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    Raw Is War: Episode 45.
    Location: Washington, Seattle, Key Arena.

    JR: We are live and sold out from Washington, Seattle, at the Key Arena. The crowd are pumped and we are ready to go, ladies and gentleman, welcome to Monday Night Raw Is War! I am Jim Ross and my broadcast partner, fellow hall of famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler.

    King: Thanks for the introduction, JR! Hello and welcome WWE Universe! Man are this crowd lively tonight or what? They almost blew the roof of this place when those pryo's were blasting around.

    JR: Oh they are lively alright partner and with good reason too! We are just two weeks away from the spectacle that is Armageddon and boy is it shaping up nicely!

    King: You got that right, Ross. We know that Lita will be using her rematch to face the current Women's Champion Maria and after the announcement of the Wyatt family last week and then the actions that persisted after that? Oh boy, it's safe to this is not done by a long shot and this feud is going to be red hot over the next coming weeks.

    JR: I thought Raven and the Flock were bad, King. But this Bray Wyatt chills me down to the bone. Now he's seemingly controlling Mankind and Maria too? Just plain scary at what the three of them are now capable off. I have to say this though, King. If there was one thing to come good from that brawl last week, it was the mini reunion of Team Extreme, Jeff Hardy and Lita!

    King: Well Hardy owes Lita big time. Had it not been for the former, Women's Champ, then I have no doubt that there would be no chance of seeing Hardy any time soon. Just think though, JR. He could have saved him self the trouble and allowed Bray Wyatt to save him and joined the family, we both know Hardy has had many personal issues in his life and I think he could have done with a leader to steer him on track.

    JR: Another thing we know, King. It will be Cody Rhodes vs Ryback at Armageddon for the WWE title and I have to say, I may not like this change of attitude from Ryback, but I also can't deny it's not working for him. My only concern, did he really need to threaten and try to pressure Cody's dad last week?

    King: Woah! Hold on there, threaten? Nothing was audible Ross, they could have just been friendly chatting.

    JR: Yeah right and pigs fly, King.

    King: I personally like this new attitude from Ryback. It's the real him, he don't care about fans and being liked, he wants to be successful and win! You know, the truth is.. I bet most people in the back feel the same as Ryback yet they feel they need to pander to the WWE Universe for some reason.

    JR: Well two massive clashes of styles and both guys, couldn't be more opposite in there thinking. I know one thing though, it makes compelling viewing but here's my concern. As much as I loved seeing Rhodes vs Black last week, I can't help but feel that Eve had another agenda other then having doubts about being able to draw ratings and given Raw the best matches possible. I still think her and Jericho are very much on the same page and they want that title stripped from Cody.

    King: More conspiracy stories, Ross? Have you been watching those police shows, again?

    The fans explode with cheers as Cody Rhodes walks out of the curtain in his hooded sleeveless jacket. He squats down before throwing the hood back and jumping up to unzip the jacket, revealing the WWE Championship around his waist. The fans continue to cheer loudly as Rhodes walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. He asks for a microphone and quickly receives one.

    Cody Rhodes: Last week I stepped into the ring with one of the men who, alongside The Golden Boy represents a new generation in this company. A man by the name of Tyler Black.

    The fans give Tyler a big cheer.

    Cody Rhodes: Tyler and I- we stepped in between these ropes, into this squared circle and we did what we do best- we wrestled. And boy did we wrestle!

    The two of us did what we could to bring prestige back to the WWE Championship. We put everything on the line, similar to how Chris Jericho and I have done previously, because this title means that damn much to us.

    For two months, nobody held this gold. Nobody called themselves WWE Champion and this belt was sat gathering dust at WWE headquarters in Stanford, Cinicinatti!

    Not anymore!

    The fans cheer again.

    Cody Rhodes: Because now not only does the WWE have itself a champion, all of you have yourselves a champion. And I’m proud to be YOUR WWE Champion. Now this feels personal and it is, but last week, things got a hell of a lot more personal.

    Ryback...well he intimidated, he bullied my father.

    Rhodes turns to the stage.


    The fans cheer loudly as Rhodes continues.


    *Nearly on cue, Ryback can be coming out from behind the curtain, microphone in hand, but looking to start a fight. The crowd cheers as the egg both men on. Ryback drops the mic on the ramp and looks like he’s ready to charge in to take down Cody. But when it looks like Ryback’s on his way to the ring, he does a complete 180 and backpedals up the ramp, laughing at Cody and the booing crowd. Ryback picks up his dropped microphone and his laughter gets picked up.*

    Ryback: Let me clue you in on something, Cody. I’m in charge here. I fight on my own terms and my terms alone and I’m not going to sacrifice my principles just so I lame-duck champion like you can garner a little attention. In fact, you should appreciate the fact that I’m not going to fight you until Armageddon because I would think that you would rather lose the title to me in an official match than by relinquishing it due to injury. And speaking of injuries, let’s have a little talk about your old man Dusty.

    *Ryback looks rather surprised at Cody Rhodes’ rather not amused face.*

    Ryback: What’s with that look on your face? Is that the look of confusion? I mean, you being his son in all, I thought you’d be the first to know how he’s doing right now after he and I had a “little chat” at the end of RAW. So since you seem to be assuming the worst out of me, let me put you at ease. No, I didn’t hurt Dusty Rhodes. What you saw before the footage cut off is the most that matters escalated to. I just wanted to remind him that if I see his old, crippled ass hobbling out to ringside during our match, he’s going to be in for the most brutal beating of his entire life and it’ll be one where he never…ever….gets back up.

    Now, you may think that it’s unfair for me to assume the worst out of Dusty because he may want to watch the match up close. But then again, your old man has a few brains in his head which is more than I can say for you. He knows that your championship reign is coming to an end at Armageddon and he might be compelled to step in just so that his baby boy doesn’t get hurt because let’s face it, you were always his favorite, weren’t you?

    *Ryback smirks as the crowd realizes his veiled insult with their boos*

    Ryback: But that’s besides the point, Cody. All you need to know is that there won’t be anyone to come out there and save you. It’s just going to be you and me and that’s the way it needs to be in order to make sure that I get what’s mine. I’ve waited for too damn long and have paid enough dues to get where I am today and I didn’t need a famous last name or nepotism, either. All I had to do was take on and defeat the likes of Goldberg, Chris Jericho, and Sting to wake up the sleeping giants that ignored the impact that I was making. At Armageddon, it won’t just be the end of your career; it’ll be the end of the legacy of the Rhodes.

    *Ryback begins to grin as the crowd continue heavily booing. The WWE Champion continues to look on furious with the words coming out of the Ryback's mouth. Rhodes then drops the mic and appears to mouth the words.. "If you want come in here, I will come out there!" as the crowd burst with cheers as Rhodes begins to exit the ring. With Ryback already back peddling and fearing the worst from Cody, the theme of the Raw GM begins to play, stopping any brawl dead in it's tracks.*

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    Eve walks out with a grin on her face and a mic on hand as she stands on the stage.

    Eve: Calm down you two, neither of you will be putting your hands on the other one tonight. You will save all the pent up anger for your scheduled match at Armageddon.


    Eve: It's alright, it's not all bad news. Cody I was very impressed with your match last week; it went above my expectations, which were already high enough, and the ratings proved that these fans will tune in to watch you defend that title.


    Eve: That's why in order to start off the show with strong ratings this week I'm having you defend your title once again in the opening match.


    Eve: But Ryback don't think I've forgotten about you because you're proving to be just as big a draw as Cody. That's why you will also have a match tonight and both of your opponents will be a mystery. I know a little mystery always draws in ratings. So good luck on your matches boys cause you're going to need it.

    Eve grins as her music begins to play and she walks to the back. Ryback and Cody are left glaring at each other as the show cuts to a commercial.


    *The live feed comes back from the break and the Titantron begins showing highlights of the action and announcement before the commercial. The camera then swings over to the ring where Cody Rhodes can be seen handing his title over to the referee now at ringside before starting to stretch and warm up in the ring.*

    JR: Welcome back from the break folks. Well there we have it, as you just seen it looks like we are going to start Raw with a bang! The WWE title is on the line, Cody Rhodes is going to be defending his title once again, this time, against an un-named opponent.

    King: It's just the start Raw Is War needs, partner. What a fabulous job, Eve is doing.

    JR: I'm not convinced, King. As much as I love seeing this young man defend his title and put on, classic matches like he did with Black last week. I can't help but think this is favoring Ryback and once more, favors the plan of getting Rhodes stripped of that title.

    King: Here we go again with these conspiracy theories! I'm getting sick of listening to you already partner. Eve is nothing but fair, Ross. That's why she's also announced that Ryback will compete tonight and will also face an un-named opponent.

    JR: Maybe you are right, but I can't help but think.. somewhere back there, Jericho is watching closely and clutching his Money In the Bank briefcase, lying in waiting for the perfect chance to cash in.

    *The crowd are slightly shocked as the bare knuckle brawlers theme begins to play. Those stunned expressions then becomes one of boo's and jeers as Wade Barrett steps out on the top of the stage. Barrett begins bouncing his clenched fist against his other hands, open palm as he begins to smirk widely.

    Wade Barrett then begins making his way down the ramp, taken in the crowds jeers and boos before laughing them off and trading verbals back as he enters the ring.*

    King: Wade Barrett?! I didn't expect that, Ross. Wade talked last week about kick starting the Barrett Barrage, just imagine if he could so by winning the WWE title! That would be huge.

    JR: We also seen Wade Barrett enter Eve's locker room, King. I guess we now know why, partner. Barrett is certainly one tough individual and Cody's going to be at his best once more if he's to continue his title reign!

    Stop at 4:21.

    King: Barrett looking for that pump handle slam!

    JR: Reversal! Cody reverses and is now looking for the Cross Rhodes!

    King: Watch out, Barrett! Here it comes!

    *As Rhodes looks to twist out and nail the Cross Rhodes. Barrett is able to struggle free and breaks out, he keeps a hold of Rhodes arm and drags him forward before using his other arm to drive into him with a huge lariat clothesline which knocks him down. Barrett then drops down and hooks the leg of the champ, in hope he's done enough to secure the win..



    Kick out.

    Cody is able throw his arm up and kick out at the attempted cover before the three. Barrett though is furious with his and clutches the head of Cody, driving it up and back down as hard as he can, Cody's skull bouncing of the canvas repeatedly. Wade Barrett then begins firing away with a flurry of punches, big right hands at a time right into the face of Rhodes. With a small treacle of blood dripping out from the open mouth of Rhodes, Wade begins getting back up to his feet..

    The English born brawler then yanks down his protective elbow pad before showing the crowd what's next to come. Barrett then begins yelling at Cody to get up and as Rhodes does, Barrett charges at him with real pace, bursting from the opposite side of the ring, attempting to drive his elbow into the face of Cody who side steps out of the way and catches Barrett with a picture perfect dropkick as the former United Kingdom man turns back around to the crowds delight.*

    JR: A dropkick of perfection from the WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes.

    *Cody takes a moment to recover from the savage shots from Barrett moments ago as he wipes away the blood that's dripping from his lip. Almost like the blood shed has fired him up, Cody leaps back up and begins begging Barrett to do the same. As Barrett stands, Cody is straight on the offensive and begins firing away with right hands to the face of the former UK leader.

    Cody then attempts to swing Wade into the ropes, but Barrett reverses. Wade then drops down looking for a back body drop but Cody drops down and fires up with an uppercut strike, ala Goldust. Rhodes then once more gets up and is optimistic looking for the Alabama slama. As he attempts to get Wade up, Barrett strikes down with both hands clenched with a double ax handle strike to the back, knocking Cody down to his knees. Barrett then runs the ropes and clatters into Rhodes with an out stretched knee that seemingly has knocked the Champ out.*

    King: Boom! What a knee strike from Wade Barrett.

    JR: Shades of William Regal there partner. Here's Barrett with the pin, he could have him here!

    King: One!.. Two!..

    JR: Rhodes kicked out! To the shock of this whole arena, Rhodes kicked out!

    King: How?! How did he?! He looked completely out of it, JR.

    JR: A Champions heart, King.

    *Barrett begins thumping the ground, clearly furious that he was not able to secure the three as he begins raving at the referee and telling the crowd to shut up as they continue chanting the name of Cody Rhodes. Barrett then drags up a lifeless Cody and begins trash talking him. Wade then picks him up and places him on his shoulders before trash talking some more as the crowd continue to boo Barrett.

    Wade with a smile on his face then looks to launch Cody up before dragging him back down with the Wasteland but as he does, Cody is able to use the momentum up, to escape and drop behind Barrett. As he does he grabs a hold of Barrett's head in a final cut position before out of nowhere, nailing Barrett with the famous..*

    JR: Cross Rhodes! Cross Rhodes! This time Cody is able to hit the Cross Rhodes!

    King: Barrett appeared to waste too much time, he had Rhodes where he wanted him!

    JR: Cody with the pin attempt!




    JR: Cody wins! Cody Rhodes has retained his WWE title!

    King: Barrett will rue his missed chance, King. If he didn't waste so much time with paying attention to these fans, you would have to feel we could have had a new Champion here on Raw!

    *Barrett can be seen rolling out of the ring, clearly frustrated as the crowd continue booing him. All attention then turns towards the Champ, Cody Rhodes who now has his hands raised in the middle of the ring as the crowd chant his name, over and over. We get one last shot of Rhodes holding his WWE title high as the camera heads backstage.*

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    The camera pans to the backstage area to see Lita, clearly in deep thought, when Jeff Hardy is seen approaching her and clearing his throat…

    *Imagine Jeff instead of Matt.*

    Jeff Hardy: Hey Lita, look I know in the past we have had our differences and quite frankly I will never forgive you, for the pain you caused that broke my brothers’ heart sending him down a spiral that he will never fully come back from however, I do want to say thank-you…

    I need to thank you for helping me last week, if you had not of got involved, I really do not know if I would be standing here tonight, so my sincerest of thanks…

    Lita: Don't worry about it. I'm just glad I got payback on Little Miss Psycho.

    Jeff nods

    Jeff Hardy: So the reason I am here is that I have just finished talking to Eve about my current situation with that delusional hick who thinks he is God, leading his lambs to the slaughter with his ideal and false world…

    She seen what happened last week and she has decided to make the match-up of Mankind and Maria verses myself and a partner of my choosing, I wanted to know if you would be interesting in going back in time reliving the times we lit up the ring and had people stare in awe…

    Lita: You got a deal Jeff. It's time to show the world that I am still the REAL Women's Champion.

    Jeff extends his hand and Lita shakes it…

    Jeff Hardy: Team Xtreme!

    *The camera shows one last shot of Lita and Jeff backstage before heading to ringside where the crowd are awaiting the second match of the night.*

    JR: Who would have every thought it, King? We are going to see a Team Extreme Reunion in an official match later on tonight.

    King: I wouldn't get too excited, JR. They are going to have to face the Wyatt Family, Maria and Mankind and with there leader, Bray Wyatt watching on, there not going to wanna' disappoint.

    JR: Well something to get excited about, especially for you King. We have Divas action up next and Kaitlyn is already in the ring, awaiting her opponent.

    *An airy feeling sums up the entrance of the monstrous Kharma as she makes her way down the ramp. The crowd seemingly in awe of the dominant Diva. The camera then focus's on Kaitlyn in the ring, the former NXT entrant begins to look slightly overwhelmed an anxious as the task is setting in off who she needs to beat tonight.

    Kharma begins to enter the ring via the steps and like a shark, smelling blood, begins to manically laugh at her clearly now nervous opponent. Kharma then enters the ring and without a moments notice, runs right through Kaitlyn like a steam train knocking her down as the ring bell is sounded and the second match of the night is underway.*

    Second Match: Kharma vs Kaitlyn.
    Finish: Unlike last weeks close match with Chyna, Kaitlyn has not been giving a chance as the monstrous Kharma has been in complete control since the get go. Kharma continues the beat down since the ring bell, keeping the match pace and her slow, methodical tempo. Kharma drags Kailtyn up by her hair, pulling at the root as Kaitlyn begins yelling in pain. Kharma then swings Kaitlyn into the ropes before catching her back off with a scoop slam.

    Kharma then runs the ropes and leaps up before dropping down with all her force and weight, splashing on top of Kaitlyn as the crowd "Ohh" at the collision. Kharma then once more begins to laugh uncontrollably before dragging Kaitlyn up once more. As she does, she positions her this time in the middle of the ring, lifts her opponent up before bringing her back down with the Implant Buster and scoring with the one.. two..three to secure the win.

    JR: That was not even close, King.

    King: Just a massacre, JR. Kharma showing her dominance and once more, can anyone stop her? Can, Chyna?! I personally don't think so.

    Kharma stands atop Kaitlin, her foot resting on Kaitlyn's chest as she stares into the crowd. She only removes her foot to step over and retrieve a mic... and then, she goes back to where she was standing. Right back on Kaitlin...

    Kharma: I know you saw that, Chyna.

    I know you saw how easy that was for me. I know you saw that this poor, poor, overmatched and underqualified... "Diva" had a snowball's chance in hell against me. Just like every woman in the WWE locker room.

    Hell... JUST LIKE YOU.

    Why else did you pin Beth at Survivor Series? You knew, Chyna. It's not a secret. If you fought me directly, you would have lost. So you pinned her instead. The easy way out. The shortcut.

    The coward's way.

    Are you seeing this right now? This girl with the bad hair job is my new welcome mat. But she's not the one I want. She's not the one on my list.


    I meant what I said, Chyna. Our business is far from over.

    For now.

    Because eventually... I will catch you. I will get my hands on you.

    And you will see for yourself... KHARMA IS A BITCH.

    *With the monstrous Diva, Kharma standing tall over her fallen opponent and staring out towards the fans. The camera appears to be heading to a break when..*

    Chyna's music plays and the fans go wild. The 9th Wonder of the World makes her way out to the stage with a mic on hand and a determined look on her face.

    Chyna: You know what Kharma I know exactly who you are and what game you're playing right now. You think we just met, but the truth is I've known people like you all my life, people who prey on the weak in order to hide their own weaknesses. But the truth is people like those are usually the weakest of them all, you just have to find their weak spot and they go down like that *snaps her fingers*.


    Chyna: I already found your weak point Kharma and it's pride. You have an over inflated ego, that some might say is well earned, but I say it will be your downfall.


    Chyna: Are you the most dominant Diva in the WWE today? Maybe, I won't dismiss you as easily as you do everyone else, but I will give you the beating of your life before you take me down.


    Chyna: You say at Survivor Series I took the easy way out by pinning Beth instead of you and while it may be true that I pinned her I did it for personal reasons, but I want to remind you Kharma that it wasn't Beth who got a Pedigree from me, it was you.


    Chyna: So be a bitch all you want Kharma, but be smart enough to recognize the truth and that's that I could've pinned either one of you after that Pedigree, but if I had pinned you it would be Beth in that ring talking shit instead of you so in my eyes you're no better than Beth Phoenix and I mean that in every way possible.


    Chyna: I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't just know we'll be facing each other in the near future... I look forward to it.

    Chyna's music plays and she grins proudly. The fans continue cheering as Kharma glares back at her from the ring. The camera then fades as the show heads to a commercial break.


    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    11. Maria/Mankind promo. (The Wyatt family will be shown backstage in a dark room. Wyatt will be shown watching on in his rocking chair. Maria will talk about joining the family and there actions last week. Maria will say how Hardy has made the wrong choice and will be forever lost, now that he's turned down the savior, Bray Wyatt. Maria will then talk about Lita before touching on there match at Survivor Series. Mankind will then speak and will talk about joining the Wyatt family. Mankind will also finish up by talking about there match against the re-united Team Extreme and how they are going to make sure they don't disappoint there leader.)

    JR: I have to say, it makes me sick that two individuals like Maria and Mankind have had there head turned by this, lunatic, Bray Wyatt. When Raven was brought to justice by Sting, I really thought that with time, these two could see there errors and the path they were choosing and bounce back from it.

    King: They are being saved, Ross. Bray Wyatt is helping Maria and Mankind, just like he's helped many before them. He's a savior, a guide if you like. Maria and Mankind need Bray Wyatt.

    JR: Well folks, remember, we know it will be the reunited Team Extreme vs the Wyatt Family members of Maria and Mankind later on tonight and it's sure to be a fire cracker of a contest. Up next though, we are expecting a man who's not won many friends since re-joining the WWE.. Muhammad Hassan!

    King: That's right Ross, Hassan is in singles action and it's up next!

    *With the theme of Hassan playing out around the arena, it draws the loudest boo's of the night as Hassan is clearly hated by the hardcore American fans. Muhammad Hassan enters the stage from behind the curtain in full attire with an arrogant smirk on his face. He looks around at the Seattle crowd with sheer disgust like they are not good enough to witness his "greatness".

    Hassan then stops on the ramp and does not walk any further as two elegant and pretty Arabian women come out either side of the hated Hassan. They are wearing Arabian like princess dresses and carrying a basket of Rose petals as they begin to walk with Hassan, edging a little in front as they throw the petals at Hassan's feet all the way the ring where they then hold the ropes for Hassan as he enters.*

    JR: The arrogance of this man is on another level, King. I know it's good to be confident, but Muhammad Hassan is way beyond that. It's like he actually believes himself to be so much better then everyone else and especially Americans.

    King: Oh he's high on himself alright, Ross. I bet he's even more confident tonight knowing that Alex Riley was not declared fit and therefore, is not here tonight.

    JR: Such a shame it is, too King. I try and stay un-biased when possible, but I have to say, I would love nothing more then to see Riley get him some of Muhammad Hassan.

    *The crowd all burst with delight and cheers at the sound of Gabriel's theme ringing out towards the Seattle crowd. The high flyer Gabriel looks to delighted to be on Raw as he quickly makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with fans in the front row before entering the ring.*

    JR: Impact's darewolf, the trilling, Justin Gabriel.

    King: I hear Gabriel has been making waves and looking impressive over at Impact, Ross. I'm looking forward too seeing how gets on tonight against Hassan.

    Third Match: Muhammad Hassan vs Justin Gabriel.
    Finish: The match is an even contest with perhaps Gabriel shading the majority of the match in control. the Cape Town Darewolf is able to use his pace and high flying ability to stay out of the clutches of Hassan, knocking him down with variations of leaping kicks, drop kicks and cross body's. However, the match is flipped on it's head as Gabriel attempts to leap from the top rope, trying to catch Hassan with a side kick. Hassan is able to move and Gabriel falls awkwardly, jarring his knee as the crowd watch on, nervously.

    Muhammad Hassan then leaps on Hassan, beating down on Gabriel, not giving him a moment to breath. Hassan then continues beating on Gabriel's knee, locking him in a one leg Boston crab as the referee checks on if Gabriel wants to quit. Gabriel though shows no sign of quitting and attempts to dig in deep, clawing and scratching to try and escape. Hassan then once more begins beating on Justin before dragging him up and hitting the Reverse STO before locking in the Camel Clutch as Gabriel has no choice but to tap out. Hassan though, continues the submission hold as the referee attempts to pull Hassan off the now suffering Justin Gabriel.

    JR: Come on Hassan, you proved your point. Enough is enough!

    King: Yeah, come on Hassan! That's enough.

    Hassan: You see what happened to this joker, this is what's going to happen every-time so one decides to step between these ropes, and goes one on one with the Great Hassan.

    *The fans begin to chant USA loudly, as Hassan actually smiles and bobs his head at the chant

    Hassan: Since I came back to the WWE, I've been beaten and lose multiple times to guys that are beneath me. To guys that shouldn't even be here in the WWE. I'm a guy that has beaten some of the greatest of all time, I've beaten wrestlers like Shawn Michaels, like Chris Jericho and the other Chris whose name should not be mentioned. And back then I was overlooked, and not given an opportunity to reach my full potential And now years later, I'm back in the WWE, and I'm still being overlooked, and looked down upon, by the wrestlers in the back. And especially the fans in this crap town tonight..

    *The boos start poring in.

    Hassan: But last week it wasn't like that, you see I was the one that was looking down on a wrestler, I'm the one who was standing after destroying that nit-wit Alex Riley last week. Alex Riley is talented I'll give him that. But he has shown me no respect, and believe it or not he has shown all of you no respect. Alex Riley is depicted like he's an All American boy, he is believed to be the future of the WWE. But what you people don't know is, Alex Riley is disrespectful, Alex Riley is uncivil... Alex Riley is nothing more than an infidel. Yet you people choose Alex Riley, to represent you, you choose to cheer Alex Riley, and boo me.

    *The crowd begins to chant you suck, this is the chant that begins to anger Hassan.

    Hassan: Why is that? I had to work hard to get where I am, and guess what you boo me. I speak the truth about the wrestlers backstage, and I get booed and chastised for it. While Alex Riley has had everything handed to him on a silver platter, and you cheer him. I'm a Real American, not Alex Riley. You see I get things done the American way, when I go to battle with someone, I make sure to finish that person. Don't believe me, I've been here all night, and I have not seen Alex Riley at all, so not only is Riley disrespectful, he is also a coward. I finished Riley off the other week, and he still hasn't been cleared to return. Now I'm sure he'll be back eventually, in when he does, I'll take care of him, and I'll make sure he never comes back. Because I'm an American Hero!!!!

    *The crowd boos heavily

    Hassan: And I'm healing America, by getting rid of all the cowards, all the disrespectful wrestlers, and I'm doing one infidel at a time.

    JR: Healing America?! Oh get a load of this guy, He- WAIT! LOOK KING!

    *With Hassan still standing smugly in the ring as the official helps Gabriel to the back. A hooded man leaps from the crowd, over the crowd barrier and slides into the ring. Muhammad Hassan then turns around to see the hooded man run at him and as the hooded man does, the hood falls down to unveil it's Alex Riley who spears Hassan, taken him down before exploding with right and left hands over and over again to the face of A-Ry.

    Muhammad Hassan begins kicking and scratching, doing everything he can to try and push Riley away, eventually Hassan is able to squirm his way closer to the ropes and begins pulling himself out as Alex Riley continues stomping him till he cant no more. With the crowd cheering Riley on and clearly delighted to see Hassan get his, Muhammad Hassan begins high tailing it up the ramp, running to the back.*

    JR: How do you like that Hassan?!

    King: Riley shocking us all and is live here at Raw!

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    *The crowd is booming with cheers as Riley rips off his hoodie and his shirt, amped up, out of breath as the crowd is going ballistic still and grabs the mic Hassan dropped*

    Riley: Yeah that’s right bitch, run! That’s what you do best!

    *Riley is yelling inaudible words towards the back, geared towards Hassan who is already in the back as the crowd is on their feet cheering like crazy and chanting alternatively “USA! USA! USA!” and “Riley! Riley! Riley!*

    Riley: No matter what it is, he shows us he is the fucking master of being a coward and a bitch! Last week, he yet again, attacked me from behind and thought he got the best of me, but he was wrong, he was DAMN WRONG! And then he has the stones to come out here and talk bad about America…that doesn’t fly well with A-Ry! He is talking bad about the greatest freakin’ country in the world and thinks I’m going to lie down and let him walk all over the US of A? Hell no!

    He attacked me last week like the coward he is and thinks I’m finished, I’m done, over with, but that’s where he is wrong. I don’t take a beating and get hurt, I get a beating and I come back stronger than before! He must really have dust balls up in that skull of his if he thinks I wasn’t going to be here tonight, to get my hands on him and get some revenge! I don’t shout “Say it to my face!” for any reason. I say it because if they do, they know what comes next: an ass-whooping from yours truly! But what he has constantly done is say it to the BACK of my head and that’s the bitch way, which fits perfectly for him!

    *Crowd is still going loud, eardrum-breaking levels, as Riley is pacing still, amped up with a look of fire in his eyes*

    Riley: I’ve beaten you before Hassan, and I’m going to do it again. This has gone on for way too long…for too long you’ve insulted America, insulted these great fans, and insulted me. But you have NOTHING to back up anything! You haven’t done a single thing except bitch, moan, and complain about everything that doesn’t go your way. But now, the line has been drawn, because I’M CALLING YOU OUT!

    *Crowd goes ballistic, everyone standing up, cheering for Riley*

    Riley: I’m calling out a boy to face a man! I’m calling you out Hassan, next week on Raw Is War. You, me, one on one, winner take all! It’s time to back up all the shit talking you do and get in the ring with me, not backstage while I’m doing an interview, or in the locker room, it’s time to dance, right here, in the ring. One on one, no interference, no sneak attacks, no surprises, no running, right here, one week from tonight! And once I get done with you, I’m going to be a champion here, with no turbin-wearing idiots to get in my damn way! You better be here next week, in this ring, to face me so I can get rid of you finally! And if you don’t show up, I will find you, hurt you BAD, make you beg for forgiveness and I will make you disappear!

    *Turns and looks right into the camera*

    And if you got a problem with that, you better goddamn SAY IT TO MY FACE!

    *Drops the mic, climbs up onto a turnbuckle, with his arms raised high, screaming inaudible words as the crowd is going even more ballistic as the camera heads backstage*

    Josh Matthews: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, with me at this time I'd like present my guest...Tyler Black.

    Black appears alongside Matthews

    Matthews: Thank you for your time, Tyler. First question people have constantly asked about you is what are thoughts about being in a WWE Championship match last week against Cody Rhodes?

    Black smiles before answering

    Black: It was everything I imagined it to be. 2 friends fighting it for the WWE Championship. I fought my hardest as did Rhodes and in the end Rhodes was simply the better man and showed why he's the WWE Champion and I hope he remains the WWE Champion for a very long time and wish him the best against Ryback.

    Matthews: How was the experience of competing at that level and do you feel you're ready for more?

    Black rubs his beard and continues to smile before answering

    Black: It certainly made me want to push myself to be ready for the ultimate test the WWE has to offer. A chance at becoming the WWE Champion. It wasn't my time last week but I do plan on getting another shot soon and when I do, I'll know I'm ready and wiill win no matter what.

    Matthews: And finally, what's next in the future for Tyler Black?

    Black's signature grin shows and his confidence booming as he answers

    Black: WrestleMania. Soon The Royal Rumble and in that a chance to headline WrestleMania come along and that's when everything for into place for me. Everything I'll need or my chance. My chance, my WrestleMania moment. Me in a WWE Championship Match. Winning and standing tall in the Biggest Stage of them All as the best the WWE has to offer. That's the future for Tyler Black and I'll fight with every last breath in my body to make it come true.

    Matthews goes to ask another question, but Black touches his shoulder and tells him to leave as Matthews looks worried. The camera zooms out to see Kurt Angle giving Black a cold stare, as Matthews does eventually leave.

    Kurt Angle: Now that Josh Matthews has wasted your time by bringing you here, asking you petty questions, and leaving- I might as well just finish this interview. Black, the truth is... you just don't get it. But at the same time, I don't get it either. Here's a question for you. What is so good about you?

    A furious Black goes to answer but before he can, Angle quickly cuts in.

    Angle: Exactly... you're just too ashamed to answer that question yourself- because you know as well as I do, that there isn't ANYTHING that is good about you. You've come off a huge victory at Survivor Series, and as a reward- you were granted the opportunity to become the WWE Champion by facing Cody Rhodes!

    But that's the thing you see- what you don't get is that it was just too much for you. The pressure was too much, and you just couldn't handle it. You couldn't handle the fact that you being given a shot at the big one was just too early as well.

    Crowd explode with boos as Angle smirks. Black has the look of just wanting to kick Angle's ass.

    Angle: There has been too much hype around you, just because you & your pathetic stable managed to get the better of UK. But that's the thing you see- the UK weren't even a dominant team. The only good thing about the UK was the fact that they had 4 members from the United Kingdom. They lacked something that makes a stable so dominant... star power.

    And that's how the... "Edge of Honor" managed to defeat them, because you only had 3 superstars with star power in CM Punk & Kings of Wrestling. YOU on the other hand, are simply just another unproven kid being given pointless title shots- while people like me have slipped down the pecking order even though I've been making a bigger impact than you.

    Crowd boo.

    Angle: I said that EXACT same thing you Punk, and I'm gonna say it to you, too.

    You're getting ahead of yourself, so if I was you- I'd stop getting my hopes up. You should just forget about winning the Royal Rumble, forget about winning the WWE Championship, forget about headlining Wrestlemania- because it just ain't happening untill you're capable of dealing with the pressure.

    Oh, and it's real... It's DAMN real!

    ?: I don't think it's real by any means...

    C.M. Punk joins Black's side with a smirk as he addresses Angle

    Punk: Tyler has always had star power. You don't come into the WWE in less than 8 months not only defeat John Cena but headline the King of the Ring PPV with one of the most insane matches seen in the WWE to date along with Austin Aries, go on to take out The UK and even challenge for the WWE Championship unless you got nothing but star power. Tyler was always the heart and soul of The Edge of Honor, he fought them longer than any of the rest of us and never gave up. He know hono would prevail. There was any doubt about that and because of that he's earned the right to be where he is today, unlike you.

    You believe you're the best cause you beat and injured Cena but in the end what has that gotten you? What has it truly gotten you? Nothing. Black is better than you and you know, I am better than you. I can promise you be it Armageddon or any other time and place I'll prove to you again and you'll learn why I am a man honor. I'll give you the fight of a lifetime but I have a good feeling Tyler can do that as well, so Tyler.....

    Punk turns to face Tyler

    Punk: ready to kick Angle's ass as early as week?

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    Tyler smiles

    Black: I feel that's the honorable thing to do. My time is now and I've fought hard to be where I am today and I earned my chance at Rhodes, last week...

    Tyler turns to see Angle

    Black: You, Kurt Angle don't believe I'm ready but no matter what you or anyone says I went out there and went for it all and I'm ready to it again with greater results than last week's when the time is right.

    Punk is right in saying I'll kick your ass and give the fight of a lifetime and if you're man enough to accept facing me next week, I will gladly prove it.

    Angle nods and accepts the challenge before the Olympic Gold Medalist stares off with both Punk and Black as we go to a commercial break.


    The camera fades in to show Chris Jericho with Eve in her office. Jericho seems annoyed and is blabbering on about something as Eve has one arm folded and the other on her forehead

    Jericho: You said that there would be repercussions. you said that you'd do something. You said that you'd deal with this, but here we are again, one week on, and nothing's been done!
    How can you say that you're doing your job right when you're letting actions such as the actions the Sting took last week slip by unpunished? It's a joke! He quite clearly distracted me last week and cost me my match. And if you were doing your job right, then you'd be taking action against him.

    Eve: You're right Chris, here we are a again, you interrupting me and trying to tell me how to do my job. I told you last week I'd take care of Sting and I'm keeping my word, but unfortunately Sting hasn't been seen tonight so as soon as I see him I'll deal with this. For now why don't you relax and as soon as it's handled you'll be the first to know, but for now I have a show to run.

    Jericho: No, that's not good enough. Please check and try again, Miss GM, because you're making mistake upon mistake here. Not only did you earlier grand Wade Barrett, Wade Barrett our of everyone a title shot against Cody Rhodes, but you're now going to let Sting get away with ruining matches in the same vain he did last week? What's to stop him doing it again? What's to stop him from interfering in my matches for the forseeable future? Noting, that's what. Because he knows that he can get away with murder on this show because we don't have a GM who's fair and punishes actions like his.
    Sting talks about justice, but in reality, I'm the one who wants justice here. And I want justice served because I want you to punish him, badly. Because if you don't I'll....

    Eve: You'll what? You'll do nothing, that's what you'll do and don't you ever threaten me again! I am in charge here, not you and I am done taking orders. I will punish Sting not because you tell me to, but because I will not let people think they can do whatever they want on my show. So tonight I'm feeding Sting to Ryback for the Main Event and considering the mood Ryback's been in as of late that's more than a fair punishment.

    Jericho smiles.

    Jericho: Thank you Eve, that was all I wanted.

    Jericho walks away with a grin on his face as the camera heads back to the Warzone, showing the commentary team.

    King: There you go see, King. Eve is all about fairness.

    JR: I personally don't see what's fair about that. Sting had nothing to be punished for, he didn't get him solve involved in the match and neither did he touch Jericho.

    King: Well lucky for us, you don't run Raw and the beautiful, Eve Torres does and our GM has spoken. It will be a rematch from the Survivor Series as Ryback will take on Sting, here tonight!

    JR: Should be a great match no doubt. Speaking of good matches, King. It's time for a match and a feud that's already reaching boiling point. It's the Wyatt Family members of Maria and Mankind vs the recent reunited Team Extreme of Lita and Jeff Hardy!

    With the arena in a complete black out. Bray Wyatt can be seen carrying the only light in shape of an old style Lantern torch leading the way to the ring as Maria and Mankind can be seen trailing behind him. Maria carrying her Women's title draped over her shoulder while Mankind can be seen dragging an old, wooden rocking chair to ringside.

    They reach the end of the ramp and Wyatt blows out the lantern as the lights come back on. When they do, Maria and Mankind are already in the ring awaiting there opponents. Bray Wyatt can then be seen dragging the rocking chair around the outside of the ring, positioning it near the commentary team table and ring bell announcing section. Suddenly all attention turns to the stage as the crowd are taken back in time with an old school theme and sight..*

    *With the Team Extreme theme playing, the pyro's blasting around the arena and the duo of Hardy and Lita bursting through the curtain and nailing there signature poses. The transformation is complete and for one night, Team Extreme is back. Both Hardy and Lita begin making there way down the ramp, tapping hands with the crowd in attendance before running down to the ring, sliding underneath the ropes, eager to get the match underway.*

    Fourth Match: Wyatt Family (Maria & Mankind) vs. Team Extreme (Hardy & Lita)
    Finish: The match has been frantic and has kept the crowd on there feet with quick tags and spots during the match. Currently in the ring, Hardy has Mankind in the corner and stands on the second rope, firing shots to the skull of Mankind as the crowd count along. As Jeff Hardy reaches Nine, Mankind is able to block the last and attempt and ducks out through Hardy's legs before grabbing him by the jeans and exploding out of the corner with a big sit down power bomb that rattles Hardy's skull of the canvas as Mankind keeps Hardy locked in for the cover. One. Two. Hardy kicks out before the three to the crowds delight.

    Mankind though looks to keep the pressure on and grabs Hardy by his hair, dragging him up. Mankind then swings Hardy into the corner before following up with a clothesline that knocks him, sitting down in the corner. Mankind then takes a few steps back before pulling on his own hair and squealing like a pig, before running at Hardy with his knee extended out. Hardy though moves at the last minute, sliding out of the ring as Mankind smashes into the steel turnbuckle. Hardy then leaps back up onto the ring apron before using the ropes to spring board off, catching Mankind mid air with a leaping forearm smash that knocks the deranged one down.

    Hardy then begins crawling over to lita and makes the tag as the crowd cheer with excitement as the Ex Women's Champ enters the ring. Lita stands and waits for a couple of moments as Mankind tries to get back up with the ref telling him he needs to leave the ring. As Mankind gets up, Lita runs at him and jumps up with a swinging hurracurana that throws Mankind across the ring closer to his corner. Lita then gets up and begins posing as the crowd cheer her name. However, Lita is completely blindsided by the incoming Maria who smashes into the back of Lita knocking her down. Maria then grabs a handful of Lita's hair and begins driving her face into the canvas repeatedly, over and over.

    Maria then drags Lita up with a hand full of hair and begins trash talking the extreme Diva, Maria then attempts to swing her arm and slap Lita in the face, only for the Rated R Diva to block it before firing back with a big right hand that knocks down the Women's Champ instantly. Lita then jumps on top of her opponent and begins unleashing a combo of punches, rights and lefts, Lita clearly delighted to finally get her hands on Maria. With Wyatt perhaps sensing danger for his fellow family member, He leaps up onto the canvas and begins calling Lita. Lita takes her eyes of the ball for one moment to stare at Bray and Maria takes advantage with a rake to Lita's eye. Maria is then able to scramble away and tag back in Mankind.

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    Mankind enters the ring and appears to have Lita in his sights. However, he does not get his wish as Hardy steams into the rescue with big right hand strikes knocking Mankind back into the corner. Hardy then looks at lita who nods her head back, seemingly both on the same page. Hardy then drops down on his hands and knees as Lita runs from the opposite corner before using Hardy as a trampoline and springing off him with poetry emotion as Lita slams into Mankind. As the deranged one comes back off out of the corner, Hardy boots him in the stomach and hits the Twist of Fate in the center of the ring. Lita then begins scaling the top rope, she signals the Hardy pose before leaping off and catching Mankind with a picture perfect Swanton Bomb. Hardy then scrambles across to score the pin but to no joy as Bray Wyatt enters the ring and smashes into Hardy with a train like splash knocking him down as the official calls for the bell instantly.

    Wyatt then begins hammering on Hardy, not letting up or giving him a chance to get up. As Lita then attempts to help her partner out, Maria attacks Lita from behind and also continues the beating as the crowd are heavily booing. With the damage clearly done, the Wyatt Family exit the ring, looking back proud of the beating they have just dished out before heading up the ramp as support arrives to help out the fallen Team Extreme as the camera heads backstage.

    21. Sting promo. (Sting will promo from the rafters before his match. He will talk about facing Ryback tonight and getting retribution and justice for the manner of the victory which Ryback had against Sting at Survivor Series. Sting will then talk about Jericho. He will say that justice is finally catching up with the man who's made a career of cheating his way to the top. Justice will be dealt and Jericho will be made to pay for his hiding behind Eve and shortcuts.)

    *As the Icon, Sting finishes speaking. The lights in the arena completely fade to pitch Black as the crowd begin cheering and chanting the name of the Stinger.*

    JR: You just heard it folks! Sting is going to use this match to get retribution from the manner of which Ryback beat Sting at the Survivor Series.

    King: He beat him fair and square, Ross. Plus, Sting is going to feel the force of his true punishment when he gets back in the ring with this new and improved, Ryback. He's a far different beast to the one he faced at the Survivor Series that's for sure!

    JR: Folks the lights are out and the stage is set, it can only mean one thing! We are awaiting the Icon!

    *As Sting's theme begins to play, the smoke pours out from the stage as the crowd react with cheers and excitement. All eyes then turn once more to the rafters as the Icon Sting can be seen, being lowered down, Black baseball bat in hand as he reaches the ring..

    Sting then looks out towards the fans before lifting and raising his black baseball bat in the direction of the stage as he awaits his opponent.*

    *The "Meat on the table" theme is greeted with instant boo's and jeers which are turned up a notch as the beast, Ryback enters on to the stage with a look of focus and anger etched across his face. Ryback begins warming up at the top of the ramp as him and Sting both begin trying to stare out the other, with neither man fazed.

    Ryback then begins tapping his temple with his right hand before shouting.. "wake up!" and then storming to the ring. Telling the crowd to "Shut up!" as he walks past them before entering the ring and confronting the Icon face to face who shows no sign of backing down..

    Both men are then ordered to the corners before the last minute checks take place. With the ring bell then sounded, the Main Event is officially away.*

    Sting vs Ryback (Brock)

    Start at 0:52 stop at 3:56

    JR: The Icon is perched on the top rope. I think we are about to see the Stinger, fly!

    King: It's not often you see, Sting going high risk, Ross.

    *The Icon remains and delays the leap as he see's Ryback starting to move albeit, gingerly. With Ryback now having reached his feet, Sting leaps from the top rope with an attempted splash but the beast, Ryback is able to catch Sting, grasping him from mid air before throwing him over his head as he falls backwards, sending Sting crashing across the canvas into the turnbuckle as the crowd gasp at the collision.

    Ryback then drags himself up off the mat before turning his attention to his downed, opponent. Ryback then grips up Sting by his hair before lifting him up and then planting him back down with real venom from the scoop slam. Sting then places his boot on the chest of the Icon before yelling at the referee to count the attempted pin.*

    JR: One!

    King: Two!

    JR: Kick out before the three! The arrogance of Ryback to assume that would be enough to keep Sting down, King.

    King: Ryback's on a roll, JR. He's confident in his ability's and Sting landed awkwardly from that big throw, it could have been enough.

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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    *With Sting kicking out from the pin attempt, Ryback then begins stomping the legendary wrestler, each kick seemingly dealt with more anger then the previous one. Ryback then leans down and his places his hands across the throat of Sting before lifting him and bringing him up from the mat canvas. Ryback then attempts to lift him up again from his feet but the Icon is able to boot the bigger man in the gut before firing up with a combo of right hand strikes..

    Sting then runs the ropes before smashing into Ryback with a diving clothesline. Sting repeats this two more times, each one able to knock the bigger man down. Sting then takes a moment to catch his breath before noticing Ryback in a corner, trying to drag himself up, Sting then fly's across from the other side of the ring with a Stinger splash, catching Ryback by surprise to devastating effect. Sting is then able to shock the crowd as Ryback comes back out from the corner, Sting is able with a little struggle to fully lift Ryback up before scoop slamming him down to the canvas and hooking the leg with his first pin attempt of the match.*



    King: Ryback kicked out, Ryback kicking out before the three!

    JR: A scene reminiscent of the Great Andre the Giant and the legendary, American. Hulk Hogan!

    King: I didn't think Sting had that in him, Ross. Problem is, how much did that take out of the Stinger, I mean what does he have left in the tank?.

    JR: Sting will not quit, King. The Icon will give it all as he always has done.

    *Sting once more takes a moment to control his breathing following the failed pin attempt. The Icon the starts to get back up and drags Ryback up with him. With both men now up and on there feet, Sting begins a steady flow of knife edge chops to the chest of the big man, lighting it up to a bright red as the crowd chant along with the usual "Woohoo" follow ups.

    Sting then swings Ryback into the ropes and catches him with a sleeper hold, seemingly locked in tight from the evidence of the instant flailing arms from his opponent. After a minute of so of Sting keeping in the hold, Ryback drops down to one knee, giving Sting hope that the end could be near. Ryback then appears to be about to drop down onto both knees when he pushes up of the one that was down, keeping Sting on his back before dropping back down violently as the Sting's chin bounces of Ryback's shoulder, causing him to release the attempted sleeper hold.

    It then becomes a rush of who can land the next move as both men scramble up to there feet. Sting attempts the first hit, looking for a big haymaker that Ryback is able to swerve. Ryback then kicks Sting into the stomach with real force causing him to drop down. Ryback then positions himself in the opposing corner and begins pumping himself up, his arm twitching as the crowd know what's to come. As Sting then gets up, Ryback runs at him and levels the Iconic Stinger with the..*

    King: Meat Hook clothesline! That big Meat Hook from Ryback, knocking Sting down and seemingly out!

    JR: That could be all she wrote folks, this could be enough!

    King: Ryback with the pin!

    JR: Here it comes.. One!



    King: Sting kicked out!

    JR: I told ya' partner, there's no quit in Sting!

    *The crowd begin cheering and chanting for the Stinger, perhaps sensing he could do with the support and life that the WWE Universe can bring with there vocal support. Ryback though is furious at this and begins yelling at the crowd to "shut there mouths!". Ryback then stands in the middle of the ring and begins to smile as he looks at Sting trying to get up. He then places his arms in front of him and pulls each one to the side as he shouts "Done!" at the crowd who respond back with boos.

    Ryback then drags up Sting and lifts him up onto his shoulders. Ryback then begins marching around the ring as the crowd continue booing. Suddenly, when Ryback looks to deliver his finisher, Sting begins wriggling out and continues until he escapes, Sting then drops behind Ryback and without thinking, push the bigger man away as Ryback clatters into the referee, knocking him down and sending him fallen from the second rope to the outside of the ring.

    Ryback then turns around to confront Sting but the Icon leaps up with a picture perfect drop kick, catching and planting Ryback back down to a chorus of cheers from the crowd. Sting can then be seen scrambling across the ring when all of a sudden, a harsh and loud boo response from the crowd can be heard and the camera identifies that Y2J, Chris Jericho is making his way down to the ring.

    Sting see's the current Raw, Money In the Bank holder come down and immediately prepares for the worst. Jericho with a smirk of his face though, just stops on the ramp, close to the ring. Sting then begins to mouth words at Jericho but does not see Ryback coming from behind. Like a freight train, Ryback slams into Sting, knocking him down and causing him to fall to the outside of the ring. With Sting on the outside, Jericho begins to raise his briefcase and takes to stalking the Icon.

    As Sting try's to get up, Jericho runs at him with the briefcase and aims for the face of the former WcW World Champion. Sting though is able to bring a leg up, driving it into the briefcase and having the knock on affect catch Jericho in the chest knocking Y2J down. Sting then quickly turns his attention back to the match and rolls back in, as he does and stands, he's gripped by Ryback who has him up. Ryback for a second time begins the marching around the ring, this time with a grin on his face as the referee begins to get back up.

    Once more though Sting is somehow able to get out but he falls to his feet off balanced and it springs him back of the ropes and as he does, Jericho is on the outside and leaps up, nailing Sting in the back of the head with a briefcase before falling down to the ground, trying to escape the view of the official. Sting instantly begins to fall from the strike to the head but Ryback is able to catch up and this time, lifts him up before nailing the..*

    King: Shell Shocked! Ryback with the Shell Shock to Sting!

    JR: From that damn strike with the briefcase from Jericho don't forget.

    King: Ryback with the pin! Come on, Sting's out! It has to be over!

    JR: Not like this, Not like this surly?




    King: Ryback wins! Ryback has beaten Sting once again!

    JR: Yeah with no help at all from Jericho, Right? That damn hypocrite! I hope Eve's watching and she deals with Jericho!

    *Ryback is having his hand raised in victory from the official who's still coming around from his bump earlier in the match. Sting though, can be seen in the middle of the canvas holding his head from that strike with the case, by Jericho. Y2J then enters the ring and appears not done as he begins kicking away at the Icon, stomping him from head to toe. Suddenly, it goes from bad to worse as Ryback joins in and 2 on 1 begins, with the crowd fearing the worst for the Iconic, Stinger.

    A few seconds pass with no sign of help when the crowd are greeted by the theme of the person they were all cheering for as Cody Rhodes begins running to the ring. Cody enters like a house on fire and begins fighting back Jericho and Ryback himself, Sting is then able to get to his feet and fair fight ensues as the brawl is now level. With the crowd buzzing and eager to see the fight continue, It begins to really pick up as Sting and Jericho are now fighting it out, on the outside of the ring while Ryback and Rhodes continue there battle in the ring..

    With senior officials and referee's running down to the ring, they soon begin to surround the individuals and stop them brawling to the crowds displeasure. This does not last long though as again the chaos breaks out. We get a close up off the Titantron as the Survivor Series match up poster is shown for the first time..

    With the fighting and chaos then continuing. The WWE logo appears, signalling the end of the show as the end of Raw Is War is upon us.*

    1x Tag Team Champion - Ramon/Infection.
    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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