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    JR: Ladies and gentlemen, what a spectacle that right there was. Sheamus somehow retains his Title yet again; Tyler Black was so close to being victorious tonight!

    Bischoff: So close but yet so far, JR! Sheamus showing yet again why he is a Knight of the Realm by picking up an astounding victory over the peasant Tyler Black!

    JR: Nevertheless, the night will continue, and people what a match we have in store for you right now. Without a question one of the most heated feuds in the WWE right now. The most electrifying man in Sports Entertainment, The Rock! Against one of the vilest, dastardly and disturbing characters we have ever seen here in the WWE, and that is Dean Ambrose. These two met back at SummerSlam, and let’s see how we got to tonight from there.

    *We cut to a video package, and we see clips from the Rock/Ambrose SummerSlam match up, and Rock connecting with the People’s Elbow, and Ambrose kicking out, much to the shock of everybody. We then see Ambrose hit that Second rope Piledriver, and pick up the victory.

    We then cut to Shane booking the 6 Man TLC matchup, and Rock and Ambrose going through a Table together, before brawling their way back up to the backstage area, not taking any notice of the rest of the men around them.

    Now we are two weeks later, and Ambrose and Rock are brawling in the ring. Ambrose has a chair around the neck of The Rock, and Shane rushing out to stop Dean. However, Dean ignores him and turns around, to see Rock out of the chair and Rock hits a Rock Bottom on the chair.

    We skip ahead to the contract signing this past week on Nitro and Rock stating that ‘He wants to bring the fight to the people’ and announces that it’ll be Falls Count Anywhere! Ambrose tries to attack Rock, but Rock takes him down and leaves. Ambrose then turns on Shane and Rock Bottom’s him through the Table

    The promo ends with Rock and Ambrose staring each other down, then Ambrose standing over Shane, laughing manically.*

    JR: This is gonna be a thriller right here folks!

    Bischoff: I hope The Rock’s career ends here tonight, you cannot come back from two huge losses like this. If Rock loses, which he will, I would gladly wager that we’ll never see his ugly face in the WWE again!

    JR: I have to disagree with you there Eric, Rock’s heart is still beating, and as long as it is, he will stay in the WWE!

    Ambrose walks out slowly to loud boos from the crowd. He stares around at them, before pulling at his hair, and bowing theatrically to the capacity crowd, who let out more raucous boos.

    JR: And here comes the oddity of Wrestling today. This man needs to see a physiatrist, cause he has a few loose screws in his head!

    Bischoff: But that’s what makes him so good JR! He doesn’t want to be ignored, and that’s how he gets attention, by being full on insane! And tonight, he kicks that Jabroni Rocky’s ass!

    JR: He is certainly not being ignored at this moment by anyone here!

    Ambrose has reached the ring by this point, and he slowly enters the ring, and stands motionless in the center of the ring, staring back down towards the ramp, waiting for The Rock to appear

    The crowd explode with cheers in one of the biggest pops of the night so far, and they somehow become even louder as The Rock appears from the back and he is wearing his ‘Just Bring It’ top. Ambrose hasn’t moved from that same spot in the ring as Rock stares him down from the top of the stage. He goes to either side and jumps up and down on his toes, feeling the energy of the crowd

    JR: Here he is, the most electrifying man in ALL of Sports Entertainment, The People’s Champion, The Great One, The Rock!

    Bischoff: yeah, and while Rock was sitting in his bedroom coming up with new nicknames for himself, Ambrose has been biding his time. Biding his time to end The Rock’s career, and he will do that tonight if he wins!

    Rock makes his way down to the ring, and enters by climbing the turnbuckle and raising his arm to the millions of Rock fans in the audience. He goes to the other corner and does the same thing. Ambrose still has not moved from that spot, his eyes on Rock the whole time.

    Bischoff: Look at the focus on the face of Dean Ambrose, he knows that he will win today, I can see it in his eyes.

    The Rock’s music dies down and he goes to meet Ambrose in the middle of the ring. For around 20 seconds they simply stare at each other, as The Rock mouths off at Dean, who just looks at him, seemingly unblinkingly. Finally, Ambrose turns and goes back to his corner, as does The Rock, and he tells the crowd to go nuts, and they oblige.

    JR: Eric, this is it- the rematch, Falls Count Anywhere and here...we...go!

    Falls Count Anywhere
    The Rock vs. Dean Ambrose

    Orton=Rock, Barrett=Ambrose

    JR: Here we go, The Rock said he was gonna bring the fight to the people, and this is what everyone has been waiting for!

    Bischoff: He really wants to bring it out of his comfort zone, out of the ring?! Dean has no limits, he’s equally insane wherever he is in the arena.

    Rock clambers over the barricade into the stands where the fans are, and he lays into Dean with rights and lefts, knocking him backwards with each step. Dean tries to get away, for a breather, but Rock follows him, and goes for yet another right. Dean reverses it and rakes him in the eye. It is now Ambrose’s turn to lay into Rock, and he floors him, still pounding away on The Brahma Bull. He pushes a fan off their seat and grabs the chair that they are sitting on

    Bischoff: I told you that Rock was stupid to bring this fight to ‘the people’, look at Dean go!

    Ambrose snaps the chair shut and cracks it across the back of The Rock to large boos from the crowd. He raises the chair again and brings it down on The Rocks head this time to more heat. He snaps the chair open again and sits on it, staring at The Great One, smirking at him. He slaps him, before picking him up and setting him up with a version of a rope hung DDT, except Rock’s feet are held up by a concrete floor just above the two. Ambrose brings Rock down and hits the DDT onto the chair!

    Bischoff: This one is gonna be over quickly!

    Ambrose rolls the Rock over and hooks the leg...



    Kick out!

    JR: No, Dean didn’t get him, The Rock shows his heart to carry on.

    Ambrose pulls Rock to his feet, and continues to hit him hard with rights and lefts, before Irish Whipping him into a Concrete wall just behind the fans. The fans boo loudly as he stands up on the chair and raises his left arm, before coming down on The Rock with a big elbow to the skull. He continues to beat the hell out of the Rock, until they reach the end of the fans area, and he throws Rock back over the barricade, following him over.

    JR: Ambrose has taken over in this match, Rock is in trouble.

    Ambrose continues to pummel away on Rock, until Rock reverses one of the rights Dean throws and connects with a big right of his own, to huge cheers from the fans. Ambrose comes running at him, but Rock hits a hip toss onto the concrete, and Ambrose lands with a big ‘SLAP!’ noise. Rock hooks the leg and goes for a cover.



    Kick out!

    JR: Ambrose refusing to go down either, these two men are gonna battle it out for a good bit longer, you would imagine

    Rock grabs Ambrose and Irish Whip’s him into the corner of the stage, and Ambrose’s back crashes off the steel, and he is keeled over in pain. The Rock races towards him and hits a swinging Neckbreaker, again Ambrose’s head bouncing of the concrete floor below. Rock crawls into a cover




    Kick out!

    JR: Near fall for The Rock, and he has turned this match around

    Rock picks Ambrose up and goes for a right, but Ambrose hits him with a kick to the gut. The two begin trading rights and lefts, and soon disappear from view into the backstage area.

    JR: This has spilled over into the backstage area, and we will try to get some footage there for you ASAP!

    Soon, a feed comes up backstage, although it is very wobbly because the cameraman is running to find the two. Soon, they come into view and are still going back and forth. Ambrose gets the upper hand with a few big right hands, but Rock injures Ambrose with a few kidney jabs, and lifts him up, slamming him into the wall, and following it up with a big spinebuster through a nearby food table!

    JR: Rock just Spinebustered Ambrose through that Table and now The Brahma Bull is in control!

    He picks him up and tries to slam Dean’s head off a nearby container, but Ambrose stops himself, and reverses it by slamming Rock’s head off it

    Bischoff: Great reversal by Ambrose, he may have saved himself there!
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    Ambrose continues to pummel away on Rock, hitting a big European Uppercut as the camera attempt to follow them down the corridor. They disappear from for a second, and we go to another camera, which shows them coming down the corridor towards it. Staff are running away from the scene. Ambrose has found a pipe and has begun to beat the hell out of The Rock with it.

    Rock steps away and Ambrose goes after him, but Rock hits a back kick to the gut of Ambrose. Now Rock is in control as he lays into Ambrose with rights and lefts. He picks the pipe up from the ground and whacks it off the leg of Ambrose, who goes down, screaming in pain. They go through another door, and yet another camera picks up on the fight, and the two men are in a parking lot. Rock throws Ambrose into the wall, and goes for a right hand, but Ambrose ducks it and takes Rock down with a clothesline.

    JR: This is gonna get real ugly, real soon!

    Ambrose now throws Rock into a Vending machine, head first, and Rock’s head smashes through the glass. Ambrose grabs two Pepsi’s from inside the vending machine and cracks them open, and takes a slug, and pours the rest over himself, laughing manically. He smacks another can over the head of The Rock, who falls to the ground as Ambrose goes for the cover




    JR: Rock kicked out yet again!

    Ambrose pulls Rock to his feet, and throws him through a nearby door, and we are back in the corridors of the building. Ambrose continues to pummel away on The Great One, with rights and lefts. Rock soon pulls Ambrose to the ground and the two just forget about defending themselves and beat the living shit out of one another. Rock gets up, and waits for Ambrose. He spears him through a nearby office door.

    JR: Hey, wait a minute, that’s....its Shane O Mac’s office!!

    Shane leaps up out of his seat as Rock continues to take down the fatigued Ambrose. He is wearing a cast, from the Rock Bottom

    Shane: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! You cannot fight in here, I don’t care if its Falls Count Anywhere, there are things in here worth millions of dollars in here, so get the hell out!

    Rock stares at Shane for a second, before nodding

    The Rock: So let The Rock get this straight, you want this roody poo out of your office right now. OK...

    Rock grabs Dean and throws him through the glass window in Shane’s office, smashing it to bits, and Shane lets out a yelp of surprise

    The Rock: How's that? Did The Rock do OK? Oh, and one more thing....

    Rock picks up Shane and Rock Bottom’s him onto the carpet in his office to a massive pop from the crowd. The Rock climbs through the window, and Ambrose is badly busted open. The Rock shouts some abuse at him, and lays into him with some more right hands. Soon, Rock and Ambrose appear out at the top of the stage, The Rock still on top

    He runs down with Ambrose and throws him back into the ring, and instead of following him in, Rock pulls a Table out from underneath the ring, and slides in it in. He climbs into the ring and sets the table up. He grabs Ambrose, and sets him up for a Rock Bottom, but Ambrose slips out of it and picks Rock up, going for the Midnight Special. Rock wriggles his way free and connects with a Rock Bottom to Ambrose!





    NOOO! Ambrose kicked out at the last possible moment, and The Rock cannot believe his eyes and he looks up to the ref in shock, protesting that it was a three. He slaps the rope in anger and turns back to the badly cut Ambrose, and he pulls his head back, and is about to drive a fist into the wound of Ambrose, but Dean low blows him, and The Rock falls to his knees in pain. Ambrose picks him up, and somehow musters the strength to hit a Midnight Special! Ambrose collapses to the mat after connecting with his finishing move, and both men are motionless

    JR: The amount of pain, of suffering these two have gone through, is quite incredib...

    Bischoff: Look, Ambrose is crawling to the cover, Rock is out, it’s over!




    JR: By Gawd The Rock kicked out! I cannot believe this, each man has thrown so much at the other and still...STILL neither will lie down!

    Ambrose looks around, and he stares at the motionless body of The Rock, who seemed to use his last ounce of strength to kick out of that Midnight Special, and his eyes light up, and he pulls his hair back, feels the wound, and rubs his blood on his chest. He screams at Rock that he’s ‘gonna make you bleed!’ He sets up Rock on the table, and slides underneath the ring with a chair in hand, and comes back in and cracks Rock in the stomach with it, to make sure that he’s not getting up. He then climbs to the top rope, chair in hand, and everyone is wondering what he will do next.

    He steadies himself and leaps off the top rope, hitting an Elbow Drop with the chair connecting with the skull of The People’s Champion! The two go crashing through the table, and Rock hasn’t moved. Ambrose too is struggling with the pain, and it is clear that he is hurting when he drags a busted Rock away from the rubble and into the center of the ring. He can’t even find the strength to stay standing, and he collapses into the pin rather than hooking the leg.




    KICK OUT AGAIN! Ambrose now for some reason is laughing, manically, uncontrollably. Suddenly he stops laughing and glares at The Rock, and he is clearly muttering something to himself. He pulls Rock from the ring and drags him up the ramp. As the camera gets in his face, it becomes clear that he is saying ‘Got to finish it, got to finish it’ over and over again. We get to the top of the stage now, and Ambrose stands as Rock tries to lift himself up, but he can only get to his knees

    JR: A sorry, sorry sight to see here, The People’s Champion could be on his last legs.

    Rock is still on his knees, barely conscious and Ambrose hits a running knee lift, knocking Rock back down again. Ambrose laughs manically, and there are camera shots in the crowd of young children not being able to look, and some crying. Even the older fans are horrified. We then get an instant replay of Ambrose hitting the elbow drop with the chair, and the busted open Rock. Even Eric Bischoff is a somber silence, and neither of the commentators are speaking.

    We zoom back to Ambrose, who still has that wild eyed look, and he picks Rock up, and puts him in position for the Piledriver onto the steel stage.

    JR: Oh God, enough is enough! Ambrose could legitimately kill The Rock here! For God’s sake ref, that’s enough

    Bischoff: it’s gone too far now, someone has to stop this!

    No-one steps forward, and Ambrose stands there, still with Rock in position for the Piledriver. Suddenly, The Rock, running simply on adrenaline, kicks out at Ambrose’s face, and after a few sharp kicks to the skull, Dean loosens his grip and The Rock gets loose to big cheers. The Rock tries to take advantage of a stunned Ambrose and the two go back and forth with lefts and rights


    By this stage, Rock has Ambrose teetering at the very edge of the stage. He hits another right, and Ambrose is close to falling. Rock then does his signature pose and finishes it off with one more HUGE right hand, and Ambrose falls off the stage!


    Bischoff: Holy shit! I can’t believe it Ross!

    Neither can the crowd, who start up a massive, ‘HOLY SHIT!!’ chant, as The Rock collapses on the floor. He somehow musters the power to crawl down the ramp, and climb down to where Ambrose had fallen twenty feet through the Tables. He finally stands up, helped by the stage, and goes over to Ambrose. He looks as if he is gonna go for a pin, but he spies a nearby Table with Electrical Equipment on it. He throws all the debris off the table, and sets it up.

    He grabs Ambrose, and stares around at the fans, before connecting with a....








    Bischoff: Noooo!

    JR: He has shocked the world! No-one thought he had it anymore, it’s all tied up, 1-1 between Rock and Ambrose!

    Bischoff: The Rock said he wanted to beat him 2-1, does that mean this isn’t the final chapter!?

    JR: You’ll have to tune in to Nitro to find out folks, but we should savor this moment! It’s a moment that Rock has been waiting on for months! He has got a pinfall victory over his enemy, Dean Ambrose

    By this stage, The Rock has struggled to his feet with the help of the ref, and the crowd explode for him when the ref raises his hand at the top of the stage. Ambrose is being attended to by paramedics, and Rock stares down at him, before raising his own hand this time, and heading to the back to a massive pop.

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    JR: Well here we go folks, this is what we have been building up to for the Raw Is War side of things.. It’s the WWE title match.. It’s Austin Aries vs. Cody Rhodes!

    Bischoff: I give credit where credit is due JR and these two are two of the most talented in the WWE right now, We heard Cody Rhodes earlier and what this means to him.. Make no mistake though fans, this means just as much to the champion Aries!

    JR: It sure does Eric, both of these men have been tipped to put on a classic, many fans completely split down the middle on this one but there can only be one winner, will it be the reigning champion, A-double Austin Aries.. Or will the Golden Boy, Cody Rhodes take his golden chance and show the world he’s ready to compete at this level.

    *A video package then plays showing the highlights of the feud so far and how this came about. It’s shows Cody beating Barrett and then Aries beating Jericho. It then shows Aries talking backstage to Dusty Rhodes with these words echoing.. “I could easily beat your son” over and over. It then shows the two men teaming up before the stare down and reaching this point now.*

    JR: Well that’s how we reached this point Eric, two talented superstar with nothing but in-ring respect for each other, the question is.. Did Aries make it personal with that comment and can Cody take advantage and use that as the momentum needed to win tonight?

    Bischoff: Of course he did Ross, you heard Cody earlier right? It’s bad blood, he said so himself. “I could easily beat your son” that’s got to be stinging Cody ever since it left the champs mouth and if the Golden Boy needed any more motivation to win the title.. Then he got it right there!

    *The Titantron goes live once more as the crowd turn their attention to the big screen. It begins showing pictures of Cody’s wrestling life and childhood from pictures of him in the crowd watching his father and brother, Dusty and Goldust as a child before showing pictures of him in his OVW days. It then shows the early days of him wrestling for the WWE teaming with Hardcore Holly and joining the faction “Legacy”. It finishes up showing his IC title reigns and his recent US title reign.. The screen then fads to black before the words..

    “I could easily beat your son” once more begin to echo out of the speakers. The screen then flashes and shows the words..


    The Golden Boy..

    Becomes A man! *

    *The crowd go crazy and give Cody one of the loudest pops of the night as he steps out from behind the curtain. He stands at the top of the stage and soaks in the atmosphere as best he can.. He then takes a deep breath before heading down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans in the front row seats.*

    JR: Amazing! Just amazing. Awe inspiring stuff from the production crew and it just shows how far this young man has come Eric. He’s got his whole future ahead of him but already he’s achieved so much.. Now he has the chance to win the biggest prize in wrestling.. The WWE title!

    Bischoff: Well the boy is looking to become a man tonight Ross, it’s not going to be easy but that heritage, the natural talent and his work ethic.. He has all the tools needed partner, but the thing is.. He’s arguably coming up against someone who’s just as good.. If not better in the WWE Champion, Austin Aries! Oh! And for the record.. The second biggest prize in wrestling you mean? The first will be one by Brock Lesnar later tonight!

    *Cody reaches and enters the ring. He then does a full turn taking in the “Let’s go Cody” cheers and applause before hopping on to the turnbuckle and posing for the crowd. He then jumps back down before staring up at the stage waiting for his opponent..*

    *The Champion steps out from behind the curtain with his WWE title around his waist. The crowd respond with cheers but there’s a few boo’s amongst the overriding popularity. A-Double then stares at his opponent in the ring before smiling and beginning to walk down the ramp to ringside.

    He reaches ringside and then stops once more looking out at the sold out Thomas & Mack center crowd. He then hops on to the side of the ring and enters through the ropes, as he does.. He and Rhodes immediately go face to face as the crowd buzz of the tension on display.

    Both men can be seen muttering to each other as the crowd are split with “Let’s go Cody” and “Austin Aries” chants as the two opponents begin to look out at the fans.. Aries then takes off his title and holds it up in the air to crowd cheers before placing it on his shoulder. Rhodes then begins to tap the title and begins to gesture it’s going home with him, before Aries can be heard shouting “Over my dead body” as the crowd crank up the noise once more. Both men are then directed to their corners as the ref checks them over*

    JR: Such a huge fight feel in this arena tonight folks, I can’t help but feel we are about to witness a classic Eric.

    Bischoff: It has that feeling Ross, I agree. Cody just can’t let this moment get to him.. He seems wound up and out to prove a point tonight and I think that will play into the calmer and more experienced Austin Aries!

    JR: Maybe so, Maybe Aries is doubting Rhodes ability though? Maybe Austin Aries feels he will win this match comfortably and that could play right into Rhodes’s hands with a quick start here!

    *With the final referee checks over, the two opponents come face to face once more and surprisingly shake hands before the title is handed over to the ref as both men look at it.. They are then ordered again back to their corners as the referee calls for the ring bell to start the match.*

    Austin Aries vs. Cody Rhodes (Jeff Hardy)

    Start at 9:00 stop at 25:15

    JR: Aries with the suicide dive! Bah Gawd! He may have just crushed Rhodes against the barricade!

    Bischoff: Austin Aries laying it all on the line! This is what the title means.. This is why every wrestler wakes up in the morning to compete on a stage like this for the major honors!

    JR: At what cost though partner? Aries looks hurt Eric, I think he may have jarred his knee when he landed.

    Bischoff: I think you could be right JR, can we get another look at that!

    *A video replay shows the suicide dive once more and Aries can be seen favoring his knee as he lands awkwardly to the outside of the ring.*

    JR: Nasty landing there for the champ, he has just put his title reign in danger by trying to take advantage with the high risk move!

    Bischoff: That’s why it’s high risk Ross, Aries rolled the dice and now he’s feeling the consequences!

    *Both men are laid out on the outside as the referee begins to count them out. The crowd begin cheering the names of both men hoping to inspire them to their feet with no reward. After a few more moments Cody moves first and is able to pull himself up to the ring apron and drag himself into the ring. The crowd’s attention then turns to Aries who continues holding his knee, he can be heard yelling out in pain holding his knee as eventually the ref stops his count and goes to check on the reigning champ..

    After a quick word with Aries, the referee quickly gestures to the back that Aries is hurt with a signal of an X sign. He then begins to help him up and appears to be pointing up the ramp before telling Aries it’s over. The crowd sense this and a small section begin booing while the majority look on concerned. Aries though does the unthinkable and pushes away the referee before limping back down the ramp as the crowd erupt with cheers.

    Aries then hops on to the ring apron but as he does he’s greeted by Cody Rhodes who kicks him in the stomach before suplexing him into the ring as both men come crashing back down on to the mat.*

    JR: Eric, I admire Aries’s heart.. We have seen this before, remember.. It was only a month ago that he was defending his title injured against Jericho, he now appears to be injured again and he’s carrying on?

    Bischoff: The show must go on JR, you know that! These people paid their money to see Austin Aries vs. Cody Rhodes for the WWE title and that’s what they are going to get.

    *Aries and Rhodes both begin pulling themselves up via the ropes, Rhode stands first with Aries gingerly now at his feet.. Both men then stand center of the ring and face off once more at the crowd are split 50/50 with their chants.. Rhodes then looks at Aries holding his knee but Aries brushes it off and says “let’s do this!”

    Suddenly both men then begin trading shots, each strike seemingly getting harder and the crowd noise rises with each blow landed as they chant along…


    With Cody in control, he lines up one more strike.. He attempts the right hand hook but Aries is able to grab hold of it and reverse with a CM Punk trademark swinging neck breaker before hooking the leg and going for the cover..*



    JR: Kick out! Only the two count for the champion!

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    *Austin Aries then drags up Cody and begins hitting him with chops to the chest.. Each time knocking Rhodes a step back further and closer to the turnbuckle, With Cody’s chest now a burning red, Aries strikes with one more big shot as “Woohhooooooo” chant goes around the arena as Rhodes is knocked back into the corner.

    Austin Aries then begins to climb to the second turnbuckle and with Rhodes trapped, he begins raining down with right hand punches to Cody’s face. With the crowd counting along, Aries reaches punch number seven but Rhodes begins to fight back.. Striking with his own shots to the stomach before gripping hold of Aries’s tights and raising him up in the air before sending him crashing down to the ring canvas with a huge sit down power bomb as Aries’s back of the head comes bouncing back of the mat as Cody keeps a grip of Austin’s legs as he goes for the pinfall.*




    JR: No! Aries kicking out! My god, Aries kicked out with nothing left to spare! I thought it was over, I thought that was it..

    Bischoff: You weren’t the only one JR, listen to this crowd.. I think they were expecting to see a new champion right there too!

    JR: Austin Aries is one tough son of a bitch! His heart and desire is unquestionable Eric, once again he shows why he’s the champion!

    Bischoff: He certainly has.. He may have to do so again though Ross, Cody Rhodes has his eye on that injured knee.

    *Cody looks surprised that Aries was able to kick out but does not let the disappointment get him down and now has his eyes firmly on the injured knee. He quickly grabs hold of Aries’s injured right knee before Austin can wriggle away, Rhodes then pulls his leg up before spinning it back around and locking in a single leg Boston crab as Aries instantly begins crying out in pain..

    It does not take long for Cody to crank up the pressure though as he now firmly has his feet planted in the middle of the ring as Aries beings clawing his hands across the mat in sheer agony.*

    Bischoff: It’s locked in JR, this could be the end for Aries!

    JR: Don’t write him off Eric, he’s starting to edge closer to the ropes.

    *With Aries now dragging himself and Cody across the ring mat.. He begins to stretch out his hands as he has pain etched across his face, his struggle is clearly for all to see but somehow the champ continues to hang in there and now looks certain to reach the ropes and brake up the hold.*

    JR: He’s so close! Just one more stretch and your there champ!

    *Just when Aries has his finger tips on the ropes and looks certain to grab it, Rhodes brakes up the hold and begins delivering elbow drops to the injured right knee as Aries yelps in pain.. Rhodes delivers two more before dragging him back by the injured leg and locking In the hold once more in the center of the ring.*

    Bischoff: Now that’s smart Ross! Cody showing he’s picked up the tricks of the trade and it’s not looking good for the champion here!

    JR: It’s needs must partner, I know Cody would have loved to have finished this match with both men giving it everything but the bottom line is.. Aries is hurt and it’s only natural to exploit any weakness in your opponent when you have the chance to win the WWE title.

    Bischoff: That’s exactly right.. Wait, he’s going to tap.. He’s about to tap out!

    *The camera then zooms in on Aires who in agony has one hand raised seemingly ready to tap while he’s biting on the other hand, trying any attempt to take away the pain shooting through his knee. With the crowd sensing the champ is seconds away from tapping he throws down the hand he has raised.. But instead of tapping he is able to twist his body around and in doing so.. He throws Rhodes off his injured leg and sends him flipping across the ring..

    With the crowd cheering Austin Aries’s heart and determination, both men get right back up with adrenaline rushing through their veins. Cody runs right at Aries with a clothes line but Aries is able to duck and spins back around with a kick to the gut of Rhodes, Aries then turns around before leaping of the left leg and catching Rhodes square In the face with a Pele kick knocking the challenger down and seemingly out as Aries then scramble’s across attempting to pin Cody Rhodes..*



    Bischoff: Kick out! Rhodes kicked out! That was a kick the legendary soccer star Pele would have been proud off and it’s still not enough, this match continues!

    JR: Just listen to these fans partner! *”This is Awesome” chants begin to be heard.* Both of these men are giving it everything tonight but again.. Aries is holding that injured knee, how much longer can he continue this?.

    Bischoff: For as long as it takes Ross, he has too.. This is his dream, unless he wants it to be his nightmare he has to defend his title successfully!

    *With Cody Rhodes still lying on his back, Austin Aries is seen rolling around holding his knee as once more the referee approaches him about ending the match.. He can be seen visibly shaking his head and muttering the words “No” to the official. Austin Aries then clutches holds of the ropes and begins to drag himself up, he then pauses for a moment before yelling out in pain once more then using one last push to stand himself up.. With him now at his feet, Cody is too.. Rhodes once more charges at Austin who again ducks the second clothes line attempt but this time when Aries turns around it’s roles reversed as he’s greeted by Cody’s boot as he springs off the ropes and levels Austin in the face with the.. *

    JR: Disaster kick! Disaster Kick!

    Bischoff: That spells disaster for the Champ Ross, it’s over now.. It must be over now!

    JR: Rhodes nailed it Eric, Cody with the pin!




    *Crowd pop in shock as many expected it to be over!*

    Bischoff: He kicked out? HE KICKED OUT?! Is Aries capable of losing Ross? How is he doing this?

    JR: I have no idea Eric, I am.. I am lost for words.

    *Cody Rhodes sits up and can be seen just staring out towards the fans in shock. He can then be seen asking if the three count was made, to which the official says “No” as Rhodes then begins shaking his head in disbelief.*

    JR: I don’t think Cody is the only one shaking his head in disbelieve right here! What’s it going to take to get the job done?

    *Cody Rhodes then stands on his feet and stares at his opponent who’s still down. He then drags Aries by the injured right leg once more to the middle of the ring.. Then he stretches out his opponent’s leg before running of the ropes and dropping his famous high knee drop right on to the injured knee of the champ as Aries lets out the loudest cry of agony yet..

    Rhodes does not stop there though and then grabs hold of Austin’s leg again before dragging him across the ring once more. He drags him to the nearest turnbuckle before exiting the ring.*

    JR: I think we know what’s coming here folks!

    *Cody Rhodes then drags Aries from the outside of the ring before wrapping his legs around the turnbuckle and locking in the figure four leg lock which gets a big cheer from the fans but another huge yelp in pain from the champion Aries.*

    JR: Many say this was the move used in the match where Cody Rhodes became a star folks! It does not get much more painful than this and though Rhodes will have to break it before the five count.. This could be the final damage needed to finish of Aries right here!

    *With Aries gripping the ropes and using them to take away the pain while struggling in pain.. The official goes for Rhodes to break up the submission which he does before the final count is made. Aries then takes the chance to once more grip hold of his knee, trying to nurse the injured leg while Rhodes watches on from the outside..

    Cody Rhodes then hops on to the side of the ring and again watches on as Aries struggles to cope with the pain.. Cody then attempts to enter the ring but is taking back by the reflex of Aries who kicks away Rhode’s standing knee and sends him flailing of the ring apron hitting his head on the edge of the ring as he falls down face first.*

    Bischoff: Smart, very smart from Aries! He just bought himself some precious time!

    JR: He may have down more than that partner, Rhodes is cut open!

    *A video replay then shows Cody’s fall and his forehead can be seen bouncing of the edge of the ring as a small cut instantly shows up and begins to bleed.*

    *After a few moments, Rhodes then uses the edge of the ring to pull himself up and as he does, blood can be seen coming down his face.. He then begins wiping it away with his hand before using the ropes to drag himself up, the blood continues to pour though and it starts to block his visage as it drips in his eyes.. Aries seems to notice this and with one rush of blood he rushes up and charges at Rhodes, shoulder first in to the stomach of Rhodes..

    He then places Cody’s arm on his neck before slipping under the arms of Cody and gripping him by the tights as he lifts Rhodes up and over the ropes dropping him down in to the.. *

    JR: Brain Buster! Aries with his finisher out of nowhere!

    Bischoff: The champs takes advantage of the situation and strikes from out of nowhere! This must.. It has to be it now!



    Bischoff: THREE!


    Bischoff: WHAT?! Aries had the three!

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    *The crowd are split with the outcome not clear on the final call from the referee. The official then jumps back up to his feet and signals it’s only a two count as the crowd pop at the show being put on from two of the best Raw has to offer.*

    Bischoff: Man! I thought it was over!

    JR: I’m sure Aries did too. Rhodes said he was going to become a man tonight and he might have just proved it right here folks!

    Bischoff: Oh he’s certainly done that tonight JR! Though Nitro is better and always will be.. Even I have been impressed with what Raw has to offer tonight!

    JR: Tonight is not about Raw or Nitro, it’s about showcasing what only the WWE can and were not even done yet and neither are these two world talented athletes!

    *With the crowd cheering on both men as the words “Let’s go Aries!” countered by “Cody Rhodes!” can be heard. Both men are now flipped on their stomach and are almost nose to nose as they can both be seen trash talking. Suddenly both men step up on to their knees and then begin trading punches with only a small gap between them..


    Aries then blocks the next attempt by Rhodes and counters with a head but as both men are clearly gassed out from swinging at each other. With Aries making contact with the head but... He opens the gash on Cody’s head open a little more as blood pours down his face more than ever. Austin Aries then lines up one last punch but before he does.. He can be seen whispering the words.. “I respect you.” He then nails Rhodes in the jaw with a right hook as Rhodes falls down face first to the canvas..

    Austin Aries does not waste any more time and then locks in a move not seen by many of the WWE fans around the globe as the crowd pop at the submission attempt.*

    Start at 0:04 stop at 0:24

    JR: I believe that’s the Horn of Aries! It is.. The Horn of Aries is locked in, there’s nowhere to go for Cody Rhodes!

    Bischoff: I’m stealing one of yours lines here Ross! Bah’ Gawd’ what a move!

    JR: Those striking knees to Eric, there’s no escape and the champ is relentless!

    Bischoff: That knees has got to be hurting but the champ is doing whatever it takes!

    *The camera then zooms in on Rhodes who’s screaming in pain while the blood from the cut is running down his face and even entering his mouth, now and then Rhodes can be seen spitting the blood back out and he’s gasps for oxygen as Aries tightens the grip.*

    JR: The referee is looking long and hard at this situation folks, Rhodes shows no sign of tapping out but he looks to be fading!

    Bischoff: I think you could be right JR! Is the referee about to stop this?!

    JR: I don’t think he has much choice! Rhodes shows no sign of saying the words.. “I give up”

    *The referee begins to ask Rhodes if he wants to give up but there appears no life left in the former US champion. The referee asks once more but Aries then tightens the grip intensely sensing the end is near, with one final shot of Rhodes clearly faded and the blood coming down his face.. The referee jumps in and stops the match before calling for the ring bell.

    Aries then drops the hold and immediately grasps for his knee as he cries out in agony. The referee then signals for Aries to be called out as the winner and Lillian Garcia does so by announcing Austin Aries as still the WWE Champion! The crowd then erupt with cheers and a standing ovation as both men are being acknowledged for their heart and effort that was put into this match…

    With Aries clearly injured and Rhodes still not responding.. The ref then orders medical staff from the back and they begin to rush to the aid of the two superstars in the ring. *

    JR: Austin Aries remains the WWE Champion folks but the bigger picture here, at what cost? Both men have put on a classic for these fans like many had expected but once more, at what cost Eric?

    Bischoff: Both of these guys have strived and overcome the odds to be in this position.. In this match tonight, both men know the risks involved and when you have giving everything you have to give.. You are off course going to have repercussions and we are seeing that right now.. I hope for these two young men it’s not too serious Ross but it does not look great I’m afraid.

    *More help then arrives from the back as Rhodes finally starts to come around. He can be seen asking “What happened?” as he’s helped up to his feet.. On the other side of the ring, the same can be seen with Aries being propped up by two more people from the medical staff. With both men receiving a standing ovation as they receive more support..

    Rhodes pushes away the help gently and approaches the referee, he grasp’s the title of the official before approaching Aries and pausing.. After a few seconds he then drapes the title on to the shoulder of Aries before raising the champs arm in the air *Big crowd pop* Austin Aries though then shakes his head and grabs hold of Cody’s arm before raising it in the air as the another bigger pop is followed from the fans..

    Rhodes wipes away the blood from his face before breathing one last heavy breath, looks at the title and then exit’s the ring. Aries then raises his title high before attempting to exit the ring by himself without support when he falls down and…

    JR: No! No! Not now, NOT NOW!

    *The loudest boos of night are ensured when Jericho steps out on to the stage with his trademarked “shit eating grin” With his Raw briefcase in hand. He begins to laugh at the crowd reception before making his way down the ramp and heading to the ring. On his way down.. He passes and stares at Cody before yelling “Unlucky junior” as he smirks and bumps shoulders with him on his way past.

    With Aries now in total shock and almost in fear knowing he can’t continue to wrestle, he’s unable to drag himself back up off the mat. Jericho then enters the ring and begins shouting at the medical staff to exit so the match can begin and his cash in can take place.

    The referee then comes over and begins asking Jericho not to do this now, Jericho though just smirks and thrust’s his briefcase into the gut of the official who has no choice but to accept the cash in and begins walking over to the time keeper and ring announcer.*

    Bischoff: What a night this is set to become for Jericho! He was not even meant to be in the match.. He then senses and opportunity and steals it on Raw.. He then comes here and wins the match when the crowd was against him and now.. Now he’s going to cash in and become the WWE Champion once again!

    JR: Oh yeah it’s great Eric! Let’s forget about the fact that Aries has had to wrestle the majority of this match injured and is no way able to fight again tonight.. Yeah, but Jericho this.. Jericho that.. This is bull shit! Chris Jericho is nothing but a coward and a vulture!

    *With the referee about to hand the briefcase over so the cash in can become official.. Out of nowhere Cody Rhodes, appears and snatches it out of the hands off the referee and begins shouting to Jericho.. “Not like this, Not like this Chris.. Unlucky… Junior.” Rhodes then smirks as he begins to walk up the ramp with Jericho’s briefcase in hand. Jericho then begins flipping out and shouting at Rhodes to bring it back as the “Golden Boy” just smiles as he looks back. Jericho then goes into a complete fit of rage and attacks the people trying to help Aries out of the ring.. He then begins beating down on the champion and drags him by the legs as he tries to flip him over In the Walls of Jericho.. As he does once more Rhodes enters the picture running down the ramp and entering the ring before striking Jericho In the back of the head with the briefcase, knocking him down instantly and throwing the briefcase back down on the mat.

    The medical staff then regroup to help Aries out of the ring as Rhodes jumps out of the ring to help the champion who can barely stand and is almost being dragged up the ramp. Cody then takes one moment to look back at Jericho who is furious and can be seen muttering the words.. “This is not over” as the crowd witness the intense faceoff between the two.

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    We go back to the commentary desk where JR and Eric are speechless, momentarily, from the madness and chaos that has just ensued before or very eyes

    JR: Folks, I honestly cannot believe what we have just witnessed right there. A clinic was put on by two of the biggest stars in wrestling, which ended in a Aries victory via referee stoppage, after Cody didn't want to give this one up. After the match, Chris Jericho, The Raw MITB holder, attempted to cash in on a beat up, worn down Austin Aries. But the man who just went through hell and high-water with him, Cody Rhodes, didn’t allow it. So now we have an injured WWE Champion on Raw, tune in find out more tomorrow night, people!

    Bischoff; Ross, I am fuming! What we just saw there was a blatantly obvious sign of jealousy from Cody Rhodes, he proved that he didn’t in fact become a man, he is still a jealous little baby, who can’t stand the fact that Chris Jericho is the best in the world at what he does, and he was gonna become the Champion yet again! It’s an obvious sign that he isn’t fit to lead this company!

    JR: Alright, calm yourself Eric; ya know Chris isn’t the most ‘honorable’ either if you haven’t noticed.

    Bischoff: There’s a difference between being sneaky, or clever as I like to call it, and being a bitch about not getting the job done! You can’t change my mind Ross, so don’t try to!

    JR: Trust me, I know. We are gonna move on, as there is so much more we have tonight. At the end of the night, we have our Raw Money In The Bank winner to be decided, as Mr. Anderson earlier guaranteed himself the opportunity to cash in on the World Heavyweight Champion, at any point for a year. But now, we have a World Heavyweight Championship, a heated rivalry between Brock Lesnar, and the Champion...Tyson Kidd!

    *We go to another video package, this time hyping up the Tyson/Brock feud. We get a quick recap of how Tyson won the Money In The Bank briefcase and we see him climb the ladder, and we see the iconic shot of him holding the briefcase high at WrestleMania.

    The video then cuts to Tyson winning his first World Heavyweight Championship as he pins Brock Lesnar to a massive crowd pop, with Bischoff screaming in the background. The ref hands him the belt, and he sinks to his knees

    We then cut to the 3 Stages of Hell match, and how Tyson beat Edge, once and for all ending their personal battle. We then cut to Brock beating Mr. Anderson for the #1 Contender’s spot.

    After this, we see Tyson continually one upping Brock week after week, until Brock finally gets his own back with a vicious backstage attack. We then switch to this past Thursday, where Tyson admitting he fears Lesnar. Some fans in the crowd are covering their mouths in disbelief at the words coming out of the Champ’s mouth.

    Tyson says if he wins, he dedicates it to the fans. However, the promo ends with Brock speaking ominous words...

    ‘All that’s left for me to do is to take away the World Heavyweight Championship from you and then, you’ll truly be nothing more than a lifeless, limp, pathetic heap.’*

    We now cut back to the commentators, and JR opens his mouth to speak, but Eric butts in...

    Bischoff: Finally! The moment I have been waiting for months! Literally, I have been counting down the days until Tyson gets that Title ripped from his lifeless body by the Big Thing of the WWE, Brock Lesnar!

    JR: Well, you are entitled to your opinion. But while Tyson’s words on Thursday were based on his fear of Brock, he also showed some fight, he has nothing to lose now.

    Bischoff: ‘Cept that Big Gold Belt Ross!

    JR: He has nothing to lose MENTALLY. He isn’t lying to himself, he knows that he is afraid of Brock, but he is gonna try to use that to his advantage when he fights to defend that ‘Big Gold Belt’ as you say Eric.

    Bischoff: And pain!

    Brock arrives out onto the stage to huge heat. Sable is alongside him, and they engage in a passionate kiss before Brock goes to the end of the stage, and bounces up and down on his toes. He does the same on the other edge of the stage, and goes to the middle, where he kisses Sable again. He twists his neck, a vicious grin spreading across his face. He lets out a roar and makes his way down the ramp to the ring, where he leaps onto the apron, fireworks erupting from the turnbuckles. He leans against the ropes, giving Sable one more kiss before she climbs back down the steel steps to the outside. Brock laughs, and looks a frightening sight with his gumshield in and his gloves on, ready for action.

    JR: Now that right there is a scary sight for Tyson Kidd! Brock is quite clearly a man on a mission, and he is focused on destruction, hell-bent on it, you could say. He is dressed for a fight!

    Bischoff: I am starting to wonder if Tyson even has the balls to defend his title here tonight!? Look at Brock, an intimidating sight for any mere mortal!

    Tyson doesn’t arrive out for quite a while, and people begin to worry. His music dies down and he still hasn’t shown any signs of arriving. Brock laughs in the ring, and he is certain of being awarded the title

    Bischoff: Haha! Tyson has pussied out! I told you. I TOLD YOU! Tyson Kidd is a coward. Tyson Kidd will never be back in the WWE and I for one am so, SO gla....

    JR: Wait just a minute!

    Again, the music goes on for around 10 seconds, before Tyson bursts through the curtain to a massive pop from the crowd. Brock is now furious, but Tyson isn’t laughing at Brock. He is 100% focused on the task in hand. He runs into the ring, and whips the Title belt off. He raises it for the fans to see, but his eyes are on Brock every step of the way. He hands it to the ref, who shows it to Brock, and raises it high. Each man goes to his respective corner and the ref calls for the bell, and this one is underway

    JR: Here we go....

    Bischoff: R.I.P Tyson!

    World Heavyweight Championship
    Tyson Kidd (c) vs. Brock Lesnar


    JR: Kidd climbing to the top rope here, Brock is in trouble, what is the Champ thinking here?

    Tyson poses for the crowd, and stares down at Brock. He turns, and looks to set up the Moonsault to loud cheers from the crowd. Brock is having none of it and gets up quickly, sensing an opportunity, and pushes Tyson to the outside, and Tyson hits the barricade hard.

    JR: Kidd taking just a second to long on top there, and Brock has made him pay. Tyson looks hurt!

    Kidd holds his ribs, as Brock tries to untie the turnbuckle. The referee grabs his arm and tells him he will disqualify him if he does that. Sable uses this moment of distraction of the ref to her advantage, grinding her sharp heel of her shoe into the injured ribs of Tyson who yells out in pain. Sable releases her foot just in time, and Brock hops out of the ring, and bounces up and down on his toes, waiting for Tyson to rise.

    JR: That dastardly Sable again helping her husband, and oh Gawd...look at Brock, he’s just toying with Tyson right now.

    Bischoff: This is brilliant...Brilliant!

    Brock smiles again, although we can’t see his teeth, covered by a mouth guard. He grabs Tyson, who is still holding his ribs, and throws him, full force into the barricade. Tyson is flattened against the barricade with a sickening thud, and the crowd let out a big ‘OOHHHH!’ as he is thrown against it. Brock doesn’t let up. He slips into and back out of the ring to restart this count. He grabs Tyson by the legs and begins to swing him about, crashing his skull off the barricade skull first each time.

    JR: Jesus Christ! He’s gonna kill him dammit! Stop this ref, c’mon!

    Brock lets Tyson go and pulls him back into the ring. Tyson looks seriously hurt, and doesn’t even put up a fight as Brock drags his lifeless body to the center of the ring, like he is a rag doll. He pulls him into the cover



    JR: Kidd kicked out! The guy ain’t giving up, and Brock will not have this easy Eric!

    Bischoff: Brock didn’t get anything easy in his life. If he has to sweat it out a little, so be it.

    Brock gets up, and signals for Tyson to bring it on. Tyson staggers to his feet and Brock takes him down with a monster clothesline, turning him inside out. He leans down to pick up Tyson, but in one swift movement, Tyson grabs Brock and locks him in the Locoplata (Hell’s Gate) and Brock struggles wildly, and the crowd are going nuts, awaiting a submission

    JR: He’s got it locked in! This is a vicious maneuver which has picked off many men in any sport, Judo, MMA, wrestling! Can Brock find a way out of it?
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    Brock feels around for the ropes, but he is nowhere near, and looks as if he could fade away, and the crowd begin to cheer louder as Brock’s hand falls. However, showing brute strength, he picks up Tyson Kidd, the move still locked in on him, and slams him to the mat with a Powerbomb. However, he doesn’t let go, and follows that up with another and another, and falls to the ground from the sheer effort. Both men are down in the center of the ring, as the ref begins his count. Sable screams at her man to get up as the ref begins his count




    Brock begins to stir, feeling around for the ropes



    Brock is now halfway up, with the help of the ropes, massaging his neck. Tyson has begun to stir


    Brock is up, and Tyson is to his knees



    Tyson gets up, but Brock is waiting for him, and takes him down with Martial Arts kicks to the knees of Tyson, and pulls him in close, and begins to strike him with elbows to the back of the head.
    Tyson has gone limp again, and Brock lets him go, and the Champ falls to the ground, lifeless. Brock laughs and rolls into the cover, Sable smirking at ringside, applauding.

    Bischoff: This is it, right here!



    Tyson rolls the shoulder up at the last second. Brock gets annoyed and gets right in the refs face, mouthing at him, telling him it was 3, but the ref stands firm and tells Brock it was two. Brock lifts his hands in the air, exasperated. Tyson takes advantage of the momentary loss of focus, and dropkicks Brock in the back, sending him into the referee and both go crashing out of the ring.

    Bischoff: Referee! DQ that guy, he deliberately did that!

    JR: You realize that if Tyson gets DQ’ed, Brock can’t win the title tonight?

    Bischoff: Let me finish Ross, God! DQ him, THEN strip him of the title and give it to Brock, simple!

    JR: Ladies and gents our ref is indeed out of it, let’s take another look at that, just watch Mike Chioda’s head bounce of that hard floor.

    We get a slow motion replay of the dropkick, and we see Brock career into the ref, who goes flying through the ropes, and smacks the back of his head of the ground. We then go back live to paramedics attending the ref, who still looks pretty dazed.

    Kidd grabs the ropes and springboards to the outside, hitting a crossbody onto the dazed challenger.

    JR: Tyson using the only advantage he has at the minute, the aerial ability!

    He climbs back up to the apron, and runs across it, hitting a two footed kick to the back of Brock’s head. The ref is still out cold, and Brock doesn’t look too good either. Tyson feels the injured ribs from earlier, and points at Sable and warns her not to get involved. He turns his focus back to Brock, thinking through his next move. Brock is laying against the barricade, catching his breath. Tyson runs toward him and hits an Enziguiri, knocking Brock backwards and into the front row of seats. Tyson lands hard on his back on the mat on the outside of the ring, and bounces about, trying to shake away the pain.

    Tyson leaps up onto the barricade, and tells a portion of the crowd to move, and they oblige. He leaps off; going for another Crossbody, but this time Brock catches him and slams him off the front row chairs to a loud crack. He picks Tyson up, about 10 feet in the air, and tosses him, like a football, back into the ringside area, and clambers over the barricade towards the challenger’s lifeless body.

    JR: This is a dominant performance from Brock so far, and Tyson really needs something special to turn this around.

    We zoom back to the referee, who is getting tested by the doctor’s, who are holding up fingers to see if he’s fit to continue. They make the ‘X’ sign and more paramedics with stretchers come running out, along with a second ref, who gets into the ring.

    Brock rolls Tyson back into the ring, and the ref remonstrates with Brock to do the same. Brock pulls himself up, and steps into the ring. He waits for Tyson to get up. As the Champ rises, he hits him with a big right hand, staggering Tyson. He follows that up with a big belly to back suplex, throwing Kidd halfway across the ring. The ref checks on Tyson, as Brock steamrolls towards the former Money in the Bank holder. Tyson ducks just in time and Brock careers into the ref, knocking him out cold.

    Bischoff: For God’s sake Jim! That’s two refs Kidd has put in harm’s way! It’s a joke!

    JR: Oh hush Eric, you know as well as I do, the ref was in the wrong place at the wrong time!

    This time, Brock signals to Sable to bring a chair in the ring, and shouts that ‘I’m gonna end it!’ Sable and Brock kiss in the ring, and Sable hands Brock the chair. But Brock throws it down and whispers something in his wife’s ear. She laughs and they nod. Then, Brock grabs Tyson and holds him back, as his wife kicks Kidd full on in the nuts!

    JR: Oh! My Gawd have some humanity!

    Brock then hands Sable the chair, and holds Kidd back yet again.

    JR: Wait a minute! It’s Nattie! Here comes the girlfriend of the Champ!

    Nattie races into the ring, and takes down Sable with a Lou Thesz press, pounding away at Lesnar’s wife. Lesnar runs over and grabs Nattie up, pulling her up with one hand. He stares at her, gets right up in her face and laughs manically. Nattie’s face is full of fear, and Brock now holds her back, and Sable swings the chair. This time, Nattie ducks and Sable cracks the chair off the skull of Brock, and gasps as she realizes what she has done. Nattie grabs the chair, and swings it, clocking Sable in the head with it.

    Tyson is up, and Brock also hasn’t gone down but he is staggered. He hits another Enziguiri, and Brock goes down to one knee, but comes back up again. Nattie throws the chair on the ground, and Tyson grabs Brock and hits a Hurracanrana, Brock’s skull bouncing right off the chair!

    JR: Oh what impact, this could be the miracle Tyson needed!

    Tyson crawls over to the cover, throwing the chair out of the ring, as Nattie slides out of the ring, and grabs the first ref, who has by this stage come round with the help of the medics. She throws him into the ring, and Tyson yells at him to make the count....

    Bischoff: NO!!




    NO!! Brock kicks out at the last possible second, and Tyson collapses in shock, and fatigue.

    JR: Look right in front of us, Eric, Nattie and Sable!

    Bischoff: I’m gonna do it....CAT FIGHT!

    Nattie and Sable continue to wrestle back and forth, until the referee leans through the ropes, and tells Nattie to get out of here! The crowd boo loudly, and Sable grins at Nattie and blows her a kiss. The ref then points at Sable, and tells her to get to the back! The crowd cheer loudly this time, as Sable screams at the ref, but in the end follows Nattie back up to the backstage area.

    JR: No distractions, may the best man win! What a match we have had so far, and it is gonna be a colossal ending!

    Kidd is on his feet, and Brock soon rises. Kidd smashes into Brock with a big back kick, and Brock falls back to the ground. Tyson stands there, catching his breath, and he stares out at the crowd, who cheer loudly. He stares at the kneeling Brock, and winds up a kick to the head, but Brock catches his leg, and twists it, flooring Kidd. He then rises, and moves his hands down to the ankle of Kidd

    JR: Ankle Lock! Ankle Lock by Brock!

    Brock twists the ankle of Kidd, wrenching it back and forth, and Kidd is clearly feeling immense pain, as he screams in anguish. Brock releases the hold, and starts bouncing up and down on his toes, and he grabs Kidd, lifting him up into the F-5 position!

    Bischoff: This is it! New World Champion right here!

    He spins him round, the cameras are all clicked in the arena, and it lights up with the flashes. However, Tyson somehow reverses it into a huge DDT!

    JR: DDT! DDT by Tyson! What an opportunity now!

    Tyson climbs to the top rope, and signals the belt is his and leaps off, hitting a double moonsault to Brock, to a massive pop from the crowd. He holds his stomach, but gets to the cover and hooks the leg as the whole crowd count with the ref





    JR: What!? I cannot believe it, I simply don’t know how Brock kicked out of that. Let’s take another look, and just notice how Tyson put everything on the line here....

    We get an instant replay, in slo-mo with Tyson flinging himself up. It speeds up to show the impact in real time, and the impact is pretty fierce

    JR: That right there is a rib breaker ladies and gents. If Kidd had missed that move, this one would be over. He put everything on the line there, and he was nanoseconds from retaining here!

    Bischoff: Did you see how that move just took the wind out of Brock, and he still managed to kick out!

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    Tyson gets up, still partially winded from the Moonsault, and he readies himself for the rising Brock, who staggers to his feet, still dazed. Tyson bounces off the ropes and goes for a flying clothesline, but Brock picks him up and looks for a Belly to Back Suplex again. However, elbows from Tyson loosen his grip, and Kidd takes advantage with a huge European Uppercut! He follows it up by grabbing Brock’s head, and hitting a Bulldog, and rolling into the cover

    JR: That was a play out of the book of ol’ Bret Hart right there, and could that be it!?



    Brock powers out at two this time, and is up at near enough the same time as Tyson. He blocks a Kidd kick, spinning him around and flattening him like a pancake with a huge clothesline. He lifts Tyson high above his head, and brings him down on his knee, hitting a big backbreaker. He follows this up, by throwing Tyson into the corner and hits multiple Turnbuckle Thrusts, each time the wind being knocked out of Kidd’s lungs

    JR: What a succession of moves from Brock, and in the space of about twenty seconds, things have begun to look very bleak for our champion once again.

    Brock lets up on him, but runs towards him, leaping in the air and crushing Kidd against the ropes. Kidd staggers out into the middle of the ring, and falls to his knees, struggling to breath. The ref tries to check on him, but Brock pushes him out of the way and grabs Tyson, setting him up on the top rope in the same corner where he hit those turnbuckle thrusts. He climbs up to the top rope along with Tyson, and has him in position for a Superplex.

    JR: Oh my, this could end it right here, this move has broken rings before dammit!

    Brock is grinning as he readies himself, before hitting the massive move, and the ring shakes violently as the two men hit the mat. Brock hooks the leg, and places his elbow on the face of Tyson to attempt to make sure of the victory.



    Kick out at 2 and a half!

    JR: Folks, this match could go on all night, I mean, neither of these men will stay down for the three! It’s gonna take something incredibly special to win, I can tell you that!

    Brock pounds the ground in frustration and moans at the ref to count faster. He grabs Tyson and hits a big Belly to Belly suplex, sending Tyson right onto the edge of the ring, near the ropes. Brock continues on the offence, driving knees into the gut of Kidd, over and over. Tyson grabs the ropes, and Brock continues to drive his knee into the abdomen of the Champ. The ref begins a count





    Brock stands up and walks away, as the ref scolds him before checking on Kidd. Brock signals for Kidd to get up, as Kidd struggles to his feet. Brock bounces off the opposite ropes, and jumps in the air, looking for a flying clothesline, but Kidd connects with another big European Uppercut, and Brock falls back into the middle of the ring.

    JR: Kidd staying on the outside, rolling the dice again with the aerial offence, we’ve seen this Springboard Elbow before!

    Tyson indeed goes for the Springboard Elbow, but Brock rolls out of the way, and picks Kidd up and hits a huge F-5!

    Bischoff: F-5! F-5! NEW CHAMPION!




    JR: NOO! The kid kicked out, I cannot believe it.

    Neither can Brock, but it seemingly only gets him more annoyed at Kidd, and he throws him onto his shoulders again for another F-5, but Kidd slips out of it and connects with an Enziguiri to the side of Brock’s head. He falls with Brock, but soon rises, with help of the ropes.

    JR: My Gawd! I cannot bear this suspense.

    Tyson rolls underneath the ropes, and goes to the outside apron again, going for the same signature Springboard Elbow. He leaps off and this time connects with it!

    JR: That’s gotta be it, Kidd has knocked of many with this finishing move!




    Kick out!

    The crowd gasp in shock at yet another kick out and Kidd cannot believe it. He staggers to his feet, and lifts the crowd and they blow the roof off with a massive cheer for their guy. He picks Brock up, and throws him into the corner, and hits a running clothesline. Brock stumbles out, straight into a Superkick from Kidd!

    JR: My God, what a Superkick, shades of the Heartbreak Kid, Eric!

    Bischoff: No! Brock will survive here, I know it!

    Kidd isn’t done there, and he climbs to the top rope, where he waits there for Brock to get up. When he does, Tyson leaps off and hits a Diving Blockbuster to a massive pop! He crawls over to the cover, resting one hand on Brock




    JR: YES! YES! Tyson has done it! He has beaten Brock Lesnar! Finally! He has overcome his fears and shocked the world again. Now whattya think of THAT Eric?!

    The camera zooms into Eric’s face, and he is speechless, quivering with rage.

    Back in the ring, the ref hands Tyson his title, and he sinks to his knees, kissing the gold, as the crowd are on their feet, going wild for Kidd.

    JR: Lesnar was dominant for the majority of the match, but Kidd has trumped him tonight, using his heart to win!

    Kidd rolls out of the ring, and raises the belt high. Brock is only coming round as Kidd heads to the back, the WHC draped over his shoulder. Kidd is hobbling and holding his ribs, but he is victorious.

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    Bischoff: You ready for this JR! For the second Pay-Per-View in a row, the better brand, Nitro is ending the show! And it's not long before Edge gains one more chance to take the title of Tyson Kidd!

    JR: There are 7 other motivated wrestlers who want to become the first Mr. Money in the Bank that can only cash in on the Nitro's World Title, and Eric, regardless of the brand, the quality of this match deserves to end this show.

    JR: Well, Christian Cage only recently returned to the WWE, and since has defeated his old tag team partner Edge, in addition to Christopher Daniels, another competitor in this Ladder Match! Can his momentum carry through tonight?

    Bischoff: I can't see it. For 15 years, he's lived in Edge's shadow, and tonight, he'll just get to watch Edge descend up that Ladder, and reclaim his Money in the Bank briefcase.

    Bischoff: For the past 2 weeks, JR, Roman Reigns has aligned with Christopher Daniels, and will he interfere tonight?

    JR: It's no Disqualification, so he's perfectly allowed, but if he has any sense, he'll leave this match to flow without him!

    JR: Mr. Anderson qualified for this match as a result of picking up the fall in a 6 man tag, TLC Match where you have to win by pinfall or submission. Therefore, it wasn't long ago that Anderson won in a Ladder Match - and of course - he is a former Mr. Money in the Bank!

    Bischoff: Remember, he only won that TLC match thanks to Tyson Kidd, The Rock, and outside interference from The Miz and Nattie Neidhart. Tonight, neither of those men will be helping him - he's got to do it all by himself.

    JR: The Hurricane's been focused on Daniels recently, and tonight is his chance to get his hands on him!

    Bischoff: He'll be so concerned at hurting Daniels, that when Daniels turns the tables and seriously harms the Hurricane, he'll miss out on the prize.
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    JR: I tuned into Nitro this last week, and I was hugely impressed with the debut of Brutus Magnus! He shattered Goldberg's ankle - the same Goldberg that dominated Nitro for so many years in the past! Can he break more bones tonight?

    Bischoff: It's hard to see past that. He has Ladders, as well as weapons from ringside, to use, and everyone will need to look over their shoulders - he could well be the underdog tonight!

    JR: RVD, along with The Miz, Edge, and Mr. Anderson have previously won a Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but can he replicate this tonight?

    Bischoff: I don't see it being possible JR? What has RVD done recently, and the truth is - not a whole lot. He'll need to turn that around tonight.

    Bischoff: I don't see why The Miz returned to attack Edge! Edge stole Mr. Anderson's briefcase once, and tonight, I see him stealing The Miz's career.

    JR: The Miz has won a Ladder Match before, so tonight he'll be going all out to win and repeat that!

    Bischoff: You'll know this saying JR, business is about to pick up! It's Edge! Two time, Mr. Money in the Bank!

    JR: Well, if he drops that Jezebel called Lita, then maybe he can be respected as a singles competitor, but a man like Edge has no respect from me!

    Nitro Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    Edge vs. The Miz vs. Christian Cage vs. The Hurricane vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson

    The match begins, as all 8 men stand still in the ring, staring at their opponents, all waiting to see who makes the first move. Then, Daniels slides out of the ring, and Hurricane chases after him, as the other 6 men in the ring begins brawling. Edge has Miz in one corner, and Magnus is clobbering Anderson in the opposite corner. Meanwhile, RVD and Christian trades blows into the middle of the ring, and Hurricane smashes Daniels' head off the Spanish Announce Table. In the ring, Cage sends Christian into the ropes, as Cage goes for a clothesline, but RVD ducks, and launches into a Suicide Dive, taking down Hurricane and Daniels, as well as himself!

    Christian then turns Magnus around, and lands an uppercut. He then rebounds off the ropes, before landing a Spinning Wheel Kick! Magnus falls between the ropes, as Miz is balancing on the ropes. Edge then lifts Miz up for a Bodyslam, but Miz escapes. Miz goes for a right hand, but Edge catches the hand. Edge then puts his head by Miz's waist, before locking his hands around Miz, and landing a Northern Lights Suplex, sending Miz outside the ring! Anderson is then taken down by a back elbow from Cage, as Edge picks him up, and grabs him by the tights and the head, before throwing him between the ropes to the outside.

    JR: Look at this Eric! E&C are in the near empty ring together!

    Bischoff: It's time Edge proves he is the better half of E&C.

    The crowd cheers, as the ring is empty apart from Edge and Christian. Edge motions that he'll be champion again soon, as Cage points to the briefcase and says he's going to win. Edge then slaps Christian, as the crowd jeers. Christian is infuriated, as goes for a right hand, but Edge ducks, and lands a blow to Cage's stomach. Edge then lands a knife edge chop, as the fans “WOOO”. Christian then stumbles into the ropes, as Edge tries to shoot him off in the opposite direction, but Cage manages to reverse, and sends Edge into the ropes. On the return, Edge manages to land a Flying Forearm, before going to the corner. Cage gets to his knees, as Edge lands a Big Kick to the face!

    Edge then pulls Cage to his feet, before dropping him with a Vertical Suplex. Edge then drops to his knees, before holding the back of Cage's head with one hand, and punching him in the skull with the other. He then waits for Cage to get to his feet, before sending him into the ropes. On the return, Cage slides through Edge's legs, as Edge turns around, straight into a right hand slap! Before Edge can respond, Cage sweeps out the legs from under Edge, and begins hammering him with punches!

    Edge manages to get to push Cage off, and both men get to their feet, but Cage lands a dropkick. Edge falls into a seated position by the corner, as Cage begins stomping on Edge's stomach, before driving his foot into Edge's throat. Cage then let’s Edge out, as Edge crawls into the middle of the ring. Cage then climbs to the top rope, before leaping, and landing a Diving European Uppercut! Cage then picks up Edge, before landing an atomic drop. Cage places his head between Edge's thighs, and prepares for a Back Body Drop, but Edge lands a clobbering forearm to the back of Cage. Edge then floats over into a Sunset Flip, which causes Edge to be on his back, as Edge keeps hold of the legs.

    JR: Why's he going for this - he can't win by submission!

    Bischoff: He's damaging the legs. Bad legs means he can't climb the Ladder!

    Edge stands, and tries to lock in the Edgeucator, but Cage manages to kick Edge off. Both men get to a feet, and they both run at one another, but they both connect with a clothesline, causing both men to fall. While they're both on the mat, RVD, outside the ring is on his feet, and grabs a Ladder. Edge and Cage then both gets to their knees, as Edge points to RVD. RVD then lifts the Ladder onto the apron, preparing to bring it into the ring, but Edge and Christian run together, and they connect with a Double Baseball Slide, sending the Ladder into RVD's face.

    Edge then traps Cage in a side headlock, as Cage pushes him into the ropes. On the return, Edge lands a Running Shoulder Block. Edge then reaches down, and rakes Cage's eyes, before bouncing off the ropes, and landing a big Leg Drop! Edge then pulls Cage up, before connecting with an Uppercut. He goes for the Edgeucution, but Cage manages to twist out, and lands a knee to the ribcage. He then bounces off the ropes, and goes for a Running Lariat, but Edge ducks, and lands the Edge-O-Matic!

    Cage slides out of the ring, but Miz enters the ring behind Edge, and takes him down with a Chop Block! Edge then falls on his stomach, as Miz stomps on Edge's leg. He then turns Edge around, and holds him by the leg, before repeatedly driving his knee into Edge's calf. Miz then puts Edge's leg under his knee, before dropping to the mat, trapping Edge's leg, before using his free leg to stomp on Edge's shin.

    JR: Well, Miz is going for the same tactic Edge did when he tried locking in the Edgucator. Injure the legs, injure the chances of winning.

    Miz then goes over to the corner, and waits for Edge to stand. Miz then lands for a Running Knee, and tries to follow up with a Neckbreaker, but Edge manages to twist out, and pushes Miz into the ropes. On the return Miz lands a running shoulder to Edge's knee. Miz takes a second to look up at the briefcase, before picking up Edge's leg, before slamming it on the mat. Miz then calls for the Skull Crushing Finale, as Edge uses the ropes to stand. Miz then locks in the Full Nelson, but Edge swings his leg back between Miz's legs, and connects with a Low Blow!

    JR: Oh come on Edge!

    Bischoff: It's no DQ Jim! You know that!

    Edge would then place Miz in a Front Facelock, before hitting the Edgeucution! Edge then goes to the corner, and runs his hand through his hair. Edge calls for the Spear, but Magnus drags Edge under the bottom rope. Magnus then picks up Edge in a Bearhug, before running, and ramming Edge into the Ringside Barricade!

    Magnus then picks up a Ladder at ringside, before turning it upside down, and slamming it into Edge's chest. He then places the edge on top of Edge's throat, before pushing down, choking Edge! Eventually, Magnus gets off Edge, and sees Miz recovering in the ring. Magnus then slides the Ladder in the ring, before sliding into the ring himself, but Miz tries to gain the upper hand, and lands a right hand. He pushes Magnus into the corner, before driving his knee repeatedly into Magnus' midsection. Brutus Magnus then pushes Miz off of him, before following up with an explosive clothesline!

    Magnus would then pick up Miz, before dropping him with a Belly-to-Back Suplex! Magnus then picks up the Ladder, and moves it towards the middle of the ring. He then picks up Miz, and tries to go for the Tormentum onto the Ladder, but Miz slips out from behind, and gets the Full Nelson. He then goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Magnus manages to shift his body weight to under Miz, before throwing him over his shoulder, with Miz landing back-first on the Ladder!

    Magnus then rolls Miz off the Ladder, as the Hurricane springboards onto the apron, before climbing to the top rope. Magnus then picks up the Ladder, holding it horizontally in front of his chest, but Hurricane leaps off the apron, and lands a Diving Cross-body on Magnus, his ribs connecting with the Ladder!
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