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    RAW is WAR Episode 20
    RCA Dome, Indianapolis, Indiana

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the final Monday night RAW is WAR before the In Your House: Cyber Sunday Pay-Per-View, and tonight we find out whether Lex Luger or CM Punk becomes the number one contender for Chris Jericho’s WWE Championship

    King: It’s tied one to one and tonight’s main event will settle it, that Lex Luger is the rightful number one contender.

    JR: And that’s part of our huge six man tag team main event, where Lex Luger, Tyler Black and Cody Rhodes, will take on CM Punk, John Cena, and Sheamus

    King: I can’t say those teams are fair, considering Lex Luger and Tyler Black have to team with Cody Rhodes.

    JR: Now Rhodes may not share the same ideals as Black and Luger but he is still a talent, who wants to win, no doubting he is going to try his best to win tonight. Just like he will on Sunday. Speaking of Sunday, Ryback has been challenged by some unknown to a match on Sunday, and we expect to hear from Ryback tonight.

    King: I can’t wait to find out who it is.

    JR: Another thing you won’t want to miss King, this Sunday is the official start of Road to Triumph with two special matches that could get a diva off to a hot start and put herself ahead of the competition. And that’s all Sunday, we haven’t even got to tonight, along with our huge main event we have the long awaited answer from Sheamus as to whether he will accept the offer from William Regal and Drew McIntyre

    King: He better if he wants to win Sunday.

    JR: Well this man needs to win tonight if he wants to be there at Sunday

    King: Not going to happen.

    Punk: Last week, I went toe to toe with someone I had wanted to face in this WWE ring and that was Tyler Black.

    *Crowd gives Punk a mixed reaction that slightly overpowered by boos*

    Punk: Now I know his actions make him despicable and a guy you would want to hate but tell me he cannot put on a show especially with The Best Wrestler in the World? Tell me that you weren't on the edge of your seats last week, as near after near fall, move after move you weren't drawn in to see who would win? Cause if you tell me no, then I tell you are lying to yourselves because you know damn well that is the type of action you'll only see when 2 wrestlers get in this ring and put all on the line to see who's best.

    That's why I gave my it all and won last week giving me a much win that I consider overshadowed my loss 2 weeks ago, where even though I may have been forced to submit at the hands of Luger I made sure I wasn't going be damned for letting that hold me back from coming out here to this ring week in and week out and making sure that win, lose or draw, everyone knows that I gave myself the title of Best in the World because I can prove it, because no matter who steps in this ring with me, they change. They realize what this sport means to me, to guys like Black and so many others out there and why it should mean a lot to all of you.

    *Crowd is in awe and cheering at Punk*

    Punk: You all know how I can make the most out of any opportunity presented to me and how I can overcome any challenge put in front of me. Hell, being Straight Edge was bad enough when I first came to the WWE, it was a time where people questioned whether the WWE the right call or not hiring me, the guy from Chicago who Paul Heyman vouched for but look at what this kid from Chicago has done. Multiple time World Champion, 2 time Money in the Bank winner and you can't forget my Slammy's but right now I have my sights set on once again being the one capable of holding and representing the WWE Championship like no one can. That is what it's all about, because if you joined the WWE never hoping to one day be the man who people clamored for or hated without out end for being the WWE Champion then you made a big mistake.

    *Crowd cheers excitedly*

    Punk: I know fully well that I have the momentum and desire to step into the ring with Chris Jericho at In Your House to put on a match that will forever be remembered. Not only for it will be the night the world saw Chris Jericho put on yet another war on display in this ring with me but it will also be the night the people will always remember the words:......and NEW.......WWE Champion................C.M. Punk!!!!!!!

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    Luger: Excuse me Punk for this interruption, but someone needs to shut your mouth. Last week, John Cena got lucky I lost. YOU were lucky I lost. My mistakes single-handily allowed you to be put back in the money for this number one contenders slot. I've made my fair enemies in this time - one of them Kevin Nash! We don't see eye to eye on many things, but I wholeheartedly agree with him, when he says people like you are too small to be champion.

    I can step on you Punk. I can squash you without even breaking a sweat. However Punk, you haven't achieved nothing in this business, until you can beat the Total Package! Black's actions may be despicable, but his acts are like being massaged, compared to the torture I can bring to the table. Not just any torture, but the torture - rack! The move you tapped out to in this ring a few weeks ago.

    It's been too long since the Narcissist was at the top of the WWE, and now it's time for it to happen again. Tonight I win, and I will move on to In Your House, where I take Jericho's title, and I'll put him In His Place - back down the ladder. When I was WCW - I was the most loved man - always fighting against Hogan and the New World Order. I was their prized possession. I need to be the prized possession again, and if I need to go through you Punk to get it, well then I have no choice. I'm here to draw in ratings, well you Punk, and Chris Jericho I know you're listening, you won't be here much longer once I'm done with you

    *Chris Jericho swaggers down the ramp in a trademark suit. He has a scowl on his face.
    He grabs a mic and enters the ring. He stand opposite Luger and Punk and pauses to look from one to the other before beginning to speak.*

    Jericho: Who on the hell do you two think you are?

    *the crowd boo*

    Jericho: Punk, I don't even know what you're doing here. Luger's already beaten you, no, wait, he made you TAP OUT. He humiliated you in the middle of this ring. So let's be realistic here, your persistence in coming out here each week is embarrassing frankly.
    You're embarrassing yourself. You're embarrassing the parasites that choose to cheer for you. And do you really think you're backing up your broken record of a claim that you're the best in the world? With all this trying and failing, I don't think so.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: And you Luger. Do you want to know why it's been so long since you've been at the top of the WWE? Do you? Well I'm glad you asked. It's because nobody likes you. It's because nobody cares about you. It's because people finally realized that you're nothing more than a meathead with no wrestling ability. A body with nothing more special about you.
    You don't hold a candle to me. Hell, as much as it pains me to admit it, you don't hold a candle to CM Punk here either.
    There is NOTHING special about you, you don't have a brain to back up your brawn, and it is a JOKE that you're being considered to face me at In your House.

    *Jericho smirks as the crowd boos.*

    Jericho: I am the best in the world at what I do, and I deserve to face the best. Lex Luger is far from being the best, and Luger has beaten Punk, so that must mean that he's not the best either.
    I can't believe that you're both STILL being considered as potential opponents for my WWE Championship. Allow me to inform you that it doesn't matter who faces me at In your House. It is irrelevant. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: And do you know why it's irrelevant? Because I AM the best in the world at what I do and I will beat you
    *points at Punk* or you *points at Luger* at the ppv. I am better than both of you and neither of you have the ability to beat me and that will be proven once again on Sunday as I retain my WWE Championship.

    *The three stare at each other as we go to break.*


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    JR: Well the WWE Championship scene is getting heated in anticipation of the main event tonight, and even Chris Jericho has gotten involved.

    King: Thats because he can he is the Best in the World

    JR: Well he needed to make it known he could beat CM Punk and Lex Luger so at least he recognizes he could face either one of them.

    King: Doesn't matter he will still win

    King: And this man will still lose

    JR: Now this man has been on a bit of a bad roll recently.

    King: He should get a slumpbuster then. Actually, with his looks, I'd think they would be perfect for each other.

    JR: I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear you say that King

    King: Good.

    King: This man was seconds away from becoming Mr. Money in the Bank! Then... Kidd won.

    JR: Bourne hasn't been on the best of form either recently, so this will be interesting to see how he does.

    King: A match against Cage actually probably is a wrestlers version of a slumpbuster

    1:40 - 4:36

    *Bourne waits for Cage to get to his feet, before hitting him with a missile dropkick. Cage sits, but Bourne lands a kick to the head, which sends Cage to the ropes. Bourne lands a baseball slide, which sends both men out of the ring. Bourne throws Cage into the steel steps, before into the ring apron. Cage is slow to his feet, as Bourne sits on the top of the steps. He grabs Cage, and lands a tornado DDT to the concrete floor*

    JR: Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

    King: I think that's the point of it Jim

    *The referee reaches a count of 7, before Bourne picks up Cage, and rolls him into the ring. He climbs to the top rope, before leaping off, and landing Air-Bourne. He hooks the far leg




    JR: And Bourne wins

    King: And Cage loses... again

    JR: Now we send it back to Josh Mathews who is standing by with Sheamus, where we anticipate his answer

    King: Come on Sheamus you know the right move, say yes.

    Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, at this time we are joined by Sheamus.

    Sheamus: Lets cut to the chase, Josh ... Over the past few weeks, two fellas have been under my skin ... William Regal and Drew McIntyre. These two men have been tryin' to get me to believe that Cody Rhodes isn't the man he claims he is, and well Josh, that's not hard to believe ... But I do believe people change Josh.

    Matthews: Care to explain?

    Sheamus: Of course. I can tell when a man is lying Josh ... He sweats, his voice shakes, hell ... He can't keep a straight face. Cody Rhodes ... He isn't a liar. Cody means what he says, and Cody is a true man. Cody is not the man he used to be, no, Cody is a true man now.

    I don't have the time to focus on what Regal and McIntyre have to say, fella. I have a United States Championship match to focus on at In Your House. That match is going to steal the show, Cody and I are two of the best. Sure, I lost to Chris Jericho last week, but hes the WWE Champion, and he is for a reason ... I am the next United States Champion. If ... No, when I win the championship at In Your House, Cody will shake my hand, you just watch.

    Matthews: So ... What is your response to Regal and McIntyre?

    Sheamus laughs.

    Sheamus: My response?

    Sheamus looks right into the camera.

    Sheamus: No. They're on their own.

    Sheamus walks off as the cameras cut to break


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    King: Well that was a stupid choice! is Sheamus really that stupid, does he honestly believe Cody Rhodes did not already have all this planned, he caused Sheamu's injury last week by making him face Jericho and the so called Golden Boy does not even have the heart to come out and explain his actions! With United Kingdom at Sheamus's side he would leave In Your House as the new United States Champion.. no doubt it my mind.

    JR: Explain what King? Cody is a champion, a young man trying to put his stamp on this business, I was surprised when Cody picked Jericho but you can't deny it was smart and Sheamus holding the title would have done the same thing.. As for United Kingdom or UK, well they have been trying to get in Sheamus's head for the last couple of weeks.. I'm just pleased he's not been turned by the words of Regal and as for Sheamus winning the title this Sunday, well I would not bet against it.. either way him and Cody will no doubt put a great match on for these fans!

    King: I don't agree! Sheamus's has made the biggest mistake of his career tonight.. with Drew and Regal at his side.. well, he would have been unstoppable! I really wan't to congratulate Cody Rhodes though!

    JR: Yeah, why's that?

    King: For tricking everyone into thinking he's changed.. he had me fooled and he still has you and all these idiots fooled! you know.. it wouldn't surprise me if Cody was working with the United Kingdom!

    JR: You're just being stupid now King, you are entitled to your opinion but it's not one I agree with.... Right now though we have to move on, with our second match of the night!

    King: For those of you that don't know, this rivalry came about after a backstage argument.. actually, here's that name again.. it started over Cody Rhodes! surprise, surprise!

    JR: Are you going to blame him for everything now? well folks, conspiracy stories aside this feud did indeed start off as an argument backstage, words were said by both men which boiled over resulting in Triple H turning and spoiling DiBiase's ermm.. Posse Party last week.

    King: I bet you haven't been invited to any of those Party's have you Ross!

    JR: As a matter of fact.. I have, the BBQ sauce went down really well.

    *With Triple storming from behind the curtain with a sheer look of intensity across his face the crowd react with a mixed response, most cheering him but with the other's booing, Triple H continues to make his way to the ring*

    JR: Well the time for joking is finished King, Triple H looks ready.

    King: I agree Ross! The Game is someone you don't want too annoy, but when you bring family into the rivalry well.. I just hope Ted knows what he's getting involved in.

    *Ted comes from behind the curtain and on to the stage to another mixed reaction with the crowd cleary unsure on who to cheer or boo, Ted begins to make his way down to the ring with Maryse and his father trailing behind him*

    King: I'm not sure this is smart Ross! why would you bring your family and loved ones out here.. do they not know what type of man Triple H can be!

    JR: I would have to agree King, this may not be the smartest thing Ted is ever done.

    *Triple H edge's closer to the ropes pointing and shouting at both Maryse and Ted DiBiase Senior not to get involved in the match, Ted junior escorts them closer to the commentary table for safety before entering the ring and instantly going face to face with Triple H*

    JR: This feud has not been running long King but you can really feel the intensity and hatred from both men. this could get ugly very quickly!

    King: I agree Ross!

    *With both men itching to get the match started, the ref calls for the bell and the match is

    Start at 0:12 stop at 4:34

    JR: Triple H looking for the Pedigree! this could be Game over for DiBiase!

    King: Could be? It's Game over alright!

    *Just as Triple H attempt's to nail the Pedigree, Ted is able to reverse it and back body drop Triple H right over the top rope, sending him crashing to the floor.*

    King: How the hell did he?

    JR: It's not over, Ted with the reversal and the Game comes crashing down hard to the floor..

    *With Ted still shaking of the match effects starting to take place on him.. Ted senior from the outside begins shouting advice while a nervous Maryse watches on.. Triple H in the mean time is trying to recover after being sent over the top rope and notices Ted senior giving advice, with the ref counting down Triple H gets back to his feet and rather then get back in the ring begins to make his way to where Ted Senior is and grabs him by the shirt collar..

    Triple H begins shouting at Ted Senior telling him he should not get involved while still holding him by the collar, this gets a response from Ted junior who quickly jumps out of the ring, starting the refs count again.. he pushes Triple H away standing in front of his father before shouting at him too leave his family out of it.. Triple H begins to smile before out of nowhere charging at Ted Junior with a clothesline only for Ted to duck and Triple H catching his father....

    With Maryse's screams being heard from the other side of the ring, Ted junior see's his dad on the floor and goes into a state of rage charging at Triple H knocking him down before unleashing a flurry of rights and lefts!*

    JR: All hell's about to break lose here folks!

    *With Maryse now trying to aid Ted senior who's still knocked down on the floor, Triple H and Ted senior continue fighting on the outside until to the crowd's shock and there's the ring bell is heard and the ref is signalling that both men have been counted out...*

    JR: Wait! the ref.. he has.. he's counted both men out! it's a draw!

    King: I don't think they care Ross! it's chaos here!

    *Both men continue fighting on up at the ramp, they eventually reach the top of the stage.. with Maryse now screaming for help, support comes from the back in the aid of referee's and backstage workers who seperate both men.. to the crowds disappointment, both men are escorted back with Maryse helping Ted senior up the ramp too as the show moves on*

    JR: Well folks, we are hearing word that Triple H and DiBiase are still having to be pulled apart backstage!

    King: This feud got personal fast Ross!

    JR: Indeed King, right now though folks we are about to lighten the mood and show you a Tout video package from earlier on with the Warrior princess, Tamina!

    King: I love Tout!

    *The Titantron begins to roll and it shows Tamina backstage before the show began*

    Well as we all know I am still relatively new to this business but, I have proved myself as a star, I am no amateur. I won not only my first match but I won my first PPV match. I am the ultimate diva, the warrior princess, the daughter of the legend that is, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, that means, I was born a champion, I was born a superstar, and I was born a fighter. I am the most naturally talented Diva here and I will prove that to those that my doubt me.

    I do have competition, everybody in this business but, I will teach them a lesson they are sure to remember and my name will be etched into history. I can take on any challenge and win, I can be extreme, dangerous and I will put my career on the line to show what a talent I am. No matter the situation, match and stipulation, I will conquer.

    Road To Triumph? The Ultimate Diva is ready and I will win, and the WWE Universe will support me.

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    JR: And here comes Ryback, and he is not happy about the mystery man who has called him out.

    King: Well someone needs to shut him up and provide a legitimate threat, and now that Ryback has that, he doesn’t like it.

    JR: I don’t think that’s the case, I think he wants to know who it is, face him man to man

    King: He can, Sunday at In Your House

    *Ryback grabs a mic and not pleased.*

    Ryback: In order to be fed, I need my meat served to me, but I can’t eat what I can’t see. I want to be fed more, I need to be fed more, and I welcome the chance to eat the man who has called me, why wait till Sunday, reveal yourself now. I want to be fed right now, I want to finish you right now, now is the time to FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE!

    *Ryback waits but nothing happens. He raises the mic, but then the lights go out, the spotlight focuses on Ryback and the familiar voice comes over the arena again.

    ???: Ryback. I still see the fear in you, I can smell it while you're standing there. Again you are dominating, but it won't be for long. This Sunday at In Your House, I will face you man to man and make myself known to you. I don't even blame you if you don't show up, hell I won't even hold it against you Ryback. Your time of dominance is over. I'm back and you will just be another no name wrestler again.

    *The lights go back on and Ryback doesn’t look pleased as he turns to his two opponents.*

    King: I can’t wait till Sunday!

    JR: And will this distract Ryback and stop him from winning tonight?

    Ryback vs. Jobbers

    Watch 1:57-3:55

    JR: No problem for Ryback this time but will he fare as well Sunday with a unknown opponent

    King: I can’t wait to see him lose Sunday

    JR: And how do you know that?

    King: I just do.

    JR: Ladies and gentlemen Trish Stratus was on Good Morning Toronto earlier today and she was asked some interesting questions about the WWE. Here are some highlights.

    A clip of the show plays. Bob, the host, is sitting on a chair.

    Bob (host): Here she is former WWE Diva Trish Stratus, give her a round of applause.

    Trish walks out and the audience applauds. The clip cuts to a later segment.

    Bob (host): So Trish I understand that you recently got a chance to go back to WWE as the guest host of RAW.Why don't you tell us a little bit about that?

    Trish: Well I had been asked to guest host the show while they were here in Toronto and the last time I was on the show was earlier in the year and I didn't get to do much because it was the RAW 100th anniversary show so a lot was going on so I pretty much jumped at the chance to do this. I got to catch up with most of my friends there before and after the show soit was a great time.

    Bob (host): That's great to hear. So what exactly does a guest host do in the WWE? Do you just go out to the ring and talk about yourself and promote something you're working on or is there more to it than that?

    Trish: Actually being the guest host is like being General Manager for a day. You're in charge of booking the matches and who's facing who so it might seem like all fun and games,but when you start you realize it's actually a tough job.

    Bob (host): That's very interesting to learn, I'm sure most of the WWE fans didn't realize how much work actually went into being a guest host. Now Trish I understand that not everyone was happy to see you back in WWE, even if it was just for one night.

    Trish: Yea I assume you're referring to Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly. She came out to the ring while I was addressing the fans, just after I was done announcing the main event for the night, so she completely interrupted me and she was therewith her bodyguards as if that was going to intimidate me.

    Bob (host): And she should've known better because there's a reason that Trish Stratus is a former 7 time Women's Champion and that reason is she backs down to nobody.

    The audience laughs and Trish laughs aswell.

    Trish: That's right and I was not going to back down to her.

    Bob (host): But do you have any idea what caused her to interrupt you like that on live television?

    Trish: Well Kelly made her return to the company recently after doing some side projects she wanted to doand her character wasn't really involved in anything at the time and as I explained as the guest host it was my job to book the show so it was hard to squeeze her in and I guess she wasn't happy about being kept off tv and instead of talking to me backstage and explaining how she felt she decided to make a fool out of herself on live tv.

    Bob (host): Guess there are a lot of backstage politics that go into play in situations like this.

    Trish: There are, but my decision not to book her to take part in the show wasn't personal, I just couldn't find room for her. Anyway she decided to insult me, which I could've handled, I have a hard time feeling humiliated, but then she slapped me and that just wasn't going to fly.

    Bob (host): And that's when you went Jackie Chan on her ass.

    The audience, Bob and Trish laugh.

    Bob (host): Let's watch that.

    A clip of Trish performing the ChickKick on Kelly is shown.

    Bob (host): Wow who knew a leg could even go that high?

    Trish laughs.

    Trish: That's why you have to do some Yoga to loosen up those muscles.

    Bob (host): Guess so, but first I need to warm up. So was this the only incident you had that night?

    Trish: Umm later Kelly went by my dressing room with her two bodyguards again and this wasn't shown ontv, but she tried to threaten me and tell me I wasn't welcome on the show and I was past my prime which to me just showed how insecure sheis.

    Bob (host): I'll say. Bet that made you wish you were still a wrestler so you could teach her a lesson in the ring.

    The audience cheers.

    Trish: It's funny you mentioned that because after the show was over I find out that Vince McMahon wants to see me and I was thinking oh boy Vince didn't like the matches that I booked or he didn't like the fact that I attacked one of his wrestlers and he wants to yell at me for it. But I met with him and he said “Trish we're planning on bringing back the Women's Championship, we have this whole tournament planned to crown the first champion, you're one of the biggest names in women's wrestling history and you're one of the biggest names to ever step foot in a WWE ring so we would like to sign you to a new contract”.

    The audience starts cheering.

    Bob (host): Wow that's pretty different from what you expected him to say. So did you sign?

    Trish: No I didn't sign.

    The audience boos.

    Bob (host): Well why not? Don't you want to break your previous record and become an eight time Women's Champion not to mention teach Kelly a lesson?

    Trish: I won't lie those are two great reasons to sign, but there's another sign that the fans don't get to see and that's the toll your body takes from all that traveling cause WWE doesn't have seasons, there really isn't any down time unless you're injured and even then sometimes you'll have a bruised rib or sprained ankle and you won't have enough time off to rest and let it heal so you'll work through the injury and that just causes it to become worse over time which leads many wrestlers to retire early. I was fortunate enough to leave on my own rather than having a career ending injury and I still worked through some smaller injuries, but career ending injuries are very real and they're a possibility all wrestlers must face.

    Bob (host): I suppose that most people don't get to see any of that and they just see the wrestling scene as fun and a way to become famous, but they don't take into consideration that there are real risks involved, not to mention the amount of time you're forced to spend away from your families.

    Trish: That's right and that's another thing I failed to mention that you have to travel so much that you don't get the time you'd wish to see your parents, your brothers and sisters or for some wrestlers even their husbands or wives and children.

    Bob (host): Completely understandable.So I guess we can rule out a full time WWE return for Trish Stratus?

    Trish: I wouldn't say rule out, the offer is still on the table and just because I decided not to sign at the time doesn't mean I won't wake up tomorrow and decide to give wrestling another shot. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

    The clips ends.

    King: Did you hear that JR? Trish might return to the WWE full time in the future.

    JR: I did hear that King, but nothing's certain so as Trish said we'll just have to wait and see.

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    JR: Well folks we hope you are enjoying the show so far because we are heading straight back into the action with another match and that's up next!

    King: This should be a great match to Ross! Chris Jericho vs Shelton Benjamin!

    JR: I agree King, this is a match for the wrestling purist's no doubt about that, when it comes to talent and ability these are two guys that have it all.. the question is, can anyone stop Chris Jericho at the moment? he's faced stiff competition week in and week out.. he's been in some difficult matches.. yet, he keeps finding a way to win!

    King: You know why?! Because he's the best in the world Ross!

    JR: Well on recent form I'm not sure anyone could disagree with you King, this could be Jericho's toughest challenge yet.. With Shelton looking to impress tonight in hope that the WWE Universe will pick him and Haas to face the tag team champions, The All American Perfection!

    King: That's a good point Ross!

    *With the lights coming back on and Jericho's music blasting out the speakers the crowd quickly react with negative chants and jeer's, Jericho in his usual cocky fashion wearing his flashing jacket shrugs it off before making his way down to the ring*

    King: Why don't these people ever show Jericho any respect?!

    JR: Well, I'm not sure I could answer for them but from my experience.. as good as Jericho is, some people are often put off with the way Jericho will do anything to win.. including under handed tactics!

    *The Worlds Greatest Tag Team come out to a mixed reaction from the crowd, doing there signature pose on the stage, Shelton then slaps hand's with Haas and tells him that he has this.. Haas then after a few hesitant seconds, nods in acceptance and says he will wait on the ramp.. Shelton then begins to walk down the ramp heading to the ring*

    King: Looks like Shelton Benjamin wants to do this alone Ross!

    JR: Sure does King, I respect Shelton for doing that, but also it does not surprise me.. Shelton Benjamin was a two time South-Carolina state high school, heavyweight champion! he had a win/loss record of 122-10 he was also a two time all american champion at the University of Minnesota.. not to mention a former 3 time Intercontinental champion here in the WWE! This man has all the talent in the world.

    King: Now that is impressive Ross!

    *With Shelton having reached the ring, both men begin warming up while the ref checks them both over, after the ref is done.. he calls for the bell and the match begins*

    Stop at 12:50

    King: Spinning heel kick attempt from Benjamin!

    JR: Jericho caught him! He's reversed it..

    King: Walls of Jericho! Walls of Jericho!

    JR: This could be it.. it must be it! These guys have giving everything here!

    *With Charlie Haas looking on at the top of the stage, worried that his partner is caught up in the Walls of Jericho, Y2J begins to crank up the pressure as Benjamin begins screaming in agony*

    King: Man, Jericho is cranking up the pressure!

    JR: Benjamin has to tap! there's no way out!

    *With Benjamin seemingly miles away from the ropes and with no escape likely, Bejamin raises his right hand.. Jericho once more cranks up the pressure and just when Shelton looks like he's about to throw his right hand back down and tap out...*

    JR: Benjamin rolled through! How the hell did he?!

    King: We have a pin attempt!




    JR: My god that was close! Jericho was miliseconds from getting pinned.

    *With Haas on his knees at the top of the stage in shock that Jericho was able to kick out.. Shelton begins dragging himself across the ring, he then uses the ropes to stand himself back up, only to be confronted by an already standing Jericho.. Jericho however is unable to land the first shot after Benjamin blocks it who then quickly reacts with a superkick!*

    JR: Bah Gawd that just shattered Chris Jericho's jaw!

    King: Jericho is out! this is Shelton's chance.

    *With Jericho laid out on the mat and Shelton falling back down after delivering the superkick, Charlie Haas is once more on his feet at the top of the stage, jumping up and down willing his partner on*

    JR: Benjamin is crawling over to Jericho, will he reach him in time to get the three count?

    King: Where about to find out.. he's reached him!




    JR: AGAIN! He kicked out again! how is Chris Jericho doing this?!

    King: I have no idea Ross! Look at Charlie Haas
    *King laughs* he's tearing his hair out up there!

    *With Shelton holding his head in his hands in disbelief that Jericho once more kicked out.. he looks up to the stage for inspiration from his partner when...*

    JR: Wait! what the?!

    *The tag team champions, All American Perfection come from behind the curtain and attack Charlie Haas, knocking him down and kicking him repeatedly while Vickie Guerrero looks on clapping her clients, With Shelton looking on in horror and unsure what to do he turns around and walks right into the...*

    King: CodeBreaker!

    JR: That came out of nowhere!

    *Jericho showing no remorse or even blinking with the fact that he's taken advantage of a situation he goes for the cover*



    JR: Jericho wins! Jericho has done it again!

    *Jericho after his win exits the ring quickly grabbing his title and heading up the ramp! as he's coming up, All American Perfection begin running down and jump into the ring beating on Shelton Benjamin, with Jericho now standing at the top of the stage he walks past Charlie Haas who lays motionless before walking behind the curtain*

    JR: Come on now! this.. this needs to stop!

    King: Shelton Benjamin is taking a beating, this is getting ugly Ross!

    *With the crowd heavily booing the tag team champions and no sign of them stopping the light flickers before finally going off*

    King: Hey, whats going on?!

    JR: I have no idea King!

    *The light then comes back on and a weary Swagger and Ziggler begin looking at each other before looking around the arena, Vickie Guerrero sensing trouble is on the way tells her clients to exit the ring and head to the back but before they do.. once more the lights flicker before going out*

    JR: Could this be?! Could this finally be his arrival?!

    King: Who?! Who's arrival?!

    *With the lights still out a big beam of light is sent down from the rafters and highlights a person in the crowd, as the light beam gets stronger and man starts walking, long black hair can be made out.. the man is carrying a black baseball bat and wearing a long black trench coat.. the crowd begin cheering frantically at the seemingly arrival of the man they call Sting!

    The man has now reached and climbed over the crowd barrier and begins walking up the steps and heading to the ring, Another beam comes down from the rafters lighting up the All American Perfection who now look very nervous and somewhat scared.. The man in the black coat stops in the ring and from the speakers a voice can be heard.. the voice simply says "Justice will be served" before fading away

    With Vickie Guerrero now screaming at her clients to get out of the ring and leave.. both Swagger and Ziggler begin creeping up to the man in the trench coat.. As they get closer and closer the lights continue flickering, they finally get close enough that they could almost touch the man.. when as they do, the lights totally go out once more..

    when they come back on.. The Trench coat has falling to the mat floor with the baseball bat left on top of it, Ziggler and Swagger look at each other in shock before quickly getting out of the ring and heading back to the back in fear, with the ring now clear.. help from the back come down to help the WGTT while the crowd are left stunned and what they just witnessed as the show moves on*


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    *The camera goes to the backstage area where Tyler Black is shown, crowd booing.*

    Black: You wanna know something?

    *Crowd boos*

    Black: Of course, you don't you're mindless imbeciles but you're gonna listen to what I have to say.

    *Crowd boos more heavily*

    Black: Cena made a hug mistake, ever accepting a rematch with me because if my fuel for revenge over him wasn't enough before, believe me when I tell that what I will do to him at In your House will make you all finally see how blind you were to the truth of it all. How it's the people like Cena, being The Rock, Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan and so many other that you fell for and loved but in the end were nothing more than minions to the narrow minded "vision" of what a WWE Superstar should be according to Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

    I am not one of them, nor will I ever be. I create my own spotlight, I create my own WWE career and the very first highlight of my soon to be illustrious career will ridding the WWE of the man, the cancer and the fool that is John Cena. This Sunday, The Era of Black will leave Cena beaten, battered and broken till nothing but a shell of a man lies in the ring, while I stand tall as the victor.

    At In Your House, Cena, you are going to fade away and I will usher the WWE into its glory days where wrestling actually matters and people love the sport and idolize ignorants buffoons such as you. I promise you after In Your House, Cena will be nothing but a distant memory and all will thank Tyler Black on that day for making the WWE a better place.

    *The camera comes back and heads to commentary.*

    JR: Well all the feuds set up for In Your House: Cyber Sunday now clash in a colossal main event.

    King: Sheamus, John Cena, and CM Punk, take on Tyler Black and Lex Luger

    JR: Aren’t you forgetting Cody Rhodes?

    King: Unless he goes back to his old attitude I don’t see why Black and Luger need to be forced to tag with him

    JR: He and Sheamus are on opposing sides tonight and Sunday at In Your House: Cyber Sunday, speaking of Sheamus here he is now!

    King: I don’t know who I want to lose more Sunday, Sheamus or Cody Rhodes. Maybe if Sheamus changes his mind and joins Regal and McIntyre. Unless Rhodes is influenced to change his attitude by Black and Luger.

    JR: I highly doubt either will actually happen.

    King: Well it better, just like Tyler Black better beat John Cena

    JR: Well Cena has the upper hand in this feud beating Black once at Backlash

    King: Well it won’t matter come Sunday; Black finally becomes the face of the WWE

    JR: Well that depends, because CM Punk may argue he could be the face should he win tonight and beat Chris Jericho at In Your House: Cyber Sunday for the WWE Championship, and become WWE Champion.

    King: Well that won’t happen because Luger will win tonight, and Chris Jericho will still retain anyways

    JR: This match will determine who goes on to face Chris Jericho


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    King: All I know is Rhodes better not retain, but Sheamus can’t win Sunday.

    JR: Care to explain how that is going to happen?

    King: I don’t know I just hope it will

    JR: Well here comes the bright young star with a bright future Tyler Black.

    King: It’s not a future, it’s here and now. Now is Tyler Black time, and no one else.

    JR: John Cena could argue that, Chris Jericho could argue that.

    King: There won’t be any arguing after Sunday

    King: Just like there won’t be any arguing Lex Luger will be the number one contender after tonight, and Chris Jericho will still be WWE Champion come Sunday.

    JR: Argue or not, we have to actually have the match to find out, and this may be one of the biggest matches in both the careers of Lex Luger and CM Punk. Winner goes on to face Chris Jericho at In Your House: Cyber Sunday, who will it, be?

    Main Event: Sheamus, John Cena, CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes, Tyler Black, Lex Luger(Sheamus= Big Show; Cody Rhodes= ADR; Tyler Black= Miz; Lex Luger= Mark Henry) Watch 5:36-11:44

    JR: A huge double clothesline, and both men are down

    King: Come on Luger get to your corner, get Tyler Black in!

    Both men lay in the middle of the ring reaching for their respective corners, and both get the tags, Sheamus tags in Cena, and Luger tags in Black. Cena comes in with a running leaping shoulder block, followed by another, Cena goes for the spin out powerbomb, but Black rolls over the shoulders of Cena, lands behind him, and hits Cena with a dropkick, Cena gets back up, Black sends Cena into the corner, Cena staggers out and Black hits a turnbuckle powerbomb, that sends Cena down. Black goes to the top rope waiting for Cena to get up, and as Cena staggers up and turns around, Black hits Cena with a diving crossbody, and Black attempts a pin, but Cena rolls through and is able to lift Black up on his shoulders…

    JR: Look at the strength of John Cena! I think he may be looking for the Attitude Adjustment!

    King: No Black got out.

    Black elbows Cena in the head a couple times, and Cena drops Black and staggers. Black surprised by the move Cena made, goes over and tags in Cody Rhodes. Rhodes doesn’t take to kindly to the tag in by Black and pushes him. Black goes to push back, but Rhodes pushes Black out of the way, and out of nowhere Rhodes is hit by Cena with a running leaping shoulder block, followed by another. Cody gets up and wails on a clothesline which Cena turns into a spin out powerbomb, as Cena raises his arm in the air.

    King: Five Knuckle Shuffle, please do it Cena!

    JR: You’re cheering for Cena now?

    King: No I only want Cody to suffer, there it is!

    Cena hits Rhodes with the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and Cena stalks Rhodes telling him to get up. Cody staggers to his feet, and Cena whips him around and picks him up on his shoulders

    King: YES! More punishment for Cody Rhodes!

    JR: Rhodes got out!

    Rhodes hopped off the shoulders of John Cena, and then hit Cena with a bulldog, and both men are down. Cena is reaching for his corner, as Cody is farther away than Cena, and Cena tags in CM Punk. Punk comes in and grabs the leg of Rhodes and drags him back towards his corner…

    JR: Punk is looking for Anaconda Vise, oh but Cody reached the ropes.

    Cody Rhodes reached the rope to get the break, and Rhodes rolls out to the apron. As Rhodes gets up, Punk hits a roundhouse kick that knocks Cody to the floor below. Punk celebrates for a little as Cody begins to stir outside. Punk then runs through the ropes and hits Rhodes with a suicide dive. Punk raises his arms in the air to celebrate once more, and rolls Rhodes into the ring. Punk then climbs the turnbuckle and calls for the diving elbow…

    JR: Punk looking for the elbow

    King: There it is-

    JR: No Cody moved out of the way.

    Rhodes moves out of the way of the diving elbow, and gets to his feet, as Punk gets up slowly, Punk turns and…

    JR: Beautiful Disaster, this may be it

    Rhodes goes over and taunts Sheamus, then covers Punk…


    Thr- Sheamus breaks up the pin, and Rhodes is not happy.

    Sheamus broke up the pin and Cody immediately got up and slapped Sheamus across the face, who then hit Cody with a double axe handle clothesline, and Rhodes goes down and rolls out of the ring, and Sheamus follows him out. Luger then hops in the ring and starts laying into Punk with rights and lefts, and Punk rolls over and returns the favor. Both men roll out of the ring and begin to go to blows outside. Black and Cena then meet in the middle of the ring and they begin to trade blows.

    JR: There is chaos all over the arena they are all brawling, the ref needs to get control of this

    King: I don’t think he is going to be able too.

    JR: The ref has just call for the bell as a result of the all-out brawl, and it’s getting nasty out here.

    Sheamus has Cody next to the barricade and is hitting forearm clubs to the chest of Rhodes, Cena and Black are fighting over by the announce table where Cena gained advantage by slamming Black’s head into the table, but Black returned the favor. Punk and Luger are at the edge of the ramp trading blows as the melee continues, then Teddy Long’s theme music hits, everybody pauses for a slight second but then goes back to brawling, as Long comes out with a security team and sends them down to break up the brawl.

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    Teddy Long: Security stop these men right now!

    *Teddy Long pauses as security separates the men.*

    Hold it right there playas, all of ya, stop it right this second. It is no surprise you all don’t like each otha, but this is my show and RAW is not gonna run amuck with brawls by you six. So playas listen up, and listen good. As ya know this Sunday is the In Your House: Cyber Sunday pay-per-view, and the WWE Universe has stipulations to vote on, well based on what has happened with each of ya over the past few weeks, I have come up with the stipulations for each of the matches. Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, you both seem to be enamored with William Regal and Drew McIntyre, so as a result the WWE Universe has three stipulations, either Regal and McIntyre will be at ringside for ya match, Regal and McIntyre are banned from ringside for ya match, or you two will compete in a two out of three falls match!

    *The fans boo at the names, but cheer the two out of three falls match.*

    Teddy Long: Now as for Tyler Black and John Cena, you playas really don’t like each otha, and you really want to prove who the face of the WWE is, well the true face of the WWE will win one of these types of matches, first a Tables Match, second a Falls Count Anywhere Match, and finally a Street Fight. Good luck playas.

    *The fans cheer loudly at the selections*

    Teddy Long: Now onto the Numba One Contenda’s spot for the WWE Championship. You two have put up quite the battle, but over the past four weeks the way I look at it, is CM Punk and Lex Luger have tied at one! So I can’t decide based on a tie, but I can guarantee you will all be involved in the WWE Championship match at In Your House, since you did tie and both deserve it. But since the pay per view is In Your House: Cyber Sunday and the power is in the hands of the people, I’m gonna let them decide. So WWE Universe your choices are Chris Jericho facing CM Punk, with Lex Luger as the Special Guest Referee, Chris Jericho facing Lex Luger, with CM Punk as the special guest referee, or Chris Jericho will take on CM Punk and Lex Luger, in a triple threat match!

    *The fans go nuts at the announcement.*

    Teddy Long: Now I knew you’d playas would like that, Holla Holla…

    *Teddy Long is cut off by Chris Jericho. Jericho marches down the ramp, mic in hand with a look of pure anger in his face*

    Jericho: Teddy Long, you can NOT do this. You are an incompetent fool that cannot make a decision, and so you're sidestepping your responsibility as general manager and passing on the buck.

    *Jericho enters the ring and stands opposite Long, still angry as the crowd boo profoundly*

    Jericho: And to who are you passing the buck on to? You choose to put the fate of the most prestigious title in the world in the hands of these hypocrites here. I mean are you serious? Are you for real Teddy Long? Are you really willing to put your job on the line here by having a bunch of informative, biased parasites voting in who I have to face at In your House on Sunday?

    *The crowd boo*

    Jericho: Both Punk and Luger have proven over the last few weeks that neither are on my level. Neither are deserving of facing me for the WWE title and neither are deserving of a chance to be the face of this company. I am the best in the world at what I do Teddy Long, but yet you're willing to give these sheep the chance to vote both men in for a match against me on Sunday.

    *the crowd boo*

    Jericho: And what else you fail to realize is that all 3 choices that you have on your proposed little poll are all giving me an unfair advantage!!

    With one option I'm facing Punk with Luger as the referee, in the other option I'm facing Luger with Punk as the referee, and in the other I'm having to face both of them!! I'm starting to think that you're trying to stack the deck against me deliberately here Teddy. And in doing so, you're making a very grave error. I am the BEST in the WORLD at what I do! I am the ONLY option you have to be the WWE Champion. And it is NOT fair that you are stacking the deck against me and then giving these hypocrites the power to decide the fate of the WWE Championship this Sunday. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    *crowd boo as a "NO!" chant breaks out*

    Jericho: Now, what you're going to do Teddy Long is you're going to grow a backbone, you're going to man up like the good employee you are, and you're going to name me ONE single opponent. NO special guest referees. NO option for a triple threat. ONE opponent.
    So what's it going to be Long?

    Eve's makes her way to the ring.

    King: Oh my God JR it's Eve! We haven't seen her since she left to be on Dancing with the Stars.

    JR: But why is she back and why is she dressed like an executive?

    King: I don't know, but she looks hot. Oh baby!

    Eve: Chris Jericho I am here on behalf of the WWE Board of Directors to address your concerns regarding General Manager Theodore Long.

    A mixed reaction begins.

    Eve: You see Chris Jericho isn't the first person to come forward with complaints about Mr. Long. In fact his name is merely the latest in a long list of employees that have expressed their concerns over Mr. Long's ability to perform the duties required of a General Manager.

    The crowd at the arena starts booing.

    JR: This is ludicrous. Who would complain about Teddy besides Jericho?

    King: Shut up JR! I'm sure Eve is going to explain that.

    Eve: These allegations are extremely serious and would be treated as such regardless of whether they came from a member of the camera crew, The WWE Champion Chris Jericho or the World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar.

    JR: Brock Lesnar? he's not even on this show anymore!

    King: Exactly! that's Teddy's fault.. he was running Raw so badly that Brock was being so misused that he left for Nitro! Also, as were talking about allegations.. I had heard that both Evan Bourne and Austin Aries were talking about not being used in the back.. perhaps they filed complaints too!

    Eve: The Board of Directors would like to assure everyone that a full investigation will take place starting tonight and should Mr. Long be found incapable of performing his duties on a level that the board finds reasonable then he will be fired from his position.

    The crowd boos louder.

    JR: Fired? Teddy's a great GM, he doesn't deserve any of this. He shouldn't even be investigated.

    King: Come on JR! Are you blind? Look I never said anything before.. but I agree that Raw is not being run properly, look at the way Chris Jericho is being treated now.. he does not even know who his opponent will be at In Your House, how is that fair?.

    Eve: However, for the time being, the board has opted to give Mr. Long the opportunity to continue on as General Manager while the investigations are being handled.

    The crowd cheers.

    Eve: That being said the board has appointed me Mr. Long's executive assistant to serve as their eyes and ears in their absence as well as assist him with anything he requires.

    The crowd begins to boo again.

    Eve: And if Teddy's job performance does not improve during the course of the investigation or the allegations against him prove to be true the Board would proceed to name me as his permanent replacement as General Manager of RAW.

    JR: This Jazabell is in it for herself, it would not surprise me if she's been in the ears of the board of Directors since the Re-brand of Raw!

    King: How can you say that about Eve? She clearly has Raw's best interest in mind.

    Eve smiles and the fans boo louder as Eve's smiles.

    JR: Oh that is just bullshit.

    King: What are you talking about JR? I think that's totally fair. If Teddy doesn't know how to do his job then he should be replaced. Plus Eve would make a fine GM in my opinion and a hot one.

    JR: There's no need for an investigation, Teddy's doing an amazing job as General Manager.

    King: Well that's your opinion, it seems the board of directors do not share the same opinion.. I'm just glad to see Eve back on RAW.

    JR: Well regardless of what we just witnessed, In Your House: Cyber Sunday, is live on Pay-Per View Sunday, and the voting is up to you, so WWE Universe go out and vote! We will see you Sunday!

    *As security keeps the rivals apart, Rhodes and Sheamus are staring at each other, Black and Cena are staring at each other, Punk and Luger stare back at each other and stare at Jericho, and Eve with a smirk on her face stares at them all as Teddy Long stares at her before the show goes black.*

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    Final Filler!

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