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    JR: Oh my god! Cross body onto the Ladder!

    Bischoff: Who's hurt more?

    Both men are down, and holding their ribs, as RVD drag's Hurricane's body on top of Magnus'. RVD then puts the Ladder on top of both men, before RVD goes to the opposite side of the ring. He does a forward roll, before landing Rolling Thunder, and Magnus, The Hurricane and the Ladder! RVD holds his back, and takes a few seconds to re-compose himself, before picking up the Miz. RVD lands a right hand to the Miz, and Daniels slides into the ring. He turns RVD around, before kicking the side of his thigh.

    Daniels then holds both RVD's and The Miz's head, and tries to slam them together in a Meeting of the Minds, but they manage to counter, by simultaneously landing a blow to Daniels' midsection. They then bounce off opposite ropes, before RVD lands a clothesline to the front of Daniels' head, at the same time as Miz lands one to the back of his head!

    Daniels falls to the floor, as RVD lands a back kick to the rib cage. RVD also jumps whilst spinning 360 degrees, ending by landing a High Knee. RVD then lifts up Miz for an Atomic Drop, but drops him on the top rope, one leg landing either side! RVD then leaves to the apron, before using the ropes to help him give a big kick to the back of Miz's head, causing him to fall into the ring. RVD then springboards into the ring, going for a Leg Drop, but Miz rolls out of the way.

    Both men slowly get to their feet, as Miz then picks up RVD's leg, before landing a Dragon Screw. RVD is sent across the ring, as Miz lands a Fist Drop. He then picks up RVD, and goes for a right hand, but RVD ducks, and lands one of his own. Whilst this is going on, Christopher Daniels is on his feet, and goes to the corner. He jumps up the ropes, before landing a BME on both RVD and Miz!

    JR: BME! Daniels with the Best Moonsault Ever!

    Bischoff: If this was won by pinfall or submission - the match would be over!

    The Hurricane is on his knees, as Daniels cuts him off, by locking in a Front Facelock, before following up with a Swinging Neckbreaker! Daniels then screams at the Hurricane, as Daniels drops his elbow on the back of Hurricane’s head. Daniels then picks up Hurricane, before lifting him, and dropping him in a Running Powerslam!

    Daniels then pulls Hurricane to his feet, as Anderson enters the ring. Daniels then turns around straight into a clothesline from Anderson, before Anderson clotheslines Hurricane over the top rope to the floor. Anderson then pulls Daniels' up, and wrenches his arm. He then lands an elbow to the arm, before landing a Hammerlock suplex. Anderson then picks up the Ladder, as Miz is slowly getting to his feet. Miz is in the corner, but Anderson drives the corner into his ribcage! Anderson then puts the Ladder between the middle and top ropes, trapping Miz in the corner. Daniels gets to his feet, as Anderson goes for a Mic Check, but Daniels instead pokes Anderson in the eye. He then sweeps Anderson's legs out, before holding Anderson's legs, and having his back to Miz. Daniels then falls back, and slingshots Anderson into the Ladder and The Miz!

    Daniels then picks up the Ladder, and sets it up. He climbs the far side, so he can see if anyone is going to try and stop him. He wearily climbs rung by rung, but Christian Cage manages to slide into the ring, and quickly climbs up the Ladder. Cage lands a punch in the head, before Daniels lands one of his own. The fans then begins to cheer Cage's punches and boos Daniels'.


    Bischoff: Come on Daniels!

    Cage is dangling off the Ladder, as Daniels climbs up a few more rungs. He reaches the briefcase, but Cage grabs Daniels' head, and slams it on the Ladder. RVD, Hurricane, The Miz, and Magnus are reaching their feet on the mat, as Cage lands one final right hand. He then puts his head under Daniels, before Cage Back Body Drops, Daniels' off the Ladder onto the four men! Cage then climbs one more rung, and reaches the hook, but Anderson is on his feet, and grabs Cage's leg. Cage is distracted by Anderson, who pulls him off the Ladder.

    Anderson then picks up Cage, and puts Cage in a Front Facelock. He lifts Cage up for a Suplex, but Cage slips out of the back, ends up behind Anderson. He then lands a Drop Toe Hold, as Anderson lands face first on the floor. Cage then picks up Anderson, and tries to send him into the corner, but Anderson counters and sends Cage in the corner. Anderson charges at Cage, but Cage moves his lower half of his body to the outside of the ring, and as Anderson runs into an empty corner. Cage lifts his legs up, and kicks Anderson in the face.

    Cage then climbs up to the top rope, and goes for a Diving Cross-body, which connects! Cage then goes to one side of the ring, and leaps over the ropes, landing a Plancha on Edge! Cage then slides back into the ring. Cage goes for a running clothesline, but Anderson lifts up Cage, and lands a Flapjack, Cage's face smashing against the Ladder. He then turns around, but Anderson grabs the arm, and lands the Arm Trap Neckbreaker!

    Anderson then climbs up a few steps of the Ladder, before leaping off, and landing the Kenton Bomb! Anderson then kicks Cage under the bottom rope to the floor, before seeing he is empty in the ring. The fans cheer him on, as he starts to climb the Ladder. However RVD enters the ring, and climbs the opposite side. Both men reach for the briefcase, as Magnus enters the ring. Magnus then pushes the Ladder over, and Anderson and RVD lands outside of the ring. Magnus then sets up the Ladder once more, as Miz enters the ring. Magnus notices him, and lifts him up high in the air in a Gorilla Press Position, before dropping Miz on the mat.

    Magnus then slides out of the ring, and picks up another Ladder. He slides it into the ring again, before climbing up the steel steps, and entering through the ropes. He picks up the Ladder he just pulled into the ring, before balancing it on the top rope, and the rung on the Ladder that is parallel.

    JR: This is dangerous!

    Bischoff: This could be Miz's doom!

    Miz then climbs to his feet, but Magnus lifts him up on one shoulder. He lifts Miz up again in a Gorilla Press Position, and tries to drop Miz stomach first on the Ladder, but Miz manages to hold onto Magnus's arm, and falls to the mat, but lands an Arm Drag, which sends Magnus under the Horizontal Ladder. Miz then goes under the Ladder, and pulls Magnus up. He tries to smash Magnus' head against the Ladder, but Magnus lands an elbow to the midsection. Magnus lifts Miz up for the Mag Daddy Driver, but Miz escapes, and locks in a sleeper hold. Magnus tries to escape, but Miz locks in the hold for as long as he can. Magnus then drops to his knees, but then manages to lift Miz up higher onto his shoulder, before landing Snake Eyes on the Horizontal Ladder! Magnus then locks in a Front Facelock, before falling back in a DDT, but his head hits the Horizontal Ladder as he falls.

    Both men inside the ring are down, as the camera cuts to the outside of the ring, where Hurricane lands a Hurricarana on Daniels! Hurricane then pulls Daniels to his feet, and tries to throw Daniels into the ringside barrier, but Daniels uses his foot to stop him, before using that foot to kick Hurricane in the face.

    Daniels then hooks the arms of Hurricane from behind, before landing a Dragon Suplex on the floor. Daniels then picks up a Ladder from outside of the ring, before closing it, and dropping it on the floor. He then picks up Hurricane, before hooking his leg, and landing a snap Fisherman's Suplex on the Ladder!

    Bischoff: Ouch! Hopefully that ends Hurricane's chances of winning!

    Hurricane's in obvious pain, as he shouts in pain, as Daniels' motions for the Angel's Wings. Daniels then lifts up Hurricane for the finisher, but Hurricane manages to stay grounded, and then lifts Daniels up in an Alabama Slam position, and goes to slam him onto the Ladder, but Daniels' rolls through, and lands a Sunset Flip Powerbomb onto the floor.

    Daniels then picks up Hurricane quickly, and once again goes for Angel's Wings, but Hurricane drops to his knees, before throwing a right hand at Daniels' stomach. Hurricane then pushes him away, before standing up, and landing a dropkick! Daniels falls back into the ringside barrier, but Hurricane pulls Daniels into the middle of the ring, before locking in a Double Underhook. He twists, and has Daniels up for the Vertebreaker!

    JR: The Vertebreaker!

    Bischoff: No - look at this!

    Hurricane goes for the Vertebreaker on the Ladder, but Roman Reigns runs down the ramp, and pulls Daniels off. Hurricane then turns around, but Reigns takes him down with an explosive clothesline! He then pulls Hurricane up, before lifting him for a Powerbomb, before slamming him down on the Ladder!

    JR: God dammit! Why did Roman Reigns feel the need to get involved? He could've injured Hurricane!

    Bischoff: Hopefully!

    Reigns then picks up Daniels in a Fireman's Carry Clutch, before carrying him down to ringside. He slides Daniels into the empty ring, before entering himself. He then lifts up Daniels in an Electric Chair Hold, before placing him high up the Ladder. However, Cage enters the ring, and lands a forearm to the back of Reign's head. Reigns goes for a right hand, but Cage ducks, and follows up with a kick to the knees, causing Reigns' to fall, before following up with a Reverse DDT.

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    Cage then grabs hold of Daniels' leg, and tries to Powerbomb him off the Ladder, but Daniels fights him off with right hands. Daniels then gets down the Ladder, before landing a headbutt to Cage. Daniels then sends Cage into the ropes, but Cage manages to land a right hand on the return, before following up with a Sidewalk Slam. Edge is on his feet in the ring, and tries to knock down Cage with a Big Boot, but Cage catches the foot. Cage then pushes Edge into the ropes, and on the rebound, Edge tries to spear Cage, but Cage sidesteps, and Edge spears Roman Reigns! Reigns rolls out of the ring, as Daniels stands, but Cage takes him down with a Spear of his own!

    Bischoff: Double spear from Edge and Christian! Just like old times!

    RVD is on the apron, as Edge and Christian then lands a Double Suplex, sending him into the ring. Edge tries to carry on the assault, but Cage stops him. Cage leaves the ring, and picks up two chairs. He slides back into the ring, and throws one to Edge, but Edge floors him with a Spear! Edge then picks up the chair again, but RVD is on his feet, and lands Van Daminator – sending the chair into Edge's face!

    RVD then leaves the ring, and picks up a Ladder. He enters the ring with it, before lying it flat on the mat, but opens it up. RVD then grabs Edge, before rolling him into the middle of the Ladder legs!

    JR: Oh my god! It's an Edge sandwich!

    Bischoff: Come on Edge! Roll out of the way! No, no, no!

    RVD then goes to the corner, before jumping up to the top rope. The fans pop, as he points to himself with his thumbs, and mouths “R! V! D!”, before leaping off, and landing the 5 Star Frog Splash on Edge and the Ladder! RVD then holds his ribs in pain, before slowly making his way up the Ladder. Miz however, is on the apron, and climbs up the ropes individually. He is then met with the Horizontal Ladder, and Miz crawls across it, so he meets the Vertical Ladder RVD's on.

    Miz climbs a few rungs, before reaching through the Ladder, and grabs one of RVD's legs. He then pulls it through the Ladder, as RVD has to adapt by slowing moving so his upper body is Perpendicular with his lower half. Miz then manages to grab hold of the other leg, and pulls it through, before locking in a Modified Figure Four Leg Lock through the Ladder!

    JR: It's a Figure Four Leglock! Genius move from the Miz!

    Bischoff: It's not! If he had any sense, he'll climb up that Ladder!

    Miz's shoulders are resting on the Horizontal Ladder, as RVD is dangling off the Ladder, only avoiding falling by the Figure Four! RVD's tapping out, but it's no use, as Miz keeps the hold locked in as tight as he can. RVD manages to use his upper body strength to return to a Perpendicular Shape, but can't force Miz to release the hold!

    The camera shows outside the ring, as the Hurricane has managed to reach his feet. Hurricane picks up the Ladder he was Previously Powerbombed on, and he walks down the ramp with it in hand. Hurricane then enters the ring with it, before setting it up adjacent from the one Miz is on. Hurricane then climbs up the Ladder, before grabbing the Miz from the other Ladder in a Reverse DDT clutch. Miz is then forced to release the Figure Four, as RVD stays on the Ladder due to him holding on, before Hurricane lands the Eye of the Hurricane on the Miz through the Horizontal Ladder!

    JR: Eye of the Hurricane!

    Bischoff: That's the end of Miz's chances of winning tonight, thank god!

    RVD next manages to pull his legs out of the Ladder, before using only his arms to climb up the Ladder. Daniels is on his feet, now, and climbs up the Ladder behind RVD. He locks in a Rear Waist Lock, before throwing RVD off the Ladder in a German Suplex! Magnus is outside the ring, and pulls RVD under the bottom rope to him. He throws RVD down to the ground, before grabbing a steel chair Cage previously had from the ring, and wraps it around RVD's legs.

    Magnus then climbs up to the apron, before taunting to the crowd. Magnus then goes to leap off the Ladder, but Hurricane and Daniels shockingly together pushes Magnus off the apron, with him falling into the steel steps.

    Cage is on his feet, and takes Daniels down to his knees with a chop block, before the Hurricane bounces off the ropes, and lands the Shining Wizard! Cage then picks up part of the broken Ladder, before throwing it towards the Hurricane, but the Hurricane ducks, and lands a running knee to the temple. Cage drops to his knees, as Hurricane locks in a Head scissors, and throws Cage to the opposite side of the ring.

    Hurricane then once more tries to climb the Ladder, but Cage jumps up, and climbs the other side of the Ladder. Cage lands a European Uppercut, but Hurricane responds with a double handed slap to the face. Hurricane then ducks a right hand, and goes for a Superplex off the Ladder, but Miz grabs Hurricane's foot. Hurricane then turns around to try and kicks Miz away, but Cage manages to grab Hurricane's arms. He turns both himself and The Hurricane around, before landing Killswitch off the Ladder!

    Miz then grabs the Ladder, and pushes it over, but Cage manages to jump off, before being sent off. Miz then ducks a clothesline, before landing a Snapmare. Miz then bounces off the ropes, before landing a big kick to Cage's face. He then waits for Cage to stand, before landing a knee to the head, and following up with a running neckbreaker – connecting with the Reality Check!

    Miz then resets up a Ladder, and begins to climb, but Edge manages to catch Miz in an Electric Chair clutch. Miz tries to fight Edge off by pulling his hair, but Edge still manages to fall back and drop Edge. Edge then looks up at the briefcase, as the crowd are viciously booing him. Edge then begins to climb, as the ring is empty. The crowd are booing his every step, as he reaches the top. Edge then grabs both hands on the briefcase, and prepares to unhook it, but Magnus enters the ring, and picks up the Ladder, and moves it to the side. Edge then manages to put his legs on the adjacent Ladder, but Magnus then moves that away from Edge's reach. Edge then dangles off the briefcase, and tries to unhook it, but fails, and falls to the floor, landing awkwardly on his shoulder!

    JR: Edge's down - and he looks hurt!

    Bischoff: Get some medics out here! His shoulder looks dislocated! Someone carry him up that Ladder!

    Edge holds his shoulder, and rolls out of the ring, where a medic is checking his shoulder, as Magnus now grabs one of the Ladders, and puts it directly under the briefcase. He then climbs the Ladder, but Miz then manages to stand, and as fast as he can, runs up the opposite side of the Ladder, and lands a Knife Edge Chop. The two men then begins to exchange chops, as Mr. Anderson gets to his feet. He grabs the empty Ladder, and sets it up next to the one with The Miz and Magnus on. While the two men are exchanging blows, Anderson grabs the briefcase, and smashes it against Magnus' head. Magnus then let’s go to of the Ladder, before falling hard to the floor. Miz then resorts to biting Anderson's arm, to get it him off the briefcase. Anderson is then forced to release his grip on the briefcase, as Miz then puts Anderson in a Full Nelson from the top of the Ladder. Miz attempts to land the Skull Crushing Finale, but Anderson responds with an elbow to the nose. Anderson manages to turn around, because of Miz's releasing the hold, before placing his hand on Miz's shoulder, and landing the Mic Check of the Ladder to the floor!

    JR: Mic Check! And Ken Anderson is all alone!

    Bischoff: No! Come on! Anyone!

    JR: He can achieve greatness, right now!

    The crowd cheers, as The Miz holds his face. Mr. Anderson stands, as the camera shows all the other 7 men in the match are down and out on the floor. Anderson climbs the Ladder, rung-by-rung, slowly, with the crowd cheering for every step closer he gets to the top. Anderson then manages to reach the top, before grabbing the wire above the briefcase, and unhooking the briefcase!

    JR: He's done it! By God! Mr. Anderson is the winner of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match!

    Bischoff: It's hard to say he didn't deserve it, but more seriously - how is Edge? Is he hurt?

    JR: I hope not, I'd hate to see him injured - but this is about Mr. Anderson - he's one step closer to achieving his childhood goal of becoming World Heavyweight Champion!

    Bischoff: Well, hopefully Edge takes it away from it again!

    JR: What a way to end the show! Mr. Anderson is on top of the World, with a guaranteed World Title Opportunity! Goodnight WWE Universe - and we'll see you for the next round of shows.

    Mr. Anderson is sitting on top of the Ladder, holding the Money in the Bank briefcase high in the air, before the camera fades to black.


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    Nicking a filler before I go to bed.

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    I'll take one too
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    Gonna be a fantastic show tonight.
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    The aftermath from Money in the Bank is sure to be....Legen....-they finally revealed the f'n mother-.....dary!!!!
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  8. #1098 about them Playoffs?
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    WWE Fed for Fed of the Year!!!!!
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    and.....the show will be up later courtesy of G.G.G.

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