memory serves correctly, you haven't put a good movie out in the last ten years. Shouldn't you be put down like all of the others? Shouldn't I cave your skull in and put everyone out of the misery of watching you?

    Orton lets go, smirking, as he walks back over the ring, and sits on the apron.

    Orton: That is what none of you realize. I'm doing you all a service. I'm helping you all. People continually say what they see on Raw and SD is garbage, and that's because it's being drug down by the likes of the WWE Legends. I'm merely taking the trash out, to make this place better. None of you can see that though. all just see me as some psychotic man bent on destroying the lives of has beens. That's fine though, because once the legends are gone, and the WWE soars to new heights, I will be it's savior. I will go from Randy Orton the legend Killer, to Randy Orton the savior.

    Orton rolls back into the ring, and stands at the center, looking at the ramp.

    Orton: Come on! Someone has to be back there willing to step into the ring with me! Come on!

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    Bret Harts music blares out on the PA and the fans go nuts. He stands on the stage, with a mic in hand, for a good minute soaking in the cheers then walks halfway down the ramp and hands his Hitman glasses to a very hot woman and receives a passionate kiss from her in return

    Bret Hart: Well I guess I still have it with the ladies

    Randy Orton goes to say something but Bret cuts him off

    Bret: So Randy, I hear you are issuing challenges to what did you call us? Has beens that only are in it for the big fat paycheck? Son, I’ve been in this sport a long time, and like men like the Undertaker, I can still do what it takes in the ring. You see, Undertaker has prolonged his career with extended breaks and he can still kick ass with the best of em. Me, well I was forced to take a much longer break due to injury and a stroke. But one thing I never did was sit back and take it easy- and well I made my way back here. And as you saw last week, when Nattie and I beat Edge and Litas ass- I haven’t lost a step. They both under estimated me, they both thought I was a fool to come back. So Randy, I accept your challenge. And I’ll beat your punk ass. You see, I’ve seen you grow up. As a kid, you were a snot nosed little punk. You never had focus. Your dad thought by you joining the military it would shape you up- but of course, you screw that up and go AWOL And after you finally got past that, you decided to get in the sport that your dad and your grand pa helped make famous. And in that, I hoped it helped turn you around- but that snot nosed little punk I knew as a kid came out again. You trashed hotel rooms, harass the woman backstage, take dumps in gym bags and keep getting suspended due to drug violations. What a great way to make an impact here. And here tonight, you threaten two people who you know you can beat the shit out of, Mike Tenet and Jim Carrey. Son, you have a lot of growing up to do, and I’d be damned proud to put you in your place. One thing my dad always taught us in the Dungeon was always stay focused, always respect your opponent and always inflict as much pain on them as humanly possible. So Orton, after I beat your punk ass tonight and DDP kicks your ass at In Your House- stick around backstage and watch Tyson Kidd beat Edge. You see, Tyson has what it takes to last in this sport- he has his head on straight. But you Orton- you are one drug suspension away from getting kicked out of WWE and becoming a true has been in this sport. TNA wouldn’t take you, Ring of Honor wouldn’t take you and Mexico and Japan sure the hell wouldn’t take a chance on you. And all your pathetic nicknames will mean nothing. So Randy, lets get this show on the road

    Bret throws off his jacket and heads down to the ring, but gets taken down by a double axe handle from Edge!

    Tenay: That damn Edge! What's he doing attacking Hart! A legend!

    Bischoff: He's the Pride of Canada. He can do what he's what.

    Edge throws Hart into the barrier, before reciting "Pride of Canada", to the crowds jeers. He begins stomping on Hart, but Tyson Kidd sprints down the ramp. He takes down Edge, before unloading on him with lefts and rights. He refuses to get off, until Randy Orton comes down and pushes Kidd over.

    Shane: Stop this! Stop it! Let's have a tag team match "playa". Bret Hart and Tyson Kidd will team up, against Rated! R! K! O! And that's next

    Tenay: Wow. An Orton and Edge reunion

    Bischoff: YES! YES! YES!

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