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    RAW is WAR Episode 16
    Location: Boise, Idaho; Qwest Arena

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to RAW is WAR, we are less than a week away from Backlash, and tonight we got quite the show for you, including an announcement from General Manager Teddy Long regarding Backlash

    King: And tonight Lex Luger goes one on one with CM Punk.

    JR: And CM Punk is on quite the roll coming off a triple threat match win last week, with Chris Jericho still on tour with Fozzy.

    King: Well at the end of last week Tyler Black, the new face of the WWE, sent a message and a challenge to John Cena.

    JR: And we are expecting to hear from Cena shortly in regards to the challenge by Black for a match at Backlash.

    JR: Or right now, because here comes John Cena!

    King: Oh I hope Tyler Black will shut him up soon.

    John Cena: Tyler Black!
    *crowd boos*. You remember me?
    I'm John freakin' Cena!
    *pop* The face of the 'E

    Last week me and Punk beat you, along with Lex Luger,
    You're inexperienced dude, you're greener than a booger,

    You attacked me from behind, and kicked me in the face,
    And you challenge me to a match? Well I'll put you in your place!

    That's right Black! We will go one on one
    Backlash is the destination, where you won't be able to run.

    At Backlash Tyler, you won't be able to make a peep,
    Unlike when you're with Luger, Black, where you'll do everything but sleep.

    Avada Kedarva, well it sucks worse than Kurt
    Compared to the FU, it's like having a flirt

    Completely harmless dude, it won't put me down for 3
    You want to achieve greatness Black – well to that I hold the key

    Beat the face of the WWE, well you're one of the best Earth
    But when you lose Black, you'll be smaller than a smurf

    I can be fun loving Tyler, but I can be a pain
    Come Backlash though, all you'll have is a yellow stain!

    Black appears in stage with a mic in hand to a great load of boos from the crowd before he heads to the ring and never losing sight of Cena, who also stares at Black with great intensity. Black enters the ring and with a coy smile begins to speak.

    Black: Are you kidding me?

    Fans begin to boo Black

    Black: This is best you can do? The face of the WWE, rapping in response to my verbal domination of him last week?

    Black scoffs, facepalms and soon seen with with a look of anger on his face.

    Black: This is what you call your best? I mean is this what you do; humiliate yourself even worse then I could all on your own? So I ask you, Cena, is this what I have to look forward when facing you?

    I like that you have reminded me why I knew I wanted to defeat you and show you what it's like to be at the bottom of the totem pole, where you should but don't even deserve to be, because you're lower than the lowest scum of the WWE and judging from all that crap that spewed out of your mouth, you've been kissing Vince's McMahon ass again. Good job

    Fans at ringside have their jaw dropped and mothers are trying to tell their children not to repeat what was just said.

    Black: Now, onto the more pressing matter: Backlash. A fitting name actually because you will suffer the Backlash of all I've felt because of your ego. Your stupid self centered, wannabe Eminem, you actually wish you were the face of this business ego that needlessly made it so that the true stars of this company shined as they should especially me.

    You think your jokes, your actions and more importantly your overlooking as a threat is gonna benefit you? You're dead wrong.

    Fans assault Black mercilessly with endless boos

    Black: You made a big mistake ever making an enemy out of me and come Backlash, you'll know exactly why.

    Black drops the mic and gets into Cena's face and Cena does not back down either.


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    JR: Welcome back folks and what a matchup we have set for Backlash!

    King: I can’t wait to see Tyler Black officially become the new face of the WWE

    JR: Don’t ever doubt Cena King, Black may have awoken the bear inside Cena.

    King: It’s not going to be enough JR, Black is just better, Cena’s time is over.

    JR: Well many people said that about this man but yet here he is ready for his United States Championship rematch

    King: But Triple H is the cerebral assassin, he can outsmart any of his opponents, and hopefully he does that to Rhodes tonight and takes his US Championship

    JR: Well this match was set last week when Teddy Long allowed Triple H to use his rematch clause for the Intercontinental Title against Rhodes since the title was moved to Nitro, and the US Championship stayed on RAW.

    King: Well I for one am behind Triple H. I really hope Cody loses

    JR: You say that about him each time and he proves you wrong, why can’t you accept the fact that he can carry a good attitude and win at the same time

    King: Because nobody else who is champion has a good attitude

    United States Championship
    Cody Rhodes vs. Triple H

    Watch till 5:40

    Rhodes gets out and leans against the turnbuckle. Triple H hobbles over to the turnbuckle and punches Rhodes once before Rhodes kicks at the knee of Triple H again, this time knocking him down to one knee. Rhodes then jumps off the ropes…

    JR: He is looking for Beautiful Disaster

    As Rhodes goes for the kick

    King: Yes huge spinebuster by Triple H!

    Both men are down and the ref begins the count. Cody is the first to his feet, but this time Triple H returns the favor with a kick to the knee of Rhodes to push him away. Triple H uses the ropes to get up, Rhodes runs at him, but Triple H connects with a huge clothesline. Triple H gets up again slowly, uses the ropes for leverage, and attempts a knee drop, but Rhodes moves and Triple H is down in pain. Rhodes then starts to attack the leg some more. Rhodes picks Triple H up, but Triple H pushes him away, kicks him in the gut and…

    JR: This could be it he is looking for The Pedigree!

    Rhodes then goes to flip Triple H over but instead…

    JR: Alabama Slam! What a unique counter

    King: Come on Triple H.

    Rhodes picks Triple H up and hits…

    JR: Cross Rhodes, it’s all over




    King: I can’t stand this somebody needs to beat Cody Rhodes

    JR: Well a valiant effort by Triple H but the damage to the leg was too severe to make a comeback.

    King: Somebody needs to damage Rhodes and quick.

    *The fans cheer loudly as Rhodes is handed his United States Championship. He leans against the ropes after a hell of a battle before climbing onto the top turnbuckle and holding his title up in the air. He climbs back down to the canvas and turns to find Triple H beginning to climb to his feet. Rhodes holds out a hand to help Triple H up and Triple H takes it. Rhodes lifts Triple H’s arm in the air as the fans applaud. Triple H climbs out of the ring as Rhodes asks for and receives a microphone. He brings it up to his lips as he speaks.*

    Cody Rhodes: How about a round of applause for The Cerebral Assassin?

    *The fans cheer loudly as Rhodes claps a few times.*

    Cody Rhodes: But yet again, The Golden Boy keeps his United States Championship!

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Cody Rhodes: This was one of the toughest matches of my career, even up there with my matches against guys such as Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Rey Mysterio, but I knew I had the skills and the talent, plus the backing of all of you to get me to this very point, across the finish line, to where I am STILL the United States Champion.

    Last week, I said I was going to be a fighting champion, and that’s exactly what I plan on being. But with the defeat of Triple H, that leaves me with one thing I need to really think about, I have no number one contenders that are obvious. Trust me, I’d happily take on The Game once more but he needs to earn it and with guys like Ted Dibiase and Sheamus coming through, there’s more challengers for me.

    And that brings me onto the pre-show at Backlash this Sunday. You see, there’s going to be a battle royal with guys from both brands and should the winner be from Raw, they will become the number one contender to me, and this.

    *Rhodes holds the United States Championship up in the air, staring at it for a few seconds, before returning it to his shoulder.*

    Cody Rhodes: Now, I’m going to be ringside for the match on Sunday, and I’m guessing the winner, should they be from Raw- will get the shot at me at In Your House, a night where all of you get to pick a certain part of the match- well let me tell you all now.

    This United States Championship means EVERYTHING to me.

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Cody Rhodes: Last week, I walked out here and said that I’m going to be a fighting champion, and I just proved it by beating Triple H. Whoever wins the battle royal, I will walk into the ring after that match and offer them a handshake- because I firmly believe in the idea of respect.

    Should they be disrespectful to me, it’ll take me less than a second to hit a Beautiful Disaster and leave them laying on the ground. And let my victory here be a reminder, it’s going to take something very, very special to take this United States Championship from my grasp.

    *The fans pop loudly once again as Rhodes drops the mic and holds the title up in the air. He climbs out of the ring and walks away up the ramp high fiving fans as he goes. He reaches the top of the ramp and holds the United States Championship up in the air.*

    JR: up next we expect an announcement from our General Manager Teddy Long!


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    *Teddy Long struts out to the top of the ramp after the match, with a mic in hand.*

    Teddy Long: How’s it hangin playas? I’ve got quite the announcement regarding Backlash. Now as you’ve noticed we got a lot of new tag teams on the block, so me and Shane came to an agreement that there will now be a tag division, with the WWE Tag Team Championships at the head that can be defended on both shows. So to make Backlash an even bigger event, we’ve decided we will crown new WWE Tag Team Champions at Backlash with a Tag Team Turmoil Match! Now how’s that sound playas?

    *The crowd cheers with a roar of approval, as Teddy smiles.*

    Teddy Long: Now to give you guys a preview of what you are gonna see on Sunday, right now we are goin to have ourselves a triple threat tag team match, featurin three of the teams in the Tag Team Turmoil match! Holla Holla Holla!

    *Teddy Long goes to the back as the crowd cheers in approval, with the match coming up next.*

    JR: Wow what an announcement by Teddy Long. At Backlash there will be a Tag Team Turmoil match for the new Tag Team Championships!

    King: Oh I hope the World’s Greatest Tag Team wins, after last week they are my favorites by far.

    JR: Well it’s your luck night King because right now we are going to get a Triple Threat Tag Team match, involving the World’s Greatest Tag Team, their opponents from last week Beer Money, and the newly formed team of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

    King: Ziggler and Swagger are going to be a great tag team, but not better than the World’s Greatest Tag Team.

    JR: Don’t discount Beer Money, they have had success as a tag team before and are bound for it again

    King: And here come the losers now they may as well not even enter the match at Backlash they are just going to lose

    JR: King you really need to stop being so bias, because it will make you look like a fool in the end.

    King: Well these guys are going to prove that I am right in all of this, when they walk out Tag Team Champions

    JR: Well it’s going to be tough you need to remember Tag Teams from Nitro are eligible as well.

    King: Who cares RAW is WAR is the dominant brand

    JR: Here comes the newly formed tag team of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, as always accompanied by Vickie Guerrero

    King: She looks lovely tonight, and Ziggler and Swagger are going to be quite the duo

    Beer Money vs. World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Ziggler & Swagger
    (Edge & Jericho= James Storm, & Robert Roode, Carlito & Primo= Benjamin & Haas, Rhodes & DiBiase= Ziggler & Swagger)

    Watch from 3:40- 8:38

    Storm finally gets in the match runs right at Haas and hits him with a spear! Haas rolls down and out of the ring. Storm then goes over and knocks Swagger off the apron, and from behind Ziggler tries to attack Storm, but Storm pulls down the ropes, and Ziggler goes over and knocks down Swagger. Storm gets the crowd fired up, as Haas got in the ring and tagged in Benjamin. Benjamin waits for Storm to turn, and as he does, he goes for the superkick, but Storm holds his foot. Benjamin then turns and hits a side wheel kick to the head of Storm. Benjamin gets up and taunts Roode on the apron, before turning and hits a diving clothesline on Storm. Benjamin drags Storm over to the corner where he tags in Haas, and Haas kicks Storm in the gut. Haas then grabs Storm and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex, and sends Storm across the ring, but to the corner of Roode. Roode tags in, runs at Haas, who moves, and runs right into a punch by Ziggler. Roode staggers back into a German Suplex by Haas, he holds for the cover…



    Th- Swagger and Ziggler break up the pin

    All hell breaks loose as Benjamin comes in and tries to attack Ziggler and Swagger, who hit him with a double clothesline. Storm then comes in and is met with the same fate. Ziggler and Swagger gloat for a minute, but then out of nowhere Storm and Benjamin hit simultaneous superkicks to Ziggler and Swagger, knocking both men out of the ring. Then they start to fight each other, and as they do Roode clotheslines Benjamin out of the ring, and Haas clotheslines Storm out of the ring, leaving Roode and Haas in the ring. Once Haas turns, he is met with a spear from Roode, and Haas rolls into the corner. Right after the spear, Vickie climbs up on the apron and distracts the ref. While the ref is distracted, Ziggler slides in on the opposite side of the ring, behind Roode, and locks in the Sleeper Hold, with Vickie still distracting the ref. As Roode fades, Swagger hops up on the apron, tags himself in on Haas who was still down, Vickie hops off the apron and Ziggler feeds Roode to Swagger and rolls out of the ring. Swagger hits Roode with the Gutwrench Powerbomb, cover…




    King: This is great; this new team of Ziggler and Swagger is unstoppable

    JR: I thought you liked the World’s Greatest Tag Team?

    King: I did, but during the match they worked with Beer Money, and anyone who does that is not a friend of mine

    JR: You flip flop so much King.

    King: Be quiet JR, Ziggler and Swagger have something to say.

    *After the ring bell is heard and the newly formed team of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are declared as winners, Vickie Guerrero enters the ring quickly with a mic in her hand*

    VG: Excuse me!

    *Crowd boo*

    VG: Excuse me... Excuse me.

    *Crowd continue too boo while Dolph and Swagger tell the crowd too be quiet*

    VG: I said EXCUSE ME!

    *Crowd carry on booing*

    VG: The WWE Universe has just witnessed the future of the tag team division! My clients.. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger have combined there skills and ability and as they have just shown.. they will be the force and face of the new revamped tag team division in the WWE now and for years too come!

    *With the crowd booing, Vickie passes the mic too Swagger*

    Jack Swagger: For those of you who may have forgot me, I am the two time, two time, All American American, Jack Swagger. Former NCAA, ECW and World Heavyweight Champion. And look I needed a break, I was losing, but then I realized it was time to come back, end the losing streak. Now I am refreshed, and when Vickie told me Dolph was looking for a partner to help end his losing streak, I needed to help him, because I know what that is like. Now me and Dolph, we are going to end our losing streaks, and become the best tag team in WWE history, then go on to become the two best superstars in the history of the WWE. The All American American, The Showoff, All American Perfection, the best tag team in the WWE, future World Tag Team and World Champions.

    *Swagger gets boo'ed then passes the mic to Ziggler.*

    Ziggler: It's pretty much just like Vickie and Swagger said.. The all American Perfection is a new team, but it's a team made up of two of the biggest damn talents this company has ever seen.. or will ever see again! You have the brain, abilty and looks of me.. Dolph Ziggler! then you take the strength, size and ability of him.. Jack Swagger!

    You put us both together, along with the best manager.. strike that! the best looking and the best manager in the world today in Vickie Guerrero and we are simply unbeatable!

    *Crowd boo while Swagger and Vickie clap Dolph's words*

    Zigger: You don't believe me? Well then you are in for a surprise at Backlash because the losing streak is already behind us both.. and this Sunday we start our winning streak, this Sunday at Backlash we will become the new WWE Tag Team Champions! But hey.. It's not showing off, when you can back it up like the American Perfection can!

    *Ziggler drops the mic and begins too strut around the ring before the newly formed stable leave the ring and head too the back*

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    JR: Well as you can tell as a result of his absence these past two weeks, Chris Jericho is on tour with his rock band, Fozzy.

    King: This man truly is the best in the world at what he does, not only is he the WWE Champion, but he is a member of one of the hottest bands on the planet in Fozzy.

    JR: Well if you look you will see some of the pictures from his current tour, and more pictures are available at

    King: And he doesn’t have a care in the world. Just look at these pictures, he realizes CM Punk is not a threat to his WWE Championship.

    JR: Well we can confirm Chris Jericho will be at Backlash this Sunday as his tour concludes this Friday, and one has to ask the question of ring rust. Has Jericho been out of action too long, and will it affect him on Sunday?

    King: This man is the Best in the World at what he does; he does not have any rust.

    JR: Well CM Punk also claims he is the Best in the World, and it would be hard pressed to disagree. CM Punk is on an absolute tear, and it started at Wrestlemania. CM Punk may be too hot to slow down.

    King: The only reason he is winning is because Chris Jericho isn’t here. If Chris Jericho was here, CM Punk wouldn’t be in this position, plus tonight CM Punk faces Lex Luger, and I can assure you Luger is going to win.

    JR: And how would you know that King?

    King: Because Luger is looking at Punk as Warrior, because Luger wants to be ready for Sunday.

    JR: Well enough on this topic, we need to get on with the show.

    *Just as JR and King are finished speaking, the WWE Universe is greeted by very familiar music and the crowd instantly jump too there feet cheering and applauding*

    JR: Is that?

    King: It is.. it is! It's Sable!

    Sable's music plays and the fans startcheering like crazy. Sable walks out to the stage in a black catsuit and heels and does her signature pose before walking down to the ring. The fans are wild with excitement.

    Sable: This is for all the women who want to be me and for the men who come to see me.

    The fans go wild once more.

    Sable: Are you boys ready for the grind?

    King: Oh boy I'm so ready for the grind!
    *King laughs*

    Fans start cheering louder.

    Sable: Well too bad! There will be no grind tonight.

    King: What?! No grind?!

    The fans start booing.

    Sable: You see RAW is no longer the number one brand in sports entertainment which means RAW is not worthy of my grind.

    Fans continue booing.

    Sable: Nitro is the new number one brand which features the most dominant Champion in the history of sports entertainment my husband BROCK LESNAR!!!

    There's a mixed reaction in the crowd now with half of the fans cheering and half of them booing.

    Sable: And Nitro is about to have one more reason for being the number one brand in all of sports entertainment since they just hired the hottest Diva in WWE history.

    The fans start chanting “We want Sable” over and over.

    Sable: That's right I'm talking aboutthe Original Diva, The first Diva to grace the cover of Playboy me Sable.

    Loud cheers and “We want Sable”chants continue.

    Sable: And there's no other Diva in the back who can compare to my beauty, my sex appeal and my wit.

    Fan continue cheering.

    Sable: In fact all that RAW has are a bunch of “Anti-Divas”.

    A mixed reaction begins once more.

    Sable: Just moments ago I saw a little girl named Paige arguing with an ape named Tamina
    *she scoffs*.
    Fans continue giving a mixed reaction.

    Sable: As the pioneer Diva in the WWE let me give you girls some advice. Paige go grow some boobs, get a tan and come back when you're old enough not to have to worry about a curfew.

    Sable continues toget mixed reactions from the fans.

    Sable: And Tamina lay off the steroids, they'll cause your balls to shrink.

    Loud boos are now heard throughout the arena.

    Sable: If you don't believe me just ask Chyna.

    Sable continues getting loud boos.

    Sable: Now Teddy Long I'd like to remind you that you brought this on yourself. Brock Lesnar was a member of the RAW roster for months. And what did you do? You under valued him and under appreciated him.

    The crowd starts expressing a mixed reaction once more.

    Sable: So you forced him out the door and I hope you're happy because Brock is very happy in Nitro. In fact, he's so happy there that we're throwing a big party this thursday and you're all invited.

    The fans begin cheering loudly.

    Sable: Of course I don't mean you Teddy, you caused this ship to sink and as the captain it's your job to sink with it.

    Sable's music hits and the fans start cheering loudly once more. Sable blows a kiss at the fans and walks to the back.

    King: No Grind?!

    JR: Yes King.. No Grind, Well that's Sable folks, don't be fooled by her looks or charm because I can assure you as you have just witnessed that jazzabell has a razor like tongue and she is not afraid too use it!

    King: But didn't she look great Ross? That Brock Lesnar is one lucky guy!

    JR: Oh she looked great alright.. It's just a real shame about her attitude! I actually believe Raw is doing just fine without the " great " Brock Lesnar! talents will come and go folks, but one thing you can be sure of.. Raw will still be here too stay!

    King: Though I think losing Brock was a real blow too Raw! I have too agree with you Ross, It's just a shame that we will no longer be seeing Sable on Monday Nights!

    JR: Yeah I'm really upset about that too King.. Like a hole in the head, were about too move on with the show folks and I can tell you, just like last week we have another Re-debut that will be in action up next!

    Commercial Break
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    *The show returns back from the break and the camera is fixed onto the ring, where two local Indy wrestlers are already awaiting in the ring, the camera then heads up too the stage where there opponent for tonight is about too make his way out too ringside*

    *Ryback's theme music is instantly greeted with cheers and chants of " feed me more" he stands at the top of the stage taking in the crowd reaction while pumping himself up for the match, before heading too the ring*

    JR: You talk about Brock Lesnar king! in the return of Ryback we may just have an already made replacement! this man is beast King.. and just like the last time he was on our TV screens, he is still underfeated!

    King: That does not surprise me Ross! This guy looks unstoppable, he's a power house with the quickness of a middleweight.. if you built a wrestler from scratch, in many peoples eyes this is what he would look like!

    JR: Well his opponents look scared stiff King and I can't say I blame them!

    King: There his opponents? I thought they were checking the ring for maintenance *King Laughs* this is not going too take long!

    Start at 2:00

    King: Well that was quick!
    *King laughs*

    JR: It's another win for Ryback folks if anyone ever doubted it.. another impressive showing of strength and brutality and once again the streak continues!

    King: Come on Ross! You are in better shape then both those guys, When's Ryback going too get some real competition? He can't be happy beating bums like these guys.

    JR: Ryback can only beat what is put in front of him King! if you feel that strongly about giving him a challenge then why don't you step in the ring with him?

    King: This unbeaten streak is good TV! Do you really think they would allow me too end it?

    JR: Wait.. What? Are you actually trying too say you could beat Ryback?

    King: I'm saying I could beat him Ross.. but I'm paid too call the matches now!

    JR: Oh you are hiding behind your mic and suit now.. I understand.

    King: And just what is that mean't too mean JR?!

    Not looking too chipper, despite his impressive showcasing of skill and raw aggression, Ryback slowly turns his head over to the ringside area. Leaving the ring, minding to step over his recent victims, he grabs a microphone and slides back under the ring. Despite the crowd being completely behind him, Ryback doesn’t look pleased at all for some reason.


    “Is this supposed to be some kind of joke?”

    At the word “joke”, Ryback looks down at his two beaten opponents and shakes his head in disgust.


    “Have I not made my demands clear? FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! Every single match, every single time, I scream these words not because I want a catchphrase or something for people to remember me by. When I was given the chance to become a WWE Superstars as Ryback, I thought that eventually, that one day, I would be able to compete against the world’s greatest wrestlers. Before I left here, I knew my place. Despite everything that I am, I had to start at the bottom and work my way up to the top and to do that, I knew that I would have to face weaklings…”

    Ryback violently jabs a finger at the decimated and lifeless men before his feet.


    “Like these. My appetite for competition, for a real challenge, wouldn’t be satisfied until I bulldozed my way to the top. But as the months went on, I realized that I was facing the same pathetic third class athletes over and over again until I realized that I was being turned into a circus act since I had to face two or even three of this fodder at once just to wow the audience, which I never had a problem doing. My only problem with the WWE was that despite the way I dominated match after match, month after month, I was give nothing in return. I never asked for respect, I never asked for merchandise, pay raises or any of that. That’s what concerned me the least. Those luxuries come with time but I’ve always been content with wallowing in the core, sustainable living requirements, not being dolled up in designer suits. All I ever wanted was competition, a suitable opponent t whet my palate. But when I saw that it wasn’t going to happen…I left.

    And it was back to square one again. Getting kicked out of bar after bar because of me picking fights with so called biker gangs and out of shape punks whose middle fingers they’d flick at me, before I kicked their asses, would become my toothpicks. But, Vince McMahon gave me a call and said that I was an investment, someone who could be a star under his vision and it was a shame that I left in the first place because apparently, they had big plans for me. Though my drive caught his attention, our visions didn’t. He saw the next “Goldberg” in me but I wanted to be Ryback. I said to him, “To hell with your vision. Just feed me more. Screw merchandise. Just feed…me…more! Forget about interviews! Just FEED…ME…MORE!” And I thought my words of conviction would be enough for him. I didn’t want to be a leech who demanded anything extraneous and I thought that once he and I made an agreement, he would have that respect in mind and keep to his word. But sadly, that wasn’t to be as once again, I have to toss these chumps around. This isn’t what I wanted Vince and I didn’t want to have to do this. Until I get the competition that I deserve, don’t expect anyone, you put me in the ring with, to be able to walk again. Forget my undefeated streak, FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE! FEED ME MORE!”

    Soon, the crowd follows suit and begins chanting “Feed Me More!" along with Ryback as the scene fades to black.


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    JR: Oh not this man again, and look he is actually dressed to compete, probably won't happen.

    King: Why don't you pipe down and respect this man

    *William Regal in his robe, comes out to a chorus of boos. He stands at the top of the ramp, before Drew McIntyre comes out from behind the Gorilla position, to louder heat. The two strut down to ringside, with both men sliding in the ring, before Regal is handed a mic from one crew member*

    Regal: Now listen up crumpets, I do not like to repeat myself *heat comes in from the crowd*. At Wrestlemania, in the preshow, I injured myself against TJ Perkins and Zema Ion. Yet, the incompetence of general manager Teddy Long booked me to compete, for the next two weeks – against the advice of my doctor? That darlings, is ludicrous. I've barely been able to move since then, yet the inadequacy of Theodore, has cause me to stumble, into my greatest achievement.

    I needed to find a replacement for me, and that man, is my protégé, the Chosen One – Drew McIntyre!
    *Incoming Heat*. 2 victories in 2 weeks for Drew – has proven why I was right to trust him with a match on wrestling's number 1 show. Now, I've spoken with Theodore, along with my old Alliance buddy Mr. Shane McMahon, that come Backlash, not only Drew McIntyre, but also William Regal, are entering the Tag Team Turmoil Match.

    Not only are we entering it, we are emerging the World Tag Team Champions. Us British, we single handedly defeated the Germans at World War 2. Us British, we single handedly invented 2 of the greatest sports on Earth – rugby, and football – not soccer – football. The inaugural tag team champions will be those from the United Kingdom cretin, no doubt about it.

    *Large jeers are audible from the audience, as Regal steps back, and hands the microphone to Drew McIntyre*

    Drew McIntyre: As you can see, Mister Regal has personally tutored me and it has translated to two wins in a row, and now a shot at the Tag Team Championships at Backlash. And you can bet yer arse that Mister Regal and I will get another victory, and prove like he said that us members of the United Kingdom are better than all of you. And this is only the beginning for Drew McIntyre. Right now I am going to personally guarantee that by this time next year, I will have fulfilled the prophecy of Mister McMahon, and I, The Chosen One, will be a World Champion. No one is going to stop me from fulfilling that prophecy, and you’ve got to be joking yerself if you think you can. Because there is no one person in the world that are better than me and Mister Regal, and this Sunday at Backlash, we are going to win the WWE Tag Team Championships! Regardless of what happened tonight, those teams are not better than us, and Sunday we will prove it!

    *Drew drops the mic as him and Regal look on with smug looks, the crowd booing, then they both head towards the back.*

    JR: What do you think about this new alliance of Drew and Regal King? Also the news that they have not entered the tag team turmoil match at Backlash.

    King: I think it's a win, win for both men Ross.. Regal has tons of experience and has always had great wrestling ability, you pass that on too a guy with the talent and ability of Drew M'cintyre and you have just created potentially a star in the WWE for years too come! As for tag turmoil match.. great news! Backlash is already stacked with tons of matches and I can't wait too see it unfold!

    JR: I would have too agree King.. I just wonder what the motives are for Regal too find himself a younger athlete that he can mentor, either way Backlash is going too be special folks and I advise our WWE Universe too once again join us for that one.. but that's this Sunday and right now, we have another match for you!

    *The high flying daredevil Jeff Hardy explodes out from behind the curtain and onto the stage too a Rock star like reception, Hardy begins his trademark taunt before quickly making his way too the ring*

    JR: Jeff Hardy folks! Quicker then a hiccup with more courage and pride then a lion and that's just as well because tonight he is going one on one with the newly returned Sheamus!

    King: Two very different styles once again King! it should make for another great match!

    JR: And here comes the challenger now, the Great white.. Sheamus!

    *The Celtic Warrior steps out from behind the curtain too a very good reception from the crowd, He begins too make his way down too the ring, slapping hands with the fans on the way down before entering the ring*

    King: I won't pretend I was not impressed with Sheamus last week, but what's with all these smiling go happy wrestlers these days? Cody Rhodes, John Cena and now Sheamus! You don't see Chris Jericho coming too ring and pretending his happy all the time and he's the WWE Champion!

    JR: What's your point King?

    King: My point is Jim Ross that you don't need too be all goody two shoes too make it in this business.. Jericho is the perfect example! Brock Lesnar is the WCW Champion, You never see him trying too entertain these fans and pretend he loves them!

    JR: Well what about Cody Rhodes? Since his change of heart he's become the United States Champion! or you can Mr.Anderson.. A guy that be slightly un-orthadox but again he makes the crowd happy and he's the reining Intercontinental Champion!

    King: Well I'm sick of these smiling idiots! Lets just get on with the show!

    *With Sheamus and Hardy waiting in the ring, the bell sounds and the match is underway*

    Sheamus vs Jeff Hardy (Christian)
    Start at 1:14 stop at 6:05

    JR: Hardy with the sidekick too the mid section of Sheamus! He's looking too go top rope here!

    King: Whisper in the wind!

    JR: He caught Sheamus! this could be it right here!

    King: Hardy with the pin!




    JR: so close! I thought Hardy had him right there!

    *Jeff begins too get back too his feet, he rips of his tank top and points too the top rope once more while Sheamus lays on the mat*

    King: Hardy looking too go high risk once again!

    JR: He's not afraid too do so King, we have seen many times Hardy risk his body and career too get the win!

    *Hardy slowly begins too climb too the tope rope, as he reaches the top.. he signals the Hardy suicide pose before leaping off the turnbuckle with the Swanton bomb only for Sheamus too move at the last minute as Hardy crashes too the canvas*

    JR: Sheamus moved! Sheamus moved! Hardy might be broken in half, did you here his body smash into the canvas!

    King: That's high risk for you JR! It's great when it pays off, but when it does not.. it could end up costing you the match and your career!

    *After a few moments Sheamus begins too get too his feet, he lifts up the motionless Hardy and delivers..*

    JR: White noise!

    King: The end is near for Jeff Hardy!

    JR: Sheamus with the pin!




    JR: Hardy kicks out! Hardy kicked out! the heart and desire of this young man is admirable!

    King: Admirable maybe.. but admirable does not win you the match and Sheamus is setting up for his next move!

    *With Sheamus a little shocked that Hardy kicked out he heads too the opposite side of the ring and waits in the corner while smashing his chest with his forearm!*

    King: I think we know whats coming here!

    *Hardy begins too gingerly make it too his feet but as he does.. with the crowd chanting " Brogue" over and over he's confronted by the..*

    JR: Brogue Kick! My god what a boot from Sheamus!

    King: This must be it now Ross.. it must be! Sheamus with the pin.




    JR: It's over, it's over.. Sheamus wins! what a match from these two young stars!

    King: You have too give it too Hardy Ross! He will keep fighting till his last breath!

    JR: You can bet your last dollar he will.. It's another impressive win for Sheamus though!
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    *Jeff Hardy and Sheamus shake hands, and Sheamus pats Jeff on the back and raises his hand into there air, then lets go and takes a microphone from one of the men at ringside and then Hardy exits the ring*

    Sheamus: Good match, Jeff, glad I could work it wit' ya, fella! Now, ladies and fellas, I said I'd be comin' back with gold in my sights, and I'll be damned if that wasn't true! I'll come out here, each and every week, until I can prove myself to you fans that I am WWE Champion material still! I never lost my touch when I left, I didn't lose any at all, and I don't care who I have 'ta face!

    *Sheamus looks around the arena at the different t-shirts, signs, hats, and other superstar's merchandise*

    Sheamus: Lets see here, who would I step into the ring with? Oh look, there is a C.M. Punk sign, would I ever get in the ring with Punk? You're damn right I would! I see an Ultimate Warrior sign, an Edge sign, and I don't mean to toot my own horn, but look at all the Sheamus signs and t-shirts!

    *The crowd gives Sheamus a huge pop for that*

    Sheamus: Oh look, an Chris Jericho t-shirt, would I ever face him ... Duh, I kind of have to since I'll be takin' the title away from the fella! You see ladies and gentlemen, like I said last week, I am back, and I am glad! I've missed every single one of ya, and I will make you all proud when I become the champion! No body wants a whine arse like Jericho, or some juiced up wannabe like Ultimate Warrior! No, they want a champion who will fight for the people, and fight for honor! They want a champion like Sheamus!

    *The crowd pops loudly again*

    I will find a way to become the number one contender, and when I do, I'll Brogue Kick his head off, and then take the WWE title from his corpse! You can bet on that fella! Just give me some time, and then I will be your new, double-ya, double-ya, E champion!

    *Sheamus throws the microphone down and climbs the turnbuckle, posing for the crowd as we cut to the back.*

    JR: Well Sheamus seems to be a crowd favorite here

    King: I really can't stand all these goody two shoes running around

    JR: Come on JR, there are plenty of bad guys for you to like, and I know you like Diva's, well Josh Mathews is in the back with two of them now

    *The show is once again live and the camera cuts to the interview area where Josh Mathews is waiting too interview Paige and Tamina*

    JM: Ladies and Gentleman, welcome back too Monday Night Raw Is War, my guest's at this time.. Paige and Tamina! Now girls I would like too keep this interview non physical so I'm going too ask you both the same questions and all I wan't is your opinions, okay?

    *Josh looks at both Paige and Tamina but they don't even glance at him, instead both women continue too stare right through each other waiting for the other too make the first move*

    JM: Paige and Tamina, it is now official that both of you will face of at Backlash! this will be the first PPV televised womens match since the Re-brand of Raw Is War.. do you both feel that difference's aside, it's important that you put on a good match too show why the women's division should be taken serious in the WWE?

    Paige: Of course! It is extremely important to put on a good show to prove that the female wrestlers should be taken just as seriously as the males in this sport. I don't think I will put any differences aside being that I am the Anti-Diva and Tamina has nothing near my potential to bring to the ring. So putting on a good quality match will definitely be a struggle on her side of the table. But what can I say? I'll do the best I can -- like I always do.

    JM: And your thoughts Tamina?

    Tamina:Of course, the women’s division should be seen as a legitimate wrestling division, to be rivalled, enjoyed and respected. This division has the best women wrestlers in the world today, people shouldn’t think of it as models trying to throw a punch, think of it as real women who kick ass.

    JM: The match aside for the moment.. Can I ask how you both feel about each other as opponents? Is there mutual respect?

    Paige: As far as mutual respect goes, Tamina has given me none and I have given her none.

    JM: Well that's clear for all too see.. How you do you feel about the situation Tamina?

    Tamina: Okay, I try and give everyone a chance as this is a tough business to crack but, all that I side, I do not have respect for a wannabe diva, who looks more like a stripper at a bachelor party, she is not a real women, she is a piece of talentless crap, who I am sure will be on the scrap heap soon.

    JM:Now if I could just talk about the match.. You are both 1-1 in terms of victory's! what makes either of you think that you will win at Backlash? Let's this time start with you Tamina.

    Tamina: Okay the one win wonder here thinks she can take me on in our first PPV, let her try it will be a hard fought match and we can give the WWE Universe a match that is worth remembering. I know I can defeat her; I have done it before and can do it again. We just have to watch on Sunday and see the Ultimate Diva, kick you into check... As I said, be ready…

    Paige: I will 100 percent win at Backlash because I am without a doubt the number one female wrestler in the WWE. At Backlash, I will end the match by giving Tamina a full on RamPaige and finally settle the score and prove that I am the superior wrestler and the best damn one at that.

    JM: Well there you have it folks! at Backlash these two women will go ahead to ahead it what should be a great contest-

    *Before Josh can say any more, both the divas push him out of the way before they square up against each other, after a few intense seconds they split and go there seperate ways*

    JR: I really can't wait for that match at Backlash, it is really heated between these two

    King: Me either, thank god Backlash is this Sunday

    JR: That's right folks, this Sunday live on Pay-Per-View is Backlash. And up next two of the men competing at the event will go one on one against each other, when we come back!


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    JR: It’s time for our main event, and I must say CM Punk is on quite the roll, and that can’t bode well for Chris Jericho who is still on tour.

    King: Jericho is the best in the world at what he does; he will be ready for Backlash.

    JR: But last week CM Punk beat Luger and Cena in a triple threat match, and tonight he faces Lex Luger one on one, if he could get this win, you would have to consider him the favorite for the WWE Championship at Backlash.

    King: Don’t speak so fast JR, here comes Luger and it looks like he has something to say, maybe it’s to tell you that he is going to end Warrior’s career at Backlash, and CM Punk’s winning streak tonight

    JR: Well we will see now won’t we King

    Luger: The best in the world is a phrase coined a lot. Some deserving, Chris Jericho for example
    *large heat from the crowd*. Some undeserving, like Mr. CM Punk! You see, Punk claims to be a "wrestler" - but actually, he's nothing but a smart businessman. He uses false monikers, like "best in the world", as a merchandise seller. It's all part of his gimmick. Punk holds the fans in the palm of his hand, before turning on them in a heartbeat. It makes him "memorable". He's a fraud. A fraud who won't be able to make it to Backlash after tonight.

    Speaking of frauds, Ultimate Warrior
    *crowd pop*. Warrior you play to the fans in the arena, two hours on a Monday night. You're the fans hero, until it's 3am at the airport. Then you blow off the fans who love you so. Hey, I'm not a saint by any means, but at least I'm honest upfront! You keep an eye on my match tonight. Punk's fate tonight, is yours on Sunday.

    Hellwig, the WWE is the post office for the Total Package, and there's no room for Warriors.

    King: Well CM Punk I’d like to see you beat Luger tonight. After what he just said about Warrior he is on a war path to Backlash, and will beat anything in his way.

    JR: Well CM Punk did beat him last week in a triple threat match.

    King: No he beat Cena, tonight its one on one he can’t beat Lex

    JR: We shall see

    CM Punk vs. Lex Luger

    Watch till 6:30

    As both men get to their feet they begin to trade blows


    Luger gains the advantage, and Punk stumbles back, as he comes back towards Luger, Luger hits a knee lift to knock down Punk. Luger picks Punk up, picks him up for a suplex and he holds it there. Finally Luger drops Punk, followed by a cover


    Two- kickout by Punk.

    Luger picks Punk up and sets him up against the turnbuckle. Luger steps back and hits a running clothesline, and Punk stumbles out, and Luger goes for a one handed bulldog, but Punk ducks it and Luger falls. Punk backs into the turnbuckle, and Luger runs again. This time Punk moves, and Luger hits the turnbuckle. He turns around and Punk meets him with a kick and Luger backs into the turnbuckle. Punk backs up and hits the high knee to Luger, grabs the head and hits the bulldog. Punk gets up and calls for the Go To Sleep. Punk picks Luger up, but Luger elbows Punk in the head and Punk drops Luger. Luger then goes for a big boot, but Punk slides under and when Luger turns Punk hits him with a roundhouse kick that knocks Luger down. Punk climbs the top rope, and hits the diving elbow, followed by a cover…



    Th- kickout by Luger.

    Punk can’t believe it but immediately goes for the Anaconda Vise. Luger fights and fights, not allowing Punk to get leverage by grabbing his arm. Luger is able to get his foot to the ropes and Punk releases the hold, and Luger rolls to the outside. As Luger gets up, Punk dives through the ropes for a suicide dive, but Luger moves and Punk hits the barricade. Luger rolls Punk in the ring, follows and picks Punk up for the Torture Rack. Luger goes to lock it in but Punk hits knees to the face of Luger. Luger lets him down, and Punk hits a bulldog. Luger gets up groggily, turns and Punk hits the GTS, cover…




    JR: And CM Punk continues his magnificent run with a hard fought victory over Luger.

    King: It was luck.

    JR: I don’t know King, Luger threw everything at Punk, and he pulled out a victory, this doesn’t bode well for Chris Jericho

    King: And now it looks like we need to hear Punk again

    JR: If you don’t shut your mouth you could be next in CM Punk’s path.

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    -Punk is seen a bit winded from his match with Luger before he asks for a microphone, he then grabs a chair and sits at the top of the ramp-

    Punk: You see that?

    -Fans cheer loudly-

    Punk: Do you see that?

    -Fans continue cheering a bit louder-

    Punk: That, is the Best in the World doing what he does best. Win.

    I'm a winner and whether it's against the Legends of this sport like Luger, the top guns of the sport today and facing who ever the future holds for me to face and teach them just how it is you actually wrestle while putting on a show, I will win.

    -Fans cheer excitedly-

    Punk: Which is exactly why when facing Jericho, your WWE Champion.....-fans boo-.....I will be victorious. The confidence in me is unstoppable and the drive I harbor within me is unmeasurable and my skill in this ring is like that of no other and you, the WWE fans get to experience it like other fan in the world can.

    -Fans begin to chant: C.M. Punk repeatedly-

    Punk: You see I don't like Jericho, in fact I feel he's showing a great deal of disrespect not only to you the fans but to me. Is the WWE Champion not meant to be here showcasing why in fact he is the WWE Champion?

    Is the man who holds the most prestigious championship in this company not meant to tantalize your senses by giving a treat for the eyes with his in ring work and making you want to actually hear every single word that comes out of his mouth?

    Is the man who is on the top of the mountain, not able to come out here and look me in the eye before I step into this ring with him and show him why he will never as good as me?

    I'd like to think so, wouldn't you?

    -Fans agree with Punk's statement-

    Punk: silence is the only thing we get from Jericho. Not a single peep from the WWE Champion. I even have his phone number and he has yet to return any of my calls. I start to worry not only about the man, because his state of mind must be killing him knowing that he has to face me at Backlash but more so for the WWE Championship itself. To know that it has to be in the grasp of me goosebumps just thinking about it.

    You gotta believe the title is losing it's prestige in a champion such as Jericho, when it's prestige would be infinite around the waist of The Best in the World. So, tell me who am I to deny the WWE Championship what it so desperately wants?

    Therefore, Backlash.....Jericho.......vs.......Punk.....for the WWE Championship. This is it, Jericho. You get the chance to try and prove me wrong, to show the world what the WWE Champion is capable of because it sure as hell is not beating C.M. Punk.

    After Backlash there will be a WWE Champion the people can actually look forward to, one who's here week in and week out, one who people will actually covet listening to because every word out his mouth is pure gold and one who will make the WWE Championship be as grand as it can actually be and that you already know the answer to that, don't you everyone?

    Punk drops the mic, as the camera zooms in on his stern face.
    *The show looks set too end and go off the air when out of nowhere Chris Jericho comes out from behind the curtain and nails Punk in the back of the head with his WWE title knocking CM Punk of his chair and forcing him too roll down the ramp slightly, with the crowd heavily booing Jericho*
    *Jericho with a big smile across his face begins too laugh as Punk try's too get too his feet.. Jericho once more charges at Punk and again nails him in the face with the title, knocking him down once more*

    *With Punk now slightly busted open and almost rolled down too ringside, Jericho stands over him.. raising his title in the air and the camera focus's on the champion as the logo appears and the show goes off the air*


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    Welcome ladies and Gentleman!

    The WWE Fed presents... Thursday Night Nitro!!

    Up Next!

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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