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    Impact: Episode 9
    Florida, Pensacola - Pensacola Civic Center

    Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman we are LIVE on Impact as we are back from what was an absolute brilliant PPV in Survivor Series! Survivor Series in one of the big 4 PPVs- and what went down on Sunday proved it.

    Michael Cole: I agree Josh! We saw many, many fantastic things on the PPV- but the one thing that stood out to me the most, was none other than the X-Division. That match was absolutely sensational. As much as I despise AJ Styles- I'm not gonna lie, he put his all into that match, but it wasn't enough as Daniels defeated him.

    Matthews: Daniels walked into Survivor Series as the X-Division Champion, and he walked out of the arena with a clean win over AJ as STILL the X-Division Champion. He proved that he can do this with, or without Roman Reigns.

    Matthews: And speak of the devil- here he is! The X-Division Champion Chris Daniels! Look at that smug look on his face.

    Cole: He has a right to have a smug look! Look at him- he retained his title! He's on top of the world.

    After the preshow fireworks go off, Daniels music hits and the crowd's cheers turn into boos as the X Division champion emerges from the back in a suit with his title around his shoulder. Daniels has a cocky smile on his face and starts to do AJ's entrance motions as he walks down the ramp but purposefully botches them to upset the crowd. As Daniels enters, he makes a production assistant takes an envelope from a production crew member and gets a mic.

    Daniels: Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls and all the single ladies out there looking for a treat, the man with the rear that makes the girls cheer and the men jeer, the destroyer of impoverished rednecks across the countries dreams, and your X Division champion for life, Chhhhhrrrrissstopherrrrrr Daaannnniiieeelllls!

    The crowd loses its patience for Daniels cockiness and just rain more boos down on him as Daniels just smiles arrogantly.

    Daniels: You all thought I was walking into Survivor Series at a disadvantage I know. You all thought I couldn't beat AJ in my first title defense because I didn't have Roman in my corner to back me up and would fold under pressure, yet here I am in all of my devilishly handsome glory if I do say so myself. You all forgot to take into consideration some important factors from that match like my opponent was AJ Styles, I'm wrestling a guy with an elementary school education and I am an X Division deity.

    Now then onto important matters. This envelope in my hand is to announce the MVP from this show for their Survivor Series performance. Now you choices are, Daniels for his amazing match against a subpar performer, the Fallen Angel for stimulating the crowd the most that night, AJ Styles for managing not to screw up his part and the Ring General of Impact Wrestling for organizing such a balanced match so it wouldn't look like a boring slaughter match. And the winner is.....

    Daniels opens the envelope and looks shocked.

    Daniels: Everyone but AJ Style, folks I do not believe it, Hemme please bring the the Daniels on stage so that I may accept the award.

    Christi Hemme walks into the ring against her will and hands Daniels three golden statues of himself with a look of disgust on her face.

    Daniels: I couldn't have done this without three important people in my life. Me, myself, and I! To think I was nominated for a single Daniel 3 different times, I..I'm flabbergasted. In order to celebrate this remarkable achievement that will never happen again until I wrestle at the next PPV, how about I wrestle a scrub for you all tonight. So anyone in the back, guy or girl, if you want a chance to look at these rockstar good looks up close, then you are about to get one because for one night only, I am issueing an open challenge for anyone in the back.

    Daniels begins to taunt the crowd, but...

    ???: Stay where you are!

    The crowd explode with cheers as Jim Cornette comes out to the stage with a mic in his hand, and his eyes are locked on Daniels.

    Jim Cornette: Before I address YOU Daniels, I'm going to address a certain man who has been making waves on Impact.

    Kenny King.

    Crowd cheer.

    Cornette: For those of you who were excited for him tonight- I am sorry to announce that he won't be here tonight. His match with Samoa Joe was one of the best that we witnessed on Impact- but his leg wasn't 100%. I gave him the night off as I don't want his leg getting any more worse.

    Crowd boo.

    Cornette: Daniels. Congratulations on your victory at Survivor Series. You proved to me that you ARE worthy of being the X-Division Champion around here, and being the top dog on Impact.

    Crowd boo as Daniels begins to smirk.

    Cornette: But tonight, we will see a number 1 contenders match for the X-Division title! And I have chosen 3 superstars who have been impressing me recently. The first superstar I have chosen... he has improved like a machine, and he's earned this position.

    Justin Gabriel!

    Crowd cheer

    Cornette: The second superstar I have chosen IS a machine. His performance against Kenny King wasn't clean- but either way, he got the job done.

    Samoa Joe!

    Mixed reactions for Joe. Daniels seems satisfied with both choices, and he begins to rub his hands as he waits for Cornette to announce the final challenger.

    Cornette: And the final challenger. This man has been giving it his all for the past few weeks- and at Survivor Series, he did give it his all. I'm willing to give this guy a second chance for his brilliant perfomance...

    AJ Styles.

    The crowd go absolutely ballistic for AJ as Daniels is fuming!

    Cornette: Enjoy the rest of the show guys!

    Cornette heads to the back as Daniels is screaming at the top of his lungs- shouting at Cornette for choosing AJ Styles as he's defeated him already! Daniels can clearly be seen shouting that AJ doesn't deserve a second chance as we head to commercial.


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    Matthews: We are back from commercial- and we have had one hell of an announcement from Jim Cornette! The main event for tonight will be AJ Styles taking on Samoa Joe & Justin Gabriel! And the winner of that match, will go onto face Daniels with the X-Division Championship on the line!

    Cole: One hell of an announcement? That was one hell of an announcement, until Cornette mentioned that final name; AJ Styles. Styles gave it his all at Survivor Series- and he impressed me, but does he deserve another title shot for his performance at SS? No he doesn't! This is ridiculous!

    Matthews: Not everyone can be pleased. Moving on- we've got the debut of Impact's newest star! Ladies and gentleman, Heath Slater is the superstar making his debut- and that is up next!

    The camera cuts to the ring- as we see Trent Barreta in the ring, awaiting his opponent.

    Christy Hemme: This match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, making his debut on Impact... Heath Slater!

    Matthews: And here he is! The man who is making his debut. The crowd seem to be really high on him, especially after his vignette last week- which showed that he's being respectful to the crowd.

    Cole: Shame on him. I'm telling you right now- that this will definitely affect his abilities. Bank on it.

    Match 1. Heath Slater vs. Trent Barreta

    Finish: Slater & Barreta begin to trade blows. Barreta goes for another blow- but Slater ducks and reverses it into a Neckbreaker! Slater gets up the top rope, and goes for a Diving Crossbody as Barreta slowly gets up- but Barreta reverses it into a beautiful looking DDT! Barreta goes for the cover... but Slater kicks out at 2! Barreta gets frustrated and picks Slater up, before going back a little to line him up for a Spear- he goes for it, but Slater moves out of the way as Barreta smashes his head on the turnbuckle! Barreta turns around... Smash Hit! Slater hits him with a vicious Spinning Lifting DDT before going for the cover- and he gets the win!

    Hemme: And your winner is... Heath Slater!

    Matthews: Great win for Heath Slater! This man has a bright future ahead of him, and I'm glad that he's matured.

    Cole: Still doesn't impress me. Who did he just defeat, Barreta ? Wow. Give him a medal.

    Slater begins to celebrate his huge victory over Barreta as Barreta heads to the back in disappointment. Slater begins to pose for the crowd with an air guitar- but a mystery woman comes into the ring as Slater turns around.

    Matthews: What, who is this?

    The mystery woman has a box with her- and it looks like a present as it's wrapped like a gift. She gives it to Slater, and she heads to the back as Slater looks surprised. Slater opens the gift, and inside it- is a pair of shades as Slater looks up at the crowd. He looks even more confused. He puts the shades in his pocket, and continues to celebrate.

    Cole: Who in the world would give this guy some shades? He isn't that special, jesus.

    With Heath Slater still lapping up the crowds applause and playing his “Air Guitar” after his big win, the screen fades and heads to the back where AJ Lee can be seen talking on the phone.

    AJ: I know babe! I know.. You are going to be like, the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time!

    *AJ is clearly still delighted with Dolph’s win at Survivor Series. She can be seen nodding empathically on the phone. Clearly agreeing with what Dolph is saying on the other end.*

    AJ: Oh my Ziggles! I’m so proud of you! You and I have shown the whole world that it’s our time! The era of Mr and Mrs showoff is upon the WWE Universe and it’s only just the start. First you ended the streak and got rid of the Undertaker once and for all.. Doing such a good deed as to finally put the old dog down and relieve him off his IC title burden! Then you stole the show at Survivor Series, beating Hurricane and that scumbag, Kevin Steen with ease..

    Proving why you are that.. Damn!.. Good! Next.. Well next up is me babe and I plan on taken that WWE Women’s title! For too long it’s been around waist of Women who are not fit enough to wear the belt. For too long these “Divas” have moved ahead of me while poor ol’ AJ is left behind to feed of the scraps.

    Not.. Anymore! No longer are we the under card, people used to make others look good. Oh no! The spotlight is on us Ziggles and we are going to enjoy every… moment. Just like we enjoyed the moment we celebrated your win the other night.

    *AJ begins giggling, clearly her and Dolph are discussing things that should not be audible for PG Tv. Her “fun” is soon stopped though as she see’s Jeremy Borash approaching.*

    AJ: Baby! I have to go.. Something! Has just turned up.

    *AJ rolls her eyes up and down at Borash before cancelling the call and proceeding to stare at Borash as he begins to speak.*

    Borash: Hi, AJ. My name is Jeremy Borash and..

    AJ: So! Who cares who you are! Are you the Intercontinental Champion?!

    Borash: Err, No.

    AJ: Are you dating the Intercontinental Champion while also being the future Women’s champion?!

    Borash: No. *Borash sighs* No, AJ I’m not.

    AJ: Well then… You are not important! In fact, you don’t even have the right to stand by me. Can you move back please? I mean come on.. This! *AJ begins pointing around her” Is my personal space! I don’t need it invaded by some nobody like you.

    You know, I was actually on the phone. It’s rather rude of you too come up to me and interrupt that.. Don’t you think?! *AJ begins coming close to Borash while tilting her head, eyes wide staring while Borash looks on, clearly unsure what to do in this situation.*

    Borash: Erm. I guess so, I’m so-

    AJ: Well!! Don’t you think?!

    *AJ screams those last words at Borash as he begins signalling to the camera this interview is finished. AJ though begins tilting her head and just starts laughing frantically as Borash begins to back away. Quickly enough though, another figure enters the frame and suddenly AJ’s laughter is gone and is replaced by a serious look of worry and wonder.*

    The figure looks down on AJ... and a scowl crosses her face. Lei'D Tapa is staring a hole through AJ -

    Borash: Oh - Lei'D Tapa! We weren't expecting -

    A giant palm is shoved in JB's face, and he is unceremoniously shoved away.

    Lei'D Tapa: Be gone, stooge.

    She then turns to the diminutive AJ Lee...

    And you are one to speak of rudeness, you pint-sized tramp. YOU interrupted ME - and my rise to glory! Who cares who YOU are? Are YOU the Intercontinental Champion? NO! You just hang on his coattails... and probably something else. Hussy.
    *Shoots AJ a venomous sneer* That's all you're good for. Running around like a little lapdog, soaking up the attention that others work so hard for. Like your blonde himbo, Ziggler.

    AND ME.

    I am making waves around here. I am the one-woman wrecking crew, leveling the dilapidated little suburb that is the Divas division. I am, pound for pound, the most DOMINANT, the most DAMAGING, the most DESTRUCTIVE woman in this locker room. These "Divas" pee themselves when they see me coming. You? You are a tiny child playing at being a female wrestler. Even your size betrays you! Most other women come up to my shoulder at least... you barely come up to my knees! Yet all these imbeciles seem to talk about is you and your boy toy!

    But you will soon be on YOUR knees, girl. And all anyone will talk about is seeing the medics come out, put you on a stretcher, and laying a sheet over you when I get my hands on you. You pandering and posturing is taking the attention that I so richly deserve... and this talk of you - YOU? - being future Women's Champion? I know not what future you claim to see... but the only future for you is...

    Nothing. Because THERE IS NO FUTURE FOR YOU, AJ LEE.

    Lei'D Tapa coldly looks down at AJ Lee as she looks as furious as ever. AJ Lee looks terrified- but she stands her ground despite being scared, and she gives Tapa a cold stare back. Both divas staredown as we head to commercial.


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    Cole: We are back from commercial break and what a showdown we've just had.

    Matthews: Agreed. You have AJ Lee, the diva who has been making huge waves in the WWE- and the diva who is also in a relationship with the Intercontinental Champion, having a showdown with Lei'D Tapa- the rising diva of the WWE.

    Cole: That's right. Tapa seemed to be annoyed about the fact that AJ has been getting more buzz than her- and it looked as if AJ didn't like what she said. Could this be a potential feud between the two?

    Matthews: We also had the debut of Heath Slater as-

    Cole: He won, blah, blah, blah. Who cares? The only thing I care about is the fact that he got a present at the end of the match. It looks to me that either someone already has their mind set on playing games with him, or he's got a secret admirer.

    Cole: What the hell? What is this?

    Matthews: I don't have a clue Cole!

    The unfamiliar music plays through out the arenas and the fans eagerly await the arrival of whomever steps out from behind the curtain. They are surprised when they see who enters.

    Matthews: Is... is that John Morrison & Petey Williams?

    Cole: Yes... yes it is.
    *shakes head*

    The fans roar as the unlikely duo of John Morrison and Petey Williams make their way to and enter the ring and given mics by nearby stage hands. Morrison poses his normal pose as Petey smiles and shakes his head

    Morrison: Hello Impact! For those of you unaware of the greatness that is standing in front of you, allow me to introduces the duo standing before you all! First, myself.. I am the Shaman of Sexy, The Prince of Parkour, John Morrison!

    The fans roar loudly as John smiles

    Morrison: Oh I have missed that! Laughs a bit Now, the man standing to my right is an innovator in the industry, he is The Canadian Destroyer, The Maple Leaf Muscle "Little" Petey Williams!!!

    John laughs and Petey looks a bit annoyed, but smiles all the same

    Morrison: Now, I know many of you are confused, wondering how Petey and myself came to be a tag team, and while it is confusing, the reason is all very simple. Passion. We had a passion for this business and a need to put on amazing matches in front of the best people in the world, and the only place we could do that is here in the WWE.

    Why did we choose to be a team? Simple, we knew our styles could work well together. My quick and flashy style would benefit from Petey's rough and quite brutal style. Together we knew that there wasn't a team in the world who could match up with us! Right Petey?

    Petey smirks as he prepares to speak

    Williams: That's right, John. This unorthodox union is what's going to make Impact be the best it can be.

    Fans cheer loudly

    Williams: How can it not, when the picture of X Division is standing in the ring alongside the heartbreaker that is
    ...Petey sees Morrison distracted with the women in the crowd...JOHN!!!...startled Morrison jumps back and says sorry. Petey's head vein throbbing....You said you would be serious about this....John says he is before throwing winks at crowd at the crowd still....whatever.

    Anyways, we could conquer the X Division scene well enough on our own and showcase the X Division Championship to it's full potential but we wanted a challenge. Something new for our careers and so when Beer Money....

    Mixed reaction from the crowd

    Williams:....issued a challenge on the the last any tag team out there, that was a calling card for John and I to enter the WWE in a way unlike any other. As a tag team. To work together in creating the next WWE Tag Team Champions. We are determined in taking the tag team scene by storm and all starts with Beer Money. Right, John?

    Morrison: Oh you are damn right! Not only will we break onto the tag in way nobody has ever seen, but we Morrison smiles and gives a wink to the ladies front row We are going to look damn good doing! Now Beer Money are a helluva team , and trust me, that comes from a guy who knows a think or two about Tag Teams! However, what me and Petey have, man it is unreal! When we get in the ring together, our auras are just synced!

    Damn is it weird, but damn it works! Beer Money are an awesome team, and once that we will have to work damn hard to beat, Morrison smiles at Petey who has a blank expression on his face, which cause John to frown Ok, hold on a sec guys, me and Petey need a moment. Petey bro, I know you want us to be all serious in the ring, but come one man! Relax a bit, let your hair down and smile! These fans love you! Not like they love me... but still, they love you all the same! Right guys!?

    The fans cheer loud and a big "Pe-tey Williams" breaks out as Morrison smiles and looks over at Petey

    Morrison: Come on Petey! Just smile! It won't kill ya..

    Petey turns to John

    Williams: It can't all be smiles, John. Especially not with Beer Money. Half of Beer Money, I have a great history in Bobby Roode. Team Canada...

    Crowd chants Oh...Canada!!!

    Williams: ...though I was proud to represent my country, the way we did it...I'm not that man anymore and haven't been for years because once we went our separate ways, things took off for plenty of us and here we are now. I look towards the future and making an impact on Impact and that starts with taking on Beer Money. We're waiting.

    Matthews: Strong words from this new team. It looks as if the crowd are enjoying the prospect of two men with similar styles teaming up too!

    Cole: Wow. Another team that are fan favorites. Great. Just great.

    Just then the duo known as Beer Money theme song begins to play around the arena.

    Matthews: And here they are!

    Both James Storm and Bobby Roode, along with Jacqueline, come out from the back and are received by cheers from the fans in attendance. They all walk down the ramp and step straight into the ring. Roode and Storm immediately get face-to-face with Morrison and Petey

    Bobby: Sorry if we have interrupted you in any type of manner, but we have come out to inform you that you won't have to be waiting much longer. You see, we honestly didn't believe that anyone would accept our open challenge. However, we are happy to have you both accept this challenge. Especially, you Petey.

    Storm: Hold on there Bobby. We all know your feelings towards one of your former teammates who helped you present your country, but don't forget about your current teammate.

    Bobby: Wouldn't think about it, bud.

    Storm: Good! Anyways, we aren't just focusing on Petey here. We also have had our eyes on you Johnny. Yes, you might not have worked in TNA like four of us in this ring, but that doesn't mean we haven't checked out your wrestling abilities.

    Bobby: That's right Morrison. No matter how pretty you want to look like, you don't mind putting your body on the line, we know that, they know that, and we all respect that. However, even with all this respect in us for you, that doesn't mean we'll go easy on you. We strive to get the glory here in WWE just like we had in TNA, so that doesn't allows us to hold back on a good competitor or even a former partner.

    Storm: Cause you can trust us by saying we hope the best comes to you in the near future, but we want a better future for ourselves. It's nice seeing you two getting down together and joining forces to face us. That goes a long way, since you guys have never teamed up together. Which is your biggest flaw.

    Bobby: We are not trying to be mean or anything, but it's true. You can deny it if you want, but it's real as life. You want to take on a very skilled tag team while you have no skills tagging together. We won't forget about your past. We know that you, John, have been partners with The Miz. You dominated the tag team division, but that was back then and with someone else.

    Storm: Same thing goes along with you lad. You might have history being in Team Canada with Bobby here, but that was in a another time. This the present where you two are barely meeting each other for the very first time.

    Bobby: Not only that, but you are also lacking communications with one another, in our eyes. Morrison was laughing a bit while he was talking which is okay, but he was doing the same when Petey was talking. This is coming from personal experience.

    Storm: That's right Bobby. You can have confidence in each being succeful, but you'll need to prove. Maybe it'll be with us or someone else. Who knows about that. However, we will not accept being a stepping stone, but rather teachers for you.

    Bobby: And if you don't like that...


    Matthews: It looks like this match is on now!

    Cole: Another snooze fest.

    Both teams are about to go at it as we cut to commercial.


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    Match 2. John Morrison & Petey Williams vs. Beer Money

    Finish: The electricity throughout the arena is amazing as the crowd are hyped for both teams! Morrison & Roode are currently the legal men. Roode goes for a Clothesline, but Morrison ducks before turning around. He spins Roode around, before going for a DDT- but Roode manages to break out of the move and he hits Morrison with a Suplex! Roode walks over to James Storm- and tags him in! Storm waits for Morrison to get up, and he begins to motion for a Superkick as the crowd are hyped! He goes for it as Morrison is up- and he hits it as Morrison lands in the corner- but Morrison is able to tag Petey Williams in as Storm realizes this! Storm goes for a Spear...CANADIAN DESTROYER! The crowd are screaming at the reversal as Williams slowly gets up! He tags in Morrison- as Morrison gets up on the top rope! He goes for the Starship Pain and he hits it! He goes for the cover and gets the win!

    Christy Hemme: And your winners are via pinfall... John Morrison & Petey Williams!

    Matthews: Wow! What a match that was. The crowd were absolutely fired up as they watched two tag teams go at it! They went absolutely berserk as we saw a crazy reversal from a Spear by James Storm to a legendary Canadian Destroyer from Petey Williams... followed by a brilliant Starship Pain from Morrison who wrapped things up!

    Cole: I don't like any of these tag teams... but this match was absolutely brilliant! Impact just gets better & better every show!

    Morrison & Williams celebrate like crazy for the crowd as they begin to chant "Jo-Mo & Petey!" as Beer Money look on in frustration. Jacqueline slides into the ring and tries to comfort Beer Money after the loss, but they ignore her, and are about to exit the ring- until Morrison tells them to wait. Beer Money slide back into the ring and turn around, as Morrison & Williams extend their hands out. Beer Money look at their hands, and look at each other. Both men look suspicious, but they shake Morrison & Williams hands anyway!

    Matthews: What a fantastic display of sportsmanship from both teams!

    Just as Beer Money & Jackie are about to leave, the TitanTron begins to go all fuzzy and grey- until the screen fades black and you see a close up of two men face a man in long black hair is wildly playing with his hair.

    The second man there faces unknown is speaking in snake latin

    The first man starts to speak in a whisper

    The fear you thought didn't exist is real and it is coming!

    The second man stops speaking in tongue and says.

    Damnation is coming every soul will be lost and the blackness will devour any who dares to pass!

    Cole: What the hell was this?

    Matthews: I don't know. We've had two cryptic messages already tonight. Feels a bit strange to be fair.

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    The both start to laugh as the vignette finishes. Morrison & Williams, and Beer Money look up at the TitanTron looking confused as hell as we cue on over to the back of the arena inside of the locker room. In the locker room we see the back of a certain individual's back and can't be identified just yet. That's until he raises he right side arm and we see a certain tattoo with words that read, "AJ 05-03-05 02-14-07 09-15-09". The crowd is able to recognize that tattoo and pop. When that man turns around it is revealed to be no one, but "The Phenomenal One" A.J. Styles. He starts to pace himself around the room.*

    A.J.: (A small sigh) I just don't know anymore. Can I actually continue being in this hunt anymore? I have been giving so many generous shots to get the glory around my wing. However, I have been coming short each and every single time. And now I have been giving one more chance to be the number one contender for the X-Division Championship. No matter what anyone says, thinks, or minds posting in a little blog, I lost cleanly to Christopher Daniels at Survivor Series. I do know he spat at me right across the face. I won't deny him anything from his gifted abilities in the ring, but he might not have out wrestled me. The one thing he did do better me than me was being the smarter individual of the two. I should have expected that to come from a mile away out of him. But, I failed to see it. Just like how I failed to finally win the title off of his waist.

    I have gotten many pats on the back, compliments, praises, and even words of encouragement from many close friends and veterans in the business. Yet I keep on failing with Daniels every time. Roman Reigns or no Reigns. He seems to get the upper hand on me.

    I will never forget what Jeremy told me not too long ago. He told me that no one ever expected anything out of me in TNA, but I over came all those odds over there in TNA and proved every single person wrong. Now I am here in WWE and the whole cycle is on rewind for me. The only difference is that I have yet to prove anyone wrong and I have even fallen to that certain group that doesn't believe of me achieving anything. I have even began wondering why I deserve to be in this upcoming match with Samoa Joe or Matt Sydal, who I like to call Evan for some strange reason even though I met him as Matt in the past.

    *A.J. takes out his wallet from his back pocket from his pants and sits down in the nearest bench he can sit at. From his wallet, A.J., takes out a picture of Samoa Joe and himself staring eye-to-eye with each other.*

    AJ: I won't ever forget the excellent skills this man has in the ring. For a rather large athlete, he can surely move as good as Matt, I'm glad he changed it up personally, and I can move. Just like Daniels, Joe thinks rather quickly in the ring and outside of it. He knows how to counter any move any of his opponents can produce and turn them to a pain killer for them. I want to somehow hope inside of me that I can hopefully beat him like I have done before in old time, but I don't know if I can actually do that now in such a low profile career for me.

    *A.J. then puts down the picture of Joe and himself on the side of him. He then grabs into his wallet once more. This time he takes a photo of himself helping out Evan Bourne now known as Matt Sydal, walk correctly out of a ROH ring.*

    *A.J.'s smile soon turns as mockery smile as he begins to shake his head in disapproval. He then gets the other picture and looks disappointed, so he decides to throw his pictures to the ground.*

    AJ: I sure have made some idiotic decisions in being buddies with certain guys. I once trusted Matt, just I liked I did with Joe, but look Matt Sydal now. He doesn't care for anyone, but himself. I get that he wants to be known as someone important and not just a highlight reel afterthought. However, he should as look as a fan and think what they feel is needed. What is needed here is a guy who care for them and not just themselves. But, I won't deny Matt anything of his amazing skills. With this new attitude, Matt has changed his ring abilities to be more aggressive then before. I don't know if I'll be able to matchup with any of those moves. He can possibly me look like I have ring rust or something wrong in my mind.

    I don't know if I can handle either one of them anymore. They might have some tweaks in their attitudes, since the last time I talked or seen them, but they are some competitors. I do one more chance to get my hands at Daniels, but I don't know if I deserve it anymore. Non-title or title at all. I can only hope God can give me a sign that I deserve one more chance.

    AJ Styles goes to speak again- but he turns around as he begins to have a worried look on his face. The camera is fully focused on AJ, so it zooms out- and the man who is face to face with AJ right now, is none other than Samoa Joe.

    Samoa Joe: Really AJ? See... I don't need praise from a broken man... I don't need your support... I don't need your love... I don't need anything. How dare you? How dare you make a fool out of us TNA Originals?... a man as successful as you should be enjoying wrestling for the crowd despite all the wins and losses.

    So why do you want more? Life isn't all about championships... but you know that. And another thing you know... is that you are a selfish man. A man who doesn't care about anyone but himself... you lost at Survivor Series- and you know it... but you still want another title shot.

    Why don't you let a rising star have the chance to win the title? Why does it always have to be about you AJ?... you're a disgrace to this show... you're a disgrace to this company. You're not Phenomenal anymore- you're the complete opposite... you're unremarkable.

    Joe smirks at AJ as AJ looks pissed off.

    Joe: I'm the one who is gonna face Daniels at Survivor Series... sure... I am a successful wrestler... I can let other rising stars have chances... but at least I have a valid reason on why I should have a title shot. I'm here to do something that you don't have the courage or the heart to do... I'm here to save the show that you built..

    You built this show... but you don't do anything to save it from crashing under the sea. And for that reason... I must destroy you. I'm gonna destroy Justin Gabriel too... and I'm gonna be the one who faces Daniels at Survivor Series...

    And if you don't believe me... I suggest you go and take a look at Kenny King... because he's the same as you. He's a broken man. But the only difference is... that your broken down mentally... and he's broken down physically. So if I were you AJ... I'd watch out because I'm not here to play any games... I'm here to be the savior.

    As for Justin Gabriel... he's simply just here to get his broken career back on track- and he's getting there... but I can't wait to see his reaction tonight because the career he's trying to rebuild will only get broken again. And tonight- I prove that there isn't no one on Impact who is stopping me because if you even TRY to step up..


    **Justin Gabriel was supposed to cut a promo here, but I never received one. He would also talk about how he's worked too hard for an opportunity like this- and he would make the most of it.**

    Justin Gabriel goes to speak again, but he's quickly taken down with a HUGE Spear from out of nowhere by a mystery individual! AJ & Samoa Joe take a few steps left & right respectively. That individual gets up as it's revealed to be Matt Sydal! Sydal looks at a shocked AJ & Samoa Joe before smirking... and walking off as we head to commercial.


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    Josh Matthews: We are back from commercial break- and it's time for our main event. We are here, joined by the X-Division Champion, Daniels- as he looks to see who he'll face at Armageddon! How are you Daniels?

    Daniels: I was fine, until that redneck low-life was given a second chance to face me for the title!

    Cole: What Daniels said.

    Matthews: Daniels- out of all 3 men, who would you like to see win this match though?

    Daniels: I don't like either men, but Samoa Joe is the one I wanna face. That guy is the beast around here- and everyone hypes him up as Impact's best superstar, but I'm the X-Division Champion- and I wanna prove that he isn't as good as everything thinks he is!

    Christy Hemme: This Triple Threat match is the main event, and it is scheduled for one fall! The winner of this match, will have the right to face Daniels at Armageddon! Introducing first... AJ Styles!

    Daniels: Talking of the low-life, here he is!

    Cole: BOO! Get out of here!

    Hemme: And one of his opponents, he is the Samoan Submission Machine... Samoa Joe!

    Daniels: This is what I'm talking about, this is the guy I want as my opponent. He's mean, he's scary- but he's not better than me. I'm the guy who's got the rear that makes the girls cheer. He's got the rear of an ape.

    Matthews: Why are you looking at his rear anyway?

    Daniels: Shut up.

    Hemme: And the final competitor in the match, he is... Justin Gabriel!

    Matthews: And out comes Justin Gabriel- he's been on a roll lately, let's see if his momentum continues tonight.

    Daniels: He got attacked by Matt Sydal earlier on in the match for goodness sake, he's not gonna win- and even if he does, he's just end up being another one of my bitches.

    Gabriel, Joe & AJ stand on different corners, and they all eye each other as the bell rings.

    Match 3. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles vs. Justin Gabriel - Winner faces Daniels for the X-Division Championship at Armageddon

    (Daniels/Gabriel. Skip at 23:50)

    Matthews: AJ Styles kicked out as Joe went for the cover- and Joe is as furious as ever! He doesn't know what it will take to defeat either man!

    Cole: It'll take another one of those Muscle Busters! Ain't that right Daniels?

    Daniels: *sipping Appletini* Damn right Cole.

    Joe gets up with little energy, and he eyes both Gabriel & AJ as they are down on the ground. He picks AJ up, and goes for a DDT- but AJ breaks out of it, and smashes Joe with a Pele Kick! He goes for the cover, but Justin Gabriel is quick to break the pin! Gabriel picks AJ up, and Irish Whip's him to the ropes.

    AJ bounces from one side, and Gabriel hits a vicious but sweet looking Dropkick as AJ drops to the ground! Gabriel walks up to the corner, and gets up on the turnbuckle- before motioning to hit the 450 Splash on AJ, but from out of nowhere- Samoa Joe runs in, and has Gabriel on his back! Gabriel is screaming, and does everything he can to get out, but he's trapped as Joe goes for the...


    Daniels: This is why I wanna face Joe. He's got it all, but I wanna prove that he's not better than the X-Division Champion!

    Samoa Joe quickly goes for the cover as Gabriel is out...



    Thr-WAIT! AJ Styles strikes with a Springboard Moonsault from nowhere and he lands on Joe & Gabriel to break up the pin! All 3 men are down, but it's AJ who seems to be showing signs of slowly getting up first. AJ grabs the ropes for leverage, and he eventually gets up! He picks Samoa Joe up, and goes for a Clothesline- but Joe ducks as AJ misses. Joe grabs him, and turns him around!

    He throws him to the corner, and he slowly runs over to hit him with a Running Enzuigiri- he goes for it but AJ ducks as Joe misses! AJ quickly runs over to Joe who is out on the floor and slowly getting up, but he nails him with a Superkick!

    Matthews: What a Superkick!

    Cole: Yeah, well if Samoa Joe was up- he would've blocked that easily.

    AJ goes for the cover on Joe...




    Cole: HE KICKS OUT!

    Daniels: Joe is simply a beast- he's got his eyes on MY title, and he'll do anything to get a shot at it. And I don't know what's better- me being the X-Division Champion, or seeing AJ's face whenever Gabriel or Joe kick out when AJ pins them!

    Cole: *laughs* This is why Daniels is the X-Division Champion haha!

    AJ can't believe that Joe has kicked out, but he's going to have to believe the fact that Joe's just hit him with a vicious headbutt! AJ is on the ground, as Joe is up- and Joe runs from one side to another to strike with a Leg Drop! He grabs AJ by the leg, and locks him in an Ankle Lock as AJ begins to scream in pain!

    Matthews: Ankle Lock! Joe's got it locked in! This is the exact same move that made Kenny King tap out last week!

    Joe begins to press harder as AJ struggles to crawl over to the ropes! However...

    Cole: It's.... it's Kenny King! What's he doing out here?!

    Daniels: NO KENNY KING! You son of a bitch! Joe's gonna get distracted now!

    Kenny King is out, and he has a chair with him as he stands on the stage watching Joe! Joe isn't aware of the fact that King is standing on the stage- but he lets go off the Ankle Lock as AJ refuses to give in! Joe turns around, and he sees King!

    King begins to taunt Joe, which makes Joe mad. King shouts "King's gonna kill you", and that just pisses Samoa Joe off!

    Matthews: I don't like this. He isn't 100%, and he's winding Joe up!

    Joe is so pissed off, that he slides outside the ring and runs to King! He's on the stage- but King hits him with a vicious chairshot to the head! King begins to unload on Joe with loads of punches, but security come out to pull King away from a knocked out Joe!

    Back to the ring- AJ is just looking at what's going on, and he's got his eyes off the prize! Justin Gabriel is up, and he quickly rolls AJ up for the cover!




    Matthews: And AJ kicks out again! Oh yeah, Daniels- how do you feel knowing that you won't get Joe at Armageddon?!

    Daniels: *gives Matthews a fierce look.*

    AJ & Gabriel are trading shots in the ring, and Gabriel goes for another one- but AJ grabs his hand, and kicks him in the gut before setting him for his finisher! He has Gabriel in position, and...


    Daniels: NO! NO!

    AJ goes for the cover, as Gabriel is knocked straight out!




    Hemme: Here's your winner, the man who will face Daniels at Armageddon for the X-Division Championship... AJ! Styles!

    Daniels: NO! THIS CAN'T BE!

    Matthews: It's happened!

    Cole: He doesn't deserve this! HE DOESN'T!

    AJ begins to celebrate his huge win as a fuming Daniels gets up from commentary, and grabs his X-Division Championship! He walks over to the ramp, and goes to head to the back as the crowd chant AJ! AJ! AJ! Daniels turns around on the stage, and he begins to nod at AJ with a furious look on his face, and AJ replies with the P1 sign as Impact heads off the air!

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    Why not?...

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    Raw's gonna be posted in a bit.

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    Make sure you read, it should be a mad one.

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    Final filler!

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