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    JR: And now it’s time for Nitro’s main event. A changed veteran takes on an upcoming superstar.

    Bischoff: Edge’s attitude has been amazing on the last couple of Nitro episodes. Have you seen his promo from Thursday? He was on FIRE!

    JR: Well I agree it was a different Edge, but for all his moaning about Tyson Kidd having a problem with him, it was clear to me that Edge has a problem with Tyson Kidd.

    Bischoff: Why would Edge have a problem with Tyson Kidd? He’s the most decorated superstar in this company’s history!

    JR: Well he seems to have a new biggest fan.

    Bischoff: What? Look, I just enjoy his work. He’s better than Tyson Kidd for sure.

    JR: It’s quite frankly a damn miracle Kidd is here after the vicious brutal beating Edge gave him on the first episode of Nitro.

    Bischoff: Kidd deserved that.

    JR: Why did he?

    Bischoff: He was trying to steal Brock & Edge’s spotlight.

    JR: Well the question remains- is Tyson Kidd 100%?

    JR: These fans aren’t holding back at all, they really dislike Edge now!

    Bischoff: Well they turned on him first. Edge was the guy that they loved until he lost one match at WrestleMania and CM Punk suddenly took over.

    JR: I’m sorry but Punk’s attitude changed when he shook Edge’s hand and he started to show respect. Edge doesn’t know what respect means.

    Bischoff: Respect is exactly what Edge deserves.

    Match 9: Tyson Kidd vs. Edge(Kidd = Jericho)

    (stop at 18:15)

    JR: Big boot from Edge!

    Bischoff: Kidd is down!

    *Edge immediately goes for a cover but Kidd rolls through into a crucifix pin, the same move that Edge lost to on the first episode of Nitro.




    Edge powers out as Kidd can barely move. He begins to use the ropes to get up, holding his ribs as Edge himself begins to get up in the centre of the ring. Kidd finally reaches his feet and turns around but Edge punches Kidd square in the face, dropping him down to the middle rope. Edge pushes his knee into Kidd’s throat, and presses him against the rope as the referee counts.





    Edge lets Kidd go as the ref warns him but Edge just stares angrily at the ref. He walks back over to Kidd and drags him to his feet, bouncing him off the ropes and going for a Spear on the rebound but Kidd jumps over Edge and hits a Pele kick as Edge turns back around. Kidd scrambles over and covers him.



    Edge kicks out as Kidd isn’t happy. Edge immediately grabs Kidd’s legs but Kidd kicks out into Edge’s gut and knees him in the face, before locking in the Sharpshooter, centre of the ring! Edge begins to scream as the fans are cheering, expecting Edge to tap out any minute, but Edge continues to defy them as Kidd gives all he has left, but his waning energy allows Edge to crawl, and Edge finally reaches the ropes.

    Kidd breaks cleanly, with Edge rolling to the apron. Kidd runs across the ring and bounces off the ropes, hitting a baseball slide on the rebound that drops Edge to the floor. Kidd immediately tells the referee to count him out, knowing that his energy and condition is getting worse.

    The referee reaches four before Edge is even moving.


    Edge manages to reach his feet and goes to climb into the ring but Kidd hits another dropkick that sends Edge back down. The referee begins his count all over again, but before he reaches three, Edge rolls into the ring. Kidd immediately continues the onslaught and drags Edge up, going for Code Blue but Edge reverses and hits Edge-O-Matic! He grabs Kidd’s leg for a pin.




    Kidd manages to find the energy to kick out but Edge is feeling it now. He begins to run his fingers through his hair and backs to the corner as Kidd begins to move. He reaches his feet and turns around, right into a Spear! Edge covers Kidd.



    Three! *

    JR: Edge did it!

    Bischoff: And Edge proves beyond all doubt that Tyson Kidd isn’t on his level!

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    *The crowd are cheering and chanting in appreciation for the PPV so far, an announcement is made signalling that up next is the Main Event and the crowd once more jump too there feet with a huge roar of excitement*

    JR: Well folks it’s time, and by time I mean for our main event! Bischoff.. I don’t know about you partner, the show has been great so far, but this is the one I have been waiting for all night!

    Bischoff: Meh. It will not be better then Nitro’s Main Event in which Brock Lesnar retained the World Heavyweight title!

    JR: Well that’s your opinion and Kudos too Brock and my long time friend Steve Austin for putting on a hell of match.. But don’t be surprised if this one is the headline stealer!

    Bischoff: Well we will see about that Ross, we will see…

    JR: Indeed we will.. Right now folks were going too take a moment too see how this situation came about and how this feud has intensified too the situation it has..

    *As Jim Ross finishes speaking the camera zooms in on the Titantron and a video is played of the highlights between the feud of Jericho and Punk all the way untill there match scheduled too take place now!*

    JR: Remember folks, Just 7 days ago on Monday Night Raw.. Chris Jericho was supposed too be on tour with his band Fozzy, Punk would compete on the same night.. A match he would win, Punk would then cut a promo only too attacked by Chris Jericho who would assault CM Punk, not once.. But numerous times with the WWE title, one does wonder… Has CM Punk recovered? Or will this dastardly assault at the hands of Chris Jericho effect the match.

    Bischoff: Either way, it was smart of Chris Jericho.. Come on Ross, You have too admit that?

    JR: Actually.. I don’t, I’m not a fan of sneak attacks or any controversy in that way, wrestling should be about sportsmanship and respect in my humble opinion.

    Bischoff: Controversy… means cash Ross!
    *Bischoff laughs*

    JR: Yeah.. It served you well during your first reign working for Dubya-See-Dubya right?

    Bischoff: I’m back now ain’t I? Many people hate me Ross.. But I create controversy and anyone who has read my book will know.. That creates cash and that’s why Shane brought me back!

    JR: Well good luck with that..

    *Before JR can say anymore.. The sound very familiar too the WWE Universe rings out around the arena and the crowd quickly jump too there feet for the straight edge saviour CM Punk!*

    *CM Punk appears from behind the curtain too a huge ovation from the crowd, the Cult of personality, stands at the top of the ramp.. Hits his trademark pose and warm up taunt before making his way too the ring with a look of sheer focus across his face, but with a noticeable cut on his forehead*

    JR: CM Punk is ready folks! He’s come here too win and too leave with the WWE title!

    Bischoff: Yeah but CM Punk has one major problem, look at his head.. That wound has not fully healed, You know Jericho just like I do.. He will target and attack any weakness he can and will do what it takes too win!

    JR: You make a good point.. But the feeling I’m getting from Punk is that he’s come here ready for a tear up, both of these guys are catch a catch can wrestlers but do not be surprised if we have an all our war right here tonight folks!

    *CM Punk now stands at the tope of the turnbuckle, wearing his best in the world shirt proudly he holds his hands up once more in the air too another ovation from the crowd, Punk enters the ring and circles it a few times as he waits for the champ too arrive*

    Bischoff: We now await the champion! Forget about the shirts.. When it comes too being the best in the world.. That accolade is associated with Chris Jericho, well.. When it comes too Raw anyway!

    JR: Jericho is talented.. Always have been and always will be, he can beat you in the ring and on the mic, his psychology and his mental awareness for the wrestling business is breathtaking, he’s also multi talented in aspects of his career.. But with all that said.. And you said it best, Jericho will do anything it takes too get ahead or get that win.. that’s where Jericho will always lose respect from many of our viewers and wrestling purists!

    *With that said.. The lights go out and a mixed reaction is followed as the crowd await the WWE Champion, after a few seconds the lights come back on with a bang from the pyro and Jericho’s theme music plays out*

    *Jericho steps out from behind the curtain with his trademark arrogant smile, he continues too walk out on to the stage and down the ramp, mocking Punks injury before standing in front of the ring and raising his title, shouting out “best in the world, before walking up on too the stairs and trying too get in the ring.. As Jericho try’s too enter, Punk charges at him only for the referee to grab hold of Punk and pull him back… Jericho drops of the ring apron and once again smiles at Punk*

    Bischoff: Jericho has Punk exactly where he wants him Ross! Punk is pissed! I can say that right?

    JR: Well you just did.. Punk has too remain calm here!

    *Just as Punk is pulled back too his corner, Jericho slides off his jacket and jumps onto the ring apron, Jericho once more holds up his WWE title and flashes another cocky smile waiting for a reaction.. Punk this time remains calm and Jericho hands the title too the referee when.. *

    Lillian Garcia: WWE Universe! I’m sorry for the interruption, but I am just being told.. That this match will now be.. A falls count anywhere street fight!

    JR: good god almighty! Business is about too pick up right here!

    *Just as the announcement is made the ring bell is sounded and Punk once more charges at Jericho before he can react too the news, this time Punk forearm smashes Jericho in the face knocking him of the apron and the match is away!*

    Bischoff: How unfair is this? Jericho has just lost his championship advantage without any notice! You would not see this type of thing on a Nitro match.

    JR: I thought controversy created cash? Well.. You asked for it.. And you got it! This match is going too be a damn slobber knocker!

    Start at 3:20 stop at 12:30

    *Jericho stands over Punk with the Kendo stick in his hand and a smile on his face.. Punk try’s too get back too his feet after the costly mistake only for Jericho too smash the Kendo Stick once more across Punk’s back, Jericho is not done there though and continues beating him down with the stick*

    JR: Jericho is beating him like a government mule!

    *Chris Jericho steps away from Punk, and holds the Kendo Stick like a bat.. Urging Punk too get up, after a few more seconds Punk once more stands too his feet and walks right into a thunderous crack of the Kendo Stick snapping it in half over Punks head and bursting his wound open once more*

    Bischoff: Punk is busted open! I told you Jericho would target it.. He’s so smart Ross!

    JR: Punks in a world of trouble here folks!

    *Jericho once more stands over the seemingly unconscious Punk, he raises his arm in the air and places one foot on the chest of Punk as the ref stars too count* One.

    Bischoff: It’s over! Jericho retains!


    Bischoff: It’s over!


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    JR: It’s not over! It’s not over!

    *Jericho’s cocky smile has vanished and replaced with one of sheer shock, He begins too question the ref’s count before stomping on Punk time and time again!*

    JR: Jericho is stomping a muddle hole right through punk here! I’m not sure how much more of this Punk can take!

    Bischoff: I can’t believe he kicked out..

    *Jericho once again calms himself down before again urging Punk too his feet.. Punk staggers up trying too balance himself, Jericho then rushes towards him looking for the code breaker only for Punk too hit a huge trademark round house kick too the temple of Jericho knocking him clean out of the ring causing him too fall between the ropes too the floor*

    JR: Oh bah gawd what a kick!

    Bischoff: Jericho is out Ross, this could be Punk’s chance!

    *Punk however has fallen too the mat in exhaustion, while Jericho is layed out on the floor on the outside.. Punk begins too crawl across the ring and goes too the outside, he picks up Jericho and begins too give everything he has left with hard right hand shots too the face knocking Jericho back each time a little bit more.. Punk then rips of the announce table top and begins too clear the table.. Throwing everything for mic’s and monitors too drinks and notepads of the Spanish announce table, Punk then gives one more big shot too Jericho’s face before placing Jericho on the announce table*

    JR: This is not going too end well.. Think about what you are doing here Punk!

    Bischoff: At least it wasn’t out announce table Ross!

    *CM Punk then hops onto the ringside apron before raising his hands in the air and the crowd begin too cheer with excitement, Punk then climbs the turnbuckle and signals for the elbow drop.. After a few hesitant seconds Punk shoots of the top turnbuckle and comes crashing down onto Jericho as both men smash through the announce table too a huge *Holy sh*t* chant*

    JR: Oh my god!! Both men may be broken in half!!

    Bischoff: That was awesome Ross! Shades of the late and great Randy Macho Man savage right there!

    *Both men are out cold.. As the crowd chant *Randy Savage* Punk shortly then begins too stir and is able too place one arm on Jericho as the ref starts too count!*



    JR: He kicked out! He kicked out! Bah Gawd, how did he manage too kick out!

    Bischoff: I thought it was over Ross! Jericho is not going too give this title up and will continue too fight with every last breath!

    JR: What’s it going too take though?! When will these two realise there body’s and life’s are on the line.. How much more can they do too each other?!

    *Both men continue too lay on the floor with the broken table around them, Punk with the blood pouring down his face, is in clear shock that Jericho was able too kick out.. Punk then begins too get too his feet, he grips Jericho by the hair and drags him up and to the ring.. Punk then slides Jericho in and begins too follow him, Punk then once more grabs Jericho and places him on his shoulders before shouting * Go to Sleep* as he does Jericho is able too swing out and reverse with the.. *

    JR: Codebreaker! codebreaker!

    Bischoff: he pulled that out of nowhere! How good is this man.. Chris Jericho!

    JR: he’s good.. He’s very good and he’s about too win with this cover!




    JR: Another near fall! I don’t think I can take much more of this!

    *Jericho rolls off Punk in disbelief, he begins screaming at Punk almost begging him too give up, then goes for the cover once more..*



    JR: He kicked out at two! Punk has fight left.. I don’t know how but Punk is still going!

    Bischoff: I have too give it too both men, this has been breathtaking at times!

    *Jericho once more in shock this begins too screaming at the referee, calling for faster count.. Jericho then rolls once more too the outside and grabs for a chair bringing it back into the ring.. He then places the chair on too CM Punk and runs at the ropes looking for the..*

    Bischoff: Lionsault!

    *Punk quickly rolls out the way leaving the chair on the spot, Jericho comes crashing down onto the chair and because of the pain he immediately jumps back too his feet as does CM Punk who grabs Jericho and nails the…

    JR: Go To Sleep! This must be it now!

    *Punk after hitting his trademark finisher falls on top of Jericho and the ref counts once more!*



    JR: We have a new champion! CM Punk is the new-


    Bischoff: he kicked out! He kicked out! Right at the last second!

    JR: I thought it was over! Jericho was just able too kick out with miliseconds too spare!

    *Both men continue too lay in the ring as the ref checks both wrestlers while the crowd chant “this is awesome” *

    *Both men are on the mat for a few minutes, untill both try too make it too there feet.. As both men reach a vertical base they begin too slug it out!*
    *Punk continues throwing big right hands knocking Jericho back once again.. As Punk lines up one last big haymaker Jericho goes low with a boot stopping Punk In his tracks.. Jericho then Hits another big code breaker and goes for the pin!



    JR: It must be over! It must be!

    Bischoff: Come on Jericho!


    JR: Jericho retains! Jericho retains!

    Bischoff: He done it! Jericho is still the WWE Champion!

    *Jericho’s win is greeted with a mixed reaction at first un till the corwd acknowledge the match and respond with cheers and claps, Jericho is giving his belt back which he clutches as tightly as possible before rolling out the ring and dropping too the floor, while Punk is still laid out in the ring, Jericho raises his title in the air as the camera zooms in on him*

    JR: Folks what a night! Thank you for joining us.. And please tune in too Monday Night Raw, thank you and good night!

    *The WWE logo appears and the camera’s fade away going off the air*

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    Had to dig a little to get this, surprises me how many new threads are started in the course of a week.

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    Hope you guys enjoyed Backlash, but we have more to come

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    THBK is gone for two weeks so I'm the guy in charge of RAW now!

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    your fate is in my hands for 2 weeks! HAHA

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    Obviously I'm just kidding.

    Or am I?

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    Nope I'm kidding! Hope you guys enjoy the show

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    RAW is WAR starts....RIGHT NOW!

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