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    US Airways Center; Phoenix, Arizona

    *The feed is live and the show is ready.. Thursday Night Nitro! However, there’s a very different feel to the show this week. No pyro, no theme music and the usual commentary team introduction is missing. Instead, the crowd are silent and the lights have been dimmed with only one light beaming and aimed at the middle of the ring..

    The camera does one full sweep of the arena and instantly noticeable is the purple like smoke surrounding the ring. As the camera zooms in on the ring.. The beam gets brighter and it illuminates more of the ring as Dolph Ziggler can now be seen, wearing an all black expensive suit and holding an old looking, brown book in his hand with a somber look on his face. Suddenly, more lights come on and the ring is now completely lit up and the crowd are stunned with what they can now see, with many booing, clearly not happy.

    The camera pans around the ring and to add to Dolph, there is a picture stand that displays the face of the Undertaker and reads..


    1990 - 2013

    Shows over”

    To add to the picture, there are also various decorations, like wreaths and different flowers. Around the ring there are also, various other pictures of the Undertaker, displaying different times in his career. However, the thing that is most noticeable is the casket that is placed dead centre of the ring.

    With the crowd booing and obviously not happy, they voice there opinion before an outbreak of “UNDER-TAKER” Chants ring out around the arena. Dolph waits for the crowd to die down, placing his finger on his own lips, almost as a signal for the crowd to be quiet. The lights around the arena then go out and only the one beam stays on, the beam is focused on the “ShowOff” Dolph who steps forward, opens his book and begins to speak..*

    DZ: Ladies and Gentleman! Members of the WWE Universe it is my deepest regrets that we are here tonight because of the very sad and sudden situation that happened on Nitro last week.

    However tonight is not the night to remember the bad.. And with the sad, unexpected passing of the Undertaker and his illustrious career, tonight we celebrate the great man! Tonight we remember Taker’ for everything he was and everything he has done for this business!

    The Phenom! The Deadman! Big Evil or The American Bad Ass! No matter the name, The Undertaker will always be known and will go down in history as one of the best.. Perhaps the’ best of all time! Multiple title reigns, such things as.. Six time WWE tag team champion! Three time World Heavyweight Champion and four time, WWE champion! Impressive, so very impressive! Do you know what’s more impressive though? The man was synonymous with Wrestlemania! Some will say his career was defined by his Mania’ moments and more importantly his streak.

    The Undertaker was 21-0 on the biggest stage in wrestling.. I’m trying to get my head around that, that is unbelievable!

    *The crowd are taking back and shocked by the kind words. They begin to cheer and chant as Takers name rings around the arena.*

    DZ: With all that said.. Something even more impressive, something even more special would need to happen, to stop such a great man and just like the old saying.. “All things come to an end” And the saying was no more true then it was last week when a man by the name of Dolph Ziggler, took on the immortal, the feared and always intriguing Undertaker and WON!

    *The crowd quickly go sour and heavy boos are now aimed in the direction of Dolph. The ShowOff closes the brown book and throws is over his shoulder.*

    DZ: Oh come on?! Why so negative?! We are celebrating the Undertaker and you guys are booing? Where’s the respect?! I know he was overrated and I know he was all smoke and mirrors but come on, this guy give you years of service and you boo?!

    *The crowd are furious as Dolph is now twisting their actions and using them again them.*

    DZ: For those of you that noticed the worst reign in history, Undertaker was carrying the Intercontinental title before his sudden departure at the hands of the ShowOff and as the last official challenger, as a man who’s giving up his night to celebrate the career of Taker as a man.. Who was considered a friend, I’m asking all you to accept me as the Nitro GM announces me as the new.. Improved, Intercontinental Champion! What do you guys think?! I’m sure it’s what Taker would have wanted!

    *Crowd continue heavily booing as they begin to chant.. “NO! NO! NO!” over and over.*

    DZ: I mean it’s deserved right?! I was the rightful challenger! I am the hottest and brightest thing in wrestling right now and most importantly.. I’m so good I ended the streak and it’s not even Wrestlemania season!!

    *Dolph smiles and laughs to himself as his last comment, however the crowd don’t see the funny side and continue booing.*

    DZ: Ladies and Gentleman! I am going to finish up with a few last choice words. When the Undertaker put his disgusting, dinosaur wrinkly old hands around my throat.. He made me an enemy, he chose to make this hard, he picked the long road and guess what? He Didn’t have the stamina for the journey, when I told you all.. I told you the era of the ShowOff was coming and it’s not just a gimmick, it’s the truth and when I personally ended the career of the Undertaker, last week.. I did so to send the whole “Universe” a message that it’s my time now! Gone have the days where good old Doph comes out, has a great match and moves on! Oh no! Things are changing and it’s going to benefit me, from now on!

    IT’S MY TIME! You take that in and you all believe it.. You guys in the crowd, the guys and gals in the back, to the people at the head office, It’s my time and I’m not letting anyone get in my way..

    Undertaker, You had something I wanted and so I’m going to steal it.. Just like I steal the show, each and every week. Shane, I’m asking you to come down here and do the right thing, do what Undertaker would have wanted and that’s give me the title I have earned.

    Undertaker! For all that you have done, for being that stepping stone for the greatest in-ring talent there has ever been in me.. I thank you! However, It’s time to say good bye.. Enjoy your time in hell Taker and just know, you are there because of me! Because I could!




    *Dolph then bows his head as the chimes begin to play. Every other second a “Dong” sounds out, in memory of the Undertaker, however the chime is not aloud to go on long.. As another theme plays right over the top of it, to the surprised of the crowd and Dolph Ziggler.*

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    *The theme is a bit familiar, yet different. Fans quickly realize it's a remix as Kevin Steen walks out to a chorus of boos. He is accompanied by Sara Del Ray. The duo make their way out to the ring where upon entering it Steen is handed a mic and even as the fans boo him, he speaks firmly*

    Steen: Dolph Ziggler, a world class athlete and a man who one day might become a World Champion but the problem is that is all of that is just a maybe and a possible very distant future. It's not right here and it's not right now.

    Ziggler, you come out here and you run down 'Taker, claiming that you deserve to have a shot with him and how you deserve to be Intercontinental Champion? Did you seriously think things through especially know that I'm not through with The Deadman?

    *Steen lets out a laugh, as Del Ray simply smiles at the thought*

    Steen: Do I need to remind you that it was S.C.U.M who left The Undertaker in a puddle of his own blood? IT WAS MEEE!!!! MEEE!!! and MEE!!!!! Did you not see it was SCUM who beat the bloody hell out of the Deadman?

    SCUM is me and I am SCUM, what happened to The Undertaker was all because of MEEE!!!. I am the one who's ready to take The Deadman to a level like never before while you...smirks....simply chose to make a statement out of my leftovers!

    *Fans boos as Steen seems to be border line insane and Sara Del Ray takes the mic to speak*

    Del Ray: Let's not forget poor little AJ...I bet seeing her "man", and I use that term loosely, can't get the job done by himself was a real eye opener as to how pathetic Ziggler is compared to Steen! He is only able to make an "impact" when his target is already beaten!

    That's the difference between Dolph and the boys in S.C.U.M, they are able to dissect anyone on their own because they can and they don't need to wait for any opportunity! They are the opportunity! They are the people guys like Ziggler wait for. The point of all this is that you picked the wrong guy kid and AJ should quit while she's ahead and she gets on the bad side of SCUM for me to deal with her.

    *Steen seems to be somewhat stable now as Sara returns the mic to him*

    Steen: Thank you Sara, it's always nice to hear from a true woman. Not sure how Dolph could ever settle for such a little whinny, psychotic, crazy kid such as AJ Lee. I mean she's not even a real woman, she's not even qualified to kiss the ground Sara and therefore SCUM walk on! We are gods of wrestling and people will learn to respect SCUM!

    *Steen twitches a bit*

    Steen: But....back to why I am out here to begin with. Dolph, between the two of us, I am sure it obvious to everyone, who it is that actually deserves to face 'Taker for the Intercontinental Championship and it's MEEEEE! The TRUE "Show Off" of the WWE...The Anti-Christ of the WWE.......Mr. Wrestling!....Kevin Steen!!!

    *A few select fans begin a "Fight Steen Fight" chant, which surprises Sara and Kevin*

    Del Ray: Seems we have a few "smart" fans in the audience Kevin! So, with that said, we have a request.. Shane McMahon!

    We want you to come out here right now and name Steen as the rightful the #1 Contender to the Intercontinental Championship! In fact we want that match in a place where SCUM is gonna thrive when not only Rave and Compton beat RVD and Anderson and I should be beating the crap out of Lita, but Steen accomplishes his goal of destroying The Undertaker and that place is Survivor Series!!!

    SCUM is ready to take the WWE by storm and it all begins with Steen becoming the brand new WWE Intercontinental Champion!

    Steen: You heard her!!! What SCUM wants SCUM gets! Get out here Shane before I make you come out!

    The crowd boos, as the General Manager of Nitro steps out onto the stage, holding the Intercontinental Championship in hand.

    Shane: Ladies and gentlemen, I know you're all curious as to why I have the Undertaker's title in my hands. Well, I can now officially announce, that due to the damage caused on the “Deadman” last week, he won't be medically cleared to have a sanctioned title defence within the next 30 days. So as of today, the Undertaker is vacating the Intercontinental Championship!

    The crowd explodes with boos.

    Shane: As a result of this, we will crown a new champion at Survivor Series. You both have Championship credentials, so you both will be competing for that Championship come the PPV.

    Loud crowd boos.

    Shane: But there will also be a third man, decided tonight, in a 6 man, Over the Top Rope, Battle Royal! And also tonight, Sara Del Ray makes her in-ring debut! Against AJ Lee! And that, is next!

    Steen and Ziggler watches each other, as the camera fades to a commercial.


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    Back from the adbreak, and the camera shows Sara Del Ray alone in the ring, with the commentators now at their desk.

    Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, if you've just joined us, welcome to Nitro! Shane McMahon has already appeared tonight, interrupting a disagreement between Dolph Ziggler and S.C.U.M. members, Kevin Steen and Sara Del Ray.

    Bischoff: He made several huge announcements, including the fact that The Undertaker's Intercontinental Title Reign, is finished! A few months too late, but it's done!

    Tenay: Tonight we will see a 6-man Battle Royal, where the winner faces Kevin Steen and Dolph Ziggler at Survivor Series for the title! And also tonight, we have the final confronation between Dean Ambrose and Tyson Kidd!

    Bischoff: We hope Team “Awful” reveal their final two losers!

    Tenay: Well, Team Brock right now are facing the unknown, but tonight, they'll have more information.

    Bischoff: But now, we've got a brilliant Divas Match lined up! Sara Del Ray, vs. AJ Lee!

    Tenay: Who're you pulling for. Eric?

    Bischoff: I'm a commentator, Mike! I'm impartial! I just hope they put on an entertaining contest!

    AJ Lee vs. Sara Del Rey (Natayla)


    AJ stands up, and stares at the fallen SDR. She wears a demonic look, as she brushes her hair away from her eyes. SDR sits up, but AJ kicks her in the face. AJ next kneels on SDR's back, before pulling her head up via her hair. The referee warns AJ, as he starts the count, which is enough for AJ to retreat, albeit after slamming SDR down face-first.

    SDR rolls to the apron, but AJ kicks her in the stomach through the ropes. AJ then lifts SDR to her feet, but SDR lands a forearm smash. SDR then climbs up the turnbuckle, before landing a Diving Crossbody! However, AJ rolls through into a pinning predicament.




    Bischoff: This is what our Divas can do! A great contest so far!

    Both Divas stand, but AJ slaps SDR in the face. She begins talking trash, before SDR responds with a takedown! SDR begins landing blow after blow to Ms. Lee, who holds her arms up to protect herself from the onslaught, for little use however, as SDR is relentless. Eventually, AJ manages to push SDR away, before she stands. SDR manages to kick AJ in the gut, before pushing AJ's head down under her legs, before locking her arms around AJ's calves.

    SDR prepares for the Package Piledriver, but AJ lands a Back Body Drop. AJ then raises her arm in front of her face, calling for SDR to get to her feet. SDR eventually stands, but AJ takes her down with a Zig-Zag! AJ pins.




    AJ holds her head in shock, before she lets out a loud scream. AJ pounds at the mat in anger, before she climbs to her feet. AJ once again stalks SDR, who slowly reaches a vertical base. AJ then rebounds off the ropes, before both Divas land a crossbody! Both Divas lie on the mat, as the crowd jeers at the sound they're hearing.

    Tenay: Ziggler? What's he doing here?

    Bischoff: Cheering on his girlfriend, evidently.

    Ziggler walks down the ramp without emotion, as he reaches ringside, just as SDR/AJ each make it to their feet. Both Divas' attention are diverted by Ziggler, who yells to AJ that she's [SDR] not worth it. AJ then slides out of the ring, and links hands with Ziggler. They begin walking up the ramp – ignoring the referee's count.

    Tenay: What? Where are they going?




    Bischoff: All good things must come to an end. AJ gave a good fight, but even the best warrior knows when to retreat.








    Tenay: Well, AJ and Dolph screwed these fans out of a finish to this match!

    Bischoff: Screw the fans! They're just lucky AJ turned up at all!


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    The camera cuts backstage, to show the New Age Outlaws standing by Josh Matthews.

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm joined by my guests at this time; the New Age Outlaws!

    The crowd cheer.

    Josh: You two will soon battle at Survivor Series vs. The Outsiders. Can you win?

    Dogg: What kind of question is that, man? Why would get in the ring with the men who run WCW into the crowd, if we didn't think we could kick their asses!? Hall and Nash are losers! They can only attack from behind! But we're not gonna go away from them! We're not gonna give up! They're not capable of winning when it's a fair fight, and we're gonna prove that!

    The NWO was a cancer to WCW, they took the company down. They didn't entertain, nor did they add anything to the titles they had. They weren't prestigious, they were props. But DX made the WWE what it is today! We put on a show, win, lose or draw, but our team was a once in a lifetime!

    But the Outsiders? They're as tall as their egos. They can't realise that others are better than them in every way! They underestimate us- they don't give us the respect we deserve. Well, they ain't respected by us. And neither by the true fans. Josh- listen here. Kevin and Nash pull the wool over the eyes, to cover up their crap!

    Gunn: Survivor Series is the date that we're going to show the weaknesses of Ramon and Diesel! They hide under separate identities, but their failures are still blatant. And IF YOU'RE NOT DOWN WITH THAT, WE GOT TWO WORDS FOR YA!

    ???: Excuse me!

    The crowd boo, as Shane McMahon enters the shot.

    Shane: Tonight men, in a preview to the upcoming Pay-Per-View, Jessie, you're taking on Kevin Nash, and Billy, you've got Scott Hall! And that's next, so I'd suggest you get ready.

    Shane walks away, as the camera cuts back to ringside.

    Bischoff: It's going to be Outsiders 2, Outlaws 0 at the end of the night, you heard it here first!

    Tenay: I wouldn't be so confident, Eric. The four men has exchanged singles wins in the past week, and anything can happen tonight!

    Bischoff: What the Outlaws said earlier about the NWO being like cancer was ridiculous. If the NWO was in WWE, it would be a much more enjoyable place to work!

    Tenay: And while that's debatable, is it more fun for the fans at home?

    Bischoff: It has to be more fun than watching these 2 morons!

    Tenay: I think the WWE Universe would beg to differ!

    Scott Hall vs. Billy Gunn (DiBiase)


    Dogg slams his hands on the apron repeatedly, getting the crowd's encouragement for Gunn, who's locked in a rear naked choke. The fans are clapping their hands in rhythm, as Gunn attempts to escape Hall's clutches. Gunn climbs to his feet, with Hall's arm still wrapped around his throat. Gunn then flings an arm at Hall's midsection, but it requires two elbows to get Hall off of him.

    Gunn then bounces off the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Hall cuts him off with a ferocious knee to the sternum. Hall goes for the Outsider's Edge, but Gunn sweeps the legs of Hall from under him, before leaping into a Jackknife Roll-up




    Both men reach their feet, as Gunn lands a right hand. Scott then lands a punch of his own, before using his strength to send Gunn into the turnbuckle. Hall then goes for a running splash, but Gunn avoids the attack. Gunn then rapidly lands blows to Hall's ribs, which causes the referee to intervene, reaching a four count before Gunn takes a step back. Gunn then continues the attack, and kicks away at Hall's torso.

    The referee once again gets involved, this time pulling Gunn away from the turnbuckle. Gunn then runs at Hall, and lands a clothesline, before sending Hall into the middle of the ring. Gunn then climbs to the top rope, but Nash pulls himself onto the apron, and shakes the top rope, causing Gunn to fall on his groin. Dogg complains to the referee, as Hall climbs to the second rope. The crowd boos the Outsider, as Gunn is sent overhead with a Superplex! Hall covers



    Thr-Gunn rolls his shoulder up.

    Hall holds up three fingers to the referee, as Nash/Dogg shouts encouragement to their respective partners. Hall then puts Gunn in a powerbomb position, before outstretching his arms to the crowd's disgust. He lifts Gunn up for the Outsider's Edge, but Gunn manages to wiggle out, then lands a neckbreaker. Gunn pins.



    T-Nash pulls the referee outside the ring!

    Tenay: What's Nash doing?

    Bischoff: Supporting his teammate obviously!

    Gunn's in shock, having had the match won, as the referee shouts at Nash, before pointing up the ramp. The crowd cheers, as Nash realises he's been ejected. Nash argues his case to the official, but gets cut off by Dogg, who picks up a steel chair from the timekeeper, then drills it into Nash's back! Gunn, watching from the ring, smiles at Dogg, before turning around into a kick to the stomach, which Hall follows up with finally landing the Outsider's Edge! Hall covers.




    Tenay: Hall's done it! No thanks to Kevin!

    Bischoff: It was teamwork! That's the sign of a good team!

    Tenay: But it's a singles match!

    Bischoff: Irrelevant! The Outsiders proved their worth today!

    Hall and Nash celebrate on the ramp, as Road Dogg checks on his partner. Dogg points towards the Outsiders, as the camera fades to a commercial.


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    Lita heads out to the stage, flanked by Paige, with Maria & Lei’d Tapa behind them. The four of them make their way down the ramp and Lita rolls into the ring. She asks for a microphone as the rest of the team join her in the ring.

    Lita: Ladies & Gentlemen...I GIVE TO YOU...TEAM LITA!

    The fans give off a mixed reaction, mostly boos but some cheers in attendance.

    Lita: This team of four women, we may have had our differences- particularly Paige & I- but we’re ready to move this on, look past our differences...for the moment at least...Lita shoots Paige a glance...And work towards winning the Survivor Series Divas Match!

    The fans give another mixed reaction.

    Lita: Paige & I tore the roof down with our match last week, she’s a hell of a competitor and I know that better than anybody- but she also understands the need to be stood here as a team. She understands that Tamina is coming back to her best, as the daughter of Superfly and she understands that we need to be on the same page for this team to stand any chance of picking up the victory on Sunday.

    So the fact is, we’re going to do just that. Team Lita will beat Team Tamina and will leave Survivor Series with the victory.

    The fans give another mixed reaction.

    Lita: And I-

    Paige interjects.....

    Paige: I'm sorry but I can't bear to listen to this rubbish anymore. Everyone knows this is my team and it's yours too. It's our team. I meant what I said last week Lita. I will do my best to work with you come Survivor Series but I will not be disrespected and get cast aside to satisfy your ego.

    You're already the WWE Womens Champion so you stand to lose nothing but pride but I do not, I stand to gain everything from winning, especially another shot at you for the gold. A Shot I will make damn sure doesn't go to waste. I will lead this team to victory and when I do, you will fall to me. THE Anti-Diva of the WWE and the next WWE Womens Champion.

    Tamina walks out, smiling as she waves up to the ring, Paige and Lita stopped in their tracks by her arrival

    Tamina: Sorry for the interruption but, I could not listen to your voices moaning and complaining anymore, I mean give it a rest!
    You two are like bickering schoolgirls in the playground, my head is sore listening to you two bitch back and forth. I however do recommend that you two get your act together, get better at dealing with your issues with one another or, come Sunday, you will be back to where you belong, on your backs with Team Tamina standing over you, standing tall and standing the victors…

    Tamina’s smile broadens

    Tamina: So Paige, the little English rose…I use that term loosely, more like the little English streetwalker but, forget that… How does it feel Paige, feel to be on the same team where you the Anti-Diva is so clearly overshadowed by the legendary Lita, someone so clearly better than little old you… Oh and speaking of Lita, our champ, how does it feel knowing that little miss nutcase Maria could cash in her pretty little contract at the most opportune moment, she will seize and snatch that gold from you. I mean Lita, you are so vulnerable, you could be left broken, vulnerable and you could end up being the subject of an attack by the majority of your team champ…

    Funny that…

    At least when it comes to Team Tamina, we are a strong, united front and at Survivor Series, that is what it is all about when we stand tall…

    Team Tamina comes out on stage and stand smiling up at their opponents

    Tamina: And you are all on your backs, 1, 2,3…

    Dropping her mic they all head down to the ring, getting into the ring, Tamina and Lita square up to each other in the centre of the ring and we see Tamina whisper… Sunday…


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    Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, we've just had news for later tonight!

    Bischoff: We know that Brock Lesnar will pick someone from his team to face The Miz!

    Tenay: We also hope that either before, or after that match, we find out at least 1 new member of Team Awesome!

    Bischoff: But now it's time for our Battle Royal! Six participants, all unknown! Who's going to Survivor Series

    Tenay: Wow, Eric! It's Daniel Bryan's Nitro debut, and the crowd are going insane!

    Bischoff: If you pardon the pun, he's already made an... ahem, Impact, on the third brand, but this is the big leagues.

    Bischoff: Hmm, this is interesting. Rave with a chance to pull Double Duty at Survivor Series

    Tenay: And also a chance for S.C.U.M. to stack the deck vs. Ziggler

    Tenay: Another Nitro debut! Samoa Joe!

    Bischoff: He's in a personal feud with Kenny King on Impact, but this is a chance to move on from King!

    Bischoff: Rey will still be hurt after last week's onslaught by Mark Henry.

    Tenay: But he's the Ultimate Underdog, if anyone can overcome the odds, it's him!

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    Tenay: Hurricane's had a nice win on Impact recently, but on Nitro, his luck hasn't been in.

    Bischoff: Since his loss to Reigns, he's not been on top, should we say.

    Tenay: Henry last week dominated Mysterio. Tonight, he needs to dominate Rey and four others.

    Bischoff: I'd like to see them try and get Mark over the top rope!

    6 MAN BATTLE ROYAL FOR A SHOT AT THE ICT BELT AT SURVIVOR SERIES- Mark Henry vs. Daniel Bryan vs. The Hurricane vs. Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Jimmy Rave

    Tenay: Well then, here we go!

    *At the bell ringing, Henry goes right after the wounded Mysterio, flooring him with a big shoulder charge. Samoa Joe charges at the Hurricane and the two lock up, Joe eventually getting the better of the masked hero. Bryan and Rave go after each other in the other corner, fighting it out with vicious kicks. Bryan eventually gets the upper hand, bringing Rave to his knees, and begins kicking at the chest of Rave, each one met with a resounding YES! Before yelling and knocking Rave down with a kick to the side of the head.

    He follows this up with a big YES! Chant, every member of the crowd joining in. However, the chant is cut short by a takedown from behind, courtesy of Samoa Joe, who has left Hurricane in the corner of the ring, in a heap. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ring, Henry is totally dominating Mysterio, and drops him from around 8 feet in the air in the military press position to the floor.*

    Tenay: What impact from Henry there, great, albeit frightening, to watch!

    *Henry rebounds off the ropes and lands on Rey with a 440 pound splash! He grabs him up by the scruff of his neck and HURLS him over the top rope, so forcefully that Rey’s head bounces off the fan barricade with a sickening thud! Medics are called by the multiple referees at ringside as Rey is the first man eliminated*

    Elimination #1: Rey Mysterio by Mark Henry

    *Henry screams out at the crowd ‘THATS WHAT AH DO!’ before turning around to be met face to face with the 300 pound Samoa Joe. We get a quick replay of Joe hitting a vicious Samoan Drop on Bryan. This means everyone left but Joe and Henry are out of it at the minute. Joe screams at Henry to give it his best shot, so Henry bounces off the ropes and charges at Joe, but a vicious rolling elbow stops the big man in his path.

    Despite the fact they may not like Joe, the fans seemingly hate the World’s Strongest Man even more, as they cheer on the Samoan Bulldozer as he takes the fight to Henry. Each elbow, punch and kick gets a muted cheer, but the crowd cannot contain their excitement when he lifts the near 500 pound man and slams him down with a bodyslam! The Samoan Submission Machine is clearly pumped right now and screams in adrenaline at Henry. He waits for Henry to get back to his feet and is about to try and throw him over the top, when KENNY KING makes an appearance, and gets a nice pop from the crowd.
    Joe stares at his foe, before turning round and getting hit with a MASSIVE World’s Strongest Slam. Henry stares down at Joe disgustedly, before chucking him over the top rope with ease.

    Elimination #2: Samoa Joe by Mark Henry

    *Henry starts after a now recovering Hurricane as, on the other side of the ring, Jimmy Rave has locked in a sleeper hold on Daniel Bryan, who is struggling at the ropes with the vice like grip that Rave has got locked in. However, Bryan manouveurs himself and throws Rave over and onto the apron. Jimmy is barely hanging on and his dream of going to Survivor Series soon ends with a Roundhouse kick to the head, sending him flying off to a big cheer.*

    Tenay: Well, that’s SCUM’s plan foiled! We’re down to three men on Nitro!

    Elimination #3: Jimmy Rave by Daniel Bryan.

    *Bryan climbs up onto the turnbuckle and joins in another big YES! Chant for the recently returning WWE Superstar. He hops down and continues the chant...however, its stopped abruptly by the mammoth that is Mark Henry, who floors an unsuspecting Daniel Bryan with a World’s Strongest Slam! Heaps of boos go up around the arena as Henry laughs at the annoyed crowd, before hauling D.Bry up, lifting him in Military Press position and throwing him over the top rope to the outside!

    Elimination #4: Daniel Bryan by Mark Henry

    Tenay:...There’s just a sense of inevitability about this one folks.

    Bischoff: And you wouldn’t have it any other way!

    *Henry laughs again as Bryan hits the ground hard and the arena becomes shrouded in boos. His grin soon disappears to a look of focus, a look as if he has sheer domination on his mind. The Hurricane has by now found a way to struggle to his feet in the corner of the ring and Mark charges towards him, but Hurricane slithers out of the way, and turns on his, laying into him over and over with rights and lefts as the crowd cheer him on loudly.

    Henry is stunned by the momentary offence, but soon regains his composure and sends Hurricane back a few yards with a big head butt. Hurricane, as gutsy as ever, runs towards Henry, but the big man puts him down with a CRUSHING Spinebuster, and the crowd react in horror as they see their hero put to the sword so horrifically.

    The arrogant, yet dangerous smile is back on the face of Henry, as if he knows the victory is already his. He bounces off the ropes and lets out a fearsome yell as he lands with another one of his trademark 450 pound splashes. Mark even has time to take a breather and laugh at poor Hurricane, who is showing immense heart, hauling himself to a standing position with the help of the ropes.

    Henry charges towards Hurricane, looking to finish him off...BUT HURRICANE PULLS DOWN THE TOP ROPE...AND HENRY GOES BUNDLING OVER!*

    Elimination #5: Mark Henry by The Hurricane

    Tenay: HURRICANE! HURRICANE! Marvel’s finest is going to Survivor Series!

    Bischoff: Shaddup Tenay, everyone know DC is better than Marvel! NO! Why does it have to be that goofball.

    Tenay: After Henry was so dominant, so brutal throughout the match, Hurricane stuck with him, showed guts and heart and determination and what is his prize? He’s going to Survivor Series, to face Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Steen for the Intercontinental Title! What a match that will be!

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    The Hurricane stands tall after winning his match. The referee raises his hand, as Hurricane signals that he's going to be champion. He then leaves the ring, and celebrates on the ramp, as Henry holds his head in his hands. The camera zooms in on Henry, as he turns to face the camera. Mark stares at the camera, as he gets to his feet, when he picks up the camera, and throws it onto the floor. The cameraman tries to retreat, but Henry grabs him by the collar. The cameraman begins begging Mark, who picks him up, and lands the World's Strongest Slam!

    Tenay: Henry's on a rampage! That man was just doing his job!

    Henry then picks up the camera, and slams it into the steel steps! He keeps hold of the camera, as he repeatedly smashes it against the ring pole, sending bits of the camera flying! He then throws the camera over the ring to the floor, before facing another cameraman. We see the camera fall to the floor, as another camera shows the cameraman fleeing the scene. Henry then picks up the original cameraman, and throws him over the barrier to the timekeeper's area!

    The crowd jeers Henry, who shouts “That's What I Do!” as the camera cuts to a break.


    Tenay: Welcome back everyone to the final WWE Nitro before the HUGE Survivor Series Pay Per View this coming Sunday. And on that very night the Outsiders will take on The New Age Outlaws and we may finally get the answer, or at least part of the answer, to the age old wrestling question: Who is better...DX, or the NWO?

    Bischoff: well, since the NWO included...yours truly, I would safely say the latter!

    Tenay: Regardless, earlier tonight Scott Hall notched one up on the board for the Outsiders with victory over Billy Gunn, albeit with a little help from his partner!

    Tenay: And here comes Road Dogg, look at the intensity in the eyes of the Dogg, really pumped for this match, it would seem!

    Bischoff: It wont be enough, he’s up against Big Daddy Cool, a former WWF Champion, there’s only one way this match goes in my book!

    Tenay: The daunting figure of Kevin Nash, a former WWE and WCW Champion and 7 feet tall. Road Dogg has got his work cut out for him tonight.

    *As Road Dogg goes to the top turnbuckle and salutes the DX faithful with the signature ‘X’, Nash pummels him from behind. The music is stopped abruptly and the arena is shrouded in boos as Nash lays in the boots to R. Dogg. The referee manages to pulls the former WWF Champion away and finally rings the bell, with Dogg feeling the effects of the early beating*

    Kevin Nash vs. Road Dogg (HHH)



    *Nash stares at the ref before turning around, right into a flurry of rights and lefts from Road Dogg. The DX member somehow throws Nash off the ropes, but the momentum is short lived as, on the return from the ropes, Kevin connects with a brain-shaking Big Boot right to the skull of Road Dogg.*

    Tenay: My God, what a boot from Nash right there!

    *As Dogg staggers to his feet, still feeling the effects of the vicious Nash boot, Kevin kicks him in the gut and hoists him in the air, looking for a Jacknife. However, RD jumps over Kevin’s head and lands on his feet, connecting with a kick to the gut and planting Nash with a solid DDT. He turns the big man over and hooks the leg...



    Nash powers out at two.

    Tenay: Nice reversal of the Powerbomb by Road Dogg there, and he is now on top in this encounter.

    *The Dee Oh Double Gee stays after Nash, clubbing him into the corner with some hard right hands. He continues to thump the big man over and over, but Nash simply throws him out into the centre of the ring, showcasing his brute power. Road Dogg charges towards Nash once more, but Kev simply head butts the smack talking half of the NAO, sending him crashing hard to the mat.

    Bischoff: Look at how dominant Nash has been so far. THIS is what’ll happen this Sunday at Survivor Series!

    *As the NAO member struggles to his feet, not sure of his surroundings, Nash takes advantage, flooring Road Dogg with two clotheslines in quick succession. After the second clothesline, Big Daddy Cool bounces off the ropes and lands with a leg drop, all of his 300 pound frame landing on the neck of RD. He hooks the leg, assuming this one is over...



    Thr-NO! Dogg kicks out at the last second, prompting Nash to question the referee’s counting*

  9. #1489
    Tenay: Nash seems sure that was a three count, it looked to me as if Road Dogg JUST made it out in time.

    *Kevin bellows in frustration, before shouting at James to get up. Jesse staggers to his feet, but he somehow avoids the charging Nash, ducking another big boot attempt. However, Nash follows through and connects with the referee, sending him to the mat, unconscious.*

    *Nash stares at the referee and at the fallen opponent in the ring, before smirking at the crowd, who boo him loudly. He motions to the back, and soon..SCOTT HALL emerges, baseball bat in hand, a wide grin on his face. Sauntering down to the ring, Scott twirls the bat in his hand. Nash grabs Dogg up and holds him steady as Hall enters the ring, still wielding the bat*

    Tenay: My God somebody stop these two lunatics, they’re gonna crack the skull of Road Dogg!

    *As Hall pulls the bat back, Billy Gunn has made it into the ring and pulls the bat away from Hall and nails him in the gut with the bat. He jabs the bat off the skull of Nash next, who staggers backwards into a few classic Road Dogg jabs, followed by a funky dance move, the DX ‘suck it!’ sign and a final Haymaker! Kevin now staggers backwards and gets nailed with the Fame-Asser and Nash is out of it as the referee stirs*

    Bischoff: Damn it ref, stop this blatant cheating!

    *However, the ref saw none of it as Road Dogg covers Nash and Gunn pulls the referee into position to make a count, albeit a slow count...






    Tenay: YES! Revenge for the New Age Outlaws, and they will stand tall over their foes as we head off to Survivor Series!

    *A massive pop greets the pinfall victory for Road Dogg and the two men celebrate in the ring, hugging each other before climbing opposite turnbuckles and making the DX sign out toward the fans, who lap each and every moment of this up*


    The camera cuts backstage, to show Josh Matthews.

    Josh: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time: Rob Vam-

    Josh is interrupted by an audible grunt. The camera zooms out, to show Jimmy Rave and Cliff Compton kicking a grounded RVD. Rave drops on his knees and begins hammering RVD with punches, when Mr. Anderson comes in from behind. Mr. Anderson throws Compton off of RVD, before kicking Rave in the back of his neck. Anderson wraps his arm around Rave's throat in a choking manner, as RVD reaches his knees, only for Compton to land a running knee.

    Shane then appears, and splits Anderson and Rave, before separating both teams. The two teams begin talking trash, before Shane motions for them to be quiet.

    Shane: If you guys want to fight before Survivor Series, then Anderson, go to the ring! Compton, go to the ring! Rave, RVD – stay away from each other, and ringside, otherwise you'll be suspended.

    With that, the teams reluctantly walk away, before the camera cuts back to ringside.

    Tenay: This should be a great upcoming match! Mr. Anderson and Cliff Compton has a chance to legally get their hands on each other!

    Bischoff: And isn't Ken gonna suffer!

    Tenay: Will Mr. Money in the Bank consider cashing in if he's unsuccessful at the Pay-Per-View, like World Champion Tyson Kidd did at King of the Ring?

    Bischoff: Ambrose will plough through both Kidd and Anderson at Survivor Series if needs be! And won't that be a bad day at the office for Anderson!

    Tenay: Compton can gain huge momentum with a win today!

    Bischoff: And he will. Definitely!

  10. #1490
    Mr. Anderson vs. Cliff Compton


    Anderson stands up, and rests Cliff on the turnbuckle. Anderson unloads with a knife edge chop, before following up with another, then one more. Anderson then attempts to send Compton to the opposite corner, but Compton grips the top rope, and avoids the Irish Whip. Instead, Compton sends Anderson into the turnbuckle. Compton pushes his forearms into Anderson's throat, before breaking on the referee's instruction.

    Compton then grabs Anderson's arm, and sends him into the ropes. On the return, Compton pulls down the top rope, attempting to send Anderson to the floor, but Anderson instead slides under Compton and out of the ring. Anderson then sweeps Compton's legs, tripping him, before pulling him out of the ring.

    Anderson lands a forearm smash, before grabbing the back of Compton's head, and throws him into the ringside barrier. Anderson now starts stomping on Compton's midsection, before choking him with the sole of his foot. The referee reaches a count of six, which restarts via Anderson sliding into then out of the ring.

    During this, Compton retreats, moving outside the adjacent edge of the ring. Anderson spots this, and starts walking over to Cliff, but Compton dropkicks the steel steps into Anderson's knees. Compton then goes over to Anderson, and throws him into the ring, before following suit. Compton immediately pins Anderson.




    Compton climbs up to the top rope, as the crowd jeer. He puts his finger to his lips, which elicits more heat, but gives Anderson the opportunity to bounce up to his feet, and push Compton's legs, causing him to lose his balance, and fall onto the turnbuckle. Anderson then climbs up to the second rope, and tries for the Green Bay Plunge, but Compton battles out with a flurry of elbows. Compton then pushes Anderson's head down, before launching into a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Compton remains in a pinning predicament.



    Thr- Anderson reverses into his own pin!




    Tenay: It's 50/50! Who can come out on top?

    Both men reach their feet, as Anderson knocks down Compton with a clothesline. Compton then reaches his feet, as Anderson takes him down with another clothesline. Once again, Compton is quick to stand, but Anderson knees him in the midsection, then locks in a Front Facelock. Anderson delivers a big open-hand slap to the back of Compton, before launching in a Swinging Neckbreaker!

    Compton rolls under the bottom rope to the apron, where Anderson pulls him up to his feet. Anderson then lifts Compton up overhead – suplexing him into the ring. Anderson calls for the end, as he stalks Compton, waiting for him to stand. Anderson then goes for the Mic Check, but Compton pushes him into the ropes. On the return, Compton lands a blow to the sternum, before locking in an abdominal stretch.

    Bischoff: Tap out, Ken! Tap!

    Anderson winces in pain, as Compton uses his free hand to target Anderson's stomach, landing repeated forearm smashes. Anderson tries to break free, but uses his strength to throw Compton in a hip toss. Anderson then kneels down to pin, but Compton reverses into a Small Package!




    Tenay: He stole one! Cliff stole it!

    Compton crawls out of the ring, as he raises his arm to loud boos from sections of the crowd. Anderson meanwhile, watches Compton from the ring with a frustrated look.


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