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    Raw Is War: Episode 11
    Location: Nassau Coliseum, Long Island NY

    *The pyros blast around the arena as the crowd cheer for the start of Raw Is War, the camera swings around the coliseum before showing the commentary team*

    JR: Hello WWE Universe! We welcome you too Monday night Raw, I am hall of famer Jim Ross and my broadcast partner is fellow hall of famer, Jerry “ the king “ Lawler!

    King: Thanks Ross! Man I’m excited for tonight, we have the last 2 qualifying matches for the Money In the Bank match, we will also continue the United States tournament with two more matches tonight! I can’t wait!

    JR: We are also expecting too here from our Raw GM Teddy Long and from what I hear King.. He has a pretty big announcement for both Raw tonight and for a match at Wrestlemania!

    King: I can’t wait! There’s one thing I’m not looking forward too though Ross..

    JR: Yeah.. What’s that?

    King: We are also expecting to hear from the demented Kane!

    JR: Indeed we are King.. And with Kane around, you never can tell what will happen!

    *Before JR and King can speak some more... The theme song of the most electrifying man in sports entertainment plays out too an eruption of cheers!*

    *The Rock stands at the top of the stage taking in the cheers from the crowd as they chant his name… After a little while Rocky begins too make his way down too the ring with a mic in hand!*

    JR: We are kicking off Raw with the Brahma Bull! Just listen too these fans!

    King: He’s not scheduled too compete tonight.. I can only assume he’s going too respond too the Undertaker after that choke slam last week.

    JR: I think you could be right King, We are about too find out either way!

    *The Rock stands in the ring while the crowd keep chanting his name.. he waits for the crowds chants too die down a little before speaking*

    Rock: FINALLY! The Rock has come back… to Long Island New York!

    *Huge pop from the crowd as they again chant “Rocky” *

    Rock: Taker! Last week things got a little tense.. When the Rock asked you for this match, when the great one asked you.. Man too man for this match, I did so with respect and believe the Rock when he says this.. I do, always have and always will respect you Undertaker!

    *crowd pop*

    Rock: But respect is shown both ways.. And the feeling I got from you, was that you didn’t respect me.. You questioned my heart and desire, offending me.. My family and the millions and
    *crowd join in* Millions of the Rock’s fans! I know what you are thinking deadman.. You are thinking what makes this now movie star think he can do what so many others couldn’t and that’s end the streak at Wrestlemania!

    Well Taker.. So many great superstars and legends have tried, but all of them are missing one thing.. None of them were Dwayne “ The Rock “ Johnson! All joking aside.. The great one is not just a nice nickname.. You know more anybody left in this company that I am indeed the Great one Taker and come Wrestlemania.. The Rock will be taking you down know you’re role boulevard.. Which is on the corner of Jabroni drive, and I will be checking you into the Smackdown Hotel because at Wrestlemania the Rock proves you and any doubters wrong.. With the team bring it army standing by my side I will arrive at Wrestlemania.. Layeth the Smackdown and end the streak!

    *Huge pop from the crowd*

    Rock: But right now.. The Rock is calling you out Taker, Too shake my hand.. Agree too this match face to face and with mutual respect we will head into the biggest Wrestlemania of all time for the biggest match of all time!

    *The Rock is left waiting for seemingly an age, until the chilling gong hits and the arena lights go out and The Undertaker appears at the top of the stage to huge cheers. He makes his way to the ring, microphone in hand.*

    Undertaker: Dwayne, I respect very few people in this business. You don't just get my respect straight away. But despite your haenous act of leaving Wrestling for movies, I do still respect you!

    *The crowd pops big for this as The Rock nods*

    Undertaker: I respect you for the intensity and electricity you bring to the ring every night and I respect everything you have done in this company during the Attitude Era. But there is a side I don't like in all of this. Perhaps you dont realise the significance of the streak when you break out your ludicrous catchphrases, acting as if this whole thing is a big joke to you! One thing, I ask of you Dwayne, is that you take this match seriously, drop the catchphrases and truly give these people a night to remember.

    *The crowd stands to applaud Taker.*

    Undertaker: I do have my doubts whether you are really good enough to face me.... You, have not had a match for so long now, that I worry whether you still have it. You see, while you were away shooting movies, I had the most sucess in my career, winning multiple titles. Everyone knows I'm almost impossible to beat on any given night. But what you and all these people seem to fail to realise is that I am invincible on the night of Wrestlemania! Only 18 men can attest to the fact that I am truly unbeatable on that night. So, I have one question for you Dwayne.... do you really think you can do it? Do you really think you can keep me down for 3 seconds when Flair, Kane, HHH, two men at the same time haven't. You really think you can because you're the Great One. Deep down you know the answer and you also know that while 'The Phenom' is not a nickname, that's all 'The Great One' is. A nickname. Think about it....

    *With the Rock holding out his hand.. Taker looks at his hand, snorts and shakes his head before turning away.. Rock however pulls on Taker’s jacket before both men are face to face, with the crowd on there feet and the whole arena tense for what is about too happen next… Rock says shake my hand only for Taker too turn away once more as the Rock this time spin’s Taker round before hitting the Rock Bottom! He picks up the mic and says..*

    Rock: I don’t think I can beat you Taker… I know I can beat you, at Wrestlemania The return vs. the Streak I will defy the odds and end you’re reign Undertaker, Maybe then I will have earned You’re respect and you will shake my hand..

    *Rock is standing over an emotionless Taker with real anger across his face*

    Rock: If you smell what the Rock.. IS…COOKING!

    *Rocky drops the mic and begins too walk up the ramp too cheers from the crowd, after walking up too the top of the stage Rock looks back only too see Taker sit up and make a cutthroat signal too a huge pop from the crowd!*

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    JR: What a way to kick off the show folks! Rocky & Undertaker just showed us all how it's done!

    King: Well up next, we've got our seventh, and penultimate Money in the Bank Qualifying match!

    JR: Here comes AJ Styles! This kid has got talent!

    King: Who is he?

    JR: He’s phenomenal!

    King: That doesn’t answer my question!

    JR: This guy lost in the US Championship tournament last week at the quarter final stage- but he has a great chance right now!

    King: I hope he can do something about this CJ Kyles.

    JR: What the hell? It’s AJ Styles!

    King: Same thing!

    Match 1: AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries in a Money in the Bank qualifying match

    *AJ has the headlock locked in and Aries struggles his way to the ropes, forcing AJ to loosen his grip and get off him. He just releases him before the 5 count*

    King: What a match this is!

    JR: Both these men showing tremendous fight and heart to secure their place in the elusive Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania!

    *AJ is distracted and Aries takes advantage with a huge DDT! *

    King: Yes, its overrrr!!!

    *Cover. 1.....2..........NOOO! AJ Kicks out at 2.99999! Aries can’t believe it, and he takes his frustration out on Styles, hitting him with punches and knees to the back. He turns to the crowd, taunting them, and before he can react, Styles gets him with a rollup, but he kicks out at 2! Aries is now incensed and he beats AJ down, and the ref has to pull him away from Styles. He drags him to his feet and begins laying into him. But AJ fights back with rights and lefts as the crowd fully get behind him. Seemingly encouraged by the support, he knocks Aries to the floor and when he gets up, he hits him with a Missile Dropkick, flooring him. As soon as Aries gets up, he walks straight into a Pele Kick. Cover!
    1.........2............2.99...........kickout!!! Styles can’t believe it but soon regains his composure and slides to the outside. He springs onto the ropes and hits the Superman Splash!!! He crawls over for the cover

    JR: What a slobberknocker that was, AJ is going to Wrestlemania as part of the MITB ladder match, but what does the future hold for 'A Double'???

    *Styles rolls Aries out of the ring and calls for a mic as the crowd go wild for AJ!*

    Aj Styles: When I signed for the WWE I didn’t know what to expect, but now I have a good idea of it. I was in TNA and I remember lots of horrible stories from over here. I made a promise to myself never to come to wwe ever since. But now I see they were all wrong. WWE has what TNA always had and it was better.

    *crowd cheers*

    I mean you guys are just great and everybody is treating me well and everything and now I have an opportunity at the grandest stage of them all. The place where legends are born and the place where it’s my time to shine. I promise you all in my money in the bank match not only am I going to steal the show. I am going to win money in the bank.

    *crowd cheers*

    WWE is giving me the opportunity for a reason and I will not fail, the fans, people backstage and my fellow ex tna friends are with me on this they want me to win money in the bank. At Wrestlemania, I promise you…….I will not fail and Warrior I’m coming for you.

    *Aj drops the mic and celebrates with the crowd some more*

    *Miz walks in to his locker room and sits down in front of his locker. Out from the bathroom comes Mr. Anderson, who wipes his hands on Miz.*

    Mr. Anderson: Well Miz are you happy now? I must have been sick last week because I was generous and gave you, of all people, and Intercontinental Championship match at Wrestlemania! You done whining and complaining now?

    Miz: Firstly.. what the hell are doing in my locker room Ken? Second, You cant back out now Anderson.. the match is made and at Wrestlemania I will beat you and prove once again why I am.. the most must see superstar in the WWE today!

    *Mr. Anderson grabs Miz’s shirt from his locker and sneezes in it, then throws it at Miz.*

    Mr. Anderson: Sorry I’m allergic to bullshit. You have your championship match you can stop acting like we had a deal Miz, you should know that being the Head Asshole in Charge of the WWE that I don’t make deals with people, especially people like you.

    Miz: Very funny.. look at everyone laughing, well I will be the one laughing at Wrestlemania, when I'm wearing that Intercontinental title around my waist! wait.. what do you mean people like me?

    Mr. Anderson: Yes people like you Miz, people with fauxhawks.

    *Mr. Anderson uses his hand to mess up Miz’s fauxhawk. At this point Miz is fuming with Anderson’s antics.*

    Miz: What do you think you are doing? You come into my locker room.. use my stuff, try and mess up my movie star good looks and hair.. well let me tell you something Anderson, If it was not for our match later on tonight I would just give you the skull crushing finale right here.. right now and you would not even make it too Mania!

    Mr. Anderson: Looks like someone is getting a little angry. Look Miz I didn’t come here to antagonize you and try to play mind games with you, or maybe I did, to get you off your game for Wrestlemania. Let’s face it your game isn’t going to be good enough to beat me. At Wrestlemania I begin my quest to bring back prestige to the Intercontinental Championship when I defend it for the first time against you. And after I beat you, I will move on to the next challenger and you will go to the bottom of the list of contenders. And soon enough everyone will realize that the most valuable title in the WWE is held by an asshole, and will try to take it off me, but I will win and main event every Pay-Per-View with this title.

    Miz: You really believe that don't you*Miz laughs* You are nothing but a reject that used underhanded and sneaky ways too get back here and put yourself in a position too win that title.. and don't forget, you can deny it.. But you have that title because I helped you.. I came here and did myself, everyone doubted me.. and look at me! I'm a movie star with the best looking women in the world on my arm, I'm a former WWE Champion! I'm the most must see superstar of this generation! Yeah and one more thing.. I'm awesome!

    Mr. Anderson: Miz in my mind you really aren’t awesome… more of a tool if you ask me, you might as well embrace it, like I embraced being an asshole, look where it got me.
    *Mr. Anderson holds up the Intercontinental Championship.* Speaking of which I never got to thank you for two weeks ago when you called me an asshole, that was really nice of you. Now if this title is going to regain its prestige it is going to need to be cleaned, so I’m going to take a shower. You wouldn’t mind if I used your shower would you? *Mr. Anderson doesn’t give Miz a chance to speak.*I didn’t think so.

    *Mr. Anderson grabs a towel from Miz’s locker and goes into the shower.*

    Mr. Anderson: I’m sorry I have a habit of singing in the shower… MIIISSSTTTEEEEEERRRRRR AANNDDEERRSSOOOONN… AANNDDEERRSSOOOOOOOONNNN!

    *Miz contemplates on taking action, but Miz just ignores him and storms out of his locker room fuming.*

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    *The camera comes back from the Miz/Anderson backstage segment and back too the action at ringside*

    JR: Well folks it’s almost time for our second match of the night and it will be a United States quarter final contest! Remember guys.. Brock Lesnar and Sin Cara have already qualified and will fight next week in the semi finals, but who’s going too join them? We are about too find out!

    *The crowd give a nice ovation for Cody Rhodes, with a smile on his face the 3rd generation superstar makes his way down too the ring slapping hands with the kids at ringside before entering the ring*

    King: What’s happened too this guy Ross? He had so much potential and he has thrown it all the way just too be liked by these fans? Why?

    JR: I don’t think that’s the case at all King.. I think Cody has realised that some of his actions in past have been very questionable and rather then making his family proud it had the opposite effect, He just wants too make things right now King, there’s nothing wrong with that partner!

    King: Well it makes me sick.. Cody’s edge made him a real stand out from the pack, Now he’s just another wrestler trying too be as good as I was!

    JR: Cody is perhaps one of, maybe the… Wait… What?.

    *The crowd cheers quickly turns into boo’s as Brian Kendrick quickly makes his way too the ring with a look of focus and determination across his face*

    JR: Should be a good match this guys.. Both men like too keep the match fast paced and neither will be afraid of taking risk’s if they feel they have too!

    King: Just look at Rhodes! He’s lapping up this attention from the fans.. Don’t he realise these fans will be his downfall? As soon as begins too loose momentum they will turn on him and go back too cheering for John Cena and The Rock!

    *Both men are ready in the ring, the ring bell sounds and the match begins*

    Match 2: Cody Rhodes vs. The Brian Kendrick in a United States Championship Quarter Final

    (Start at 3:20 stop at 6:32)

    JR: Cody wins! This young man is through too the semi finals and will face the winner of tonight’s other quarter final match on next week’s Raw!

    King: Well done Cody.. So you beat Kendrick! That don’t impress me much.. Brock Lesnar is the man too beat in this tournament, if you do that.. Then maybe I will forgive you for becoming another sheep trying too please the WWE Universe!

    JR: Well with or without you’re approval King, Cody is perhaps the most talented youngster is this company today.. I don’t think anybody can hold him down and with this new attitude.. We may be about too witness Cody Rhodes at his peak! He could be on his way too becoming the new.. United States champion!

    King: Well we will see about that.. But when Lesnar is holding that belt and Rhodes is all disappointed because these fans feel he let them down.. I’m going too be the first one too say Cody.. I told you so!

    *Rhodes celebrates his big win on the turnbuckle as the fans all cheer loudly. He drops down to the canvas and asks the timekeeper for a microphone which he swiftly receives.*

    Cody Rhodes: Well that was easy.

    *The fans cheer and laugh.*

    Cody Rhodes: Not taking anything away from Brian Kendrick- sorry THE Brian Kendrick, and trust me, you can’t take much away from nothing- but he just didn’t have it in him tonight. As I promised a couple of weeks away, the future of this company lies within me- and this United States Championship tournament is my way of becoming the best young star in this company.

    I don’t care who I have to beat next week- Barry Horowitz or Jeff Hardy- as far as I’m concerned both of them aren’t good enough to beat me, I’m the future of the WWE! I’m the son of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes!

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Cody Rhodes: Next week, whether I face the Ultimate Underdog or I face the Charismatic Enigma- both of them are going to fall at the semi final hurdle- and I will go on to WrestleMania- the very same place I beat Rey Mysterio last year, and I will walk out as YOUR new United States Champion.

    As for who I could potentially face at WrestleMania, I don’t care if it’s Sin Cara- that would be another notch on my record against a masked superstar on the Grandest Stage of Them All. What I want it to be, is Brock Lesnar against Cody Rhodes- because Brock Lesnar is nothing more than an jacked up steroid using piece of crap that thinks he deserves better but then never backs up his own claims.

    What happened to facing Morrison at Mania Brock? Oh yeah, you cried to the guys behind the scenes and got into this tournament instead. What I’m saying to you Lesnar, is that if I face you at WrestleMania- which I’m confident I will- I’ll hit you so hard with the Cross Rhodes that you’re gonna wish you never left UFC.

    *Rhodes drops the mic and leaves the ring as the fans all cheer loudly.*

    *With the crowd still cheering the name of Cody Rhodes, Teddy Long’s music hit’s the stage too a pop from the audience*

    JR: Here we go King, this should be that announcement I was talking about at the start of the show.. I wonder what it could be about.

    King: No idea Ross, You said it would influence Raw tonight and a match at Wrestlemania right?

    JR: I sure did King, That’s what I was told by Teddy.

    King: Well.. Maybe they are finally getting rid of that lunatic Mr.Anderson and stripping him off his title there fore cancelling his match tonight and at Wrestlemania!

    JR: Ermm.. Yeah, I don’t that’s it King

    King: Well that’s what I would do.. Then I would give the belt straight too Miz because he deserves too be champion.. Maybe I would then give myself a shot at the WWE Champion!

    JR: King! Can we just get on the show please!

    *With Teddy Long now standing at the top of the stage with a mic in hand, the crowd stop cheering and await what he is about too say*

    Teddy Long: What’s up, WWE Universe!

    *crowd cheer*

    Teddy Long: Now I hope ya’ll enjoying your self’s tonight because I got an announcement that’s going too make tonight and Wrestlemania that just more better, ya feel me?

    *crowd again cheer*

    Teddy Long: Starting with Wrestlemania, You all know that Edge will face Punk at Mania in a no holds barred match and that’s great.. But this rivalry deserves a little more spice and that is why as of now.. The winner of that match will be the new number 1 contender for the WWE title!

    *big pop from the crowd*

    Teddy Long: I had a feeling you were going too like that playa’s but I’m not finished there.. The WWE Champion, Ultimate Warrior will face Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania but tonight both men were giving the night off and had the chance too just relax and enjoy the show.. But this is Raw Is War and we are on the road too Wrestlemania so as of now.. That’s all changed also!

    Chris Jericho and the Ultimate Warrior will both now compete tonight and they will taking part in what I like too call.. A pick you’re poison match! Jericho will be picking an challenger for Warrior tonight and likewise Warrior will be picking a challenger for Jericho tonight! So sit back and enjoy the show playa’s!

    *Teddy long’s music again hits and the Raw GM begins too make his way too the back while the crowd are still cheering for both announcements!*

    JR: A blockbuster announcement from our GM folks! If the rivalry between the ultimate oppertunist and the self proclaimed best in the worlds was not already enough for you.. Both men will now be aware that whoever wins there match.. Will be the number 1 contender for the WWE Title! that’s huge!

    King: What about tonight though Ross? A pick you’re poison contest, who do you think both men will pick for each other JR?

    JR: No idea King! It could be anyone on the roster, if both men are smart though King, they will pick the best possible too give there rival a hard match before there showdown on the grandest stage of them all… Wrestlemania!

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    JR: Here comes R-Truth with Little Jimmy!

    King: Who the hell is Little Jimmy?

    JR: I’m not sure many people know King.


    JR: Here comes Eugene!

    King: I don’t get why these fans cheer for this guy.

    JR: He’s lovable! Great match up next- Truth vs. Eugene!

    King: Wait? That’s it?! Oh this is gonna suck!

    Match 3: R-Truth vs. Eugene in a Money in the Back Qualifying Match

    (stop at 5:56)

    *Eugene hits the floor and Truth begins to feel it. He backs up to the ropes as Eugene begins to get up and runs forwards to connect with the Lie Detector! He covers.



    Kick Out!

    Eugene manages to get the shoulder up and Truth picks him up. He goes for a right hand but Eugene blocks it and begins to hit his own right hands, he goes to copy The Rock by spitting on his hand but Truth ducks under and hits the Little Jimmy! He covers Eugene.



    Three! *

    JR: Truth did it! Truth is the final man in the Money in the Bank match!

    King: Thank god that’s over.

    JR: Oh wait, Truth is asking for a microphone.

    *After qualifying for the Money in the Bank Match and being announced the winner of the m
    match, R-Truth tries to get to his feet. Since he’s unable to do it under his own power, he uses the ring ropes to pull himself up to his feet. Before Lillian Garcia can leave the ring, R-Truth walks over to her and asks her for her microphone. She willingly hands it over to him and makes her exit while everyone’s attention rests on “The Suntan Superman”. He has a huge grin plastered on his face as he waits for his music to die down and as the crowd cheers him on for winning. Before R-Truth can even speak, the crowd starts to chant, “Little Jimmy!” over and over again.*


    “Ya hear that, Lil’ Jimmy? They love ya!”

    *The chanting gets a little louder and R-Truth soaks in the praise and starts to bob his head to the rhythm of the chanting. He suddenly looks down and starts pointing at the ground while laughing.*


    “Ha ha! Look at Lil’ Jimmy! He’s getting all embarrassed now!”

    *R-Truth continues to laugh while the chanting gets even louder. R-Truth abruptly breaks his laughing fit and looks on at the chanting crowd with a bit of contempt.*


    “Alright, alright. Settle down, ya’ll. Lil’ Jimmy’s getting’ a bit uncomfortable.”

    *Though the crowd stops the “Lil’ Jimmy” chant, they decide to yell “Whaaaat?!” at R-Truth. In complete contrast to his cheery attitude, that he had just put on display a few moments ago, R-Truth starts to get mad.*


    “DON’T WHAT ME!”

    *Once again, despite his ire, the crowd shouts “Whaaaat?!” back at him. Again, R-Truth’s
    demeanor does a complete 180 and he’s back to being happy.*


    “Okay, what me!”




    “Ya know, somethin’? I had a reeeaaalllly good feeling I’d wind up here. And the reason
    that wuz da case wuz cuz Lil’ Jimmy and I were sittin’ at home…”




    “And we figured that we needed to do some special training…”




    “…to prepare for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.”




    “’Cause I’ve been in one of dem matches before and I came real close to winnin’”




    “But the thing is…”




    “I’m afraid of spiders! I mean, dem creepy, crawly things just give me the willies! And they give Lil’ Jimmy the jimmies!”




    “But I’m also afraid of heights cuz there was this one time…”




    “I was on the roof tryna fix my grandpappy’s TV attentae…”




    “Cause Lil’ Jimmy and I was over and he wanted to watch Blue’s Clues! Even though that bar of soap creeps me out…”




    “And when I went to get my screwdriver from my toolbox…”




    “This big ol’ hairy spider jumped up on my arm and was all like ‘Boo!’ ”




    “So I jumped away from it and started screaming…”




    “And I couldn’t stop screamin’ neither…”




    “And then, all of a sudden, I saw these flashing red and blue lights and these men came out and started yelliin’ at me.”




    “Then the next thing I know, I got shocked by somethin’ and blacked out…”




    “Then, I’m sittin’ next to this guy in an orange jumpsuit and…you know what? I’m sidetrackin’! That ain’t important. What is important is how I got in shape for climbing that ladder. So I want ya’ll to turn off ya cellphones, keep quiet and dispose of all snacks in the appropriate trash containers cause we’re about to watch a movie!”

    *Nearly everyone in the audience starts to cheer at the sounds of an upcoming movie being played and R-Truth starts to shush everyone so he can start it. He cues for the lights to dim down and a video package starts playing on the titantron. Before the actual video plays, an image of R-Truth, folding his arms and grinning is shown with the words…

    Lil’ Jimmy Productions
    Proudly Presents bold and red letters beneath him and being read by a voiceover of R-Truth before the next scene is transitioned to. Next, a picture of R-Truth, wearing a puffy, gray sweater is shown while he’s in a boxing stance. Behind him is a bird’s eye view camera angled shot of Kings Dominion. Afterwards, fake clapping is heard as the scene fades into the next one. As R-Truth waits in line to ride the Intimidator 305, he looks to his right side where a camera is pointed directly at him.*


    “Welcome, ya’ll. We at the Kings Dominion and joining me, of course…”

    *R-Truth looks behind him and apparently, there are other people behind him staring at him with puzzled looks as he stars talks to himself. He doesn’t notice them, however, but rather at the open space between him and a man standing a few feet away from him.*


    “…is my partna in crime, Lil’ Jimmy! You know, just as well as I do that in the Money In The Bank ladder match, we gonna have to climb a ladder to get that briefcase. I’m a little afraid of heights so I’mma have to get over that fear. And Lil’ Jimmy has agreed to help me out. So we gonna ride this ride ‘til I don’t be afraid no more! You ready?!”

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    *R-Truth high fives and hip bumps thin air while everyone else looks on with even more disturbed looks. Before he can get on the ride, however, an employee stops him from getting in one of the riding cars.*


    “Excuse me, sir. No inebriated civilians are allowed on this ride.”

    *R-Truth appears offended at his statement and jabs a finger into his chest.*


    “Now you see here, ruffian! I ain’t been unumbriated…”














    “That’s just disgusting. And again, it’s inebriated. Look, sir, I don’t mean to be a bother but you’re obviously not in a stable state of mind and quite frankly, you’re scaring the more…sane patrons behind you.”

    *A woman chimes in to the employee’s diatribe.*


    “You’re preaching to the choir on that one! When my son and I were waiting in line, he showed up and asked my son if he wanted to play with his Little…Timmy or whatever! Absolutely repulsive!”

    *Murmurs of agreement can be heard behind her. Despite being rallied against, R-Truth doesn’t seem worried or startled at all.*


    “Lady…what is you talkin’ ‘bout? His name is Lil’ Jimmy and all he wanted to do was play pretend lightsaber duel with your son so he wouldn’t get bored while he was waiting in line. That’s all!”


    “I don’t care what you were trying to do! You keep your “lightsaber” away from my boy! Pervert!”

    *R-Truth just shakes his head and laughs.*


    “I ain’t got time for all this. C’mon, Lil’ Jimmy. Let’s go on the ride. We got trainin’ to do.”

    *The employee still won’t get out of R-Truth’s way and remains a stubborn blockade to maneuver around.*


    “I’m afraid I can’t let you on. In fact, I’ve already called security to have you removed from this park.”


    “Oh yeah? Try me.”

    *The video abruptly cuts to the next scene where R-Truth is thrown out through the entrance by two large men in sleeveless blue shirts and tan pants. R-Truth stumbles as he tries to get back on his feet. Despite being thrown out, he looks quite pleased with himself.*


    “Did you see that, Lil’ Jimmy! I was up in the air just now! When those dudes tossed me out! It almost felt I was flyin’…like Tinkerbell. Anyways, I did it! I really did it! I wasn’t afraid or nothing! Now I know that I’m gonna win at Money In The Bank!”!

    *The scene fades to black and the words “Fin” appear on the titantron. After the lights go back on, R-Truth starts to talk on the microphone again.*


    “Did ya’ll see that? But more importantly, did my Money In The Bank opponents see that? Ya see, there are a lot of guys that I respect in that match and there some guys that me and Lil’ Jimmy don’t really…dig. Ya dig? But there’s one thing that will always remain true. Okay, two things. One, you should never ask little boys to play lightsaber with you when Momma Jimmy is around ‘em cause they get freaked out for some strange reason. And the second thing is, whether you’s a high flyer, whether you’s a former world champion or whether you’s a spider in disguise, all of ya’ll are gonna get got and when I go on to win that match, I’mma use that briefcase on the Warrior or Jericho and I’mma become the new WWE Champion …mostly because I hear the WWE Champion gets a nicer locker room and I’ve seen waaaaaay too many spiders in my locker room. And that’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but…”

    *R-Truth raises the microphone up in the air and the crowd shouts, “THE TRUTH!” as loud as they can. R-Truth’s music hits again and as he exits the ring, he starts talking to himself again while skipping up the ramp.*

    JR: Well it’s time for our next United States Tournament Match with what should be a good battle

    King: It doesn’t matter much because like I said earlier Ross, Broc Lesnar is the man too beat in this title tournament and I really can't see anyone able too stomp him!

    JR: Don’t get ahead of yourself King; anything can happen in the WWE

    King: You have to be kidding me how does he even get in the Tournament; he is nothing but a glorified jobber!

    JR: Don’t overlook him King; Horowitz has a flare for the dramatic, he might very well pull off this upset.

    King: He might actually do it; Horowitz could actually do this depending on how many drugs Hardy is on, how can he even be allowed to compete when he can barely walk

    JR: Stop talking like that King you very well know Hardy has fought in every match imaginable his body has gone through more wear and tear than most superstars. Jeff Hardy is a great superstar that has the ability and knows what it will take to win this tournament.

    Match 4: Jeff Hardy vs. Barry Horowitz in a United States Championship Tournament Quarter Final

    (1:39- 5:48)

    JR: This could be the opening Hardy has been looking for.

    *Hardy quickly goes over for the cover on Horowitz



    T- kickout by Horowitz.

    Hardy picks Horowitz up and sets him against the turnbuckle. Hardy steps back and runs at Horowitz in the corner and hits a vicious clothesline that sets Horowitz to sit down against the turnbuckle. Hardy grabs the ropes and hits the Hardyac Arrest! Horowitz rolls out and Hardy makes his way slowly to his feet. Hardy goes to the top rope for the Swanton Bomb… but Horowitz moves and Hardy crashes down to the mat. Horowitz goes over for the cover. Horowitz immediately locks in Cloverleaf. Hardy is struggling but won’t give up. Hardy continually inches forward until he reaches the ropes to break the hold. Horowitz stands up and goes for a Northern Lights Suplex but Hardy pushes him away. Horowitz misses a clothesline, and Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind! Horowitz stands up groggily and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate! Hardy goes to the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb!




    JR: And Hardy advances onto the next round where he will face Cody Rhodes.

    King: I told you, Horowitz is just a jobber.

    JR: King, Horowitz put up a hell of a fight, but it’s time to move on.

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    *Meanwhile back in Teddy Long's office, The Ultimate Warrior, with Flair in a nice suit on one side and Coach dressed in Warrior trunks and wearing Warrior makeup, on the other side. The are all facing Chris Jericho. Teddy Long is just leaning up against his desk*

    Warrior: COACH!

    Coach: Relax, I got you mic right here

    Warrior: You are doing well my young Warrior in training. I am proud to call you one of my own

    Coach: er, Thank you I guess

    Flair: WOOOOOO!

    Warrior: Now Mr Jericho. You are nothing. You are but a mere stain on the road to my greatness in becoming the greatest WWE World Champion of all the time in this time condrent. You shall never become as great as me and you shall never become as great as a Warrior such as myself because you are of Canadian descent. Never in the times of Warriors has a Canadian been chosen to become a Warrior. And it will never happen. Not even if you somehow sneak onto my space ship and hitch a ride with Coach, Flair and I to Uranus.


    Warrior: GROWL

    Flair: WOOOOOOO!

    Warrior: GRO........


    *Everyone promptly shuts up*

    Jericho: The only thing related to any anus here right now, is you two. Because you're both talking out of your anuses!
    I honestly can't comprehend how low you've stooped Flair. From one of the greatest ever, from being the NATURE BOY Ric Flair..... to this. A pathetic old man, hitching a ride with some delusional freak of an animal for one last ride at the top.

    And you.

    *turns to Warrior*

    Jericho: Have you taken a look at yourself in the mirror? You're crazy. You're a freak. You're a disgrace to yourself. And every day that goes by where you have that title, you're dragging it through the mud.
    There's only one person on this planet, on ANY planet that can hold that title with the grace, and carry it with the prestige it deserves, and that's me.

    You want a ride on space mountain? Well you're not getting it. Because at Wrestlemania, you're taking a ride on the Jeri-train, and this isn't any ordinary train, because it's a runaway train, and it's heading right for you. And when it hits, you're going to feel a force like no other force you've ever felt. And when you're lying on your back in the middle of that ring, with me standing over you with my foot on your chest in triumph, you'll understand the power, and why I am the best in the world at what I do.

    Warrior: COACH, I NEED A MIRROR!

    Teddy Long: I got one here playa *Teddy take a mirror off his desk and tries to hand it to Warrior- but Warrior motions to give it to Coach*

    Warrior: *looking into the mirror* hmmmm. I see no crazy person in this mirror. I see the future of WWE. I see someone who shall go on to Wrestlemania and wait, Coach, pull down my trunks and look at my anus as to be sure these words are not coming out my anus

    Coach: I don't think so Warrior


    *both Flair and Warrior bare their asses to Coach, Coach hands the mirror to Flair so Warrior can continue looking at himself*

    Warrior: As I was saying, I shall go to Wrestlemania as the WWE World Champuion, and walk out as the new WWE World Champion once more. As far as your Jeri-train, bring it on. Between my Warrior Gods guiding me, and fortelling my future and your future and Flair's future and Coach's future, my spaceships future, my new home planet of Urnanus' fiture, your train shall derail into the pits of nothingness and the true savior of WWE, myself THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR! shall show you the way- the Warrior way, of the true meaning of life. COACH! Are words coming out of my ass?

    Coach: No Warrior, but both of you guys have hairy asses


    Coach: I really did not sign up for th...

    Warrior: SILENCE!
    *Warrior is still talking to the mirror* And Warrior, listen to what I am saying, let the Warrior Gods guide you. Jericho is nothing. Jericho is Canadian

    Flair: WOOOOOO! Thats right, and Jericho, I'm the NATURE BOY! WOOOOOO!

    *There's a long pause as Jericho looks on in disgust*

    Jericho: Long, are you seriously going to let this sideshow continue? Is this really the kind of show you want to be running? A pair of clowns bearing their bear asses to to another man? Talk of waxing asses? Coach, I am disgusted by you.

    Coach: but I...

    Jericho: Shut up!
    Talk of space ships, other planets, Long do you want to keep your job? Do you want me to complain to the board of directors?

    Long: Well no, but I....

    Jericho: Shut up Teddy.

    Now in hope of saving this show from completely falling into disarray I've decided who I want to face Warrior tonight. Someone who's just as much a freak as he is believe it or not. But unlike yourself Warrior, this freak takes things a little more seriously. I want Warrior to go one on one with 'The Big Red Machine' Kane.

    *Jericho smiles menacingly*

    Jericho: Oh, and Flair, it wouldn't be my wife that was taking a ride on your space mountain, I think it would be the other way around. Because my wife would make you her little bitch.

    *Jericho smiles at Flair before walking out of the office, leaving Flair visibly going red in the face with anger*

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    *The camera's cut backstage, where we see CM Punk standing at a vending machine. He pushes a button, and a bottle hits the bottom. He reaches down, pulling out a pepsi. He twists the top off, taking a sip, and then looks at the camera.*

    Punk: Just because I'm straight edge...doesn't mean I can't enjoy soda. Now what the hell are you here for?

    Cameraman: We were told to get your thoughts on the news we found out earlier in the night? About your match at Wrestlemania?

    Punk: Oh ya. I gotcha. Ok. Give me a second.
    *Punk looks away from the camera for a second, and then turns back, staring into it.*

    Punk: So...Long decided to do the right thing. He made our No Holds Barred match at Wrestlemania a #1 contender match. Frankly, I am glad he did the smart thing. it doesn't matter if Jericho or Warrior walk away the winner, hell, Howard Finkel could somehow win and i wouldn't care. The only thing I am going to care about, is going into Mania, becoming the #1 contender, and then reclaiming what should have been mine since the Rumble. See Edge, as we draw closer to Mania, you need to do a few things. Let me run you through them.

    First, you need to tell your children and wife you love them. You need to hold them, and hug them, and kiss them. You need to make sure they know they are loved. Why you ask? With what I plan on putting your through at will be a changed man. Similar to how Shawn Michaels lost his will lose pun intended...edge on life. I plan on putting you through such hell, that when your family finally looks at you, after the bandages come off, they see a different man. They don't see the father that once loved them...all they see is a broken and shattered cripple.

    The next thing you need to do, is go to church. You need to repent for your sins. See Edge...this is no holds barred. Anything and everything can happen. One from move, and you could die...

    *Punk snaps his fingers*

    Just like that. Better to be sure your soul is cleansed, then take a chance to end up where your mother did. Actually, I hear St Peter calling your name. Wait...your name is CM Punk's bitch right?

    *Punk chuckles, as boos can be heard in the arena.*

    Punk: The final thing you need to do Edge, incase you happen to live through this match, is make your house handicap accessible. I plan on breaking your legs and back. I plan on leaving you a broken man. Your wife will have to push you in a wheel chair. Your sons will have to give you sponge bathes. When you want to go up and down the will have to use a lift. When it all ends won't be the same. Simple as that. man..if you will excuse me...I have a soda to finish before my match later.

    *Punk pushes past the camera man, walking off, as fans can be heard chanting CM Sucks.*

    *The camera comes back from the Punk promo too ringside where our next match of night is about too take place!*

    JR: King I don’t want too admit it.. But Jericho making Warrior face Kane, Now that was smart very smart.

    King: That’s Jericho Ross, he always one step ahead.. With the mood Kane has been in, and after what happened earlier.. He could take out all his anger on the WWE Champion and nothing would please Jericho more then that!

    JR: For Warrior tonight it could be about surviving rather then winning folks, sure Warrior will want too get the win.. But it may come a point where has too think what is more important.. This match, or the match at Wrestlemania!

    *The pyro flames hit the stage and the big red monster Kane slowly begins too make his way down the ramp, at one point a fan holds out his hand only for Kane too stop and stare a hole through him before again making his way too the ring*

    King: I would not want too be the Ultimate Warrior right about now! Well.. I would not like too be the Warrior ever but you get what I’m saying.. Kane looks pure evil Ross!

    JR: I hear you partner!

    *With the monster waiting in the ring, the crowd anticipate the arrival of the WWE Champion!*

    JR: Here we go folks! The champ Is here!

    King: Yeah.. I bet he wishes he wasn’t though .

    *Warrior makes his way too the ring in traditional fashion, hyping up the crowd before getting into the ring and going face too face with Kane as the crowd chant his name*

    JR: Warrior looks up for this folks! Maybe it’s Kane that should be worried!

    King: That’s just a front Ross, There is not one man that wouldn’t feel nervous face too face with that monster!

    *The ring bell sounds and the match begins*

    Match 5: The Ultimate Warrior vs. Kane

    (Start at 1:20 stop 5:20)

    JR: Warrior just kicked out of the Tombstone! He kicked out of the Tombstone King!

    King: I know.. I seen it, I’m not sure it was a smart thing though Ross.

    *Warrior instantly stands too his feet before grabbing the ropes and doing his trademark taunt again hyping up the fans!*

    JR: Here comes Kane!

    *Kane attempts too strike Warrior on the back of the head only for Warrior too block and begin striking Kane with big rights each time knocking Kane back a little further*

    King: He’s actually fighting back! I can’t believe it!

    *Warrior hits Kane with one last haymaker giving it everything he got.. He knocks Kane back once again before springing off the rope and jumping at him with a driving shoulder barge this time knocking the big man of his feet, Warrior then again taunts with the crowd as they cheer his name, he picks up Kane and delivers two big time scoop slams right after the other!*

    JR: This could be it.. Warrior going for the pin!




    JR: Two count! Bah Gawd I thought Warrior had him then! Come on Champ, You can do it!

    King: HEY! What happened too being un-biased?

    JR: Too hell with that King, Kane has caused nothing but suffering too people who don’t deserve it since the Re-brand of Raw, I hope Warrior beats him tonight and puts him in his place!

    *Warrior is shocked that Kane kicked out and again looks at the fans for inspiration, they once again cheer his name as Warrior once more picks up Kane and delivers another big Scoop Slam, as he does though Kane sits straight back up as the crowd gasp in awe at the Red Machines persistence.. Warrior again in shock goes too the top rope as Kane is getting back too his feet and flys off the turnbuckle hitting another big shoulder barge this time from the top and again takes Kane of his feet.. Warrior again hypes him self up on the ropes before hitting is famous splash and going for the pin*



    JR: This must be it!


    JR: Warrior wins! The champ has done it!

    King: What a battle Ross, that took a hell of a lot out of both men! I have too hand it too Warrior though, he did well tonight!

    *While Warriors music is playing in the background and the champ is celebrating, Kane again sits up and get’s back too his feet.. Warrior does not notice him and Kane spins Warrior round and holds him in a choke hold.. Squeezing the life out of him before raising him up in the air and delivering a hellacious choke slam!*

    JR: Here we go again! The match is over Kane.. You lost, it’s over!

    King: He’s not done Ross! Wait who are they..

    *As Kane picks up Warrior by the throat once more, two men can be seen running down too the ramp, Kane does not realise untill both enter the ring.. Kane drops the champion.. Before trying too fight the two men!*

    JR: It’s James Storm! And..

    King: Bobby Roode! It looks like both these men are back on the same page and are out too get payback against Kane!

    *Kane try’s fighting off both men but eventually is overwhelmed, Roode and Storm hit Kane with everything they got.. Storm eventually hit’s a super kick knocking Kane right against the ropes.. They then both charge at the monster knocking him over the ropes and onto the ring floor as the crowd chant “Beer money” and cheer for both men!*

    JR: Are they.. Are they back on the same page King.. Are Roode and Strom once again a team?

    King: These fans certainly think so..

    *With Kane stumbling up the ramp and heading too the pack.. Roode and Storm both stare at each other as the crowd chant both names, they both eventually embrace in a hug and the crowd give a huge pop before chanting “Beer Money” around the arena*

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    *We cut backstage where Scott Stanford is shown.*

    Scott Stanford: Please ladies & gentlemen, join me in welcoming my guest at this time....the Rated R Superstar...Edge!

    *The camera pans around to show Edge and the fans pop loudly for his reveal as he smiles.*

    Scott Stanford: Now Edge, earlier on tonight, Teddy Long announced that your No Holds Barred match with CM Punk at WrestleMania will now also be for the number one contendership to the WWE Championship. What are your thoughts on that?

    Edge: My thoughts? What do you expect me to think Scott? You see, it’s already Edge against CM Punk. It’s already WrestleMania, it’s already No Holds Barred- quite frankly the match doesn’t need anything else added to it- it’s already a guaranteed show stealer.

    You see, CM Punk and I were already going to go out there and beat the holy hell out of each other. We were gonna do that for a few reasons...number one, that’s the whole point of No Holds Barred and number two, we just don’t like each other.

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Edge: So when you ask me what my thoughts are on the fact that the winner of my match with CM Punk advances to Backlash and faces the WWE Champion? I’m delighted. It gives me another reason to go out there and teach CM Punk something I like to call respect, something that he needs to learn if he’s ever gonna get far in this business.

    It also means one other thing- Edge and CM Punk ends at WrestleMania. And after the Royal Rumble, when Punk entered early and eliminated me. After Elimination Chamber, when after I had already eliminated him, Punk took me out and laid me out in the centre of the ring, allowing JBL to eliminate me. Basically, twice CM Punk has ripped my shot at the WWE Championship out of my grasp with his tactics- and come WrestleMania, I’m going to finally return the fire Punk has been attacking me with, but the difference is going to be that I walk out as the number one contender to face Ultimate Warrior or Chris Jericho at Backlash.

    Scott Stanford: Okay, this will be your first WrestleMania since you were told you had to retire down to the MRI scans- how are you feeling?

    Edge: I’m feeling better than ever Scott. WrestleMania is just 13 days away and I wish it were tomorrow. I can’t wait to walk down that ramp- hearing the fans chanting my name- and take Punk out once and for all. It’s like I said last week, Punk can try everything and anything- and he very well might beat me- but if he thinks he’s going to end my career once and for all- he’s got another thing coming.

    I’m the Rated R Superstar. I’m The Ultimate Opportunist, and when I beat Punk at Wrestlemania, I’ll be the Number One Contender to the WWE Championship.

    *In the arena, the fans pop loudly.*

    Scott Stanford: Okay next, you’ll get the chance to get your hands on Punk tonight, in a tag match where Punk teams with The Miz to face yourself and the Intercontinental Champion Mr. Anderson...what are your thoughts on that?

    Edge: Well see Miz was still in Tough Enough while I was fighting for my first world title- in fact at Armageddon 2004, just a month before I entered the Elimination Chamber for the first time- Miz lost to Daniel Puder- where’s that guy now? That’s all I have to say about The Miz. He’s a loser, He’s always been a loser and he’ll always be a loser- and what I don’t get is why he didn’t just pin Triple H himself at Elimination Chamber? What he did took all prestige value to the Intercontinental Championship and threw it away.

    As for Anderson, I don’t know if I like the kid- but he’s got something. He’s gotten under the skin of the McMahon’s already- which isn’t a good thing but shows he can make an impact. Plus, he had the brains to get Miz to be his little bitch- and apart from John Morrison, Chris Jericho, Big Show, Alex Riley, MTV, Daniel Puder, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, R-Truth and Maryse- nobody else has done, so that’s quite impressive.

    Whatever he does, tonight he’s my partner and I know a little about tag team wrestling- so I’m all for having his back. But if he even so much as looks at me wrong, I’ll Spear him so hard, he’ll be coughing up his lunch for the next week. Tonight, this tag team match involves four different Money in the Bank winners- and I’m just gonna quickly send a message to a couple other guys in the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania right now.

    *Edge pulls the camera away so Stanford isn’t in the shot anymore.*

    Edge: Tyson Kidd- you can go out there, do all of us Canadians proud, do every single member of the Hart Family proud and win the Money in the Bank match. I believe in you kid. And Ricochet- well I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but you’ve got a long way to go. I’ve heard you talking about me- and I understand why, you go for the big dog. Well if you carry on, you’re gonna learn the big dog’s got a big bite.

    As for tonight, Anderson & I plan to beat Punk & Miz into the canvas- and as for WrestleMania- it’s gonna be my night.

    *Edge walks away as the camera focuses back on Scott Stanford.*

    JR: Well WWE Universe we are heading too the tail end of the show but I can tell you.. We still have two fantastic matches coming up and will know doubt add too what has already been a jam packed show!

    King: Well said partner! The Rock vs. Chris Jericho! That’s a PPV main event right there and the good news for you guys.. That’s our main event for tonight!

    JR: It sure is King! Remember these guys have history.. Both men made there comebacks at the Royal Rumble entering number 1 and 2, they have exchanged words since and not too mention all the match they had in the past! But first.. We have a tag team match too look forward too!

    *Miz quickly makes his way down too the ring with a look of anger across his face after what happened with Anderson earlier on in the show, the crowd respond too him with chants of “Anderson” while Miz try’s too blank it out before reaching the ring*

    King: How childish was Anderson earlier Ross.. Can you really believe he is our Intercontinental Champion!

    JR: Yes King I can.. He beat Triple H and Miz at the Elimination Chamber, that’s no easy feat.. Sure some may doubt his attitude at times but I happen too love it.. He brings energy and enthusiam too this sport.. And it’s always funny watching Miz get annoyed.

    King: The Best In The World! C..M..PUNK!

    JR: An amazing talent no doubt about that King, A man who proved so many doubters wrong by making it too the top of this company.. I have too admit with the way his and Edge’s feud has been building.. That may be the match I’m looking forward too most!

    *CM Punk stands at the top of the stage receiving mixed responses from the crowd, with one section cheering and the others booing Punk does his trademark taunt before walking down too the ring and getting into the ring!*

    *The Intercontinental champion steps out from behind the curtain and stands at the top of the stage, He holds up his title with Miz looking on as he waits for his partner*

    *The crowd go crazy for the Rated R-superstar giving him one of the biggest pop’s of the night.. Edge with his trademark ring entrance pumps up the crowd before looking at Anderson as both men begin too make there way toot the ring*

    JR: This should be a hell of a contest folks!

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    Match 6: CM Punk (Stone Cold)& The Miz (Triple H) vs. Edge ( Jericho) & Mr. Anderson (Benoit)

    (Start at 3:11 stop at 14:11)

    JR: Edge is taking too CM Punk right here folks! You can feel the hatred from both men oozing out of each other with each passing blow!

    King: Edge is on fire Ross! He’s cleaning house!

    *With Edge knocking Miz over the ropes with a big clothes line.. Punk spring’s off the ropes looking for a Lou Thesz press.. Only for Edge too block it and drive Punk’s head into the match with a big time spine buster!

    JR: Big move from Edge! I think CM Punks head just whipped right off the canvas!

    *With Punk planted on the canvas Edge looks for a sharpshooter with huge cheers going out around the arena as dedication too Bret Hart, Edge keeps cranking up the pressure and with nowhere too go for Punk it looks like he’s going too tape when.. *

    JR: Watch out Edge! Here comes the..

    King: Miz with a clothesline too the back of the head knocking Edge too the Mat!

    JR: This is too close too call King.

    *Miz picks up Edge and delivers a huge skull crushing finale and then drags Punk’s body over Edge’s with the ref ready too count*


    JR: Not like this.. Surly not like this!



    JR: Edge kicks out! Edge kicks out!

    *Punk and Edge are both laying on the canvas blowing hard with exhaustion, after a little while both men are able too tag in there partners, Anderson runs into the ring like a house on fire knocking down Miz repeatedly, He picks him up before looking for the Mic check.. As he does CM Punk delivers a kick too his temple allowing Miz too reverse and hitting the….*

    King: Skull crushing finale! That’s it… that must be it!

    JR: Miz with the pin.. Can Anderson kick out?




    JR: He can't! Miz and Punk have won.. Miz and Punk have beating there Wrestlemania opponents! Will it change the momentum?

    King: Off course it does JR! Both of these men will now head into Mania full of confidence.. These win’s change everything!

    JR: What a show we’ve had tonight King! We finally learnt the final two members of the Money in the Bank match in just 13 days at Wrestlemania, we found out the second semi final for next week’s show too!

    King: And The Miz just pinned Mr. Anderson- proving to the entire world that in just 13 days, on the grandest stage of them all- he will FINALLY lift the Intercontinental Championship sky high!

    JR: And don’t forget The Ultimate Warrior proved just how good he is when he took down the Big Red Machine Kane!

    King: But up next, The Rock takes on Chris Jericho in our main event! I don’t think Jericho will have an easier test of his ability- apart from Wrestlemania that is!

    JR: I don’t think anybody can call a match against The Rock easy.

    *The Rock walks out onto the stage as the fans go nuts for his arrival. He makes his way down the ramp before climbing onto the top turnbuckle and raising his fist high.*

    JR: Here comes The Great One King! And he looks in great shape!

    King: Doesn’t matter, Jericho has this match!

    JR: I don’t know about that King.

    King: Just wait and see!

    *Pyro explodes out of the stage as Chris Jericho is shown in his iconic pose. He turns around as the fans boo, and begins to slowly walk down to the ring. He slides into the ring as The Rock awaits his opponent.*

    Main Event: Chris Jericho vs. The Rock

    JR: What an elbow from Jericho! Rock may be out!

    King: Cover him Chris!

    *Jericho collapses onto Rocky and goes for a cover.




    Rock throws the shoulder up as Jericho can’t believe it. He drags Rock up and hits a right hand. He hits a second right hand, before running across to the nearest ropes and going for the springboard dropkick but Rocky ducks and rolls under Jericho, who slams into the canvas. Rock begins to line Jericho up and goes for the Rock Bottom but Jericho elbows him in the head and goes for the Codebreaker but Rock catches Jericho and slams him down.

    He picks Jericho up and throws him into the ropes, going for a spinebuster but Jericho stops and kicks Rock in the shoulder, sending him back to a standing position, he runs at Rock and once again goes for the Codebreaker but Rock reverses into a Spinebuster!

    Rock stands up and goes across to Jericho’s head. He kicks Jericho’s arm in and begins to take off his elbow pad, but Jericho quickly twists around and goes for a small package.




    Rock kicks out but he’s shocked and as they both reach their feet, Rock begins to unload with right hands, before he lays the smackdown, sending Jericho down to the floor. Rock grabs Jericho’s leg and twists him around, locking in the Sharpshooter!*

    JR: Oh what a move this is!

    King: No no no no no no no no no no no no! Chris, don’t tap!

    JR: He looks set to tap King!

    King: NOOOO! Come on Chris! FIGHT IT!

    JR: Rock has it locked in tight!

    *Just as Jericho’s hand looks set to tap out, the lights in the arena go dark and as soon as they come back on, The Undertaker is stood in the ring in front of Rock & Jericho. He hits Rock with a huge big boot. The referee calls for the bell.*

    JR: The Rock wins by disqualification!

    King: Oh thank god for that! Jericho didn’t tap!

    *The Undertaker isn’t finished though, as he grabs Rock by the throat and lifts him to a standing position. He slides his thumb across his throat and twists Rock upside down, delivering a huge Tombstone Piledriver!*

    JR: Undertaker is setting a message here! This is going to be a brawl at Wrestlemania! That’s for sure!

    King: I wouldn’t want to be Rocky!

    JR: Well, that’s all we have time for folks! Tune in next week for the final Raw before Wrestlemania!

    *The Undertaker’s theme plays in the background as the lights turn purple and Taker drops to a knee, before the screen fades to black and the WWE logo flashes across.*

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    IWA & EWN Tag Team of the Year 2013 - Ramon/Infection.

    1x Adrenaline Champion - Ramon.
    HWA & EWN Champion of the Year 2012 - Ramon.
    Feud of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique
    Shocking Moment of the Year 2012 - Ramon/Clique

    Feud of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.
    Promo of the Year 2013 - Rock/Ambrose.

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