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    Tenay: Welcome one and all to Thursday Night Nitro! I’m Mike Tenay alongside Eric Bischoff and Eric, what a night we have in store!

    Bischoff: A huge night, with a huge main event lined up! Our World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, yep that’s right folks, he’s STILL the World Heavyweight Champion, will take on the Intercontinental Champion Mr. Anderson!

    Tenay: Well elsewhere at Backlash, there was a win for Edge over Tyson Kidd- we’re expecting to hear from both men soon- as well as a victory for The All American Perfection, who became our new Tag Team Champions!

    Bischoff: And don’t forget Kevin Steen picked up a victory over R-Truth too!

    Tenay: That too!

    Bischoff: What a show this is going to be!

    *The fans immediately boo as the smoke begins to blast through the curtain. Edge walks out chewing gum and smiling as the fans boo even louder. He looks around before walking slowly down the ramp.*

    Tenay: Here comes the guy who beat Tyson Kidd at Backlash, the Rated R Superstar Edge!

    Bischoff: What a guy this man is, and I’ve heard he’s got a big announcement for everybody tonight!

    Tenay: I wonder what it’s going to be. Let’s see what Edge says!

    *Edge is now standing in the ring. He holds the microphone up as he waits for the fans to be quiet. Finally, they stop booing and he begins to speak.*

    Edge: That’s right, you will stop and listen to what I have to say.

    *The fans boo but Edge immediately continues to speak.*

    Edge: And I have just one thing to say to you, how did it feel to be proven wrong? You all told Tyson Kidd heading into Backlash that he was going to be fine, that he was going to beat me and all would be happy in Kidd’s world once again- and you were all wrong.

    Instead, I walked into Backlash and proved to the entire world that Tyson Kidd never was, isn’t now and never will be on the same level as I am! I walked into Backlash, I hit one Spear and Tyson Kidd was out for the one, two, three.

    And Kidd proved what I’ve been saying for a long time, his win at WrestleMania was little more than a fluke, and he is not going to cash in that briefcase successfully. Instead, he’s going to have to lose and fall back to the bottom of the card, where we all know he deserves to be.

    *The fans boo loudly as Edge smirks.*

    Edge: In fact, it doesn’t surprise me that Tyson Kidd comes from this place. I was looking around earlier and I realised one thing, Alberta or Calgary, both of them, HAVE NOTHING on Toronto, the real Canadian state. A place where real men are from, not a place where the locals have the look of a rock band in disagreement with fashion.

    *The fans boo loudly as Edge insults their home state.*

    Edge: Now tonight, I’ve been saying I have a huge announcement to make, and the last time I did that, I was retiring. This is going to be very different, this will be a rebirth. A rebirth of one of the greatest duets, a team that completely and utterly revitalised the WWE.

    Last week, I told all of you that until you start to show me some respect, this will never be a fair ring for me, this will always be a place that you people make certain I get no support whatsoever. What does that mean? I needed an equalizer.

    So I made a call, and this person has happily agreed to be here tonight on Nitro. This is a woman that is one of the best in-ring athletes ever in this company. Ladies & gentlemen, my equalizer....LITA!

    *The fans immediately cheer but there are some boos as Lita runs out onto the stage. She throws her hand in the air and rocks her body as the crowd continues a mixed reaction.*

    Tenay: It’s Lita! Oh my god!

    Bischoff: Lita is here with Edge? My favourite couple in this company of all time!

    *Lita makes her way down the ramp and climbs into the ring. She looks at Edge before smiling and embracing him. He passes her a microphone as she looks around at the less cheering crowd. They quieten down and allow her the opportunity to speak.*

    Lita: You know, the last time I was in Alberta, I came across a young man by the name of Tyson Kidd. He was from this dump, and he made his mind up to be a WWE superstar- I told him to go for it, after all, this company has given me a lot and I’ve given it just as much back.

    So that’s what Kidd did, he went for it and look where he is now, Mr. Money in the Bank. The thing I didn’t tell him to do though was to copy The Rated R Superstar Edge.

    *The fans boo loudly- not happy about Lita running down the hometown favourite.*

    Lita: Shut the hell up! I’m here now and you will all listen to me speak!

    *The fans boo even louder.*

    Lita: Do you not understand that I am EXACTLY what this company needs. We don’t need managers or valets, we don’t need talentless divas such as Tamina or Paige, we need divas with the ability that I possess. Forget Trish Stratus, forget Kelly Kelly- both of those divas were the face of that division at some point, and that makes me sick.

    Neither of those women hold a candlestick to my ability. Neither of them have what it takes to revamp this company and the diva’s division from the very top, which is exactly what I’m going to do now I’m here. We don’t need middle-aged women close to menopause with bulldogs humping their legs, and that’s why I’m praying Stephanie McMahon retires again before she even steps into the ring.

    We don’t need women who just try to look pretty and don’t know how to wrestle, such as Maryse or Kaitlyn. We don’t need women who don’t even know what day it is, let alone how to lock in a submission move, like AJ Lee or Maria. What this division needs is an alternative diva, a diva that will not only make the division relevant once again but watchable.

    *The fans are booing loudly as Lita continues her tirade against the current crop of divas.*

    Lita: And of course, who can forget about Sable? All she does is epitomize what is wrong with this company. She’s at the top as nothing more than a showpiece, some eye candy for the disgusting men in the audience that oogle at women as if they are little more than trophies, but then again, Sable is exactly that to Brock Lesnar.

    But Sable, when it comes down to it, which is he going to pick, his loving wife? Or the World Heavyweight Championship? We all know the answer and if you think it’s you, well you’re in denial.

    *Some cheers in the crowd for the anti-Brock guys.*

    Lita: Who else am I missing, of course that bimbo Natalya.

    *Loud boos.*

    Lita: Oh I forgot, she’s from here isn’t she?

    No wonder she doesn’t know what to do in a wrestling ring. Nattie, Natalya, whatever your name is- go back to doing what you do best, barking orders at Beth Phoenix or Tyson Kidd- two more nobodies. Nattie, you can’t handle the fact that you weren’t ever considered a real threat in this division, and now I’m back- you never will be.

    I’m going to clean up this division, and I’m going to do it so that women’s wrestling is made to be more than the time of the show men get up and go to the toilet for.

    *Lita turns back around and walks across to Edge, handing him the mic.*

    Edge: And there you have it, the reason this company is going to change very soon, the always delightable couple of Lita and the Rated R Superstar, Edge has been reborn. She’ll help me drown out all of you, and I’ll help her become the face of the women’s division.

    *Edge drops the mic and pulls Lita in for a kiss, which some fans boo, before they seperate and both smirk at the fans, as Edge drapes his arm around Lita’s shoulders. They turn to the ropes and go to leave the ring.*

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    *Tyson Kidd's music hits as the crowd go absolutely ballistic! He stands on the ramp and gives a serial killer stare to both Edge and Lita, before staring at the crowd*

    Tyson Kidd: Well..

    *The crowd are roaring the hell out of Kidd as he smiles*

    Tyson Kidd: Well..

    *The crowd still cheer Kidd as he looks amazed*

    Tyson Kidd: Errm..well..okay thanks guys. I just wanna ask you all one thing, are you all pumped up for tonight?

    *The crowd explode with cheers*

    Tyson Kidd: Well that's good to know, and you know what? That's fantastic news to my ears as well! You know why? Because tonight is the night! Where Nitro is held in my hometown of ALBERRRTTTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! CALGARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

    *The cheers all increase*

    Tyson Kidd: Well, Edge, it looks like last week on Sunday at Backlash. You did indeed beat myself, Tyson Kidd. But you know what, I never recalled the crowd saying that I would beat you! They all said that this was a tough, unpredictable, highly anticipated match, no one came close to predicting a winner. No one had any idea on where this match was going, so your question is just a pathetic question really.

    But there is a huge problem. No excuses from me, and trust me. I wasn't even 100 percent. The doctors even said it, and hell, even the guys in the back were telling me not to compete as I wasn't feel. But I used all my determination, and I was 100 percent committed to facing you no matter what condition I was in! Because I was that desperate to whoop your ass! But I did indeed fail, but it was only match.

    You know what Edge? I actually agree with your opinion, so we can all change that into a big fact. Do you know why? Because I wouldn't wanna be on the same level as you anyway. A lying, sly, sneaky little rat who turned his back on the WWE Universe, only to say that they turned there backs on him, I've pretty much just summed us all why I'll never be on the same level as you!

    And saying that my win for the Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania, was a fluke is absolutely outrageous. I earned this briefcase using my heart, energy and soul. I drove myself to this path, and I'm not gonna get myself out until I win the big one! But there always has to be one rat that has to stop you right? You're only hoping that I don't cash in that briefcase successfully.

    But sometimes, what you want in life, doesn't really come to you. Instead, you need to earn it. Just like I earned this briefcase, I'm gonna earn that World Heavyweight title that Brock Lesnar is holding. I don't want everything just handed in to me on a silver plate unlike you Edge.

    And how in the world do you know if I'm gonna get demoted back into the bottom? I mean, you obviously are gonna carry on stalking me right? Keep costing me my matches, and then once I reach a breaking point. Once I strike with my opportunity to win the big one, you're just gonna come out and stop it aren't ya? How disgraceful of you Edge!

    You're nothing but disgraceful! You're a Hall of Famer for gods sake! You're supposed to be representing the WWE in the best mode, manner that you can! Not be a whiny little bitch who accuses me of copying them just because they're too scared about there reputation. Because that is exactly what you are Edge, scared!

    You are too scared that your reputation is going to be flushed down the drain. Because despite being a hall of famer, you still want the money, you still want to see your name in the lights, you wanna see your name on all these cheques. And for what? Just to hurt another superstars dream? Wow Edge, your stupidity really does amaze me, but you know what? I gotta give you the fact that you've got guts.

    You see, I don't care what you say about me, but DON'T YOU DARE DISS ALBERTA CALGARY! You see, I think the peeps from Toronto are ashamed of you too. Because not only have you let yourself down, you let them down. They must be exploding with boos, and I can guarantee that. You see, it's people like you who give Canada a bad name. But like I said, no one and I mean NO ONE disses my country!

    So you got your bitch Lita to be involved in this as well? Wow, that just shows that you need another two hands to hurt me. And Lita, this place isn't a dump. This place is full of an amazing crowd, this place has an extremely amazing atmosphere, so your point has just been demolished. And yes, you did tell me to be a WWE superstar, and I went with it because I knew that I was gonna be big.

    I mean, are you serious? Oh lord, Lita. Why in the world would I wanna be like Edge?! I mean, he may have the ability and all that. But what he doesn't have, is a correct attitude. I mean, that guy has got serious attitude problems. He comes out here, and bitches every single week, and you know? I'm sick and tired of it, I mean put it this way Edge!

    If I wanted to be like you, then I simply would have just grown my hair, and a beard. I would be wearing tights, in fact. The same tights as you. I'd make my nickname the Rated R Superstar. But that's the problem, there isn't a single damn excuse for me to copy you. You may be better than me, but each week I'm developing to be the best. And one day, I'll be better than you.

    And then you Lita. You diss my girlfriend Natalya..

    *Crowd immediately boo as Kidd has an angry face*

    Tyson Kidd: You see Lita. You may think your sexy, you may think that you can wrestle. Well, indeed you can wrestle, I mean I must admit. You do indeed have the abilities. But you will never be the face of the Divas Division, because my girl, Natalya, will be the one to stop you. I mean, she is much prettier than you will ever be. And Edge must have a piece of turd in his brain if he really chose to go out with you.

    *Crowd burst into laughter*

    Tyson Kidd: And plus, I would never want my little Nattie to end up like..this.

    Tyson Kidd: No, but seriously. What are all those little marks on your face? I don't think many of us recognize after all that make up your wear. And-

    Lita: Shut up! Shut the hell up!

    *The crowd boos loudly.*

    Lita: How dare you Tyson! You don’t know the first thing about me, I could handle you in the ring on my own, but I don’t need to do that- and why’s that baby?

    *Lita turns to Edge.*

    Edge: Because I ALREADY beat you. Anything and everything you are saying right now Kidd is relevant. At Backlash, I hit you with a Spear and pinned you in the centre of that ring. I’m the best man on Nitro and you’re just like all of these people in Alberta- an afterthought.

    These people, their precious sports teams, their idiotic ways, are all just an afterthought. They’re just a step away from greatness, from destiny, and when it came to the biggest match of their career- they choked. Just like you did Tyson. At Backlash, I beat you in the biggest match of your career and sent you tumbling back down to the mid-cards again.

    Let me just remind you of something, without me, you wouldn’t be where you are today. I took you under my wing when you came back and I made you into the guy you are today. You know it. I know it and all of these worthless people in Alberta know it.

    *The fans boo even louder.*

    Edge: Now I sense a challenge coming here, so let me beat you to the punch Kidd. You wanna know if I will face you again at In Your House.

    *The fans pop.*

    Edge: No.

    *Edge drops the mic and smirks as Lita laughs and we head to commercial.*

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    Tenay: And we’re back! Before the break, Edge reintroduced Lita to the WWE Universe.

    Bischoff: Before Tyson Kidd tried to ruin the party but Edge & Lita put him in his place- declaring he will not face Kidd at In Your House!

    Tenay: Well moving on, we’ve got Kevin Steen against The Rock up next!

    Bischoff: A match never seen before!

    Tenay: And here comes Kevin Steen, with the toughest challenge of his career to date!

    Bischoff: The Rock has never faced somebody like Steen before. He doesn’t stand a chance.

    Tenay: Never write The Rock off.

    Bischoff: Why are you talking about The Rock? Kevin Steen is in the ring!

    Tenay: Here comes The Rock!

    Bischoff: Kevin Steen’s next victim!

    Tenay: Well both of these men are greatly talented.

    Bischoff: I can’t wait to see Steen maul him.

    Match 1: Kevin Steen vs. The Rock

    (Ignore Steph & Trips)

    Tenay: Steen has Rock in a sleeper hold here!

    Bischoff: Any second now, The Rock will fade.

    *Rock begins to fade but gets a second wind, rolling over and managing to lift Steen up as he stands, hitting a Samoan Drop that breaks the hold. Rocky is breathing heavily as he backs up to the ropes. Steen begins to get up as Rock begins to set him up for the Rock Bottom. Steen turns around and Rock catches him, but Steen elbows Rock in the head, sending him backwards, and Steen follows it up with another elbow, this time to Rock’s face, sending him to the floor.

    Steen backs up before running at Rock and going for an elbow to Rock’s chest, and he lands it. He goes for a cover.



    Rock kicks out as the fans explode with cheers and begin to chant ‘Rocky’ ‘Rocky’ ‘Rocky’ over and over again. Steen stands up and grabs Rock, lifting him up, but Rock bursts out and begins to lay into Steen with right hands, before laying the smackdown on Steen. Steen hits the ropes and comes back, but Rock hits a Spinebuster!*

    Tenay: Oh here it comes! The most electrifying move in sport’s entertainment! The People’s Elbow!

    *Rock has already thrown his pad into the crowd and begins his run, bouncing off the first set of ropes when the lights go out.*

    Tenay: Oh my god! Is he here?

    *The lights come back on and Rock is stood in the centre of the ring, with no Undertaker in sight. Steen quickly grabs Rock and rolls him up!




    *The bell rings as Unsettling Differences plays across the arena. Corino and Jacobs raise Steen's hand in celebration. Corino walks over and grabs a couple mics and tosses one to one to Jacobs*

    Corino: Did you see that!? Did you see who won that match!? That's right, it was this man right here, Kevin Steen! Truth, I really do hope you were watching backstage, watching to see how a real wrestler gets the job done. Ya know, like he did at Backlash when he beat you!

    Ya know I have heard rumors Truth, about how Steen destroying you broke the spirit of Little Jimmy, and all I can say is it seems you finally snapped. You lost what little bit of Sanity you had left when Kev drove you into the ground and pinned you. Ain't that right Jimmy?

    *Corino looks at Jacobs who seems to be off in his own little world, paying no attention to what is going on in the ring*

    Corino: Jimmy! Hello!? Are you listening? We're doing that thing about Truth!

    *Jacobs looks at Corino confused and Steen just laughs*

    Jacobs: Ohh!! Right, right. My bad.. I kinda forgot about that, Truth is pretty forgettable in all honesty. The only thing most people tend to remember is the grown ass man who is close friends with an imaginary child.. Cuckoo.. Cuckoo... *Coughs* I mean, uhh... Truth is a great competitor...

    *Jacobs looks like he has no clue as to what he should say*

    Steen: It's fine Jimmy, you never were that good with putting together a coherent sentence. Let me put it this way. Truth, I broke you at Backlash, I crushed whatever spirit you had. I sent you into a world of chaos and uglyness, which is good. It's exactly where you need to be if you have any hope of making it in this business.

    I want you to forget about the imaginary child, forget about these people, about making them happy with your jokes and pleasing them. I want you t take all the hurt you feel, bottle it up and come at me like a real wrestler, maybe than you can put on an actual performance, instead of having me carry your ass through a match!

    *Steen looks like he knows he said something wrong, and that be in trouble*

    Oh no! I broke the fourth wall! Oh well, who the hell cares? Do you guys care? Of course not. Anyways, Truth is was nice kicking your ass at Backlash, let me know if you wanna do it again.

    *Laughs as his theme plays and he exits the ring with Corino and Jacobs*

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    The World's Greatest Tag Team is backstage with Scott Stanford and they do not look happy

    Scott Stanford: I am with The World's Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, and guys at Backlash you were the last eliminated in the Tag Team Turmoil match. What is your response to All-American Perfection's win at Backlash?

    Haas: It is not a good feeling by any means, Scott. It is not easy being that close to gold and have it stole out from under you. We were on top the whole match and then got blindsided by those misfits.

    Benjamin: Scott, we are better than Ziggler and Swagger, and by no means are we going to stop working for those championships. All-American Perfection is not even on the same level of us tag team wise and we will continue to prove that tonight. Backlash was our time to shine as the greatest tag-team, and yet now some idiots think that they rule the world because they have what we don't.

    Haas: We don't need to be Champions to be the World's Greatest Tag Team, and tonight we are going to continue to do just that. When we beat the Prime Time Players tonight, we will be on our ways to becoming the WWE Tag Team Champions.

    Stanford: On the subject of your match tonight, how do you guys feel going up against the Prime Time Players?

    Benjamin: The Prime Time Players give a bad name to Tag Team wrestling. You can't just throw two big guys together, put A. W. with them, and expect them to be good at tag team wrestling. There is more to tag team wrestling than brute force and "swag".

    Haas: Ha, yea those guys have nothing on us. We are not concerned about our match tonight. We plan on getting past them no problem. We have a chemistry in the ring that is unparalleled. We have that wrestling flow that is unmatched and you will see that tonight when we wrestle circles around the Prime Time Players.

    Stanford: You mentioned A. W.. How do you feel he will factor into your match tonight?

    Benjamin: When taking on PTP, you always have to take AW into account. He is a presence that is not afraid to put himself in the middle of any situation. He is not afraid to interfere or change the whole game for his guys to win.

    Haas: You almost have to wrestle with one eye on him. You are no longer in a tag team match, you are in a handicap match. AW is just one more thing you have to worry about. Will he be a big factor? Yes. But you better believe that if he tries to do something tonight in our match, that we will plan on making him pay for it.

    Benjamin: The World's Greatest Tag Team is ready for anything and is neither AW or the Prime Time Players will be able to stop us.

    Stanford: The World's Greatest Tag Team. Thanks guys.

    Shelton and Charlie goes to leave, but All American Perfection comes in from behind and lands double axe handles to the back! Shelton and Charlie falls down to their knees, as Vickie watches on titles in hand, and Ziggler begins stomping on Shelton. Swagger picks up Haas, and throws him into the wall! Haas holds his back, as Swagger kicks him in the gut, and lands the gutwrench powerbomb! Ziggler picks up Benjamin, and holds him up for a backhand chop from Swagger. Vickie proceeds to slap Benjamin, before giving a belt to Swagger. Ziggler pushes Benjamin into a title shot from Swagger, before following up with the Zig-Zag! The three of them stand tall above the Worlds Greatest Tag Team, before walking away

    Bischoff: And the All American Perfection proving once again, why they are the greatest tag team in the WWE

    Tenay: What the hell – they just attacked the Worlds Greatest Tag Team unprovoked!

    Bischoff: They proclaim themselves as the “Worlds Greatest Tag Team”. They're not. All American Perfection are!

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    With all the chaos that occurred between The World’s Greatest Tag Team and All American Perfection, the WWE Universe becomes restless as they attempt to discern the future of tonight’s scheduled tag team match.

    Suddenly, the Primetime Player’s music shatters the brooding silence and boos quickly fill the atmosphere with animosity over their imminent arrival to the ring.

    Bischoff: The downside of that attack is now there is no match. Another upside is that the Prime Time Players are awarded victory by forfeit!

    Tenay: That's false Eric. The bell didn't ring – the match never happened. There is no winner

    Bischoff: Excuses excuses.

    A faint green spotlight illuminates the arena and green paper begins to fall from the ceiling, coating the top of the ramp. Despite the extravagant show, A.W., followed by the centerpieces of The Primetime Players, Darren Young and Titus O’Neil, do not look to pleased at all. All three men stop at the top of the ramp to look at the ring before they head down. A lone piece of the green paper comically lands in Darren Young’s hair and he fleetingly swipes it out, crumples it up into a ball and chucks it at a taunting fan in the front row. Before the trio can enter the ring, however, an irritated A.W. starts shouting in his headset microphone.


    “Cut the music right now! Just cut it! We ain’t even playin’ right now!”

    As their music dies down, their paces quickens as they all storm into ring in a single file line ignoring all the boos they’re receiving. Darren and Titus stand shoulder to shoulder next to each other while A.W. stand in front of them, hands behind his back and presenting a stern disposition, the polar opposite of his carefree demeanor.


    “Right now, we…”

    *crowd boos*


    “Shut the hell up! I didn’t ask for no lip! Keep your mouths shut! Keep ‘em whistling a tune, sucked up around your straws, and that was NOT an innuendo by the way, and/or zipped! I ain’t got time for your foolishness because I…"

    A.W. looks behind him as he notices an equally stern Darren Young and Titus O’Neil then faces the audience one again.


    “I mean, WE have enough to deal with as it is. I bet ya’ll saw what just happened, right? Those scoundrels, those hooligans, All American Perfection attacking our opponents for tonight, “The World’s Greatest Tag Team” and thus, they’re unable to compete against us. See, it’s no secret that we’ve had our problems with All American Perfection and what they did was unacceptable. Do we like Benjamin and Haas? Hell naw! But here’s the thing, they call themselves The World’s Greatest Tag Team. Imagine the hype, the credibility we would get as the ones who defeated one of the most experienced tag teams in the world. We’ve already taken down Cryme Tyme and they’re just be another feather in our caps once we would defeat them tonight but those two cowards, Ziggler and Swagger, knew it so they made sure we wouldn’t be able to get the recognition we deserve!"

    *crowd boos*


    “Yep! Ya’ll better boo! It’s all because of that cheerleader and Jack-In-The-box or should I say, Jack-In-The-Closet, that you guys won’t be getting a match tonight! So go ahead and boo! Let’s hear it for All American Perfection everyone!”

    The booing intensifies as Titus walks over to A.W., whispers something into his ear and returns back to his “post” alongside Young. A.W. seems like he doesn’t know what to do with whatever O’Neil said to him despite going back to talking on the mic again.


    “Alright, alright, alright! That’s enough booing now. We know, they suck. But I think Titus back here has come up with a solution that will benefit all of us! What we’re going to do is call out any tag team in the WWE to come out here and show us what you got! We don’t care who they are! They can’t touch us and they know it which is why I’m a bit skeptical of this plan. Since every tag team in the WWE knows they have no hope in beating us then they probably won’t come out here. But honestly, who can blame ‘em?”

    *loud boos from the crowd*


    “Call us conceited all you want but these two dominant when they’re in that ring. Despite getting ripped off at Backlash, they put on the best show of the night and proved to everyone that they’re the cream of the crop in this business and that they’re future Hall of Famers. I ain’t never seen Benjamin so scared of everything since his momma had to spoon feed him and hold his hand every time he came out to wrestle. And Haas? He usually likes to do impersonations and that night, he was impersonating a cat cause he looked like a total
    *bleep*. “

    A.W. gets a good laugh in before he continues on.


    “And did you see the look on the Cryme Tyme’s faces after we slaughtered them? They were probably wishing that they stole a shoulder to cry on! In fact, I’m pretty sure that they’d be the last team to come out here. Mmmmhmmm. No way those fools will….”

    Bischoff: Really? Really? Cryme Tyme? They're not capable of taking on “Millions of Dollars”!

    Tenay: They're more than capab-



    *Cryme Tyme's music hits as the crowd explode with cheers! They laugh as they stand on the ramp*

    JTG: Well! I've just got one question for all 3 of you chumps..Are you mad?! I mean seriously?! You saying that you slaughtered us is pretty much pathetic ya know! Oi Shad, I think these 3 are in need of some nappies! Cause right now, they are pissing themselves! Ya know, we wanna actually hear the pigs' speak! Not the pigs' bitchy lacky! So come on ya'll! Spit some words out ya fools!

    Shad: Damn right chief! I mean, seriously! Using the words "slaughtered" is taking it too damn far! Seriously, I don't see a single cut in my body, head, leg, no where! No cut whatsoever! So we gotta say one thing to the so called Prime Time Players and there bitches..Your. Point. Isn't. Valid.

    JTG: You know Shad! And I just wanted to ask a damn question, since I'm really in the mood. Do these two chumps really think that they can defeat the original Cryme Tyme?! I mean, they like jacking gimmicks off other wrestlers, and they like barking there dull catch phrases! So I don't really see how they can defeat us without jacking our ring moves ya know?!

    Shad: Exactly what I was thinking. If they do manage to beat us, which I highly doubt. It'd either be by doing the same old usual cheeky cheating! Or, they'll use that asshole also known as Abraham Washington, as a little guy to distract one of us, as one of us will obviously be the legal men. They'll use that as an advantage and pin us 1-2-3 ya know?!

    JTG: And look at Darren Young! The black version of my man John Cena! We all know ya'll like jacking gimmicks, and now he is tryna jack John Cena's looks?! Damn! That guy must be nothing but a homosexual!

    Shad: Nothing against homosexuals by the way guys! It's just them three homosexuals! Who like to moan every single week, and claim that they are the best tag team!

    JTG: And look at Titus O'Neil! The dog!

    Shad: No no J! The bitch!

    JTG: Damn right Shad! I mean, he ain't a dawg! He's a dog! But a female dog, so technically, like you said..a female bitch!

    Shad: No offense to any of you females by the way! But, it's getting too hot in here! I dunno if it's me, or you ladies!

    Shad grabs a hand of a lady and kisses it as she marks out

    JTG: Jheeze! I must tell you Shad! These chicks in Alberta, Calgary are smoking!

    Shad: Okay well O'Neil. I don't see why you're getting all worked up about the fact that you are typically a bitch! I mean, you bark like a bitch with your crap urrah barks. You talk like a bitch. Therefore, you are a bitch.

    JTG: And look at the horses ass, Abraham Washington.

    Shad: No no J! You is saying wrong bud! It's not Abraham Washington! AW sounds for ass wipe!

    JTG: HAHA! LOL. So Titus and Darren, how does it feel do have your personal asswipe, wipe your ass while having a shit?!

    Shad: Damn right! But without further ado, the answer to the challenge is..YES!

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    Match 2: Prime Time Players vs Cryme Tyme (Kingston/JTG – Truth/Shad)


    Shad tries for a DDT, but Titus pushes him into the ropes. He goes for the Clash of the Titus, but Shad counters with a clothesline. Titus rolls to his corner and tags in Young, who immediately gets taken down by a right hand. Shad lifts him for a military press, but Young drops down. Shad turns around, and Young lifts Shad up on his shoulders for the firemans carry gutbuster, but Shad gets out. He tries for the STO, but Young whips him into Shad's corner.

    JTG gets the tag and climbs to the top rope, before landing a springboard crossbody. He dropkicks Titus off the apron, before dropping Young with a DDT. He covers




    Titus re-enters the ring, and lands a double axe handle to JTG. Shad enters and begins trading punches with Titus. Both Young and JTG get to their feet, and does the same


    Tenay: What the hell? The tag team champions!

    Bischoff: Ha ha I knew they'd do something else tonight.

    The bell rings, as Swagger double clotheslines both JTG and Young down, as Ziggler lands a diving dropkick to Shad. He follows up with a fame-asser to Titus, as Swagger hits JTG with a title shock. Vickie squeals with delight, as Swagger kicks Young in the gut, before lifting Young up above his shoulders. Ziggler holds Shad's head, and simultaneously they land a Gutwrench Powerbomb and Zig-Zag! After the attack Vickie Guerrero grabs a mic.

    Vickie: *Laughs in a high cackle* Do it again, do it again!

    *Swagger and Ziggler both hit their finishers once more, as Vickie screams in excitement, the fans booing very loudly.*

    Vickie: Excuse Me! *Fans Boo* I said Excuse Me! *fans boo even louder* I said EXCUSE ME! *The fans booing is deafening.*

    *Jack Swagger grabs the mic from Vickie.*

    Jack Swagger: Why don’t you show this woman, and us some respect. We are the WWE Tag Team Champions, we are the best tag team in the history of the WWE, and as you can clearly see there are no tag teams in the WWE that can match up with All American Perfection. Between myself, the All American American, Jack Swagger, and the ShowOff, Dolph Ziggler, there is no team, or superstar that can beat us. What we did tonight is only the start of something much larger for All American Perfection, and not only will this continue to happen, it’s not going to stop, and you want to know why? Because who is going to stop us, certainly not the three teams that we just laid out, and not any superstar in the back will take us two on one, they are too scared. We are better than the self-proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team, we have more money than the Prime Time Players, and we are more dominant than Cryme Tyme. There is not a team in this business that is better than the three of us combined. We have the two best superstars in the ring, with the best manager in the business, and you will all show us some respect.

    *The crowd boo’s as Swagger hands the mic back to Vickie.*

    Vickie: Now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted, my clients are the Tag Team Champions, and it proves that my expert managing is better than A.W.’s. Because I don’t make jokes, I find clients that are talented, like these two men, and manage them to victory each and every time. And I’ve proven once again that I am the best manager in the WWE, because I manage the WWE Tag Team Champions!

    *Crowd boo’s once more, as Swagger and Ziggler raise their titles, and Vickie stands between them clapping. Dolph then whispers something into Vickie’s ear who tells Jack. Swagger then grabs the mic.*

    Jack Swagger: Dolph just came up with a solution to this problem. For those of you that don’t believe we are the most dominant tag team in the history of this business we are going to prove it.

    *Swagger hands the mic to Vickie.*

    Vickie: That is why as manager it is my responsibility to please my clients, and my client,, Dolph Ziggler, would like to have a match, right now against anyone in the back. So if you think you can beat one half of All American Perfection come out and prove it.

    *The three turn towards the ramp and await an opponent for Ziggler.*

  7. #297

    Bischoff: Ricochet's a glutton for punishment I see

    Tenay: Well, this may not be the best match for Ricochet to attempt to avenge his losing streak – but can he overcome one half of the tag team champions?

    Bischoff: This kid needs to prove he can play in the big leagues, and this streak isn't doing him any favours.

    Match 3: Dolph Ziggler vs Ricochet (Mysterio)

    Watch until 7:34

    Ziggler kicks out of the rollup and gets straight to his feet. Ricochet ducks a clothesline, and goes for a hurricarana, but gets caught in the air by Ziggler. Richochet slips out, but Ziggler lands the inverted T-Bone suplex, before covering




    Ziggler stares at the referee, amazed that Ricochet kicks out – before slamming the mat in frustration. He grabs Ricochet, and tries to haul him to his feet – but Ricochet responds with a Pay-Lay kick! He looks at the crowd for inspiration, and climbs the top rope looking for a moonsault, but Ziggler runs up – and lands a top rope Zig-Zag! He covers




    Bischoff: Ziggler triumphs! As if you were surprised

    Tenay: What is he doing now?

    Swagger enters the ring, and locks in the ankle lock on Ricochet, as Ziggler locks in the sleeper! All American Perfection screams at Ricochet – who appears to be unconscious – as we head into a commercial.


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    The fans cheer as Nitro comes back from commercial, the camera pans all around the arena looking at various signs being held up that ranged from 'What!?' to 'Here Comes the Pain!' and 'Where's Garrett!?'. The crowd are ready for more action but they'll have to wait a little longer as a vignette begins to play on the TurnerTron.

    The sound of a sigh ripples through the air and a silhouette appears, a dark shadow of a man with somewhat unkempt hair. The silhouette is in profile, outlining the mans nose and mouth and torso, he appears to be sitting down hunched over slightly. Raising his hands to his face he rubs his palms against it, wiping the sleep from his eyes before he begins to speak slowly.

    "I guess I should say something.. that's what you want.. right? You want me to talk because you won't let me fight right now. You want me to tell these people who I am? These people know who I am.. they know what I stand for and they know what I do. I am wrestling, I am the best, no screw that, I am better than the best, best in the world? That's just a moronic gimmick, you're lookin' at a guy that transcends gimmicks. I'm just me, I don't need to act like a tough guy.. I just am.. but you already knew that, and if you didn't then you can kiss my ass."

    The man speaks in erratic patterns, speeding up and slowing down at random, becoming louder and then softer. He stands up and the camera follows his silhouette as he places his hands on the wall and hunches over again.

    "I don't really feel like talkin'.. but seeing as they won't let me do anything else tonight.. probably because i've been feelin' a little funny lately.. here goes. I'm one in a million.. one in a billion, there's no one out there like me.. I say it.. it gets done.. i think it.. it gets done.. i'm not here to hide behind personas, i'm here to get in the face of phonies.. call em out on their crap.. show 'em up for what they really are.. they're not me, they don't even come close. I can't stand these wannabe wrestlers who pretend to be as good as I actually am.. I make people nervous.. I answer every question.. I am the answer.. I am the one guy who can back up every single word I say.. so yeah it's pretty good to be me.."

    The camera begins to get closer to the silhouette, inch by inch creeping forward, the man turns directly towards the camera and his face is lit up. His features become as clear as day as he continues to speak.

    "Hi.. i'm Dean Ambrose.. and if you're wondering if you should believe the hype.. then yeah i'm as good.. no im better than every single thing that's been said about me... everything you've heard is true.. it's scary.. I'm a trend setter.. i'm the leader of a million sheeple.. everything I do is repeated by a billion jealous minds.. I don't fit in here.. I'm not a company man i'm a loner, a lone wolf and I don't need you to tell me how great I am.. Everything you think you know about Nitro.. about Raw.. about professional wrestling I want you to forget.. I demand you to forget because I will rewrite history.. I will light the way for a new age.. a new generation of wrestling.. a new revolution..

    Ambrose looks directly into the camera, one eye slightly more open than the other with an intense stare and crooked smile on his face, his wet moppish hair drapped over his forehead.

    "Dean Ambrose is about to blow the doors off.. i'm an indestructible wrestling machine.. i know every trick in the book, i know counters to your counters counters.. i'm on another level.. i'm a sick man.. I do things that i can't explain.. i want to do more.. but i'd get in a lot of trouble.. but i don't care about your decency.. your morals or your codes.. I am what I am and i make no excuses for the people I hurt.. and I hurt a lot of people.. and it feels good.. it feels so good.. it's so great to me be.. I'm Dean Ambrose.. learn to love it.."

    The vignette ends and the crowd are unsure of what to make of the unstable newcomer.

    Bischoff: Well, this is an interesting development!

    Tenay: A Mister Dean Ambrose! He talks the talk, but how will he fare in the ring?

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    *Reks comes out to the roar of the crowd as he shakes a few of the fans hands as he heads down the ramp and swiftly enters the ring where he is handed a mic form the stage hand nearby and waits for the crowd to settle down a bit before speaking*

    Reks: Thank you all very much.

    *Crowd cheers*

    Reks: Some may be wondering what I am thanking you for. Well, let me explain. At Backlash, in the battle royal to determine the number one contender to either the United States Championship or Intercontinental Championship, 13 men entered that ring and knew what they were getting themselves into. In the end, I got a measure of payback over Jarrett by eliminating him in the match and being one of the last two men left in the ring ready to win it all with your support, you the WWE fans, my goal was to send you home happy to see "The Wrecking Ball" prevail but Jarrett couldn't let things go and cost me the win against Sheamus.

    I was upset Jarrett but hell after what he did, who wouldn't be? In doing so I pushed Jarrett into the Intercontinental Champion, Mr. Anderson before I threw Jarrett into the ring steps and looked to wreck him for all he's done but.....and this is the reason why I'm out here now. Why the hell did Anderson feel the need to hit me the Intercontinental gold? Was it to get my attention? To send a message? or just because he felt he could? Frankly, I don't give a damn because I knew I was going to win that battle royal had it not been for Jarrett and gone on to face Anderson for the gold and win, for myself and for all of you.

    *Crowd begins to cheer with excitement*

    Reks: Anderson, I think you should get your butt out here, explain your actions and face me like a man like you should have at Backlash if what you wanted to ignite my rage.

    Now, I couldn't send these fans happy at Backlash happy with a win but I can personally assure them that when I kick your ass and leave you beaten down within an inch of your life in the middle of the ring, they'll never forget the moment when the asshole that is Mr. Andersonnnnnnnnnnnn faced "The Wrecking Ball" Tyler Reks and failed. So what do you say Mr. Anderson, ready to get wrecked?

    *Mr. Anderson's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring with the Intercontinental Title on his shoulder. He puts his hand up and the mic is lowered to me.*

    Mr. Anderson: Now thanks for the compliment, I am an asshole, but I won't make fun of your sexuality, but no I don't want to get 'wrecked' by you. But my butt is here, so what do you want?

    *Mr. Anderson pauses, but doesn't give Reks a chance to enter, and covers his ass with his hand.*

    Mr. Anderson: Actually don't answer that. I mean really what did you expect? You threw Jeff Jarrett into me, was I just supposed to sit on my ass and act like nothing happened? I know you'd enjoy that but I'm an...

    *A fan can be heard screaming asshole.*

    Mr. Anderson: Exactly. I'm not going to sit down and let you beat me, I mean what did you expect? Could it be any freakin' simpler? I am the Intercontinental Champion, you hit me, I'm going to hit you back, now touching me in inappropriate places won't work, but regardless, I'm not going to sit by and be beaten like a little bitch. But that's exactly what I will beat you like if you'd like, I'll have no problem doing that, and I know you would really enjoy that. I'm an asshole, I know, but more importantly I am the Intercontinental Champion, and sooner or later I am going to make this title the most important in the WWE. Whether that means beating you, or Jarrett, I'll do it, because just like my first run here, the WWE doesn't realize what this Intercontinental Championship is all about, they don't see the value in it, but I do, and after I beat you, a stepping stone in my mission to make this title relevant and prestigious again, I'm going to be standing at the top, ahead of Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho as the most important title holder in the WWE!

    *The crowd cheers, as Mr. Anderson turns to walk away, then he turns back around again.*

    Mr. Anderson: Oh and if you're going to do it, please for the love of god, do it the right way. It goes like this... MIIISSSTTTEEERRR AANNDDEERRSSOONN... ANDERSOONN!

    *Mr. Anderson releases the mic as the fans cheer once more.*

    *Both Anderson & Reks turn to the ramp, waiting for Jarrett’s arrival, when instead, he runs in through the crowd, over the barricade and slides into the ring with a steel chair. He slams Anderson in the back, before Reks turns around and slams Reks in the face. Anderson & Reks are both down in the centre of the ring as Jarrett bends down and picks the Intercontinental Championship up. He holds it high as we head to commercial.*


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    Tenay: Here comes Kelly Kelly, who has changed since she returned.

    Bischoff: She’s a beaut!

    Tenay: With the Road to Triumph on it’s way, she could do well!

    Bischoff: She’s sure to!

    Tenay: And this girl has a great chance to.

    Bischoff: Hahaha, really? She doesn’t even know the days of the week.

    Tenay: She can go in the ring though!

    Bischoff: No she can’t, she can’t work out how to even get into the ring.

    Match 4: Kelly Kelly vs. Maria

    (stop at 3:32)

    Tenay: What a dropkick from Maria! Kelly may be out!

    Bischoff: Come on Kelly!

    *Kelly begins to get up as Maria backs up to the corner. Kelly turns back to the ring and jumps onto the apron as Maria runs forward, but Kelly catches her and slams her head into the top rope, sending her backwards. Kelly climbs back into the ring and hits the K2! She covers Maria.




    Tenay: And Kelly wins!

    Bischoff: Big win for a beautiful woman!

    *Josh Mathews is backstage with a mic in his hand.*

    Josh: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Josh Mathews and I'm here with the reigning World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, his manager Paul Heyman and his lovely wife Sable.

    *The crowd can be heard booing.*

    Josh: Brock last week we saw you defend your title against Stone Cold Steve Austin and walk out with the win in a bit of a controversial manner. Do you have anything you'd like to say about that?

    *Paul Heyman moves closer to Josh to answer his question.*

    Paul: Well actually Josh...

    *Sable gets in his way cutting him off.*

    Sable: My husband doesn't have to stand here and answer your questions, he is the World Heavyweight Champion and you owe him some respect.

    *Paul looks annoyed about being cut off.*

    Sable: You see Josh it doesn't matter what tactics Brock used to get the win because at the end of the day he did what he went in to do which was retain his title.

    *The fans continue booing.*

    Sable: So you should consider yourself lucky that such an important man would even give you the time of day. Now is there anything you want to add to that darling?

    *Sable looks at Brock with a grin on her face.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “As a matter of fact, there is something I want to add. I don’t think people would appreciate you implying that I didn’t beat Stone Cold Steve Austin on fair terms, that I took the easy way out, that I robbed him, that I cheated him, that…I…screwed him. Well, I don’t give a damn if people don’t like it or not because that is exactly what happened at Backlash. You see, Josh, in these sort of situations, except the person actually getting screwed, people would rather forget about things like outside interferences when they want to look back on a match as a classic. They’d rather blot that out of their memories because they want to be fair and impartial. But the thing is, I want people to know that although I myself didn’t screw Austin directly that Sable, Heyman and I should be credited for humiliating him like that. I don’t know if you’ve forgotten or not but I myself got screwed over at Wrestlemania by Austin. If not for his interference, I’d be the United States Champion IN ADDITION to being the current World Heavyweight Champion. All it was was an eye for an eye, Josh. He screwed me so I screwed him back. Karma’s a bitch and just like I’ve said before, it’s one bitch that Austin can’t hit back.”

    *Brock Lesnar chuckles for a bit at his quip but Matthews interrupts him.*

    ::Josh Matthews::

    “Now onto tonight’s main event. Lesnar, you are scheduled to compete against the current Intercontinental Champion, Mr. Anderson. An interesting note here is that Anderson is the longest reigning champion that the WWE has had since it’s revamping last year so he’s obviously not going to be a pushover. What do you think your chances are against him?”

    *Lesnar facepalms himself and groans in despair.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “Why do you interviewers insist on asking the most stupid questions that are gonna get the most obvious answers? Hmmmm, lemme see, I’m the World Heavyweight Champion which means that I’m the most elite wrestler in this company. What do YOU think I’d say about my chances of beating someone who’s lower on the card than me?”

    *Josh opens his mouth to respond but Lesnar covers it before any words can come out.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “I’ll tell you; Mr. Anderson doesn’t stand a chance in hell. So he’s been Intercontinental Champion for like what? Four months? Big whoop. Who cares? That title doesn’t mean squat in comparison to the one I possess. Not only is he a two bit wrestler, with a bigger mouth than his moveset, he’s also a hypocrite and a phony. You see, Mr. Anderson claims that his Intercontinental Championship is the best title in the company and he’s gonna prove it to everyone by making it so legitimate to the point where it will have more prestige than the two world championships we have right now. But here’s the thing, what the hell was Anderson doing in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament a couple weeks back? If he cares so much about brining prestige to that stupid title, then why did he even bother getting in? I’ll tell you why; it’s because he knew that the World Heavyweight Championship meant a hell lot more than his belt ever could no matter how many years he’d have it for. The only reason that Anderson wants to make that title so important is because he knows that he’ll never get to my level. Despite all his trash talking and putdowns, he knows that he’ll never be a legend like me. He knows he’ll never be a star like me. He knows he’ll never be a world champion...”

    *Lesnar looks down at the World Heavyweight Championship for a brief moment before facing Josh once again.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “…like me. So that’s why he’s trying to get to the top without doing the one thing in this business that matters and that’s becoming a world champion like I became and like I’ve been before. Sure, he won a world championship in TNA but that was for a second rate company that’s barely afloat. This is the big leagues and if you’re a world champion here, you’re basically the man. So now matter how long Anderson’s crusade goes, no matter how man wins he gets under his belt for his belt, it won’t make a difference because I’ll always be making the front page while he scratches his head trying to figure out how to stay relevant especially after he just becomes another footnote in my legacy after I slaughter him tonight.”

    *Brock Lesnar turns to leave but not before giving the camera a quick, menacing glance. Sable follows him at his side while a slightly distraught Heyman trails behind them.*

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