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    WWE RAW is WAR! Draft Special

    Raw is War: Draft Special: Episode 14
    Location: La Crosse, Winsconsin

    JR: Welcome ladies & gentlemen to a very special episode of Raw is War! We are live from the La Crosse Center in La Crosse, Winsconsin on the Mississippi River, and tonight, we have a draft to learn the roster for the brand new brand of WWE Nitro!

    King: That’s right JR! There will be five picks for Teddy Long and Raw, as well as five picks for Shane McMahon and Nitro! Add in the fact that there will be a random draft pick to close the night, and we’ve got a great night of action!

    JR: Don’t forget that Cody Rhodes and Mr. Anderson will meet in a Champion vs. Champion match with the loser heading to Nitro with their mid-card championship!

    King: That should be good JR! But I’m most looking forward to hearing what Brock Lesnar did when he entered Shane McMahon’s limo last week. Is Brock heading to Nitro?

    JR: Well we’re expecting a huge night, and we’re expecting to hear from guys such as Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Edge & Tyson Kidd, the latter two will also be in a tag match against Evan Bourne and a partner of his choice!

    King: I can’t wait to see who Evan Bourne has picked, and for Bourne & his partner to show Edge & Kidd up!

    *Teddy Long comes out as the crowd pops. He heads to the right hand side of the stage, where a table with the Raw logo on it is set up, and Teddy takes a seat behind it*

    JR: And we are starting this show immediately with 2 draft picks! One from Nitro, one from Raw is War!

    King: Come on Raw, let's get the best the WWE has to offer

    JR: Well, today the WWE officially splits into 2 brands again, there's no doubt King, that we will lose some top talent, but we have to be confident Teddy can get the right picks

    JR: King, this is the man in charge of Nitro, which, until now, details have been held back

    King: Exactly! Which day is the show? Who's in charge? It's just disorganised!

    JR: King, you are spot on! This proves that Raw is the top brand, and you should tune in to us every week. If you miss Nitro, who cares?

    *The bosses son emerges from behind the curtain, to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He dances his way to the opposite side of the stage to Teddy, where a table is set up with the Nitro logo on it. Shane sits on the table, looking at the crowd*

    Shane McMahon: Hello WWE Universe, and welcome to Monday Night Raw *usual crowd pop*! This however though, will be the final Raw, of this era. For the first time in 15 odd years, Raw is War is the 2nd biggest wrestling company. Tonight, will mark the return... of Nitro *mixed crowd reaction.* This Nitro however, is different to any Nitro previously experience. This... is Thursday Night Nitro! We will travel coast to coast, to put on the best damn show for you all! Our show will kickass! We are the alternative! We offer better commentators, better ring announcers, better wrestlers, better champions, better managers, better time slot! And if that's not enough to make you tune in, well the Billion Dollar Boy, Shane McMahon himself, is the Nitro general manager!

    Now, onto the business at hand tonight, we need to seperate the WWE rosters, into 2 groups. We tossed a coin backstage, and Shane Frickin' McMahon gained the first draft pick for the Thursday Team! Earlier on, I stated that Nitro would kick-ass! Well, speaking with my Nitro staff backstage, we decided our first pick, would need to be an ass kicker. He would need, to be able to make a impact, at my beckoning. The first pick, of the first draft, since the re-branding of the WWE, is BROCK...LESNAR!

    *Shane McMahon smiles as the crowd jeers, at the mention of Lesnar's name, whilst he moves to sit behind the table, taking some notes. Teddy has a pretty good poker face, and isn't letting his feeling shown*

    King: For god's sake Shane! You stole one of our star players!

    JR: I'm still disappointed Shane thinks he can find better commentators. Anywho, whilst I much rather have Lesnar on Raw than him on Nitro, there are more people on the payroll here, who I would rather have!

    King: What, the good guys?

    JR: Well, Stone Cold, CM Punk, John Cena – yeah, the good guys

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    Despite Shane McMahon’s blockbuster announcement, no one seems to be surprised that Brock Lesnar was Nitro’s first pick, especially the RAW audience who start to boo Brock Lesnar before he even has a chance to make his appearance. Finally, “The Next Big Thing” appears alongside his companion, manager and legal advisor, Paul Heyman. Despite all the boos and jeers they receive, their morale doesn’t deprecate in the slightest as the huge grins on both of their faces convey the fact that they couldn’t give a fuck about what the audience thinks. Paul Heyman walks a little bit faster than Lesnar so that he can get to the ring first. When Lesnar climbs up the steel steps, Paul Heyman opens up the ropes for Brock Lesnar to climb through. Shane McMahon just stands by in the corner of the ring while Paul Heyman asks for his microphone. Heyman doesn’t even waste any time trying to get under the collective skin of the WWE Universe as he attempts to talk over their deafening boos.

    ::Paul Heyman::

    “Ladies and gentleman, etch this date in your memories. Strain every cognitive fiber of your brain tissue to record this magnificent event for the sake of future recollection for this event is one which your children, both living and unborn, will instantly be gratified just by listening to it retold. Waste none of your time, not even in the quantity of seconds, fiddling with your smartphones except if it is used for recording this grand occasion. Bask in the ever omnipotent, illimitable, formidable, ambrosial presence of the future of the WWE as he graces the ears of his captive audience in his inaugural speech as WWE Nitro’s first ever superstar. Patrons, command your attention, your respect and your reverence for this man, this timeless inspiration of class, sagacity, willpower and dominance…Brock…LESNAR!!!”

    Heyman passes the mic off to Brock Lesnar who just stares at the crowd while he does so. He allows himself to bask in the hatred from the audience for a couple of second before he raises the microphone to his lips.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “Go ahead and boo me. Go right ahead. You see, right now, you realize it. You realize that right now, in this very moment, I’m finally going to be able to take back what’s mine. Under a new brand, new management and above all else, a new regime, I’m finally going to get the goddamn respect and glory that I’ve been deprived of ever since I came back into the WWE. Even with someone like Paul Heyman by my side, no one was giving me the chances to make a name for myself. Torchbearers for this company like Bruno Sammartino, Lou Thez, Gorilla Monsoon, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin and even John Cena are considered to be the greatest superstars of all time because theyw ere given the opportunities to sell out the most popular global venues in the world and captivate audiences around the world. If someone were to look back at these people’s careers, most of them would think that if they were held back or given the short end of the stick that it’d be a crime because they deserved all the recognition and fame that they received in their careers and anything less than what they got would be a disgrace. Well, I don’t know if you people know this or not but I’m the best damn wrestler of all time. No one in any era before my time or even after I’ve retired will be as great as I am. So ask yourself this; if it’d be a crime to hold back all of those great legends, how much more do you think it’s a crime that I’ve been humiliated and deprived since I’ve started my career here in the WWE?

    People like me are hard to come by simply because of how great I am in the ring. Even before I came here, I was an NCAA Division I Heavyweight Champion. Then, I went on to beat The Rock for the WWE Championship and became the youngest WWE Champion of all time at the age of 25. I’d go on to hold that belt two more times while winning The King of The Ring AND the Royal Rumble along the way. When I felt discontent about my place in this business, before I left, Vince McMahon and every single one of you should have gotten on your knees and begged and groveled in an attempt to get me to stay. You should have done whatever I asked and how I asked for it to be done because I am your biggest asset and greatest entertainer and like I’ve said before, if I hadn’t left the WWE, the likes of John Cena and Edge would be carrying my jockstraps and making me sandwiches with the snap of my friggin’ finger because none of them were at my level while I was at the top and once I left, their careers skyrocketed. It’s a goddamn fact. I was so important that me leaving had to force the WWE into investing their profits on a couple of ham and eggers just so they could stay afloat and become relevant. But despite all that, it hasn’t paid off. Ratings have been declining and the relevance of the WWE plummets because they isolate themselves from the rest of the social world and because no one takes the current crop of WWE main eventers seriously because when they saw Brock Lesnar, a 290 pound man, doing Shooting Star Presses off the top turnbuckle every week, they were entertained. People would come from miles around just to see me compete because they didn’t keep their butts in their seats for just anybody. They came for me. Not even guys like Hollywood Hogan or Stone Cold could garner more attention than myself but despite that, I’ve been blatantly getting screwed lately while the only thing everyone does is turn a blind eye to it or just think it’s funny that I’m the victim of the WWE’s biggest conspiracy of all time. From dumbass referees to bad booking, I’ve been getting absolutely nothing of substance or worth that fits all of my accolades and just when it seemed that I was on my way to the top, where I belong, along comes that beer bellied, wife beating bastard, Stone Cold. And then, he has the audacity to come along and try to get in my face and stir the pot just so I could get lured into having a match with him just so I could get screwed again? Hell no. That’s when I decided to quit. But I never said I was going to quit the WWE. No, no, no. You all just got duped. You see, Shane O’ Mac and I have been talking ever since that fiasco at Wrestlemania. Unlike everyone else, he knew talent when he saw it. He knew that I was the man who was going to carry this business and he knew that there was no one on the WWE roster that he wanted for Nitro more than me. So I gave him my list of demands; access to the private jet, a salary raise, more interviews…you know, what I deserve? And he was more than happy to give me what I wanted. So, after Paul Heyman looked over the contract and gave me the thumbs up to sign, I was Nitro’s first official superstar. Now, I’m practically guaranteed to get the respect I deserve. Now, is a whole new chapter for my career because after a decade of being spat on, I get treated like a king and will be able to solidify my legacy in the history books. No one’s going to give me anymore crap. From here on out, I get to show everyone why I’m The Anomaly. No one, whether they like me or not, will deny of respect and you can boo all you want but like it or not, things are looking up for me. So I don’t care who else gets drafted over to Nitro. Bring them on because to me, they’re just fodder, pawns that will play a small role on my road to glory and there’s nothing that you people can do to stop it from happening.

    Be warned, WWE. Anyone who gets drafted over here is essentially getting sent to the gallows and try to screw me out of what’s supposed to be mine and you’ll get more than just broken arms and a shattered ego. Bank on it.”

    Brock Lesnar drops the microphone and exits the ring with Paul Heyman trailing close behind him as the WWE Universe looks on.

    *With Brock Lesnar now backstage after being announced as Nitro's first draft pick Teddy stands up from behind his Raw table, with a mic in hand and begins too speak!*

    TL: Now Shane listen up playa! I had a feeling Brock was going too be your first pick tonight and i'm okay with that.. You see as good as Brock Lesnar is.. controlling him was always difficult and thankfully I know longer have too do that!

    *crowd pop*

    TL: Now my first pick is for a man who.. I think it's save too say I have not always agreed or got along with, but he's a man who is clearly one hell of a talent and will no doubt be a future hall of famer, however.. far more important then that he now holds something which Raw can not lose.. so my first draft pick of the night is.... WWE Champion! Chris Jericho!

    JR: Chris Jericho! The WWE title is staying on Raw where it belongs!

    King: Very clever pick from Teddy Long Ross, plus Chris Jericho is staying on Raw too? I think I can deal with losing Lesnar now!

    *Chris Jericho swaggers out in a suit, WWE title on his shoulder, cracking a smile as he goes. The crowd boo him profoundly but he doesn't care one single bit as he enters the ring, and grabs a microphone, he then settles in the middle of the ring as he begins to speak*

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    Jericho: Well all I can say is that Teddy Long made a very, very wise move in keeping me here on Raw, because not only am I the best in the world at what I do, but I am the most valuable player in the entire WWE right now.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: I have been near unstoppable since coming back to the WWE as I have laid waste to countless superstars that have opposed me here. I survived 29 other competitors in the Royal Rumble to win the match for the first time in my career. Very little to nobody else of any significance on this planet can say that they've accomplished such a feat.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: I have then beaten The Phenom, The Undertaker *Jericho makes a faux scary face* at The Elimination Chamber. Another case where I am one of very few elite that can say they accomplished this.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: I then went on to beat The Ultimate Warrior in the main event of Wresltemania to win the WWE Championship, and finally take my place as the top dog in this company, something that I should have been given the very first day I came back.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: And if that isn't enough, just last week, I humiliated The Ultimate Warrior by pinning him after hitting him with his own finishing maneuver. You know why I did that? Because I can. Because I am indeed the best in the world at what I do, and because I am the WWE Champion, and I can do whatever the hell I want, whether you like it or not.

    *crowd boo as Jericho smiles*

    Jericho: So with all of that in mind, and with Nitro starting up, it was a mad scramble, a lottery as to who got to get Chris Jericho on their show, and Teddy Long has just secured that he has the best of the best on his roster, because I am the defining factor in this company, I am the extra weight that tips the balance either way. And so Teddy Long, you made a very, very wise choice in keeping me on Monday night Raw, because you've just secured that this is the A show in this company.

    *crowd boo as a small Nitro chant breaks out*

    Jericho: But now that that big dilema of which show I'm going to be on has been settled, the question now is, what's the next step for Chris Jericho, the WWE Champion? Well it's very very simple. At Backlash, I am going to be facing CM Punk, a man that prides himself in being straight edge, a man that prides himself in being a liar and an illusionist. A man that prides himself in blinding all of you parasites into believing that he is the best in the world. When the harsh reality of the situation is, that he isn't the best in the world. I am the best in the world at what I do, the fact that I have this title is proof of that, and at Backlash, I am going to prove it to CM Punk, I am going to prove it to all of you hypocrites, and I'm going to prove it to every single sheep that follows CM Punk all over the world. And when I do that, you'll see exactly why I am the best in the world at what I do.

    *Chris Jericho heads to the back*

    JR: What a show this has been King! And up next, we’ve got a big tag match!

    King: Oh yeah, Edge & Tyson Kidd taking on Evan Bourne and a partner of his choosing!

    JR: That’s right King! Can’t wait to see who Bourne picks!

    *Edge heads through the smoke as the fans pop loudly for his arrival. He runs to one side of the stage and begins to get pumped up, before walking back to the middle and taking a few steps down to the ramp. He looks down before pointing upwards as his pyro explodes off behind him. He runs down the rest of the ramp and slides in, before jumping onto the ropes facing the crowd.*

    JR: Edge is looking focused for tonight.

    King: I don’t see why he keeps helping Tyson Kidd

    JR: I think he sees the potential there King!

    *Tyson Kidd runs out to the stage as the fans pop loudly. He holds the briefcase up with a smile on his face before continuing to make his way down to the ring. He climbs in and jumps onto the top turnbuckle. He holds the briefcase up high as Edge claps in the ring. Kidd drops down and the two of them embrace.*

    JR: These two are two great competitors!

    King: I don’t know about that JR.

    JR: Oh they are King. They really are.


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    *With Edge and Tyson Kidd in the ring, Evan Bourne comes out with a microphone, and stops at the top of the ramp.*

    Evan Bourne: How cute, you two buddies sticking up for one another, let’s get one thing straight Edge, I am not a sore loser, I was confronting your buddy there because he cheated to win the match. I just wanted what was rightfully mine. But just like everything else with the WWE they needed to overshadow me while I was on TV. They had you come out and protect their Mr. Money in the Bank, and have you hog the spotlight once again. Let me ask you a question, if I was Mr. Money in the Bank would anyone have come out and help me if somebody assaulted me post match? *Pauses* I didn’t think so. I was teaching Tyson Kidd a lesson in why you shouldn’t cheat, and I was going to make a wrong a right, and claim that Money in the Bank Briefcase, putting it where it belongs, with me! But once again the WWE forces a past their prime superstar, who is one injury to his neck away from his career ending, down our throats and into the spotlight, while protecting their Mr. Money in the Bank. Edge you say that nobody gives a damn about me, but both you and the WWE needs to realize it’s the other way around; nobody gives a damn about you Edge, anymore!

    *The crowd boos Bourne with all their might.*

    Evan Bourne: It’s time for the WWE to stop putting people like you in the main event, and put people like me in that place, someone who deserves it! And I’m going to prove that here tonight when me and my tag partner beat you. Last week when you challenged me to this match, I wanted to make sure I won, to prove everything that I just said to be true, and to continue to show that these people and the WWE have held me back. That’s why the partner I chose for tonight, is a partner you couldn’t scout for, his name… Brian Cage!

    *Brian Cage comes out to Bourne on the stage, they shake hands, and Bourne hands him the mic, while the crowd boos.*

    Brian Cage: Haha, thanks Evan, and you’re right, these chumps don’t deserve anything here. They don’t deserve to be even in this company, so that definitely marks them out from the main event spot!! People like, Evan and I, we’ve been working our butts off for so many years in this company, and we get treated like dirt!! Pure filthy dirt. And it’s time for a change. And what better way to begin this revolution..than beat two chumps like yourselves! Sure, one of you is a multi-time world champion. But heck, John Cena was and he sucks!! And besides, you even call yourself a “legend”?? Come on now. That’s down right, PITIFUL!! People like you didn’t do anything without people working with you, Evan ol’ boy here, WE MAKE People look GOOD. I am the FUCKING MACHINE OF WWE!! From my stand point, this has nothing to do with the past, money in the bank, or anything, it’s about NOW!! Evan Bourne, Brian Cage are NOW!!

    *The crowd goes insane with boos chanting “You suck! You Suck! You Suck!” Brian and Evan don’t even seem to care.*

    Brian Cage: And we’re going to climb the ladder of success. Once we’re done with you, either together…or not, we’ll go onto the next opponents, and the next, AND THE NEXT!! Until finally, we reach the top. And that’s not even enough for Brian Cage. Because, I don’t know about Evan but, When I reach the top. I’m going to stay at the top. Evan and I aren’t friends. We’re peers, we’re associates, we’re here to get our shit in and leave, because that’s what we were raised to do. Raise hell for all that stand before us.

    *Brian Cage drops the mic… Signaling Bourne to head to the ring.*

    Match 1: Edge & Tyson Kidd vs. Evan Bourne & Brian Cage
    (Swagger= Edge, Dreamer= Cage, ignore Natalya)

    (stop at 7:52)

    JR: And Cage just kicks out!

    *Edge grabs Cage and drags him to his feet. He backs him up to a corner and steps onto the second rope. He begins to land right hands as the crowd chants along with him.









    After the eighth right hand, Cage blocks the ninth and punches Edge in the stomach, he follows up with a spinebuster that puts both men on the canvas! The fans begin to clap on the cue of Tyson Kidd as both Cage & Edge begin crawling to their respective partners.

    They each get the tag at almost the exact same time and Bourne & Kidd rush towards each other in the centre of the ring, Bourne goes for a clothesline but Kidd ducks under, bounces off the ropes and hits a flying forearm on Bourne. He quickly reaches his feet as does Bourne, and hits a dropkick. Kidd goes for a cover.



    Bourne throws Kidd off and immediately begins to get to his feet. Kidd does the same and goes for a kick to Bourne’s head but Bourne ducks and pushes Kidd back into the ropes. As Kidd turns around, Bourne hits a headscissors takedown. He goes for a cover but Kidd rolls through and goes for the Sharpshooter, but Bourne once again throws Kidd off.

    As they each reach their feet once more, Bourne dropkicks Kidd backwards and goes for a roundhouse kick but Kidd ducks under and follows through with his leg to sweep Bourne to the ground. Kidd grabs Bourne’s legs, rolls over him into a cover!



    Bourne gets his shoulders off the mat but rolling through and going for a roll-up pinfall on Kidd!



    Kidd rolls through back to another roll-up!



    Bourne goes to do it again but Kidd continues to roll through and reaches his feet in the centre of the ring with Bourne on the canvas on his back. Kidd grabs Bourne’s legs, turns him over and locks in the Sharpshooter!

    Bourne begins to scream in pain as Kidd locks it in, and the fans are sensing the end must be near now. Another man that expects the end to be near now is Brian Cage, who jumps back into the ring, but almost at the exact same time, Edge slides back into the ring and intercepts Cage as he goes to break up the submission, hitting a huge Spear that sends Cage back under the ropes!

    Kidd pulls harder on Bourne, who finally gives up and taps out to lose the match.

    JR: Edge & Kidd did it King! What a match!

    King: Oh god, not these two winning again!
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    *Tyson Kidd is handed his Money in the Bank briefcase, before asking for a microphone. He breathes heavily after his long fought match*

    Tyson Kidd: You see Evan Bourne! That is why I am Mr. Money in the Bank! With you and your accusations about me cheating to win the match! It is absolutely meaningless! I just made you tap out to the Sharpshooter! So I've already proved that I can whoop your ass! Bourne, this was a long fought match! You did pretty well! But don't think for one second, that I cheated at Wrestlemania! Cause I did something that you couldn't do! I grabbed hold of the briefcase and unhooked it to become Mr. Money in the Bank!

    *Crowd pop for Kidd*

    Tyson Kidd: I earned this briefcase! I did what I could do! And all my effort payed off Bourne! But for you to call me a cheater backstage! You and your claims are absolutely ridiculous! Besides! It was a Ladder match! So I couldn't have cheated anyway! I didn't receive any help from any wrestler on the roster! It's just you Evan Bourne! You're trying to make an excuse to hide the fact that I beat you!

    *Crowd chant Kidd is right*

    Tyson Kidd: Edge, it was a pleasure to be teaming up with you man! You are also a fellow Canadian! I never thought that I would actually team up with you! It was a great feeling to team up with a 11 time world champion! We are pretty good as a team! Edge, you are a guy that I truly respect. All the haters thought that you'd never make it Edge! They thought that you would never make your way to the top!

    *Crowd pop for Kidd*

    Tyson Kidd: But they were wrong! You climbed from the bottom to the top! To be where you are currently at! I proved that I can climb from the bottom to the top! And we both did it! But I am still on my quest to become world champion! I promise you Edge that I'm gonna make my WWE career worthwhile! I'm gonna become a multiple time world champion! But most of all Edge! I'm gonna try and be better than you! Which will be the hardest thing that I'll have to face Edge!

    *Crowd pop*

    Tyson Kidd: Brian Cage! You couldn't do anything! You can get cocky all you want Cage, but it won't change the fact that I am Mr. Money in the Bank! You can have an alliance with Evan Bourne! I'm not gonna stop you! But if you ever dare to step in my way! Then there will be some serious consequences!

    *Crowd pop for Kidd*

    Tyson Kidd: And Chris Jericho! I did listen to what you said last week! My statement was clear! You get in my way! You mess with me! And I'll make you solidify your status as the best in the kissing my ass! Yes, it may have been your spotlight at Wrestlemania, yes you might have won the big one! But I'm warning you Jericho, I may be small. But like I've said before! Size doesn't matter!

    *Crowd pop for Kidd, but some boo at Jericho*

    Tyson Kidd: Selfish, spoiled little brat huh? Well that selfish, spoiled little brat that you are talking about, won a Money in the Bank ladder match! A match that you Jericho, invented! A match that you Jericho, couldn't even win! And as I am a so called "selfish, spoiled little brat", don't forget that I can cash this briefcase in anytime of the year!

    *Crowd pop*

    Tyson Kidd: Hell, I could cash it in backstage! I could cash it in your locker room! I could cash it in while your shopping for the latest dildos! And hell, I could even cash it in your house! I can cash this in anytime I want! So that world title that you're showing off around with you. I can promise you buddy, that I will take that belt away from you by cashing in this briefcase and pinning you 1....2....3!

    *Crowd pop*

    Tyson Kidd: But the problem is Y2J, that I am a man. I can prove to you anytime that I am the man! I'll tell you when I'm gonna cash my briefcase in! And yes, I will go face to face with you. I'll tell you right in your face, that I am gonna cash in my briefcase. But I'll say it now! I'm gonna cash in my briefcase at....had you there didn't I?! Time will tell when I cash this in! I can cash it in whenever I want! And I'm not having goats like you telling me when I should cash this in!

    *Crowd pop as Tyson Kidd raises his hand but Edge stops him and takes the microphone from him.*

    Edge: This guy, this guy right here, is the future of this company.

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Edge: Tyson Kidd, Mr. Money in the Bank, let me tell you something. I’ve teamed with the best in this industry. I’ve teamed with guys like Christian, guys like Hulk Hogan, guys like Randy Orton, guys like our WWE Champion Chris Jericho- I’ve won tag titles with them all, and all of those men went on to become, or already were, some of the biggest names in this industry.

    Allow me to tell you right now Tyson, you’re going to be as good as all of those men.

    Come next week, whether you’re on Raw, or on Nitro, whether I’m on Raw, or on Nitro, whether we’re even on the same show, it would be an honour to team with you once again. If we’re on the same show Tyson, I’ll have your back, if we’re not on the same show, I’ll still have your back.

    The talent you have has to be nurtured and built on, you have to be shown the ways to do things, and to go about your business. You have to work out the politics of the backstage area, and quite frankly, you have to learn a lot.

    But come hell or high water, when you’ve learnt all of that, you’re going to become a world champion. And as you say, one day, you and I are going to go one-on-one. And I’ll tell you now, it’ll be for a world championship, in the main event of a PPV- and we’ll put on the best match of all time.

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Edge: You’re the future Tyson. When I retired the first time, I thought I passed the torch to Christian, but I was wrong, I kept it. And when I came back, I still had it. Very soon, I’ll pass the torch to you, Mr. Money in the Bank.

    And when you do have that torch, I fully expect you to become the greatest wrestler of all time. I expect in twenty years for people to say ‘Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, John Cena and Tyson Kidd’.

    That’s the company you’re going to be keeping, and one day Tyson Kidd is going to be the most recognisable name in this business. And I just hope I can help you on that journey.

    *Edge drops the mic and holds Tyson Kidd’s arm in the air as the fans pop loudly and we head to commercial.*


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    Ricochet enters the arena and the crowd is dead silent. Ricochet comes out calm and not very excited and happy and jumping around. He heads to the ring and enters it asking for a microphone. His music stops playing. Ricochet stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd chants you suck. Ricochet nods his head in silence. The crowd continues the you suck chants for a good 2 minutes before Ricochet talks on the microphone.

    Riochcet – I have had time to think about the things I have done here in this company and I have to say that I am just going to move on and forget about the past and look to the future and holding a Championship. I don’t deserve to hold one right now but I will in the future and I can only work toward that chance to fight for the title.

    Ricochet stands in the middle of the ring as the crowd boo’s him.

    Ricochet – Look at this for example.

    Ricochet points to the titantron as a video clip plays.

    Ricochet – I point out some true facts about someone and they just don’t want to continue the conversation because they know it’s true and it’s like, back up your words or get out of this business and for the past month or so I said I was going to win at WrestleMania and I didn’t.

    The crowd cheers with chants of you suck mixed in.

    Ricochet – You’re happy I lost?

    The crowd cheers. Ricochet goes to the outside of the ring to the fans and goes to a female fan that is chubby.

    Ricochet – Why do you think this crowd is chanting you suck toward me?

    Fan – You Suck – You lost at WrestleMania and you demand everything on a silver platter when you have to prove yourself in that ring.

    Ricochet – fair enough.

    Ricochet goes to another fan that is a male fan in his early 20’s.

    Ricochet – Why do I suck?

    Fan – You lost at WrestleMania when you said you were going to die trying and your still alive annoying and wasting our time.

    Ricochet – ok, that works.

    Ricochet goes back into the ring.

    Ricochet – Let’s look at another video clip.

    Ricochet points to the titantron.

    Ricochet – another time when I was truthful and no comment back because they know I’m right and they can’t deny the facts. He has never won a Money In The Bank Match (a match he created might I add) and he goes off on me for losing the match like he’s the biggest thing in this company.

    Ricochet looks at the camera

    Ricochet – You’re not the biggest thing in this company yet because you have yet to win that match that you created. Doesn’t that eat away at you day in and day out that you never won the match that you created?

    Ricochet backs away from the camera as the fans boo Ricochet.

    Ricochet – boo me, the person who does not make matches and never wins one.

    Ricochet laughs.

    Ricochet – we got one more video clip. Here

    Ricochet – See how people don’t even want to come talk to me or even take notice that I am here? They are scared that I will put them in their place and they should be because I have yet to start my career and this is only the beginning of Ricochet so here we go. Buckle your seatbelts because it’s about to get that much better for me and for all my fans who are here tonight.

    The crowd boos as Ricochet points to his family in the crowd.

    Ricochet – Ladies and Gentlemen – This is the Ricochet Experience

    Ricochet plays a video with him talking in the video while photos and clips of him play on screen.

    Ricochet in video – All I ever wanted to do was wrestle. I wanted to wrestle at WrestleMania and I wanted to wrestle with the best that this world has to offer. I got the chance to wrestler for companies like Chikara, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Dragon Gate and now WWE. I remember back when I use to enter class rooms like they were an entrance into an arena at a wrestling event. I always was other wrestlers for Halloween and I always wanted to be a wrestler and nothing else. I got that dream about ten years ago now and it’s been one hell of a dream. I got the call this past year to come to WWE and I was very excited to come here and show people what I have and just who I am and just to see how good I really am. I wrestled at Wrestlemania 2 weeks ago and that was a dream come true for me. My next dream is to get some gold around my waste just like when I was little; I used paper and made it into a belt. I have always had a hard life with my family and everything that they went thru with all the fighting. This one time, I was not able to get medical treatment because we were so poor that I almost committed suicide but the dream of being a wrestler kept me alive. This is more than a dream job for me it’s my life and I don’t want it to end just yet. I want gold and I will get that gold before I retire. My name is Ricochet and This is the Ricochet Experience.

    The video ends and Ricochet is in the middle of the ring. The crowd chants you still suck.

    Ricochet – I will gain the respect from each and every one of you I promise.

    Ricochet drops the microphone as he poses for the fans and his family. Ricochet exits the ring and hugs his family before heading to the back.


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    JR: I don't know how to explain what Ricochet just did there.

    King: That was a lot to digest, but if we wait here the show will be over, as always lets move on.

    JR: And its time for the second picks from RAW and Nitro

    King: Come on Teddy make it good.

    *During the commercial break, Eric Bischoff came out to the ring, and began conversing with Shane – who ordered a crew member to bring Bischoff a chair. Shane gets to his feet, and goes over towards Long*

    Shane: So Teddy, you picked the WWE Champion! That wasn't in my script Teddy. My script dictated that next you would pick Gillberg, and then I'd pick Jericho. Not to worry though man, because, well, I have picked a man, who well, he will inspire the locker room. He's inspired multiple generations, and now, he will again.

    Nitro needs this man. We can't have a roster of Brock Lesnar, and cheap jobbers. This man draws. This man IS ratings. This man will bring the house down Thursday night after Thursday night. This man, makes the atmosphere... “ELECTRIC” *humongous crowd pop*. THE ROCK! YOU ARE ON NITRO!

    JR: Oh dammit! The Rock is going to dubya-see-dubya

    King: Good riddance. His electrocution will die out by Thursday anyway!

    *Eric and Shane high five, as Shane slams the microphone on the table. He sits down, and stares at Teddy*

    *With Shane's announcement that the Rock is his second pick of the night the crowd are stunned saddened that they will no longer see the Brahma Bull on Raw, The great one steps from behind the curtain with his usual swagger missing as the Rock is clearly a little upset at leaving*

    Rock: Monday Night Raw Is War!

    *Huge pop*

    Rock: This has been my home ever since I made my debut, this has been the show where the Rock grew up from some nobody, smiling go happy with a bad haircut jabroni all the way too the Nation of Domination, die rocky die, ass kicking leader.. from that too the corporate champ, ass kissing and some more die rocky die chants.. all the way too the man that stands in front of you now!

    *crowd pop*

    Rock: I'm the pie eating.. Jabroni beating, trail blazing, eyebrow rasing.. put your foot on the gas.. always ready too whoop some ass! I am yours and forever will be the people's champion!

    *biggest pop of the night, followed by thank you chants*

    Rock: Oh no! no, no no , no! I thank you! from the bottom of my heart.. if you boo'ed me or you cheered me, you let me do what I love doing.. you let perform in this ring and for that... I thank each and everyone of you! the people here I thank you.. And the millions! *crowd join in* and Millions! watching at home I thank you!

    *crowd continue too chart for the Rock*

    Rock: But team bring it army, the Rock assures you this is not the end.. not even close, You see the Rock is going too Nitro.. Thursday night nitro, but the great one is not going there too be another wrestler no.. the Rock is going there with the intention of winning titles and electrofying the crowd each and every time I'm on the show, so a warning too anyone else that's picked for Nitro.. The Rock is coming and I'm not coming alone, Team Bring it are you ready?

    *crowd cheer*

    Rock NO! I said Team Bring it.. are you ready?

    *Big crowd cheer*

    Rock: Because together we are going too Nitro and we will layeth the smackdown on each and every rudy poo candy ass we have too, because the Rock will be.. Your peoples Champion once again!

    *crowd again cheer while chanting the Rock's name*

    Rock: Before I go.. there is one more thing, That's the heartbreak kid, Shawn Michaels! Shawn.. why you attacked me and got involved in my match at Wrestlemania.. is not important too me, the fact is you did.. You stopped the great one ending the streak because you couldn't.. The Rock respects you as wrestler Shawn, but you know what the Roc.. wait, you know what Dwayne Johnson thinks of you.. we have a past jabroni and Shawn, weather you stay on Raw.. or you get drafted too Nitro, I promise it's not the last time you will see of me so be ready.. because the brahma bull is ready! if you smell.... what the Rock.. is.. Coookiinnggg!

    *With the crowd cheering his name, the great one drops the mic and poses on the turnbuckle one last time before making his way up the ramp and heading too the back!*

    JR: The Rock folks! A man who has truly grown up in this business and all these catchphrases aside King, He was clearly upset too be leaving and there's no doubt in my mind that we have lose a huge asset too Raw, and our lose is certainly Nitro's gain here!

    King: Yeah I agree.. But for me Ross, he's not the same guy he was... He's someone living on his old material!

    JR: Well I wan't too personally take this time too wish him luck down at WCW, I'm sure he will not need it and again thank you Rock for all the memories!

    King: Well with the Rock gone! who's Teddy Long going too pick?

    JR: No idea King! after losing someone like the great one it's going too have too be a good pick from our general manager though!

    *With Rock having made his way too the back, Teddy again stands up from behind his table, glances over at Shane and Eric before again speaking!*

    TL: Okay, okay.. that one was a hard loss too take, But we must move on and lucky enough I have my list ready, now Raw is about entertainment and making the show enjoyable for the WWE Universe, but just like Rocky now will for Nitro.. for a successful show, You must have someone that can be a top star, while entertaining the crowd and selling merchandise! Lucky for me.. Raw already has that.. And I'm not about too let him go.. so folks let me introduce my second pick of the night, The doctor of thuganomics! John Cena!

    *John Cena comes out to a huge crowd pop. Wearing a Raw shirt, he makes his way onto the ramp, and goes shakes hands with Teddy, before strutting the centre of the ring*

    Cena: Monday Night Raw, THE CHAMP IS HERE!
    *Crowd Pop* Teddy, you made the right call keeping me here on Raw, my show. I've been here numerous years, won numerous titles, and I still will. In the short time I've been here, I've already been within touching distance of becoming Mr. Money in the Bank, had it not been for Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins, Tyler Black, whatever you're called. You made an enemy, in John Cena. Now, speak to JBL. Speak to Edge. Speak to Batista! If you're my rival, I humiliate you. I take your pride – and your title if you have one. I retired Batista – the Animal, the most dangerous man in the WWE is gone down to me. Black, you listen to me. I don't let people attack me on the grandest stage of them all, and get away with it. I hope Teddy picks you Black, by god he better. If he doesn't, you can go to Nitro. You can go to Ring of Honor! Hell, go create a wrestling promotion in the Atlantic Ocean! No matter where you go Black, I will find you. I will cripple you. I will disintegrate you.

    Our paths will cross again Black, there's no doubt about it. The WWE wants it! The fans I want
    *crowd pop!* I want it! You cannot run forever. No more sneak attacks Black. I know you're coming, I know you're not one to back down from a fight. That is, unless someone fights back. Tonight is a celebration, I remain here on Raw! But I'll see you soon

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    JR: John Cena is staying on RAW.

    King: Thats a great pick but I can't bear the fact that we lost The Rock

    JR: Teddy is going to have to have a huge next pick to make up some ground
    . Well here we go folks, it's been hell of a night so far filled with excitement and drama and I can assure you that's only going too continue!

    King: You're right there partner! we still have the Anderson vs Rhodes, title vs title match and we have that blockbuster main event where Teddy's first pick Jericho, will go against Shane's first pick Brock Lesnar and they will compete for the last televised pick of the night.. however the catch is, it will be a random choice!

    JR: UP next though folks we have divas action!

    King: Puppies! I'm getting used too seeing divas action again Ross!

    JR: Well folks just too re-cap you, this is a rematch from last week where Tamina defeated Paige one on one, only for Paige too make wild claims that Tamina cheated.. however it seems too have worked because Paige has her rematch right now!

    *Tamina makes her way too the ring with the crowd cheering her on, the daughter of the legendary super fly Jimmy Snuka enters the ring and does the trademark super sly taunt before waiting for her opponent*

    JR: Tamina Snuka folks! the perfect balance of power and beauty, she's going too have her hands full tonight with the talented Paige though!

    King: FCW'S Anti-Diva Ross!

    JR: That's right King! very talented is Paige.. as is Tamina, once again this will be a great match up here!

    (Tamina = Tamina and AJ = Paige, skip at 4:05)

    *Tamina picks Paige up, but Paige pushes her and strikes with a Dropkick. Tamina slowly gets back up and Paige hits a perfect Enzuigiri. She goes for the cover




    *Tamina gets up and she goes for a Clothesline but Paige ducks, and grabs her hand from behind and locks her in an Armbar, the ref asks Tamina if she wants to give in, but Tamina refuses. Paige gets more aggressive and locks her in really tightly but Tamina uses her other arm to slap Paige across the face. They both get up and Tamina hits a Headbutt which sends Paige to the ground! She gets up the turnbuckle! She hits the Superfly Splash but Paige moves out of the way! And goes for the cover




    *Paige gets pissed off and she has words with the referee, she turns around and Tamina rolls her up!




    *Paige grabs Tamina by the hair and gives her a Headbutt, Tamina gets back up and Paige strikes with a Superkick, but Tamina moves out of the way! Paige turns around and Tamina strikes with a Headbutt but Paige grabs her head and sets her up for the Knight Light! Paige has sent Tamina fast asleep! She goes for the cover




    Winner: Paige

    JR: Paige wins! Paige wins!

    King: She said she would beat Tamina and she has Ross!

    JR: Well that's one win each for both of these women King, I have a feeling that neither is done here though and that a 3rd match could be on the cards!

    Paige: I won the match at RAW this week, just as I will every single other RAW in the future. In fact, it doesn't even have to be on RAW. It could be on Nitro!, any PPV, any place, any time. Because whatever the stipulation is, I'll be ready for you and I'll always come out on top because that is how the cookie crumbles around here!

    Tamina: So... You won one match against someone who taught you a valuable lesson last week.. You should know that I learn from my matches, something little wannabe divas, like yourself, should take into account. Paige you are nothing more than a one pin wonder, you got lucky, it is 1-1 and next week, the ultimate diva will teach you, your final lesson, as i make sure you have the biggest fight in this, "career"...

    *The camera cuts back too the stage where it is again time for another draft pick from each GM, Shane picks up his mic and is about too speak when...*

    TL: Hold on there playa! I got this one.. You have been picking first all night so far, But I'm making sure I get this one in now! Now I have been thinking long and hard about my 3rd draft pick with so many names and talents too choose from.. But I am a man of my word, I made a stipulation in one of the matches at Wrestlemania! I declared that if Edge or CM Punk won there match at Mania, that the winner would be the new number one contender! So i'm not about too go back on my word.. plus CM Punk might not be everyone's cup of tea but you can rest assured that he may just be the best in the world.. so CM Punk! come on down!

    CM Punk's music hits, as he walks out with a Raw shirt on. the fans are actually cheering him, as he walks down the ramp.

    King: Oh no..JR, do you know what this means?

    JR: I do King. It means at Backlash, we will see Punk vs Jericho!

    King: Don't sound so excited, Punk has no chance of winning.

    Punk climbs the steel steps and onto the turnbuckle. He poses, before climbing into the ring. He grabs a mic, as he turns looking around at the WWE Universe.

    Punk: So...did my ears deceive me? Am I mistaken? Am I going deaf? Was I just drafted to the Raw guys are actually cheering me? Wow, two big surprises in one night. Now before I walked out here, I was told by Vinnie Mac to talk about staying on Raw and facing Jericho at Backlash, and I will do that, but before I get there, I want to address someone.

    The fans cheer at this, thinking something big is going to happen.

    Punk: At Wrestlemania, I put on a 5 star match. I put on a match for the ages. I stole the show and left all of you breathless. The thing is though, I didn't do it by myself. Heck, if I had done it by myself I'd either have multiple personalities or someone be, there was another man who I worked with that made it possible. Adam Copeland, aka the Rated R Superstar, aka Edge, thank you for that. The thing though Edge, i was the better man on that night. I proved I was able to beat you on the grandest stage possible, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have gone the other way. What I am saying Adam, is no matter what show you are on, no matter what show I am on, if you want a rematch, if you want a chance to prove you are just as good as the Straight Edge Savior, well, all I can say is name the time and place and I'll be there.

    The fans pop big time!

    King: What the heck!? What is he doing!

    JR: The honorable thing. He is basically telling Edge if he wants a rematch, he can have it King.

    King: That is stupid. Why would he want to face someone he already beat?

    Punk: Now, as I said before, I am here on Raw. The flagship show of the WWE. If I am frank with you all, I don't care which show I am on. It could be Raw, it could be Smackdown, it could be Nitro, it could be Impact, it could be NXT, it doesn't matter. I'll do what I do best, walk out to this ring, put on a 5 star match, give you all something to come back for, and go home. This is in my blood. This was in my blood when I was in TNA, when I was in ROH, and it's still in my blood now!

    The fans pop, chanting Thank You Punk, as Punk smirks.

    Punk: Don't thank me yet, thank me after Backlash when I become the new WWE Champion, speaking of are you doing Chris? Ole Chris ole buddy. See, you and I, we have a day we need to mark on our calenders. It's you and I 1 on 1 for that precious strap of gold around your waist. Now Chris, I know what you might be thinking "I'm Chris Jericho, I'm a rock star, Punk is just ripping me off, I will never lose this, I wank myself to sleep"...ok maybe not the last part...who knows, I certainly don't want to know, but here is the thing Chris. I didn't come to the WWE to be the second best. I didn't come here to be the second fiddler to the main star, no. I came here to take that ball, and run with it. I've proven I can do it in the past, and guess what, I'll do it again after I beat you. See, Backlash, you will be knocked out, but when you wake up Jericho, you'll hear these fans chanting three letters. Hey, what are those letters?

    The fans are now chanting GTS as Punk turns back to the camera.

    Punk: Exactly, so Chris, make sure to polish my title, I don't need any of your std's on it. See you at Backlash junior.

    Punk drops the mic, as the fans are going wild

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    JR: And now King, it's time for another draft pick!

    King: Come on Teddy! We need you

    *Shane goes to stand up, but Eric Bischoff stops him, and walks to the front of the table*

    Eric Bischoff: Hello WWE Universe! I'M BACK! *decent heat*. I'm not here for you though – no, I'm Shane's right hand man! Let me remind you, of what WCW had a lot of when we were on top. Ted Turner, gave us a lot... of money! We ran out of business, because we ran out of money. So, for Nitro's next pick, we need some money, whether they draw it, or whether they have money, in the bank! Nitro picks TYSON KIDD!

    *Shane smiles, as Eric trash talks Teddy off mic. Teddy this time, lets his disappointment shown, before looking at some notes he made earlier.*

    JR: And now King, we have a match between Jeff Hardy, and William Regal!

    King: Jeff Hardy was embarrassed at Wrestlemania, when he took the fall in the US championship match, and tonight, William Regal will embarrass him again tonight.

    JR: Well, Regal couldn't even get on the Wrestlemania card! He has something to prove tonight

    King: Actually JR, he was. He was in the pre-show! Do your research!

    JR: Either of these men manage to gain a win today, their chances of being drafted by Shane or Teddy is very high.

    King: Keep Regal here! Hardy can go Nitro! He ties in with their dreadfulness!

    JR: I rather Hardy stay here King. His daredevil style makes Raw what it is today!

    *William Regal comes out to a chorus of jeers. He's wearing a suit, instead of his usual wrestling gear, and has a mic in hand. He stops on the ramp, and looks at the crowd*

    JR: Regal hasn't got his gear on! He does know he has a match now?

    King: I think he has something else planned JR

    William Regal: Jeffery Nero Hardy! Hello my good fellow. Now, as I'm sure you're aware, I'm supposed to face you in a match! Well, sorry Jeff, but that's not happening. You see, at Wrestlemania, in the pre-show, I fractured my pinky toe! I've been told that if I don't take it easy, I may have to be crippled for the rest of my lifetime! With that in mind, the doctors has advised me I pull out of this match! *Crowd Pop*

    I rather not drop out of this match though darling. Jeff, you represent everything bad about professional wrestling. You and your drug smoking. You and your 20ft ladder jumps. Wrestling is a very technical sport, which I myself, prosper at. I am one of the best on this planet love. But you, you have turned it, into a freak show! If these people want to see people jumping off great heights, they can go to a circus

    However dear, luckily for you, Theodore Long has allowed me to pick my replacement. I'm comforted by the thought, that my replacement can crack that pretty head open! I've trained this man years ago, and now we are just training partners. This man, like myself, can plant you on your head within a second! Jeffery, allow me to introduce...

    *Drew McIntyre comes out to some loud heat, before he struts his way to ringside with Regal in tow*

    JR: Drew McIntyre! The chosen one is here on Raw is War!

    King: He better stay here! We don't need him on Nitro!

    JR: A talent for sure, although his attitude has held him back thus far

    King: This is his debut JR! How could he have been held back?

    JR: His career could've been already much more lucrative by now, but it hasn't

    Match 3: Drew McIntyre w/William Regal vs Jeff (Matt) Hardy!

    Only watch the match, and watch until 8:00

    JR: Hardy struggles to his feet, Drew has really worked over the ankle.

    King: Hardy needs the ropes to get to his feet! He's a doomed man

    *Hardy really struggles to get to his feet, but does so with the help of the ropes. Drew spots his advantage, and rebounds against the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Hardy lands a dropkick*

    King: A dropkick! He's not that hurt! He's faking!

    JR: He's not faking King, you can see how much that dropkick took out of him

    *Hardy rolls to the apron, whilst Drew recuperates in the centre of the ring. Hardy gets to his feet, and climbs the turnbuckle, whilst Drew gets to his. Hardy jumps off the rope, and goes for a clothsline, but Drew kicks Hardy in the gut on his way down. Hardy holds his midsection, as Drew irish whips him towards the corner, but Hardy lands whisper in the wind! Drew rolls towards the ropes, but Hardy manages to cover.



    Regal puts Drew's foot on the bottom rope!

    Hardy looks over towards Regal, and rolls out of the ring, He starts arguing with him, as Drew pulls the referees leg. Whilst Drew distracts the referee, Hardy pushes Regal, who comes back with a knee trembler! Hardy is draped on the apron, so Regal rolls him in the ring. Drew lets the referee go, and pulls Hardy to his feet by his hair! Jeff screams in pain, before Drew hooks the arms, and lands the future shock DDT. He hooks the far leg




    JR: What cheats! Regal with a fractured toe my-

    King: Genius JR! Drew McIntyre is victorious on his debut, and wins it clean!

    JR: Clean? Did you see the knee trembler by Regal

    King: Regal hit a knee trembler? And I missed it? Ah, you're trying to trick me Jim, I know it

    *Drew McIntyre has his hand raised, which he rips away from the ref, he asks for a mic, which William Regal grabs and gives to him, as Regal comes into the ring.*

    Drew McIntyre: It’s been too long since I’ve been on television, since I’ve been a vital part of the WWE. I am The Chosen One, a future world champion, proclaimed by Mister McMahon himself, but I have never been given a chance to fulfill those proclamations. But now it is that time, the time to make good on Mister McMahon’s word, and prove that I am The Chosen One, a future world champion, and under the tutelage of William Regal…

    *Drew McIntyre points to Regal, as Regal nods approvingly, the crowd booing the two men.*

    Drew McIntyre: Who is not only a fellow countrymen, but a successful WWE superstar and trainer, is going to help me get to that level. He’s told me many a times that it’s not going to be easy to get there, and I’m going to have to work my way from the bottom to the top, but I’m well prepared for that and tonight me kicking the arse of Jeff Hardy was just the start. Mister Regal is going to help me get to the top, and in turn I will help him for all that he has done, and will do for me. He is going to help me fulfill the prophecy set forth by Mister McMahon and it will only be a matter of time before I, The Chosen One, will take my place atop the WWE as a future and rightful world champion!

    *McIntyre drops the mic, as William Regal golf claps for him. Regal comes over and raises the hand of Drew, as McIntyre grasps at the back of his head with the other, showing the wounds of the match. The two men stand with their arms raised, and the crowd boos. After a little while, Regal motions to McIntyre to leave the ring. McIntyre walks up the ramp slowly still showing the effects of the match, as Regal follows closely behind, and the crowd continues to boo.*

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    JR: We are back from break, and now its time for another set of picks.

    King: Our second to last set, and if I do say so myself RAW is defiantly winning this draft.

    JR: Jericho, Cena, and CM Punk, I have to agree

    King: Well lets make it better right now!

    *The camera cuts to show the opposing GM's, before Shane McMahon gets to his feet. He stands on top of the table, and stares into the eyes of Teddy*

    Shane McMahon: I've stepped in the ring with the man who's my next draft pick. He has a special... ability, to steal the show. He stepped in the ring with my dad, and even though my dad is old, and lets face it, not even a wrestler, he proved why he is... MR. WRESTLEMANIA! He proved that last week at Madison Square Garden. SHAWN MICHAELS, is coming to W! C! W!

    JR: Oh crap! WCW stole, The HeartBreak Kid!

    King: Grr, Teddy needs, a good pick now

    *Once again Teddy has too follow up another big signing too Nitro from Shane Mcmahon, Teddy quickly check's his list and again prepares too speak

    TL: Following on from my earlier statement playa's, I told you Raw was about entertainment and for you fans too enjoy and that's what I'm about too deliver, some may look at this signing as risk.. but Raw should be risky, this man proves each and every week that he may not be all there.. but is damn sure entertaining! my 4th pick of the night is..... The Ultimate Warrior!

    King: The Warrior? is Teddy Long trying too help or hinder Raw? What kind of pick was that!

    JR: It's a great pick King! Warrior is entertaining! Do you know many hits this guy gets on YouTube with his crazy promo's?

    King: No.. I don't care either, the guy is an idiot Ross! Nitro gets HBK and we get the Ultimate Warrior, this is not fair!

    After hearing that he was picked by Teddy Long to stay on Raw, The Ultimate Warrior rushes out on stage and runs around Teddy Long 175 times, stops, looks for something to jump up and down on. Warrior eyes Teddy Long.

    Teddy Long: Playa, you better not do what I think ya...

    Warrior jumps on Teddy's back, then starts trashing him around like he would normally do with the ring ropes when he enters a wrestling ring. Warrior finally jumps down and yells out

    Warrior: COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Teddy Long finally recovers

    Teddy Long: Playa, no need for Coach to come out here. I have a mic in my hand. And Warrior, neva do that again

    Warrior: Sorry Mr Long, I got excited. COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Teddy Long: Playa, like I said, I got a mic right here

    Coach, dressed in Warrior garb, comes out on the ramp with Nature Boy Warrior in his arms. He walks up to Warrior and hands the kid to him. Warrior and Nature Boy Warrior grunt and growl at each other for about 4 minutes. Teddy and Coach just stand there, looking akwardly at each other and at both the Warriors. Warrior finally puts Nature Boy Warrior on the ramp and he goes for Teddy's leg and starts humping it,. Teddy tries pushing Nature Boy Warrior off his leg but gets growled at

    Warrior: LITTLE ONE! Use Coach's leg. Like this *Warrior starts humping Coach's leg and soon Nature Boy Warrior starts humping the other leg.*

    Teddy Long: Look Playa, you guys can take this to the .....

    Ric Flair comes out on the ramp


    Warrior: Here Ric, take this leg. Coach, hold Mr Longs mic

    Teddy Long: Enough of this playa. You three *pointing to Ric, Coach and Nature Boy Warrior* Take your humping backstage- way backstage. This is a PG show. Warrior, I can hold the damn mic playa

    Coach, with Nature Boy Warrior hanging on one leg, and Ric Flair hanging on the other, slowly walks backstage.

    Teddy Long: Now look playa. You are staying on Raw and tonight you are in a tag team match- you will be teaming with John Cena and will be taking on the team of Lex Lugar and Tyler Black.

    Warrior: COACHH!!!!!!!!! COACHHHHHH!!!!!

    Teddy Long: Playa, focus! You do not need Coach for everything.

    Warrior: Well hold the mic like him and ask me a question like him then.

    Teddy long raises the mic right to Warriors mouth.

    Teddy: Well playa? What ya have to say?

    Warrior: What kind of question is that? Ask me another, like Coach

    Teddy Long: You have to be fucking kidding me?

    Warrior: I can not compute that question. Ask me another like Coach. COOOOOACHHHHH! COOOOACHHHHH!

    Teddy Long is getting a bit pissed by now

    Teddy Long: Ok, one more time with the damn question. You are staying on Raw and tonight you are in a tag team match- you will be teaming with John Cena and will be taking on the team of Lex Lugar and Tyler Black. What are your thoughts on all that?

    Warrior: Is that your question?


    Warrior: Well Raw is my show, it was a show made for me. I shaped Raw to be Warrior like. I have molded it into a show about me and all the Warriors in this world called Earth and beyond. Raw is Warrior. Warrior is Raw. And my offspring Nature Boy Warrior is growing stronger everyday- soon we shall rule WWE. We shall rule it from our spaceship along with Ric Flair and Coach. We will create a strong Warrior bond with all the WWE Universe. The Warrior Gods had told me I was to stay on Raw. As far as teaming with John Cena tonight, I am honoured. Before we go out to the ring, I will inject Cena with some Warrior juice that will make him invincible- together, we will both drive Lex Lugar out of WWE- for he is nothing but a steroid freak- just look at his body. There is no way his muscles are real. Tyler Black, you shpuld just sit back and learn. You are a great wrestler right now, but after watching us dismantle Lugar, you will be more greater than before

    Teddy Long: That makes no sense playa. Ok, this interview is over. Warrior, you can go backstage again

    Warrior just stands there for a minute, then looks up to the rafters and raises his arms and starts shaking

    Teddy Long: Will someone please get this freak off the stage

    20 WWE security members come out and try to get him to move but Warrior is still in his trance. They finally just pick him up, still in his trance, and taking him backstage

    JR: Well it’s getting heated between Luger and Warrior

    King: How would you know JR? You can’t take anything that man says with a grain of salt

    JR: And here comes Warrior’s partner John Cena

    King: At least Tyler Black is standing up to this bully

    JR: Speaking of Tyler Black here he comes.

    King: He isn’t afraid of John Cena, and proved that too the world at Wrestlemania

    JR: And here comes Luger, and he is determined to make sure Warrior doesn’t win the title

    King: And thank god, we don’t need Warrior representing this company, he is a lunatic and a freak

    JR: Well this will be the first time all four men will square off in the ring
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