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    WWE Fantasy Fed Presents: WrestleMania!
    Location: Madison Square Garden, New York, New York

    JR: Welcome one and all to the grandest spectacle in the history of the WWE Fantasy Fed! This is Wrestlemania!

    King: This is going to be so good JR! Seven huge matches involving twenty of the greatest WWE superstars of all time!

    JR: That’s right King! And our opening match tonight will be a singles match for the Intercontinental Championship!

    King: The Miz is about to become Champion JR!

    JR: Well earlier tonight, we caught up with Mr. Anderson, the Intercontinental Champion- and this is what he had to say.

    *A camera is following a group of security that is dragging someone into Mr. Anderson’s locker room. From behind the camera comes Mr. Anderson and the camera enters to the locker room, revealing that the person the security team was dragging was none other than the Voice of the WWE, Michael Cole.*

    Mr. Anderson: Sit him there.

    *Mr. Anderson has the security team sit Michael Cole down on a chair.*

    Mr. Anderson: Good now listen to me, he is going to sit here, watch my match, and after the match is over you are going to grab him and make him come down to the ring, and announce me as the winner of the match. He is not to leave the room for any reason, watch him at all times.*Turn to Cole.* You hear that? After I beat your precious Miz, this security team is going to drag you down to this ring, whether you like it or not, and you are going to get in the ring, grab a microphone and announce me as the winner or the match!

    *Mr. Anderson turns like he is going to leave, but then he turns back towards Cole.*

    Mr. Anderson: And to answer your question from last week that I never got to answer because The Miz interrupted. *Mr. Anderson looks towards the camera.* And this is meant for you to Miz. You are nothing but a cocky, arrogant, loudmouth, and the only thing you can excel at is pissing people off, by running your big fat mouth. I may run my mouth, but at least I back it up in that ring, because look I’m the one with the title, and you are the one challenging me. People can say what they want about Elimination Chamber, but I never made a deal, I fought to not only win this title, but to win a job in the WWE. And now I need to validate that win, and I need to regain the prestige to this title, by giving you the ass kicking of a lifetime out there in that ring in front of the whole world, on the grandest stage of them all. And after our match, your number one fan here, Michael Cole, he is going to come out to the ring, and pronounce me as the winner and raise my hand, while you will be lying on the mat flat on your back, and I will be standing tall raising this Intercontinental Championship high for the whole world to see.

    Michael Cole: *Under his breath.* You’re an asshole.

    *Mr. Anderson hears Cole, and he goes over and grabs him by his tie.*

    Mr. Anderson: You’re damn right I am, and when you have to raise my hand it will be that much sweeter. Now I’m not going to scream at you, I need to save my chops for my introduction, but I will see you out there Cole. *Turns toward camera.* And I’ll see you out there too Miz!

    *Mr. Anderson walks out of his locker room to prepare for his match as security guards block the door and watch Michael Cole. We return to ringside.*

    JR: Tough words from Mr. Anderson, we’re about to see if he can back them up.

    King: He’s an asshole, and a jackass. Miz will win up next!

    *Mr. Anderson comes out from behind the curtain, and the crowd gives him a mixed reaction. He stops on the ramp, and summons his signature microphone down from the roof.*

    Mr. Anderson: Ladies and Gentleman, this following Wrestlemania contest is scheduled for OONNNEE FALLLLLLLLLLL! And it is for, my Intercontinental Championship. Coming down to the ring, weighing 236lbs, he hails from GREEN! BAY! WISCONSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNN! Your Intercontinental Champion MMIIIISSSSSSSTTTTTEEEEEEERRRRR ANDERSON!...


    King: What an asshole.

    JR: Ken finds that a compliment though King

    King: And? Ken can find that however he likes, but I don't like him. He's too mouthy. Can you believe he's our Intercontinental Champion?

    King: Aha, this man, should be our Intercontinental Champion, and tonight he will

    JR: -Get the chance. Anderson is one competitor Jerry, you do not want to underestimate.

    King: I'm not underestimating him JR, I'm just not confident in his abilities

    Match 1: Mr Anderson (c) vs The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship

    Ignore Entrances, and watch until 7:58

    *If you watched the video, you would've just seen The Miz take down Mr. Anderson via a knee to the head. The Miz looks over at the ramp, and sees Michael Cole make his way down to the ring, but he doesn't allow that to distract him, and decides to stomp on the outstretched leg of Anderson. The Miz covers




    Anderson gets to his knees, as The Miz rebounds off the ropes opposite him, and lands a boot to the face of Anderson. Michael Cole takes a seat over by the commentary desk, as The Miz, again goes for the pin



    Thr- Kickout!

    The Miz now decides it's time to finish it, and raises his arms in the air, before throwing them down and behind his back, signalling for the skull crushing finale. Anderson takes his time to get to his feet, but when he does, The Miz puts him in the full nelson position. Anderson resists for more time than normally expected, whilst The Miz tries to hit the move. Anderson manages to twist out of it, and ends up behind The Miz, and he ends up hitting The Miz with a back suplex. The Miz immediately holds his head, and is bleeding slightly from the back, indicating a possible botch.

    Both men are on the mat nursing their wounds, as the referee begins the count


    Anderson begins crawling to the ropes, whilst The Miz just holds his head



    Anderson manages to make it to his knees, but The Miz still doesn't make any significiant move



    Anderson manages to get to his feet, albeit with the help of the ropes, whilst all Miz has done is roll slightly to the right


    The Miz now lets go of his head, and lifts it up slightly so he faces the fans


    He manages to sit up, but still is groggy.


    The Miz is now on both knees, while Anderson is looking a little shocked


    The Miz manages to get to his feet, but Anderson's straight in with a right hand. Miz stays up, but a flurry of rights and lefts causes him to stumble. Anderson rebounds against the ropes, and tries for a clothesline, which he pulls of successfully. The Miz is straight back to his feet though, so Anderson goes for another clothesline, but The Miz ducks. He runs against the ropes and goes for a clothesline of his own, but Anderson traps the arm, and swings into a neckbraker. He covers The Miz



    Thre- NO!

    The Miz rolls out of the ring, trying to regain his breath, as Mr. Anderson just relaxs in the ring. Regrouping himself. Michael Cole shouts encouragement at The Miz, who eventually decides to enter the ring, as Anderson rests against the opposite ropes. The Miz walks over to Anderson, and begins to talk trash to him, but is met by a spit to the face. The crowd “ooh”'s, as The Miz wipes the spit from his eye, but Anderson is on the offence immediately, and slides into the Mic Check! Pop from the crowd, as Mr. Anderson covers




    As soon as the referee's hand touches the mat for the third time, Mr. Anderson is already on his way out of the ring, and goes to where Michael Cole is sitting. He grabs a mic so conveniently left by Cole, and orders him to announce him as the winner*

    Michael Cole: Your... your... your winner of this match, and still Intercontinental Champion-

    *Mr. Anderson pulls the mic in towards him*

    Mr. Anderson: -And still an asshole

    Michael Cole:.. and still an asshole. Mr. Anderson!

    *The crowd pops as Mr. Anderson stares a hole through Michael Cole. Cole goes to leave, but Anderson takes the mic out of his hand*

    Mr. Anderson: ANDERSON!

    JR: And Mr. Anderson retains the Intercontinental Championship!

    King: Yes Ross, but I don't appreciate the way he treated the voice of the WWE, and my esteemed former colleague, Michael Cole.

    JR: Voice of the WWE my platuna! He couldn't hold my jockstrap!

    King: Yes he could, and you couldn't find a better man for the job.

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    *The camera's cut from the ring back to the back part of the arena. We see a figure standing in the back, with a hood covering his face. His voice can be heard though.*

    Mystery Man: I've striven to be the best. Hell, I was born from the best. I've been a champion, I've been a challenger. I've been on the sidelines, and I've been in the limelight. I'm what people strive to be, and what woman want. I end careers, and I make stars. Tonight is about Wrestlemania, tonight is about the WWE Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the US Championship. Tonight is about the best of the best, shining...but do you know the sad part? The best man...the only man who could steal the show at Wrestlemania...isn't even on the card. They want the Warrior as the face of the company? Ill smash that face in. They want Anderson as a champ? Ill send him packing. Hell, they even brought back a steroid induce UFC reject to fight for the United States gold...funny. You'd think they would want someone who is legendary holding a title like that. You would think they'd want someone remarkable to stand tall as a champ. It's ok though...because tonight...tonight will be my night. I will my mark. When Raw hits, they won't be chanting Warrior or Punk or Lesnar or will be cheering and booing me. Tonight...I will strike...when none of you expect it.

    *The man turns, heading around a corner, as the camera's cut back to ringside.*

    JR: Up next, it's time for a handicap match! Beer Money, back together after a long absense, will face Kane!

    King: I think Beer Money are crazy for wanting this.

    *The fans cheer loudly as Beer Money make there way to the stage. They run down the ramp as James Storm takes a sip of his beer and slide into the ring.*

    *Kane's music hits as the crowd boo. Kane makes his way to the stage and walks slowly down the ramp as Storm and Roode stare at him. Kane heads into the ring and the match goes underway.*

    Match 2: Beer Money vs. Kane in a Handicap Match

    (Ignore the titles, watch untill 6:14)

    *Kane goes for the clothesline but James Storm ducks. Kane turns around and Storm nails him with a Last Call. Storm goes for the cover*




    King: That was so close! I thought Storm had it in the bag!

    *Kane kicks out as Storm gets back up looking really pissed. Bobby Roode gets back up and he waits for Kane to get up as he sets him up for the Spear! Kane is up! And SP-NO! Kane moves out of the way as Roode crashes into the corner, Roode turns around but Kane has him in the Chokeslam! Kane hits the Chokeslam and goes for the cover*




    JR: I can't believe this! The tension is really getting higher inside all three wrestlers!

    *Kane gets back up looking frustrated but he turns around and Storm hits him with the-No! He grabs hold of Storm's leg and crashes it onto the ground! Kane then strikes with the Big Boot!*

    JR: That was a huge Big Boot from Kane! What does this mean?!

    *Kane goes for the cover but Roode breaks it up. Roode grabs hold of Kane's hand and he locks him in the Armbar! Kane struggles to break out of the hold! The ref asks him if he wants to give in but Kane refuses! Kane slowly gets up as Roode still has the Armbar locked in. Kane kicks Roode in the gut and sets him up for the Chokeslam! As he's about to hit it, James Storm emerges from behind and taps him on the back. Kane turns around and Storm hits a Spear! He goes for the cover*




    King: What do Beer Money have to do to beat Kane?!

    JR: I don't know King but this match is so unpredictable right now!

    *Kane gets back up and he ducks a clothesline from Roode, Roode goes for the clothesline again but Kane ducks again. Kane turns around and Roode nails him with the Spinebuster, Roode goes for the cover*




    JR: No one can believe this!

    *Kane gets back up as do Roode and Storm. Roode and Storm exchange blows to Kane*


    *Roode goes for another blow but Kane grabs his hand and sets him up for the Chokeslam! But Storm elbows Kane in the gut which sends him to the floor! Storm goes for the cover!*




    King: I've got a gut feeling that we won't see a winner at all with the way everything is going!

    *Roode and Storm get up as Kane is slowly getting up. Roode and Storm hype up the crowd. Kane turns around and James Storm nails him with the Last Call! As Kane's about to fall to the ground, he turns around and SPEAR! Roode strikes with a vicious Spear! Roode goes for the cover!*




    JR: Beer Money did it King! They beat Kane!

    King: Oh my god! And they're now going to celebrate with the fans!

    *Beer Money climb over the reiling into the crowd and begin to walk through, high fiving fans along the way.*

    JR: Wait, WHAT?!

    King: It's Randy Orton! Randy Orton is here!

    *Randy Orton comes sprinting down the ramp, and slides into the ring. He begins to pound the canvas immediately as Kane is using the ropes to get up. Kane turns around and Orton lays him out with an RKO!*

    JR: What an RKO! Kane is out in the ring!

    King: No he's not JR! Kane is moving!

    *Kane is beginning to get back to his feet, he's beginning to move, he's up to a crouching position. But here come's Orton again, and this time, he punts Kane in the head! Kane slumps to the canvas as Orton has an evil smirk on his face. He leaves the ring and walks away up the ramp as the crowd are unaware how to react to this. EMTs rush down the ramp as Orton watches them work on a lifeless Kane.*

    JR: Orton just took out the Big Red Machine!

    King: What a return for the Apex Predator!

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    *The camera's are backstage, as we see CM Punk sitting in his locker room, with a garbage can next to him. He has his hands taped, his tights on, and his boots laced. The can is filled with a few items. Punk looks to the camera.*

    Punk: Tonight, I have my wrestlemania moment. Tonight, I MAKE my Wrestlemania moment. Tonight is the end of the story. It's the final chapter between Edge and myself. Tonight, it is No Holds Barred. No...not that dumbass movie staring Hogan from the 80' is a fight. This isn't a wrestling match. This isn't who is the best wrestler in the world...which by the way is me...tonight is about demolishing each other. So...with that being said, I wanted to give everyone a preview of what is to come later tonight.

    *Punk grabs a stop sign from the garbage can, holding it.*

    Punk: It's funny...this being a stop sign in all. See, not only will I use it to bash Edges skull in tonight..but I'm going to use it to stop him from being the #1 contender. This though...this is just 1 instrument in the destruction of Edge.

    *Punk reaches into the can again, pulling out a kendo stick this time.*

    Punk: Does anyone truly know? More importantly, do they truly care? All of these sheep out there...they just watch and cheer when one of us is struck by this. They all just eat it up when we are barraged by this stick. I remember as a child when my father would make me go get my own switch from the woods, so he could beat my ass. That prepared me for the brutality of wrestling. This's strike...means nothing to me. These fans want a reason to cheer...Ill give them one when I leave a welt on Adam's back.

    *Punk reaches into the can, this time pulling out a sledgehammer. He stands up, holding the hammer with both hands.*

    Punk: This right here...this has been synonymous with one man. The Game, The Cerebral Assassin, Triple H. When people saw Hunter grab this, they knew he meant business. Well, I mean business tonight. Tonight I have the chance to earn a title shot at Backlash. Tonight, I have the chance to come out on top here. Since Edge returned at the Rumble, he has been one step ahead of me. Beating me at the Rumble, eliminating me in the Chamber...he has been the hare and I've been the turtle. For those that remember though, at the end of that story...the turtle comes out on top...and tonight...our story will have the same ending.

    *Punk drops the weapon down, as he gets into the screen of the camera. *

    Punk: Edge...I don't like fact...I hate you...but I can admit one thing. There is some respect. You proved how hardcore you are facing Foley at Wrestlemania. You proved it in hell in a cell. You proved it in TLC. Tonight...I will be your biggest challenge ever. can strike me down but I will just get back up. will learn to respect me, and these fans will learn to love...because I am the best in the world...and I'm tired of being #4 in this company.

    *Punk turns, heading off, as the camera's cut back to the ring.*

    *With the crowd still cheering and buzzing for the matches that have gone and are still too come, an announcement is made signalling that the next match will be the final for the United States title*

    JR: Well here we go King! We are about too crown our first United States champion since the re-brand of Raw.

    King: Brock Lesnar will be the United States champion, those were the words I said when he first Qualified and I’m still standing by them!

    JR: Well clearly Brock will be the favourite in many people’s eyes but for me, I would never write off Jeff Hardy or Cody Rhodes!

    King: Well I would and I have! Tonight Lesnar will walk out of Wrestlemania haven been crowned US champion!

    *A vignette is then played on the Titantron showing the build up for the match and how each man qualified and got too this point*

    JR: Remember folks, it was our GM that made this match a triple threat.. With Lesnar already qualified, Hardy and Rhodes were left too fight.. Hardy and Rhodes would end in a draw with both men getting counted out… which led too Teddy Long making this a triple threat match tonight!

    King: Yeah.. It was Teddy Long, so make sure too send him hate tweets for not making the deserving Brock Lesnar the champion right there and then!

    *The crowd jump too there feet and give the charismatic enigma a rock star like ovation! Hardy does his trademark taunt on the stage as the Pyros blast around the arena.. Hardy then quickly makes his way too the ring with the crowd chanting his name*

    JR: Well Jeff Hardy, many would consider him the surprise package and perhaps the under dog for tonight’s match King would you agree?

    King: I think that’s fair Ross! You never can tell what you are going too get from Hardy though.. With one move he could have this match won.. Or lost.

    JR: Well he is the surprise package.. But one that won’t be a surprise is that Hardy will do what ever it takes too win, he will put his body on the line time and time again if he has too!

    *The crowd again react with a positive ovation for the newly change of heart Cody Rhodes! The 3rd generation superstar makes his way too the ring slapping hands with the younger kids in the audience while they chant his name*

    JR: This is my pick for tonight King!

    King: Cody Rhodes? No chance.. He’s lost his edge Ross, he’s nothing more then an average wrestler now.. He’s lucky too even get this far!

    JR: I don’t agree King.. I think you are still better that this young man has had a change of heart and proved you wrong by getting too this final… You just better hope he does not win tonight or you are going too look like a royal idiot!

    King: He won’t win Ross.. This is Brock Lesnar’s time!

    *With heavy boo’s and Jeer’s Brock Lesnar steps out from behind the curtain with Paul Heyman at his side.. Paul Heyman taps Brock on the shoulder and points too both Rhodes and Hardy, he then whispers in Brock’s ear before tapping him on the shoulder again and heading back behind the curtain.. Brock does his trademark warm up and the top of the ramp with the crowd jeering, after a few seconds he slowly makes his way down the ramp with a look of focus and anger across his face*

    King: Come on Brock! You got this!

    JR: I will admit King, If Brock was too get the early advantage in this match it could very well be impossible too stop him, I just wonder if Hardy and Rhodes will play it smart and try too the bring the big man down together!

    King: Well that wouldn’t be fair! I wouldn’t put it past those two though.. There not good enough too be in the same ring as Brock Lesnar!

    *With all three men circling the ring ready for the start of the match.. The Ref holds up the US title for the fans too see.. All three men look at the prize on offer and the match bell rings and the action gets underway!*

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    Match 3: Brock Lesnar vs. Jeff Hardy (Punk) vs. Cody Rhodes (Cena)

    Star at 2:40 stop at 6:44

    *With Hardy on the outside, Brock has Cody in the ring.. Brock try’s too take advantage of the situation and locks in the Kimura lock on Rhodes!*

    JR: Brocks got the Kimura! This could be it.. Rhodes may tap right here!

    King: Come on Brock! Snap it! Snap it Brock!

    *With Cody screaming in agony and Brock trying too tighten the lock the crowd are stunned into silence with expectation that Rhodes is about too tap out!*

    JR: My god how much longer can Rhodes stay in that Lock?!

    King: Well unless he taps Ross.. Lesnar could very well snap it right here!

    *With the crowd booing and jeering trying too do what they can do distract Brock Lesnar there is a big pop from the crowd as Hardy is back too his feet.. Jeff stands on the ring apron and begins climbing too the top rope, with the crowd cheering.. He signals the suicide hand sign and launches him self off the tope rope!*

    JR: Swanton bomb! Swanton bomb from Hardy!

    King: He landed on both men! He may have just done more damage too himself and Rhodes, Brock almost had this match in the bag.. It was only a matter of time before Cody kicked out!

    JR: for the life of me King I cant work out how he didn’t tap! that’s bravery and desire from that young man.. You must admit that’s impressive King!

    King: Yeah I will admit that’s impressive!

    *With Jeff Hardy holding his back while trying too get back too his feet, Brock Lesnar does the same and is pissed off that Hardy may have just stopped him from winning, as Hardy turns around he walks straight into a huge clothesline which almost turns Hardy inside out!*

    King: Hardy just angered the monster Ross!

    *Brock Lesnar then picks up Hardy from the floor and with a sadistic smile on his face lifts him up for the F5!*

    King: It’s F5 time!

    JR: This is not good for Hardy!

    *As Brock lifts up Hardy for the F5, Cody Rhodes come from out of nowhere springing for the ropes and hit’s the… *

    JR: Disaster Kick! He caught Brock flush in the jaw!

    *As Cody hit’s the Disaster Kick to the jaw of Brock, Hardy Is able too turn the F5 attempt into a crucifix pin attempt!*

    JR: Hardy with the pin!




    JR: Boy that was close! I thought it was over!

    *With the crowd gasping at the surprise of Brock kicking out Rhodes quickly tries too take advantage and boots Hardy too the midsection and hit’s the…*

    King: Cross-Rhodes!

    JR: This must be it now! Now Cody with the pin!




    JR: Again with another close call, Rhodes must have though that was it.

    *Rhodes is clearly in shock not expecting Hardy too kick out, He looks over at the turnbuckle and points too the top rope as the crowd pop*

    JR: Is Rhodes about too go high risk? He has it in his arsenal folks don’t worry about that but again a sign of just how much Rhodes want’s this match tonight!

    King: I hope he crashes and burns!

    *Rhodes begins too drag Hardy by the arm, struggling with the deadweight as Hardy is out.. He places him in the right spot before climbing the turnbuckle, the crowd are cheering his name but nerves are kicking in and Rhodes take a deep breath.. In the meantime Brock is starting too get back too his feet.. *

    King: Stop him Brock!

    JR: Is Rhodes looking for a moonsault?

    *Rhodes springs off the top rope looking for a big moonsault, with the crowd in awe and shock that Cody went highrisk it looks like Rhodes is going too connect with Hardy below when out of nowhere Brock catches Rhodes in mid air and hit’s a huge F5!*

    JR: OH MY GOD! I have never seen anything like that before!

    King: I told you! *King laughs* Nothing will stop Brock tonight!

    *With the crowd cheering after seeing a Wrestlemania moment that will live on for the ages.. Brock stands too his feet and looks at the damage pretty proud of himself, He then grabs Hardy one again and picks him up for another F5 attempt when…*

    *Huge crowd pop*


    King: What the hell is he doing here Ross?! Did you ask you’re little buddy along!

    JR: No I had no idea! The Texas Rattlesnake is here!

    *With Brock stunned and at one point rubbing his eyes, he drops Hardy and comes as close too the ropes as he can.. Stone Cold begins too make his way down too ringside with a big grin across his face as the crowd are in a frenzy cheering for him.. Stone Cold and Brock exchange words, Brock then re-focus’s his attention and picks up Hardy delivering a big F5! Only for Stone Cold too walk closer again.. *

    JR: Brock is distracted King! He should pin Hardy right now and gets this match over with!

    King: Speak up Ross! I can’t here you.. These fans are going crazy!

    *With all the noise of the fans, and Stone Cold and Brock still exchanging words No one notices Cody pulling himself across the ring getting closer too the out cold Jeffy Hardy, Rhodes eventually makes it.. Stretching his arm across the body of Jeff and the ref starts too count!*


    JR: Wait we have a pin attempt!


    King: Wait a minute! Turn around Brock! Turn around!


    JR: Rhodes wins! Rhodes is the New United States Champion!

    King: Brock! What are you doing?! You had this won!

    *Brock and the majority of the fans only notice that Rhodes has picked up the win when the ring bell is heard and Rhodes music is playing.. Brock spins round too find Rhodes slider underneath the ropes too the outside and be passed his new title!*

    King: Brock is furious! You had this won!

    JR: it could be about too get worse! Don’t turn around Brock!

    *Brock turns around too find the Texas Rattlesnake is in the ring.. Stone Cold delivers the Stunner too send the crowd into a frenzy once again! With Rhodes holding up his new title and heading too the back.. Stone Cold calls for beer from the time keeper, He opens the cans, takes a few sips and then pours them over Brock with the fans cheering his name, He then finger salutes Brock before calling for more beer and heading too the back! *

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    JR: And up next King, it’s time for the Money in the Bank match!

    King: Ohhhh! Good, good, good, good, good, good, good.

    JR: Excited?

    King: Aren’t you?

    JR: You’re damn right King! It’s gonna be a slobberknocker!

    JR: Here comes Evan Bourne! The guy has been overlooked recently- but he could put all the naysayers down if he wins next!

    King: Bourne has a brilliant chance JR! He’s the underdog!

    JR: Now this guy is no underdog. Twelve time World Champion! JOHN CENA!

    King: I’m sick of seeing Cena at the top- and he better not be there at the end of this match.

    JR: Here comes the best submission artist in the WWE!

    King: And another big chance of a winner!

    JR: Well R-Truth has the added advantage of Little Jimmy!

    King: You’re telling me Jimmy is an advantage?

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    JR: Another young bright talent with a great shot!

    King: Ricochet has been impressive ever since he made his way into this company.

    JR: Tyson Kidd has got it all! Can he pull this off?

    King: No. Kidd isn’t good enough.

    JR: And here comes the show-off!

    King: This man is about to win Money in the Bank JR!

    *Pretend there's no title around Styles' waist*

    JR: And finally! AJ Styles!

    King: What the hell is he doing?

    *Styles jumps onto a ladder on the ramp and begins to get pumped up for the crowd, but he slips and falls, hitting the floor with a huge thud. EMTs rush out as the fans and guys in the ring don’t know what to do.*

    JR: Well I guess that Styles won’t be involved!

    King: I know JR! Styles is out of this! It’s official! WWE just announced it via Twitter.

    JR: Well, he was the one that didn’t speak on Raw.

    King: I know, wasn’t he supposed to get a promo to Eddie?

    JR: I guess he didn’t. This match will have seven guys!

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    Match 4: Evan Bourne vs. John Cena vs. Bryan Danielson vs. R-Truth vs. Ricochet vs. Tyson Kidd vs. Dolph Ziggler in a Money in the Bank match
    (Morrison = Bourne, Carlito = Cena, Punk = Danielson, Truth = MVP, Ricochet = Shelton, Kidd = Jericho & Ziggler = Kennedy)

    (stop at 5:09 in second vid)

    JR: Oh my god! Ziggler & Cena just sent Ricochet through a ladder!

    King: This is chaos! There are bodies everywhere!

    *Ziggler & Cena begin to trade blows at the bottom of the ladder!


    Cena slumps slightly and Ziggler drives his head into the ladder, before beginning to climb. He reaches half way up the ladder before Cena comes back and slams a fist into Ziggler’s back. Ziggler tries to kick him off but Cena manages to get himself under Ziggler, pulling him backwards into the position for the Attitude Adjustment.

    Ziggler won’t let go of the ladder, but Cena manages to get Ziggler away from the ladder, and carries him across the ring, looking down at the broken ladder at ringside. The fans pop as Cena lifts Ziggler ready for the AA onto the ladder, but Tyson Kidd comes out of nowhere with a big dropkick that sends both Ziggler & Cena over the top rope, smashing them into the broken ladder. They both begin to get up almost immediately, but Kidd bounces off the ropes and jumps into them both with a Suicide Dive, sending all three men into the fan’s barricade.

    Back in the ring, Danielson is the first to react as he climbs into the ring and stumbles across to the ladder, beginning to place it in position, but Truth is back in the ring and he dropkicks the ladder, sending it into Danielson and sending him back into the ropes. Truth bounces off the ropes and connects with a Lie Detector!

    Truth gets back to his feet and begins to climb but Evan Bourne is quickly in and pulls on Truth’s leg, sending him back to the ground. He begins to pound on Truth’s head before driving him into the turnbuckle. Bourne backs up and hits a dropkick that causes Truth to fall to the ground. He turns around and heads back to the ladder!

    On the outside, Kidd is the first to move as Cena & Ziggler are both barely moving. Kidd slides into the ring but Danielson is up and dropkicks him back to the floor. He turns to Bourne, who is beginning to climb. Danielson climbs up the opposite side of the ladder and reaches the top first. He begins to grab at the briefcase but Bourne punches him in the gut. They begin to trade blows on the top of the ladder.


    After the last shot, Truth is back to his feet and Kidd slides a ladder into the ring, sliding in after. Truth hits Bourne in the back and pulls him to the ground, hitting a big Little Jimmy, at the same time, Kidd lifts the ladder and slams it into the side of Danielson. Kidd throws the ladder down, positions himself and hits a huge Powerbomb on Danielson, onto the ladder!

    Truth begins to climb as Kidd turns around and does the same. They each reach the top of the ladder at the same time, and Truth goes to hit Kidd but Kidd ducks and kicks Truth in the side. Kidd hits a right hand that causes Truth to fall down a few pegs, Kidd reaches up and touches the briefcase but Cena is up, and holding the ladder that Kidd brought into the ring. Cena hits the ladder into the back of Kidd, before doing it a second time, causing Kidd to fall.

    Truth is back up and as soon as he sees Cena, he jumps over the top and goes for a crossbody but Cena brings the ladder up to smash Truth in the gut, sending him to the canvas, and rolling to the floor. Cena sets up the second ladder and begins to climb.*

    JR: And Cena is the only one left standing!

    King: NO! This can’t happen!

    *Cena finally reaches the top of the ladder and reaches up, but out of nowhere comes a man down the ramp. He slides into the ring and Cena drops down to meet him, but he gets kicked in the face by this man! The camera focuses on him and JR recognises him.*

    JR: That’s WWE Developmental Talent Seth Rollins!

    King: What a man! He just knocked John Cena out!

    JR: What is his problem with Cena?

    *Rollins follows Cena out after the devastating Avada Kedavra, before grabbing a groggy Cena and slamming his face into the announce table. Rollins begins to strip the table as Cena is barely moving. Rollins lifts up the dead weight of Cena and connects with his own Attitude Adjustment through the table!

    The fans are booing loudly as Rollins walks around to the front of the ring, before beginning to walk away up the ramp as the carnage surrounds the ring. There is only one man moving, and it’s Evan Bourne. He manages to climb into the ring and crawl across to the bottom of the first ladder, where he begins to climb very slowly.

    At the same time, Tyson Kidd begins to move and he gets across to the first ladder. Kidd begins to climb as Bourne has reached the halfway point of the ladder. Bourne reaches the top first, but Kidd is not far behind. Kidd punches Bourne in the chest and reaches the top, following up with another right hand. He reaches up but this time, it’s Bourne’s turn to smash Kidd in the face with a right hand.

    Somebody else jumps onto the apron, it’s Ricochet! He’s up and he springboards up to the top rope before jumping onto the second ladder, to get right into the thick of the action. He kicks Bourne in the back, before doing the same to Kidd. He grabs both of their heads and goes to slam them into the ladder, but they both stop him and hit him in the chest. Ricochet falls backwards onto a rising R-Truth, leaving just Kidd and Bourne on top of the ladder! They begin to trade shots.


    Kidd slumps and Bourne reaches up to unhook the briefcase but before he can do so, Kidd reaches up and smashes Bourne in the face with the briefcase! Bourne falls! Kidd reaches up and unhooks the briefcase to become Mr. Money in the Bank!*

    JR: What a match! Tyson Kidd has done it King!

    King: That was a hell of a match JR! And you’re right, Tyson Kidd has done it. I would’ve been happier with somebody else but hey- I haven’t lost faith in Kidd!
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    JR: Give it time. Well folks we hope you are enjoying the spectacle that is Wrestlemania so far! I know we certainly have at ringside!

    King: It's been amazing Ross, Do you know how many people are watching live now from all around the world?

    JR: I can only guess millions partner, but I can say.. we have one special guest backstage watching and enjoying the show and thats Hall Of Famer.. Jimmy "SuperFly" Snuka with his daughter and soon too be WWE star, Tamina Snuka!

    JR: The Super Fly is in the house? All the stars come out for Wrestlemania!

    *The camera then cuts backstage where Josh Mathews is seen ready too interview Jimmy Snuka while his daughter stands by his side!*

    JM: Firstly what an honor it is too interview you Jimmy, I was a big fan of yours back in the day! Now I know you wan't the chance too speak too the WWE universe, but you're here tonight too introduce us too you're daughter Tamina on recently signing with the WWE correct?.

    Super Fly: That's correct Josh, Thank you WWE Universe it feels great too be back, but let me introduce you two the future of the divas division.. my daughter, Tamina!

    *Before Tamina is able too speak, another young female steps in front of the camera, the Diva can now be made out too be Paige from FCW, She snatches the Mic from the hands of Jimmy Snuka before speaking*

    Paige: Tamina, stop clinging to your father and get your own personality. I have plenty of personality to go around! I am the brightest of all of the Divas and excel beyond any of them. That’s why they call me an Anti-Diva. Unlike your legendary father, Super Fly, you are dull and uninteresting. Nobody wants to stick around while you’re in a match replicating your father’s moves. You’re trying to make a name for yourself yet you don’t have an ounce of originality in your body and you’re only trying to wiggle your way to success by taking advantage of your family members’ names.

    *While Paige has a smile across her face, pleased that she has ruined Tamina's moment.. Tamina steps up as close as she can too paige getting in her face, Tamina then snatches the microphone back and begins too speak.*

    Tamina: Paige is it? You may be the anti-diva but, I am the ultimate diva, I have unmistakable talent, ability and more personality than you will ever have, so I would be a good little girl and get outta may face before I end your pitiful career before, it has started.

    I may be a Snuka but, I do not use that to my advantage, I use my talent, which will makes me the best in the business. Where as you are a brat, who thinks they got it.
    So go top up your hair dye, fix your street walker like eyeliner and get outta my face, I don’t like repeating myself.

    Run along, before I end this right here, right now.

    *With the two divas squaring up and both at boiling point, Josh Mathews and Jimmy Snuka step in and pull them apart as the camera heads back too ringside*

    JR: Well, that's was an interesting confrontation

    King: Paige... Paige... I think I love her

    JR: You have to focus on the upcoming in ring action King, as it's time for our No Holds Barred match of the evening. CM Punk versus Edge. The end of the rivalry is nigh, and there can only be one winner

    King: And it's going to be Punk.

    JR: And whys that King?

    King: Punk's the best wrestler in the world Jim. This is his crowning moment.

    JR: But Edge is a multiple time World Champion as well Jerry. Plus I think he's more than qualified to stake his claim as best in the world

    King: Best jobber maybe Jim. But Punk and Jericho are up the top in this company, and I'm sure it will be proven today

    King: And now, as if on cue. The straight edge saviour makes his way down here.

    JR: This is Wrestlemania King y'know. The showcase of the immortals! This is his chance to prove he deserves to be in the main events.

    King: Jim. CM Punk has proven he deserves to be in the main events, by managing to hold his own in the Elimination Chamber.

    JR: But King, he's yet to win a PPV here!

    King: That's not the point. He has managed to go toe to toe with the best this company has to offer. And today when Edge's shoulders are pinned to the floor One... Two... Three, you will see why!

    JR: The Rated R Superstar holds victories over Mick Foley, Booker T, The Hardyz, The Dudleyz and Alberto Del Rio, and being victorious in the first Money in the Bank ladder match at Wrestlemania, will CM Punk be the next victim?

    King: No he will not JR. Edge has proven to be very inconsistent at Wrestlemania

    JR: What? And CM Punk hasn't?

    King: Hey, he managed to beat Chris Jericho, and won 2 money in the bank ladder matches

    JR: And lost to Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton, and the 3rd Money in the Bank ladder match.

    King: He still has a 3-3 record though JR!
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    Match 5: CM Punk vs Edge. No Holds Barred

    *The bell rings as the crowd roars in approval. The 2 men circle each other for a few seconds, before Edge begins clapping his hands together, trying to get the crowd involved. Eventually, they lock up, with Edge managing to get the advantage, and pulls off a side headlock. Punk doesn't let that faze him, and quickly manages to reverse into a rear waist lock. Edge begins to tap his shoulder, signalling a reversal coming, but Punk remains one step ahead, and moves into a side headlock. Edge struggles for a couple of seconds, before managing to stumble towards the ropes, and shoots CM Punk off into the opposite ropes. On the return, Edge hits the deck, allowing Punk to run over him, whilst on the return, Edge is quickly too his feet, and manages to leapfrog over Punk, allowing him to rebound against the ropes for a 3rd time. On the return, Punk manages to get the advantage with a shoulder block. A quick cover.



    Edge is back to his feet, and squares up to Punk, who is astounded when he is met by a slap to the face. Edge smirks, but that smile disappears when Punk slaps Edge on the cheek. Edge decides to respond with a punch to the temple, and Punk returns the favour. They go eye to eye, but Punk pushes Edge back towards the corner, garnering some heel heat

    Edge doesn't waste time, as storms over to Punk, kicking him in the gut, before following up with a left hand. Punk stumbles back to the corner, as Edge nails a right, and another left, before kneeing Punk in the midsection. Punk holds his stomach in pain, as Edge rebounds against the ropes, and lands a bulldog, taking Punk down to the mat. A cover



    Punk rolls out to the floor, as Edge hops to his feet. CM Punk gathers his breath, but gets taken aback by a baseball slide. The crowd pops for Edge, as he grabs hold off the top rope, and jumps over it, nailing a slingshot plancha to a big pop from the New York crowd! Edge manages to get to his feet rather quickly, while Punk struggles to. Edge soaks in the crowd reaction, and notices Punk getting to his feet. He grabs the arm of Punk, and tries to Irish Whip him in the steel steps, but Punk counters, sending Edge shoulder first into them!

    Edge is reeling on the ground, as Punk follows up with a kick to Edge's stomach. Edge craws over to the opposite side of the steps, and manages to get on one foot, as Punk goes for a roundhouse kick. Edge catches the foot of Punk, but Punk gets the advantage again with an elbow to the head. Edge manages to get to his feet, but gets thrown into the ring by Punk.

    Punk gets on the apron, just as Edge gets to his feet. Punk turns Edge towards him, and through the ropes, shoulders Edge in the midsection. Edge stumbles back a few steps, as Punk springboards of the top rope, and lands a clothesline. The crowd ooh's, as Punk covers




    Punk keeps up the offence by dropping a knee on Edge. Another cover



    Thr- Kickout!

    Punk begins to get slightly frustrated, and begins stomping on Edge. This carries on for a good 20 seconds, before Punk lets go. Punk turns to the crowd, with a mixed reaction the crowd's giving out, as Edge slowly gets to his feet. Punk grabs the arm of Edge, and goes for a side Russian leg sweep. It connects, and Punk drops an elbow on Edge. Instead of going for a cover, Punk decides to land a leg drop. This time Punk covers




    Punk decides to move onto submission, and grabs the left knee of Edge. Edge is helpless, as Punk stomps of the knee on Edge. Another stomp, and another, plus one more. Punk picks up the leg of Edge, and falls to mat, whilst delivering an elbow to the knee. Punk picks up the leg once more, and lets out a loud WWWOOOOOOOOOOOOO, to the crowds delight, and locks in a figure four leg lock!

    Edge screams in agony, as Punk is using the bottom rope for leverage. The crowd is cheering Edge, trying to egg him on, but Punk silences them with a chop to Edge's chest. Edge is screaming in pain, as the referee asks if he wants to quit, but Edge is certain he doesn't, His hand is shaking, but he doesn't get any closer to breaking the hold. Edge leans to one way, teasing turning over, but Punk tries to ruin that idea by leaning the other direction, which Edge gladly obliges to, and he turns it over! Punk screams in pain for a few seconds but manages to escape the manoeuvre.

    Both men stay down, nursing their legs, as Punk is first to his feet. Edge rolls over to the turnbuckle, and uses that to help him up. Bad idea though, as Punk sprints at him. Shining Wizard! Followed up with his signature bulldog! A pin attempt.




    Edge manages to roll his shoulder up, to the shock of Punk. He doesn't let this get the better of him though, and Punk immediately gets to his feet. He slaps his hands together, tilts his head to the side, and puts his hands underneath, the signature GTS taunt. Punk patiently awaits Edge getting to his feet, whilst he slowly hops from side to side. Edge is on his feet, and Punk lifts him up on his shoulders. The crowd is silent, as EDGE SLIPS OUT AND LANDS THE EDGE-O-MATIC! He hooks the leg



    Tres? No, kickout!

    Edge gets to his feet, but doesn't do anything. He just has a distant look on his face. He gets snapped back to reality by CM Punk getting to his knees. Edge grabs the head of Punk, and places it under his shoulder. He also holds the arm of Punk, and puts it over his head, before lifting Punk high. Edge doesn't drop Punk straight away, and after a good 10 seconds, the crowd seems to roar their approval, before Edge drops Punk forward into a gourdbuster! Edge rolls Punk over and covers




    Edge picks up Punk by the neck, and with his free hand punches him in the face. He follows that up with another punch, then a slap, then a punch, then a punch, then a punch, and a final slap. Edge covers again



    Thr- Kickout.

    Edge gets to his feet, and decides to go to the turnbuckle. He has that look on his face, and the crowd starts screaming, shouting “Spear! Spear! Spear!”. Edge runs his hands through his hair, and prepares to strike. Punk manages to get to his feet, as Edge charges. Edge goes to spear Punk, who manages to leapfrog over Edge, who goes shoulder first into the turnbuckle. Punk waits for Edge to turn around. When he does, Edge gets taken down by a roundhouse kick to the jaw.

    Normally, this would be the point where Punk covers, but instead, Punk leaves the ring. Punk slowly retreats up the ramp, to the crowds displeasure.*

    JR: What? If this match over?

    King: Punk was in control! Why would you leave now?

    JR: Well, if this is the end, we have to apologise for the abrupt ending of this mat- WAIT A MINUTE

    *The crowd pops huge when CM Punk appears from behind the curtain, and brings with him that garbage can he had earlier! Edge is starting to stir in the ring, as Punk reaches ringside. He searches the can for about 10 seconds, before lifting out the kendo stick!

    Punk slides into the ring, as Edge reaches his feet. Punk slams the mat with the stick a couple of times, before Edge turns around, as Punk swings, but Edge ducks under the shot, and runs against the ropes. Punk turns around, and is met by a...*

    JR: SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR! Edge is covering!

    King: Come on Punk, kick out!

    *Punk manages to grip the kendo stick


    Punk lifts it high in the air


    And swings it down against the back of Edge, breaking the pin.*

    JR: Ouch! Punk still in with a shot!

    King: A genius way to kick out of the pin

    *Both men lay on the mat, hurting after the events that transpired the last few moments. Edge manages to get to his feet, but only by rolling out of the ring, whilst Punk stirs in it. Edge hobbles towards the Spanish commentary desk, and rests against it. Punk slowly but surely gets to his feet, just as Edge faces the commentary desk, deciding on a plan. Punk spots his opportunity, and rebounds against the ropes opposite to the side that Edge is on, sprints, and launches in a suicide dive, but Edge hears him coming, and nails him in the head with a television monitor!

    Punk is down, and possibly unconscious, as the crowd are going almost insane. The camera cuts to Punk, who is bleeding from a cut on his forehead. Edge clears the Spanish announce desk, of the protective cover, and the other television monitor, but Punk still doesn't move anything, not even an arm or leg. Edge has to pick up the dead weight, and orders the Spanish commentators to move. Punk gets thrown on the desk, and Edge takes his time to climb on as well. The crowd is silent in anticipation, as Punk manages to get to his knees, but Edge grabs the neck, and places it under his shoulder, before pulling Punk heavily to his feet. Edge takes one moment to allow the crowd to sense what is happening, and they respond by making a loud cheer. Edge lifts Punk up, and LANDS AN EDGECUTION ON PUNK THROUGH THE SPANISH ANNOUNCE DESK!!*


    King: Son of a *bleep*. This match better not be over

    JR: Come on King! An Edgecution through a table! Aren't you amazed?

    King: No, because Punk is going to do something better later on

    JR: I don't think Punk will do anything King
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    *Neither men move immediately after the manoeuvre, but the crowd are popping like... things that pop loudly. It's a good 2 minutes, before either men move anything, but first it's Edge starting to stir on the rubble. Punk doesn't respond at all, even after another minute when Edge slowly gets to his feet. Edge spots Punk not moving, and realizes he needs to take advantage. He lifts Punk up, but can only get Punk to his knees, as both men's struggles are getting the better of them. Edge eventually manages to get Punk to his feet, and throws him into the ring. Edge is struggling to find the strength to slide into the ring, so he takes the steps up to the apron, before going through the ropes, and ends up flopping on Punk as a cover




    JR: It's over! Edge has the victory!

    King: No! No! That can't be true. His foot! His foot!

    JR: What about his foot?

    King: I dunno, it's.. it was under the bottom rope

    *Edge starts celebrating, and the crowd pops huge, but the referee quickly stops the celebrations! Punk's foot was under the bottom rope! Edge pleads his case to the official, but he's having none of it, and orders the bell to be re-rang. Replays are shown on the titantron, showing the referee was correct, but Edge is pissed, and goes immediately for Punk, half hanging out of the ring. Edge picks Punk up, but gets smacked on the top of the head by the stop sign, Punk apparently picked up during the confusion!

    Edge didn't fall to the mat, but instead falls on the rope. Punk goes back to the center of the ring, and slams the stop sign on the mat, but spots the kendo stick used earlier. Punk puts the kendo stick around the neck of Edge, and falls back, landing a side russian leg sweep, but Edges head also bounces off the stop sign! Punk slowly, inch by inch, manages to droop an arm over Edge



    Three! Is it? It looks like it? But the referee says no!

    Punk looks up at the referee in shock, holding up 3 fingers, but the referee insists it was a 2 count. Punk gets to his feet, and goes eye to eye with the referee, who holds his ground with the “best in the world.” Punk looks on at the referee, still arguing with him, and doesn't spot Edge stirring on the mat. Edge rolls to the ground, and grabs the trash can, and empties the contents onto the ground. Punk eventually decides to stop the arguments, and turns towards Edge, but is met by a trash can shot to the head!

    Punk falls to the mat after that bump, but Edge decides against the cover, seeing Punk is already stirring on the mat. Instead, in a surprise route, Edge heads the top rope. Punk doesn't seem as affected by that shot, perhaps because the tiredness of Edge softened the blow. Anyways, Punk is on both knees, as Edge is on the top, but is facing the wrong way. A few more seconds pass, before Punk stands up fully, and turns around. Edge leaps off, aiming for a cross body, BUT PUNK CATCHES EDGE ON HIS SHOULDERS!*


    King: Yes Punk! Yes!

    JR: This war seems to be over now.

    *Punk hits it, and covers



    Two point Nine Recurring!*

    JR: WHAT! Edge rolled the shoulder up! Edge rolled the shoulder up!

    King: Don't kid us JR! Punk wins

    JR: No he hasn't! The referee calls it a near fall

    King: Near fall my royal ass! Punk should win! Edge won't survive now

    *Punk is in shock. The classic Edge face when someone kicks out of the spear, Punk is wearing right now. Punk knows though, that this match is his for the taking, and his eyes slowly turn towards the trash can! Edge isn't moving, so Punk goes over to the trash can, and picks it up. He holds it high above head, but Edge doesn't react, so Punk slams it on the stomach of Edge. A kind of “uhh” is heard from the crowd, but Edge doesn't move, but the trash can stays positioned on him.

    CM Punk spots this opportunity, and climbs to the top rope. It takes a while, the pain having an effect on him, but he manages to get to the top. Punk points to the sky, and the crowd pops huge, and LEAPS OFF AND LANDS A MACHO ELBOW DROP ON EDGE AND THE TRASH CAN!

    Multiple “Holy Shit”', “That was awesome” and “Randy Savage” chants echo around the arena as Punk lays down on the mat, and Edge doesn't move! The crowd are on their feet cheering either man to get to his feet. A minute passes, before Punk manages to look up at the crowd. The crowd are willing him on to get to his feet, and Punk is using it to will him on. Punk is using every muscle in his body, and he manages to stand up, to the crowds delight. CM Punk signals to the crowd that he's going to finish it, and goes to the feet of Edge. Punk picks up both legs, and to literally add insult to injury, LOCKS IN THE EDGEUCATOR! Edge doesn't move any of his body, except moving his arm to the front of the body. Wearily, Edge taps the mat, giving Punk the victory*

    JR: I think now, we can say King, the war is over

    King: Gosh JR, Punk and Edge went all out for Wrestlemania, and they didn't disappoint.

    JR: CM Punk is victorious on the grandest stage of them all, and he only has himself to thank

    King: You can say that again

    JR: Edge doesn't have anything to be ashamed of though King. That fight was insane!

    King: Yeah... he did well

    *The crowd is giving both men a standing ovation, as Punk goes to the turnbuckle to celebrate, whilst a few referees come down to help Edge to the back. Punk looks on, as six or seven referees manage to help Edge to his knees, then eventually one more. The crowd wills Edge on, as he shoos the referee away, and manages to stand on his own accord! Edge outstretches his arm to Punk, who looks towards the crowd to see what he should do*

    King: Don't do anything you'll regret Punk

    JR: Edge is showing respect for the battle Punk put up with there.

    *Punk looks like he's going to walk away, but instead decides to shake Edge's hand to the crowds love. Edge raises Punks hand, before both men make their way to the back, Edge first, allowing Punk to celebrate in the ring, and at ringside, before he heads to the Gorrila position*

    King: Punk you idiot! Why did you shake that asshole's hand

    JR: Shut up Jerry. He doesn't care about your worthless opinion!

    King: He should... I'm royalty!

    JR: But you also speak a load of crap!

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