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    JR: Welcome back folks and before the break you saw Sting defeat Kurt Angle and now Sting’s opponent Ryback is going to go one on one with Muhammad Hassan, who has had his own problems as of late.

    King: Well Alex Riley created the problem and Muhammad Hassan now has to solve it, and he sent the message loud and clear last week. Maybe Alex Riley will just leave, everything was better before he got here.

    JR: Well I doubt that is going to happen…

    King: Hassan doesn’t look happy at what you just said JR.

    JR: I think its cause he knows it’s true. Hassan made the problem bigger last week. If he just graciously accepted defeat none of this would have happened.

    King: You know that Hassan can’t do that, because he is the better man. Riley just happened to get lucky on one night. It was a fluke, beginner’s luck, no more no less.

    JR: Well I can’t agree but anyways he shouldn’t worry about Riley because he has a bigger problem on his hands because his opponent is…

    JR: Ryback! And you know Ryback is using this match as a warm up to his match with Sting at Survivor Series. A lot is on the line for both men and you know how bad both men want it.

    King: Well both can’t have it. They keep claiming they are trying to get justice by winning at Survivor Series, but what justice is there to get?

    JR: Because both men have been overlooked thus far and they are finally getting the shot both men deserve.

    King: Are you kidding me? Overlooked? They are even lucky they are on the card when you have the likes of Chris Jericho, the United Kingdom and Muhammad Hassan! If you ask me I think it’s a disservice to some members of the roster that these two men are getting this shot and not them!

    JR: Well I think they both deserve it, and I’m sure both will fight very hard to get the justice they deserve on Sunday, but right now Ryback is looking to match the momentum Sting gained earlier with a victory over Kurt Angle, let’s see if he can do it, or will Sting have the upper hand going into Survivor Series?

    Ryback vs. Muhammad Hassan

    Watch to 1:30 to 3:02

    JR: Hassan looking for the elbow drop… Ryback moves!

    Ryback moves out of the way of the elbow and Hassan lands on it hard. Hassan gets up shaking and grabbing at his arm when he is hit with a big boot from Ryback. Hassan falls to the mat and hits it hard and bounces to a seated position where Ryback picks Hassan up by the head and hits him with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Hassan arches his back and is up quickly leaning against the turnbuckle. Ryback charges but Hassan gets a knee to the face. Ryback staggers back as Hassan climbs the turnbuckle, he jumps, and Ryback catches him!

    JR: What strength by Ryback.

    Ryback then tosses Hassan with a fall away slam. Ryback comes over and picks Hassan up by the head leans him against the ropes and whips him into the opposite ropes. Ryback bends down where Hassan catches him with a kick. Ryback stands up as Hassan bounces off the ropes once more and he runs right into a huge back body drop. Hassan hits the mat hard and arches his back in pain. Hassan slowly gets to his feet with an assist from Ryback who picks him up and places Hassan’s head in between his legs. Ryback lifts Hassan up for a powerbomb…

    King: No powerbomb for Ryback, Hassan jumps over… belly to back suplex backbreaker! Hassan could have him here! Cover…



    JR: Ryback with a kickout!

    Ryback kicks out as the backbreaker takes a lot out of him. Hassan quickly comes back and stomps repeatedly on Ryback who tries to fight him off. Ryback gets to a knee when Hassan comes over grabs him with a front facelock and hits a spinning front facelock elbow drop.

    King: He calls that the Finishing Touch.

    JR: Is it the finishing touch on Ryback? Cover…




    JR: Ryback kicks out!

    Hassan slaps the mat as he looks frustrated. He gets up and stalks Ryback as Ryback gets to his knees he begins to crawl and as he does Hassan pounces on him and locks in the camel clutch!

    King: Camel Clutch! Camel Clutch he has it locked in!

    JR: Does he though?

    Hassan moves up and is able to lock in the Camel Clutch on Ryback. Ryback tries to reach for the ropes but he is fading fast as Hassan has the hold expertly applied. Ryback reaches and tries to move towards the ropes but he fades and now his body falls limp. The crowd starts cheering for Ryback as Hassan tells the ref to check and he obliges. The ref lifts Ryback’s arm and it falls… once… twice…

    King: He has him here…

    JR: Thre… NO! Ryback keeps his arm up.

    Ryback is now squirming around reaching for the ropes. He even is able to crawl forward a bit and Hassan tries to relock in the hold and as he does Ryback slides his arms out and gets to a knee and is able to stand up with Hassan on his back and hits him with the Boulder Holder (backpack stunner).

    JR: What a maneuver from Ryback to escape the hold.

    Ryback now slowly gets to his feet as he waits for Hassan to get up. Ryback pumps his arm as he waits and the crowd chants Feed Me More, and Hassan uses the top rope to pick himself up. He turns and Ryback runs at him and Hassan ducks and rolls out of the ring.

    King: Brilliant by Hassan to move!

    Hassan starts to look at Ryback in the ring as he debates whether to go in or not. Hassan continues to stare at Ryback as Ryback begs him to come back in, and as the ref begins to count 1…2…3… Hassan waves Ryback off and goes around the ring to the ramp and backs up the ramp looking at Ryback. Ryback holds his arms out asking Hassan to come back and Hassan fakes it but continues to back up as the ref continues the count 4…5…6…

    JR: Oh Hassan showing his true colors here. He knew he was in trouble and instead of facing Ryback like a man he cowers out and will take a countout loss.

    King: Not worth it. Ryback is below Hassan’s level just like Alex Riley…

    JR: Speaking of Alex Riley!

    Alex Riley’s music hits as the fans boos turn to cheers and Hassan startled turns and looks at the stage where Riley comes out. Riley is in no mood as he gives a death stare at Hassan before running after him. Hassan begs with Riley to let him go and backs down the ramp and trips. Riley is able to catch up to Hassan, and grabs Hassan by the head and throws him back in the ring. Hassan stands up and begs with Riley who backs up the ramp and points at Ryback, and Hassan turns and eats a vicious Meat Hook!

    King: Oh come on! That should have been a disqualification.

    JR: For what? Alex Riley didn’t do anything.

    Ryback goes back over to Hassan, picks him up and places him on his shoulders where he marches around the ring with Hassan on his shoulders and hits Hassan with Shell Shock, cover…




    JR: And Ryback matches Sting’s victory from earlier and picks up one of his own with Muhammad Hassan

    King: Both of those wins mean nothing both of their opponents got screwed. First Angle now Hassan, this is a travesty.

    JR: Oh come on King, you can’t say Hassan didn’t have it coming. After what he did to Riley last week you knew Alex Riley would want his revenge, and he got a small measure of that here.

    King: Well he is going to regret this.

    JR: We shall see, just like we shall see what this win for Ryback, or Sting’s win does for either man at Survivor Series. Do they have momentum, does anyone have the upper hand? They both look on an even playing field to me. That should be a great match at Survivor Series.

    King: Oh great and as if we haven’t had enough travesties tonight, now we get to listen to Ryback on the mic!

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    *Alex Riley is seen at the top of the stage smiling and laughing seemingly happy with what he has done to Muhammad Hassan. Hassan from in the ring is just now gathering his wits and from the mat he lifts himself up a bit with his hands as he looks straight at Alex Riley, who continues to smile. Riley then heads to the back continuing to smile and laugh as Hassan rolls out of the ring as receives help from the refs to the back. Ryback continues to stay in the ring and he grabs a mic.*

    Ryback: I've been telling anyone who will listen that this is only the beginning. Kane, Sheamus, Kurt Angle, Muhammad Hassan...these people are only just the beginning of what is to at Survivor Series. But in grand scheme of things, the only people that I thought mattered would be Cody Rhodes or Chris Jericho because one of them will fight for the thing that I want most and that is the WWE Championship. But last week, fate decided to leave me with one final obstacle, Sting.

    Sting, I know you’re up there in the rafters, watching over me, listening intently to my words but you haven’t had the displeasure of feeling my wrath. I’ve always yearned for this opportunity and I have Sting to thank for inspiring me to encounter the injustice at hand and now, at Survivor Series, it all pays off when Ryback and Sting clash for the first time ever and when the dust is settled, only one man can be worthy to be named as the number one contender for the WWE title.

    I am either Sting’s biggest nightmare or easiest prey. Though his face may not betray his ulterior motives, his actions reveal them to me. Sting takes pride in his ability to conceal his emotions. He’s not motivated by instincts, only objectives. I’m the opposite. Where he’s a tactician of mind games, I’m an animal, bred to devour any and all opposition that stand between me and what my instinct desires the most. I can either consume the shadows of darkness, that Sting employs, or I can be destroyed by them. I don’t think. I don’t plan. I can’t afford it just like I can’t afford to lose at Survivor Series. I may be in debt to Sting’s advice but more than anything, that makes even more important that I’m the man who gets his arm raised in victory because it’ll be all for nothing if I don’t take advantage of what I’ve been granted.

    Respect aside, admiration forgotten, Sting, there will be nothing that will keep me from beating you! My eyes are locked on the prize and that’s all I need!

    JR: Sting!

    King: He is back already? My god he can't stop staying out of the spotlight.

    The lights go out in the arena, lightning arcs around the rafters as the music signals the arrival of The Icon, Sting. With the lights out no one sees Sting make his entrance but everyone can sense his presence. The lights come back on and Sting is standing in the ring opposite Ryback, both men lock eyes and Sting points his baseball bat at the hulking brute of a man who remains unintimidated. In Stings other hand is a microphone, he raises it to speak.

    Sting: You're confident... you're driven and well-motivated Ryback, you're hungry... starved for the respect you crave and the accolades that you deserve... you have your eyes on the prize and you know exactly what you need to do to get it.. Beat me. I can respect that, it's what I expect from you... you're young and destined for great things... but now is just not your time. Ryback you may have won tonight, you may have looked impressive and you sent your message loud and clear. Survivor Series won't be easy, I get that. But if you think that winning tonight has any bearing on what will happen when we lock horns... think again.

    You're not the only one who picked up a big win tonight. Cast your eyes back to earlier in the night, Kurt Angle, the former real American hero. Last week I knocked off Chris Jericho... a week before that Mick Foley. I won a handicap match against the Flock... Ryback the shadow is growing and you're not the only one that hungers. The darkness is ever growing... ever shifting... feasting ceaselessly on people foolhardy enough to face it. The Flock is gone Ryback... they fought and where did it get them? You should be afraid Ryback... you should be very afraid... because no amount of brute force will solve your problems when the lights go out.

    Sting and Ryback stare each other down, keeping a respectful distance as Sting twirls his baseball bat slowly in his hand.

    Sting: I want you to make no mistake Ryback, I'm often hunted but I’m nobody's prey. At Survivor Series I will be right here in this ring, as I’m sure you will too, and I will give you the toughest match you could possibly imagine. You're not the only one out to prove himself. The WWE title means more to me than you could possibly imagine. I've had a long career... a VERY long career. I've been WCW champion... I was the Icon... the legend. I fought Hulk Hogan, I battled greats like Ric Flair... Kevin Nash... Scott Hall... I've been TNA champion too. But there's one thing in my life that I have never accomplished... and that is winning the WWE Championship.

    But you talk about justice as though you have the weight of the world pressing down on those broad shoulders. Like everyone's out to get you and hold you down. Use that Ryback, use that to elevate yourself to the top... use that fuel to make the fire burning inside you grow ever brighter and one day you will become the WWE Champion... one day. For all of the justice you seek you overlook one thing... you're stepping into the ring with the man who invented it. There is no one in this business who could ever claim to have done what I have done in the pursuit of justice. I put aside my personal feelings... my emotions... I turn myself into an impenetrable fortress... a dark torrent of power from which none may escape.

    You may be looking for justice Ryback, and I truly wish you the best of luck... but I have one thing to say to you... get in line... because when it comes to justice, there's only one man these people turn to, and you're looking right at him.

    Sting lowers his microphone and the two men continue to stare down. The camera switches between both men, intensity burning in the eyes of Ryback and a cold, dark glare in Stings as we head to commercial.

    JR: Strong words and strong showings from both men here tonight. They meet at Survivor Series in a match for the opportunity to be named number one contender to the WWE Championship. Both men have been seeking justice, and at Survivor Series they will get their chance. Who will claim justice for themselves?

    King: And let’s not forget this epic match was courtesy of our esteemed RAW is WAR General Manager Eve!

    JR: As well as this next match coming after the commercial break. Last week the United Kingdom won a tag team match over the Kings of Wrestling to earn themselves a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships here tonight, and that match will be our main event and happen, right after this commercial break!


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    JR: Well folks it’s that time… time for our main event of the evening and this is huge, a WWE Tag Team Championship match between Edge of Honor members the Kings of Wrestling, and United Kingdom members William Regal and Drew McIntyre

    King: And after weeks of people saying that William Regal and Drew McIntyre could no longer coexist and that the United Kingdom was crumbling they proved everyone wrong last week when they beat the Kings of Wrestling.

    JR: Yes they did, and that victory, per stipulation of the match last week from General Manager Eve, has led to this match this week, so it looks like we are going to get a little preview of what is going to happen Sunday at Survivor Series. Now obviously both sides are missing two members from who will be in the match on Sunday, but nonetheless it is a small sample of what is to come.

    JR: And as you know the feud between the Kings of Wrestling and United Kingdom stems a bit further than just the EOH and UK feud. In fact these two teams have met for the titles before, at War Games, which the Kings won.

    King: But that doesn’t matter now. The team of Regal and McIntyre are a different team than they were then, they have overcome obstacles and proven everyone else wrong that there are no more problems between the two, and now with a victory over the Kings last week all they have to do is the same thing and they will be the new WWE Tag Team Champions!

    JR: Well I think the Kings of Wrestling will take what they did wrong from last week and use it to their advantage this week. Last week the titles weren’t on the line, this week they are and you know they have studied that tape as much as possible to the point where they feel confident they can retain here tonight.

    King: Unfortunately it’s not going to be enough for them because Regal & McIntyre are back on the same page. There is nothing that can distract them no more, there are no longer any problems between the two. Right now they are focused on one thing and one thing only, repeating last week except this time winning the Titles!

    JR: Well they did look impressive in their victory last week.

    King: Of course they did because they got over their problems and are back to being the most dominant stable to ever grace the WWE, and after they win the titles here tonight, they are going to win at Survivor Series and then go on to win all of the titles in the WWE.

    JR: Well I still think it was a bit premature for Eve to lift the ban on the UK for not having title matches just because of their actions for one week. But I’m not the General Manager.

    King: Well that’s cause Eve knows what is best for business. The WWE Universe wants to see title matches, the UK deserves the title shots, and everyone is happy. I for one am happy she lifted the ban it makes for more interesting television as well as rewards the UK for what they deserve.

    JR: Well will the UK walk out with the titles and gain even more momentum heading into Survivor Series or will the Kings of Wrestling retain and get some much needed momentum for the Edge of Honor? Let’s find out!

    Kings of Wrestling vs. United Kingdom
    (El Generico = Drew McIntyre; Colt Cabana = William Regal)

    Watch 4:00 till 10:55

    King: Regal with a breakup of the pin, saving the match and the WWE Tag Team Titles for the UK!

    JR: Well a huge King’s Landing there by the Kings of Wrestling. I thought they had it, but if they want to retain they need to stay on McIntyre they have the advantage right now.

    Hero gets up off the pin and starts to yell at Regal as the ref tries to separate the two. The ref orders Regal back to his corner as he puts his arms out acting like he did nothing. Then from the opposite corner Claudio Castagnoli charges at Regal, and Regal drops down, pulls the top rope down and Castagnoli goes over the top rope. Regal gets out as Hero turns back towards McIntyre who hits him with a huge dropkick. Hero is sent backwards into the turnbuckle where McIntyre runs and hits a running forearm, Hero staggers out and McIntyre hits a bridging northern lights suplex, cover…



    Chris Hero kicks out. McIntyre then grabs Hero by the head and walks over to his corner where he tags in Regal. McIntyre drags Hero back to the middle of the ring where he hits a snap suplex, and Regal bounces off the ropes and follows with a knee drop. Hero rolls around as Regal stalks him and when Hero gets to his feet Regal hits a European uppercut followed by a Regal-plex and another cover…




    Hero kicks out again. Regal now lays into Hero a little bit before locking in the Regal Stretch!

    King: Regal Stretch! Regal Stretch! The UK is about to become the new WWE Tag Team Champions!

    Regal has the hold applied and Hero writhes in pain. He reaches out towards the ropes but he is nowhere close and he tries to move but Regal has the hold locked in too well. Regal stretches and pulls back as far as possible as Hero writhes in more pain. Hero tries to pick himself up off the ground but he collapses under the weight. Hero now lies flat on the ground and his hand is in the air and it is wavering…

    King: Yes… Yes…

    JR: No! Castagnoli in to break up the submission.

    McIntyre runs in and lays out Castagnoli with a big boot that sends him out of the ring. McIntyre follows after as Regal comes over and shouts instructions to McIntyre. Regal turns back into the ring and is met with rapid double palm strikes to the chest and locks in a cravate hold. Hero holds it for a minute before following with a cravate suplex. Hero then runs and hits a double leg stomp followed by a jumping senton. Hero then gets up and tags in Castagnoli who comes in and they both pick Regal up send him against the ropes and hit him with…

    JR: KRS One! Cover…




    King: Regal kicks out! The UK is still alive!

    JR: The Kings of Wrestling are close though!

    Castagnoli gets up and now stalks Regal. Regal gets to his knees and begins to claw at Castagnoli trying to get up. Castagnoli picks Regal up by the head and then picks him up in the air and hits a huge Very European Uppercut. Regal collapses to the mat and once again Castagnoli waits on Regal. Regal now claws and grabs Castagnoli’s boot, and Castagnoli places Regal’s head in between his legs and hits a Neutralizer.

    JR: Neutralizer from Castagnoli! The Kings could retain right here, cover…




    King: No! Kickout from Regal! That was close!

    Regal kicks out and Castagnoli does not look worried as he gets to his feet. He grabs Regal by the head and calls for the finish.

    JR: Here it comes, Ricola…

    King: Back Body Drop!

    Regal counters with a back body drop and both men fall to the ground and now crawl to their corners. They get close and Regal tags in McIntyre, Castagnoli tags in Hero! McIntyre comes in with a running back elbow. Hero gets up and McIntyre hits a clothesline. Hero gets right back up and runs for a Big Boot but Hero ducks and hits a discus elbow smash to the back of McIntyre’s head!

    JR: He may be out!

    Hero tags in Castagnoli who runs over and hits a bicycle kick to Regal knocking him off the apron. Castagnoli comes back grabs McIntyre by the legs and…

    JR: King’s Landing a second time! Cover…




    JR: The Kings of Wrestling are still WWE Tag Team Champions! A hellacious battle, but the Kings of Wrestling were just a bit better here tonight, and they gain a much needed victory for the Edge of Honor and now gain a bit of momentum heading into Survivor Series.

    King: You know what? I’m over it, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the match at Survivor Series on Sunday. The UK is more focused on that right now, and after they win they are going to get these titles I assure you.

    JR: Well the Kings of Wrestling are celebrating here tonight but will this be the scene come Sunday at Survivor Series?

    King: No because they aren’t going to be celebrating much longer.

    *What King is referring to is Wade Barrett and Sheamus running down the ramp, they slide in and attack both Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli. The titles fall to the ground as both Barrett and Sheamus begin to beat down on the two wasted and spent members of Edge of Honor.*

    JR: Attacking these two men after a match like that… how did I know the UK would stoop to a new low.

    *As they continue to beat down and the boo’s reign down, those boo’s quickly turn to cheers as CM Punk and Tyler Black spring down the ramp. They break up the attack and begin to lay into Barrett and Sheamus, then both men at the same time toss both men over the top rope.*

    King: The Edge of Honor was able to fight them off tonight but that is not going to be the case at Survivor Series.

    JR: Well the UK is retreating tonight will they be retreating at Survivor Series? Will the Edge of Honor e standing tall like they are tonight?

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    *The cameras cut backstage to show an enraged Muhammad Hassan walking around the back. He does not look happy with the results of what happened earlier, as he is hitting and tossing random objects all over the place, making a mess to show his displeasure. He then walks up to a group of stagehands.*

    Hassan: WHERE'S RILEY?

    *Hassan wildly screams at the random group of stagehands who look scared, they shake their head and then run away as Hassan gives them a look*

    Hassan: WHERE IS HE?

    *Hassan looks in trashcan.*

    Hassan: Are you in here? Because you're nothing but garbage

    *Hassan approaches another stagehand.*

    Hassan: Have you seen him?

    *Hassan points at a rather obese man.*

    Hassan: Don't answer that, I bet you can't even see your own penis, let alone another person.

    *A big rounds of boos is heard from the audience as they do not like Hassan's words.*

    Hassan: Has anyone seen Riley?

    *Hassan turns to see an interview taking place with Matt Striker. Hassan walks over and grabs the mic.*

    Hassan: This interview is over! Striker since you are the weasel around here, and you seem to know everything. Please tell me, where is Alex Riley?

    *Striker is about to speak.*

    Hassan: And if the next answer isn't the correct one, I will punch you in the mouth so hard you will never speak ever again.

    *Striker is about to speak again.*

    Hassan: You know what? Don't say anything at all. Just tell Riley when you see him that The Great Hassan is looking for him. I want you to tell him, that he's going to regret what he has done tonight. And that I want him to stop acting like a bitch, and face me like a man. And if he doesn't come out at RAW is WAR. Well then I'm going to take all this anger I have for Riley, out on you. You got that.

    *Striker goes to speak.*

    Hassan: GOOOOOOO!!!!

    JR: Well Muhammad Hassan appears to be in a foul mood.

    King: And he should be! Alex Riley had no part in getting involved yet he did, Muhammad Hassan was ready to walk out on an inferior opponent, and then Riley decides to get involved throwing Hassan back in to the match that he rightfully didn't have to compete in and gave Ryback a win.

    JR: But do you not think Hassan deserved that? Especially after what he did last week? Either way those two will settle their differences at a later date, but for Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes they settle their differences at Survivor Series over the WWE Championship, without Eve at ringside. The contract signing for that match is up next!


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    *The cameras come back from commercial break, and the ring is set up for Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, but this Highlight Reel has a different feel and setup to it. Instead of the traditional screen and two chairs, we now have a screen, the two chairs which are opposite each other separated by a table, set up for the contract signing.*

    JR: And as you can see the ring is set up for this special edition of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, which will be a contract signing for the WWE Championship match at Survivor Series! Both men know the terms of the deal and are ready to put ink to paper and make it official. The match at Survivor Series will be a one on one match with Eve banned at ringside

    King: And speaking of our great and esteemed General Manager here she comes now! I must say we have seen a lot of her tonight and I for one am not disappointed!

    JR: Of course you're not King, anything for more puppies. Or more Eve showing blatant favoritism.

    King: You were praising her earlier.

    JR: Until I remembered that she and Chris Jericho were discussing a plan earlier in the night that I am sure is to try and screw Cody Rhodes over either here tonight or at Survivor Series. Either way I don't like it and I don't have a good feeling about this. Hopefully Cody Rhodes can sniff this out.

    Eve's music plays and the crowd receives her with a mixed reaction. She makes her way down the ramp with a huge grin across her face and a briefcase in her hand. Once she enters the ring the referee hands her a mic and her music ends.

    Eve: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a very special edition of Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel. I have in my hand a briefcase and inside it is the contract that Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes must sign in order to make their match at Survivor Series official.

    The fans cheer.

    Eve: As a sign of good faith this contract states that if either Rhodes or Jericho were to attack each other at any point before the contract is signed, the match at Survivor Series will be canceled.

    The fans boo.

    Eve: So now let's give a warm welcome to the guest of the night... Cody Rhodes.

    The fans explode with cheers as Cody Rhodes walks out of the curtain in his hooded sleeveless jacket. He squats down and throws the hood back to reveal himself. The fans cheer loudly as he walks down the ramp, slapping a few hands of fans as the crowd cheer. Rhodes jumps onto the apron before climbing into the ring. He ignores the hand held out by Eve, walking straight past her and jumping onto a turnbuckle to another big cheer. Rhodes jumps down and sits down, facing the ramp.

    Eve: And let's give a warm welcome to your host for this Highlight Reel... Chris Jericho.

    Out comes Chris Jericho in his trademark suit with a smug grin as always. Jericho swaggers down the ramp, his Money in the Bank briefcase in hand. Just as he climbs the steel steps, Eve comes over and opens the ropes for Jericho to come in, and he does and Eve smiles at Jericho, who stares with his smug look back. He then turns his attention back towards Cody Rhodes and just stares at Rhodes. Jericho then sits down at the table, placing his MiTB briefcase on the table, as Eve continues to smile and places the briefcase with the contract down on the table. Jericho and Rhodes continue to remain fixated with a stare at each other, neither man blinking or looking away. Eve makes a small noise and Rhodes looks at her.

    Cody looks at the briefcase before reaching over and picking up a microphone. He looks at Eve, before turning to Jericho.

    Cody Rhodes: So this is where we finally make it all official- huh, Chris? This is where you and I sign the dotted lines, the dotted lines on our destiny and what awaits us at Survivor Series- what awaits the world at Survivor Series.

    The crowning of a brand new WWE Champion.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Cody Rhodes: It has been two long months since that WWE Championship was held by anybody, since Austin Aries was forced to vacate it after he and I put of a match of the year contender to put everything we had into being the WWE Champion the very next night. Austin won that battle, but the very next night, his reign came to an end.

    You see, Austin had overdone it. He pushed his own body past its limits to beat me in my first challenge, and he didn’t even entirely beat me. I passed out because I wasn’t going to give up in my first challenge for the WWE Championship.

    That’s what separates you and I Chris.

    Rhodes leans forwards as Jericho sits back in his chair, looking uninterested.

    Cody Rhodes: You’ve held the WCW Championship, but you understood when you were the WCW Champion that it’s not quite up to the standards of the WWE Championship. It’s not quite up to the standards of being known as the champion of the top company in the entire world of wrestling, of a company that changed this industry.

    So you weren’t really that bothered when you lost the WCW Championship were you, Chris? All those years ago, you weren’t really that bothered to lose to The Rock, because you set your sights on something bigger. And what happened? You beat The Rock and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin in the same night to become the WWE Undisputed Champion.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Cody Rhodes: I have to respect that Chris, you’re a hell of a competitor. You’ve beaten them all, every single person to walk through those doors, you have beaten every single last one of them and you’ve never looked back. As the Undisputed Champion, you knocked off both Stone Cold and The Rock. You became the top guy in this company.

    But you did it all on your first real one-on-one match for the WWE Championship.

    The fans boo again, although most are silent as they wait to see where Rhodes is going with this.

    Cody Rhodes: I lost my first one-on-one match for the WWE Championship.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Cody Rhodes: You understand the hunger and desire when you’re heading to your first challenge Chris, you know what I felt that night before the match, but afterwards? The embarrassment, the shame, the disappointment. You didn’t feel any of that. Where did I go from there? Sure, you and I had had our little standoff, the first real showing that we were on a collision path, but I had nothing to really go for.

    Not until Aries’ vacated the title.

    The fans give off a small cheer.

    Cody Rhodes: I pushed Aries past his limit, he needed to be injured to beat me. When he vacated, it all changed. That night, I got a second chance. And if you think the hunger on your first opportunity is bad Chris, the second is even worse.

    When we finally came around to getting that match, inside of a steel cage, you and I put it all on the line. We understood that we had to put it all on the line to become the WWE Champion because we both want to be known as the best, as the very, very best this industry has to offer.

    And that night, we were both robbed.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Cody Rhodes: So now Chris, I have my third opportunity, I’m not hungry anymore, I’m starving...and come Survivor Series, I’m going-

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    Jericho: You're going to lose.

    The fans boo

    Jericho: You don't think that I have that same desire? That same hunger to win that WWE Championship again? You think that you're hungrier than me for it? You think that your desire to win that Championship outreaches mine? Do you? Well you're wrong.
    You see, here's another position that I've been in that you haven't. You correctly pointed out that I have been to the top, I've been 'the man', I've been the top man in this company before. I've beaten them all, I've been the go to guy in this company. And here's the catch; when you've been there once, you want what every man has always wanted and lusted for; more.

    The crowd boo

    Jericho: Once you've had one bite, two bites, three bites of the same cake, you want more, you want it all. Why settle for a little when you can always have more. And you see it's that lust, that hunger, that desire for more that will propel me to winning the WWE Championship again.

    The crowd boo

    Jericho: It might not happen this Sunday at Survivor Series, and you might be surprised by this; I accept that. But it's going to happen. Those words you can mark for eternity, because as long as I have this *Jericho grabs the MITB briefcase and raises it, before putting it back down on the table* I will always have what a wise man would call an insurance policy. Because I am an honest man. And when I say that I'm going to win the WWE Championship again, you can believe those words.

    The crowd boo

    Jericho: And you talked there about something very important, something that struck a chord; respect. You see, when I stepped into that ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, they didn't respect me. They didn't rate me. They didn't think I was anything more than a jumped up rookie that didn't belong, and I accepted that, I knew that. But I went out there and I proved myself to them and I earned their respect.

    And that's exactly my problem with you Cody Rhodes. You don't like me because I don't respect you. You don't like me because I treat you as if you're beneath me. Well guess what? Respect is earned in this business, and come Sunday, I'm going to be Stone Cold, I'm going to be The Rock, and you're going to be Chris Jericho, and you're going to have to go out there and you're going to have to beat me if you want my respect. If you beat me, then you will earn a measure of my respect that I can guarantee. But if you think that this match is going to be anything less than a walk through hell, then you are making the grave mistake of underestimating me, and you're making the big mistake of not respecting me.

    The crowd give a mixed reaction to this but it's mostly boos once again as Jericho stares a hole through Rhodes, who smiles and shakes his head.

    Cody Rhodes: You still don’t seem to get it, do you?

    The fans cheer as Rhodes stands up.

    Cody Rhodes: For months, I have worked my ass off for this spot. I can trace it all the way back to before WrestleMania, before the United States Championship tournament. That tournament propelled me to being the top guy in the midcard of Raw. I held a title that was sought after by some of the very best in this industry.

    But that was it, I wanted more.

    The fans cheers once again.

    Cody Rhodes: For all of those months, I looked above me- and saw one man. Do you know who that man was Chris? Of course you do.

    The fans boo as Jericho smirks up at Eve, who returns to smile.

    Cody Rhodes: It was you. You were the guy just a few months ago. And for a total of 162 days, from WrestleMania to The Great American Bash...we both held titles. We were both the guy in our respective divisions. But afterwards, I got myself up a class. I made my way into the main events and I put everything on the line to get just one shot at that gold.

    Don’t get me wrong Chris, I know you’re hungry for that gold- just like everybody in the back but the difference here is you don’t seem to understand that you are a vision for this company.

    The fans are suddenly silent as Rhodes looks down at Jericho, who slowly stands up.

    Cody Rhodes: I may be getting the cheers from the crowd, but I’m not the man. Right now Chris Jericho, there is nobody bigger, nobody better and quite frankly, nobody as good as Chris Jericho. You’re the best in the world at what you do. You’re a seven time World Champion. You’ve seen it all and done it all.

    But in the process, you’ve lost the kid. The kid you were all those years ago when you broke into this business. It’s been 23 years since you broke into this business Chris- and if that kid 23 years ago saw you now, what would he say?

    There are many, many differences between you and I, Chris but the one that will always stand out is that I don’t forget where I come from.

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Cody Rhodes: This industry isn’t just a hobby to me, it’s not just a job. You, you’ve got your rock career, you’ve got your TV shows. I don’t have any of that. I turn up every single morning with a smile on my face because you know what? I love this.

    I love this company, I love this sport. This isn’t a hobby to me, it’s in my blood. Cut me open Chris and I will bleed wrestling. My father, my brother, they put everything into building this business and people like you Chris, you’re taking it all away.

    This is met by a mixed reaction, mostly cheers with a scattering of boos.

    Cody Rhodes: The reason you’re the best in the world at what you do is because you’re good in this ring, but the man you are is nothing short of an arrogant, smug son of a bitch, and you know what Chris? I’m sick of you.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Cody Rhodes: You may be a future WWE Champion, but respect aside, it won’t happen this Sunday. I’m walking into Survivor Series as The Golden Boy but I’m walking out The Man. I’m walking out as the NEW WWE Champion.

    The fans explode with cheers as Rhodes stares intensely at Jericho.

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    Eve: Well as much as I hate to interrupt what could inevitably become a whole night's worth of bickering between the two of you I'm afraid the show must go on and quite frankly I have places to be so...

    Eve opens the briefcase and pulls out the contract and a pen.

    Eve: If the two of you would be so kind as to sign on the dotted lines we can make this match between you official once and for all.

    Rhodes looks down at the contract before up at Eve. He slides it across to him on the table and picks up the pen. He looks up at Jericho and smiles before signing the contract. Rhodes throws the pen under-armed at Jericho, who is still sat down, and steps backwards.
    Jericho smirks before shaking his head, before proceeding to slide the contract over and signing the paper. He calmly places the pen on the paper and slides it back across the table.

    Jericho: So there we go, it's sealed. This is the match you wanted, this is the chance you wanted, and here we are, you're getting it. And let me make this clear; I don't mind you getting this chance Cody Rhodes. In fact, I welcome that a fresh young challenger like yourself is getting this chance. As you pointed out, you're now in the same position that I was in all those years ago, and I do indeed see a lot of me in you.

    But there's one thing that I had that you don't have; you don't have that ruthless streak. You think that I achieved what I've achieved by being the nice guy? Do you think that I got all my achievements by being a little angel? No.

    Know this and know it well; you need to be ruthless if you want to succeed in this business. That's how I did it and that's how you're going to have to do it if you want to beat me.

    Crowd boo

    Jericho: And I get it. You've worked your ass off for this opportunity. You've worked through the ranks of this company to arrive at this point. And if you beat me on Sunday, you'll earn my respect. I say that because I mean it and I am an honest man. And if you beat me at Survivor Series, you will earn my respect.

    the crowd give a mixed reaction to this

    Jericho: But if you think for one second that I'm going to lie down and go away because some jumped up kid like you thinks that I'm destroying the business, then you can frankly go to hell, because if that's what you actually believe, then you don't deserve my respect or anyone else's respect for that matter.

    The crowd boo

    Jericho: I am the best in the world at what I do and I deserve to be the WWE Champion, not you, not nobody else, me. People tune in to Raw to see me, my face. They tune in to hear what I have to say, because I peak peoples curiosity and I make them ask questions. These hypocrites want to see me and they want to hear what I have to say, even though they boo me. They're the parasites that are sucking the life out of this company because they're the ones that are choosing to boo the best talent on this show.

    The crowd boo as Jericho gets up

    Jericho: But after this Sunday, these people, people won't have a choice, because after this Sunday I WILL be the first ever WWE Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank. And when that happens, things will never, EVER be the same...... again.

    Jericho quickly throws the mic down and stares at Rhodes with a serious look on his face as Eve quickly grabs the contract and clipboard, as well as Chris Jericho's MiTB briefcase. Jericho then flips the table right onto Rhodes who falls down, and Chris Jericho pounces on Rhodes and starts to lay into him with rights and lefts. Eve is quick to leave the ring as she stands right next to the commentary table to watch what is going on, holding both the contract and clipboard and Chris Jericho's MiTB briefcase.

    JR: So this was their plan? Attack Cody Rhodes? But doesn't Chris realize now that the match is canceled? He just cost himself a shot at the WWE Championship! Cody Rhodes should be awarded the title!

    King: You're wrong JR, it isn't canceled. Eve said if both men touched each other before they signed the contract the match would be canceled. They both signed the contract everything is legal.

    JR: This was a setup... a damn setup is what this was!

    King: No this was smart... and this plan worked to perfection. You thought after all the recent failings of the plans of Eve and Chris Jericho this one was bound to fail yet they outsmarted each and every person. It worked just how they wanted it too! Chris Jericho is going to walk out Survivor Series WWE Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank!

    *Almost on queue Chris Jericho gets up from beating Rhodes and throws the table out of the way and rips off his suit jacket and removes his tie. He goes over to the ropes and demands a briefcase from Eve, who hands him his Money in the Bank briefcase. Jericho then holds his briefcase as he lines up Cody Rhodes, and Rhodes struggles to his feet as he grabs the top rope. He props himself up, turns towards Jericho and ducks the briefcase shot! Jericho stops himself and turns as he looks straight back at Rhodes readying his briefcase, but Rhodes charges Jericho with the briefcase that was previously holding the Survivor Series contract, and Jericho quickly ducks and rolls out of the ring. Eve is quick to demand something from the stagehand and it turns out to be the WWE Championship. She hurriedly runs over to Chris Jericho, who is backing up the ramp holding his MiTB briefcase. Both of them back up the ramp together as Rhodes comes over to the ropes and throws the empty briefcase out towards them, which crashes and lands on the ramp. Rhodes rips off his jacket, furious, as he demands Jericho to come back in the ring but Jericho just stands there with a smug look on his face. Both Jericho and Eve reach the top of the ramp and stare right back at Rhodes who is returning the stare begging Jericho to come back in.*

    JR: Their plan was foiled again! Cody Rhodes was able to fight it off, just shows how much he wants this WWE Championship!

    King: The plan wasn't foiled... it worked to perfection, they got in Cody Rhodes' head now!

    JR: Well we will see how much that actually worked come Sunday at Survivor Series when they meet one on one for the WWE Championship!

    King: The scene you see now will be the same one you see Sunday!

    *At the top of the ramp Eve raises Chris Jericho's arm, as they both raise their arms in unison. In Jericho's free hand he holds his MiTB briefcase, in his hand raises by Eve they both hold the WWE Championship, and in Eve's free hand she raises the Survivor Series contract. Rhodes just stands on the ropes staring back at the two, as this image can be seen in the titantron behind Eve and Jericho as the broadcast fades to black.*


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    We are sorry for the delay people. We are sorry to those involved in two of our three Survivor Series matches. But guys, three people worked on this MEGA PPV. I know for a fact I worked my heart out for this PPV, and THBK and Shaz stepped it up thousands of levels too. We will keep going boys and girls, I know it. Thanks for your patience

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    Enough of that Soppy crap! Who's ready for SURVIVOR SERIES! Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles #NotACheapRipOffOfSummerslamISwear

    Estimated Time of Arrival: 3PM GMT (T- 1hr. 46mins.)

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    Never thought i'd say this lol, but the next post will be the beginning of Survivor Series.....YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! etc.

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