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    Raw Is War: Episode 8
    Location: Rome, Italy

    *The fireworks blast of around the arena as the crowd erupt into a frenzy ready for the start of Raw Is War*

    JR: WWE Universe we are coming at you live from the beautiful city of Rome! We are at our last stop of the European tour and we have so much in store for you!

    King: That’s right Ross! For any of you that missed the announcement on WWE.Com all of the entrants in the upcoming Elimination Chamber match will have one final chance tonight too speak there minds and talk about there opponents, It’s the last chance try and faze you’re opponents or perhaps get in side there heads!

    JR: I can’t wait too hear what they say King.. And I just can’t wait too see that match unfold! that’s not all though.. Folks we have been forbidden too say anything about what happened at the end of Raw and talk about the situation that unfolded but we can say this.. Triple H is ready too respond and will do so tonight!

    King: Good that Anderson has taking it too far! I hope Triple H Bea-

    JR: We were told not too talk about it King.. This is not a wrestling matter and there fore WWE do not want us too talk about the situation!

    King: Okay, fine! Well one thing we can say is that Triple H will also be in action tonight against the awesome one! The Miz!!

    JR: Should be a great match.. Will Triple H be in the right mind set though? We will soon find out… We also have a main event of Dolph Ziggler vs. JBL in what could be JBL’s last time on Raw!

    King: I tried speaking with him earlier Ross! He’s really leaving.. He’s going too leave with the title!

    *Before JR can reply Chris Jericho’s music can be heard as the crowd boo the arrogant Jericho*

    *Jericho swaggers down to the ring wearing one of his custom tailored 3 piece suits. He makes no gestures to the fans as he walks down the ramp despite them booing him profoundly. He enters the ring, swipes a mic from the ring announcer's hand, and settles himself in the middle of the ring.
    After taking a few seconds to look around the arena, and after the music stops, he begins to speak*

    Jericho: Ever since I made my return to the WWE at the Royal Rumble, all I've seen is people whining. People complaining. People groveling and begging as they try and crawl their way towards Wrestlemania. Well allow me to remind you that I managed to book my ticket to Wrestlemania on my first night back. And now..... I'M GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!!

    *Jericho brandishes his shit eating grin as the crowd continue to boo him*

    Jericho: And speaking of people complaining, whining, begging, there's none doing this more-so than "The Phenom", The Undertaker.

    *Jericho makes a faux scared face as the crowd pop for the name drop of one of their favorites*

    Jericho: The Undertaker wants to challenge for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania since he says it's the only thing he can go for at Wrestlemania. He says that he can't challenge his own streak, and so he wants to go after the championship.
    Well let me tell you Undertaker, perhaps you should challenge your own streak. Perhaps you should just go out there to the ring at Wrestlemania and just say to all these people, that the streak is over. There is no more Undertaker. You can end the streak by simply walking away.

    *the crowd boo*

    Jericho: But of course, we all know you won't do that. No. Because you can't bear the thought of not being in the main event on the grandest stage of them all. You can't bear the thought of giving up that spotlight for someone else. You just can't let go.

    *the crowd start an "UNDERTAKER!" cant*

    Jericho: And of course all of you hypocrites fail to see that. All of you parasites enjoy seeing "The Deadman" still hanging on to the spotlight don't you!! You don't want him to step aside, you all can't bear the thought of not seeing The Undertaker in the main event of Wrestlemania.
    Well let me tell you, that's exactly what's going to happen. Because I will be doing The Undertaker a favor when I beat him at the Elimination Chamber. You honestly think that I would be stupid enough to put my Wrestlemania main event spot on the line if I didn't know for a fact that I was going to beat The Undertaker? Do you?!
    When I beat him, maybe that'll be the reality check he has been in desperate need for. I will open his eyes, I will open your eyes to the fact that The Undertaker has had his time, and is not the force he used to be. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?!

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: And once I do that, I will continue on my gold brick road to Wrestlemania where I will capture the gold. No matter who emerges victorious from the Elimination Chamber, I will beat them. I will beat The Ultimate Warrior, I will beat JBL, I will beat Edge, I will beat CM Punk, I will beat Brock Lesnar and I will beat Dolph Ziggler. None of them are on my level. I am the best in the world at what I do, and come Wrestlemania, I will have my hand raised after I become the new WWE Champion.

    *The crowd continue too boo Chris Jericho as his makes his back too the back with a cocky smirk across his face*

    King: I love Jericho! When he speaks.. Everyone listens and I really believe it’s not going too matter who wins the Chamber because Chris Jericho will win the WWE title at Wrestlemania!

    JR: I don’t share your confidence King! Jericho has a match against Taker too think of first.. Maybe he should be focusing on that a little more then his Wrestlemania match!

    King: He is focusing on that.. Didn’t you here him! Plus who are you too tell Jericho what too do? How many WWE titles have you won?

    JR: The same amount as you have I believe!

    *King stares at JR with an angry expression but before he can say something Eugene’s music can be heard and the crowd respond with a big pop*

    *Eugene begins too happily make his way down too the ring while the crowd chant his name*

    King: So we have Jericho come out.. And then follow it up with this clown?. Seriously.. What is he doing out here?!

    JR: He’s facing Regal tonight! Regal challenged Eugene too a match last week and Eugene accepted.. The match was made and here we are!

    King: I hope Regal teaches this joke a lesson!

    *Regal makes his way from behind the curtain and slowly down the ramp with the crowd booing! Eugene however is cheering and clapping the man he calls friend*

    King: Is that idiot actually clapping his opponent?

    JR: He considers Regal a friend King.

    King: didn’t he get the hint a couple of weeks ago?! When Regal gave him a cheap shot after there match!

    *Both men are standing in the ring, Eugene is still clapping Regal while Regal shakes his head in embarrassment as the ref calls for the bell*

    Regal vs. Eugene(Goldust)

    Start at 2:11 stop at 4:24

    JR: Regal has been brutal in this match! I think Eugene could be hurt here!

    King: Finish him Regal! Finish him!

    *Eugene is getting patched up by a member of the medical team as Regal taunts in the ring as the crowd boo.. Regal then proceeds too continue attacking Eugene stomping and Kicking him as the ref try’s too pull Regal off him.*

    JR: Come on Regal! Eugene is hurt.. Give the guy a break!

    *Regal heads back into the corner and again taunts the crowd, Eugene is given the all clear and try’s too get back too his feet when Regal charges at him delivering a huge knee too the temple knocking Eugene out of the ring and out cold*

    King: *Regal laughs* Take that!

    JR: Eugene is out! Eugene is out cold!

    *The referee calls for the bell and the match is over as the medical team rush down too help Eugene, Regal leaves the ring with an arrogant smile on his face as the crowd begin too boo and the camera goes backstage where John Cena is shown in his locker room*

    Cena: STFU Bryan, STFU
    I'm certain you'll tap out, like cows they go moo

    I'm Raw's best superstar, I can't be beaten by a horse
    I love the WWE to much, so from my wife I need a divorce

    At Elimination Chamber, you will be beat
    You can't win Danielson, as I am a love cheat

    I'll shoulder your midsection, I'll headbutt your chest
    YES! YES! YES! Brother, I AM the best

    I'll beat you at the chamber, and every match after
    If you act like you can beat me, then you deserve a BAFTA

    You cannot win broski, and at Elimination Chamber I'll prove it
    Not only will your head be red, but your trunks will be full of...
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    *The camera comes back too ringside where Barry Horowitz is already waiting in the ring for the next match…When*


    *The crowd erupt with cheers and chants for the home town hero Santino Marella! Santino stands at the top of the stage wearing an Italian football shirt with Balotelli on the back with a mic in hand, ready too speak*

    Santino: Ragazzi, mi dispiace, ma devo parlare in inglese a causa dei Micci nella parte posteriore!

    *This gets a big laugh from his home town people, as he blows kisses.*

    Santino: Grazii! Mwah Mwah! I have beenah looking foward towards this moments for quite some time. I am back in Italia, and this week, I watch my Italiano hero, Super Mario.....

    *The crowd chants Balotelli!*

    Santino: Knock out those little bunch of Hornswoggles, Irlanda! And we will see them beat the hooligannssss Engerland, on Saturday! ITALIA ITALIA!

    *The crowd join in and chant along with him.*

    Santino: Grazi mucho! Anyways, what I really cames to talk about was wrestling. Tonight Santino makes his grand return to Italy, his grand return to winning ways, against Barry Horowitz. Heh, thats funny, I wonder if he'll sign my Alex Rider bookah I was reading on the plane overss!

    King: First a Eugene match.. Now a Santino match, what a joke!

    JR: Santino has returned home King! How can you not be happy for him! Just listen too this crowd’s appreciation for him!

    *Both men are standing in the ring with the crowd firmly behind Santino, The ref rings for the ball and the match is away.*

    Santino vs. Horowitz(Miz)

    Start at 1:10 Stop at 5:43

    JR: Santino looking for the Cobra! Cobra! Cobra! He got him!

    King: No! No! Kick out!




    JR: Santino wins! Santino wins!

    King: Just listen too these fans! They love him! Why though is the question.. He’s an idiot!

    *The crowd again erupt with a huge pop for Santino as he begins too make his way up the ramp and head to the back when Barry Horowitz grabs a mic and begins too speak*

    **Extremly out of Breath**

    Horowitz: ...Hhhold on, *can't breath* ..hholdd Onn... *catching breath*..Wait! *hands on his knees*..okay, okay ..I Didn't Lose, Alright I Didn't Lose this Match..The Ref ..its the Ref...The Referee made a mistake.
    This all Bufoonery, Pure Foolery.. SanTino Got LUCKY!.. How Can I Be Placed in a Match With Somebody that has Good Luck. This isn't Fair, Santino has Luck on his Side and With The Ref making Blunt Forced Mistakes of Course Things won't go my way.
    And These People All Seen The Chain of Events unfold *booooo*

    Don't Boo Me , You Don't Got Love For Wrestling, If you do then you would know to Looove Barry Horowitz. I'm a Great Man that happens to Wretle even Greater *Heavy Boo's* ..You Don't have to Boo Me.

    Santino , Santino This is your Fault ...I Want a Rematch to Prove I Can Beat you Fair and Square. No Circles involved, No Coming Back to This...I Want a Rematch, Get me a Rematch, Give me a Rematch, Where is my Rematch, Can I have my Rematch..Let me have my Rematch..I'm Going to WIN MY REEEEMMAAATTTCCCHHHH!

    I'm Barry Horowitz, And I'm Going All The waaayyy..*places mic on the floor*

    *The camera then heads too the back where Matt Striker is waiting alongside Brock Lesnar*

    ::Matt Striker::

    “Ladies and gentlemen, in just six days, the WWE will present the Elimination Chamber PPV, where, in the main event, we will see six of professional wrestling’s top athletes, compete inside the hellacious structure known as the Elimination Chamber. The winner will receive the richest prize in our industry, the WWE Championship, and will face the Royal Rumble winner, Chris Jericho, in the main event at Wrestlemania. Joining me now is one of the contestants in the Elimination Chamber, Brock Lesnar, alongside his legal advisor, friend, mentor, lawyer and spokesperson, Paul Heyman.”

    Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman show up with rather disgruntled and unappeased looks on their faces. Striker interprets the faces as a warning not to screw up lest there be dire consequences.

    ::Matt Striker::

    “Now, Lesnar, going into the Elimination Chamber, do you harbor any feelings of trepidation? In other words, do…”

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “I know what the damn word means, Striker. Don’t treat me like I don’t know anything.”

    :Matt Striker::

    “I wasn’t implying that you didn’t know the word, Lesnar. It’s just that…”

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “And what’s with that informal crap you’re pulling? You think that you have the right to address me by my last name only. From now on, you better address me as, MR. Brock Lesnar. Got it? Unless you want that microphone of yours shoved up where the sun doesn’t shine.”

    ::Matt Striker::

    “Understood. Anways, Les…Mr. Brock Lesnar, do you feel any sort of doubt heading into the Elimination Chamber since this will be your first time competing in this sort of match? If I may also ask, how do you feel you stack up against the competition? And on top of that, you say you want to garner the respect that you claim that you deserved in your previous tenure in the WWE but many people backstage, with the likes of John Morrison, R-Truth, Chris Jericho, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler have all had backstage altercations with you and they seem like they have absolutely no respect for you whatsoever. Even WWE’s most recent acquisition, who chooses to remain anonymous, has exchanged heated words with both you and Paul Heyman. Do you still believe you’ll gain respect after all of that? And just one more question, many say that despite your words of confidence, you’ll surely lose the match because you were no able to beat John Morrison last week.”

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    “Well, first things first, I’m a man on a mission, Matt. I’m going to make right out of all the wrong doings I endured my first time here. Now, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people are just pissed because they don’t like the fact that the butt of all of their bull sessions and corporate quips is out to redeem himself. I may have achieved a lot in the WWE but I would have had more if the Board of Directors didn’t take advantage of me and if I wasn’t held back. Plus, with the way I was being underpaid, by those jackals in suits, how was I supposed to make a living? I had a wife to take care of and the way the used me was almost…no…was, indeed, a crime. But the idea of those bastards getting away with what they did haunted me. It was like a nightmare that wouldn’t leave me alone or a jealous ex who couldn’t get the hint that you didn’t want anything to do with them anymore blowing up your mailbox with threatening messages. That’s when I knew that I had to come back and prove everyone wrong. So yeah, people aren’t going to like me at first. So what? That doesn't concern me in the least. I just want the lasting image of me, Brock Lesnar, to be one as the greatest WWE competitor of all time and like it or not, I’ll get the respect that someone like me deserves. So, if Punk and Ziggler or Jericho and Morrison want to band together and talk down to me, then so be it. They won’t be laughing when I become the WWE Champion after I kick ass in the Elimination Chamber just like I said I would do when I came back. So, to answer your question, hell no. I don’t have any fear or doubt or trepidation, as you like to call it, heading into this match. I haven’t been more comfortable with anything in my entire life.”

    And then we got John Bradshaw Layfield. I’ll give the man credit where credit is due. He went from rags to riches and he became a success. But a success in the ring? Eh…no. See, the only reason JBL was the longest reigning WWE Champion in Smackdown history was because I wasn’t around when he won it. And I would have taken it from him the second he won it. But that’s not the real reason I don’t fear him. That reason is what happened at the 25th Anniversary of Wrestlemania. JBL was defeated by that pipsqueak, Rey Msyterio, in 21 seconds while he was defending his Intercontinental title against him. I only have one word for that: pitiful. Absolutely pitiful. I never lost to Mysterio back in the day. That guys was a pushover at best and he loses to him in 21 seconds in perhaps the most embarrassing moment in wrestling history. Not even your shameful WWE career could top that failure, Striker, but I digress. The point is, that was when JBL was one top of his game. Now, he’s surely lost his edge. He’s nothing but a shell of a once great man, a once great champion. Now? He’s going to go down just like the rest of him and he better take this time now and invest in a motor powered wheelchair because that is exactly what that old man’s gonna be driving around in after I get through with him. Not his fancy limo but a wheelchair.

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    And let’s not forget, Edge. The Rated R Superstar. But let’s face it. The only thing gruesome about him is how fragile he is and easy it is to break him. That guy had to retire because he broke his neck. And now you expect me to believe that he’s actually going to be a threat to me? Or to anyone for that matter? Give me a break. The minute I see that guy in the chamber, his neck is going to be the very first thing I target and I may break it again…just for fun and then he and JBL will have to take turns with that motorized wheelchair because believe me, after I get through with Edge, he’ll never walk again.

    You’ll appreciate this one, Matt. This so called “Straight Edge Savior” CM Punk, is nothing but a blowhard; an irrelevant, whiny, self-absorbed sycophant who just can’t wait to stand behind his metaphorical pulpit to preach all of that “straight edge” garbage of his. No drugs? No drinking? No smoking? The hell is wrong with that guy? I mean, is he so frail that he can’t even enjoy the best things life has to offer? Seriously, if he can’t invest his time into doing something of worth and enlightenment, then he has no place as WWE Champion so long as I’m around. But, I do have to admit, that did leave me curious as to just what a straight edge person can’t indulge himself into. And you know what I found out, Matt? The guy can’t do drugs…OF ANY KIND. That means antibiotics and painkillers. Do you know what that means? That means that after I’m done slapping the taste out of his mouth and breaking his arms with the kimura lock, he’ll be backstage writhing in pain form the beating I give him, the medics will offer him painkillers to ease the pain and not only will he want the painkillers…he’ll be BEGGING for them! He won’t be able to go on without them and once he takes them, I’ll have broken this so called prophet and all of his morals and all of his preaching won’t mean a damn thing because I tested him by fire and failed to pull through and stand against the objects of his chastisement.

    Which brings me to the last of my opponents. We have none other than The Ultimate Warrior, perhaps the most overhyped, overrated and over-the-hill wrestler in the WWE. How this guy even passed a physical to get himself back into this place, I’ll never know. Either his championship win was a course of affirmative action for the elderly or just about each and every single one here, who were there at the time of his win, absolutely suck. BIG TIME. The guy’s what? 60 years old? How the hell could someone so out of shape, so out of touch with the times, be WWE Champion? I don’t know and I don’t care. This guy thinks he can start talking trash about me like he actually means anything? As if he’s not a worthless coot on a 5 Hour Energy rush? He’s going to have to change his tune real quick, along with his tights, after he sees what I’m capable of. Unless we both start the match, I’m not going after him first. No, that’d be too easy. I want to show him what’s in store for him while I’m tearing a new one into the other four. I want him to hear the screams of terror, witness the bloodbath, relish the carnage that awaits those morons and come to the realization that that’s only going to be a taste, a sample of what’s going to be in store for him. And if by some miracle, he’s able to stand on both of his feet, I’ll send him packing to the AARP and he won’t be getting there via his “space ship”. He’ll be getting there with my foot up his ass! And one it’s all done, once it all comes to an end, you will all have no choice but to respect me, to respect the legend, the nightmare, the terror, the perfect specimen, the god that is Brock Lesnar! HERE COMES THE PAIN, BITCHES!! See you in the chamber!”

    After his tirade, despite Lesnar’s chest heaving, the sick and twisted smile etched on the canvas of his face is the last image the WWE Universe is forced to look upon to before the scene fades into another…less disturbing one.

    *The camera once again cuts back too ringside where Bobby Roode and James Storm are waiting in the ring too start there match*

    JR: Wow! Brock mean's business King!

    King: He sure does! He seems more focused then ever and with his strength and power can anybody stop him?!

    JR: Well we will have too wait and find out, but up next.. Bobby Roode vs James Storm and for those of you who are not sure this is a rivalry that started in another company and has extended over here.. once partners are now bitter rivals!

    Stop at 6:16

    King: Roode has got this all covered, Storm is down and out

    JR: We'll se King, James Storm isn't that stupid either

    King: He does look like it though HAHAHAHAHHA

    JR: Well Roode is now setting up Storm so he can hit his vicious spear on him

    King: No Storm countered it NOOO





    King: He did it JR how did he do it?

    JR: James Storm gets to choose the match stipulation King, if Roode gets locked up in a steel cage or somewhere where he can't run then this will be great

    Storm: Bobby,I've thought about this for a long while now, you know how you say it's not cheating if the ref doesn't see it? Or that you always escape with the win?, well now you play by my rules because this Sunday at Elimination Chamber we're going to be locked up in a steel cage. No escape and no climbing out. I want a clean match so you can't escape from the cage door or climb out because if you do your victory will not count, you hear me Bobby? there's no escape this time. See you at Elimination Chamber

    *Both men make there way too the back with the crowd chanting for James Storm as the Titantron shows the Ultimate Warrior backstage*

    *Warrior is seen in his locker room- he is silent and seems to be in a daze. Coach walks in, wearing John Cena merch, and sees what look like a vibrator *

    Coach: Say, Warrior, what is this?

    Warrior: *snaps out of his daze * Oh, that is my teeth cleaner, an electric one

    Coach: Really? Mind if I use it? I lost all my luggage at the airport. I had to buy these Cena clothes and had no time to buy a tooth brush.

    Warrior: Sure and here is Warrior Toothpaste *Warrior hands Coach a cup full of white substance *

    Coach: Thanks Warrior

    Warrior: I guess you are back here to ask me a question?

    Coach: Yep, but let me brush my teeth first

    *Coach dips the vibrator in the semen, I mean the electric teeth cleaner in Warrior toothpaste and brushes his teeth with it for a good minute *

    Coach: Again, thank you Warrior.

    Warrior: Was my pleasure

    Coach: Ok, now I would like to ask you about your opponents in the Elimination chamber and really what your thoughts on the match are

    Warrior: Brock- the one, the steroid abusing one, well he is delusional. The drugs have done something to his brain. He is not living in the real world. Ziggler had his chance and with that chance he should have lost another chance at having a chance. But somehow he got this chance and I will make sure it is his last chance at having a chance.

    Coach: You kind of lost me there

    Warrior: Shall I repeat myself?

    Coach: No, wait I got it. What about the rest of the guys?

    Warrior: What guys?

    Coach: urm, the guys in the chamber

    Warrior: How do you know about the humanoids I have in my chamber on my spaceship?

    Coach: No, wait what?

    Warrior: Nothing. Are you talking about the mortals in the match with me?

    Coach: Yeah

    Warrior: Brock- the one, the steroid abusing one, well he is delusional. The drugs have done something to his brain. He is not living in the real world. Ziggler had his chance and with that chance he should have lost another chance at having a chance. But somehow he got this chance and I will make sure it is his last chance at having a chance.

    Coach: You already told me that

    Warrior: I did not

    Coach: Yes, well, ok you did not

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    Warrior: Punk- the pure one, the one that is unlike Brock in that he has a pure body that I shall examine while during the match. I shall probe him I shall stick him, I shall take samples of his fluids.

    Coach: And just how, wait, I do not want to know

    Warrior: The God, JBL- he has more powers than the other mortals in the match and he shall probably use his Godlike powers- yet those powers are unlike Warriors powers. Warrior powers over power all. In fact- in the Chamber match- it shall protect me.

    Coach: Anything else you want to say?

    Warrior: No, I must get back into my trance as I was talking to the Warrior Gods when you came in

    Coach: Yeah, sorry about that. Say can I borrow your tooth cleaner for tonight

    Warrior: Yes, let me use it before my match tonight and you shall come to me after thje show and the device shall be yours.

    Coach: Cool beans man, I mean Warrior.

    *Coach leaves the locker room and Warrior closes the door. After a few seconds a buzzing sound comes from behind the door followed by a loud growl*

    King: That's the same tooth brush that Chyna used too have!

    JR: I don't think that was... Nevermind.

    King: What?. Go on say.. What?.

    JR: I think it's best we move on.. Another, Ermm.. Unique interview by the WWE Champion folks!

    HHH (9).jpg

    *The crowd erupt with a huge pop for the intercontinental champion! He makes his way down the ramp while the crowd cheer his name with a look of anger across his face!*

    JR: Triple H looks pissed King! I think we about too here is response to the situation that’s been going on recently!

    King: You mean the MR. Anderson thing?.

    JR: Why are you not getting that we are not even meant too mentioning his name un-till we here Triple H’s and the Mcmahons official response!

    *Triple H enters the ring and begins too speak*

    HHH: I was told too come out here and respond too the “situation” that has been going on the last couple of weeks and more importantly what happened after last week’s Raw.. I was told too respond in the correct way, in the way the layers and the suits told me too respond! Do you know what I say? SCREW THAT!

    *Crowd pop and chant Triple H*

    HHH: Anderson! Kennedy! Ken or what ever you are calling yourself you wanted my attention? Well you got it!

    *crowd pop again*

    HHH: I promise you.. If you do anything too my wife, if you hurt her in any way.. I promise you Anderson, I promise you I will hurt you.. I will hurt you so bad you are going too wish you never came back here!

    *Crowd again pop, Triple H’s anger has turned into one of sadness*

    HHH: Anderson! I’m asking you man to man.. Give me my wife Stephanie back, We can sort this out.. We can work something out, please! Just give her back too me and we can sit down stop all these lawsuits and go from there! I’m asking you nicely.. Don’t make me-

    *Before Triple H can finish speaking the Miz’s theme music plays out around the arena*
    *The crowd instantly boo the Awesome one as he makes his way from behind the curtain and heads too the ring, with a cocky smirk the Miz enters the ring proud and happy that he’s stopped Triple H’s promo*

    JR: I feel for Triple H! I can’t imagine what him and his family must be going through right now.. And worst of all, he has too wrestle the Miz right now!

    King: That lunatic Ken Anderson is going too get what he deserves eventually! Unlucky for Triple H he is going too suffer defeat tonight first!

    JR: I would never write of the Game, But I agree with everything that’s going on.. You wouldn’t blame Triple H if his focus was not entirely on his match tonight.
    Start at 3:14 stop at 6:26

    JR: Triple H looking for the Pedigree here!

    King: Miz reverses with a boot too the stomach.. He’s looking for the Skull Crushing Finale!

    JR: It’s locked in!

    King: There it is.. The Skull Crushing Finale!

    JR: Miz going for the pin! It could be all over for the Game!




    King: Miz wins! Miz wins! The Awesome one wins and that’s why he should be the Intercontinental Champion!

    *Triple H leave the ring right away with a look of horror on his face, disappointed with the lose.. Miz calls for a mic though and begins too speak!*

    Miz: Our own Intercontinental champion can't even win a regular match on Monday Night Raw? Come on, this man does not deserve to be champion. I deserve to have that title! I deserve to be Intercontinental champion! Triple H, you can't even light a candle to me, as I just proved by defeating you moments ago.

    Hunter, your times are up. You're a washed up has been who's just trying to keep up with today's superstars. You see Hunter, that's just not going to happen. You can't keep up with the current new breed of superstars in today's wrestling. This isn't the 90s anymore Hunter, you just don't fit in anymore.

    I know, it must be hard to admit, but your days are numbered. You're not the same Triple H you used to be, you are just a washed up piece of garbage who can't compete for shit anymore! You need to hang up your boots while you still can. Because if you continue wrestling, I will end your career.


    King: HE IS AWESOME!! He should be the Intercontinental Champion Ross!

    JR: I think you are getting carried away King.. Triple H lost and Miz won.. well done Miz, But it's clear Triple H has other things on his mind.

    King: Excuses! Excuses!

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    *The fans go nuts as Edge comes flying through the smoke fully clothed this time. He walks across to the side of the
    stage and begins to get himself pumped up. He does the same to the opposite side of the stage before walking back to the centre of the stage and surveying the scene. He takes in a deep breath and takes a few steps forwards. He stops and points to the sky as the pyro blasts out behind him. He runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.*

    Lilian Garcia: Ladies & Gentlemen, please welcome at this time, one of the men to enter the Elimination Chamber this Sunday, the Rated-R Superstar! EDGEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    *The fans pop loudly as Lilian passes the mic to Edge and exits the ring. He smiles as the fans chant ‘Edge’ ‘Edge’ ‘Edge’ over and over again. As they begin to settle down, he brings the mic to his lips.*

    Edge: Just six days. That’s all that remains between me and a third victory inside the Elimination Chamber. Six days is all that remains between me and one of the most hellacious matches in WWE history. And I can’t wait!

    *The fans pop.*

    Edge: Let me tell you why I can’t wait. First of all, when I win and leave the Chamber victorious, I’m going to become a twelve time World Champion. Secondly, and this is more important, I get to get my hands on each and every single man in that match. Right now, I’m going to address each and every one of them.

    First of all, the WWE Champion, Ultimate Warrior.

    *The fans pop loudly for the Champ.*

    Edge: It was honour sitting in the front row of the Toronto Skydome- watching you defeat Hulk Hogan and win the WWE Championship in front of sixty seven thousand people at Wrestlemania VI. That night made me one hundred percent certain that I was going to be a professional wrestler. And to see you at the top again has been nothing short of brilliant.

    But, and there’s always a but, you’re the WWE Champion. And do you act like a champion? No. You had a live sex celebration- stolen from me I might add- alone, then proceeded to drink your own sperm. What the hell? Don’t get me wrong, you’re a great competitor, and your ability in-ring proves you deserve that spot, but you don’t act like a champion, and that belt deserves better.

    When I defeat you this Sunday, I’m going to show you what a champion should act like.

    *There is a mixed reaction as the Warrior’s fans boo but Edge’s fans cheer.*

    Edge: Moving on to the man Warrior beat to win the WWE Championship, Dolph Ziggler. Now you see, I’ve actually been in the ring a few times with Dolph, and sure, he’s a good competitor, but let me just remind you Dolph, how long your last World Championship reign was- about five minutes. There were people in the back that fell asleep and missed the damn thing!

    Who beat you that night to win the World Heavyweight Championship? Me. I won my eleventh World Champion by pinning you, and I have no queries winning my twelfth by the same method. You call yourself the Show-Off? Well allow me to show you what the phrase Rated R means, when I Spear the hell out of you this Sunday at Elimination Chamber.

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Edge: Who next? Brock Lesnar? Yeah. Let’s go for Brock Lesnar. You see Brock, there is no denying just how good you are. You’ve won World Championships at college and professional wrestling levels. You won the UFC Heavyweight Championship. You can kick people’s asses better than most guys in the back. The only problem with you Brock, is that you’re a complete jackass.

    *The fans pop loudly.*

    Edge: You call yourself the Next Big Thing- you have Paul Heyman running around with you like your owner, and you’re the dog. Well the thing is, your bark is worse than your bite. And this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, you’re going to be stepping into the unknown. Experience will play a big key, but so will luck. You see, for the short period of time you were last in the WWE, the two nights the Elimination Chamber was used- Survivor Series 2002 and Summerslam 2003- you were involved in WWE Championship matches, not inside the Chamber granted, but WWE Championship matches all the same. And you lost both. This Elimination Chamber is bad luck for you Brock, and this Sunday, I’m going to prove it.

    *The fans pop loudly again.*

    Edge: Fourth, the man who claims he is leaving the WWE at Elimination Chamber- JBL. This man claims he’s going to leave this Sunday with the WWE Championship. This man is full of one thing- bullshit. You’re a man with a big mouth JBL, and nobody gives a damn what you have to say. You think you’re going to walk out of this Sunday with the WWE Championship and leave the WWE. First of all, the good news for everybody is that you will leave the WWE this Sunday. But will you leave with the WWE Championship? I’m going to be the first to say, hell no.

    You see, you and I, as far as our careers go- are very similar. We began as tag team wrestlers, you with The Acolytes, me as half of the greatest tag team in history, Edge and Christian. But one night personifies our careers for what they truly became. That night, is Wrestlemania 21. In one night, you lost your spot on top of Smackdown, and I won the item that lead to my spot on top of Raw. In one night, you lost the WWE Championship- ultimately leading to the end of your career- for you would never hold the title again, and I won the Money in the Bank briefcase. That night, my career started.

    This Sunday, JBL, that night’s fortunes will come forth once again.

    *The fans pop loudly as Edge smiles.*

    Edge: And finally...CM Punk.

    *The fans boo loudly.*

    Edge: Punk has been taking personal shots against me for weeks, but that’s fine. You see Punk, I’m so transfixed into your mind that you’ve lost focus. You’re no longer hungry enough- you’re not as hungry as I am. This Sunday, I will eliminate you on my way to winning the match and the WWE Championship. And the reason is because you’ve taken your eye off the ball.

    Last week, you busted me wide open by slamming my face into the titantron, but I’m not out here to complain. You think hardcore scares me? You think extreme rules intimidates me? No way Punk, I thrive in that environment. I’m one of the six men who made the TLC match what it truly is- the most hardcore match of all time.

    *The fans pop for the TLC match.*

    Edge: I’m the man who Speared Mick Foley through a FLAMING TABLE at Wrestlemania 22! What were you doing that night Punk? You were part of John Cena’s mafia entrance. You’ve made yourself into a name now, congratulations, but when you’re in that Chamber- I’m going to be the one that introduces you to the true hardcore wrestling.

    I will be the man that beats you Punk. I beat you at the Rumble. I’m going to beat you at Elimination Chamber. This isn’t speculation, this is clear truth. Punk, you can continue to take personal shots at me, but I’m gonna keep this strictly business, and Sunday, inside that Elimination Chamber, I’m going to handle my business by becoming the WWE Champion!

    *The fans go insane as Edge throws the mic to the floor. He jumps onto one of the turnbuckles while the fans are still going crazy, and motions for the WWE Championship around his waist. He drops down off the turnbuckle and climbs out of the ring. He heads away up the ramp as his music continues to blast through the speakers.*

    JR: Ladies and Gentleman! the Rated R superstar and you can feel confidence this man has oozing out too these fans, He really feels that now he has defied all the odds and returned too in-ring action that he will once again become.. WWE Champion!King: No chance! Edge has had his time Ross! He should have stayed retired!

    JR: Well here we go folks! It’s time for our main event and what match it’s going too be, JBL vs. Dolph Ziggler!

    King: That’s right Ross! This all come about when Ziggler cost JBL his match last week and now these two men have been put in a match with Elimination Chamber right around the corner… how is that fair?.

    JR: While I agree it’s not fair these two have too fight tonight and the rest don’t.. I personally don’t believe JBL’s plans off leaving with the title are fair, also Dolph says he outperforms everyone week in.. week out so he must be happy too be in action tonight!

    King: It’s not fair and you know it.. It’s a joke that these two great performers have too wrestle tonight while the rest can sit back and watch!


    *Ziggler swaggers from behind the curtain with a mic in hand.. With no Vickie Guerrero beside him he ask’s for audio too cut his music and begins too speak*
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    DZ: So everyone else has had there say… Brock’s going too win it, Punk is going too win it, Edge and JBL are going too win it and Warrior is going too retain it? *Ziggler laughs* None of them things are going too happen, I will admit that I should be the WWE Champion already.. I should have beating that juiced up, washed up Ultimate idiot! I know I failed the first time.. But this time, this time I will do what I do best and that is outperform everyone of my opponents and claim the title I deserve too win because the era of the showoff is upon us.. But hey, it aint showing off when you are as good as me!

    *Ziggler drops the mic and once again his theme music plays as the showoff makes his way down the ramp and heads too the ring where JBL is waiting!*

    JR: Well Ziggler seems confident King.. What do you think of his chances at the Chamber?.

    King: He’s in with a great chance! Nobody can touch him when it comes too his ring work in my opinion, then again CM Punk is my pic- wait.. JBL is my- I don’t know it’s too close too call.

    JR: Well I’m backing the champ King! You have been quick too right him off but I wouldn’t bet against the Warrior King.

    King: No chance! He was lucky too beat Ziggler at the Rumble! There is no way he’s going too walk out of the Chamber with the title!

    JBL vs. Ziggler (Kofi)

    JR: JBL wins! JBL wins!

    King: JBL is looking great Ross.. He looks fitter and more focused then he ever has before! He’s going too walk out with the WWE title unless the WWE try everything in there power too keep hold of him..

    JR: I’ll admit, JBL is looking good and I think the realism is just setting in that he could very well like you just said walk out of the Chamber as the WWE Champion!

    ***JBL Stands, his arm is raised in the air. He throws the referrees hand of his wrist and poses on his own. He stands around waiting as Josh Matthews comes walking down to the ring and climbs in. A mic in hand, JBL Looks on with an annoyed look on his face. Josh walks in and begins to address JBL***

    Josh: John, I'm sorry to interrupt your post match celebrations but I've been sent out to ask you if you ahve changed your mind about your future here in the WWE?

    ***The crowd boos JBL as he takes the microphone from Josh***

    JBL: You boo me, go on. This is the reason you idiots find yourself in the position of knowing that the greatest wrestler in the history of this business is about to leave. You know, that in the back of your mind, you have nobody to blame but yourselves.

    Come Elimination chamber, I WILL be leaving the WWE. You seem to think this is a joke. You seem to think that I won't leave. But I will. And I will leave with the WWE title once I win the elimination chamber. Either way, you fools get what you want, but I'm making sure that when I go, I won't be forgotten. I will Win, I will leave. You may boo me now, but when all is said and done, you'll miss the greatest wrestler in the history of the WWE. A God will be leaving the WWE and you will have only yourselves to fault. Point the finger, but it's on your head.

    ***JBL is about to leave when he pulls the microphone back up to his mouth.***

    JBL: Actually josh, just one more thing...I am SICK of you asking so many damn questions. But seeing as you are so driven by me, let me give you something to remember me by.

    ***JBL Throws the microphone at Josh who fumbles trying to catch it. In the same motion, JBL has launched himself off the ropes and delivers a thunderous clothesline from hell. Josh matthews folds up like an ocordian as he hits the mat, much to the delight of JBL. The fans are furious, 'You suck' chants are starting, and JBL smiles a sick and twisted grin.***

    ***The Longhorn music blasts out again, JBL poses to an array of boos. He leaves the ring, heading back to his Limousine, he smiles once more, waving to the heckling crowd, and disappears into the back seats of the car as the screen fades off***

    JR: Well folks! That could very well be the last time we ever see JBL on Raw!

    King: I'm gutted Ross, He's leaving.. and he's going too leave by winning the chamber match and walking out with the title!

    JR: Well CM Punk might have something too say about that.. He is the last man too speak ahead of the Elimination Chamber match!

    The camera's cut to the back, where we see Coach standing beside CM Punk. Coach has a mic in hand, as he raises it.

    Coach: Standing beside me is one of the men that will be a participant in the Elimination Chamber match that will decide who main events Wrestlemania as the champion, CM Punk.

    A massive amount of boos can be heard as Punk just grins.

    Coach: Punk, you face 5 other men in the chamber. One of whom is..

    Punk grabs the mic from Coach, before pushing Coach off screen.

    Punk: One of whom one gives a damn. There are 6 men in this match, but only one person matters. That's right. He is the man who is set to enter last in the chamber, he is the man who has the best champ of becoming the WWE Champion, he is the voice for the voiceless, he is the bearer of truth, the straight edge savior you all wish you were, and with my help, will just be like...that is right, yours truly, CM PUNK!

    I want to take a minute, and address each of the competitors in the chamber match. The first being, the most important to me. Adam Copeland..aka Rated R Superstar...aka Edge. Since the Rumble, you've been a thorn in my foot. You've ran your mouth, and for those of you in the WWE Universe watching, let me paraphrase what you've missed from Edge. "I'll spear you..i miss christian...I'm back bitches...I'll spear you....I'm a badass....I'll spear you Punk....I'm the best there is.....Christian is my best friend forever". Edge, your story is always the same, and frankly, I'm bored of hearing it. Are all of you out there tired of hearing it?

    Punk raises the mic smiling, as a you suck punk chant can be heard.

    Punk: See, these fans don't want to listen to you either. That's fine though, because at the chamber, I will do what so many others have wanted to do. I will shut you up once and for all. Now we come to Dolph Ziggler. That's right. The Show Off. The Monday Night Delight. The man who had the chance to finally win the big one at the Royal Rumble, and failed miserably. Talk about a Cinderella story with an unhappy ending. The guy comes to the WWE, is a part of a male cheer squad, and then left, to only come back and be an annoying twat who introduced himself to everyone in the back, and over time..became the man we all know and love to hate today. Ziggles...I was an advocate for you. I pulled for you to go to Smackdown and become the World Heavyweight Champion because you deserved it. Things change with time though Ziggles...and now...well..I could careless if you end up at the bottom of the food chain and get bitten off. The chamber is the devils playground...and well frankly...who better to walk out of the devil's playground with the holy grail, than the savior for the sheeps.

    Now Bradshaw...oh Bradshaw..your taking a page out of my book huh? Thinking that if you win the WWE Championship and high tail it out you'll be able to negotiate a bigger pay grade? Get those extra bonus's you oh so desperately want? Here is the difference between yourself and myself though John. This is my life. This is what I live and breath. When I stepped out into that ring with John Cena at Money In The Bank, it was do or die for me. You on the other hand live and breath money. Hell, I'm pretty sure when you wrestle you have a blue tooth in your ear to make sure you get any late breaking news about stock. You are greedy Bradshaw..and greed...greed can blind your eyes. Do you know what you need John? You need someone to show you the way. You need a savior....I'll be the savior you need John. I will show you the way...the way to the door that is after I become the new WWE CHAMPION!

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    The fans can be heard chanting bullshit, as Punk stares into the camera.

    Punk: Now...Warrior...Jim....The Ultimate Warrior...Betty Sue..whenever the hell your calling yourself this week...I know your listening. Your probably in your locker room, in a meditative state thinking your on the planet Warrior or Jupiter or wherever the hell it is you think you are, pay close attention. You won the big one again at the Rumble...but it's written in the stars. You are destined to lose the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble...and no this isn't the part where Alberto Del Rio comes out with some cheesy line about his destiny bull is just one man speaking the truth. You are washed are done for...and if you don't believe me...well, I will prove it to you at the Elimination Chamber.

    Finally....finally Brock...oh aren't even worth the breath coming out of my I'll keep it short. Go back to UFC, or wherever the hell will take you...because this is my world now...and I'm not going to have a small ball, testosterone shooting, puppet using muscle freak get in my way.

    Punk turns to leave, but then looks back at the camera.

    Punk: Now how is that for some truth for you.

    Punk drops the mic, walking off screen.

    JR: Well folks you have heard what the men in the chamber match think, but please tune in and see what's going too happen.. it really is going too be a hell of match folks!

    King: Ohh I can't wait Ross! anyone of these men.. well apart from Warrior could win!

    JR: That's all from us.. WWE Universe! thank you and goodnight!

    *The copyright logo shows up on the screen and the camera fades to black untill a live feed is shown!*

    * The life feed shows Mr. Anderson in a dark room to not expose where he is.*

    Mr. Anderson: Hunter you finally respond, took you long enough. Now I thought I was an asshole, which I am, but I mean you, you are a jackass. You’re a jackasshole! What did it take for you and Vince to respond to me? Me kidnapping your wife! And I made it clear you get her back if I get my contract and you still haven’t even offered me one. Now you want your wife back? Please Hunter, Linda has a better shot of winning the Connecticut Senate seat than you do getting Steph back. Steph is my key to a contract, and it was very simple I get a contract you get your wife. Now I know you probably worried, “Oh Mr. Anderson’s an asshole what’s he going to do to my wife?” but never fear she is fine.

    *The camera shows Stephanie McMahon tied down to a chair in front of a TV, watching every match Mr. Anderson had in the WWE.*

    Mr. Anderson: See? She’s been watching all of my matches since I began in the WWE, to show her just what you guys missed out on when you fired me. And she is going to continue to watch until you meet my new demands. I realize how valuable Steph is to you and the WWE, so I’ll make my demands very simple. Elimination Chamber, Triple H you and me, one on one for the Intercontinental Championship! You win you get your wife back and I go away and will never come back. But if I win, I get the championship and a contract, if not I walk out of the WWE with your Intercontinental Championship and you will never see me or the title again. You raised the stakes when failing to give me a contract and bringing up these lawsuits, which by the way all have been dropped thanks to Steph here. So now I have raised the stakes to help me on my mission to become the face of this company like I was meant to be. I have a rocket so far up my ass that is going to skyrocket me to the top, you have no idea. Come Elimination Chamber, at the end of our match the ring announcer will be saying, “The winner of this match and brand new WWE Superstar, and NEW Intercontinental Champion, MIIISSSTTTEEERRR AAANNNDDDEEERRRSSSOOONNN… ANDERSON!”

    *The life feed stops and the camera goes dead as the show is finished*

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    How's it goin' everyone? It's that time of the week again!

    Fillers, fillers, FILLERS!

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    Grab yourself a beer and some popcorn cause this next show is gonna be.....


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    If you're too lazy to actually read the next show all the way through, read the following spoilers to find out what happens:

    Nice try, stupid. Read the entire show, you lazy bastards. Trust me, you're gonna love it.


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