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    Tenay: Wow, a relative newcomer is here in WWE.

    Bischoff: According to my ear piece he's call Matt Tyndall. How will he fare here?

    Matt Tyndall stands in the center of the ring, politely waiting for the crowd’s noise to die down before grabbing a microphone and beginning to speak.

    Tyndall: Most, if not all of you, know who or what exactly I am.


    Tyndall: This, of course, is why I am currently present in this very ring. I am here to introduce myself.

    Again, silence.

    Tyndall: I am called upon by my mother as Matthew Thomas Tyndall, but, please, just call me Matt Tyndall, as it is a name much easier to say- I wouldn’t want to harm anyone’s mental state.

    The crowd appears hurt at the insult of their intelligence and some begin to boo.

    Tyndall: I, however, am not here to stand in the center of this ring and endlessly drone on of how great I am, and how I deserve debuting here on Nitro, and whatever else any other mortal man might speak of upon his debut. I am here to show you who I am, but I will go ahead and be as brief about this as possible: I am a former wrestler of RedPoint Wrestling, where I have held each title at least once- the Heavyweight title a record three times; nobody else has even held it twice. I also won the very first RedPoint TLC match, the first RedPoint battle royal, and the first RedPoint cage match- I’ve since gone 5-0 in Cage matches, a record I plan to extend in my WWE tenure.

    The crowd is not entirely sure how to respond- some still boo at the earlier insult, whilst others wonder what RedPoint Wrestling is.

    Tyndall: To summarize- I was a big fish in a small pond where I was at previously. Here, although it is a bigger pond, I am still as big of a fish as before- and I am still what I was in RedPoint Wrestling. And what is that, one may ask? It is quite simple, really- only three words. Surely this crowd can muster three words, no?

    The crowd again becomes irritated.

    Tyndall: The dictionary defines this first word as a climax, peak, or acme. The next word is “of,” so there’s no need to define that- even you people should be able to define “of.”

    More irritation from the crowd ensues.

    Tyndall: The third word is defined as confusion and disorder, typically disorder due to the absence of governmental control. …Are we confused? I am the Apex of Anarchy. I am the peak of disorder- and there is much disorder in the WWE. It is obvious the people who run this company have no clue as to how to do so properly- I am here to rise to…

    Tyndall begins to laugh hysterically.

    Tyndall: No, no, no. I am not here to rise. I am already AT the top; I am merely here to leave my mark. I am here to show every last one of you ignorant people (here he points out to the crowd) what real wrestling is, and I will do it despite any obstacles that may enter my path and try to hinder my movement. This, WWE, is the rise- the current veils that obstruct the art of wrestling from this place, its supposed home, will be torn down, and a new era in WWE shall commence. The Era of Disorder. The Era of Anarchy. The Era… of Matt Tyndall.

    Tyndall drops the microphone and moves to his corner, waiting for his opponent.

    Tenay: Well I’m excited to see what this kid can bring to the table Eric

    Bischoff: I am as well it’s the unknown, but let me tell you, Amazing Red is not an easy opponent for your first match in the WWE

    Tenay: No Amazing Red can do a little bit of everything but this should be entertaining to say the least.

    Match 4: Matt Tyndall vs. Amazing Red

    Watch 2:17- 5:34

    As Red goes over the top rope, Tyndall moves and Red hits the ground hard. As Red staggers to his feet Tyndall hits a gutwrench powerbomb, and Red is out on the ground. Tyndall rolls back in the ring and waits for the ref to count. The ref count is now at 7 and red begins to stagger, 8… and Red is on his feet, 9… and Red makes a last ditch effort and rolls in the ring, Tyndall goes over and stomp on Red repeatedly, until the ref pulls him off. As Tyndall comes back, Red hits a springboard crossbody, but Tyndall rolls through and is able to lift Red up, and hits another gutwrench powerbomb. This leaves Red down as Tyndall goes to the top rope, and Tyndall hits a frog splash, cover…



    Th- kickout by Red.

    Tyndall then immediately goes over and locks in the cross arm breaker, and Red is forced to submit

    Bischoff: Well I am very impressed with this guy, what a debut.

    Tenay: I was but I’m not anymore, just break the hold.

    *Tyndall continues to apply the cross arm breaker and won’t let go at the ref’s command, and Red continues to scream out in pain. All of a sudden Jay Lethal runs down the ramp, and Tyndall evacuates the ring as Red is clutching his Arm.*

    Tenay: Thank god for Jay Lethal, but I fear the worst that Red’s arm may be broken.

    Bischoff: Matt Tyndall was making it known he is a legitimate contender here, and he is not going to be stepped on by anybody.

    *Tyndall backs up the ramp, and to the top of the ramp as Lethal tends to Red*


    Bischoff: The Deadman returned at Backlash, and attacked both HBK and the Rock, along with costing the Rock the match against Kevin Steen tonight!

    Tenay: Clearly, Undertaker still has an agenda with both of these men, and how will it erupt tonight.

    It was only a matter of time before my presence would be felt again in the WWE. Unfinished business needs to be taken care of... Souls are needed to be claimed! Rock and Shawn Michaels, I am not an easy man to get rid of. So many men have tried destroying me and as you can see, they have all gone away and yet I still remain. I have gone to hell and back, I have summoned the evil forces themselves to unleash on you Rock and on you Shawn Michaels... Redemption Draws Nigh!!!

    (The crowd begins to cheer)

    You will not get my forgiveness and please don't mistake my actions as acts of revenge, because it's not revenge I'm after, it's a reckoning. I will torture your souls and you will both feel pain like never before. Nitro is my new hell and welcome to hell gentleman. I will lead you both into eternal damnation. You both thought that you could get rid of me? I have walked straight through the fires of hell to make it back here to the WWE. I am and will always be the most feared entity in this business. I will make you both understand why I am the reaper of wayward souls and you will also understand why I am the lord of the darkness. The spirit of the Undertaker lives in the souls of my followers. This flame will never be extinguished; my origin can never be explained. Mankind has witnessed my rebirth. And to all those that oppose me, you will be torture by my demons!
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    Tenay: And here comes Mr. HBK himself Shawn Michaels to personally respond to the Undertaker!

    Bischoff: He's all banged up. He should retire again and do the WWE a favor

    HBK: Deadman, I’m really not sure what I did to upset you. Help you keep The Streak alive? Say nothing but good things about you since our WrestleMania matches? What is it, ‘taker? Actually, I think I get it….You’re jealous of me. You always have been. Ever since, even though I lost, my retirement took the spotlight away from 18-0. My refereeing job overshadowed 20-0. Most of all, though, my return absolutely blew away 21-0. It kills you when The Streak isn’t on the tip of everybody’s tounge, doesn’t it?

    Shawn. I'm not upset and it has nothing to do with your ability as a wrestler, it has to do more with your character. You come to the WWE and you start running your mouth and self title yourself Mr. Wrestlemania. Last I checked Shawn, you have won matches at Wrestlemania and you have surely lost matches too. I don't want the spotlight, I prefer the darkness. Shawn, go ahead and live in the spotlight, but remember this, shadows lurk around the light, and I will be lurking as one with the shadows and at the right moment, I will strike.

    *the crowd cheers as a lightning bolt strikes in the arena*

    Tenay: Oh my God, that was deafening Eric!

    Bischoff: This is just going to scare our fans away. There was no need for that!

    Just like Backlash Shawn, you didn't see me coming and I'm sure I was the last person that you expected to see. I made my presence known to you and the Rock. The bad news for your soul Shawn is that I'm not finished with you and your soul is up for grabs. I am coming for you, hell is following right behind me; and like I said before, this is not revenge that I'm after Shawn, this is a dead reckoning. So go back to your limelight, go back to your titles of Mr. Wrestlemania and the Show Stopper, because no title in heaven or earth will help you escape the torment that is coming to you. If you would look to the screen Shawn so I can show you the preparation that I’ve have started on.

    *both men look to the Titan Tron*

    Bischoff: This doesn’t look good.

    Tenay: No it doesn’t Eric, I really wouldn’t want to be in Shawn Michael’s shoes right now.

    I already started on your grave Shawn, the priest has been summoned to administer your last rights. Time is running out on you Shawn, the sands in the hour glass is running out on you. My demons stand to my left and to my right ready to tear your soul into pieces Mr. Wrestlemania. Soon Shawn, very soon, and this I make my vow…. you will REST IN PEACE!

    Shawn squares up to Undertaker - going nose to nose. Shawn smirks at the Undertaker, before leaving the ring to some boos from the crowd. He motions to Undertaker that this is not over, as they go to a commercial


    Burn In My Light blares, as Orton comes out from the back to a good chorus of boos. He poses at the top of the ramp as pyro's fall. He walks down the ramp, and climbs into the ring. He ascends the corner and poses once more, before climbing down. He reaches through the ropes, grabbing a mic. He comes back in, and stands at the center of the ring.

    Orton: Ever since Backlash, all I've heard is why Orton why? Why did you punt the Ultimate Warrior. The answer is simple. Because I can!

    The fans are booing big time now, some even chanting jackass.

    Orton: I mean, this guy had the audacity to come out of retirement, capture the WWE Championship, and make a mockery of it. If that didn't harm his status as a legend, me sending him to the ER because of a caved skull most likely did. See this is what I'm sick of. I'm sick of people like Hogan, Flair, Foley, Duggan, and Warrior sticking around in the wrestling business. People talk about the Golden Age of wrestling, and the Attitude Era....well welcome to a new Era. The Legend Killer era!Now something else that happened at Backlash, for all of you people living on welfare and scamming off the system and didn't order the PPV, I called out any legend to come to the ring. Do you know who came out?

    The fans cheer at this, as a DDP chant starts.

    Orton: Yeah....Diamond Dallas Page. Now as I see it. DDP isn't a legend. To some he may have been considered a WCW legend, but let's be honest, WCW was nothing more than the shit that the WWE spewed out. The only "legend" from the WCW was Sting. Anyways, DDP, you came out to accept my challenge. Let me make one thing clear. I'm not going to fight you. I'm not going to even kick your skull in. My agenda right now is to rid the WWE of the filth that is so called legends. People like the Undertaker, Sting, Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, even John Cena. Those are the legends of this business, and they are congesting the limelight that I have worked my ass off for! So DDP, stay out of my business, because I don't want to be a senior citizen on the disabled....

    *Diamond Dallas Page comes out to the ramp to a big ovation from the crowd. He has a big smile on his face as he does his trademark Diamond pose before swaggering down the ramp and entering the ring. He gets a mic from a ringside assistant and he then positions himself opposite Randy Orton who looks very annoyed.
    The music stops as DDP spreads his arms, still with a massive smile on his face before going to talk.*

    DDP: It's ME! D! D! P!

    *the crowd let out a huge cheer again*

    DDP: And I'm not going to stay out of your business Randy because you are my business. I'm all about helping people feel good about themselves, and the way I see it, you're not feeling good about yourself.
    You see, I think that the reason you're calling out legends and taking out legends is because you're scared. You don't think you can beat the regular superstars on the roster, so in you're self pity, you're facing old legends to make yourself feel good about yourself!

    *the crowd cheer as Orton's eyes narrow, clearly getting more annoyed*

    DDP: But that's not a bad thing, that's a good thing!!
    You see by facing legends in this ring, you're not only making yourself feel good about yourself, but you're making the fans feel good too! Because let's face it, everyone likes to see their favorite superstars from times gone by coming out to grace the squared circle again!

    *the crowd cheer again*

    DDP: Now Randy, You might not think that I am a legend, and that's ok. I mean, I'm a little hurt, but it's ok. I can look on the positive side of that!
    But if in your eyes I am not a legend, then you shouldn't have any problem with facing me! Because if you think about it, if you face me, and beat me, then you'd have beaten someone that isn't a legend! And then you won't need to feed your self pity ever again by facing past superstars! And then you can start liking you again!

    *the fans cheer*

    DDP: You see Randy, always look on the positive side of the situation! Because I like me!! All of these people like me!! And I'm going to help you, like you too!!

    Orton looks squarely at DDP, before the two goes nose to nose, as Orton swings a right hand! DDP reels, as Orton lands another, and one more, before DDP lands one of his own! Orton falls down before sliding out the ring. DDP shouts at Orton, who's retreating up the ramp, as we go to a commercial.

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    Bischoff: And now it's time for the main event.

    Tenay: Mr. Anderson faces Brock Lesnar in a champion versus champion match

    Bischoff: The head asshole in charge, trying to defeat the World Heavyweight Champion

    Tenay: And if he does – that leaves a possible title match in line – which could lead to Mr. Anderson simultaneously holding both the World Heavyweight and the Intercontinental Championship!

    Bischoff: God I hope not. Hopefully Jarrett's chair shot from earlier hinders him

    Tenay: And here comes the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Bischoff: OF THE WORLD! And the best ever World Heavyweight Champion. OF THE WORLD!

    Tenay: Really? You're going to carry on kissing Lesnar's ass?

    Bischoff: Yep.

    Main Event: Brock Lesnar vs Mr. Anderson (Hardcore Holly) in a non title champion vs champion match

    Watch until 6:02

    Lesnar jumps straight to his feet after that running forearm, and swings at Anderson, who traps the arm and lands a neckbraker! Lesnar rolls to the apron, where Anderson lands a baseball slide, sending them both to the floor. Anderson grabs Lesnar's head, and slams it against the barrier. He tries to slam it against the steel steps, but Lesnar drives the back of Anderson against it.

    Lesnar throws Anderson in the ring before following, and whips Anderson into the turnbuckle. He follows up with a clothesline, before bodyslamming Anderson down. Lesnar stands Anderson up, and kicks him in the gut. He tries for a powerbomb, but Anderson slips out behind. He runs against the ropes and tries for a running crossbody, but Lesnar catches him. He lifts him up on his shoulders – before landing the F5! Lesnar hooks the far leg.




    Bischoff: Lesnar wins again. Yay!

    Austin's music hits and the crowd go wild for the Rattlesnake, and he makes his way down to the ring. He passes Brock, Sable and Paul, shouting abuse at them and climbs the turnbuckle, raising his signature salute to the screaming crowd. He waits fr his music to die and approaches the three people opposite them, getting real close in the Champs face especially.

    SCSA: You think you have seen the last of me, What!? You think youve seen the last of Austin.... well do ya?!

    Shoves mic in Heymans face, who goes red and says....

    SCSA: What?! Do you????

    Shoves it in Sables face, who goes to slap him, but Austin catches her hand and laughs

    SCSA: WHAT!? And you, 'champ', you think you seen the last of Stone Cold Steve Austin????

    Gets right in Brocks face, who is screwed up in rage

    SCSA: WHAAAAT!!!????

    Brock is pissed and has to be restrained by Paul

    SCSA: Wow there Brock, whaddya gonna do pal? You gonna hit me, you gonna F5 me? Or are you gonna shut up and listen!? If yu want Brock to Shut Up, gimme a Hell Yeah!

    Crowd: HELL YEAH!

    SCSA: Exactly! And you Paul Heyman, what are you gonna do you me.... nothing, except maybe crap your little lawyer pants, and piss you little lawyer pants, and go so red, youll look like one of them shrivelled, rotting tomatoes! And what are you gonna do, Sable? you gonna grind for me, you gonna try to use your.... 'assets' to hypnotise me, like you did to that dumbass ref last night. Well, I can tell you, Stone Cold aint no dumbass ref, I aint a dumb redneck! And hell yeah, I may not be the World Heavyweight Champion, but I'll tell you right now, sweetie, you see your husbad over there
    *points to Brock*, tell him to hold on to his title real tight, cause he can beat all the Edge's, all the R-Truths, all the John Morrisons he wants, but you tell him that next week, by orders of Vince McMahon himself... Brock Lesnar will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against *turns to Brock now*..... ME!

    Tenay: What an announcement! Nitro will hold a World Heavyweight Championship clash next week!

    The crowd roar with excitement, and the glass shatters, and Austin leaves, laughing at the spluttering Brock in the ring, getting calmed by his manager and his wife. Austin gets a beer and starts drinking it raising it to the three people in the ring, as the screen fades to black.

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    Lets fill again

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    Re-read Nitro, you may notice something

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    Check out IWA, featuring the debut of Oscar Layman, formely of an ABBA tribute band. He is the eFedding version of Charlie Haas.

    Yes, cheap plug for my new character

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    I'M CRYING!!




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    Final Filler!

    Raw is War is later today

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