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    Bischoff: 6 People, 3 Teams, 1 set of Tag Team Titles. Will we see the United Kingdom bring more gold to their stable, or will All American Perfection retain?

    JR: Don't discount the Kings of Wrestling, Eric! These three times have intervened with one another for a while now, and this will decide who's best!

    Bischoff: They haven't proven anything to me yet, JR! They won a battle royal sure, but I don't see them becoming World Tag Team Champions!

    Bischoff: These two have the best mix of talented newcomer and established veteran. I can see the United Kingdom holding all the Raw titles by the end of the night.

    JR: That'll be a tough task, but individually, all four Brits have proven their talent

    Bischoff: Then again though, these two men have held their titles for over 200 days. Maybe they'll retain

    JR: They have Vickie Guerrero though, and she could be vital today.

    Match 5: All American Perfection w/Vickie Guerrero vs. Kings of Wrestling vs. The United Kingdom for the World Tag Team Championship

    The bell rings, as it appears two men from the challenging teams are starting the match off, through Regal and Castagnoli. The two lock up, before Castagnoli gains the advantage with a wrist lock. He then wrenches Regal's arm over his head, before lifting up Regal with his free arm, whilst keeping hold of the arm, putting Regal in more pain.

    Regal manages to land a kick to the midsection, to cause Castagnoli drop him to the mat, before Regal locks in a headlock. Castagnoli tries to fight off Regal with elbows to the stomach, but Regal counters by driving his forearm into Castagnoli's kidney.

    Regal then keeps the side headlock locked in, before Castagnoli lands a back suplex, releasing the hold. Both men stand, as Regal goes for the Knee Trembler, but Castagnoli sidesteps, before hitting Regal with a knee to the ribcage. He then puts Regal in the position for the Neutralizer, but Regal drops to his knees, and crawls through Castagnoli's legs, before forcibly tagging in Jack Swagger.

    JR: Regal wants nothing to do with Castagnoli now!

    Bischoff: He's saving his energy for later on. You would think which team is most efficient in pacing themselves will walk out here tag team champions.

    Regal slides under the bottom rope, before storming off to his corner, where McIntyre drops to the floor, and the two begins conversing. Swagger meanwhile, enters the ring through the ropes, before he locks up with Castagnoli. Swagger manages to push Castagnoli into the neutral corner, then Swagger lands a punch to the temple. He then drives his foot into Castagnoli's midsection, before releasing the foot.

    Swagger then sends Castagnoli into the opposite corner, where Hero is, before running, and following up with a Lariat. Hero tags himself in, as Castagnoli falls to the mat. Swagger takes a few steps back, before going for the Swagger Bomb on Castagnoli, but Hero grabs Swagger's head when he's on the second rope, before driving it into the turnbuckle.

    Hero then waits until Swagger gets to his knees, before springboarding into the ring, and lands the Hero Double Foot Stomp on Swagger's back! Hero then rolls over Swagger, before pinning him.


    JR: An early two count, Jack's got to be careful now!

    Bischoff: He's been Tag Team Champion for over 200 days now. He'll deserve everything he gets.

    Hero then waits for Swagger to get to his knees, before driving his knee into Swagger's spine. He has a Rear Choke Hold locked in, as he pulls Swagger up to his feet. He transitions into a Rear Waist Lock, before lifting Swagger off his feet, and dropping him onto his midsection. Hero then moves around, so he's on his knees to the side of Swagger's head, before placing his knee of the back of Swagger's neck, before holding onto his arm, and pulling back.

    Hero eventually releases Swagger, before throwing him into his corner. Hero then jumps up on Swagger, before landing a Monkey Flip, sending Swagger across the ring. Regal and McIntyre, from the floor outside of the ring, trips up Hero, and drags him under the bottom rope. The UK then throws Hero back-first into the ringside barrier, before Hero drops to a seated position. Regal and McIntyre begins stomping on Hero, as Castagnoli comes in to defend his partner's honor.

    Castagnoli pulls McIntyre off of Hero, before going for the European Uppercut on Regal, but Regal avoids it, before landing his own European Uppercut. From the force of the Uppercut, Castagnoli turns the other way, where Drew McIntyre floors him with a Big Boot.

    Bischoff: What a smart tactic here from the UK! Harm the Kings when they're outside the ring!

    JR: They're cowards! Fight the Kings in the ring!

    Whilst this has been going on, Dolph Ziggler pulled up Hero by the hair, before throwing him into the ring for Swagger. Swagger then picks up Hero, before locking in a Front Facelock. He then lifts up Hero for a Suplex, but Hero slips out the back, and lands a kick to the back of Swagger's knee. Swagger falls to his knees, as Hero grabs the arm. He tries to lock in an Arm Submission, but Swagger manages to throw Hero over his shoulder.

    Both men gets to their feet, as Swagger wraps his hands around Hero's stomach, before landing a Belly-to-Belly throw. Swagger then tags in Ziggler, who immediately lands a standing elbow on Hero. Ziggler then stands on Hero's hair, before jumping into the air, and landing another elbow drop. Vickie cheers Dolph on, as Ziggler covers


    JR: All American Perfection were not far away from retaining their titles there!

    Bischoff: They're dominating this now, and they will continue to do so!

    Ziggler then waits for Hero to sit up, when he swiftly sends him back down with a big kick to the face. Ziggler then follows up with a stomp on the back of Hero's neck, before he pulls Hero to his feet. Ziggler then picks up Hero, and puts him in a Front Facelock, but Hero manages to push Ziggler into the UK corner. McIntyre tags in by slapping Hero's back, whilst simultaneously Regal does the same to Ziggler.

    Both members of the UK enters the ring, as Regal grabs Hero by the tights, before sending him over the top rope to the floor. Both Regal and McIntyre then kicks Ziggler in the gut, before following up with a Double Suplex. Swagger enters the ring to try and defend his partner, but McIntyre pulls down the top rope, and Swagger is sent to the floor. Regal then drops to the mat, and McIntyre covers his own partner

    1.............2...................Castagnoli pulls McIntyre under the bottom rope!

    Castagnoli then lifts McIntyre onto his shoulder, before dropping him face first onto the ring apron! Regal slides under the bottom rope, and tries to attack Castagnoli, but Castagnoli lands an elbow smash. Castagnoli then locks in a Double Underhook, before suplexing Regal on the floor! Castagnoli then slides Regal into the ring, before throwing him into the corner. Castagnoli then goes to the apron, before landing a big open-hand slap to Regal's stomach, thus tagging himself into the match.

    Castagnoli then drops to the floor, where he picks up McIntyre, before throwing him into the ring. Castagnoli climbs up to the second rope, and goes for a Diving Knee Drop, but McIntyre rolls away, and Castagnoli lands onto the mat. McIntyre then gets to his feet, and lands a Running Knee Strike, which sends Castagnoli to the mat. McIntyre pins


    McIntyre then jumps to his feet, and waits for Castagnoli to get to his feet. McIntyre then grabs Castagnoli, and launches him overhead with a Northern Lights Suplex. McIntyre gets off Castagnoli, who's sitting up, before McIntyre locks in a Body Scissors on Castagnoli!

    Bischoff: This is why I love Drew! He's pulling out a Submission move!

    JR: He'll need to do all he can to escape this match with the gold tonight.

    McIntyre then lands a few elbows to the top of Castagnoli's head, before using his arms to lift his body up, thus gaining leverage and putting the stomach in more pain. McIntyre then uses one arm to hold Castagnoli's head, before using the other hand to gauge at his eyes. That's enough for Hero to enter the ring, and drops a knee on McIntyre's neck.

    Regal then slides into the ring, but Hero lands some forearm blows to the back of Regal. McIntyre is on his feet, and tries to assist his partner, and Ziggler tags himself in. McIntyre and Hero trades punches, as Ziggler jumps on Castagnoli, and hooks the leg.

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
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    1............2.................McIntyre lifts up Hero, before landing a Scoop Slam on Ziggler, breaking up the pin.

    Hero rolls out of the ring, as Regal pulls Ziggler to his feet. Regal then sends Ziggler into the ropes, and on the return, McIntyre ducks the oncoming Dolph, before Regal lands a Drop Toe Hold, causing Ziggler's neck to crash on the top rope. Regal then lifts Ziggler onto his shoulders, as McIntyre then bounces off the ropes, and together, the United Kingdom lands a Samoan Drop/Big Boot combo

    JR: As probably the least established tag team of the three involved, the United Kingdom have good chemistry together!

    Bischoff: Tremendous talents are the Brits! I don't want to bet against a full stable of gold by the end of the night.

    Castagnoli then gets to his feet, but Regal and McIntyre lands a Chop Block to each of his legs, flooring him again. Regal pulls Castagnoli up to his feet, and holds him in a Full Nelson, holding him up for a McIntyre assault, but Swagger enters the ring, and grabs the foot of McIntyre, before locking in the Ankle Lock!

    JR: Ankle Lock! Ankle Lock!

    Regal then pushes Castagnoli away, and lands a kick to the sternum of Jack, causing Swagger to release the Ankle Lock Submission Hold. Regal prepares for the Regal-Plex, but Castagnoli is on his feet, and places Regal in a Reverse DDT Clutch, before Castagnoli lifts Regal up, and lands a Reverse Suplex! Castagnoli then lifts up Swagger, and dumps him over the top rope, but turns around into a Diving Clothesline from Ziggler!

    Ziggler decides to take a breather, and slaps the head of William Regal, putting the wounded Brit into the mat. The referee informs Regal he's a legal participant, as he enters the ring, but Castagnoli takes him down with a Back Elbow. Castagnoli then grabs Regal's head, before going to the apron, but keeping hold of the head. Castagnoli places Regal's neck on the second rope, before pulling down as hard as he can, choking Regal!

    Castagnoli then releases Regal, who stays drooped over the second rope. Castagnoli enters the through the ropes, and sensing the opportunity, runs against the ropes, building up speed, before landing a big knee to the back of the head!

    A loud “Let’s go Kings!” chant echo's around the arena, as Castagnoli grins. He then picks up Regal, before landing a Gutwrench Suplex to Regal! Castagnoli then holds the leg of Regal high, but Regal uses his free leg to kick Castagnoli away.

    Regal tries to turn the tide of the match, by landing a dropkick, as Castagnoli drops to the mat. Regal then wraps his legs around Castagnoli's neck, before slapping Castagnoli's face, taunting him whilst doing so, but Castagnoli manages to get to his knees, before putting his body weight on top of Regal in a pinning predicament.

    1..................2...........Regal gets his hand on the bottom rope.

    Hero wants into the match, and shouts to Castagnoli, who gladly gives him the chance. Castagnoli then holds Regal overhead in a Gorilla Press Clutch, as Hero kneels before Claudio, as Castagnoli drops Regal ribs-first onto Hero's knee.

    JR: He could have cracked a rib there!

    Bischoff: I would rather he cracked Hero's knee.

    Hero then lifts up Regal, before landing an Atomic Drop. Hero holds Regal up for a Side Russian Leg Sweep, before connecting with it! Hero then picks up Regal again, and holds him for the Side Russian Leg Sweep, but instead twists 180 degrees, and then places his hand on Regal's reverse shoulder, pushing Regal down onto Hero's knee! Hero holds the legs of Regal, before floating over into a Jackknife Roll-Up


    Regal reaches over to McIntyre, trying to get into the match, but Ziggler jumps over the top rope to the mat, before rushing over to the UK corner, and knocking McIntyre off the apron. All American Perfection's intentions soon becomes clear, as they want into the match as opposed to McIntyre. Hero locks in a Stepover Toe Hold, before Regal uses his upper body strength to crawl the approximate foot towards the ropes, and forces a rope break.

    Hero then stalks Regal, clearly preparing for the Cyclone Kill, but Regal ducks the Discus Big Boot, and manages to tag in Swagger. Swagger enters the ring, and knocks down Hero with a shoulder tackle. Hero gets to his knees, but Swagger lands a kick to the leg. Swagger then locks in a Front Facelock, before using the ropes to land a Slingshot Suplex!

    Castagnoli enters the ring, and knees Swagger in the gut. He goes for a Gutwrench Suplex, but Swagger holds onto the top rope. Swagger fights Castagnoli off with blows to the midsection, before landing a Gutwrench Powerbomb! Castagnoli rolls out of the ring, but Hero uses the distraction to lock in a Rear Waist Lock, before dropping to the mat, and rolling through in a pin


    JR: Almost new champions!

    Swagger goes for a clothesline, but Hero grabs the arm, and takes Swagger down to the mat. He goes for a Japanese Armbar, but Swagger rolls over onto his back, and pushes Hero off. Both men get to their feet, as Swagger kicks Hero in the gut. He faces the hard camera and smirks, before lifting up Hero for a Gutwrench Powerbomb, but Hero lands a Frankensteiner!

    Swagger is sent under the bottom rope to the apron, as Hero picks him up. Hero lands a clobbering forearm to the ribcage, before landing a Hangman's Neckbreaker. Swagger drops to the mat, as Hero climbs to the top rope. Swagger gets to his feet, as Hero goes for a Double Axe Handle, but Swagger kicks him in the gut on the way down, before landing an Overhead Belly-to-Belly suplex, causing Hero's leg to crash into the steel steps.

    Swagger enters the ring, and Vickie distracts the referee, which allows Regal to drop off the apron, and kicks Chris Hero below the belt! Ziggler then comes in from behind Regal, and takes him out with a Fame-asser! McIntyre goes after Ziggler, but Ziggler enters the ring next to Swagger. McIntyre, not fancying his chances 2-on-1, returns to his corner. McIntyre then picks up Hero, and slides him into the ring.

    Bischoff: This is smart by Drew! Pace yourself Drew!

    JR: Not many men would fancy a 2-on-1 brawl with the Tag Champions, but I'm sure neither of the Kings would back away.

    Swagger stomps on Hero's leg, before lifting him up. Swagger drops him with a Snap Suplex, before going to the opposite corner. Swagger then runs, before landing the Swagger bomb! Swagger decides not to pin, and lands another Swagger Bomb! Now Swagger hooks the near leg

    1................2....................Hero places his foot on the bottom rope!

    Swagger now calls for the Ankle Lock, and locks it in! Hero's screams in pain, and reaches towards the ropes, but he can't get near. He holds himself up with his arms, before rolling through, and sending Swagger into the neutral corner. Hero then hops to his feet, before landing the Hero Sidekick! Hero then crawls away from the corner, as McIntyre and Castagnoli both want the tag, but Hero tags in his partner!

    Castagnoli enters the ring, as Swagger gets to his feet, but Castagnoli immediately takes him down with a Snap Powerslam! He then knocks Ziggler off the apron with a punch, before picking up Swagger. Castagnoli lifts him up in the air for a good 10 seconds, before landing a Delayed Vertical Suplex! Castagnoli pins

    1..........................2...................... ..Swagger just kicks out!

    JR: Closest near fall so far! The end is near Eric!

    Bischoff: Come on Jack!

    Castagnoli then waits for Swagger to get to his feet, before sending him into the ropes. On the return, he lifts Swagger up in the air, before landing a Very European Uppercut! Before he can cover however, Regal enters the ring, and distracts Castagnoli, who lands a clothesline. McIntyre however enters the ring, and Castagnoli turns around right into a punch to the gut, before being Future Shock DDT'd!

    JR: My god! He's not even legal!

    Bischoff: Who cares? Future Shock DDT!

    Ziggler now enters the ring, and lands Zig-Zag on McIntyre! McIntyre rolls out of the ring, as Regal is on his feet. Regal goes for the Knee Trembler, but Ziggler drops to the floor, avoiding the attack. He then bounces up to his feet, before locking in the Sleeper!

    JR: Why's he got the Sleeper in? Neither men are legal, so if Regal taps out, it's irrelevant!

    Bischoff: He's wearing down the opposition!

    Regal tries to fight off Ziggler off, but Ziggler has the hold locked in. Ziggler has one foot on the second rope for extra leverage, as Chris Hero enters the ring. Chris swings his arm around, before running, and landing the Discus Elbow to Regal!

    Ziggler drops Regal to the mat, before going to Zig-Zag Hero – but Hero holds onto the top rope, and Ziggler crashes and burns. Ziggler then gets to his feet, but Hero lands the Cyclone Kill! Ziggler falls out of the ring, as Vickie screams. Both Swagger and Castagnoli slowly starts to stand, as the fans cheer the Kings on.

    Vickie tries to alert Swagger that there are both members of the Kings of Wrestling are in the ring, as Swagger faces Hero. Swagger doesn't seem sure what to do, and goes for a right hand to Hero, but Hero blocks, and lands one of his own. Swagger then turns around into a right hand from Castagnoli. Castagnoli then grabs the arms, before landing a Ricola Bomb.

    JR: Ricola Bomb! We're gonna get new Champions!

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    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    The fans pop, as Castagnoli grabs Swagger's legs, and Hero motions for his partner to start spinning. The fans cheering their every move, Castagnoli starts the Giant Swing, before Hero connects with the Low Dropkick, connecting with the Kings Landing! Castagnoli pins, as the fans start counting along with the ref.


    JR: Baw Gawd! We have new Tag Team Champions! They can now rightfully be called the Kings of Wrestling, because Claudio and Chris are now World Tag Team Champions!

    Bischoff: I can't believe it! The reign that, started at Backlash, is now over!

    JR: They made the most of this opportunity, and I don't think anyone can say that the Kings don't deserve their titles!

    Bischoff: I can! They don't deserve them! Ziggler and Swagger deserves them!

    JR: *sighs*. Whatever you say Eric. But what we can say, is that the person we're hearing from next does deserve everything they get. Let's go backstage!

    *Nitro interviewer, Josh Matthews, walks down the backstage hallway with cheery determination usually preserved for a young male teenager who knows he’s in for his first peepshow. With any luck, however, Josh will escape from this ordeal with both eyeballs securely placed in his sockets as he searches for none other than Maria. When he appears to have arrived to his destination in the Divas locker room, he prepares to knock on the door but he manages to hear a conversation…a rather one-sided conversation from the person he happens to be looking for. Bubbly humming can be heard with a few giggles thrown in as from the sounds of it, Maria’s up to something that brings her great elation.*

    Maria: Okaaaaaay…now we’ll just put you right over there next to…wait a minute…what’d you think you’re doing?! You bitch! *a faint glass shattering noise carries out from behind the door* Too close! You’re too *bleep*ing close! Get away! Get away you dirty-

    *Fearing for her life, Josh knocks on the door rapidly in hopes of scaring Maria’s apparent attacker away but he gets a response that should be relieving but instead, it comes across as rather unsettling.*

    Maria: Yeeeeeeeeees? Who’s theeeeeeere?

    *Gripping onto the doorknob as a last ditch preserver for his increasing heart rate and anxiety, Josh swallows down the building amounts of trepidation in his throat and weakly responds.*

    Josh Matthews: Uh…….it’s me. J-Josh Matthews. I’m here to…

    *He gets knocked back in surprise as the door swings quickly open to reveal a smiling Maria looking back at him. She suddenly looks concerned as she notices Josh sitting on the floor, slack jawed and very close to wetting himself.*

    Maria: Oh, hi Josh. You look kinda…weird. Is everything okay?

    *He quickly gets back to his feet, brushing invisible specks of dirt off his pants and tries to regain a professional composure. Her giggling reinforces the improbability of that happening.*

    Josh Matthews: Uh…yeah. Great. Everything’s great. But listen, is everything okay with you? I mean, I heard screaming and…’re bleeding?! Just what happened in there?

    *Maria cocks her head to her side as she brings up her hands up to her face. Suddenly, the cheeriness saps away the more she stares at the blood lightly dripping from her knuckles.*

    Maria: Oh. You mean these? Yeah, I was just doing a little.. decorating.

    *She swings the door open and walks in the locker room. She gesticulates for him to come inside.*

    Maria: Don’t worry. There’s no one else in here.

    *When Maria has her back turned, Josh pumps his fist in a mini celebration and follows her. They arrive at Maria’s locker where dozens upon dozens of pictures of Raven litter the cold metal of the door. The briefcase she won earlier sits at the door’s front. Next to her feet are shards of glass and droplets of blood, obviously Maria’s.*

    Maria: See, I was trying to organize my little space so I could have all these pictures of Raven up so that I can never forget about him. When I’m feeling a little blue, all I have to do is just look at all of this and I’d feel fuzzy inside. It’s just what Raven would want. And just when I thought that I was being the good little dove……she appeared.

    *The camera zooms over to a picture of ripped up picture of Kaitlyn alongside the broken glass. The fact that the glass appears to be a picture frame for the Kaitlyn picture. Also, judging by the nail in the door, it was obvious that the picture was hung up there way before Maria’s renovations were made.*

    Maria: She got too close to him. Way too close. So I had to teach her a lesson of course. I thought that Kaitlyn would have learned her lesson after I beat her tonight and crushed her dreams but nope, she just had to try to get the last laugh and get near MY Raven! You hear me?! He’s mine and mine alone and you can’t have him! You can’t! You caaaaaan’t! You…you…...sorry. That wasn’t very ladylike of me, was it? Why don’t you sit down and I’ll bring you a bottle of water? You look pretty pale. Hard job, isn’t it?

    *With no words to say, Josh just nods as Maria gets up to go get him his bottle of water. As she leaves, Josh sits down on the bench next to Maria’s locker room. He gazes in horrific awe as he looks upon all the Raven pictures that adorn her locker room until shouting derails his train of thought.*

    Maria: Too close!

    Josh Matthews: Sorry, sorry!

    *Josh scrambles away as he sits on the furthest side of the bench away from the pictures as he can. Maria notices nothing odd in his behavior and sits down next to him.*

    Josh Matthews: So, Maria, uh…now that you’ve won the Divas Money In The Bank ladder match, you’re not only the proud holder of the Divas briefcase but you’re the first woman in history to win this type of match. How does it feel knowing that you’re a sort of pioneer in women’s wresting history?

    Maria: It’s awesome! It’s just the thing that I know will make Raven proud of me! I mean, did you see me out there, Josh? I was on top of the world just like a dove soaring in the air! And once I cash it in on either Lita or Nattie Neidhart, Raven will be even more proud of me! This has got to be the happiest time of my life and I get to spend it with the man of my dreams!

    *Josh just looks on at Maria in shock, realizing just how absorbed she is in Raven and everything that has to do with him.*

    Josh Matthews: That’s great and all but how do you feel about this, Maria? This is your moment. This is everything you’ve wanted out your career, isn’t it? Heck, this is what any woman wrestler would want out of her career.

    *Maria chuckles a bit and rolls her eyes at his question.*

    Maria: Didn’t I just tell you? If Raven’s happy, I’m happy and as the first ever Divas Money in the Bank winner, I know that he couldn’t be happier with his little dove. And it’ll be so much better when this dove becomes the Women's Champion. I mean, think about it, Josh. Raven is already a champion. He’s a champion at saying the right thing, he’s a champion at knowing how I feel. He’s a champion at everything…and I mean everything.

    *Maria looks away and blushes before she looks back at Josh.*

    Maria: It’s only fair that I be a champion, too. Raven chose me to be in his flock because he saw what I could become. He knew I was hanging around with the girls who only wanted to give me pity because they thought I was some cute little toy to play with. They never liked me. They never respected me. They didn’t think that I could ever be at their level. But thanks to this…

    *Maria reaches down to grab the briefcase and holds it up in front of her.*

    Maria: Everything changes for me. I get to show the world the potential that Raven saw in me. I get to prove to everyone that Raven was right about me just like he’s been right about everything. Raven knows who’s special and who’s not. But unfortunately, people like Kaitlyn want to get in the way. They’re too jealous because they know Raven’s always right and that he didn’t see enough in them to invite them into the his world. And that same goes for him. That….…bat man.

    Josh Matthews: You mean Sting?

    Maria: Yeah. Sting. It’s people like him and Kaitlyn and all the other Divas who just want to have their fun and laugh at our expense. They want to ignore us because they don’t understand why we do the things we do. Raven and I are special. We’ll be together forever because like the saying goes, birds of feather flock together and the raven…and his little dove will be spread their beautiful wings and everyone in the WWE will have no choice but to take notice and that goes double for whoever I have to cash this little baby in on so keep your eyes peeled, Josh….

    *She turns around to face the camera.*

    Maria:…and you too, Nattie and Lita. Remember, I’m watching yooooooou.

    *She blows a kiss to the camera and daintily walks off-screen, pleased with herself. Josh turns his head to the camera, near the point of trembling.*

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    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    JR: Well earlier in the night Maria won the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank match to have a shot at the Women’s Championship anywhere at any time… now eight RAW superstars will fight it out in a Money in the Bank match for a briefcase for a shot at the WWE Championship

    Bischoff: Yes! This is what tonight is all about. I have two favorites here, Wade Barrett and Chris Jericho.

    JR: Well Chris Jericho, unlike the others, got in with controversy because he had not one, not two, not three, but four, four Money in the Bank qualifying matches and it wasn’t until the fourth that he won. Nobody else got more than one qualifying match

    Bischoff: Despite what you may say you know it is for the best, you know Chris Jericho draws ratings for RAW and the WWE, and if it wasn’t for Jericho RAW wouldn’t even come close to Nitro. Face it you need Jericho, Eve realized that, and that’s why she gave him multiple shots, because she knows what’s best for business.

    JR: Best for business my ass, favoritism, something is going on there between the two. Whatever the reason though, I’m still of the opinion the fourth match, all though it may not seem like it was set up and conspired upon by those two.

    Bischoff: Won’t you shut up for a few minutes so this match can happen. Now here is a man who could very well win, but with his arch nemesis CM Punk in the match, Punk will go through life or limb to make sure Angle doesn’t win, even if that means Punk doesn’t win either.

    JR: Right you are Eric, these two men are enemies, and Punk has vowed to make Angle’s life a living hell after he played Punk, Rhodes, Black and all of these fans into thinking he was with them in the fight against the UK. Instead he was the masked man attacking Punk’s for months, you can only imagine the hatred Punk has for Angle

    Bischoff: Well its Angle who has made Punk’s life hell so far, and Angle’s hatred obviously runs deeper for Punk than the UK, because it all started on Twitter if you remember when Angle called out Punk and the WWE and put him on blast. Anyways question is, is Punk one hundred percent after his Extreme Rules qualifying match with Sandman two weeks ago?

    JR: Well he looks healthy to me, and he has had two weeks to recover.

    Bischoff: But he may hide it. Not to mention, that despite the win two weeks ago he took the brunt of the punishment, and last week was in a six man tag match as well.

    JR: Whatever his condition he should still be a favorite, he has won this match two times, more than anyone else in history, he knows how to win this match better than anyone else.

    JR: Except maybe this man, John Cena has was in this match once before as well, and he would have won if it weren’t for Tyler Black. Of course Tyson Kidd went on to win that match and that has now got him as World Heavyweight Champion!

    Bischoff: It truly is a career changing match for better or worse.

    JR: Cena has overcome the odds time and again, is tonight a night where he does that? He has the experience in the match, he was so close to winning it last time, is tonight the night?

    Bischoff: You say that but then you have a man like Chris Jericho, and don’t get started, who has competed in this match more than most, he has been in this match three times, he has enough history in here without winning to know what it takes to win.

    JR: Well three times in the match ties Chris Jericho with CM Punk, but while both have been in three times, Punk has won two out of three, Jericho has not one once.

    Bischoff: That will change here tonight, they have the most experience in this match of the participants here tonight.

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    JR: Well Hardy may have not been in this match more than most but he is a ladder match expert, he knows how to navigate these better than most people. He has been in this match once before and with his experience in ladder matches don’t discount his chances here tonight

    Bischoff: I won’t I’ve seen him many a times, but Hardy has a knack for taking big risks, and sometimes they cost him, if he avoids it he could win, but something tells me that won’t happen.

    JR: Now here is a man who we know nothing about in ladder matches because he has never competed in any. Will Ryback surprise us here tonight and win? Or will the limelight’s and new elements of a ladder match be too much for him to overcome?

    Bischoff: Well it is a new element for Ryback but he has proven us wrong every time he is in a new situation. This man is huge and was built for the big time, he may not be overwhelmed at all and may just step up to the plate like he has time and again

    JR: Experience is a huge factor and he doesn’t have that benefit of having it. When you have guys like Jericho and Punk in this match, experience is huge, and those two may very well be the favorites, because they know how to last in this match

    JR: Now this man has been in a Money in the Bank ladder match before, once, same as Hardy, so he knows what this match is like.

    Bischoff: Not to mention he is a member of the UK and they are strong, and they want to claim every title in the WWE and this is Barrett’s chance to do so.

    JR: Well who will win the briefcase and get a shot at the WWE Championship here we…

    Bischoff: Wait who is this?

    JR: Is this… is this the man we’ve seen those odd videos on RAW the past few weeks?

    Bischoff: Wait it’s… its Muhammad Hassan! He is back in the WWE and in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

    JR: He sure is not American so why would he post patriotic videos on RAW?

    Bischoff: I’m sure you can figure that out. But nobody knew Hassan would be in this match, he is a wild card now! Could he win this match?

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    Kurt Angle vs. CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett vs. Ryback vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Muhammad Hassan

    Seven men stand in the ring as Hassan stands on the outside and continues to look up at the seven men in the ring, who all peer back at him. Cena then slides out of the ring and begins to chase Hassan. Inside the ring Angle from behind Punk immediately goes after him and lays him out with a forearm club to the back of the head. Angle then jumps on top of Punk and lays into him with rights and lefts and repeated punches. Punk rolls him over and begins to lay into Angle and they keep trading blows until they roll out of the ring. Inside the ring Ryback has pinned Barrett against the turnbuckle and is hitting Barrett with repeated punches. Jericho now has Hardy in his sights as Jericho hits a flying forearm to the face of Hardy and Hardy rolls towards the turnbuckle. As Cena was chasing Hassan around the ring Hassan rolled in the ring and Cena followed suit and Hassan stomps on Cena multiple times. Hassan picks Cena up and hits a quick snap suplex that Cena holds his back. Cena sits and Hassan locks in a headlock. Cena battles to his feet, backs against the ropes and pushes Hassan off where Cena comes back and locks in a headlock of his own. Hassan then lifts Cena up and hits Cena with a belly to back suplex and Cena rolls out of the ring. Hassan looks at Cena then goes over to Ryback and turns Ryback who turns with a huge glare and stares at Hassan. Ryback then slaps his head and picks Hassan up and throws him against the turnbuckle and hits multiple punches.

    JR: Not too bright by Hassan to anger a man on a mission right now in Ryback

    Ryback hits continual punches to Hassan then grabs him and throws him with and overhead belly to belly suplex and Hassan is sent across the ring and Ryback follows with a corner clothesline that Hassan staggers out, Ryback bounces off the ropes and…

    JR: Huge meat hook! Ryback is on a roll!

    Ryback lays out Hassan with a huge Meat Hook and Hassan rolls to the outside. On the outside Angle and Punk are still brawling and then Hardy, sent out of the ring by Jericho, but Hardy gained the advantage, runs, and jumps off the barricade onto both Punk and Angle where he lays them out with diving clotheslines and Hardy gets up and celebrates. Inside the ring Ryback turns after laying out Hassan into a standing enziguiri from Jericho to Ryback. Ryback being so massive drops to his knees where Jericho then bounces off the ropes and hits a one handed bulldog to the kneeling Ryback. Jericho gets up and hits a baseball slide kick to Ryback that sends him out of the ring. Jericho turns and off the ropes comes Punk with a springboard clothesline. Punk left Hardy who was beating on Angle on the outside, but Angle reversed and hit Hardy with a European uppercut followed and he grabs a ladder, and runs at Hardy who ducks and Hits a dropkick to the ladder and hits Angle. Hardy then gets the ladder and slides it in the ring. Punk in the ring after the springboard clothesline hits a few backhand chops to the chest of Jericho and leans him against the ropes. Punk then sends Jericho against the ropes and comes back with a leg lariat kick to the head of Jericho that puts Jericho down. Hardy at that time had set the ladder up standing next to the turnbuckle. Hardy then climbed the turnbuckle as this is happening, and as soon as Punk hits the kick to Jericho, Hardy…

    JR: Leapfrog leg drop off the ladder! We’ve seen that move time and again from Hardy and it never gets old! Jericho rolls out of the ring! He is hurting!

    Punk watching Hardy do this waits, and as Hardy gets up Punk hits him with a back heel kick and then comes off the ropes, grabs the head of Hardy for a bulldog, but Hardy pushes Punk off. Punk gets up quickly and Hardy dropkicks Punk into the turnbuckle, and Punk hits the turnbuckle hard and Punk drops to a sitting position where Hardy hits the double leg drop to Punk’s midsection and Punk coils over and rolls out of the ring and as Hardy turns he runs right into a ladder shot face first from Kurt Angle, and the crowd lets out a big ooh. On the outside both Punk and Jericho are down from the beatings they took, and both Ryback and Cena are beating down Hassan. Barrett who had been lying low comes from behind and grabs Cena and turns Cena and hits a short arm clothesline. Barrett picks Cena up and locks in a single underhook followed by vicious punches to the midsection. Barrett then knees Cena, and Cena backs up, and runs at Barrett who puts him down…

    Bischoff: Winds of Change and Cena’s back has got to be hurting

    Inside the ring after the ladder shot to the head Angle jammed the ladder into the midsection of Hardy who has since rolled out of the ring. Angle then begins to climb the ladder. Angle gets to the top and has trouble getting a grasp of the briefcase. As he does in slides Barrett and hits clubs to Angle’s back and then pulls Angle down a few rungs, pulls him off the ladder and hits a belly to belly suplex. Barrett then gets up and hits repeated elbow drops to the chest of Angle. Angle rolls out of the ring and when Barrett turns Jericho runs at him but Barrett hits him with the Winds of Change and Jericho rolls out of the ring again

    JR: Tough luck here for Jericho so far

    Ryback, after laying out Hassan outside with a Boulder Holder (backpack stunner) slides in the ring from behind Barrett, who just threw the ladder over and it hits the turnbuckle and is leaning there, now folded up. Barrett turns again and Ryback hits Barrett with a Thesz Press. Ryback gets up, as does Barrett and Ryback lifts Barrett up into a military press position and throws Barrett over the top rope onto Jericho, Cena, Punk, and Angle.
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    Ryback then turns and in the ring Hassan hits Ryback with a dropkick and Ryback stumbles backwards into the ladder that was leaning against the turnbuckle. Jeff Hardy then comes in and hits a dropkick to Hassan who stumbles backwards onto Ryback. Hardy then backs up and hits a huge splash onto Hassan and Ryback and sandwiches them between the ladder. Hassan falls down and rolls out of the ring and Ryback staggers out, and Hardy runs up the ladder, onto the turnbuckle and hits Ryback with Whisper in the Wind and this knocks Ryback down. Hardy grabs the ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring and begins to climb. Hardy gets to the top and fumbles the briefcase a bit but he gets control of it and grabs the strap, as he is reaching for the latch Hassan climbs the ladder and the two fight high above the ring. As they trade blows, Hardy gains the advantage and slams Hassan’s head on the ladder and Hassan falls down a rung where Hardy uses his foot to push him off. Hassan then falls to the mat and Hardy then climbs on top of the ladder. The fans are going wild and Hardy screams…

    JR: No he can’t be

    Bischoff: I think he is but why cause he could have won…


    Bischoff: But why he could’ve won the match if he wanted to!

    JR: He loves to give the fans a show.

    Hardy jumps and hits the Swanton Bomb from atop the ladder and hit Hassan and both men are severely hurt as the crowd is chanting “This is Awesome.” Both of those men are down and out on the outside, and the ladder has once again fallen over. Punk has gained an advantage on the outside on Angle once again and Punk rolls in as Angle is outside the ring. Punk then sets the ladder up and he begins to climb. Punk slowly climbing the ladder eventually gets to the top and looks around and doesn’t see anyone. He then reaches up and can only grab at the bottom of the briefcase. Punk then climbs another rung and is almost at the top, he climbs one more rung, and he grabs the strap. Punk then reaches at the latch and…

    Bischoff: Angle saves the day!

    JR: Punk almost won his third Money in the Bank match!

    Angle comes in and scurries up the ladder and lays into Punk with multiple punches. Angle reaches at the briefcase, as does Punk, after staggering a bit, and they both have a hold of it and they stare at each other in an intense moment. Punk let’s go and comes back with a few punches of his own and the two begin to trade shots.


    On the last shot Angle falls to the ground, and in a split decision Punk climbs to the top of the ladder, points up the the sky…

    JR: Not again! Punk you could win this

    Bischoff: His hatred for Angle is showing through!


    Punk dives off the ladder and hits Angle with the diving elbow, and the crowd is now chanting again “This is Awesome.” Punk though, on top of Angle wastes no time and locks in…

    JR: Anaconda Vise! Punk can’t win that way though.

    Punk holds in the Anaconda Vise as Angle can’t move and is beginning to pass out. Punk keeps the hold locked in and Angle is passed out. Punk realizes this and lets go of the hold. He then gets Angle’s limp body up and picks up on his shoulders.

    JR: GT…

    Bischoff: Angle is off…

    JR: Punk with a roundhouse kick.

    Angle hopped off the shoulders of Punk but Punk countered with a roundhouse kick and Angle falls to the ground. On the outside, after having Barrett thrown in to them, and all taking their equal beatings, Cena is up and he grabs a ladder. He measures up Jericho, and Jericho gets up, he turns and Cena runs at Jericho with the ladder. Jericho ducks the running ladder shot from Cena, and from behind Jericho Cena runs over Barrett and Ryback with the ladder shot and both men go down.

    JR: Oh what a huge ladder shot to Barrett and Ryback and both men are down!

    Cena then turns towards Jericho and when he does, still holding the ladder Jericho…

    Bischoff: CODEBREAKER! Right onto the ladder!

    JR: But did Jericho do more damage to himself.

    Bischoff: And look the ladder is now edged between the apron and barricade

    Jericho hits the Codebreaker to Cena onto the ladder, and the ladder gets wedged between the ring apron and barricade. All six men are down outside, but Jericho has his bits about him as he is nursing his legs. Inside the ring Punk is struggling to pick Angle’s limp body up, but he eventually does. As Punk does he rests Angle against the ladder against the turnbuckle he set up. Punk then backs up and runs looking for the high knee…

    Bischoff: Angle ducks and Punk hits the knee hard!

    The ladder then falls as does Punk, with the ladder on top of Punk. Angle tries to gain his wits around him and he does, and he staggers up, stumbles, but gains his balance, and when he notices where Punk is, he reaches through the ladder, grabs Punk’s ankle and…

    Bischoff: Ankle lock through the ladder!

    JR: He is going to break his damn leg

    Angle keeps the hold applied and twists Punk’s ankle as Punk screams, When Angle is happy, he releases the hold and then grabs the ladder set against the turnbuckle and lays it on the ground. He centers the ladder in the middle of the ring and then goes over and grabs Punk. Angle throws Punk to the ground and continually stomps on the injured ankle of Punk from the ankle lock. Punk writhes in pain as Angle slowly, meaning all business, picks Punk up to his feet. Angle waits a minute takes a breath…

    JR: I think he is looking for the Angle Slam from Punk onto the ladder

    Bischoff: And Punk has taken so much damage he looks lifeless. Angle is about to make Punk’s life a living hell.

    Angle bends down to pick Punk up and from behind Angle, in the ring slides in Ryback. Ryback hustles over and grabs Angle and puts him up on his shoulders, and Punk is latched onto Angle.

    JR: My god the show of strength by Ryback he has both Angle and Punk in the air… and he is marching around!

    Ryback marches around the ring with Angle and Punk atop his shoulders, he then stomps around next to the ladder and…

    JR: Shellshock onto the ladder!

    Ryback drops Angle and Punk with Shellshock onto the ladder lying on the ground and Ryback gets up and slaps his head repeatedly as he screams Finish It and looks up at the briefcase. Angle and Punk have rolled out of the ring and Ryback grabs the ladder and sets it up and makes sure it is sturdy. Ryback clearly worn from the match then takes a breath as he slowly begins to climb the ladder rung by rung. Ryback gets up about two rungs and slips on his way to the third, but he keeps his balance. Ryback then continues to climbs and looks down as he realizes how far up he is. Ryback then reaches up towards the briefcase but it is still out of reach. Ryback climbs another rung and reaches up again but he is not quite there. Wade Barrett then slides in the ring as Ryback is reaching and Barrett trying as quickly as possible is trying to climb…

    JR: Can Ryback get the briefcase before Barrett gets there… he is close… he has it in his grasp…

    Bischoff: Barrett breaks it up with a huge right hand.

    Barrett gets up just as Ryback was about to unhinge the briefcase and punches Ryback. Ryback slips a rung but keeps his balance as both men are worn. Barrett rests and tries to reach for the briefcase as Ryback climbs back up the rung and lands a right hand on Barrett and now the two begin trading very slow impactful punches.


    Ryback gains the advantage with multiple punches in a row and Barrett slips a rung and Ryback now reaches for the briefcase. Ryback grabs the strap the briefcase is hanging from and is now trying to undo the latch when Barrett climbs the next rung and…

    Bischoff: BULL HAMMER!

    JR: Ryback is free falling! BY GOD HE HIT THE MAT WITH A SICK THUD! RYBACK IS OUT! Ryback is got to be out by god he is out! What a vicious elbow and what a fall from Ryback.

    Bischoff: Barrett has the match won nobody is here to stop him!

    Barrett slipped his elbow pad off and hits Ryback on top of the ladder with the Bull Hammer and Ryback falls from the top rung and is now in a free fall down to the mat. Ryback crashes to the mat hard and rolls out of the ring and down to the ground as the refs go over to check on him. After the elbow Barrett slipped a rung, and peers from the side of the ladder watching Ryback free fall from so far up. Barrett is both in shock and then as he sees Ryback hit the mat with a sick thud and roll out he peers around and sees nobody there and smiles. Barrett climbs the rung he slipped off of and now reaches up at the briefcase he grabs the strap and reaches at the latch and tries to push it open when…

    JR: John Cena! John Cena with clubs to the back of Barrett! Barrett slips a rung!
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    Cena comes in and clubs the back of Barrett who still tried to unlatch but the clubs hurt Barrett and Barrett slips a rung. Cena then climbs the opposite side of the ladder and when he gets to the same rung as Barrett from the side Barrett clubs Cena with a blow and Barrett then climbs the rung and tries to reach at the briefcase. Cena hops up the next rung and he hits Barrett with a blow that staggers Barrett and now Barrett is slugging it out with Cena.


    Barrett gains the advantage as Cena’s head is on the top of the ladder. Barrett then removes his elbow pad as he lines up Cena. Barrett grabs the head of Cena…

    Bischoff: Another Bull Hammer!


    Cena ducks the Bull Hammer attempt by Barrett and reaches over and grabs Barrett and lifts Barrett from across the ladder onto his shoulders and…



    Cena hits the FU from the top of the ladder and sends Barrett outside of the ring, and Barrett hits the ladder previously wedges between the apron and fan’s barricade from Chris Jericho, and is snapped in half. The ref goes over to check on Barrett and the X signal is given as Barrett is not moving and lying among the broken in half ladder. From in the ring Cena had slipped a rung and watched Barrett fall and snap the ladder in half. Cena is in shock but then turns his attention towards the briefcase. Cena climbs the rung, reaches at the strap, grabs it, and now is at the latch and…

    JR: Cena is going to win! Cena is Mr. Money in the Bank! Rightfully so after what happened at WrestleMania!



    Jericho, as Cena was just about to unhook the latch and grab the briefcase, slid in the ring and pushed the ladder over, where Cena flew from in the ring to outside the ring and lands into the crowd of superstars including Jeff Hardy, Muhammad Hassan, Kurt Angle and CM Punk. All men are down strewn around the outside area. Jericho grabs the ladder he pushed over that was leaning against the ropes. He sets the ladder up, climbs slowly, he gets to the top, and Jericho grabs the strap, then goes after the latch…


    JR: NO! This can’t happen this is so unfair to the rest of these men Jericho shouldn’t have even been involved in the match, he had too many chances!

    Bischoff: It’s all for naught now JR! Chris Jericho in his fourth try wins the Money in the Bank contract and now he is right back in the thick of the WWE Championship situation. Austin Aries better watch himself because you know Chris Jericho would love to take the title off of him!

    JR: Well he still has to face Cody Rhodes who could very well win the title here tonight. But Jericho is now more dangerous to the title than he was a month ago. Speaking of Cody Rhodes though we now send it back to our colleague Josh Mathews!

    The camera cuts backstage to show Josh Matthews waiting with a microphone. He begins to speak almost immediately.

    Josh Matthews: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome- my guest at this time, the number one contender to the WWE Championship, Cody Rhodes!

    The fans explode with cheers as Cody walks onto the screen with a smile on his face.

    Josh Matthews: Tonight is one of the biggest nights of your career Cody, all of these fans want to know, are you ready?

    Cody Rhodes: Correction Josh- this is THE biggest night of my career. This is THE biggest night of my entire family’s wrestling career. Tonight, I get the chance to do something that nobody in the Rhodes family history has ever been able to do- become the WWE Champion. And it’s not an opportunity I’m going to pass up.

    I’ve been training for this for weeks, tonight- I step into that ring in the best shape of my career. I’ve worked my ass off ever since SummerSlam, first one in the gym in the morning, last out at night. Every single match I have wrestled since SummerSlam has been building to this night, every single house show all over the world, has been building to this night.

    So in answer to your question Josh, yes I am ready. I’m ready for tonight, I’m ready for Austin Aries and I’m ready to become the WWE Champion.

    The fans in the arena go nuts as Cody smiles again.

    Josh Matthews: Last week on Raw, the show closed with an intense showdown between Aries & yourself, will you expect the same sort of intensity from your match tonight?

    Cody Rhodes: I’m expecting intensity, I’m expecting insanity, I’m expecting blood, sweat and tears. I’m expecting all kinds of emotions. For the past month, this feud has begun to build. From the very first Raw after SummerSlam when Aries warned me that I was not going to take that title from him and I told him to try and stop me- it’s built from there. He told my father how he could easily beat me. I’ve repeated time and time again that I’m the next WWE Champion.

    All of that build, I expected it to come out on Raw- the WWE Champion and the number one contender standing the same ring talking truth. I was wrong. All Raw did was prove to myself that I’ve got Aries on the ropes. After this past month, the bad blood- and it is now bad blood- between Aries & I has to come to a head.

    That happens tonight. Austin Aries is one of the most complete superstars in this industry. He’s got power, speed, technical ability, highflying ability. All of it. There’s not many on the roster that can match up to him.

    But tonight, Aries meets his match.

    The fans in the arena once again cheer loudly.

    Cody Rhodes: And I’ll be damned if I don’t win the WWE Championship tonight. Whoever wins the Raw Money in the Bank match, it simply doesn’t matter. I’m going to leave tonight as the WWE Champion. For months and months, I’ve called myself The Golden Boy. Well tonight, that boy...he becomes a man.

    The fans in the arena cheer loudly once more as Cody walks away off screen.
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    JR: Certainly some inspiring words there from Cody, and tonight he indeed could finally end the quest for the WWE Championship, a Championship that has eluded the Rhodes family for decades. And what a notch in their belt it would be if The Golden Boy can pick up a huge win over our Champion, Austin Aries!

    Bischoff: This will be one heck of a fight between two talented youngsters, Cody and Austin will surely put on a clinic tonight

    JR: Before we get to all of that, we have a lot on our plates right now! Lately, the Diva’s Champion Lita has been embroiled in a feud with Nattie Neidhart, all over the coveted Women’s Championship. Let’s see how this one has panned out so far.

    *We switch back to the titantron, which soon becomes the whole screen, and the video package rolls. It begins by highlighting the Women’s Road To Triumph series and Lita, Trish and Kelly Kelly battling to become the first Women’s Champion.

    JR: Chick Kick! Chick Kick! Trish nails her finisher.
    We see Trish hit Kelly with a Chick Kick and wind one up on Lita, but she reverses into a Twist Of Fate to pick up the victory and become the inaugural Women’s Champ!

    We then see the Lita/Nattie stare down, and the feud that ensues, highlighting their back and forth promos, with Lita saying how Nattie has rode on the coattails of the Hart name, and Nattie claiming that Lita slept her way to the top.

    The video cuts to a Beth/Nattie match in which Beth picks up the victory because of a Lita distraction. We then cut to the next week; where Nattie secures her revenge by picking up the win for her team to beat Beth and Lita. The promo fades to black with Lita holding the Title up, smirking, and Nattie staring her down from inside the ring*

    JR: This one is set to be a real slobberknocker! Two independent, strong women battling it out to see who really Number 1 Diva is here in the WWE!

    Nattie arrives out to loud cheers from the crowd in ???. She is all fired up and she signals that the Title is coming round her waist next

    JR: This gal right here has one of the biggest hearts in the WWE, male or female! She isn’t the biggest, but she is certainly one of the fieriest characters I’ve ever met, and that will only help her tonight!

    Bischoff: But can she perform in the biggest stage, in front of thousands in the arena, and millions around the world! JR, I severely doubt that, especially against Lita!

    JR: Speak of the she-devil! Here comes our first Women’s Champ, in what is perhaps the most exciting time for Women’s wrestling ever here in the WWE, Lita is the woman with the illustrious honor of being the Champion!

    Bischoff: And rightfully so! The partner of Edge, the reason I watch the Diva’s, and the woman who will still be the Champion come the end of this night, JR....LITA!

    Lita has arrived in the ring by this point, and she climbs to the middle turnbuckle, and shows off the Championship Gold to loud boos from the crowd. She hops down and hands the referee the Title, and goes to her corner bouncing up and down on her toes. The ref shows both Women the title, before raising it in the air, handing it to the timekeeper, and ringing the bell.

    JR: Here we go folks!

    Match 7: Women’s Championship- Lita (c) vs. Natalya
    Natalya= Trish Stratus

    1:47- 7:35

    Natalya reigns down with lefts and rights to Lita, and she soon flips over, hitting a Hurracanrana to the champ and rolls into a pin.

    JR: Is this it right here?! Cover by Nattie!



    Kick out

    Lita kicks out and Natalya continues on the offence, and she throws Lita off the ropes and rams an elbow into the skull of Lita and she goes for a quick cover, but our Women’s Title holder kicks out at 1 with ease. Natalya continues to advance on Lita, and goes to lift her into a scoop Powerslam

    JR: Nattie looking good here tonight!

    However, Lita reverses and throws Natalya into the corner, and runs towards her, hitting a clothesline. Natalya stumbles out into the middle of the ring, and Lita hits a twisting neckbreaker, and crawls to the cover

    JR: Is this it here?!



    Kick Out

    Natalya comfortably kicks out of two, but as she rises Lita hits a vicious kick to the knee, staggering her opponent. She keeps on the attack and hits Nattie with a Russian Legsweep, and Nattie hits the ground hard. She grabs Nattie and locks her in a rear naked choke.

    Bischoff: Great strategy by our Women’s Champion, weakening Nattie, grinding her down to a halt.

    The crowd begins to clap loudly for Nattie, and she wills herself to break the chokehold, and she pushes Lita off the ropes, and explodes out with a big clothesline to loud cheers from the capacity crowd. Nattie is all fired up, and she grabs Lita by the hair, which lets out a massive shriek when she does so, and this time connects with the Scoop powerslam.

    JR: BY God what Impact on the back of Lita, and here comes Nattie again...

    Nattie bounces off the ropes and hits a knee drop to the skull of Lita, and falls into the cover, hooking the leg...



    Kick out

    Nattie pulls Lita to her feet and kicks her in the gut, and goes for a DDT, but Lita pushes her off and kicks her in the gut, and goes for a neckbreaker, but Nattie reverses this by pushing Lita off her, and hitting a big running clothesline, knocking Lita to the ground

    JR: Lita struggling to deal with the superior strength of Nattie here, who seems to have our Champ found out at this stage!

    Nattie goes to the outside, and climbs the top rope, and stands tall, waiting for Lita to get up. She leaps off the top and lands with a missile dropkick to big cheers

    JR: Nattie dominating the champ and it looks as though she could pick up the Title right here!




    Kick out!

    Nattie cannot believe that Lita kicked out, but wastes no time and grabs both the champion’s legs, in an attempt to lock in the Sharpshooter. Lita, however, struggles to find a way out of the maneuver, and after a long time struggling, she twists her body and throws Nattie off, to loud boos from the crowd.

    Lita seeks to take advantage and runs over to Nattie and begins to stomp a mud hole in the number 1 Contender. She picks her up, and hits a baseball slide, knocking Natalya right out of the ring. Lita bounces off the opposite ropes as Nattie rises, and leaps through the middle rope

    JR: Suicide Dive, but Nattie ducked it! And Lita goes careering into the barricade! The ref has begun the count, but remember, Nattie cannot win this Title via countout! She needs to get herself as well as Lita back in the ring

    The ref is at a count of three, when Nattie begins to slowly rise to her feet, holding her ribs after that Baseball Slide. At the count of five, she has pulled Lita back in the ring. She climbs back up to the apron, but Lita somehow finds the energy to dropkick her back into the barricade, as the ref continues his count.

    Bischoff: You can count to 50, Nattie aint getting back in this ring JR!

    The ref is at 8 when Nattie finally stirs, and she somehow makes it in to a huge pop just before the ref ends the match. Lita takes her down with a Russian Legsweep, and she climbs to the top rope, setting up the Litasault

    Bischoff: Game over right here Ross!

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    Lita leaps off the turnbuckle, but Nattie was playing possum and Lita hits the ground hard. Nattie grabs her legs and this time succeeds in locking in the Sharpshooter! The crowd roar with anticipation of a submission and a new champion, but Lita hangs in there. She looks on the verge of tapping, when she rolls through into a schoolboy pin.




    Kick out!

    JR: Another close call there for Nattie, who just kicks out at the last possible moment there!

    Lita goes on the offense again, looking for a crossbody, but Nattie catches her in midflight, and slams her down onto her knee, and Lita arches her back in pain, before rolling out of the ring. Nattie thinks about all options, before deciding to go risky, and climbs to the top rope, facing a floored Lita on the outside

    JR: These women putting their bodies on the line, and all for one get their opportunity at glory, to win or retain that Championship!

    Nattie points to the sky, before leaping off the top rope and landing a Macho Man esque Diving Elbow Drop, to a massive pop. As Nattie and Lita are out on the floor a ‘Randy Savage!’ chant starts up, but it is soon overwhelmed by chants for Nattie, who has risen to her feet. She rolls Lita back into the ring, and goes for a cover



    JR: Another kick out by Lita, she simply will not give in tonight!

    The groans of disappointment soon turn to more loud cheers as Nattie wastes no time, locking in the Sharpshooter for a second time, only this time, Lita is too fatigued to roll onto her back, and looks as if she has nowhere to go. She screams in agony, and looks on the verge of tapping, making the crowd roar all the more loudly, but instead she raises herself using her hands, and crawls over to the ropes, where she is mere inches away. The crowd begin to chant ‘TAP TAP TAP’ at Lita, but she somehow grasps the bottom rope with one hand, to loud cheers. Nattie lets go and turns away in frustration.

    JR: Natalya must be wondering what she has to do in order to put Lita away here! Such heart from our Women’s Champ!

    Bischoff: Indeed, you may not like her Jim but she is a class act and a girl who is a role model for any Women looking to slee...fight their way to the top.

    Nattie now brings Lita to her feet, and kicks her in the gut, and looks to hit a maneuver on Lita, but she pushes her off

    JR: Nattie perhaps looking to end this one with cruel irony that looked like a Twist of Fate to me, Eric!

    Nattie goes after Lita once more, and connects with a couple of clotheslines to the neck of the Champion. Nattie picks her up and kicks Lita in the gut yet again and lifts her right off her feet, going for a Powerbomb

    JR: Here it comes, Nattie By Nature!

    Bischoff: Look, JR, Lita’s still fighting! She is still fighting!

    Indeed she is, and is raining down lefts and rights to Nattie, and eventually takes Nattie down with a Hurracanrana. Nattie is quick to her feet, and ducks a Lita clothesline going for one of her own. Lita ducks this and bounces of the ropes....





    JR: NOOO!! Nattie somehow mustered the strength to kick out!

    The crowd pop for Nattie kicking out, but their joy is short lived, as Lita shows no hesitation, stomping away on Nattie before climbing to the top rope, and leaping off, this time hitting the Litasault.

    Bischoff: YES! That’s it dammit, Nattie is done!




    Bischoff: Woohoo! Yes Lita!

    JR: MY God almighty, what a fight between these two warriors, fighting it out tooth and nail.

    Bischoff: Credit to Nattie, she put up one helluva fight, but you can’t beat Lita at the minute, she is just too good!

    JR: But Eric, what a fantastic night for Women’s wrestling in general, no longer in the shadows of their male counterparts. These women were fed up of being bullied out of the limelight, and girls like Lita, Trish and of course Nattie have proven in the last couple of months that they can hang with the guys!

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

  10. #1080
    Bischoff: Well it has been a great night for Women’s Wrestling, but we move on now to another Championship match, this one for the United States Championship

    JR: This one is sure to be a slobberknocker. I mean we all know this history between these two men, Sheamus, the United Kingdom and Tyler Black, and there is no love lost between these men.

    Bischoff: Especially what happened on RAW these past four weeks.

    JR: Right you are, after Sheamus, William Regal, and Drew McIntyre won, it seemed as though, with Tyler Black now being the only man trying to fight the fight against the United Kingdom, he had set his sights on the big fish, the leader of the UK, Wade Barrett. They had a match on RAW for a qualifying spot in the Money in the Bank match, and as you all know, Barrett was in that match, thanks to Sheamus

    Bischoff: Well Black returned the favor when he cost Sheamus his qualifying match for the Money in the Bank match, and then these two were on a collision course since then,

    JR: But it wasn’t just then because they had a lot more prior meetings. There is a rich history between these two, and now the stakes are that much higher because the United States Championship is on the line.

    JR: And here comes Tyler Black and while we all know he is focused on winning here tonight, I don’t think the championship matters much to him. I think it’s about being able to have a one on one match and have the opportunity to beat a man he not only hates, but is a member of the faction he is trying to end

    Bischoff: But the fact remains no matter what, the UK is stronger than Tyler Black and his team. And while there may be no members of either side down here, Sheamus has beaten Tyler Black before one on one, Black hasn’t.

    JR: Which is all the more reason why Black should want to win here tonight. There is a lot riding on this for him

    Bischoff: As is there for Sheamus. To not only beat, but make an example out of what happens if you mess with the UK. Not to mention he wants to retain his United States Championship

    JR: Well this is sure to be a brutal matchup, and nothing will be held back, let’s see who wins.

    United States Championship
    Sheamus © vs. Tyler Black

    Watch 5:00 till 15:45

    JR: Narrow kickout from Black, and what a slam by Sheamus!

    Black is down as Sheamus sits upright thinking he almost had Black. Sheamus then stands up and hits multiple knee drops to the head of Tyler Black. After the repeated knee drops Black rolls to the apron. Sheamus goes over and reaches over the top rope and lifts Black to his feet by grabbing his hair. Sheamus then rests him against the top rope as Sheamus calls for it to be quiet and the crowd boos him. Sheamus then hits multiple forearm clubs to Black’s chest and Sheamus stops and Black falls down to the outside.

    Bischoff: Vicious forearm clubs by Sheamus.

    Sheamus goes out after Black. Sheamus walks over to where Black was and Black punches Sheamus in the midsection. Sheamus backs up and Black does it again, and Sheamus comes over and hits a vicious knee to the head that puts Black down. Sheamus picks Black up and hits him with a short arm clothesline, and Black hits the ground hard. Once again Sheamus picks Black up and hits him with a rolling fireman’s carry slam.

    JR: A sick thud. Sheamus just planted Black on the outside.

    Bischoff: And Sheamus could try and get Black counted out, but he isn’t doing that because he is an honorable man. A member of the United Kingdom!

    Sheamus picks Black up and rolls him in the ring, and Sheamus climbs the apron and heads to the top rope. Sheamus gets there and he waits for Black to get up. Black does and groggily turns towards Sheamus…

    Bischoff: Battering Ram from the top rope! Cover…



    Black kicks out and Sheamus is now looking frustrated. Sheamus punches Black multiple times and then gets him up and lifts him on his shoulders. Sheamus then gets him in position…

    Bischoff: Sheamus has him up… White Noise…

    JR: No roll up! Counter, cover by Black…




    JR: Oh Black almost had him there! He got Sheamus by surprise!

    Sheamus is surprised at the counter by Black and gets right up. He runs at Black with a double axe handle clothesline, which Black ducks and counters with a jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick. Black quickly covers…



    Sheamus kicks out. Black then locks in a rear chinlock. Sheamus reaches around trying to break the hold and he grabs Black by the hair, so Black stands up and turns it into a headlock to avoid being pulled by the hair. Sheamus then elbows Black in the gut a couple times, breaks the hold. Sheamus runs and bounces off the ropes right into a dropkick. Sheamus bounces off the mat, gets up and from the apron gets taken down with a springboard clothesline. Sheamus gets right back up and walks into an enzuguiri from Black. Sheamus falls to the ground and Black uses all his strength to turn Sheamus over, cover…




    JR: I thought he had him there. I thought Sheamus was out of it, what a kickout!

    Sheamus kicks out and Black gets up, runs and hits a running shooting star press and Sheamus rolls to the outside to avoid the pin.

    Bischoff: Smart move there by Sheamus

    Black stalks Sheamus from inside the ring, and as Sheamus gets up outside, he turns towards the ring where Black runs and…

    JR: Suicide Dive from Black! What a move! Now he has to get him in the ring if he wants to win this match!

    Black uses all his strength to pick Sheamus’ body up and he drags Sheamus over and rolls him into the ring and from the outside Black pushes Sheamus a little so Sheamus rolls over. Black then climbs the apron and gets to the top rope. Black then stands on the top rope where he is turned backwards, and struggles to gain his balance. He does, then reaches down to hold on, and looks behind him. He sees Sheamus then stands up, regains his balance…

    JR: Phoenix Splash could it be… NO! Sheamus hit the ropes and Black lost his balance.

    Just as Black was about to jump Sheamus played possum, snuck up and hit the ropes and Black fell hard onto the turnbuckle after losing his balance. Sheamus takes a breather, goes over to the turnbuckle where he grabs Black by the arms…

    Bischoff: Celtic Cross from the top rope. Cover by Sheamus…




    JR: Black kicked out! He kicked out!

    Bischoff; So close Sheamus don’t lose your head… yeah that’s it! Brogue Kick is coming, this is going to be over!

    After hitting the Celtic cross and not getting the three Sheamus gets up, gives the ref a glare and goes to the corner. Sheamus stands there and he beats his chest calling for Black to get up. As he pounds his chest, Black gets up groggily, turns towards Sheamus who runs…

    Bischoff: Brogue Kic…

    JR: Black ducked it! AVADA KEDAVRA! AVADA KEDAVRA! Out of nowhere, he counters the Brogue Kick and hits Avada Kedavra! We have a new United States Champion

    Black hits Avada Kedavra after ducking the Brogue Kick and both men are down. Black slowly crawls over to Sheamus, and when he finally gets there he lays one arm across Sheamus’ chest, the ref counts, cover…





    Black can’t believe Sheamus kicked out as Black rolls over from the grueling matchup and Black can’t believe he didn’t win as he was so close. Black then stands to his feet, he lifts Sheamus up slowly. Sheamus stands there groggily, Black then runs against the ropes, handsprings off…

    JR: Blackout…

    Bischoff: Sheamus ducked it! Black is up… BROGUE KICK! BROGUE KICK FROM SHEAMUS! Cover…

    Sheamus counters with the Brogue Kick, where he falls on Black after, cover…




    Bischoff: And Sheamus has retained!

    JR: What a hell of a matchup. I know Tyler Black is disappointed and he will be mad for a long time, he took everything Sheamus had, and was not even a second away from winning, but he should be happy with his performance.

    Bischoff: His performance of losing? Ha!

    JR: These two put on an instant classic tonight. Black came up short, tonight Sheamus had the one last trick in the bag, but neither man can say the other was not impressive, cause both men were outstanding here tonight! I’m sure this isn’t over for Black though with the UK!

    Bischoff: I’m sure it’s not he just can’t accept the fact that he keeps losing and he can’t beat the UK! Eventually he will learn or die trying, and I’m leaning towards the second option.

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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