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    Raw Is War
    Location: Memphis Tennessee

    *The Pyro’s set off and the crowd erupt for the start of Raw Is War *

    JR: Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Monday night Raw Is War! We are live from a sold out Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium

    King: What a crowd we have here JR, They almost blew the roof of this place!

    JR: Folks we have a hell of a show for you tonight, as we know Dolph Ziggler and The Ultimate Warrior will meet at the Royal Rumble to determine who will be the next WWE champion, but tonight Dolph is action against the high flying Amazing Red and Ziggler has promised to send a message to the Warrior! also tonight we will have a 4 way Battle Royal to determine who will win the 30 spot in the Royal Rumble!

    King: That's right JR! Cena, Bryan, Christian and The Undertake will all fight it out for the chance to enter number 30 in the Royal Rumble spot but I cant wait to see the show off with the WWE title JR! Not only that though we have Triple H and The Miz one on one and one of these men will be named the new Intercontinental champion tonight!

    JR: That’s right King, We will also have a face off between Bryan Dannielson and John Cena.. These two are building quite the feud and with Bryan costing Cena his match last week we will see how Cena responds!

    *Triple H’s music plays out the arena as once again the crowd explode into life cheering for the Game*

    JR: Well business is about to pick up King, The cerebral assassin is on his way down and it looks like he has something on his mind he wants to say before his match with the Miz!

    King: Maybe he wants to say how lucky he got last week when clearly the Miz should have been declared the winner of the Battle Royal and the new Intercontinental Champion!

    HHH: Miz, let me tell you one thing and I will make it perfectly clear... I'm not a nice guy, I'm not the type of guy that is gonna take pity on you. If you want to play the Game, then jack, I'm standing right here. Miz, you're nobody to me, I will wipe the floor clean with your sorry ass. This IC belt is just another stepping stone to reclaim my glory... and Miz, ur just another nobody that happens to be in my way. When we meet, I will make you bow down to the king of kings.

    *The Miz makes his way down the ramp, laughing at Triple H*

    The Miz: Oh Triple H... How you make me laugh! You're nothing but a pathetic washed - up hasbeen and your time is up. I am the future of the WWE and beating you tonight will only solidify that fact. The fact that you still continue to call yourself the "King of Kings" shows how much of a child you are. It's nothing more than a nickname which has been extinct for many years.

    You can't beat me Triple H... it's impossible. And I don't plan on playing the Game, I plan on beating it! And you wanna know why I'm so sure of that? Because I'm The Miz.... and I'm AWWWWWWEEEEEEESSSSSOOOOMMMEEEEE!

    JR: This should be a slobber knocker of a match folks, Both of these men know the History of the Intercontinental Championship! Both of these men are former champions and know what it takes to win title’s!

    *Stop at 5:09*

    King: No Miz.. don’t turn around!

    JR: Huge pedigree from the game! It must be all over now.. Triple H with the pin!


    King: Kick out! Kick out!


    JR: It’s over!

    King: Yes, he kicked out.. He kicked out JR!

    JR: How did he.. I can’t believe he kicked out, you can say what you like about this young talent folks weather you like him or not the Miz is a fighter!

    *Triple H is shocked that the Miz was able to kick out and anger is now across the face of the game, Triple H hit’s the DX trademark suck it and lifts up Miz from the mat..

    King: Not another Pedigree!

    JR: The game is looking to finish it King, only a few men have kicked out from the pedigree but two of them.. If the game hits this it must surly be over folks!

    *Triple H has a groggy Miz set up for another Pedigree, But Miz with all the strength left in him is able to reverse it and locks in the Skull crushing finale *

    JR: What a reversal from the Miz, He has his finishing move set up!

    King: The Skull Crushing Finale! Now it’s over JR! * king laughs * Miz is the new Intercontinental champion!

    JR: You could be right king, Triple H’s face just smashed right into the canvas and he looks out cold!

    King: Pin him Miz!

    *Miz celebrates in the ring taunting the crowd and signalling that the match is over and then goes for the pin!*



    King: 3! Now it’s over!

    *Triple H kicks out before the ref’s hand can touch the mat and the crowd go crazy as they expected the 3 count! *

    JR: It’s not over.. It’s not over! Triple H has kicked out, Ohh what a match we have here!

    King: No! no! no! Miz why did you have to celebrate you had this in the bag!

    *Miz is in shock and he starts getting in the face of the referee accusing him of a slow count*

    King: That looked like a slow count JR!

    JR: King no excuses, The Miz could have just won this match but his cocky nature took over and he assumed he had won this match before he already had!

    King: Come on Miz, hit him with it again!

    *The Miz has Triple H set up for another Skull crushing Finale as a groggy Triple H stumbles to his feet.. Miz grabs Triple H and is ready to hit his finisher!

    JR: Triple H with the boot to the stomach! Pedigree! Pedigree! Pedigree! He just reversed the attempt of the Miz’s finisher and hit him with his own!




    JR: Triple H has done it! Triple H has beating the Miz and is crowned the new Intercontinental Champion! Man what a match, Folks you have to give it to both men what a match that was..

    *JR looks at King to see if he is going to comment on the outcome of the match, when King Takes of his headset in shock and begins to shake his head*

    JR: Well King you might be disappointed with the outcome but these guys just put on a hell of a match for our crowd here tonight and just listen to these fans!

    *Another Referee comes down from the back with the Classic I.C. title in his hand and hands it to the exhausted Triple H, Hunter raises it above his head and holds it up for the crowd as they cheer his name and we go to the commercial*

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    *The Titantron is shown and a vignette is played out towards the crowd *

    *The crowd start to cheer as soon as they see who is behind the vignette and as the video stops the crowd start to chant his name! *

    King: JBL! It’s JBL JR!

    JR: Things really are starting to pick up around here King, We had a cryptic Vignette from someone else the last couple of weeks.. But this one is crystal clear folks, it looks like JBL is ready to return!

    King: I hope so! He’s a former WWE champion, a former United States champion and most of all.. He is a Self made millionaire JR! you can’t help but admire this man.. I really hope he’s coming back!

    JR: There’s no doubting the man’s achievements and talent as a wrestler.. But you can’t deny that as good as he is or was, he’s the kind of guy that will let you know just how good he is every time you see him!

    King: And what’s wrong with that? How many times did Stone Cold give you the stunner and you still acted like he was you’re best friend and the greatest person to ever live.. * King laughs *

    JR: Well I think it’s best we just get on with the show King.

    Coachman: Ultimate Warrior, you are going to the Royal Rumble and.....

    *Warrior takes the mic out of Coach's hand*

    Warrior: WWE Universe and everyone in every universe out there, I ,The ULTIMATE WARRIOR! WARRIOR above all WARRIORS- have been sent to the WWE by the warrior Gods, the Gods of all Warriors- to become the WWE World Champion. My journey to that goal has been met with a success never seen before by anybody in this world or any others. My journey now brings this Warrior, I, The Ultimate Warrior, to the Royal Rumble, where I, The ULTIMATE WARRIOR! will defeat all that stand in my way because the Warrior Gods have deemed it so. No man here is safe in the ring with me. I will over power them all just as I have over powered men like Hulk Hogan and HHH in the past. The Warrior juices in my veins make me invincible, even without it running trough my veins I am still invincible for I am THE WARRIOR! And after I win at the Royal Rumble, I will do something never before seen in a WWE ring- I will have a live sex celebration the Warrior way- I will have it beamed down to the ring from my spaceship that is in orbit around Saturn and the sex will be with the great Warrior Godess, Mrs Warrior hologram *Growl* Warrior Out!

    *The lights suddenly go out in the arena and for a moment there is a moment of panic. Then the titantron flashes to life as a message reading simply*


    *Then, a highlight reel showing clips of several World Leaders is shown*

    Nelson Mandela
    Mahatma Ghandi
    Martin Luther King
    Joseph Stalin
    John F. Kennedy

    *Then the message*

    "All leaders.....
    Just like me."

    Cody Rhodes/ Rhodes vs TJ Perkins/Mysterio

    stop at 6:53

    JR: Cody Rhodes is gonna try to get Perkins up

    King: NO WAIT A MINUTE a leverage pin by Perkins 1..2.NO

    JR: I think Cody is shocked by that leverage pin TJ put on him

    King: Well now Perkins fight with punches to the face IRISH WHIP by TJ, TJ does a hurricarana, He goes up top waiting for Cody to get up. He jumps BUT CODY GRABS HIM

    JR: CROSS RHODES BY GAWD 1……….2…….3

    King: An impressive bout by these two as we are going to be taking a look at the replay

    JR: We can’t deny Cody is one special talent to the WWE

    King: What do you have to say about the rumble JR?

    JR: Well it certainly will be exciting we have superstars returning and current superstars in shock

    King: We have a very special video package for the WWE Universe made by our video producer Adrian Noriega

    King: Wicked video, but we also have Dolph Zigller backstage with The Coach let's take you over there

    *The camera cuts backstage where Coachman is waiting to Interview Dolph Ziggler*

    Coach: Dolph, earlier on we heard from you’re opponent at the Royal Rumble Ultimate Warrior! He seems to claim… that he has been sent here by the Warrior gods to claim the WWE title and seems very confident that he will win! You’re thoughts please?.

    *Dolph looks at Coach with a confused look on his face and then begins to laugh*

    DZ: Are you serious?

    Coach: Yeah.. that’s what he said.. He also claimed that when he wins.. He would ermm.. Have a.. live sex celebration in the ring.

    *Dolph again laughs*

    DZ: Who’s writing his stuff? Vince Russo? * Dolph laughs * has he been drug tested yet? If not.. I want him done before our match! So the Ultimate idiot claims he’s been sent by the Warrior gods to win the WWE title?

    Coach: Yeah!

    DZ: Look at me.. Look at me Coach, I am a wrestling God! I have the look.. I have the talent and at the Royal Rumble.. I will be crowned the WWE champion! So Warrior.. You can get you’re juices flowing as much as you want, It’s not going to make one bit of difference.. It’s time for the #Heel to do what he does best each and every week and prove to everybody that I am the future of this company and wrestling full stop! At the Royal Rumble.. I will be the next WWE champion! *Growl* the showoff out!

    *commercial break*

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    *Raw comes back from a commercial break, to see CM Punk standing beside Josh Matthews.*

    JM: Punk, for a few weeks now you and Christian have been interfering in each others business, and at the Rumble, you two will face off. Your thoughts?

    Punk: My thoughts Josh? Well my thoughts are simple. Christian is a second rate, has been, joke of a former world champ. He never should have held the title, and while others were up in arms that Orton beat Christian in less than a week to win the title, I was one of those that were glad. Mr 2 Pump Chump brought disgrace to the title. He wasn't a credible champion. Hell, he was barely credible when he held the Intercontinental Championship. I go out there night in and night out proving why I am the best wrestler, not just here in the WWE, not just here in the United States, i prove it in the whole world. I'm not worried about Christian.

    JM: Maybe it's just how I'm hearing it, but you sound like you aren't taking Christian as a credible threat? Is that the case? And do you think you are at a disadvantage with it being a TLC match?

    Punk: First off Josh, I never brush someone off. Christian is as much of a threat as hornswoggle is a threat, as is hhh. Weird to hear those three names in the same sentence right? See the thing is, it doesn't matter how big, or how little, or how unimportant of a threat a person is, they are always a threat. When you have them facing someone who is like me though, they could be the living legend that is Hogan, and it wouldn't matter. I don't just talk the talk, I walk the walk week in and week out. As for TLC, let's look at Christian history. Christian has been involved in a total of 4 TLC matches, out of the grand total of 12 in the WWE history. In the first, both he and Edge retrieved the belts to win. In his second, he unhooked the belts with the help of his buddy Rhyno. In his third and fourth, he lost. TLC isn't his specialty, and after the Rumble, it will be forever known as his grave site.

    JM: Tonight, as we draw closer to the Royal Rumble, you face Zack Ryder. What are your thoughts on your opponent?

    Punk: Mr Woo Woo Woo? Dang, i forgot there was a reject from the Jersey Shore. I guess Snooki gave Ryder one too many STD's and decided to kick him to the curb eh? But seriously, this guy is a joke. He can't wrestle in the ring, and all he is good for is a cheap pop from those fans who are merely sheeps. Tonight, they won't be going Woo Woo Woo with Zack, they will be going No No No when I put his ass to sleep.

    JM: One last question Punk, we are told that asides from the TLC match, you will also be involved in the Rumble match. Any comments on that?

    Punk: Yeah. History is going to be made at the Rumble. A man is going to win the tables ladders and chairs match, and then win the rumble in the same night. It doesn't matter whether I draw #1, #15, or #30, I am going to win the Rumble. I have to win the Rumble. That WWE Championship, it is mine. Whoever wins it at the Rumble, is merely holding it until the rightful holder takes his spot. That's me. The best in the world, demands the best championship in the world. Just watch Josh, when I change the landscape of the WWE at the Rumble. It starts tonight with Ryder.

    *Punk then turns and walks off before Josh can say anything else.*

    *A camera is focused backstage where Bobby Roode is seen warming up*

    Roode: Tonight I have a match against Sin Cara. A match against one of the midgets in the company, one of those people that aren’t even from this country. Pfttt well tonight I show my worth. I am worth more than what I am right now. I am the greatest wrestler who ever lived and the leader of the selfish generation, and tonight I will show the haters that I am the true favorite to win the Royal Rumble

    JR: A very concentrated comment on what he thinks of the company, the fans and his opponent tonight which is Sin Cara

    King: This match is not going to be any good for Cara, we have a new Bobby Roodeit’s almost as if somebody else took control of him

    JR: Here comes the highflyer Sin Cara who was betrayed by his partner Rey Mysterio, arguably the greatest Mexican highflyer in history

    King: I don’t know what is going through Rey’s mind tonight but it certainly was jealous what we experienced from him.

    King: Here comes the cocky self proclaimed greatest wrestler who ever lived, ex partner of James Storm and the leader of the selfish generation

    JR: What does that tell you about the man?

    King: It tells me that he is confident and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that

    Roode/Roode vs Sin Cara/AJ Styles
    *stop at 3:45*

    JR: Roode pushes Sin cara, away, and he HE HIT THE REF, the ref is knocked out

    King: Uh oh look at that cocky smile from Bobby Roode

    *Roode smiles and gets out of the ring about to get a steel chair*

    JR: OH NO, here comes the man who attacked Sin Cara, we don’t know if he is going to help Roode or attack him

    *Mysterio runs to Roode*

    KING: Hurricarana by Mysterio

    *crowd cheers as Mysterio goes to Sin Cara*

    JR: Rey is extending his hand to his former partner

    King: WHAT

    *Mysterio hurricaranas Sin Cara to the ropes*

    King: YES 619, wait a minute, the ref is still knocked out, where is Roode to pin Sin Cara?


    King: Roode goes for the pin on Sin Cara, the ref gets up 1…..2………3

    JR: What a brutal dislay by Bobby Roode

    King: Our next match is Amazing Red taking on the cocky and self centered Dolph Ziggler

    JR: Noone can argue this man is way too damn cocky, I'm sory King but this is too much confidence

    King: That isn't possible

    JR: Amazing Red folks! This guy is as quick as a hiccup and is not afraid to take it high risk.. This should be a good match between him and Ziggler!

    King: I will admit some of the moves this kid does is amazing! * King laughs* excuse the pun! But he’s no match for Ziggler JR! Dolph is the future WWE Champion.. He should win this match easy!

    *Dolph Ziggler steps out from the behind the curtain with Vickie by his side! The showoff begins to walk down the ramp with his cocky swagger receiving boo’s from the crowd*

    JR: I’m a fan of Ziggler’s ability King, There’s no doubting that.. I just wished his attitude matched his ability and why is Vickie out here?.

    King: What are you talking about JR? There’s nothing wrong with his attitude and Vickie is his manager.. What kind of manager would she be if she did not come out here and support her client!

    JR: Well fair point.. Lets just hope she does not get involved!

    JR: What a match King, but it’s Dolph Ziggler that comes away with the victory!

    King: I was rooting for Ziggler.. But I have to admit both of these men put another good match on for these fans! Ziggler was impressive tonight and proved to any of the doubters just how talented he is.. I hope the Warrior was watching!

    JR: I’m sure he was watching.. But as good as Ziggler was tonight, He’s going to have to be twice as good at the Rumble to beat the Ultimate Warrior!

    *commercial break*

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    *Pyro hit’s the stage and the big red machine’s music plays out around the arena as the crowd give a mixed reaction with the older generation cheering while the younger generation boo! Kane is heading down to the ring*

    King: What’s he doing hear JR? He’s not scheduled for a match is he?

    JR: I don’t think so King, Just look at this monster though.. Is there a more scary or demented person in wrestling right now, Kane is just unstable.. Look at his actions last week when he choke slammed Ryder 3 times in the row after the match was finished!

    King: He’s looking this way.. Don’t make eye contact!

    Kane: Last week.. Last week I thought I made myself very clear when I said I needed a challenge.. And then this week im not even booked for a match? * Kane laughs* I can smell the fear around this arena, people are scared that the monster has returned.. I see the kids in the crowd look away in fear as I stare at them, People in the back walk out of the room when I enter, The WWE is in fear of the Big red machine and so you all should be!

    *Kane looks around at the crowd as they Boo*

    King: I think Kane has lost it JR!

    Kane: If someone does not step out from the shadows and be brave enough to step in the ring with me, then I will find away of entertaining myself and keeping myself occupied! Pain and suffering is something which I have dealt with my whole life and now something I survive for.. Your fear is what keeps me ticking! If someone does not step out and give me the challenge I desire then I will make sure that each and every week someone is made to pay for the cowardly act that is going on.. Starting this week with YOU!

    *Kane points to the camera man in the ring, The camera man immediately has a look of horror on his face and drops the camera!*

    JR: I think we just lost the live feed folks bare with us please!

    *Kane starts to laugh and the camera man out from the ring begins slowly walking backwards up the ramp looking at Kane with fear on his face, The crowd are tense and are waiting to see what kane does next when Kane once again points out the man and a Firebolt shoots down from the roof arena and hit’s the camera man trying to escape!*

    JR: OHHH MY GOD! What the hell was that.. We need some help down here! We need some help!

    King: He’s on fire JR! Look at Kane.. He’s still laughing,

    JR: Can somebody get some damn help out here!

    *Medics and security rush down from the back with fire extinguishers and begin to put out the camera man on fire!*

    JR: I can not believe what I have just seen folks.. I feel physically sick King, this man has a family and he’s has just been set on fire because Kane wants a challenge!

    King: Kane has gone to far this time.. I don’t know what to say!

    JR: Folks im not sure if we were able to get a camera live feed to show that or not, but what we have just witnessed is something that I hope we never see again, our medical team have the man backstage and an ambulance is in the building so we hope to get an update soon but right now were going to go to a break and try and restore some order around here!

    King: Our next match is CM Punk vs Zack Ryder

    JR: Woo wooo woo King

    King: That is disgusting get your silly stuff out of my face

    King: The self proclaimed best in the world JR, and heis going to proveit right here right now at Ryder’s risk

    JR: Isn’t that what Bobby Roode said?

    King: No Roode is the greatest who ever lived

    JR: You are an asshole

    King: Oh god, prepare the job squad out comes Zack Ryder, the jersey shore wannabee ugh

    JR: Ok, let’s see if CM Punk is actually the best in the world like you and him see

    *stop at 7:25*

    JR: Ryder is coming back to the ring, he does a combination of punches knocking CM Punk to the corner, Broski Boot

    King: Oh god no, Punk gets up, ROUGH-NO. Punk grabs him on his shoulders, GO TO SLEEP 1…2…..3

    JR: I will admit that was pretty good

    King: A beautiful display by CM Punk proving himself JR the best in the world

    *CM Punk goes for a chair*

    JR: See this is what I don’t get, why would you do this?

    King: To prove a point, this is wrestling not a show for kids

    JR: Finally somebody to stop this madness

    King: Well Punk still has the advantage he has a chair in hand

    JR: Christian runs over to CM Punk on the outside of the ring, he dives at him…..

    *Punk hits him in the head with a steel chair*


    King: I don’t think Punk is done yet

    JR: Punk is going for another chair under the ring with Christian on the ground, putting the chair underneath Christian and grabbing the other one

    King: Ok Punk calm down you proved your point


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    *Cena is in the ring after commercial break*

    Bryan my bitch, you little fucking cunt
    I'll kick you in the head, I'll give you a punt

    You cost me a chance, the champ I would've been
    If you think you'll get away with it, you must be in a dream

    I'm mad at you bro, you really pissed me off
    I haven't been this pissed, since before you can even jack off

    That's all you can do son, be a lonely son of a
    You watch Ready Steady Cook, as I'm fucking the ass of your mamma

    I'm superman chief, nobody can beat me fairly
    Last week, I almost got you, but you got away barely

    So Danielson, you small, 6 foot queer
    You better fight me SO GET YOUR FAT ASS OUT HERE
    Bryan Danielson’s music hits, and he comes out on the stage clapping.

    Wow, that was impressive. Did you fans enjoy that Grammy worthy rap by the son of The Incredible Hulk and Eminem? You hit all of the classics, me being gay and you being mad, but you added something new, sex with my mom. You really are this era’s greatest MC. But as for me stepping into the ring with you, that’s not going to happening tonight John. I’m not ready and you are clearly experiencing roid rage.

    Shut your shit up, I hate hearing you
    Come in the ring, and clean your pants of poo poo

    I've got an idea coming up is a pay per view
    Here's an idea, it's original, it's new

    Royal Rumble, Bryan Danielson vs The Rapper
    Because this pretty face would kick your face, making your lips 3 times fatter

    So what do you say Bitch, come on I wanna know
    I'll end our fightsoon, like you did to that AJ hoe

    You are calling me out for a match at the Royal Rumble? Seriously? Do you understand the importance of this pay per view? Probably not, since you don’t care about the business and only care about yourself and how many tee-shirts that you sell. This is one of the big four, one of the foundations of the business. It is the second most important show of the year, next to WrestleMania. But I’m sure that you will plan out some grand entrance and put more time into your promo than you will actually planning the for the match. But that’s fine with me, because while you are writing your “raps”, I will be watching videos of your past matches and studying your many flaws and many injuries. How is that surgically repaired neck of yours holding up? How will it hold up after a Tiger Suplex, a German Suplex, a Crossface Chickenwing or the Labell Lock? I will be more than happy to WRESTLE you, make you tap out, and possibly end your career at the Royal Rumble. See you there Johnny boy.

    *Daniel Bryan enters the ring*

    *The crowd give the biggest pop of the night as the Dong goes out around the arena! Chants of “Taker” are heard and the deadman slowly makes his way down the ramp, heading to the ring!*

    JR: The Undertaker has been in this business for many years King, His theme music and entrance has been heard and seen so many times, yet it still brings chills down my spine and makes the hair on my neck stand up!

    King: Yeah I have to agree JR! The Undertaker is a legend.. And has accomplished many things that others will not even come close to achieving! But there is no sign of this man slowing down either and that’s scary for everyone on the roster!

    *All three men start to warm up in the ring ready for Christian to come down and get this match started!*

    *The crowd again give a big pop for Captain Charisma but after a minute of his song playing there is no sign of Christian!*

    King: Where’s Christian?

    JR: Folks, bare with us please.. I’m just getting word that.. Guys I’m sorry to say but after that brutal attack from CM Punk earlier, Christian has not been declared fit to compete tonight and therefore is out of this match!

    King: We are hearing that after the conchairto he received, not only did he require stitches but we have now been told he is suffering from slight concussion!

    JR: Well I hope CM Punk is proud of himself!

    *The announcement is made over the speakers and the crowd start too boo, disappointed with the news they have just heard! The bell rings and the match is started!*

    JR: Well here we go guys, Remember the winner will take the number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble!

    King: Come on Bryan!

    *The match begins and Taker stares at Bryan.. Bryan looking into the eyes of Taker starts to backtrack but does not realise Cena is ready and waiting behind him! *

    JR: FU! FU! Bryan just walked right into an FU from Cena!

    King: Nooooo!

    *Cena celebrates and begins to laugh after giving Bryan the FU! Taker stares at Cena and Cena responds by putting his arms up and signalling that he’s ready to fight! Taker though turns his attention to Bryan picking him up off the floor and does the trademark cut throat sign before picking him up and delivering a last ride!*

    JR: My god! A huge last ride from the Undertaker!

    King: How is this fair? This is not a triple threat match.. This is a handicap match!

    *The crowd cheer for both men as they both pick up Bryan and toss him over the ropes.. They then stare at each other face to face in the ring, trading words before trading punches!*

    JR: Here we go! Both men are standing toe to toe trading punches!

    King: Is Cena crazy? You don’t want to stand toe to toe with the deadman!

    *Taker starts to hit the harder punches.. Knocking cena back into the turnbuckle before punching him to the mid section with both hands! Taker starts to hit Cena with everything he has including elbows and head butts before stepping away and nailing Cena with a huge boot to the face!

    King: *king laughs* He almost kicked Cena’s head off!

    *Taker picks back up cena and delivers snake eyes, cena’s head comes crashing off the turnbuckle and again hits Cena with a big boot and then goes for the pin!

    JR: He may have him here folks.. This could be over!



    *Cena kicks out before the 3 as Taker picks back up cena and again delivers huge right hand shots! Cena gets knocked back on to the ropes as Taker delivers a huge clothesline knocking Cena out of the ring! Medics rush down to attend to Bryan who has not moved since receiving the FU and the Last Ride and help him to the back!

    JR: Well looks like Bryan is out of this match folks.. What was a 4 way Battle Royal is now a straight shoot out between Taker and Cena!
    (Ignore ending )

    JR: What a match King, these two have given everything.. Cena will just not give up!

    King: This crowd is right behind both men but You can’t help feeling this match is almost over for Cena!

    *Taker picks up Cena signalling his trademark cut throat and gets ready to hit the last ride when..*

    JR: Cena with the reversal! He’s got taker up for the FU!

    *Cena nails Taker with the FU while trying to muster the energy to pin the deadman!*

    King: If Cena can get the pin.. This match is over JR!

    *Cena crawls across the ring trying to reach Taker for the pin.. When the deadman sits up!*

    JR: Ohh My! Look at Takers face!

    King: Look at Cena’s! *King laughs* he looks like a scared little kid!

    *Taker stands to his feet while Cena can only watch on after using every bit of energy he had to hit the FU! Taker stare’s again at Cena picking him up and shouting at him “ R.I.P.” before hitting the Tombstone!

    JR: Huge Tombstone from the Undertaker! It’s over.. It must be over!

    King Taker has the pin! Cena is finished!




    JR: It’s over.. My god what a match! Just listen to these fans! The respect shown for both men is amazing!

    King: What a night it’s been JR! Undertaker will now be the 30th man to enter the Rumble!

    JR: Ladies and Gentleman thank you for joining us tonight, we hope you enjoyed the show and tune in for next week! Goodnight folks!

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    Raw Is War is getting a new intro video by next week Fucking Destruction and his stupid song

  7. #27
    Remember the Royal Rumble is our next show

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    Be sure to check out Pauadrian's amazing channel

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    Raw is War is next
    Are You Ready?

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