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    RAW is WAR Episode 19
    Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio

    JR: Welcome to Monday Night RAW is WAR, where we continue on our path to find out who will be number one contender to Chris Jericho’s WWE Championship at the In Your House pay-per-view.

    King: Lex Luger is up right now, and it’s going to stay that way, just like Chris Jericho will stay WWE Champion.

    JR: CM Punk will still put up a fight King. Tonight we also have a special Pick your Poison match for Cody Rhodes and Sheamus so we will see who they pick; you have to figure they pick who will give them the best chance to win.

    King: The best chance for Sheamus is to join William Regal and Drew McIntyre; he would have no trouble winning then

    JR: Maybe Sheamus is more admirable than that, just like I thought Kelly Kelly was but apparently not.

    King: I like the new Kelly Kelly; she isn’t going to take anything from anyone. Just like I like the person who finally stood up to Ryback.

    JR: Although we don’t know who it was someone has finally come after Ryback, and Tyler Black continues to come after John Cena, they ended last week with an all-out brawl that Black won, but then got cut off by the lights going out and a baseball bat appearing in the ring.

    King: I don’t know who it was but Cena has to be behind it, because once the lights came back on he was nowhere to be seen. Oh boy here comes Chris Jericho

    JR: Wonder what he has to say now.

    *Chris Jericho swaggers out wearing one of his trademark suits, and struts down to the ring with a smug smile on his face. He gets into the ring and grabs a mic and begins to speak instantly*

    Jericho: Cut the music.
    This is my show and I'll speak whenever I want, and I have something very important to announce that every one of you hypocrites will be interested to hear.
    As per what happened last week, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I, Chris Jericho, the WWE Champion and the best in the world at what I do will NOT be defending my title against anyone at the In your House pay per view.

    *The crowd boo as Jericho just smiles and laughs to himself*

    Jericho: You see, last week, CM Punk and Lex Luger both proved something very important to the world. Not that they're the best in the world, not that they're the best in this company, and certainly not that they're the number one contender to the WWE title.

    No, they both proved that NEITHER of them are worthy of facing me for this title. They both proved that NEITHER are on my level. They proved that they're both incompetent fools that don't hold a candle to me, and neither should ever be considered for a title shot ever again. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    *Crowd boo again as Jericho scowls at the crowd*

    Jericho: I know that this is a fact, all of you parasites know that this is a fact, and the general manager Teddy Long knows that this is a fact. I am the WWE Champion and I am the best in the world at what I do.
    I will not defend my title against unworthy opponents, not at In your House or at any other pay per view, and that is final.

    Now hit MY music.

    *Teddy Long heads out to the ramp, and Jericho puts a scowl on his face.*

    Teddy Long: Now hold up just a minute playa. Since when are you allowed to decide where you want to defend the WWE Title? That’s what I thought playa. I’m still the General Managa around here and as General managa my job is to find a contenda for your title. So Chris here is what I’m tellin ya now, next week at the close of the show, I will be announcing who I think is most deservin of the numba one contenda spot. So Chris you will be defendin your title at In Your House and that person you will face will also get a special twist with the In Your House pay per view, will include fan voting, on your match, which I will also announce next week. So playa my advice to you get prepared for both CM Punk and Lex Luger cause you ain’t findin out nothin until the end of next week. Hows that sound playa? Holla Holla Holla!

    *Teddy Long smiles as he heads to the back, with Jericho scowling in the ring, the fans cheering in spite of Jericho.*


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    JR: Well Chris Jericho just got told that he does not control his own destiny, Teddy Long does.

    King: Can you believe the nerve of Teddy Long? Chris Jericho is the WWE Champion, the best in the world; he can do whatever he wants this is his show.

    JR: Wrong this is Teddy Long’s show, he makes the decisions, and he has made the decision to set this next matchup up. The World’s Greatest Tag Team…

    King: Ughh

    JR: Take on the team of William Regal and Drew McIntyre.

    King: Sheamus would be an idiot not to join these guys.

    JR: I don’t trust these guys for a second. They want to take advantage of Sheamus, he should just focus on the match with Cody Rhodes at In Your House and he will be fine.

    King: That would be a big mistake; he could be US Champion and part of a dominant team if he joins Regal and McIntyre.

    World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. William Regal & Drew McIntyre
    (Regal= Holly, McIntyre= Rhodes)

    Watch till 2:44

    Benjamin breaks up the pin and William Regal comes in and hits a European uppercut that sends Benjamin stumbling back. Regal then presses Benjamin against the ropes and hits a couple of forearms to the face. Regal backs up, and hits Benjamin with the Knee Trembler. Benjamin falls through the middle and top ropes and out to the floor below. Haas gets up and hits a kick to the midsection of Regal followed by a clothesline that sends him over the top rope. McIntyre stalks Haas waiting for him to turn, but Haas knows it’s coming, so when he turns, he picks McIntyre up and hits an inverted atomic drop followed by a dropkick that drops McIntyre to the mat. Haas picks McIntyre up and puts him in a headlock. Haas tags in Benjamin who has gotten to the apron, and Haas and Benjamin send McIntyre against the ropes and hit a double dropkick on the way back. Haas celebrates as the ref goes over and tells him to get back to the apron. While the ref does that Regal had hopped up on the apron behind and taunts Benjamin, who comes over, and Regal hits him with the Power of the Punch. Regal used the brass knuckles but the ref did not notice. Benjamin stumbles back into McIntyre’s waiting arms. McIntyre grabs Benjamin and hits

    JR: The Future Shock DDT, those cheating bastards did it again

    King: Sheamus would be wise to join them

    Cover by McIntyre…




    JR: I’m tired of these guys cheating to win, why don’t they win cleanly for once?

    King: It was Haas’ and Benjamin’s fault why don’t they stop celebrating in the middle of the match like they just won. That’s why they lost they allowed them to cheat

    JR: Doesn’t mean they need to cheat.

    King: Yes it does.

    JR: Well we now take you to video of what happened before the show earlier in the evening at the DiBiase Posse Party.

    Scene opens to the pre-RAW DiBiase Posse Party at a nearby hotel. Ted Jr. is shown talking to his dad and Maryse.

    Ted DiBiase Jr.: I must admit, it's a shame I didn't get a chance to wrestle last week. I've been waiting to get back in the ring since Backlash.

    Ted DiBiase Sr.: Don't fret about it too much, Son. You'll get back in there soon.

    Maryse: And then you'll kick some serious ass!

    Ted DiBiase Jr.:
    *Ted grins.* Yeah, and hopefully I face Hunter. I still have yet to redeem myself- and you know what? I'm going to do it the right way. I'm not here to use my legacy against him, even if he has his wife do the dirty work to get him his opportunities. I'm not like that. That Hunter... he's a good-for-nothing asshole that only looks to benefit himself and is willing to do anything to do so. "Oh, Steph, get me that title match!" "Oh, yes, Hunter, because your such a good husband, despite not deserving any of the shit you get!"

    Ted stops as his dad and Maryse slowly walk away. Ted turns around, unsure of why they walked away, and stares into the face of Triple H.

    Triple H: Ted if you you had the talent to wrestle the way you run your mouth, you would be a decent wrestler, but the fact is that you don't Ted. You want a piece of me, that's not a problem. I will fight you anytime, anywhere. And if your daddy decides to help you out, I will pedigree his ass as well. You see Ted, everything I have, I have earned the hard way. The championships, the money, the luxury, all by hard work. You're nothing but a stepping stone. You want to redeem yourself Teddy, then step into the ring with me, The Cerebral Assassin. I've ended careers and I don't have a problem ending yours DiBiase.

    So lets forget about everything else... the accomplishments, the money, the legacies and lets settle this like two men. I don't need anyone in my corner and I'm sure you don't need anyone in yours. I just need your ass to step into the ring so I can do what your daddy never did, and that is to give you the beating of your life Ted. You called me out, I AM HERE!!!! Do something about it now.

    *stares Ted Dibiase straight in the eyes*

    Ted DiBiase Jr.: Let's save it for the ring, Hunter- you keep my dad out of this and I keep your wife out of this, and we go one-on-one.

    Ted meets HHH's glare and gets into his face as the scene cuts.

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    JR: Well that was interesting I don't think Triple H took too kindly to the DiBiase Posse Party

    King: Who would. DiBiase is almost as annoying as Cody Rhodes

    JR: Speaking of Cody Rhodes looks like we will find out who he is going to pick to be Sheamus' opponent

    *A huge pop immediately follows the music as the United States Champion walks out in his long hooded jacket. He flips the hood back and zips the jacket open to reveal the United States Championship around his waist. He laughs and begins to make his way down the ramp, high fiving fans as he goes. He walks up the steel steps and grabs a microphone from the top, climbing through the ropes and immediately beginning to speak.*

    Cody Rhodes: So there remains just two weeks left of competition before it all comes to a head at In Your House when FINALLY, after a month of talking, Cody Rhodes and Sheamus face off for the United States Championship in a match that is sure to steal the show.

    Sheamus is a great competitor, and we all know he can talk for the world, but I’m excited to face him one-on-one to see what he’s really capable of. This will be a testing ground for Sheamus, but it’s also going to be a testing ground for me.

    You see, ever since I had my little change of attitude- as many people are labelling it- a lot of the guys in the back have been speculating that I haven’t changed- that I’m using people to get to the top and I’ll ditch them when I make it there. That’s not going to happen.

    *The fans pop.*

    Cody Rhodes: If people want to help me get to the top, that’s fine. But in reality, I need nobody back there to help me. I want the people that will help me to put themselves first, to put their own abilities and needs before that of mine. We have CM Punk in the main events to help save this company, guys like Sheamus, myself, Ted Dibiase will change the midcards for the time being.

    In fact, when Sheamus and I face off in two weeks at In Your House, we will be predicting the future. One day, a rematch will take place, Sheamus against myself, but it won’t be for the United States Championship- it’s going to be for the WWE Championship, or the World Heavyweight Championship. And I’m willing to bet it’ll take place on the grandest stage of them all.

    *The fans pop loudly and begin a ‘Rhodes vs. Sheamus’ chant.*

    Cody Rhodes: But as much as I respect Sheamus, as much as I like the guy, it doesn’t change the fact that in just 13 days, on the 21st of October 2012, I’m going to walk out still the United States Champion- and when the rematch takes place, whenever that is, I’ll walk out victorious there as well.

    This is my time, this is The Golden Boy’s chance to prove that he can handle it against an upcoming star, and I’m going to take it.

    *The fans pop loudly again.*

    Cody Rhodes: And for those two guys in the back that think they can get involved in my business, in business that doesn’t surround them, Drew Mcintyre & William Regal, they both need to step back and look around themselves for a little bit. They’re not up to the level of Sheamus & I, and if they try and get involved in any way, at In Your House, I’ll win the match and I’ll make certain I put both of them on the shelf.

    And as for Sheamus, well if he listens to them- I’ll make certain I do the same to him.

    *The fans give a mixed reaction- Sheamus’ fans booing as Rhodes’ fans cheer. Rhodes brings the microphone up to his lips and goes to speak again but...*

    *The crowd explodes with cheers when Sheamus charges through the curtains and stands on the stage. He pounds his chest and extends his arms out into a cross, and then makes his way down the ramp, slapping a few hands on the way down. Sheamus climbs into the ring and between the ropes and is handed a microphone.*

    Sheamus: Rhodes, fella, I don't mean to interrupt but I have just'a few things to say myself here tonight, and we don't have much time either! First, let me say ... You're right, fella, we are just a mere two weeks away from our United States Championship match at In Your House, and that match will surely bring the house down!
    Now, I'm not tryin' to put you down, fella ... But this match won't be a proving ground for me ... I am a former WWE champion, fella, I've got nothing left to prove! If you win this match, it will truly solidify your legacy as the United States champion, I'll tell'ya that right now, fella!

    *The crowd has a mixed reaction to this ... Rhodes fans boo, and Sheamus's fans cheer.*

    Sheamus: Now, now, calm your horses, folks, no need to get your panties in a knot! I'm not out here'ta belittle Mr. Rhodes here! I'm out here because of two different issues I have to discuss ... The first being Drew McIntyre and William Regal.

    *The crowd explodes with boos and Sheamus shrugs his shoulders*

    Sheamus: Understandable. I'm not sure if you're all actually booing me or just their names, but it is all the same. McIntyre and Regal have been making some very valid points these past few weeks, Cody ... And I'll be honest fella, it is quite hard to ignore. We all know your past, Cody. I'm not sayin' I don't trust you ... Just don't give me a reason to trust those two clowns, alright? The fans love who you are now, and it is best to keep it that way ...

    *The fans pop loudly and start to chant Cody's name*

    Sheamus: Now, the second thing we have to talk about are our matches tonight, Cody. Tonight, we pick each others poison, if you will. So please, allow me to give you a brief description of your opponent for tonight, fella. This lad, well, he feels like he is being underused and feels that he deserves the spot light and a championship run ... This lad also tasted the bottom of my boot when I brogue kicked his head off ... Tonight, I expect you to win just as easily as I did Cody, so don't let me down ... Your opponent for tonight Rhodes, is Brian Cage.

    *The fans pop loudly and Rhodes now has a huge smile on his face*

    Cody Rhodes: Well thank you Sheamus, for giving me an easy task this week. Brian Cage has done nothing of note since he got here, and he won’t be doing so tonight. As for you, well since you’re an ex-WWE Champion, you may as well prove you’re still up to the level of a WWE Champion.

    *The fans pop.*

    Cody Rhodes: Your opponent tonight Sheamus, is the current WWE Champion, Chris Jericho. Do me a favour and kick his head off, ay fella?

    *Rhodes taps Sheamus on the side of the face and climbs back through the ropes as Sheamus has an angry look on his face. Rhodes backs up the ramp with a smile on his face, throwing the United States Championship in the air as he stares straight at Sheamus, who pounds his chest and roars.*

    JR: Wow two huge matchups set. Cody Rhodes will take on Brian Cage, and Sheamus will take on Chris Jericho. And the Rhodes v Cage match takes place next!


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    JR: Well earlier we found out of the pick your poison stipulation, and now Cody Rhodes will face Brian Cage.

    King: Cody thinks this is a gift, look at him, little does he know Brian Cage is looking for revenge after last week, and is ready to make an impact

    JR: No doubt Brian Cage will throw everything he has at Cody Rhodes but will it be enough?

    King: Who knows maybe Brian Cage will get Cody to revert back to his old ways, show the true Cody

    JR: However much you try this is the real Cody; this is the true Cody Rhodes

    King: I don’t believe it and I don’t like it.

    Cody Rhodes vs. Brian Cage Watch till 3:07

    JR: Beautiful Disaster that’s it




    Thr- Kickout by Cage and Rhodes can’t believe it.

    Rhodes picks Cage up and sets him against the turnbuckle, and kicks him repeatedly in the midsection. Cage stumbles out Cody hops to the second rope and hits a bulldog on Cage. Cody then comes off the ropes and hits a knee drop to the face of Cage. Cage gets up groggily and Cody goes for a dropkick, but Cage moves and Rhodes hits the mat. Cage catches his breath for a minute then goes over to Rhodes and picks him up. Cage goes for the Northern Lights Suplex, but Cody reverses it into

    JR: Cross Rhodes toss up a win for Cody Rhodes





    King: Sheamus gave Cody a gift apparently Cage is incompetent.

    JR: I’ll agree Cody dominated most of the match

    King: Well Sheamus has to face Chris Jericho so Cody won the pick your poison.

    JR: Don’t count out Sheamus he has been impressive since coming back, and he won that battle royal, who knows he could be our next US Champion

    King: I hope so; it means Cody won’t be champ anymore.

    JR: Well up next we will see Sheamus take on Chris Jericho

    *Sheamus is shown backstage preparing for his match, as William Regal and Drew McIntyre approach him from behind.*

    Regal: You gave Cody a gift, you sided with him over us - yet in return, Cody picks Jericho
    *Regal and McIntyre steps to the side of Sheamus.* You need to get your priorities right cretin! We'd treat you right. We would do anything we could to help you become United States Champion, well all that darling Rhodes cares about is that title around his waist. He may hold it high above his head, and shake your hand before the match - but by the time the match is reaching its conclusion, he will do anything possible to keep the US title. Chairs involved - but no disqualification called. You won't be friends after that. You would be like Randy Orton, Bob Holly, Ted DiBiase! Turned on with nothing left

    Drew McIntyre: Listen to him, fer he is right. Sheamus we all know you gave Cody a gift, you believed him, but he showed his true colors tonight by picking Chris Jericho. Now is your chance to make a wrong a right and join us. Look Sheamus, Cody knows that by picking Chris Jericho you may not be one hundred percent for In Yer House, and that’s what he wants, he wants you to be hurt, it will make it easier for him to retain, but join us and we will make certain that doesn’t happen.

    *Everybody pauses for a minute as Sheamus says nothing and stares at the two of them.*

    Drew McIntyre: How about we make you a deal Sheamus, you wrestle tonight, and after the match think about why Cody picked Chris. Then next week you give us an answer, let us know if you want to join The Chosen One and Mister Regal, or if you will continue to believe Cody Rhodes.

    *Regal and McIntyre leave as Sheamus just stares at them, then he goes back to preparing for his match.*

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    *The camera comes back from break and the show is live and swings over too the commentary table*

    King: You know Ross, I think Regal and Drew are right.. Cody can not be trusted, You know.. a leopard does not change his spots JR!

    JR: I can't say I agree King, I firmly believe Cody has changed and will continue too do things the right way, Regal and Drew are just trying too get into Sheamus's head.

    King: Then explain this Ross! why did Cody pick Jericho as an opponent for Sheamus tonight?

    JR: Why? I have no idea, But Sheamus is a warrior folks and for anyone suggesting that Cody got an easy ride was proved wrong earlier with a big hearted performance from Brian Cage earlier on!

    King: Way too duck a question JR! You know it.. I know it and the whole WWE Universe knows that Sheamus will have too give everything he has too beat Jericho tonight and will therefore not be at 100% come In Your House in two weeks time.

    JR: I will agree it will not be easy for Sheamus tonight.. and no doubt the WWE Champion, Chris Jericho will walk in the favorite but let me tell you this.. the Celtic Warrior is not just a nice nickname folks! Sheamus is a fighter and he will keep fighting with every last breath I can promise you that!

    King: Things would be a lot easier with Regal and Drew at his side though Ross!

    *Before JR can reply the crowd erupt with cheers as Sheamus's music blares out around the arena, the big man beats his chest with his forearm at the top of the stage before walking down, heading too the ring looking focused as the crowd cheer his name*

    JR: This should be a great match folks! don't count out the Great White.. Yes! he's going too have to be at his best but that's something we have come accustom too where Sheamus is concerned.

    King: I can't see it Ross, Cody has played this so smart.. he's picked Chris Jericho! The best in the world at everything he does.. and with the role he's been on since re-joining this company, I'm not sure anyone can stop him at the moment!

    *With Jericho's theme sounding out from the speakers it's greeted by boo's and jeer's from the crowd.. Jericho is quick too shrug it off holding his WWE title over his shoulder with a smirk. he slowly begins too walk down the ramp heading too the ring.*

    JR: The WWE Champion folks, Chris Jericho! like him or not.. Jericho has been more impressive then ever since Re-joining, but again.. do not count out Sheamus.

    King: Look how calm and relaxed Jericho is Ross.. now look at Sheamus, it looks too me like Sheamus is worried.. maybe he finally understands that Regal was right and that Cody can not be trusted.

    *As King finishes speaking, the camera zooms in on Sheamus who is confused, perhaps mulling over the situation that occurred before the break, the crowd sense it and a Sheamus chant breaks out as the ref signals the start of the match*

    Start at 3:55 stop at 10:35

    King: Jericho is so impressive Ross, Sheamus just hit him with huge battering ram from the top rope and Jericho was able too kick out!

    JR: Just one of the reason's he's still the WWE champion King! Sheamus just has too keep his head hear and keep in control of the match.

    King: He just don't look right too me JR! He's not as focused as he normally is.. It's all Cody's fault.

    *Sheamus begins rubbing his face with his hands trying too re-gain focus, Sheamus is clearly thinking over things as once more the crowd chant his name.. with Jericho stumbling too his feet, Sheamus begins smashing his chest once more before leaping out of the corner looking for the Brogue Kick!*

    JR: Sheamus looking for the Brogue Ki-

    King: Jericho ducked, Jericho ducked!

    *Chris Jericho then sweeps the legs of Sheamus as he turns around.. and proceeds too try and lock in the.. *

    King: Walls of Jericho!

    JR: This is not good for Sheamus folks.. Jericho has this locked in!

    *With the crowd sensing that Sheamus is in trouble they once more chant his name trying too spur him on too no avail*

    King: Jericho has this locked in tight! Sheamus has too tap!

    JR: He's fighting King, he's trying too get out of the hold.. but again, with that important match just two weeks can Sheamus risk losing it all for this match tonight!

    King: This is want Cody wanted.. he has not changed at all.. he's a genius!

    *With Jericho applying more pressure it begins to look like Sheamus is about too tap when he uses everything he has left too roll through the hold pushing Jericho away with sheer leg strength*

    King: How the hell did he escape?!

    JR: I told you he was a righter King! Sheamus looks hurt though folks.. Jericho looking too take advantage!

    *With Sheamus clearly in agony and holding his knee, Jericho is quickly back too his feet barking at Sheamus too get back to his feet.. Sheamus eventually does and Jericho leaps at him looking for the Code Breaker only for Sheamus too catch Jericho and reverse with...*

    JR: White Noise! White Noise!

    King: Nooo!

    JR: Sheamus must.. he is.. Sheamus with the pin!




    JR: My god Jericho kicked out! he kicked out again!

    King: Jericho just can't lose Ross!
    *King Laughs*

    *Sheamus sits on the mat asking himself what's it got too take for him too put Jericho away before once more grabbing for his knee in pain, Sheamus then stands up and limps too the nearest corner where the crowd begin too chant Brogue knowing whats coming next*

    JR: Sheamus looking too play his top trump card here folks! we all know whats coming!

    King: No! No! Jericho! stay down!

    *As Jericho gingerly gets back too his feet, Sheamus picks too run from out of the corner ready too hit the Brogue Kick when disaster strikes and Sheamus pulls up holding the injured knee.. Jericho is quick too react at hits the..*

    King: Codebreaker! Yes!

    JR: What happened?

    King: Codebreaker! that's what happened Ross!
    *King laughs*

    *Jericho with no remorse quickly jumps on Sheamus as the ref begins too count*




    King: I told you! I told you! Cody is such a genius.. he has not changed one bit and he may have just made sure Sheamus does not even make it too In Your House!

    JR: Well it's another win for Jericho folks but the bigger picture is that Sheamus is hurt.. It looks like Sheamus's knee and I think the damage actually started when he came off the top rope and then when Jericho had the Walls locked in.. that's when it became agony!

    King: Boo Hoo! what happened too him being the Celtic Warrior?!

    *With Jericho celebrating his win ,delighted, he begins too make his way back up the ramp, as he does.. help comes rushing down knowing that Sheamus is clearly hurt, Sheamus however see's the help on it's way and try's too stand himself only too fall down and again grab for the knee..*

    King: Well I hope Sheamus is happy, Regal tried too warn him and so did Drew! this would have never happened had he just listened too sense!

    JR: An injury can strike anytime King.. Don't even pretend that Regal or Drew are right, Cody is a champion.. he loves and is very proud of holding the United States title, off course he was going too give Sheamus a tough match tonight!

    King: Sounds like you are trying too justify it too me Ross! Truth of the matter is this.. Cody has not changed and never will.. he knew what he was doing and I'm glad Sheamus is hurt, maybe next time he will see how stupid he has been and will accept the help from Regal and Drew!

    *The camera cuts backstage to where we see Paige standing, as she looks in the camera ready to deliver a message.*

    Paige: The Road to Triumph.

    The beginning of the journey to become the brand new WWE Women's Champion. A journey I intend to complete. I am glad they decided to bring back the WWE Women's Championship for it is the championship that cements you as the woman who everyone should want to be and not just be satisfied with being called a Diva. It means no other woman in this business is as good as you are.

    The term Diva is sickening, women in the WWE should want to rise above it, but so many fall victim to the term and remain as a Diva. I do not, my wrestling career has made it so I don't need to call myself anything rather than what I am and that is the best female wrestler in the WWE.

    The Divas Division is but a shell of it's former self when wrestling mattered and I am here to make it matter again, only I will not fall victim to the term Diva, I am better than that. No matter what, The Road to Triumph, will be the gateway to a new era in women's wrestling and it starts with me becoming the WWE Women's Championship.

    *Paige stares into the camera with a stern look as we cut to break.*

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    JR: Well after last week we may see Ryback off his game like never before.

    King: I hope so but he still isn’t facing any real guys, I mean look at them.

    JR: Well Ryback doesn’t look phased but you know he has to be thinking about it.

    King: Well he still will win, I can beat these two guys.

    JR: Two guys at once? I’d like to see you try.

    Ryback vs. Jobbers

    Watch 2:24–4:10

    King: See another domination, this is pointless.

    *The lights go off and the spotlight comes back on focused on Ryback.*

    JR: Again?

    King: Maybe we will find out who it is. Yes!

    ???: Ryback... I can smell your fear from here. At In Your House, your worst fears will come true. You're just one of the firsts to feel pain. So if I were you Ryback, I wouldn't even show up because at In Your House... It's LIGHTS OUT for you!!!

    *The lights go back on and Ryback once again has no expression, he heads to the back.*

    JR: Whoever this is has clearly sent a message he wants a piece of Ryback

    King: Finally, I can't wait to find out who it is.

    Kelly Kelly is shown backstage standing by herself, as the camera's zoom in on her.

    Kelly: So last week, Trish had a few choice words to say. The simple fact of the matter is that Trish is irrelevant. These fans don't pay their hard earned money to see her or to see a has been like Lita, they pay to see me. They buy the magazines to see me, they tune in to the TV shows to see me in the guest role. So, let me put it to you this way Trish. Go back to Canada, go back to yoga, go back to whatever the hell it was you were doing before you decided to stick your nose in my business. Even if you decided to come back, you would be forced back into retirement because I am the #1 Diva.

    Now Teddy Long decided to make a huge impact involving the Diva's. Frankly Teddy, I don't know you don't just give me the title. This road to triumph needs to be renamed Kelly smacks some diva's around, because this title is mine. People made fun of me because of my wrestling ability, but no one will be laughing when I leave my stamp in this tournament. When it is all said and done, I will be crowned the new Women's Champion.

    Kelly Kelly turns, heading down the hallway, as two of her security guards following beside her. As she heads to the parking lot, she is swarmed by fans.

    Fan #1: Kelly, can I get an autograph?

    Fan #2: Kelly, can I get a picture!?

    Fan #3: Kelly, I want to father your child!

    Immediately, the security push all of the fans away, blocking Kelly Kelly from them.

    Kelly Kelly: First off, whoever wants an autograph. Sorry, I don't do those. My name is worth money. If you want an autograph ask someone who is irrelevant like Kaitlyn or Nattie. As for you who wants a picture, well, go find the latest issue of Maxim. Frankly, if a picture was taken with you and I, other fans would continually ask me why I had my picture taken with a troll. Lastly, you who want to do ungodly things with me....well, I only go between the sheets with men of true stature. People like Channing Tatum, Paul Rudd, and other big names. You look you like you are the product of you incest and well...if I ever have a child, he or she will be perfection..not garbage like you. Now, get out of my way, I'm going out clubbing!

    The security push the fans away, as Kelly climbs into her car, starts it, and drives off.


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    JR: Well Lex Luger could put himself ahead for good should he win this because the only thing possible that could happen should he win, is CM Punk ties him in wins. Luger needs this.

    King: And he is facing John Cena no tough challenge

    JR: I wouldn’t speak so fast, Cena looks pumped and ready to go

    King: Well it won’t last long

    JR: And here is Luger, needs this win and he could be in the match at In Your House

    King: Finally we agree, because CM Punk could only tie in wins, Luger needs this. Let’s Go Luger!

    John Cena vs. Lex Luger

    Watch 0:18 – 4:34

    JR: Cena with another headlock takedown, he has been in control thus far

    King: Come on Luger let’s turn it around

    Cena gets the takedown and keeps the headlock wrenched in. Luger is able to get to his feet, backs to the ropes and uses it to push Cena off to the opposite ropes. Cena comes back with a leaping shoulder block, followed by another, Luger flails with the clothesline and Cena hits a spinout powerbomb. Cena calls for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and he bounces off the ropes but Luger comes back with running forearm smash, cover



    Thr- kickout by Cena. Luger looks mad.

    King: There we go Luger stay on top of him, end it right now.

    JR: Could Luger be on his way to In Your House?

    Luger picks Cena up, and hits an inverted atomic drop followed by a hip toss. Cena gets up and leans against the turnbuckle. Luger goes over and hits a couple knee lifts to the midsection, then Cena staggers out and Luger lifts Cena above his head into a military press position. Cena jumps off and hits a leaping shoulder block, followed by another. Cena hits a spinout powerbomb, and this time hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena stalks Luger and tells him to get up. Luger gets up groggily and Cena picks him up on his shoulders. Cena locks in a modified Torture Rack, followed by an Attitude Adjustment, cover




    King: No now it all comes down to the main event, Tyler Black better win.

    JR: Well CM Punk is thankful to John Cena right now as CM Punk and Lex Luger could be all square, with a CM Punk victory tonight. I would hate to be Teddy Long

    King: This is awful, and on top of that Cena now wants to speak.

    Cena: So Black. You are better than me in every way huh? Well let me tell you something Tyler - I am the face of the WWE. Multiple time World Champion - well you haven't won one. Can you not see - CAN YOU STILL NOT SEE? At Backlash you tapped out - yet you want more. Well you want some? You got some!

    *Fans pop*

    Cena: So at In Your House John Cena vs Tyler Black will happen! And Tyler these fans are not the imbeciles - you are. I am not the scum of the Earth - you are. Tyler you may try to influence these fans in your own way - but golly I am going to kick your ass. Well, both me, and from last week - may even the possibility of the man in the rafters.

    Your hand slapped the mat three times at Backlash - you gave up - something you should never do. You admitted I was the better man, and In Your House nothing will change. John Cena standing over Tyler Black with the fans in the palm of his hand - whilst Mr. Blacky Wacky goes crying off to Teddy Long. You. Will. Lose. Again! Tyler, you're in for a tough ride!

    *Cena drops the mic as the show goes to break*


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    *With the crowd still cheering for John Cena the camera swings round too the commentary team as the ring is prepared for the main event*

    JR: Well folks it's time for our Main Event of the night and it's sure too be a cracker of a match!

    King: CM Punk vs Tyler Black! Now that is a special match Ross! I'm not a CM Punk fan.. but I appreciate his talents in the ring and in Tyler Black... we are indeed watching the future of this company!

    JR: Well I'm a CM Punk guy.. always have been and always will be, but I agree that Tyler Black is certainly going too be a future WWE Champion in this business!

    King: He's going too take Cena's spot as the face of this company too!

    JR: I wouldn't bet on that King.. Cena is here too stay and he's going too be around for years too come, Black is talented.. but for me, he's not at the level of John Cena!

    *Tyler Black makes his way from behind the curtain and on to the stage, with Cena's promo still ringing in his ear's he's clearly focused as he makes his way too the ring*

    JR: Since making that statement where he attacked John Cena at Wrestlemania, Black has been ever impressive, those of you who have followed this mans career will know just how talented he is and many tipped him for greatness many years ago!

    King: I don't think many people expected it so soon though Ross! He has taken Raw by storm and has instantly made himself a key player here on Raw Is War!

    *The crowd give one of the biggest pops of the night for CM Punk, the self proclaimed best in the world comes through the curtain to a huge ovation of cheers and chants.. he stands at the top of the stage doing his trademark routine before shouting "clobbering time" and heading too the ring*

    King: Here he comes! the second best in the world!
    *King laughs*

    JR: Not for me King.. this man right now, there is not a better wrestler around in my opinion.

    King: So why is Jericho still carrying the WWE title?!

    JR: Because he got the job done at Backlash, it's as simple as that.. on any given night any one person can win.. but I firmly believe when Punk gets his rematch.. he will become the new champion!

    King: Oh yeah? What makes you think he's getting another title shot? I actually agree with Lex Luger and I think he deserves too fight Jericho for the title.

    *With both Punk and Black warming up in the ring ready too get started the crowd are hyped with a real big fight feeling flowing around the arena, the ref calls for the bell and the match begins*

    Start at 2:43 stop at 9:26

    JR: Black has Punk up on his shoulders! wait.. he's not.. is he looking for-

    King: He is.. he is! he's going to give Punk a taste of his own medicine!

    *Black has Punk up on his shoulders and with a sick smile across his face he appears too lift Punk in the air ready to hit Punk with his own finishing move.. however Punk is able too reverse and flips over Black grabbing his legs on the way down and rolling him up!* One.



    JR: Boy that was close!

    King: You got that right.. Punk almost stole the win!

    JR: What a match from these to guys King, just listen too what these fans think of it!

    *With the crowd cheering Punk is given a new lease of energy and gets back too his feet, with Black on his knees.. Punk begins kicking Black repeatedly too the chest as the crowd cheer every one!*

    JR: Vicious strikes from Punk here! Black's chest is red raw!

    King: So Punk's the best in the world yet he has too kick a man repeatedly when he's down? give me a break.. come on Black!

    *Punk eventually eases up on the shots too the chest and calls Black too his feet.. as Black eventually stumbles up, Punk swings his leg looking for a big round house kick too the temple only for Black to duck it and shoot for a roll up!*

    JR: Black with the roll up!



    JR: This could be it!


    King: That was even closer! Both men have come close but this match rolls on!

    *Black is clearly shocked that Punk was able too kick out at the last minute but neither man have time to dwell on it as both men jump back too there feet and begin trading blows*


    King: These men are slugging it out like Ali and Fraizer!

    JR: Both are laying it all out on the line tonight for these fans and there loving it!


    *Just as Punk seems too have gained control with the last couple of big shots, Black is able too block the last one and deliver a knee to the gut before hitting a huge DTT to the mat*

    King: Punks out! cover him, cover him!



    *With Black laying on top of Punk and seemingly about too get the 3 pin, Punk is able too lock his legs around the one arm of Black and grab hold of the other and revers it with his own pin attempt*




    JR: He kicked out! Bah Gawd another close call!

    *The count was so close that some fans begin cheering thinking Punk has one the match until they see his expression and quickly see his disappointment and that the match is still on.. Punk is first to react and grabs Black by his hair pulling him up too his feet before hitting a suplex and setting himself up too go high rope*

    JR: Punk looking for the trademark elbow of the top rope here!

    *Punk springs of the top rope and comes crashing down driving his elbow into the heart of Tyler Black and quickly looks too take advantage with the win*

    King: Another pin attempt from CM Punk!




    JR: Tyler Black will not give up! huge heart from this young man right here!

    *CM Punk begins too crack a smile trying too hide his disappoint at once again not being able too finish the match.. Punk once more stands too his feet but this time signals for the go to sleep! He then picks up Black once more this time on to his shoulders and nails him with the...*

    JR: Go To Sleep! this should be.. it must be!

    King: No Black! Kick out! kick out!




    JR: It's over! it's over! Punk wins, CM Punk wins!

    King: This was your chance Black.. it was your chance too show John Cena just how ready you are!

    JR: Just listen to these fans and there appreciation for that match.. both these men should be proud for the match they just put on! my god what a main event!

    King: Losing is losing Ross, who cares how good the match was...

    *With the crowd cheering and showing appreciation for the match.. Black rolls out of the ring and begins gingerly making his way up the ramp showing signs of fatigue after the match, with CM Punk getting his arm raised in the ring he nods his head as a sign of respect too Tyler Black as the crowd chant Punks name..

    The WWE logo comes up which signals the end of Raw Is War but before the camera feed goes dead.. the lights in the arena go out.. and the crowd go silent wondering what is going on, after a few seconds a bright light is beamed up in the rafters and a shadow can be made out watching from above.. before people can even speculate who the shadow is the lights once more go out.. and when they come back on the shadow is gone!

    With Tyler Black on the top of the ramp wondering whats going on.. CM Punk in the ring wondering the same and the crowd still wondering if anything else is going too happen the WWE Logo once more goes up and this time the feed goes dead.

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    Let's fill for Nitro!!!

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    Final Filler

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