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    RAW is WAR: Episode 35
    Qwest Arena, Boise, Idaho

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen we are live tonight in Boise, Idaho, for the final RAW is WAR before the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View! And as we approach Sunday we still have two spots left in the Money in the Bank Match, who will fill them?

    King: Well it doesn’t look like it will be Chris Jericho after his third loss in his third opportunity for a spot in that Money in the Bank match.

    JR: Well two more superstars will have that opportunity to grab the briefcase in hopes to become WWE Champion… and speaking of the WWE Champion, what about the tag team match we had last week to close out RAW?

    King: I told you they would implode JR! And they did just that, they imploded, and they lost, and now, as much respect as they have for each other, they are at odds… and you know what that means for their match at Money in the Bank!

    JR: Well after Cody Rhodes was seemingly in control and on the verge of winning Austin Aries made the blind tag and this caused a slight argument between the two and allowed just enough time for Jack Swagger to capitalize. And right you are King, after their loss they were seemingly at odds because Austin Aries wanted nothing to do with Cody Rhodes. Maybe Aries realized he lost the match and Rhodes may know now what it takes to beat him. Aries may be nervous about the possibility that Cody Rhodes will beat him.

    King: Well I don’t know if that is the case, Aries is never short on confidence and he has beaten Jericho twice for the WWE Championship.

    JR: I’m sure we will hear from those two tonight, but another champion not short on confidence, the United States Champion, Sheamus, who defends his title against Tyler Black at Money in the Bank. Now we know these two don’t like each other, as this is much more than the title, it’s about Tyler Black and his mission to dethrone the United Kingdom.

    King: Well if the United Kingdom holds true to what they say, and they have for the most part, we may see them leave Money in the Bank with not only the United States Championship, but if Wade Barrett wins the Money in the Bank match, the WWE Championship as well.

    JR: Well let’s not count out Tyler Black yet. He has not had the greatest success in his mission so far, but he was fighting some of the battle by himself, but as a result of what William Regal and Drew McIntyre did to the Kings of Wrestling in their title match, they have now joined Tyler Black and his fight against the United Kingdom.

    King: They are still a man short though and when the numbers were even at SummerSlam it didn’t work in their favor.

    JR: All American Perfection had a little to do with that, but that doesn’t matter because they won’t have any part in this match, as won’t anyone else because they have all been banned from ringside. This match will be one on one to ensure fairness, and that is sure to be a slobber knocker. As will the Damien Sandow and Hulk Hogan match, which is a matchup of much more than two guys who don’t like each other, this is a matchup of respect. After the disrespect Sandow showed Hogan at SummerSlam, Hogan is looking to return the favor and teach Sandow in a lesson of respect, which is ironic because Sandow is the one who tries to teach people to speak proper English.

    King: To think that is what all this started over and now it has evolved to this. Sandow shouldn’t have to respect Hogan though, he doesn’t like him, and he knows Hogan feels the same way. Why should Sandow show any respect to a man who won’t show any in return?

    JR: Because Hogan is a Hall of Famer, someone who paved the way for the likes of Sandow to be here, no matter if he speaks proper English or not. I don’t speak proper English, and neither does half the people I know, but Sandow disrespected Hogan in more than just his speaking. He not only used Hulk’s own finishing move on him, he kicked him in the midsection after a match he already won, there was no need for it. He humiliated and disrespected Hogan

    King: Sandow was sending a message…

    King: Just like Kurt Angle did last week when he chose Sandman in an Extreme Rules match for CM Punk’s opponent in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. So although Punk may have won, he didn’t leave healthy. So much for Punk making Angle’s life a living hell, it looks like it is the other way around.

    JR: Well Punk overcame the odds, and you are right he took quite the beating, and you can see the effects, but he still qualified for the Money in the Bank match, and Punk has won that match before so he knows what he is doing. He may not be healthy but he might still have the best shot at winning

    King: I think the match last week pretty much threw any possibility of Punk winning out the window. Angle was not only making Punk’s life hell, and making him pay, but he just improved his odds of winning the Money in the Bank match and that is why I always say he is a genius.

    C.M. Punk heads to the ring mic in hand, soon entering the ring and taking his place in the center of the ring. Fans cheering his name repeatedly as he looks on to the crowd before he speaks...

    Punk: I'm here with yet another chance to become Mr. Money in the Bank.

    Fans cheer

    Punk: Thing is with so going on, especially with Angle and him trying to gain an advantage over me by believing that if he stacked the deck against me by having The Sandman, of all people, face me in an Extreme Rules Match, some may have believed that I wouldn't be here in this position right here and now. Angle, more than any other. He believed, I would've lost or worse be injured so that he like a coward would not have to face me at my best.

    Fans continue to cheer

    Punk: Yet I beat the odds and won. I'm still here standing strong in the face of adversity, head held high with honor. Something I'll do again come Money in the Bank, when I win. I'll be sure to make sure Angle gets a nice ass kicking along the way to victory. I'll gladly give the likes of Hardy, Barrett, Ryback and Cena get a good ass kicking too before I climb the ladder, unhook the briefcase and go on the become the WWE Champion, whenever I see fit. My time is coming, the time for honor is coming and my victory is coming.

    King: And here is the genius!

    JR: I’m sure Kurt isn’t out here to wish Punk good luck.

    King: Of course, Angle is out here to tell Punk how it is… Punk is injured… Angle is going to make his life continue to be hell… and Angle is going to win the Money in the Bank match!

    Kurt Angle: Seriously Punk? You? As WWE Champion? Somebody give me a bucket.

    Crowd boo’s as Angle slides into the ring, before smirking.

    Angle: Punk, what you aren't aware of- is that this is just the beginning for you. Back in the days, when I was masked- you didn't have a clue who the hell I was, so I couldn't expose my killer moves such as the Ankle Lock, and the Angle Slam. So you unmasking me Punk, gave you a messed up situation.

    A situation that says CM Punk has plenty of beatings coming his way. Punk, I know for a fact that you aren't fully fit for the Money in the Bank match, and that's going to be your downfall. Because I'm going to take advantage of that. And I'm going to make sure that once I do, the EMT's come sprinting down the ramp- ready to take care of you.

    Crowd boo’s as Angle laughs.

    Angle: Punk, what you don't get- is that you don't need the championship to cement your legacy, because these pricks over here have done that for you already. You've got to remember, that life isn't all about gold. It's about opportunities. And at Money in the Bank, I've got the opportunity to finish your career. And not only is your career going to be finished- but I will grab the word "honor" with both of my hands- and I will shove it up that Straight-Edge ass of yours!

    And believe or not Punk, but its real's damn real!

    JR: And here comes John Cena!

    King: What is he doing here? He has nothing to do with the problems Kurt Angle and CM Punk have!

    JR: Let’s remember that despite the feud between Angle and Punk, they are in the Money in the Bank match, as are John Cena, and I think he is out here to state his claim to why he will win the match, because the other two already have

    The crowd cheers, as John Cena emerges on the stage. He has microphone in hand, and stares at Punk and Angle in the ring. Cena then does his salute, before running down the ramp, and sliding in the ring. Angle and Punk stands in opposite corners, as Cena separately stands nose-to-nose with both men

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Cena: Now, if I may interrupt you life partners for a second, I need to point out that neither of you two will be holding the red briefcase by the end of Sunday - because I will. I may have mentioned this before, but there is only one match with ladders involved that I failed to win, and that was at WrestleMania, thanks to Tyler Black. No outside interference will allow me to climb back to the top of the WWE.

    I know my advantage. You two are too focused on each other to win. Well you'll be tearing each other apart, drilling each other with ladders, I'll be climbing one, and unhooking the big briefcase 15 feet in the air. When have we ever seen Ryback climb a Ladder? We haven't. How will he handle falling off the Ladder. Well, he won't. Jeff Hardy may have defeated Chris Jericho - but so did I. And I humiliated him on an international stage.

    Then we had Wade Barrett, who I've defeated so many times, and I've destroyed the Nexus single handedly - I've proven I'm capable of winning Ladder Matches, of being WWE Champion, of being the face of the WWE! And this Sunday, I'm continuing my rise back up to the top. These fans don't pay to see Kurt Angle - they pay to see John Cena! These fans don't pay to see CM Punk - they pay to see John Cena! And victory will be mine on Sunday.

    For too long now, I've been held back, for personal and professional reasons. Tyler Black is in my rear view mirror, but both my eyes are centered on Money in the Bank. All my attention will be to destroy the 7 other men. Nobody will be able to stop me win.

    *Ryback comes out to cheers and chants of "!" Ryback does his signature arm chops, microphone in hand, before the final swing sparks off-screen fireworks. Walking down the ramp, Ryback stares down the three men as they wait for him to get into the ring. When Ryback slides into the ring, he doesn't acknowledge Punk or Angle but goes nose to nose with Cena.*

    Ryback: You know Cena, when I look at you, I no longer see the face of the company. I no longer see the same Cena that could rise above any occasion. I don't see the Cena that could inspire the same vigorous fire in your soul into the hearts of other wrestlers. Because as far as I'm concerned, enough people have done it on their own. My point is, you live by a code and the code is symbolized by three virtues: Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. But there's only one law I that live by and that's the law of the jungle. The weak are destroyed and the powerful rule. Age and experience pale in comparison to hunger and passion and those are two things that I have in spades. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about.

    *Ryback points to Angle.*

    Ryback: Because if I'm not mistaken, you tried to make an example out of that man over there in your first match in the WWE over 10 years ago. You summed up the reason why you thought you'd get the better of him that night and you summed it up perfectly: Ruthless Aggression. That's the same kind of aggression that allows me to overcome the odds again and again. But unlike the way things turned out for you and Angle, with my brand of ruthless aggression, I'll make sure that I succeed in the meeting of veterans and warriors that is the RAW Money In The Bank match.

    *Ryback's prediction earns him a small pop.*

    Ryback: And as for you two, don't think I've forgotten about you. Angle, the only Olympic gold medalist in WWE history and CM Punk, the self-proclaimed Best In The World. I know fending off the likes you either one of you won't be an easy task but then again, neither is keeping me from bulldozing through all three of you to get to the briefcase as well as my other confirmed opponents, Wade Barrett and Jeff Hardy. Now, you can take my bravado as disrespect all you want but I sincerely hope that that's not your greatest concern about me because your greatest concern about me should be me kic…

    Jeff Hardy: Goodness such bitching amongst grown men, I find it laughable… Boys there are a hell of a lot of egos in the one ring at money in the bank and it will be your egos that will be your downfall alongside your clear lack of talent for such a stipulation as this…Money in the Bank is no picnic, its hard work, it’s grueling and it feels never ending… You wanna be Mr. Money in the bank? You got to earn it!

    * Jeff looks around*

    Jeff Hardy: All I have heard from you for is claims and proclamations… I am the best in the world, Rise above hate, I, I am a freaking Olympic medalist…Who cares?! Despite all you proclamations and claims, none of you are made for this match, none of you are up to the standard that is required for this type of match…

    *Jeff smiles as he enters the ring*

    Jeff Hardy: The ladder match, it is my match, my domain, my playground… You guys would not understand I have more experience than you men put together… I am the history maker in this type of match up; I am going to be a champion again… For 3 long years I have waited for my moment of glory, waited for a chance to come back, I am the screw up but, I will be the champion for all the screw-ups in the world and this is my final chance… I am your thrill seeker, the daredevil, the adrenaline junkie Jeff Hardy! My proclamation… I will win at money in the bank!

    The crowd boo wildly as Wade Barrett arrives out, unaccompanied. He stares at the men in the ring, and has a mic and begins to speak from the ramp.

    Barrett: Look who showed up to the party tonight, the greatest bare knuckled brawler in history...Wade Barrett! Punk, let me start with you. A typical ignorant American is what you are. You stand there, and mouth off, yet the one time I’ve faced you in the ring since arriving back into the WWE, I beat you...1...2...3! Punk, you pride yourself on being straight edge...I’ll send you straight down the path to drink if you step in my way this Sunday.

    Barrett stares down Punk, who is shouting up at him to be a man and get in the ring

    Barrett: Angle, I have not one bad word to say about you. Unlike most American idiots, you have a mind of your own. You are not an idiotic sheep. You are not a follower of others. You are independent, an Olympic hero, and you tricked each and every one of these people when you turned on the straight edge buffoon. If it came to me and you to fight for that briefcase, I would be honored to take you on.

    The crowd boos ferociously at this attempt of sucking up.

    Barrett: Now onto Ryback. Ryback, last week, I told the world exactly what I thought of you. You are good, but just not on my level, experience wise, or skill wise for that matter. Your vocabulary is limited, and you probably use a thesaurus before you come out here, just so as you don’t look like an absolute twat! Ryback, you will not win this Sunday, in fact none of you will, Wade Barrett will become the first English winner of the MITB briefcase!

    The crowd erupt with boos

    Barrett: And then there were two: John Cena, and Jeff Hardy. Cena, you didn’t defeat the Nexus because of me, you defeated the Nexus, despite me! IF we were to go one on one today, without those 7 idiots distracting. Which, by the way, Skip, sorry were one of those idiots! You couldn’t even defeat Tyler Black, a man I eased past to qualify for this match. I can’t wait to beat the holy hell out of you this Sunday. As for you Jeff, I’m not gonna go for the easy option and bring up your *ahem* colorful past, something a pathetic human being like CM Punk did once, if I recall correctly...You talk about claims and proclamations, well Jeff, you say the Ladder match is your domain, how is that not a claim? Face facts, it’s not, you are past it, and you will never climb back to the top of the mountain ever again!

    The crowd chants Hardy, who is staring at Barrett

    Barrett: You five can say and make promises all you want, but the fact is, my words aren’t meaningless, like yours all are. I back it up. Wade Barrett, member of the most dominant stable in WWE history. Tell me whether that’s backing it up or not. Just in case you don’t think it’s backing it up, I’ll prove my words to be true once again this Sunday, at MITB, when I climb a ladder, and clasp my hands tightly around that Briefcase! For it is our destiny to win every title in the WWE, and when Regal and McIntyre gain the Tag Team Championships, and Sheamus retains the US Championship that leaves only one. And we as a unit will take one giant leap toward our goal this Sunday, when Wade Barrett beats 7 other men to get...that...briefcase!

    JR: All of these men want that briefcase. They know whats at stake, this match is a career changer. I’m getting word that men will be stay in the ring, as we are going to get a six man tag match, up next!

    King: This is going to be just like last week with Aries and Rhodes. Some may respect each other, but they are still all competitors, one team is bound to implode!

    JR: That is up next so stay tuned!


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    JR: Strong words from our Money In the Bank hopefuls King, Seeing all the guys in the ring it really makes me look forward to the Money In the Bank PPV, it's going to be a blockbuster event folks!

    King: Oh it's going to be special Ross, no doubt about that!

    *The Money in the Bank official theme (I fight Dragons - Money) then plays out from the speakers to the crowd. The Titantron then goes live and a video package plays running down the best moments of the past MITB matches.*

    King: Man, some great moments there JR.. Some great cash in's too! Remember guys, there's 100% record with every Briefcase winner, winning this match.. well, it pretty much grants you the title of your choice when you wish.

    JR: It certainly does King. There's no doubt it takes something special and whole lot of heart and desire to win this match but the reward is clear for all to see, win this match.. and going from the record books, You will soon be a champion here in the WWE!

    King: Oh man I can't wait!

    JR: Well there's good news partner, we are about to get a preview right now, it will be John Cena, Hardy and CM Punk vs. Angle, Wade Barrett and Ryback.

    *All six men are already warmed up and are waiting in the ring after their promos. The announcement of their match goes out towards the crowd and they respond with huge cheers. The team of Punk, Cena and Jeff Hardy look happy with the announcement while on the other team Ryback looks unhappy with his team and begins staring right at Barrett and Angle.

    Angle and Barrett attempt to get the big man on side by speaking with him but Ryback is not interested in talking. He instead exits the ring and stands on the ringside awaiting the match to begin.*

    JR: It's looks like John Cena is going to start this one for his team, who's going to start it for the team of Angle, Barrett and Ryback?

    King: Well we know it's not going to be Ryback and I don't think Angle or Barrett can decide.

    *The crowd begin mocking Barrett and Angle as they begin arguing over who should start this match. Both men appear to be saying they should be captain of the team and start, while Ryback continues to look frustrated with the whole situation.. The ref then comes over and urges them to agree so the match can begin.. at this point, Wade and Kurt are now face to face arguing while Cena's team laughs at the confusion of their opponents.

    With Angle and Barrett unable to agree and now pushing each other, Ryback enters back through the ropes and walks right through the middle of both men, pushing them both away and shouting "I will start" as a "Feed me more!" chant breaks out.*

    John Cena, Hardy(HBK) & Punk(Triple H) vs. Ryback(Cade), Barrett(Murdoch) & Angle(Edge)

    Start at 4:10 stop at 8:55

    JR: Hardy fighting back here, Jeff Hardy looking to come off the ropes.

    King: Here he comes!

    *Angle ducks the clothesline attempt from Jeff Hardy as Jeff springs off the opposite ropes attempting to nail the second attempt. Angle however catches him and reverses it with a huge over the top Belly to Belly suplex throwing Hardy over his own head and sending him crashing back down on to the mat.*

    JR: My god! Hardy folded up like an Accordion!

    King: That was a brutal throw from Angle.. I have to admit JR, I'm surprised with the team work shown by both teams.

    JR: I would have to agree King. Hardy's getting desperate though partner, he needs a tag here!

    *Kurt Angle at this point is almost toying with Hardy, He stands behind him waiting for him to get up.. eventually Hardy does, using the ropes the daredevil Hardy is finally able to stand but stumble's right into Angle he grips him again and nails a German Suplex into a bridge as the first pin attempt is scored.*



    JR: Kick out at second, man that took some effort from the Enigma Jeff Hardy.

    King: He's running on empty Ross, it's a matter of time at this point unless he can somehow tag in a partner.

    *Kurt Angle is back on his feet and drops down his singlet straps before spinning around almost as in celebration to what’s about to come next.. He then urges up Hardy and as Hardy gets up, He looks set to land his trademarked Angle slam but the move comes to a standstill as Wade Barrett reaches over and slaps Angle cross the back to the shock of his team. Angle then spins around in anger and begins shouting at Barrett asking him what is he doing.. Barrett reply's by saying "I'm going to finish this match!" The ref acknowledges the "Tag" and allows Wade in as Angle is forced to exit the ring..

    Wade then charges at Hardy looking for his signature "Bull Hammer" strike but Hardy is the first to react with a picture perfect drop kick which knocks Barrett of his feet and down to the canvas. Hardy then instantly turns his attention to his corner and begins crawling over.. trying to draw on every last bit of strength to make it across the ring as the crowd start cheering his name.*

    JR: The crowd is firmly behind Jeff Hardy, there desperate for him to get the tag.

    King: Not as desperate as Hardy wants or needs this tag. What was Barrett thinking though Ross? he could have just cost his team the match!

    JR: Ego King, there's so many ego's in this match right now. There's no doubting the talent but with Money in the Bank around the corner, each man will be looking to show why they will win it and are using this match to demonstrate it.

    King: Hardy's close Ross, he's inches away!

    JR: He's going to make it.. he's goi- Wade's got his boot, Wade Barrett is gripping him by the boot and is trying to pull him back.

    *Jeff Hardy looks back in horror as Barrett begins to pull him back. Both men then begin to struggle before Hardy kicks Barrett off and uses the crowds cheer to draw strength and jumps of the canvas making the tag as the crowd pop at CM Punk's arrival.*

    JR: Here comes Punk!

    *Punk comes rushing into the ring and forearm smashes Barrett in the face knocking him down, he repeats this two more times before Barrett attempts to swing back as Punk catches it with a reversal into a swinging neck breaker as the crowd pop for the man of honor. Punk then charges at Angle knocking him off the ring apron before starting off with Ryback as the crowd cheers again. CM Punk then waits for Wade Barrett to attempt to stand before hitting him in the temple with a big round house kick before going for the cover.*

    JR: Bah Gawd what a kick!

    King: I bet bells are ringing right about now in Barrett's head!

    JR: Well he better hope there loud enough to wake him because Punk's going for the pin!




    JR: Angle braking up the pin attempt before the three!

    King: Timely save from Angle right there, this match looked as good as over.

    *With Angle now once more on the ring apron after breaking up the pin. Both he and Punk begin staring at each other. Punk however does not see Barrett now back on his feet and as he turns around.. he's greeted with a big boot that knocks the straight edge hero down. Wade then walks over to his corner and slaps Ryback on the chest before telling him to finish it. Ryback looks furious and just stares at Barrett with eyes almost piercing Wade's skin with the intensity shown. Ryback then enters the ring and goes to face with the bare knuckled champion as the crowd sense it could blow at any moment..

    Before anything does however, Ryback notices Punk getting up and charges at him, turning him inside out with a huge meat hook clothesline. Ryback then turns back around and stares at Barrett once more.. He then grips up Punk and lifts him up, He continues to stare at Wade though and this proves his downfall as Punk is able to wriggle out.. CM Punk then reacts with boots to the stomach before coming off the ropes looking to knock the big man down with a shoulder charge.

    Ryback does not even flinch though and on the second attempt he begins shouting a "Feed me more chant!" as the crowd join in. Punk does and once more attempts to knock him down.. but this time when he comes off the ropes, Ryback grabs him too hands by the throat and shouts "Stupid" in his face before lifting him of the ground by the throat and then throwing him back down to the canvas.*

    JR: That strength is scary King, Ryback picking Punk up like it was nothing.

    King: This guys a freak Ross, we have seen some big guys in the WWE but this guy looks like he's been perfectly made to compete here! He may just be the biggest threat in the WWE right now to anyone who opposes him.

    *Ryback then picks up Punk and scoop slams him down to the canvas.. Ryback then once again looks over to his team, He drags Punk back up and this time lifts him on his shoulders.. He looks certain to deliver "Shell Shocked" as and he begins charging around the ring.. John Cena is able to stretch out a hand and tap's Punk on the bank.. Suddenly then before Ryback can nail his finisher, Cena charges in and begins punching with lefts and rights to the stomach of Ryback.. Eventually the big man is forced to drop Punk who rolls out the ring.

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Cena then steams off the ropes and knocks the big man back.. Cena does so once more and the same applies, with the crowd now firmly behind him.. John Cena comes of the ropes again but this time jumps into Ryback and knocks the big man off his feet. Ryback is quickly back up and swings for Cena as the Dr. of thuganomics ducks the attempt and responds with a back body drop as the crowd knows what's coming next.. He then positions himself before pumping up his sneakers and signaling the.. "You can't see me" before coming off the ropes and dropping the big fist into Ryback's face.

    Both men are then back on their feet and Cena catches him in position for the...*

    JR: FU! We know its coming King!

    King: Here it is Ross.. Yes! Here comes Barrett!

    *Before Cena can hit the "FU" Wade Barrett enters the ring and knocks Cena out with a clean Bull Hammer shot to the face causing him to fall back and drop Ryback. Before Barrett can do anymore though he's greeted by CM Punk who leaps off the top and smashes into Barrett with a flying clothesline taking him down.. Angle then comes charging in and likewise does Hardy, with Hardy going for a clothesline of his own.. Angle ducks underneath and hits another big time German Suplex, Hardy bounces of the canvas and rolls out of the ring.

    Kurt Angle then once more spins around and then urges Cena up, With his focus on Cena.. He does not notice Punk who spins around and lifts him on to his shoulders and nails the..*

    JR: GTS! GTS! Punk has been waiting for his chance to do that for a while!

    King: Chaos has erupted Ross, it's out of control.

    *Angle then rolls out of the ring covering his face as he joins Hardy, Cena then stalks Ryback and lifts him on too his shoulders, Wade though is now back up and charges at Cena with a double axe handle shot to the back of the head as Cena again drops Ryback. Punk then tries to help out his partner and swings for Barrett's head with a roundhouse kick.. Barrett though is quickly able dodge the attempt and goes underneath the leg before raising Punk up from that position and delivering.. *

    King: Wasteland! Wasteland! Take that Punk!

    *Barrett then begins barking orders out at Ryback to finish the match while they got the chance, Wade then instead urges Ryback to tag him in.. Ryback again looks pissed at Barrett trying to show his authority but this time surprisingly listens and makes the tag, Barrett then enters and sizes up his Bull Hammer shot again as Cena gets up Groggy. Before he can though, Ryback spins around from behind and picks him up into a fireman's carry before stomping around the ring and delivering..

    JR: Shell Shocked!

    King: What the? Is he stupid Ross? His team had this match won?

    JR: I think it's his "Team" that was the issue King.

    *With the crowd all chanting "Feed me more!" Ryback stares at Cena who is clearly not sure what Ryback is going to do next.. Ryback just lets out a smile before looking at Barrett and shouting "Stupid!" he then exits the ring and begins making his way up the ramp.

    John Cena then see's the opening and pulls up Barrett, he then hits the FU to a huge pop from the crowd before looking for the pin when he sees Hardy climbing the turnbuckle.. Cena then looks up and see's Hardy before pointing to him as the crowd cheer, John Cena then tags in Jeff Hardy who jumps off the turnbuckle and nails his trademark Swanton Bomb to a huge roar from the crowd. Hardy then hooks the leg and scores a pin for his team.




    JR: Jeff Hardy picking up the three count and it's the team of Hardy, Punk and John Cena that pick up the win!

    King: Yeah, no thanks to Ryback. What was he thinking? He cost his team the win.

    JR: To put it bluntly King, I don't think he cares. You see his face when he was forced to team with Barrett and Angle, then witnessing the lack of team harmony I think it was boiling up and then Ryback snapped with Barrett barking out orders.

    *Kurt Angle and Barrett are seen arguing up the ramp while the team of Cena, Punk and Hardy are left in the ring celebrating their victory and taking in the crowds cheer and applause. All three men then stop posing and begin looking at each other… they then all look up at the MiTB briefcase hanging above the ring before looking back at each other. They all nod in each other’s direction as if to wish there opponents this Sunday luck before the camera heads back stage.*

    JR: We are going to send it backstage now to our colleague Todd Grisham.

    *Unlike the usual smile he greets the viewers with when he starts his obligatory interviews, Todd Grisham does not appear to be in a happy mood. The serious look on his face indicates any viewers with basic comprehension skills that this interview isn't going to be pretty which is ironic considering who is guest is going to be.*

    Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time is WWE Diva, Maria.

    *The camera pans to his left to reveal Maria standing, head slightly tilted to the side and looking at the floor. A sad and mournful frown ruins her otherwise adorable face and despite the awkwardness involved of asking a seemingly unwilling participant any sort of questions, Todd sucks it up and presses forward.*

    Todd Grisham: Now as most of us know, it's been quite an odd few weeks for you here on Monday Night RAW. A couple of weeks ago, you defeated your best friend, Kaitlyn and found out that later, a secret admirer sent you a couple of roses. The next week, the gesture was repeated but then, unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse as last week, when you and Kaitlyn had a match and...well, it's hard to explain with words alone so right now, we're going to show footage of what happened when...

    *Suddenly, Maria sinks to the floor, holding her face in her hands and begins crying, her hands not doing much in muffling the blood curdling shrieking and crying that comes out of her hoarse throat. Todd immediately drops the microphone and is at her side in a heartbeat.*

    Todd Grisham: Oh my God, oh my God! Maria!

    *His frantic pleading for Maria to calm down don't fall on deaf ears as slowly but surely, Maria gets to her feet on her own. She removes her hands from her face to reveal some mascara dripping from under her eyes as tears stroll down her face. Instead of wiping them away, she just allows them to fall and watches as tiny black liquid pools form around her feet. Todd picks up his microphone again and is quick to apologize.*

    Todd Grisham: Maria, I am so so, so sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel worse. I just wanted to...

    *To his surprise, Maria reaches out to press a finer to his lips. Not only that but she's already smiling despite almost reliving that horrible tragedy.*

    Maria: It...its okay *wipes her eyes dry* You were just doing your job. I'll try to be strong.

    *While grateful for her kindness, Todd is quick to reject her willingness to continue with the interview.*

    Todd Grisham: No. That was unprofessional of me. I should have known you'd still be horrified about that mystery attacker hurting Kaitlyn. Let's just forget about this whole interview concerning him and what happened to Kaitlyn. Instead, I'll just ask you if you know the state of body and mind that Kaitlyn is in right now. Could you do that for not only me but the rest of the WWE Universe who're concerned with Kaitlyn's well-being?

    *Maria nods and takes in a deep breath before answering his question.*

    Maria: Kaitlyn...gets to make her dream as the future WWE Women’s Champion come true because she's gonna be competing tonight for a spot in the Money In The Bank ladder match. As far as how she's doing goes, I know that she's okay and she's gonna wanna tear the roof off the house and get one step closer to her dream. And as her bestie for life, I'm gonna be cheering her on and then it's off to a Cache shopping spree. Just the two of us! So good luck out there, Kaitlyn!

    *She blows a quick kiss to the camera and waves goodbye to Todd as she walks off screen.*

    Todd Grisham: Well there you have it, folks. Kaitlyn's okay and we'll get to see Kaitlyn's dream hopefully come one step closer to coming true. Let's take it back to JR and Lawler at ringside as Monday Night RAW is WAR rolls on.

    JR: Well thanks Todd, and King, Maria is very unstable, and although we knew that before, between this secret admirer she has, and the results of her match last week, she might be insane.

    King: Don’t say that about Maria JR! This secret admirer doesn’t deserve Maria, let me go backstage and comfort her.

    JR: You might get that opportunity later King, because later we will have a Six Diva Tag Match, featuring six of the Diva’s in the Money in the Bank match, and Maria is one of those.

    King: Yippee! Puppies galore I can’t wait.

    JR: And not only that, Kaitlyn later tonight will have a qualifying match for the Women’s Money in the Bank Match, against Maryse!

    King: Even more puppies

    JR: That is later though King, up next though, Tyler Black and Hulk Hogan will team up to face their opponents at Money in the Bank, Damien Sandow and Sheamus! That is up next!


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    JR: Well now we will get a tag match featuring the competitors and rivals in two matches at Money in the Bank, Tyler Black and Hulk Hogan will team together to take on their opponents this Sunday Sheamus and Damien Sandow!

    King: At least these teams won’t implode but the two sides will brawl so that is just as good.

    JR: No love is lost between the men and their opponents tonight, and they meet in a tag match right now, but the stakes are much higher for each of these men this Sunday.

    JR: For Hogan this Sunday, his third match with Damien Sandow, is about teaching Sandow some respect. After Sandow beat Hogan at SummerSlam by using Hogan’s own finishing move against him and after the match kicked Hogan below the belt, it was uncalled for and disrespectful to a Hall of Famer

    King: Who cares if he is a Hall of Famer or not? He came back to compete, he knew what he was getting himself into, nobody needs to show him respect if he is an active competitor.

    JR: I don’t agree, he might have gotten back in the ring, but nonetheless he is still a Hall of Famer and a legend of this business, and Sandow should show respect for someone who paved the way for him in this business.

    JR: Well this man not only has the opportunity to beat a member of the United Kingdom but also has the chance to win the United States Championship as well

    King: It’s going to be tough, not to mention the United Kingdom has said they will win every title in the WWE, and who is going to tell them no? I’m not going to.

    JR: I’m sure Tyler Black will try like hell to tell them no, and he can make it simple by winning on Sunday.

    JR: For Damien Sandow, he has the chance to beat a Hall of Famer for a second straight time and prove that he belongs here and can hold his own in the WWE,

    King: Well let’s not forget that these two have been embroiled in a feud that has gone for two PPV matches, and stands at one to one, this Sunday is that third and final match to see who will come out on top, and Sandow has the momentum from SummerSlam to win this Sunday

    JR: Well if Hogan can pick up a win here tonight it might give him the momentum he needs to win the third match of this series, and make Sandow respect him.

    King: And here comes Sheamus!

    JR: Sheamus will defend his title against Tyler Black at Money in the Bank, and let me tell you it won’t be easy for him to retain. Black wants this win, wants to stop the mission of the United Kingdom of winning every title and taking over the WWE. And this is his best chance, as Sheamus won’t have the United Kingdom at ringside for the match.

    King: He doesn’t need him JR… don’t you remember Sheamus retained against Cody Rhodes fair and square? Well Tyler Black is no Cody Rhodes.

    JR: No he is not… he is Tyler Black.

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    Hulk Hogan & Tyler Black vs. Damien Sandow & Sheamus
    (Hulk Hogan = John Cena, Tyler Black = Randy Orton, Damien Sandow = Edge)

    Watch 3:40 till 9:42

    JR: Oh what a cheap choke by Sandow.

    After the ref backs Sheamus up from the corner after the stomps he goes back over and Hogan lifts Sheamus up and hits him with an inverted atomic drop followed by a big boot and that puts Sheamus down and Hogan falls and now is reaching towards Tyler Black. Hogan crawls across the ring as Sheamus attempts to get his wits about him. Finally Sheamus is able to stand and he goes over to Hogan, who just then makes the tag. Black then hits a springboard clothesline to take down Sheamus. Black rolls through, bounces off the ropes and comes back with a dropkick to Sheamus as he turns, Black quickly covers…



    Sheamus kicks out. Black then pounds away on Sheamus before he gets up and celebrates quickly. Black then stomps on Sheamus, and then runs towards the ropes. He bounces off the ropes and hits a running shooting star splash, and he covers…

    JR: Black may have him here




    King: Sandow breaks up the pin!

    After Sandow breaks up the pin, Hogan comes running in towards Sandow, who pulls the top rope down and Hogan spills over the top and too the outside. Sandow stands and looks at Hogan before he turns right into…

    JR: Avada Kedavra! Too bad Sandow isn’t the legal man!

    Sandow gets hit with Avada Kedavra and spills to the outside. Hogan is up and laughs as he goes back to his corner. In the ring Black turns towards Sheamus, but Sheamus takes advantage of the distraction and hits Black with a clothesline to send Black over the top rope, but Black is able to hold on to the ropes and gets to the apron. Sheamus notices, picks him up and hits ten brutal forearm clubs to the chest of Black. Sheamus lets him go and Black falls to the apron, and Sheamus drags him in, cover…



    Black kicks out. Sheamus stands and hits multiple quick knee drops in succession to the head of Black and then covers again…



    Black kicks out again. Sheamus then grabs Black by the hair and lifts him to his feet, Sheamus then runs Black into the turnbuckle with a thrust, and Sheamus holds him there, as Sandow tags in. Sandow comes in and slaps Black across the face and then hits a knee lift to the midsection. Sandow then turns Black around and grabs him in a full nelson position and slams Black’s head on the turnbuckle. Black staggers out backwards where Sandow hits a sitout rear mat slam. Sandow then stands and gloats and hits Black with…

    King: He calls that Cubito Aequt or the Elbow of Disdain!

    JR: Does Sandow have him here?




    Thre… NO!

    Black kicks out and Sandow seems a bit frustrated. Sandow then regains his composure, stands and waits for Black. Black is to his feet, turns and Sandow grabs Black by the wrists…

    King: Terminus…

    JR: Black showing strength he can’t turn him

    Black keeps his strength up and tries to avoid being turn over, and Sandow with a showing of strength turns Black…

    King: He has him turned…

    JR: Black got a wrist free and elbow to the head to break the hold.

    Black is able to break the hold and gets an elbow to the head and Black hits Sandow with…

    JR: Blackout! But Black is down can he get a cover?

    King: It looks like he wants to make a tag

    Both men are down, and Black realizes he won’t get a cover in time, and now both men know they must make a tag. They crawl towards their corners, arms outstretched as are their partners’ and…

    King: Tag to Sheamus!

    JR: Tag to Hogan!

    Both men come in hot and Hogan ducks a double axe handle, and Hogan bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline. He bounces off the ropes again as Sheamus stands and hits Sheamus with a big boot. Sheamus bounces up off the mat and is to his feet quick where he walks into a body slam. Sheamus stays down, and Hogan hits a standing elbow drop. Hogan gets up and celebrates for a minute, and then faces Sandow, points at him, where Sandow jaws a bit, and Hogan walks towards him. Hogan says something, then turns back towards Sheamus and…

    King: Brogue Kick! Hogan got preoccupied with Sandow!

    Sandow then comes in and hits a forearm to the head of Black to knock him down. Sheamus covers…




    Sandow and Sheamus roll quickly out of the ring, Sheamus grabs his title, and they head towards the ramp as Black has slid in the ring.

    JR: Hogan’s feud with Sandow cost him the match. Hogan was on a roll and got caught up a bit. If that happens Sunday Sandow will walk out the winner. Sandow is extremely smart, and he has used it to his advantage to win here tonight.

    King: Sandow is not only smarter, he is just all around better than Hogan. He knows Hogan could not resist trash talking him, and he used it to his advantage, just like he did with Hulk’s finisher when he won at SummerSlam.

    JR: Well these two will meet Sunday at Money in the Bank, but so will Tyler Black and Sheamus, and as Sheamus clutches his title, I think he has realized his title may be in more danger than he initially thought. Black was resilient here tonight, he was able to withstand a beating and make a tag.

    King: he has nobody to tag Sunday JR.

    JR: No he does not but the way he countered out with Blackout, he could have easily won this match if he had covered.

    King: Then why did he tag? He knew it would take too long to get over and cover, and Sandow would have been able to recuperate. That would have gotten him in trouble because he wouldn’t have been able to tag, and he was already drained of his energy, if he gets behind at all Sunday its over

    JR: I wouldn’t say that. With the Blackout, Black was going to be in control. Either way, the environments are different, and you and I both know Sheamus is more scared now than he was before.


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    *Jericho barges through an office door and immediately begins to speak to the chair facing the opposite direction*

    Chris Jericho: Now Eve, I know what you said before, but things have not played out the way they should have, and you need to.....

    *The chair then turns and sitting in the chair is revealed to be Teddy Long*

    Jericho: What the hell? Teddy?!

    *Jericho is in shock that it is Teddy Long and not Eve that turns around, and does not speak for a minute. Teddy Long then begins to do so.*

    Teddy Long: What's wrong playa? Not expectin to see me here? I still am a Co-General Manager of RAW, even though Eve doesn't see it that way. Now onto the topic playa, I'll let you know this right now Jericho, you aren't goin to get anotha Money in the Bank qualifying match. No you've been given to many, you've been given an unfair advantage by Eve in comparison to the otha superstars, and you know that. So playa I suggest you find something else to do with your time than try and weasel your way into Money in the Bank, because it ain't happenin playa.

    *Jericho looks on in anger*

    Jericho: You know what Teddy Long? I'm not even going to bother starting to try and argue with you, because I know how incompetent you are. I know how you give preferential treatment to the superstars that pander to the masses as opposed to the people that have actual talent.
    You are making the biggest mistake of your career right here, and when it's all said and done, you'll see the cost of your mistake. Raw needs me, the WWE needs me. And you're denying the people the chance to see me.
    I'm going to be in the Money in the bank match whether you like it or not. Why? Because I care about this show more than you do obviously.

    *Teddy just stares at him for a minute*

    Teddy Long: Look playa, I understand you're mad but I need to run this show in a fair manner, and since Eve has taken ova it has been anythin but. And speakin of Eve playa, don't go and ask her eitha, because she has been told not to grant you anotha shot as well.

    *Jericho stands there looking at Teddy, almost as if he's about to blow a top. With narrow eyes, he backs out of the room and leaves.*

    JR: It’s great to have Teddy Long back and some proper and fair ruling around here!

    King: Teddy Long will regret this when he is fired for the ratings suffering because nobody watches because there is no Chris Jericho

    JR: Well folks what about that?! It appears Teddy Long is back and furthermore, Chris Jericho has run out of chances and will not feature in the Money In the Bank match.

    King: This is exactly why Eve was needed to come in and steady the ship, This is just another mistake that will go down in the history of Teddy's GM career. How can he shoot down Jericho and stop him from being involved in the Money in the Bank match?

    JR: Oh come on King. That's not the truth and you know it. Jericho has had chance after chance and he has failed to qualify for the match, he only has himself to blame King.

    King: It's a big mistake JR! Jericho is ratings and when the show flops because Jericho's not involved then I hope Teddy feels good about himself.

    JR: Well King, I know there's one thing we can agree on. The news about Kaitlyn and we are glad to say, she has made a full recovery and is ready to compete up next.

    King: Yeah that's great news Ross, that was a scary situation last week and I'm surprised but delighted to see Kaitlyn is fighting fit.. One thing though Ross, I just really hope Maria is okay.

    JR: I do too partner. It couldn't have been easy for her earlier and god only knows what she witnessed last week King.

    *The crowd gives a mixed reaction for the French-Canadian beauty. She enters through the curtain with her usual attitude and arrogance in check before walking down the ramp and making her way to the ring.*

    JR: You know King. All the focus has been on Kaitlyn.. but this could play out very nicely for Maryse, both of these women have a second chance to enter and make history in the first ever Divas Money In the Bank match!

    King: Oh I agree JR, It could work our very well for Maryse. I mean, we can't fully expect Kaitlyn to be at a 100% can we? If Maryse was to start this match well, she would have to be the favorite to qualify tonight in my book.

    *The crowd gives a huge and bigger than normal pop for the perfect blend of beauty and power in Kaitlyn. She makes her way out from behind the curtain with a smile on her face, clearly happy to just be getting another chance tonight. She poses at the top of the stage before seemingly thanking the crowd for their support before making her way down the ramp and heading to the ring.*

    King: She's looks good as always JR.. I guess we are about to find out if she has indeed recovered and ready for this match.

    JR: I guess so King. It's Kaitlyn vs. Maryse folks in the last spot for the Divas Money In the Bank match.. who's going to win? We are about to find out.

    Mickie James (Kaitlyn) vs. Maryse.

    Start at 2:30 stop at 6:57

    JR: Wait.. wait just a minute, what's Maryse searching for here? This is not no DQ.

    King: Is that what I think it is? Is that Hairspray?

    JR: Yeah, I think it is.. what is she doing?

    *Maryse jumps up on the ring apron with the can of hair spray in her hand. With Kaitlyn still being checked on by the referee, Maryse enters the ring.. Kaitlyn though sees her coming and reacts first with a boot to the stomach causing Maryse to drop the can. Kaitlyn then strikes again nails Maryse with a DDT as the crowd cheer..

    The crowds cheer gets louder though as Kaitlyn now looks around the arena and sees her friend Maria standing at the top of the stage, both women smile at each other as Maria makes her way down to the ring. With Kaitlyn focused on her friend, Her opponent sense her chance and runs at Kaitlyn, knocking her down with a forearm to the back of the head before beating down on her as Maria looks on.

    With Maria now at ringside, Maryse continues to watch her as she beats down on Kaitlyn too. Maryse then flicks her hair in the direction of Maria before going for the pin on her friend, Kaitlyn.*




    JR: Maryse only able to get the two count!

    King: That was close though JR, Maryse is in control right now.

    *Maryse jumps back up to her feet before continuing to attack Kaitlyn with kicks and stomps to the body. Maryse then tells the referee to check on Kaitlyn before once more turning her attention to the can of hairspray, as she walks over to grab the can.. Maria stretches and reaches into the ring grabbing it first before Maryse can. Maryse then stares at Maria with anger as Maria just smiles.

    As the French speaking Diva turns around, she is greeted by a now standing Kaitlyn who knocks her down with a big clothesline, Maryse then jumps right back up as Kaitlyn repeats this two more times as the crowd pop and Maria can be seen clapping and cheering on her friend.

    Kaitlyn then poses for the fans and begins to beg Maryse to get up.*

    JR: Looks like Kaitlyn is getting ready to finish this right here folks!

    King: Oh yeah, we know what's coming next!

    *Maryse gets up and is confronted with a boot to the stomach. Kaitlyn then grabs a hold of her before delivering the Wedgie Flatliner and going for the pin.*




    JR: Kaitlyn wins! Kaitlyn will move on to compete in the Money In the Back match.

    King: What an achievement Ross, to go through what she did last week and then to come back this week and win a match like this.. really special and fully deserved.

    *Kaitlyn can now be seen celebrating in the ring as the crowd cheers her. Maria then enters the ring and begins jumping up and down with a smile on her face before her and Kaitlyn embrace as the fans continue now cheering them both. Maria then points to Kaitlyn, trying to aim all the attention on her friend Kaitlyn.*

    JR: What a lovely site King. The friendship and respect shown is to be admired.

    King: It's nice JR but this is wrestling as I said last week.. I'm not sure there's room for friends when it comes to competing for major honors.

    *Both Maria and Kaitlyn then embrace one more time before attempting to leave the ring. Maria holds the ropes for Kaitlyn and as she stands on the ringside.. she does the unthinkable and charges into her friend knocking her off the apron hard and causing her to come crashing down on to the floor.

    With the crowd in utter shock, they don't react. Maria then exits the ring and stands over her friend, Tear's begin to fall from her face again and she whisper’s " I'm sorry, I'm Sorry " Maria then begins stomping Kaitlyn and kicking her as she attempts to stand as the crowd now finally begin to boo.*

    JR: WHAT THE? What the hell is going on King? Has Maria lost it, has she snapped?.

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    King: I have no idea Ross! I'm in shock!

    JR: Why Maria, Why? She's your friend!

    King: Was.. was her friend Ross. I told you, You can't have friends in wrestling.. One of these women has the chance to make history and I think Maria wants it more, I think she's showing she will do what it takes to win... WAIT! was Maria involved in the attack last week?

    JR: NO, no she couldn't King.. This is not the Maria we have known and grown to love, something's wrong here folks.

    *Maria then continues to whisper words like.. "Sorry" and "I had to do this." Kaitlyn then begins to stand as Maria just stares.. With Kaitlyn now once more standing, Maria slams into Kaitlyn and pushes her into the nearby ring post as Kaitlyn's face smashes into the turnbuckle to the crowd's horror.

    With the crowd now heavily booing. Maria makes her way up the ramp with tears continuing to flow from her eyes as she looks back on the damaged she has caused.. she then stops and looks up at the top of the stage where a man now wearing a hooded cloak stands. Maria then smiles before heading in his direction.*

    JR: What's going on King? Is this man with the cloak behind this? Is he the reason why Maria has made this attack on her friend.

    King: Former friend JR! I have a feeling we are about to get some answers.

    *As Maria gets closer, the hooded man stretches out his hands and he can be seen holding two Roses, one White and one Black. Maria draws closer and once more looks back on Kaitlyn before looking at the hooded man clearly scared and with tears rolling down her face. Maria then grabs the white Rose and looks at it for a few moments before looking back at Kaitlyn.. She then rips the White Rose in half before turning back to look at the hooded man and reaching for the Black Rose.

    With the Black Rose in her hand, she drops down to one knee and looks up at the hooded man, who places his hand on her head and uses the other to flip away his hood, revealing the hooded man to be.. *

    JR: Good god almighty! It's Raven, Raven is the man behind the Roses!

    King: Raven! He always has a plan Ross, No one expected this.. Maria has joined the flock!

    *The crowd is in utter shock but begin to boo the house down as Raven has an evil smirk across his face. The master and his new member of the Flock, Maria begin to make their way back down to the ring. Raven, with Maria standing by his side black rose in hand, motions for a mic and is given one by a stagehand. Maria goes to say something but Raven gently places his index finger on her lips.*

    Raven: Hush now Little Dove *Maria gives off the biggest smile at being called “Little Dove” *, you shall have time to speak your mind in due time

    This brings out deafening boos from the crowd to which Maria frowns

    Raven: Fear not Little Dove, don’t let these people get under your skin. You’re stronger than them. You’re better than them

    This brings a smile to Maria yet again and she waves to the fans, whom boo even louder, but Mara continues waving a smiling

    Raven: Now as to what happen last week on Raw with Abyss- he let me down, he let himself down. Abyss just couldn’t find it in him to focus on the path set out before him. I tried to open his mind, I tried to show him that he was not alone. I tried to show him the love he never had growing up. But what does he do? He throws it all away. HE THREW IT ALL AWAY!

    Raven: One beating from the old man known as Sting scared him. It made him revert back to little Christopher Parks, the scared little boy. I tried to give him one more chance last week, to try to redeem himself, but that little boy just couldn’t do it. That little boy is forever lost. That’s why I had to do what I did to him last week. I had to put that little boy out of his misery

    Raven: *gets on one knee and takes hold of one of Maria’s hand- which makes her blush * Now this Little Dove, the lovely Maria, the lovely lady who everybody takes oh so very lightly- she will never let me down. I knew that the first time I laid eyes on her. I knew she wasn’t scared of someone like me. In fact she is a lot like me, so very misunderstood. A misfit in this fucked up world. Someone who people try to take of advantage of at every moment. Something that has happened to this Little Dove her whole career. But never again. NEVER AGAIN!

    *Raven kisses her hand which makes Maria blush again and looks like she is going to faint so Raven gets to his feet real fast to make sure she is ok. This brings another big smile to her face and really loud boos from the crowd *

    Raven: It’s ok Little Dove. It’s ok. Now there is one more issue I have to address. The Sting issue. The man who thinks he, and he only, can bring what he thinks is justice to WWE. He wants to get rid of what he considers the cancer of this company, He wants to get rid of me. You see Sting, your issue never was really with Abyss, no that little boy was just a pawn in a game. I wanted to see if he had it in him to destroy an Icon, a Legend. I wanted to see if he was the monster that he once was. But the pawn was doomed from the beginning. Stinger it is not you who will rid the cancer out of this company- no, that’s my job. It’s you Sting, it’s you that is what’s truly wrong in this company, you’re the cancer. It’s you who let two of your best friends lives nearly end in this very ring, it’s you who sat back, selfishly, and didn’t lift a finger to help his fellow man. And you call yourself a Christian? HA!

    Raven: And I know the perfect place where you will finally meet your end courtesy of me, Raven. Money in the Bank. It is there………..

    The lights flicker off, Maria screams

    The lights flicker back on and Raven gets in front of Maria, seemingly to protect her. Maria holds on tight to the back of Raven

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    Up on the big screen a silhouette appears in one of the darker places of the arena, the figure appears to be sat down whilst leaning forward against a baseball bat, clearly this is Sting. No face paint can be seen through the shadow, just the vague outline of a man hobbled over, perhaps in pain as he supports himself with the bat. The figure takes a deep breath before letting out a pained sigh, appearing to shake his head slowly back and forth in disapproval at Raven.

    Sting: Your every action.. every word.. every lie burns inside my veins as hot as a thousand suns.. it reminds me why I'm actually here. To paraphrase William Shakespeare.. God has given you one face.. and yet you choose to make yourself another. People like you thrive on the webs of lies you spin.. hoping to catch new victims.. you serve only to coerce and corrupt.. so that the naive and innocent pawns in your game may serve you. You're a wolf in sheep’s clothing.. a venomous snake.. I can only hope your venom leaves no lasting damage on the mind of your naive new friend..

    I would like to warn her however.. about the disgusting little man she has taken up with.. for she isn't the first friend you buttered up with kind words.. is she Raven? What kindnesses did you afford Abyss before you drove his own weapon of malice into his spine? What promises did you make him before you realized that he was no match for the darkness that you so brazenly provoked? Maria.. something you should know about this liar that stands before you.. should you stray from his path or stumble.. fail him in any way and you may find yourself lying face down just as the last flock member did.

    Sting shifts uncomfortably in his chair before lying the baseball bat across his lap, taking another deep breath, still feeling the effects of a second brutal encounter with Abyss.

    Sting: The longer we drag this on Raven.. the more you show your true colors.. the most prominent of which is yellow. Another body to place in-between yourself and your ultimate fate.. you cower behind your flock in the hopes you might avoid what you so desperately deserve. But no amount of distraction.. no amount of deception will save you from me.. nothing will save you from justice. Blame me all you like for the fate of my friends.. the only hands stained with blood are yours.. blood that cannot be washed off with lies no matter how hard you try.

    You sought me out in the beginning.. you weren't on my radar.. you forced my hand and I resolved to punish you. You escaped me once with the introduction of your monster but I am a monster slayer.. I’ve faced worse and I’m still standing. And so we come to the conclusion.. we cannot coexist.. you want my destruction.. you want my demise to pad a legacy that never really came to fruition.. you'll get your chance. Just as I will get my chance to finally put an end to you. No more lies.. no more savage attacks.. no more corruption.. the light always finds a way.. you cannot win. At Money in the Bank…we'll find out just what happens to the morally bankrupt..

    As Sting finishes speaking a bolt of lightning arcs down from the rafters and connects with all four ring posts which frightens Maria as Raven glares around looking for Sting. The big screen fades to black, leaving Raven and Maria standing in the ring alone.

    JR: Has Raven finally met his match? For months he tortured Sting, but by using his henchmen., but now it’s one on one between the two. Sting for months has wanted to get after Raven and at Money in the Bank he will get his chance.

    King: Raven was the one who challenged Sting in the first place. Raven wants Sting as well, because he wants to destroy Sting because Abyss couldn’t get it done.

    JR: Well they both want to destroy each other, and they will get that opportunity Sunday at Money in the Bank. Up next though we will get ourselves a little Diva’s action, and partner I know that always makes you happy. A six Diva’s Tag Match featuring the six of the diva’s in this Sunday’s Money in the Bank Match.

    King: Who doesn’t love puppies? I can’t wait!


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    We return from commercial and Hulk Hogan is in the trainer's room after his devastating loss to Sheamus when all of a sudden Damien Sandow walks into the room to have a few words with Hulk Hogan. But right as Sandow is about to speak, the Hulkster cuts him off.

    Hulk Hogan: Just a minute Sandow, and I'm going to be upfront with you... you are the last person I want to hear from. All that has been coming out of your mouth is how old I am and every chance you get, you disrespect me. If I remember Sandow, this old man kicked your ass at the Bash brother. Even though I came out short at SummerSlam, I see us even little dude and at Money In The Bank, I will end this feud once and for all and stand victorious over your worthless body. You see Damien... you're a good talk, because that's all you do, you come here week after week and run your mouth and when the time comes for you to back up your trash talk, you're like a deer in front of headlights, you freeze and just wait to be killed. So Sandow, talk all you want, but not on my time brother; and the next time you disrespect me, I will lay you out flat.

    crowd starts cheering Hogan... Hogan... Hogan...

    Hulk Hogan: You hear that Sandow? That's all my little Hulkamaniacs getting ready to destroy you once and for all. That is my army that quite honestly, they are fed up with you Sandow. Like I said, you come out here and talk your talk, saying your big words and at the same time you disrespect my Hulkamaniacs. I will make my FINAL STAND at the Money In The Bank Pay Per View and when I'm done with you little dude, you will be beyond recognition. So next time you decide to disrespect someone you punk, be careful who you are talking to. I have made my mark in this business, what have you done? Let me answer you, NOTHING!!!! You are talking to a former World Champion. Every promotion that I step into, I put them on the map brother. While you were still swimming around in your daddy's nuts, I was packing out arenas. Then years later while you were still attached to your momma's breast, I was still packing out arenas little dude. Again I ask, what have you done? I will answer that for you too... NOTHING!!! You wanted my attention Sandow, you got it brother!!! You want to make your name known and you are going for the top dog.... well, you got your wish. You see Sandow, I didn't come back to the WWE to wrestle, I came back to work with the younger talent, but your mouth couldn't resist and you had to call me out. But there is still enough fight in me to kick your ass and I have proved that to you. I have also proved that Hulkamania is not dead!!!!

    crowd goes nuts after hearing Hogan say that

    Hulk Hogan: So forget about saying your prayers and taking your vitamins. The advice that I will give to you right here, right now is.... start praying Sandow, because you just wrote a check that your ass will not be able to cash brother!

    *Sandow stands there in a disapproving action. He then puts his hand to his forehead and shakes his head. He then looks up to begin to speak.*

    Damien Sandow: Excuse me my dear elder statesmen, but the opinions you just presented, is negligent of the truth. While our series of three matches may be tied at one, you did not beat my gluteus maximus as you so claim, for I was beaten at The Great American Bash through fault of my own. My dear Hogan, the outcome of tonight’s events is just the beginning of the foreshadowing for what the events of Sunday will hold for you. Mr. Hogan come the time of Money in the Bank, your mythological Hulkamania and Hulkamaniacs will not be able to assist you. I will force you into retirement, where you will be allowed to collect social security and live off your pension. Hogan you humiliate me but you also humiliate the English Language with the way in which you speak. Mr. Hogan I only attempted to enlighten you and the masses on the proper way to pronunciate the English Language, and you disrespected my intelligence, well I only reciprocated the behavior you showed me. Hogan I need not show you any respect for you did not show any towards me, so on Sunday I will humiliate you in the exact same manner as I did at SummerSlam. I will force you into retirement, never to be heard from or seen by the masses again.

    *The camera fades to another area backstage, as the fading screen shows Sandow and Hogan staring at each other. The incoming screen shows the Kings of Wrestling approach Teddy Long in his office.*

    We are backstage in Teddy Long's office. All is calm till a knock on the door interrupts the silence, Long speaks out and tells whoever it may be to come in and on cue the door opens and The Kings of Wrestling enter the office. Teddy Long speaks.

    Long: What can I do for ya playas'?

    Hero is the first to speak

    Hero: You know exactly what you can do for us. Teddy, you love tag team action, we know you do. You're a man who knows what happened two weeks ago was unjust; you're a man who knows damn well that we've been wronged. You know we deserve a chance to win the gold again.

    Claudio interjects

    Castagnoli: You gotta know we had that match won before those bastards of The UK intervened. This isn't right Teddy and you know it. We are asking you, the true authority figure here on Raw to give us the shot we deserve because we should be the WWE Tag Team Champions right now and we're not. It wasn't because All American Perfection was better or we were the weaker team. Had that happened we would've accepted things and moved on but they didn't turn out that way.

    Chris puts his hand on Claudio's shoulder to calm him down as he is a bit riled up before Chris speaks once more.

    Hero: So understand, Teddy. We know you can and you will do us right by making All American Perfection face us, The Kings of Wrestling for the WWE Tag Team Championships one more time. How soon, we'll leave up to you but this is a chance we need, Teddy. Give it to us and you won't regret it. We can promise that The Kings will reign supreme if you do.

    Teddy: You know something Kings... I hear ya playas' here's what we are going to-

    Vickie Guerrero: Excuse Me! I said Excuse Me!

    DZ: Woah! Woah! Woaaahhh! Hold it there... Playa' *Dolph smirks* Don't even think about making this match happen. You see... you haven't been around and perhaps you have not been watching but... The Kings of Wrestling? Been there... beat that! These guys earned a chance... the chance to have a shot at us for our titles are what they earned. They had their chance and failed. Close the chapter, that's all she wrote... the fat lady, is singing. So why, oh why... am I hearing you about to make a rematch? Why? Answer me that Teddy?

    *Teddy attempts to speak but Dolph speaks over the top of him.*

    DZ: Exactly! You can't can you? There's no reason why the Kings should earn another chance against us. Is it mine and Jack's fault that UK got involved? Is it the beautiful Vickie's fault? NO! It had nothing to do with us... so why are we about to be punished and force to defend our titles again... we have beaten everyone there is to beat?

    *Dolph at this point looks visibly pissed as Swagger nods his head in agreement and Vickie begins to rub the shoulders of Dolph trying to calm him down.*

    If it's anyone's fault... it's theirs! *Dolph points to the Kings as they stare right at him.* They run around here... calling themselves the best and it's all lies by the way. But when you go around calling yourself the best... you are going to get challenged and if you can’t back it up... then you deserve what you get. We have backed up everything we have said... each week we are the show... these guys, they got challenged by UK and could not back it up... they are to blame for their own downfall and why the match was ruined.. So forget about any rematch Teddy, They wasted there chance and we are moving on!

    *Ziggler, after being fired up, gets pushed back by Swagger so as not to make a mistake he would regret. He goes over to Vickie who tries to calm him down.*

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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