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    JR: Well now it’s that time folks… time for our main event… a Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship! Folks it’s not too often you get to see a Championship match here on RAW, never mind a WWE Championship match! Not to mention this one is inside a Steel Cage!

    King: This is huge JR, this is just one of the reasons Eve is a better General Manager than Teddy Long… matches like this.

    JR: Well I think she had a bit of pressure from Vince McMahon to help with the making of this match, but nonetheless it is a blockbuster announcement that is sure to please the WWE Universe. And this match will result in the crowning of a WWE Champion, which is something you also don’t see on RAW even if there is a title match. This is a matchup of epic proportions, and a matchup of firsts.

    King: What are you talking about JR?

    JR: Well the first for Cody Rhodes… his first major championship in the WWE. I mean he is a third generation superstar. His father Dusty Rhodes, and his brother Goldust, both were WWE Superstars, but they never won the big one, so you know that is in the back of Cody’s mind.

    King: And he isn’t going to here tonight because Chris Jericho is going to win the title tonight. He won last night inside a cage, so this is like home to him. It’s going to be two nights in a row where Chris Jericho will beat Cody Rhodes inside a Steel Cage.

    JR: Well it’s not going to be that easy. This is Cody’s first shot at a major championship, and he knows the history of his family and this business and how hard it is to not only win but get back to this stage, so you know he will do anything and everything to win, to not only win his first major championship, but the first major championship for the Rhodes family. This opportunity is huge for Cody Rhodes and he’ll be damned if he lets it pass him by.

    King: Well you talked about it being a matchup of firsts, well Chris Jericho would be the first ever Champion to not have to use his Money in the Bank briefcase to win the title, making him the only superstar to ever hold the WWE Championship and the Money in the Bank briefcase. Now that is history.

    JR: And if Chris Jericho were to win it would add to his illustrious career, but you are talking like he has already won, and that isn’t the case yet, because they still have to wrestle. So who will create a moment of first here tonight… will Cody Rhodes win his first, and his family’s first major championship? Or will Chris Jericho be the first superstar to hold the WWE Championship and the Money in the Bank briefcase at the same time? We are about to find out.

    WWE Championship
    Steel Cage
    Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Jericho

    Watch till 7:11

    JR: And both men are down after Chris Jericho was sent back first into the Steel Cage!

    Cody Rhodes rolls towards the ropes and props himself up as Jericho reaches at his back. Jericho then reaches at the top rope and props himself up, and as he does Rhodes sprints towards Jericho, but Jericho moves out of the way, and Rhodes runs through the ropes and right into the steel cage. Jericho drops to a knee, but gets up, and springboards off the ropes and hits another dropkick to Rhodes right against the steel.

    King: Another vicious dropkick there from Jericho.

    Jericho grabs Rhodes by the arm and drags him out into the middle of the ring and covers…



    Rhodes kicks out. After the kickout Jericho immediately locks in an armbar. Jericho wrenches at the arm of Rhodes, as Jericho twists and turns the arm. The crowd is cheering Rhodes on for a comeback, and almost on point, Rhodes spins on the ground, and battles right to his feet. Rhodes punches Jericho in the head once… twice… three times, and it breaks the hold. Rhodes then runs and bounces off the ropes, Jericho bends down, and Rhodes drops to his back and hits Jericho with an uppercut. Jericho holds his jaw as he backs up, Rhodes gets to his feet, and Rhodes turns Jericho, kicks him in the midsection, and hits a swinging vertical suplex, cover…




    King: Jericho kicks out.

    JR: And Rhodes paying homage in that sequence to his brother Goldust.

    Rhodes gets right back up and drops a knee onto Jericho, followed by another, followed by one more. Jericho then rolls away from Rhodes, but rolls right into the cage and Rhodes comes after Jericho, grabs him by the hair and drags him out from under the ropes. Rhodes then picks Jericho up to his feet by his hair, but Jericho counters with a backhand chop to Rhodes. Jericho then follows with another chop, followed by one more and backs Rhodes to the ropes. Jericho whips Rhodes into the opposite Rhodes, bends down, and this time Rhodes comes back with a neckbreaker slam. Rhodes crawls over into a cover…



    Jericho kicks out.

    JR: Jericho kicks out again but Rhodes is firmly in control here.

    Rhodes then picks Jericho up again to his feet, bends down and grabs Jericho by the legs and lifts him up above his head…

    JR: Rhodes looking for the Alabama Slam…

    King: No Jericho countered… roll up… One… Two… Thre…

    JR: No! Rhodes kicked out, boy that was close.

    Rhodes kicks out in desperation as he rolls away and immediately gets up to his feet, Jericho is already on his so Jericho comes over to Rhodes and when Rhodes turns Jericho hits him with a flying forearm smash. Jericho gets right back up, as Rhodes does to. Rhodes turns and right into a northern lights suplex… which Jericho bridges…



    Rhodes kicks out. Jericho then gets up and looks at Rhodes, runs, jumps on the second rope…

    JR: Lionsault… no Rhodes got the knees up!

    Jericho went for the lionsault but Rhodes got the knees up. Jericho is up holding his midsection, and Rhodes gets up, runs towards Jericho, leaps in the air…

    King: Oh brilliant move from Jericho… redirecting Rhodes right into the steel cage… and there is the Lionsault!

    Jericho after redirecting the leaping Rhodes into the steel cage, hits the Lionsault on Rhodes. Jericho looks at Rhodes who is holding his midsection on the ground, and Jericho goes over to the turnbuckle and climbs as he holds onto the steel cage. Jericho then jumps and grabs the top of the cage, and he begins his climb upward.

    King: Jericho looking to end this right here, he is climbing the cage.

    JR: And Rhodes needs to get up quick Jericho is close to getting to the top.

    Jericho is up to the top and now he just needs to throw himself onto the other side and climb down and he will win. As he swings one leg over, Rhodes jumps up and springs onto the turnbuckle and grabs the one leg of Jericho still inside the ring.

    JR: Oh and Rhodes gets there just in time.

    King: But Jericho is trying to fight him off.

    JR: But Rhodes is pulling Jericho back into the ring.

    Rhodes is able to pull Jericho back into the ring, but Jericho still hangs on to the cage. Rhodes is able to climb down to the mat as he gets Jericho onto the turnbuckle. Rhodes then goes back up to the turnbuckle and starts to fight Jericho. Rhodes hitting a punch to the head, he then grabs the head of Jericho, but Jericho blocks the superplex, and Jericho hits a punch to the ribs of Rhodes, followed by another, followed by one more. This knocks Rhodes down to the mat. Rhodes gets right back up, but is greeted by Jericho with a diving European uppercut. Jericho gets up, and Rhodes does to, and Jericho puts Rhodes down with a running back elbow. Jericho gets up and stalks Rhodes. Rhodes is to a knee, he gets up turns…

    King: Codebreaker…

    JR: No! Rhodes caught him… Alabama Slam! Cover…




    JR: No! Jericho kicks out!

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    Rhodes slowly gets to his feet as Jericho arches and reaches at his back while on the ground. Rhodes is up as he holds various parts of his body that are injured from the match. Rhodes begins to stalk Jericho as Jericho is starting to get up. Jericho is to a knee, he then gets up to both feet, he turns…

    JR: Beautiful Disaster Kick! Chris Jericho may be out, Rhodes may have it here!

    King: It doesn’t look like he is done though. Come on Jericho he is giving you a way out!

    Jericho is put down in the middle of the ring by the kick and Rhodes, instead of covering gets right to his feet. He then looks around the arena as the audience is on its feet, giving Rhodes deafening cheers. Rhodes stands at the head of Jericho, reaches down, picks him right up, and…


    King: NO!




    KING: NO! NO! NO!

    JR: BY GOD! OH MY GOD! Chris Jericho kicked out but how?

    Jericho kicks out at the very last possible second and Rhodes is stunned, mouth wide open as he can’t believe Jericho kicked out. Rhodes slowly gets to his feet and asks the ref, and the ref says two. Rhodes looks down at the mat at Jericho, then goes over to the ropes, and climbs them. He gets to the top, then jumps and grabs the top of the cage, and pulls the rest of his body up. Rhodes slowly climbs the cage, and he gets to the top, and begins to crawl over the top.

    JR: Rhodes is going to do it here! He is going to escape the cage to win.

    King: Jericho is up though. Hurry up Jericho, Rhodes is starting to go downward!

    Jericho then springs up to the top rope, leaps towards the top of the cage, and grabs Rhodes by the head. Jericho has a firm grip on the head of Rhodes, and drops down, and stands on the top rope, and Jericho keeps pulling Rhodes back into the ring, and eventually he is able to get Rhodes back into the ring, and Rhodes stands on the top rope with Jericho. They both trade a punch, and Rhodes tries to throw Jericho’s head into the cage, but Jericho blocks it and…

    JR: OH MY GOD! Codebreaker from the top rope! Both men are out in the middle of the ring!

    The fans start chanting, “Holy shit! Holy shit!” as both men are down in the center of the ring.

    King: Come on Jericho! Cover this one is over!

    Jericho slowly crawls over to where Rhodes is, and just puts his arm across the chest of Rhodes…





    JR: NO! NO! RHODES KICKED OUT! The ref is saying he kicked out!

    King: No! No! No! No he didn’t, he couldn’t, NO!

    Jericho just rolls right onto his back as he can’t believe Rhodes kicked out of his finisher. Both men just lie there, as the crowd is chanting, “This is awesome! This is awesome!” Jericho is the first one to even begin moving, and he slowly rolls onto his side. He then slowly gets to a knee, followed by getting to his feet. Jericho stumbles back into the ropes as he holds his head and looks at Rhodes with disgust. Jericho then comes over and…

    King: Walls of Jericho! Jericho has it locked in!

    JR: And Rhodes has taken a beating! Can he muster the strength to kick out?

    Jericho screams as he looks like he is pain keeping the hold in, but he does and he just screams telling Rhodes to tap out. Rhodes as a reaction from the hold uses his arms to pick himself up off the ground as he screams in pain. The crowd is cheering Rhodes on, trying to have him not tap out, and Jericho tells them to shut up. Rhodes goes back to the mat and reaches towards the ropes, but he isn’t close. Rhodes starts using his forearms to crawl towards the ropes, but Jericho still has the hold locked tightly.

    King: He does know there are no rope breaks right?

    JR: But if he can get to the ropes he might be able to break the hold.

    Rhodes continues to try and climb towards the ropes, and he reaches out, and he is mere inches away. Jericho screams, as does Rhodes and Rhodes can’t crawl anymore. He reaches out towards the ropes again, but he is just fingertips away. Rhodes then holds his shaking hand above the mat, the ref right there to check and…

    King: He’s going to tap! He’s going to tap!

    JR: Rhodes lunges… one last effort… he got the ropes!

    Rhodes holds the ropes, but Jericho continues to keep the hold locked in. Then when Rhodes realizes that, he uses the ropes to pull himself further under the ropes, and Jericho gives up on the hold, and he rolls out forward and lies on the mat. Both men are down.

    JR: Who is going to win this brawl, this battle, this war?

    Jericho then begins to get up to a knee, and he gets to another, but when he turns around, Rhodes, who was under the ropes, is beginning to climb the cage. Jericho looks, but instead of trying to get Rhodes, he demands the ref open the cage door, and the ref obliges.

    JR: It’s a race to the floor who is going to win. Rhodes is almost at the top, but Jericho is almost out. Rhodes doesn’t have enough time unless he falls. Jericho is stumbling towards the ropes… Rhodes is sitting at the top…

    JR: NO! NO! NO! God Damn!

    The UK rushes down. William Regal and Drew McIntyre have chairs in their hand, and then go to the side where Rhodes is about to climb down and they swing the chairs at Rhodes. Rhodes now starts to climb up and sits at the top. As he looks for a way down. Chris Jericho who was climbing through the ropes backs into the middle of the ring as Wade Barrett and Sheamus stand at the end of the cage, where the door is, blocking his escape. Jericho backs into the middle of the ring as Barrett and Sheamus start to climb the steps. Jericho then turns, looks towards ropes…


    Both Jericho and Rhodes are down in the middle of the ring, and not moving. Barrett and Sheamus then enter the ring and begin to beat down the two motionless men. McIntyre and Regal go over to the side and demand them to lift the cage. They raise their cheers, and the stagehand obliges, and orders the cage to be lifted. It gets lifted, and McIntyre and Regal slide in with their chairs, and they begin to beat down Jericho and Rhodes. The crowd is giving the UK nuclear heat as they are just incessantly beating down on the two men.

    JR: This is bullshit! These men ruined a great matchup, a classic; they ruined a WWE Championship match for the ages! They should be fined, punished, suspended, hell they should be fired.

    King: But this was bound to happen JR. Taking away potential title opportunities? They aren’t happy and they are making it known by ruining this title match

    JR: I hope they lose the title next week.

    They continue to beat down on the men, when all of a sudden the crowd cheers loudly, as CM Punk, Tyler Black and the Kings of Wrestling run down the ramp and clear the UK out of the ring. The UK flees up the ramp, as the four men stand in the ring staring at them. The UK just stands at the top of the ramp smiling at what they have done, as the four men in the ring are serious and calling them back down. EMTs then hop in the ring and check on the two combatants as we get one final shot of the UK’s faces, as the camera shows the titantron above them, showing the faces of Punk, Black, and the KOW. The show shows this final image and fades to black.


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    Ready for.....a filler.
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    Let's fill this shit.

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    Read Shaz's BtB: Bigger, Badder, Better. You won't be disappointed.
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    @IAmJericho: I expect @WWECodyRhodes and I to get a rematch for the #WWEChampionship next Monday on #Raw #Ratings
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    What's that? I just stole a filler from S.E.Z. How could I?

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    Nitro should be awesome too
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    Quote Originally Posted by S.E. Zero View Post
    Read Shaz's BtB: Bigger, Badder, Better. You won't be disappointed.
    Yeah! What this guy said.

    Read If I Were Vince McMahon as well, courtesy of our very own; no_1eddiefan. Believe me when I say that you'll jizz.

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    Impact. Up next. Enjoy.
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