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    Scene opens to the parking lot outside of a large hotel. Ted DiBiase Jr. is shown leaning against an expensive-looking vehicle, speaking with his dad.

    Ted DiBiase Jr.: I hope you are proud of me, Dad.

    Ted DiBiase Sr.: Of course I am, Son. You returned at Backlash, you forsook the big money, and you even eliminated your rival, Hunter. I am so dang proud of you, Ted.

    Ted DiBiase Jr.: That means a lot, really, it does. I thought you'd be mad at me for leaving all the riches you bestowed to me behind.

    Ted DiBiase Sr.: No! If anything, that makes me happier- I want you to work for what you get on your own, and you've done well. Just look in there-

    Here Ted Sr. points to the window, where everyone else is at the Posse Party, having a good time. Maryse looks out the window and notices Ted Jr., smiling and blowing a kiss to him.

    Ted DiBiase Sr.: -you see all those happy faces? They like you, Maryse adores you, the fans adore you, and now you can work your way up to the top from here. I have to ask, though, what are your plans for now?

    Ted DiBiase Jr.: I want to settle the score with Hunter, Dad. I may have eliminated him, but I took myself out of Backlash, too. I want to redeem myself and face him one-on-one, take him out. I want to go for the United States Championship, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes. Anyone who comes in my way will end up on Dream Street- that means Hunter, Sheamus, even my best buddy Cody. I want to make a name for myself and not live in the Legacy, Dad. Those days are over, and while I would love for you to manage me, I want to make Theodore Marvin DiBiase JUNIOR a name to remember.

    Ted DiBiase Sr.: And I'll be there with you every step of the way, Son.

    Scene ends as father and son embrace and Ted Sr. returns to the Posse Party, leaving Ted Jr. alone out in the parking lot.

    RAW is WAR: Episode 18
    Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan

    *We go to the announce booth after pyro.*

    JR: Welcome to RAW is WAR! I’m good ol’ JR, and alongside me Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, and Jerry we don’t have a number one contender for the WWE Championship after last week’s match, where CM Punk and Lex Luger fought to a draw

    King: Clearly Luger was the more dominant one, he should be named number one contender

    JR: Well we do expect to hear from Teddy Long tonight regarding the situation, but that’s not all, last week Trish Stratus, our esteemed guest host, was attacked by Kelly Kelly, we also expect to hear from Trish tonight at some point as well

    King: I’m really liking Kelly’s new attitude

    JR: That’s a shocker, you haven’t seemed to like many superstars new attitude changes.

    King: That’s because it was Cody Rhodes, I think he may have rubbed off on Ted DiBiase

    JR: DiBiase is a man of the people King, did you see how much fun he was having, he was giving back to the fans that did a lot of hard work to throw a DiBiase Posse Party. I would like to go to one, or have one myself

    King: Well I wouldn’t, who would want to they are lame, just like this man.
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    *The fans cheer in a lively manner as C.M. Punk appears on stage and continue doing so even with C.M. Punk not doing his signature pose but instead heading to the ring, with a stern look on his face as he is handed a mic and waits for the cheers to subside before speaking*

    Punk: Now, last week, Lex Luger and I fought for the right to become the #1 contender to the WWE Championship. It was a great match until.......

    Lex Luger had to resort to cheating to try to beat me. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand why he did it and believe back in the day I did and would've done the same thing but when you call and prove that you are The Best in the World that type of behavior is no longer a part of you. You have no need to resort to cheap tactics like cheating because the pure wrestling skill, and the ability to keep going strong whether you win, lose or draw make you a better person and a better WWE Superstar.

    That's why I learned, that's why I try to pass on to those who face me in this ring and put their heart, soul, blood, sweat and even tears into this business like I have. I'm not here whining about not defeating Luger last week or even whining that Jericho once again had to be the last man standing after laid out Luger and myself, claiming that neither of us were worthy of facing him for the WWE Championship.

    I am simply pissed that had not Luger tried to cheat to win, and accepted that I was and am the better man, I would've won that match and made Jericho eat his words at because if ever there was anyone worthy of facing anyone for the WWE Championship, it's me.

    I have been through hell and back to get where I am today and know that if I were to face Chris Jericho once more, I would make him Go to Sleep or lock him in the Anaconda Vise till I damn well pleased because I am the Best Wrestler in the World and know that I am the next WWE Champion. I'll go through anyone to get that chance, be it Cena, Black, Rhodes or even Luger again...I will face Jericho for the WWE Championship at WWE in your House, that is a damn guarantee.

    *The commentators boo as Lex Luger makes his way out to the stage to the crowds disgust. He slowly struts down to ringside, keeping his eyes on Punk the whole time*

    *The crowd boos*

    2 more minutes, that's what would have been echoed over the arena. I did not cheat Punk! Have you got video evidence of myself being DQ'd. Because if I cheated, why did the bell not ring for a disqualification? Had we not gone to a draw, you would've been on my shoulders, in the Torture Rack, slapping your hand against my shoulder not once, not twice, but thrice!

    You see Punk, we need to settle this. No excuses. You need to move off to another feud, to allow me and Chris to tear the roof of this place. You say the word, and you make Chris Jericho vs Lex Luger at Backlash. What do you say Punk? See who is the "Best in the World", and who moves onto Backlash to face Mr. Dancer boy?

    *As Luger and Punk argue in the ring, the music of the RAW is WAR GM hits and Teddy Long makes his way to the top of the ramp.*

    Teddy Long: Now hold up a minute, hold it right there playas. Now listen, last week the match ended in a draw, and while Lex Luger may have cheated, I am not going to reverse the decision of the referee. Now we could have ourselves a rematch, but nobody likes to see the same matches week after week. So here is how its goin down playas, instead of you two fightin again for the number one contender spot, over the next three weeks you two will be placed in matches, and in three weeks, whoever I found the most impressive I will name number one contender at that time. Now tonight playas you two will square off in a tag team match, where CM Punk your partna will be, John Cena! And Lex your partna tonight will be Tyler Black, and to keep Chris Jericho on his game we are takin a page out of Nitro’s book and havin ourselves a Champion versus Champion match where Chris Jericho faces Cody Rhodes. Holla Holla Holla!

    *Teddy Long heads to the back as Punk and Luger stare at each other.*

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    JR: What an announcement from Teddy Long

    King: He better pick Lex Luger or I'll make sure he is out of a job.

    JR: What about the matches he set up for tonight, they are huge!

    King: Oh yes and right now the best tag team in the WWE, All American Perfection will be in action, specifically Jack Swagger, but at least we get to see Vickie.

    JR: And this should be a slobberknocker!

    King: Shelton Benjamin faces Jack Swagger in a singles match!

    JR: He brings Guerrero and Ziggler with him? He's scared

    King: And here comes one half of the greatest tag team champions since the rebranding of Raw!

    JR: I dunno, I think I preferred it when they were vacated.

    JR: How will all these people presence at ringside interfere Jerry

    King: There's only one way to find out...

    JR: Fight?

    King: Bingo

    Match 1: Shelton Benjamin vs Jack Swagger (Angle)

    1:35 – 10:58

    Swagger prepares for a German Suplex, but Benjamin kicks him off. Benjamin runs against the ropes and lands a running forearm, which sends Swagger down. They both get to their feet as Benjamin leaps up and lands a frankensteiner, which sends Swagger into a seated position by the turnbuckle. Benjamin lands a dropkick to the face of Swagger, before going to the apron. He taunts to the crowd before landing a springboard crossbody, into a cover




    Both men roll to their feet, where Swagger ducks a clothesline, and lands a back suplex. He picks up the leg, and tries to lock in the Ankle Lock, but Benjamin kicks him off before he can. Benjamin lands a dropkick which sends Swagger into the ropes, and on the return, he lifts him up for a huge powerslam. He turns to Guerrero who gets up on the apron and begins screaming at the referee. In the meantime, Ziggler hits Haas in the face with the title belt! Benjamin goes over to the opposite side of the ring, only to be greeted with a title shot. He falls back on top of Swagger as the ref turns around


    JR: Has Zigger mucked this plan up?


    King: God Ziggler, how did you cost Swagger the match?

    Swagger reverses into a crucifix roll up




    King: And Swagger wins, I never doubted it for a second

    JR: Sure King, anyways right now Scott Stanford is standing by with Cody Rhodes.

    *The cameras cut backstage where we see Scott Stanford with a microphone in hand.*

    Scott Stanford: Hello Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Scott Stanford, and please welcome my guest at this time, the United States Champion- Cody Rhodes.

    *The fans pop loudly as Rhodes walks onto the screen, a smile on his face and the United States Championship on his shoulder.*

    Cody Rhodes: Thanks for having me.

    Scott Stanford: Now tonight Cody, perhaps one of the most difficult matches of your career, you will go one-on-one with Chris Jericho in a Champion vs. Champion match, what are your thoughts on this?

    Cody Rhodes: My thoughts? Well this is simple, tonight is all about proving myself. I’m already the United States Champion- and those of you who actually listen to what I have to say- well you all know I don’t exactly care for Chris Jericho.

    I believe he is overconfident in his abilities for a start, I mean, he walks around calling himself the best in the world when everybody with a brain knows it is CM Punk. I’ve said that I believe he doesn’t hold the title with dignity, and I’m right, he doesn’t. But what else he doesn’t do- is hold the title with honour- something I pride myself on doing for this beautiful championship.

    I’m the Golden Boy, and tonight is my golden chance. I’m going to take it and prove to the entire world that I really am the next WWE Champion.

    *The fans cheer loudly in the arena.*

    Scott Stanford: Last week, you had a match with Tyler Black that you lost, do you have anything to say to Black?

    Cody Rhodes: Yeah, I owe him one. Last week, Black and I put on a masterclass in that ring, match of the night for sure, but for somebody that comes from Ring of Honor, Black has no honor. As that match ended with him holding his hand in the air in victory, he didn’t deserve it because no honourable person would have won that match grabbing the tights.

    I mean, I get why he did it- he was just coming off a huge loss at Backlash. All of the build up about how he was going to become the face of the WWE and he loses to John Cena? Damn, that must be a bitter pill to swallow, but he picked the wrong person to take it out on, and I don’t care if I don’t get him back for a while, I will get him back, and I’ll get him back ten times worse than he could even imagine.

    *Another pop from the arena.*

    Scott Stanford: Now last week, Drew Mcintyre and William Regal had some harrowing words for your opponent at In Your House, Sheamus. Let’s have a look at what they said.

    *Both Stanford & Rhodes turn to a monitor.*
    Quote Originally Posted by G.G.G. View Post
    *Rhodes smiles and walks away as the crowd pops. Sheamus turns back to Josh Matthews but stops again as he notices another two men. The camera pans out and William Regal & Drew Mcintyre are shown staring at Sheamus.*

    William Regal: Randy Orton! Hardcore Holly! Manu! Sim Snuka! Ted DiBiase! Twice! Even Drew here! What do they all have in common? Well darling, they were all once Cody Rhodes' friend. And what did he do? He turned on them! Cody beat them down with lead pipes, hit them with Cross Rhodes - cost them a few months or even years of their career wasted with Cody.

    When you're with Cody, it's eat or be eaten. Strike him first before you get struck. You won't be United States Champion with him as your friend. When you're in control, you'll take a chair shot to the head. Cretin, you don't need him. You need, someone like me, someone like us.

    Drew McIntyre: Look Sheamus, take it from me, Cody Rhodes can't be trusted. I mean I have personally experienced it, he isn't going to be like this forever. As soon as he loses, he is going try and kick yer arse. Trust me when I tell you, he is the same old Cody, no different when we were a tag team. Look both me and Mister Regal were very impressed with you at Backlash, and you really need to start thinking about what we have to say. Take it from me, the Chosen One, someone who has personally experienced what and who Cody Rhodes is really like.

    *Sheamus glares at Regal and McIntyre for a bit, then Regal and McIntyre leave, but then rubs the palm of his hand to his mouth while thinking*
    *We come back to the backstage altercation where the smile from Rhodes’ face has completely disappeared.*

    Cody Rhodes: I’m unsure of two things right now, number one, I don’t know how many times, or how long, it will take before people actually realise I have changed, I’m no longer the guy that beat down all of those people.

    Yes I did all of that, I’m not going to deny I did it, but am I going to do it to Sheamus? No. I’m going to fight Sheamus like a man and defend my title like a man. But the second thing I’m unsure of, is what William Regal and Drew Mcintyre have to do with ANY of this. I’m the United States Champion and Sheamus is the number one contender- that should be the end of it.

    Instead, we’ve got two idiots running around thinking they can manipulate people against me. What? Is this sour grapes Drew that you’re nothing but Regal’s bitch and I’m soaring high? Or is it jealousy from you Regal, that I’m the guy with my entire career stretched out in front of me- and you’re nearly retired.

    Either way, it doesn’t matter to me, but let me just give you a warning right now.

    You’re on my radar, both of you. And that’s somewhere you don’t want to be. If I see you trying to manipulate anybody into attacking me, I’ll lay you out quicker that you can say ‘Revolutionary War.’

    *The fans pop loudly and begin a USA chant. When they die down, Stanford asks another question.*

    Scott Stanford: Finally, any words for Sheamus?

    *Cody looks at Stanford before turning to the camera directly.*

    Cody Rhodes: See you at In Your House.

    *Cody walks off screen as the fans pop loudly.*

    Scott Stanford: Thanks for your time Cody.


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    JR: Well here he is again, the machine known as Ryback.

    King: When is he going to face some actual competition?

    JR: Maybe everyone is afraid to wrestle him? Have you seen what he has done?

    King: He did those to nobodies.

    JR: But what about lifting two people on his shoulders at the same time?

    King: Those guys weigh like one hundred pounds soaking wet, I could do it.

    JR: I’ll hold you to that.

    Ryback vs. Jobbers

    Watch 2:05- 4:08

    JR: Another annihilation by Ryback

    King: Still not impressed needs to face legitimate competition .

    JR: Wait whats this?

    *The lights go out and a spotlight comes on in the ring focused on Ryback and a mysterious voice comes over the PA.*

    ???: Hey Ryback, you want to be fed more? You need to be careful what you ask for because your wish is coming true! Soon my identity will be known and you will be nothing more than just another name trying to make it in the wrestling business. Ryback, I am close by, I've been watching you dominate wrestler after wrestler, but I am not impressed. It's feeding time, but I'm the one that will eat you alive because you just signed a check that your ass can't cash!!!

    *The lights go back on and Ryback just stands there emotionless.*

    JR: I don't think I've ever seen Ryback like this before, but I don't blame him, who was that, who was speaking to Ryback?

    King: I don't know but I like it. Finally someone stood up to Ryback, I can't wait to find out who it is.

    JR: Well up next we have champ versus champ as Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes do battle


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    JR: And up next, it’s time for a Champion vs. Champion match!

    King: And here comes the WWE Champion!

    JR: Well Jericho has had his hands full recently with CM Punk and Lex Luger- and it only makes me wonder where this rollercoaster championship reign will take Y2J next!

    King: Well JR, you have a good point, but every single PPV since Jericho return, he’s won the match, he’s beaten 29 other superstars in the Royal Rumble, he beat The Undertaker, Ultimate Warrior and CM Punk. He can beat Punk again, and Luger too!

    JR: Well confidence is certainly not an issue with Jericho!

    King: You’ve got that right JR, Jericho loves himself almost as much as he loves the WWE Championship, but he does have a reason to- he’s the best in the world at everything he does!

    JR: And here comes the United States Champion!

    King: I can’t believe he showed up.

    JR: Why wouldn’t he?

    King: Well, he already knew he was gonna get his ass kicked! Why would he turn up to that?

    JR: Believe it or not King, I believe Rhodes has a much bigger chance than you’re giving him- he’s a terrific competitor.

    King: He used to be.

    Match 3: Chris Jericho vs. Cody Rhodes in a Champion vs. Champion match
    (Rhodes = Orton)

    JR: Huge dropkick from Rhodes! He goes for a cover!

    King: NO! Come on Jericho, kickout!




    Jericho throws the shoulder up as Rhodes rolls away to the ropes and begins to get up with their help. Jericho begins to get up in the centre of the ring, and is to his knees when Rhodes reaches him yet again, kicking out into Jericho’s chest.

    Jericho falls backwards to the canvas but bounces back up as Rhodes goes for another kick to the chest, but Jericho catches the foot and grabs the other foot with his other arm, dragging his feet from underneath Rhodes, while standing up himself, looking for the Walls of Jericho!

    He finally manages to turn Rhodes over but Rhodes manages to immediately roll back. Jericho kicks Rhodes in the gut before going once again for a Walls of Jericho but Rhodes manages to pull Jericho in and push him backwards into the ropes. Jericho runs forwards as Rhodes gets up and knees him in the side, sending Rhodes rolling underneath the ropes to the apron.

    Jericho throws an arm in the air as the fans boo loudly, before going to grab Rhodes, but Rhodes grabs Jericho’s head and drives his throat into the top rope, sending Jericho backwards. Rhodes runs across the apron and jumps up to the top rope in one swift movement, using the turnbuckle as a springboard to connect with the Beautiful Disaster! He collapses onto Jericho with a cover!




    JR: Oh! Jericho just kicks out! I thought that was it!

    King: Me too JR! What a match this has been, but come on Jericho!

    *Rhodes rolls off Jericho and sits next to him almost asking what he has to do. He begins to use the ropes to get himself up as Jericho begins to move himself. Rhodes grabs Jericho and drags him to his feet, setting up for Cross Rhodes- but Jericho manages to twist out and kicks Rhodes in the gut. He runs past Rhodes and hits a bulldog, before running across the ring and going for a Lionsault- which he lands! He covers Rhodes.




    Rhodes gets the shoulder up! The entire crowd jumps up out of their seats applauding the heart shown by the United States Champion- as well as a hell of a performance from the WWE Champion. Jericho gets to his feet and backs up to the ropes as Rhodes begins to get up. He reaches his feet and Jericho hits a Codebreaker! He covers Rhodes.




    JR: What a match an instant classic

    King: But Jericho proves why he is the Best in the World

    JR: Could you at least give Rhodes credit for almost pulling out the win

    King: No.

    JR: Well stay tuned for more great action!


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    King: Who is this guy I’ve seen him like once and he lost, what’s he doing here now?

    JR: He still is a rostered member King he belongs here

    King: Oh great now we get to hear him talk too. He goes into hiding all of a sudden comes back and can hold this show hostage.

    *Brian Cage comes out with a look of disgust on his face. He gets in the ring and demands a mic.*

    Brian Cage: Cut my music! I said cut my music!
    *The music is cut* Look this is absolutely ridiculous, I am treated like shit around here. I make my debut and am never seen from again? Are you kidding me, this is no way to treat a star like me. Now you’ll all say “you’re not a star we barely even know you” well to that I say it’s the WWE’s fault, if they knew what was good for them I would be on this show each and every week, I would be the number one contender for the WWE Championship, and I would be the face of this company. Why should I have to suffer the same fate as Evan Bourne? Just because I chose to tag with him, and we lose I get punished? Well no more, each and every week you are going to see my face on your television screens, whether you like it or not, and to prove I’m the best, right now I am having an open challenge anyone in the back who wants to get beat come out here and do so, right now!

    *Cage drops the mic and waits.*

    *After a little pause, Sheamus comes out to answer the challenge, and Cage looks ready.*

    Sheamus vs. Brian Cage

    Watch 2:03- 6:39

    After Cage backs out Sheamus hits a double axe handle. Cage gets back up groggily, Sheamus picks him up and hits the High Cross, that sends Cage across the ring, but Sheamus is not done there. Sheamus then waits in the corner for Cage to get up, when he does Sheamus hits him with the Brogue Kick, and he is still not done. Sheamus then grabs the legs of Cage and locks in the texas cloverleaf, and Cage submits almost immediately.

    JR: What a win by Sheamus

    King: You’re not the only one impressed JR

    *At the top of the ramp after the match is William Regal and Drew McIntyre who stand there and applaud Sheamus with smiles on their faces. Sheamus notices and looks at them with a confused look as they continue to applaud.*

    King: Sheamus join them, they know what is best, you could be dominant with them

    JR: What if he wanted to listen to Cody Rhodes? Plus he doesn’t need the added distraction he needs to focus on the US Title shot he has at In Your House

    King: If he joins Regal and McIntyre he wouldn’t have to worry it would be a guaranteed win.

    JR: Well we are expecting our main event up next, but first Josh Mathews is backstage with Trish Stratus.

    Josh: Good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is Josh Mathews and I'm here with the legendary Diva herself,7 time Women's Champion and Diva of the Decade Trish Stratus. Trish it's a pleasure to have you here.

    Trish: It's a pleasure to be here Josh.

    Josh: So first off I wanted to talk to you about RAW last week. You were of course the guest host and you did an awesome job by the way.

    Trish: Well thank you very much!

    Josh: But besides the matches you booked there was one more thing that had people talking and that was when you layed the smackdown on Kelly Kelly.

    Trish: Yea that was interesting. I've never really had a problem with Kelly before that day, we've teamed up before and she was always very sweet, but I guess people change and Kelly had a point to prove. She wanted people to know that she was the top Diva these days, but I don't think that the way she went about it was the best way for her to do that.

    Josh: I'll say, instead she got some sweet Stratusfaction.

    Trish laughs.

    Josh: So how did it feel to be back hosting RAW and specially in a wrestling capacity as unexpected as that was?

    Trish: Well you know WWE is my home away from home, it will always be a part of me so coming back if only for a day was amazing. There's nothing like standing in that ring and hearing the cheers from the fans. As for the wrestling part well I just hope Kelly learned her lesson and she goes back to the way she used to be before all her accomplishments got to her head.

    Josh: Well speaking of WWE being your home maybe you heard that another legendary Diva Lita made her return last Nitro and she had some less than flattering things to say about you and the rest of the Divas division. Would you care to comment on that?

    Trish: I did hear Lita made her return on Nitro, unfortunately I wasn't able to see it and don't know exactly what she said. And I really don't want to know. The last time I saw Lita things were cool between us, we hung out as friends so I don't know what brought on this change in her or why she felt the need to mention my name at all. But Lita made her return after many years away and she obviously wanted to make an impact so I guess she did that and I have nothing bad to say about her.

    Josh: So I guess there's no chance to see you back in the WWE on a more permanent basis?

    Trish: Umm I wouldn't say there's no chance, I would just say that it would have to be under the ring circumstances. Right now I have a ton of projects I'm working on outside the WWE so I don't think it's something I want to do right now, but as the saying goes never say never in the WWE.

    Josh: I understand. Well thank you somuch for your time Trish and we look forward to seeing you back in the WWE in the future.


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    JR: Well its time for our main event, where CM Punk and John Cena will take on Lex Luger and Tyler Black.

    King: Its time for Tyler Black to shine

    JR: When are you going to accept the fact that John Cena is still one of the top faces of the company.

    King: Because he is too old, Black is new, fresh, young, he has all the makings of a star, these fans need to get over John Cena, he is not relevant anymore, he doesn’t have it.

    JR: Well Backlash would seem to refute that, and Cena would probably say the same

    King: Who cares what Cena has to say, all he does is rap, and its not very good

    JR: Cena is multi taltented King, why can’t you accept that?

    King: Here’s another man who needs to accept the fact that he is not the best in the world, that belongs to Chris Jericho, and Lex Luger is the number one contender

    JR: Actually there is no number one contender right now, it was a draw last week.

    King: Here is a man who deserves to be number one contender for the simple fact that he is the face of this business

    JR: I think both Luger and Punk would disagree, may be the only thing they ever agree on but nonetheless.

    King: Well if Black doesn’t deserve it Luger does, but then again they will both lose to the best in the world Chris Jericho

    JR: Well one of these two will make their case stronger for number one contender with a win, lets see who it is.

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    CM Punk & John Cena vs. Tyler Black & Lex Luger
    (Black= Ziggler, Luger= Swagger)

    Watch till 7:05

    Luger gets the tag to Black, who goes over and tries to prevent Cena from making the tag, but Cena kicks Black off of him and gets the tag to Punk. Punk comes in with a springboard clothesline, followed by another clothesline, and when Black gets up Punk hits a roundhouse kick, cover



    Kickout by Black. Black reashes towards Luger, but Punk drags Black into the middle of the ring and locks in a body scissors. Punk wears out Black, but Black is able to elbow Punk in the head and break the hold. Both get up and Punk hits a huge chop to the chest of Black. Black staggers into the corner, and Punk runs and hits a high knee. As he grabs Black by the head, Luger tags himself in, without Punk realizing. Punk hits the bulldog, and gets up to celebrate, but Luger hits a huge running forearm smash, cover



    Thr- Cena breaks up the pin!

    Cena breaks up the pin, but from behind Black hits Cena with Avada Kedavra, that sends Cena out of the ring, Black follows out and a brawl ensues. Punk gets up and looks at the brawl, from behind Luger picks Punk up and locks in the Torture Rack. Punk tries his best not to tap out, but in the end he can’t and he taps out.

    JR: What a win for Luger, he really makes himself look good now.

    King: Who cares about that look out in front of us, Tyler Black is taking it to John Cena.

    *Black continues the brawl outside with Cena, and Black is taking it to Cena. Finally Black stops and grabs a mic.*

    *Black demands a mic after his victory, looking ready to speak his mind*

    Black: Can you still not see?

    *Fans boo*

    Black: Can you still not see, how I am better than Cena in every way? Of course you don't you are Cena fans. You are just the type narrow minded imbeciles who fell right into Cena trap, Vince must be so proud of you all .

    You enjoy his childish raps, his victories and hell, you obviously buy into the fact that he's a goody, goody two shoes but I know Cena is a low life, the scum of the earth and a man who doesn't deserve anything but a good ass kicking and a kick so hard that it shoves his teeth down his throat and I will be the one to do just that.

    *Fans boo incessantly*

    Black: The fact is I'm a winner and as he proved tonight, he is nothing but a loser. You'd be fools not open your eyes and realize that I am better than him, my in ring skill, hard and determination are above anyone else's in this business but I'm not gonna waste it on you idiots because if you guys love Cena, you don't deserve the best of me but what I will do is give it my all to ensuring the next time I face Cena, it will be the last time you see him in this WWE ring, you better beli-

    *All of a sudden the lights go out and nothing happens for a little bit. The lights come back on, and Cena has disappeared, and Black is in the ring, with a baseball bat lying right at his feet. Black looks freaked out, and looks around for a bit. Black then drops the mic, and is careful to step around the bat, as he goes to the back quickly. the show fades to black with Tyler Black heading up the ramp freaked out.*


    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Nitro Time!

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    This Nitro was written by myself *no big deal* and no_1eddiefan - the BEST writer on eWN!

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