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    JR: Well now it is time for our main event, time to find out who will lead RAW is WAR into the future as General Manager; it’s time for Team Eve versus Team Teddy in a War Games Match

    Bischoff: Often referred to as The Match Beyond, I have seen a couple of these matches in my time, and let me warn everyone now, it’s not for the weak of stomach. This match is brutal, its gruesome, and it shortens careers. If you can’t handle that you may want to look away.

    JR: And it is appropriately named War Games for a reason, this will be a War, especially between two teams that do not like each other… let’s take a look at how we got here.

    *A video package plays all the way back till the first moment Teddy Long was assigned an assistant to him in Eve. The video now highlights significant points of conflict between the two candidates for GM, and the seemingly budding relationship between Eve and Chris Jericho, her team captain here tonight. We then highlight the battles between the UK and Cody Rhodes & Tyler Black, Kurt Angle and CM Punk, and then we go to the highlights of the various PPVs leading up to the match. We see The Great American Bash where Chris Jericho loses the title to Austin Aries. We then move to SummerSlam where Jericho loses his rematch to Aries, and highlight Cody Rhodes’ victory over Wade Barrett to become number one contender to the WWE Title. We move to Money in the Bank, where we see Chris Jericho win the Money in the Bank briefcase, we see Aries defeat Rhodes to retain his title, as well as the moment where he injured himself, forcing him to vacate the WWE Title. We then see the attempted cash in by Jericho on Aries which Rhodes disrupts, leading to this moment here tonight.*

    JR: And as you can see this is how we got to this spot here tonight.

    JR: Here comes Team Teddy! The captain is Cody Rhodes, and team members include CM Punk, Tyler Black, and John Cena.

    Bischoff: And the reason Cody Rhodes became captain is because he cost Chris Jericho the WWE Title at Money in the Bank. Chris Jericho should be champ by now, and if it wasn’t for Rhodes he would be.

    JR: Well we have talked about this, Rhodes had to much respect for what Aries did fighting through an injury, but now its all for naught, because the title is vacated. Anyways Rhodes and Teddy built this team with a lot of speed and technical skill, but they made sure to get the strength and power of John Cena. This team was built due to the familiarity of the opponents on Team Eve.

    Bischoff: And here they come now. Captain Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and United Kingdom members Wade Barrett and Sheamus.

    JR: And Jericho was seemingly pegged to be GM from the beginning as he has had some sort of relationship with Eve.

    Bischoff: What exactly are you accusing him of? He has never had anything but a professional relationship with Eve that has not extended beyond the boundaries of work. How dare you accuse him. Anyways Jericho and Eve, in a professional manner, built a team that knows how to win, with Kurt Angles, and Wade Barrett and Sheamus of the United Kingdom. They know how to beat their opponents on Team Teddy, and with the man advantage here tonight they will win.

    JR: Well the advantage will only last until all men have entered.

    Bischoff: That is if the match hasn’t ended before it.

    JR: Well lets go over the rules quickly before we get going. One member will start the match inside the roofed cage, and will fight for five minutes before a member for Team Eve will enter. The advantage for Team Eve will continue for 2 minutes until a member of Team Teddy will enter to even up the odds. These alternating entries will occur until all have entered, or the match has ended. And the only way this match can end is by submission, KO, or surrender. Now that we are ready, its time for The Match Beyond!

    War Games Match
    RAW is WAR GM Position
    Team Teddy (Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Tyler Black, John Cena) vs. Team Eve (Chris Jericho, Wade Barrett, Sheamus, Kurt Angle)

    The bell rings as both cage doors shut and are locked by the ref responsible for each team. The ref inside the ring tells both men to come in the first ring, as Kurt Angle and CM Punk start the match, , and the five minute countdown clock starts.

    JR: Well it looks like these two enemies; CM Punk and Kurt Angle are going to start the match, and five minutes inside this cage with no rules? This is going to get real ugly real quick.

    Kurt Angle and CM Punk stare at each other from across each ring. The ref tries to start the match but to no avail as neither man moves. Both men wait for each other to move, and neither does, then finally Punk makes his first move and reaches the ropes where the two sets of rings connect. He holds the ropes for a minute as he just looks at Angle. He tries to look him off to allow himself to get in the ring. Punk then when he feels comfortable climbs through the ropes, and Angle wastes no time and bull rushes Punk where he hits Punk with a swift kick, and Punk falls through the ropes into the other ring. Angle climbs in the other ring, and picks Punk up, and locks in a headlock. Punk stuck in the middle of the ring then backs up to the ropes and pushes Angle off into the opposite ropes where Angle bounces off, comes back towards Punk and puts Punk down with a shoulder block. Angle looks at Punk, and then runs against the ropes, Punk turns over, and Angle leaps over Punk, comes off the ropes and Punk leap frogs over the running Angle, bounces off the ropes once more as Punk turns and goes for a dropkick but Angle holds onto the ropes and Punk hits the mat

    Bischoff: Angle knows Punk so well, he knew that move was coming and had it scouted perfectly.

    Angle quickly comes over to where Punk fell to the mat and locks in a bodyscissors submission hold, and hits a couple of elbows to the head of Punk to weaken him and lock in the hold.

    Bischoff: Great move here by Angle wear down the opponent early in the match, and maybe get a quick submission victory.

    Angle has the bodyscissors hold locked in as the ref comes down to question whether or not Punk wants to give up. Punk screams at him hell no, as he pries at the legs of Angle trying to separate them. Punk cannot as he is taking shorter breaths, so he then starts throwing elbows at the legs and specifically ankles of Angle to try and separate them, but that doesn’t work either, as Angle counters with elbows of his own. Punk continues to throw elbows at the legs and ankles of Angle, and Punk sits up to avoid the elbows of Angle, as he continues to attempt to pry the legs open, but he can’t. He lies back down, and then throws a wild back elbow to the head of Angle; this weakens Angle enough to where Punk is able to separate Angle’s legs and break the hold. Punk immediately gets to his feet, as does Angle and Punk puts Angle down with a leg lariat kick. Punk quickly comes over and picks Angle up, and once he gets Angle to his feet, he hits a few forearm clubs to the head of Angle, walks Angle to the ropes, leans Angle against the ropes, hits one final forearm to the head and whips Angle into the opposite set of ropes where Angle comes back to a knee to the gut from Punk. Angle rolls over to the ground and sits up quickly where the opportune Punk comes in and locks in a rear choke hold.

    JR: CM Punk now looking to wear down Angle here as we have now hit 2:50 left to go on the clock.

    Punk keeps the hold locked in but Angle battles to his feet where he hits a couple elbows to the midsection of Punk and this breaks the hold. Angle then runs and bounces off the ropes and comes back towards Punk and Punk hits Angle with a snap scoop powerslam. Punk is quick to get up and follow with a leg drop, and Angle now rolls towards the ropes, and then rolls into the other ring. Punk is quick to follow through the ropes and grabs Angle and rests him up against the ropes where Punk hits him with a huge slap to the chest.

    JR: Did you hear that slap from Punk? That was brutal; you can see the mark on Angle’s chest.

    Angle stumbles out into the middle of the ring and Punk follows behind, grabs the arm of Angle, turns him, and hits a short arm clothesline. Punk picks him up again and hits another short arm clothesline, followed by one more. Punk picks Angle up and rests him against the ropes and whips Angle into the opposite ropes where Angle comes back with a clothesline, which Punk ducks and hits an arm trap neckbreaker, and Angle rolls back into the second ring, and Punk follows after.

    JR: Nice neckbreaker there from Punk and he is firmly in control

    Bischoff: Not for long we are winding down these five minutes and are moments away from another member of Team Eve entering giving them a two minute two on one advantage. We are now second’s away, start the countdown.

    Punk picks Angle up and rests him against the turnbuckle, where Punk hits a huge chop to the chest. Punk then backs up and runs, and hits the high knee to Angle.

    JR: High knee from Punk

    The clock now begins counting down the final seconds …5…4…3…2…1…

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Bischoff: And there is the buzzer, a member from Team Eve will now enter… who will it be…its Chris Jericho!

    Chris Jericho now enters the ring, and two minutes now appear on the titantron and begin to countdown. Jericho has to come across to the second ring, just as Punk hits the high knee. Jericho enters the other ring, Punk runs with Angle, and Punk dropkicks Jericho in midair into the other turnbuckle, and hits the bulldog on Angle

    JR: What a move for Punk, he has negated the two on one for now, and if he can for another 1:45, he will be able to even up the odds.

    Bischoff: Soon enough it is going to catch up to Punk and Team Teddy

    Punk immediately gets up and runs at Jericho and hits him with a high knee, and then hits Jericho with a bulldog.

    JR: Doesn’t seem to be affecting Punk so far, he is controlling this two on one advantage.

    Punk gets up and celebrates and looks at the clock he sees 1:30 remaining until a partner of his joins. Punk then turns back around to Angle and Jericho and both men clothesline him over the top rope and into the first ring closest to the ramp. Angle and Jericho nod at each other as they are holding their heads and jaws from the knee and bulldog. They then turn towards Punk, but Punk jumps off the ropes with a springboard clothesline, and both men are down.

    JR: A double springboard clothesline. Punk has simply negated this two on one advantage not a good sign for Team Eve. And Punk is now only 45 seconds away from a member of Team Teddy coming in to even up the odds

    Punk nods at his team as he looks towards Jericho and Angle. Both men get to their feet and runs towards Punk for an attempted double clothesline but Punk ducks the maneuver, bounces off the opposite ropes and comes back towards Jericho and Angle where he leaps at them, but they redirect Punk right into the steel cage face first. Punk goes down in a heap to the apron as Jericho and Angle take a few seconds to recuperate

    Bischoff: Well the clock is winding down, but now the two on one advantage has taken its effect, did you see the way Punk crashed into the steel cage?

    Both Jericho and Angle go over and they stomp away at Punk. Jericho then uses his foot and puts it to the back of Punk’s head and he presses Punk’s head right into the steel.

    JR: The clock is coming down …5…4…3…2…1… and there is the buzzer and… Cody Rhodes will join the fracas.

    Rhodes comes in and immediately goes towards Jericho and dropkicks him in the back, which smashes Jericho’s face into the steel and he falls back down, to a cheer from the audience. Angle then comes over and jumps on the back of Rhodes, locking in a rear naked choke with a bodyscissors, falls to the mat, and Angle pulls tightly on the hold and tries to get Rhodes to fade. Angle is right in the middle of the ring and he pulls ever tighter on the hold and yells at the ref to check with Rhodes. The ref gets over to ask Rhodes if he wants to quit, but not much of a response is heard from Rhodes. The ref asks again and Rhodes eyelids shut, so the ref now has to check if Rhodes is out.

    Bischoff: Angle may end this right here; Rhodes is fading, and fading fast. And the clock reads 1:25, Team Eve in control.

    As the ref begins to now check on Rhodes, Jericho is up, holding his forehead, and he smirks as Angle begins to get Rhodes to fade. Jericho goes over to where Punk is downed on the apron next to the cage, and Jericho begins to grab at the legs of Punk. Punk holds onto the bottom ropes and begins to use his feet to try and get Jericho away. The ref now lifts Rhodes’ arm, and it falls, and Angle now really tightens the hold. The ref then lifts Rhodes’ arm a second time… and it falls as well. Jericho is trying to turn Punk onto his stomach, but Punk using the ropes for leverage is able to hit a double kick to the midsection of Jericho, which backs Jericho up, and Punk gets up kicks Jericho in the midsection, and then hits a quick DDT to Jericho. The ref then lifts Rhodes’ arm a third time and he lets it go… but Punk breaks up the hold

    JR: Punk breaks up the hold and he saves the matchup for his team.

    As Punk breaks the hold he lifts Angle to his feet and hits Angle with a sitout suplex slam. Jericho though comes right back at Punk running towards him, and Punk ducks the attempted clothesline from Jericho and then turns and hits Jericho with the back heel kick to the midsection, followed by a hug piledriver! The fans cheer loudly as Punk is the only one standing, and he looks at the clock which now begins to countdown …5…4…3…2…1…

    JR: What a massive piledriver from Punk! Punk is now in control for Team Teddy!

    Bischoff: Rhodes may still be out, Punk is the only one for his team … and there is the buzzer! And a fresh Sheamus entering for Team Eve, giving them a three on two advantage now.

    The clock shows 2 minutes and begins to count down again as Punk gets up from the piledriver and rests against the ropes for a minute looking at Jericho and Angle, and as he does, from behind the entering Sheamus attempts to grab Punk and twist his arms under the ropes, but Punk breaks Sheamus’ hold, turns and hits Sheamus with a roundhouse kick over the ropes. Sheamus goes down but from behind comes Kurt Angle who grabs Punk and hits him with a German suplex. Angle gets up, still holding Punk, and Angle hits another German suplex, followed by one more and Angle releases him. Sheamus then gets up from the other ring as he looks at Angle hitting the final suplex on Punk. As Angle gets up Sheamus tells Angle to watch out. Punk groggily gets to his feet, he turns… Sheamus slingshots over the ropes towards Punk…

    JR: A huge battering ram right there from Sheamus. The clock reads 1:15.

    Bischoff: Now the advantage is starting to impose its will. With Rhodes downed, it allows for a two on one assault of CM Punk

    Angle and Sheamus both get up and begin to stomp away furiously on Punk and Rhodes is now getting up and Angle sees him, steps away from Punk and throws Rhodes over the ropes and into the first ring. Angle hops in and Rhodes is right there to greet Angle with a dropdown uppercut to Angle. Rhodes then gets right back up and puts Angle down with a Russian legsweep. Rhodes goes to look at Punk in the other ring, but from the top rope comes Jericho with a flying forearm smash. In the other ring Sheamus now has CM Punk locked in a Texas cloverleaf submission hold.

    Bischoff: Sheamus now looking to end the match. And with no rope breaks and an advantage, he may end this right here.

    JR: We are getting close though to the next entrant. If Punk can hold on the next entrant for Team Teddy could break the hold.

    Sheamus has the hold locked in tight and in the middle of the second ring. In the other ring, after the flying forearm from Jericho, both he and Angle are beating down Rhodes. Sheamus pulls the hold tighter as Punk attempts to crawl towards the ropes. Punk is looking for a way out but he can’t really move towards the ropes. The clock is winding down, and Team Teddy is screaming at Punk not to give up as the next entrant is about to enter. Punk yells as Sheamus pulls on the submission maneuver telling Punk to give up. Sheamus pulls tighter, and the countdown on the clock begins …5…4… Punk now has his head in his hands…3…2… Punk’s hand is wavering above the mat…1…

    JR: There is the buzzer, in comes John Cena… picture perfect dropkick to the head of Sheamus to break the hold!

    Cena comes right in and hits a dropkick to the head of Sheamus as the countdown clock shows 2 minutes and counts down. Sheamus breaks the hold, as Punk rolls away holding his legs. Cena picks Sheamus up and whips him into the ropes where Cena bends down for a back body drop, but Sheamus comes back with a swift kick to the face of Cena. Sheamus runs against the ropes and hits a running double axe handle. Sheamus goes for another, but Cena ducks and comes back with a leaping flying shoulder block, followed by another. He stalks Sheamus telling him to get up, but from the connecting ropes to the other ring, Jericho hits Cena with a springboard plancha… which Cena rolls through and picks Jericho up, and puts Jericho on his shoulders.

    JR: Pure strength from John Cena… and now he’s looking for the FU…

    Bischoff: Sheamus with a kick to the groin. The clock is showing 1:20.

    Sheamus kicks Cena in the groin, which drops Jericho and Sheamus, picks Cena up on his shoulders and hits rolling fireman’s carry slam. Sheamus now hits repeated knee drops to the head of Cena, one after another after another. Punk now gets up and goes to break up the knee’s but in comes Jericho with a diving European Uppercut to put Punk down. Jericho is quick to his feet and locks in an armbar on Punk.

    In the first ring Rhodes puts Angle down with a dropkick, and Angle gets right back up, where Rhodes hits him with a springboard knee lift to the jaw. Angle goes down and Rhodes then bounces off the ropes and hits a knee drop to the head of Angle, and Angle rolls away towards the apron. Rhodes then looks back in the second ring, where he sees Sheamus attempting to lock in anther Texas Cloverleaf submission on Cena, and Rhodes runs in and puts Sheamus down with a bulldog.

    JR: Rhodes breaks up an attempted submission, and now the clock begins to countdown, the last member for Team Eve will enter

    Bischoff: This is their last chance to take control of this match with an advantage.

    The clock counts down …5…4…3…2…1… and the buzzer sounds and in comes Wade Barrett.

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    As Barrett enters, Sheamus gets back up from the bulldog only for Rhodes to put Sheamus down with a crossbody. Rhodes gets up and looks at the entering Barrett, but Cena steps in the first ring and sprints towards Barrett, who catches Cena with…

    Bischoff: Winds of Change! Boy Barrett looks determined and ready to go. He is ready for War.

    Cena goes down and Barrett leaves him there and makes his way into the second ring. As he does Rhodes bull rushes him and hits a knee lift to the head of Barrett. He grabs Barrett by the head and drags him out into the middle of the ring, where Jericho meets him with a missile dropkick from the top rope. Rhodes goes down, as Punk comes over to Jericho and sends him into the first ring with Cena, where Cena comes over and hits a running bulldog to put Jericho down. Jericho gets right back up and Cena hits a side belly to belly suplex. Sheamus then comes in the first ring and puts Cena down with a running knee lift

    JR: We have 1:00 until the last entrant for Team Teddy will enter, and we will be four on four from there on out.

    Back in the second ring, Punk is over to help Rhodes and they stomp away at Barrett with boots as they try to wear down the freshest superstar in this match. Angle though comes over and hits a huge European uppercut to Punk, and Punk backs into the turnbuckle where Angle hits him with a vicious headbutt. Punk staggers out from the headbutt, and Angle hits and overhead belly to belly suplex. Punk slides across the second ring, but gets right back up, using the ropes, and Angle clotheslines Punk into the first ring.

    As Angle does this, the countdown begins …5…4…3…2…1… and Tyler Black enters and now no more entrants can enter.

    JR: Here comes Tyler Black! The last entrant and we are now four on four. Team teddy was able to survive the advantage and now the numbers are even for the rest of the match.

    Black comes in like a house of fire to the second ring and Barrett, who is leaning against the turnbuckle is hits with a corner forearm smash. Barrett staggers out and Black bounces off the ropes and hits a running single leg drop. Barrett goes down and Angle runs towards Black, ducks a clothesline and hits a jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick. Barrett begins to get up and Black hits him with Paroxysm (swinging lifted inverted DDT). As Black goes to run against the ropes, Angle turns Black, kicks him in the midsection and…

    Bischoff: Angle Slam! That’ll put Black down, and now Team Eve is back in control.

    Angle grabs the downed Black by the ankle and locks in the…

    Bischoff: Ankle Lock, he has the hold locked in, can he get the submission and victory here for Team Eve? He has the hold locked in tightly.

    Angle has the Ankle Lock, locked in tightly as he turns the ankle of Black in an opposite direction of which it should go. Angle yells as he turns Black’s ankle even further, and Black screams in pain. Black tries to crawl on his forearms towards the ropes, and inch by inch he crawls to try and get to the ropes.

    Bischoff: He does know there are no rope breaks right?

    JR: But it’s to try and get some leverage to maybe alleviate the pain and hopefully get the hold broken if another member of his team can’t get to break up the hold

    Bischoff: Well then he is going to have to crawl a long way, because everybody is locked up right now.

    As Black continues to crawl in the second ring, in the first ring Cena and Sheamus are slugging it out where Cena hits Sheamus, after a missed clothesline with a spin out powerbomb. Cena then raises his hand in the air and waves it in front of Sheamus’ face, where he hits Sheamus with the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and now Cena begins to stalk Sheamus. Also in that ring Punk is fighting it out with Jericho, where Jericho hits Punk with a northern lights suplex, followed by a bulldog, and this leads Jericho to move to the second ring where he joins Barrett in beating on Cody Rhodes.

    Meanwhile all the action is happening; Black is inching closer to the ropes. Black reaches out for the ropes and he is a few fingertips away, Black takes one more forearm crawl forward towards the ropes where he now lunges out, he gives one last reach and…

    Bischoff: Angle pulls him right back into the middle of the ring! Oh what a smart move, and now Black is going to have no choice but to submit.

    Angle pulls Black back into the middle of the ring and now Black screams in pain as Angle turn’s Black’s ankle further. Black now on his forearms puts his head in his hands… he then puts one hand in the air as he is about to tap and Angle shakes his head yes and he pulls tighter. Black screams out in pain, uses his hand to pick himself up and he rolls through the hold, sending Angle face first into the steel cage.

    JR: And Black rolls through. The pain of the hold was so great instincts kicked in to roll through and break the hold.

    Bischoff: And he was about to tap too.

    As Angle leans on the middle rope on his knees, and Jericho notices Black has broken out of the hold, so Jericho comes over and gives Black a swift kick to the stomach, and Black rolls to the apron. Rhodes is able to break free of Barrett’s grasp and he comes over and attacks Jericho. But right behind Rhodes follows Barrett and he and Jericho begins to beat on Rhodes, but in from the other ring comes CM Punk who begins to help Rhodes, and now all four men are trading blows.


    JR: This is turning into an all-out brawl here, and we expected nothing less.

    As the four men trade blows, and Cena and Sheamus continue to fight it out in the first ring, Tyler Black from the apron, now stands up, and he looks at the cage, and then back at the four superstars in the ring slugging it out, and then back at the cage and… Black decides to start climbing the cage!

    JR: Wait where is he going… he is climbing the cage! Tyler Black is climbing the cage!

    Tyler Black continues to climb the roofed cage, and when he reaches the top of the cage, he then grabs the ceiling to the cage and he now scales along the roof of the closed cage. Sheamus has now gained the advantage against and downed Cena, and now Sheamus comes across into the second ring, leaving only a downed Cena in the first ring, and Sheamus begins brawling with Rhodes and Punk alongside Jericho and Barrett

    JR: Now he is climbing across the cage roof! BY GOD what the hell is Tyler Black doing here?

    Tyler Black crawls along the roof until he reaches a spot which lies right above where the four men are brawling. Black holds on with all his strength, looks back down at the superstars brawling, and then he let’s go!


    As Black let’s go he turns over in midair and… all the men in the brawl sprawl to avoid Black, leaving only Wade Barrett in the middle of the ring, as he looks up at Black hurdling towards him….


    JR: Oh what a mistake right there from Black!

    Barrett was able to react quickly enough to catch Black with his arms, then throw Black onto his shoulders and hits Black with Wasteland, planting Black right in the middle of the ring. John Cena quickly comes in from the other ring and plants Barrett down with the Throwback (running neck snap). Cena gets right back up and he throws both Jericho and Sheamus into the first ring. As he does this, Kurt Angle gets back up, and climbs the turnbuckle. As Angle faces the cage, he uses one hand to reach down and grab the top turnbuckle to maintain his balance. Angle then looks backwards at Tyler Black in the middle of the ring and he jumps…

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Bischoff: Moonsault…

    JR: Cena caught him! John Cena caught Kurt Angle on his shoulders… FU INTO THE STEEL CAGE… OH MY GOD KURT ANGLE JUST LANDED RIGHT ON HIS HEAD AND NECK!

    A huge “Holy Shit!” breaks out around the arena. As Cena caught Angle, he threw Angle back first into the steel cage, and Angle dropped down and lands right on the back of his head and neck, and Angle just holds there with both hands. As the ref comes over to check on Angle, Cena throws the ref out of the way, grabs Angle out from under the bottom rope, on the apron and…

    JR: Cena with the STFU

    Bischoff: This is sick, this man could have broken something in his neck and Cena is doing this! He’s going to end the man’s career… he’s going to paralyze him!

    JR: It’s all legal though…

    Cena locks in the STFU submission maneuver and he yells as he pulls the hold tighter. The fans are chering loudly sensing this may be the end, Angle just cannot move and Angle, lifts his hand from off the mat…

    JR: Angle is about to tap… Team Teddy is going to win and Teddy Long is going to remain General Manager of RAW is WAR!

    Angle holds his hand high… and just as he goes down to tap the mat…

    Bischoff: JERICHO BREAKS THE HOLD! Just in time, and the captain for Team Eve saves the matchup.

    A big sigh is let out as Jericho runs and dives and breaks the hold before Angle can tap. Angle rolls away, and Cena rolls to the apron, but he quickly gets to his feet, and climbs the turnbuckle. Cena waits as Jericho gets to one knee, Jericho then gets up to his feet, Cena jumps for a legdrop bulldog but Jericho catches Cena by the legs. Cena hits the mat; Jericho walks over him into…

    Bischoff: Walls of Jericho! Walls of Jericho! John Cena has nowhere to go!

    Jericho locks Cena in the Walls of Jericho in the second ring, as Angle is not moving next to the cage and apron. Black is starting to come to his wits in the ring as well. In the first ring both Punk and Barrett are fighting as are Rhodes and Sheamus. Rhodes is against the turnbuckle and Sheamus runs towards Rhodes and hits him with a running turnbuckle thrust. Rhodes staggers out from the corner and Sheamus picks him up and hits him with…

    Bischoff: White Noise from Sheamus!

    As Rhodes goes down, inside the second ring Jericho has Cena in the Walls of Jericho. Cena is slowly crawling towards the ropes, and inch by inch he gets closer. Jericho though readjusts the hold, and pulls Cena into the middle of the ring, while Jericho sits closer to Cena’s head, so Cena can’t crawl. Jericho now pulls hard on the submission as Cena reaches at his head reaching for the ropes, but he isn’t close. Jericho yells at Cena to give up, as Cena tries to claw his way towards the ropes, but he knows he can’t move. Cena then grabs at his head, trying not to give up; he hits the mat in frustration, as he raises his shaking hand, Cena yells and then…

    JR: AVADA KEDAVRA! Tyler Black breaks the submission maneuver, and Chris Jericho may be out.

    A massive cheer breaks out after the kick. The ref comes over to where Jericho is and checks on him, but Jericho gives him no response. So the ref then lifts Jericho’s arm once… it falls! The ref says one, and then lifts Jericho’s arm a second time… and his arm falls once more. The ref says two, as Tyler Black pounds the ground, and the ref then lifts Jericho’s arm a third time…he lets it go…

    Bischoff: Jericho kept the arm up!

    Black lies on the mat and pulls at his hair in frustration that Jericho was able to stay in the match. Cena rolls to the apron as Black picks Jericho up to his feet. Jericho groggily stands in the middle of the ring as Black runs towards the ropes, he handsprings…

    JR: Black looking for Blackout…

    Bischoff: Jericho ducks… northern lights suplex! Great counter

    Jericho ducks the enziguiri kick and as he gets back up Jericho plants him with the suplex. Jericho then looks at Black, who is downed in the middle of the ring. He then runs towards the ropes, and jumps on the middle rope…

    Bischoff: Here comes the Lionsault…

    JR: NO! Rhodes hit the ropes, and Jericho slips through… OH MY GOD! BEAUTIFUL DISASTER KICK! Jericho’s face hit the steel cage and he is busted wide open!

    A huge cheer breaks out from the kick as Jericho is bloodied. Jericho slipped through the ropes after Rhodes pulled the ropes out from under him. Jericho then stood up on the apron after slipping through, and Rhodes hit him with the Disaster Kick and Jericho’s hits the steel cage face first, and this busts him open. Jericho slouches there, leaning against the ropes where from behind Cody Rhodes grabs Jericho by the head, pulls him out, with Jericho’s feet hanging on the top rope, and…


    Another huge cheer as Jericho rolls to the apron and Rhodes looks on at him as from behind Rhodes comes his opponent from the first ring, Sheamus, who picks Rhodes up and…

    Bischoff: Celtic Cross right into the Steel Cage!

    Sheamus picks Rhodes up and hits the Celtic Cross right into the steel cage and Rhodes just slouches down to the apron, now there are bodies strewn across the ring. Angle, Black, Jericho, and Rhodes are all downed in the second ring. On the apron a previously downed Cena begins to get to his feet. Sheamus, the only one in the second ring as Punk and Barrett still battle in the first ring, waits for Cena to get up. Cena does, in between the ropes and cage, and Sheamus comes over and turns Cena leaning him back first against the ropes and hits forearm clubs to the chest of Cena. Sheamus hits ten of these shots, before Sheamus backs up… he pounds his chest… runs…

    JR: GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! BROGUE KICK and that sandwiches John Cena’s head between Sheamus’ boot and the cage.

    Bischoff: And look… Cena is busted open… the blood is flowing from his face.

    The ref comes over to check on John Cena and asks him if he is alright… to no response from John Cena. So the ref once again lifts Cena’s arm once… and it falls. The ref picks Cena’s arm up a second time… and it falls again. The ref then picks Cena’s arm up a third time… Sheamus raises his arms in celebration…the fans boo loudly…

    Bischoff: This is over, here comes the drop… NO! You bastard! Tyler Black just attacked the ref! Cena’s arm fell too! Eve should be General Manager

    JR: Nothing anyone can do Eric, there are no disqualifications this is all legal!

    The fans cheer loudly for Tyler Black. Sheamus picks Black up to his feet and hits him with the Irish Curse backbreaker and Black goes down. Sheamus repeatedly stomps on Black and then presses Black’s head against the cage. When Sheamus is satisfied he lets go as Black just lies there and he focuses on the destruction around him. Everybody is down so he turns towards the first ring where, CM Punk comes over to the downed Barrett and…

    JR: Anaconda Vise! Anaconda Vise! Punk has it locked in… this one is over!

    The fans start cheering again as Punk has Barrett locked in the Anaconda Vise, and he pulls hard trying to get Barrett to submit. Punk yells as he pulls harder on the hold, and Barrett’s face can be seen clearly in pain. Barrett then tries to flail with his free arm wildly trying to hit Punk to break the hold, but he can’t connect. Punk then pulls even harder on the submission and Barrett yells in pain as the ref comes over and asks if he wants to quit. Barrett doesn’t give an answer as he just yells in pain, his hand shaking violently, and then Punk pulls extremely hard one last time and Barrett…

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Bischoff: NO! NO! Sheamus with the break up! Sheamus with the breakup! Barrett didn’t tap

    JR: I think Barrett may have submit…

    Bischoff: No the ref is saying no, he is saying Barrett tapped after the hold was broken up, so no submission victory.

    CM Punk after the breakup of the submission hits a quick kick to the midsection of Sheamus, and Sheamus rolls away as Barrett stays down, so Punk goes over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top rope and he stands up and he raises his arms to the sky.

    JR: CM Punk looking for the Diving Elbow here…

    Bischoff: Oh Sheamus hits the ropes and Punk goes to a seated position.

    Just as Punk was about to jump onto Barrett, Sheamus knocks Punk down to a seated position by hitting the ropes, causing Punk to lose his balance. Sheamus then goes over to the seated Punk and throws Punk right into the steel cage and Punk hits them hard and falls to the apron between the ropes and cage.

    JR: Oh and Punk hits the cage hard!

    CM Punk now caught between the ropes and cage, Sheamus comes over and picks Punk up from the apron and leans him back first against the ropes. Sheamus raises his arms in the air and then hits repeated forearm strikes to the chest of Punk.

    JR: These are some ruthless shots here by Sheamus to the chest of Punk

    As Sheamus hits the strikes, Barrett is up to his feet and begins to make his way towards Punk for the double team, but as he goes over, Cena hops through the ropes from the second ring, and turns Barrett and hits him with a shot to the face, and Barrett returns the favor.

    JR: The bloodied John Cena still showing some fight here!

    Bischoff: But I don’t think he has enough in him because those shots don’t seem to have too much of an effect on Barrett.

    Cena returns another punch, and Barrett returns another as the two begin to trade blows.

    Sheamus hits ten blows to the chest of Punk and then let’s go as Punk collapses back to the mat between the ropes and cage. Sheamus then backs up and has a look of disgust on his face as he begins to pound his chest, as Punk is using the ropes to get up, still between the ropes and cage.

    JR: No not again, he damn near took John Cena’s head off the last time.

    Bischoff: And I was surprised Cena survived that, but this match has gone on so long, and Punk has been in the longest, no way he survives this kick.

    Teddy Long, sensing that this may be the end comes over to where CM Punk is next to the cage and begins yelling at him that Sheamus is coming. Eve then comes over and pushes Teddy as the two GM candidates now begin to argue. CM Punk apparently not hearing anything Teddy Long had to say grabs the top rope and drags himself to his feet, between the ropes and the cage.

    Bischoff: And now even the two GM candidates are fighting here at ringside.

    JR: Well both desperately want to win and become General Manager.


    Sheamus hits his final pound of the chest as Punk grabs the top rope and lifts himself up, and Sheamus then runs right at Punk… he jumps…

    Bischoff: Brogue Kic…


    The crowd goes absolutely nuts cheering ‘Holy Shit!’, ‘Holy Shit!’ over and over.

    Punk ducked the kick and Sheamus just kicked a portion of the steel cage down! The portion of the steel cage knocks over and lands on top of both Eve and Teddy Long, and now the portion of the cage is on top of them. The ref comes over and immediately throws up an X signal. As Sheamus kicked the steel cage over, he goes right over the top rope as well and lands on top of the cage section that is broken and on top of the two GM candidates. Sheamus is now out on the mat, rolling off of the portion of the steel cage as Punk drops to a knee and looks at Sheamus, Eve, and Teddy Long, and can’t believe what he has just seen.

    Barrett clotheslines Cena over the top rope, into the second ring after gaining the advantage with multiple punches to the face. After hearing the loud cheers from the fans, he turns to where he presumed Sheamus was going for the Brogue Kick, only to turn and see the cage knocked over, and Sheamus out of the ring and to the floor below. Barrett still sees Punk looking at the destruction below as Barrett looks angered. Barrett takes off his elbow pad and lines up Punk, who is standing in front of the remaining section of the cage.

    Bischoff: Barrett might be looking to end this here with a Bull Hammer.

    JR: And I hope for Punk’s sake he is able to move out of the way, because if he can’t he could be decapitated. Come on Barrett don’t do this, anything but this.

    Bischoff: It’s all legal

    Cody Rhodes from the second ring notices Barrett lining up Punk, so in an effort to stop him, Rhodes climbs the top rope and goes to the top turnbuckle…

    Punk now pulls himself up by the top rope to stand on the apron as he still looks at the destruction behind him…

    Barrett begins to stalk Punk as he moves towards him… so Rhodes in desperation jumps towards Barrett…

    JR: OH MY GOD! CODEBREAKER FROM JERICHO TO RHODES! Rhodes just attempted to stop Barrett and a bloodied Chris Jericho hits the Codebreaker from the top rope, and both men are down.

    Punk then looks back towards the ring at the commotion…

    Bischoff: BULL HAMMER!

    JR: GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! CM PUNK IS DECAPITATED! His head just got sandwiched in between Barrett’s elbow and the remaining section of the steel cage.

    The crowd falls completely silent as Punk drops in a heap to the mat and doesn’t move.

    Barrett hits the Bull Hammer on Punk and sandwiches Punk’s head in between his elbow and the steel cage. Punk collapses to the ground in a heap and is not moving. Barrett drags Punk out from under the ropes and demands the ref to check on Punk. The ref hurriedly comes over and asks Punk if he is alright to no response. The ref then lifts Punk’s arm up once… and it drops to the mat.

    Bischoff: He is out; no way he is getting up from that

    JR: Are we sure his head is still attached?

    The ref then lifts Punk’s arm up a second time… and it drops right to the mat as Barrett now smirks to the crowd.

    Bischoff: It’s over, Eve is about to become the General Manager

    The crowd is now hush across the arena as they watch intently as to whether or not Punk will be able to come to his wits. The ref then finally lifts Punk’s arm in the air for a third and final time. The ref then let’s go of Punk’s arm and…

    Bischoff: IT DROPPED!

    JR: It’s over, Punk is out and Barrett has won the match for his team, and more importantly for Team Eve. Teddy Long’s run as General Manager of RAW is WAR has come to an end, and now Eve will take over.

    Bischoff: My god JR, I can’t believe what I just witnessed.

    JR: That was easily the most hellacious match I have ever seen in my time here in the WWE. I can’t believe what I’ve just witnessed. I mean look at the ring and that tells it all. Bodies strewn everywhere, two bloodied superstars, a section of the cage knocked over and two General Manager’s down at ringside.

    Bischoff: This is unbelievable, I mean the crowd is still here, but they are completely silenced. Nobody knows what to think or say, I don’t know if they even fully understand what they have just witnessed.

    JR: Well folks, we thank you for joining us here at War Games and what you have just seen reinforces the message that you should not try this at home. Folk’s careers have been shortened considerably here tonight, and as you can see no man will ever be the same again. Eve is now the new General Manager of RAW is WAR.

    *The camera then widens out so the whole arena and chaos can be seen. EMT’s are all over the place tending to all the injured superstars in the ring and at ringside. The crowd can be seen and the looks on their faces tell it all. Faces of shock and awe. Stretchers are out everywhere tending to all of the superstars and General Manager’s. Only on superstar is able to move, Wade Barrett, with the help of many EMT’s he is able to be dragged out of the ring, and dragged up the ramp and too the back, where the crowd politely claps for him. The camera zooms out once more to show all of the EMT’s tending to the rest, as the camera fades to black.*


    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
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    Finally... We are back... in business!

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
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    We would like to apologize for the long delay, but without it there was no way we could move forward

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
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    We do have plans mapped out for a while in the future now, so we hope you enjoy them

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
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    Its almost here...

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
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    Its time...

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