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    Jack Swagger: Teddy we have been through this before, there is nobody in this company who can beat us. Time and again we have proven we are the best tag team in the WWE… past, present or future. We beat the World’s Greatest Tag Team two times, we’ve beaten the Prime Time Players two times, and now we’ve beaten these supposed Kings of Wrestling not once but two times, all when our titles were on the line. Why should we beat teams time and again when we all know what the outcome will be? All American Perfection retaining he tag team titles!

    *Swagger takes the belt off from around his waist and raises it up as the KOW glare at him. Ziggler from behind just nods staring at KOW and Teddy Long.*

    Jack Swagger: Every single time we face a team that doesn’t live up to their moniker, we beat them, and we don’t just beat one team… no remember last time you tried to stack the deck against us Teddy? When we claimed there was no competition for us, so you tried to give us some? Remember that?

    *Swagger looks intently at Long.*

    Jack Swagger: Yea, we won. Listen Teddy we don’t need to tell you what you already know. But do you really think the WWE Universe likes seeing us dominate the same teams over and over again? You Teddy Long, a man of the WWE Universe, should know all too well they would not like that, but if you choose to ignore them that’s fine by us. We will beat any team put in front of us, we have every single time, and we will continue to do so. But we will let you know this now… please don’t make us face these bums again, we have beaten them twice, what makes you believe they could beat us a third time? Why don’t you find new contenders, somebody the WWE Universe might actually believe can beat us. Of course though we know that won’t turn true. We are the best team this industry has ever seen, and as much as your beloved WWE Universe would love to see new contenders, some team that could dethrone us, it won’t happen.

    ???: Is anyone here invited to join in with this party?

    *The voice of William Regal is heard, and the crowd jeers, as he and Drew McIntyre, representing the United Kingdom enters Teddy's office.*

    Regal: To begin with: Claudia, Christine, saying Teddy is the "True Authority Figure on Raw"? Really? Well, unless I'm mistaken love, kissing the bosses ass gets you nowhere in the WWE. Trust me, I know. I'm still yet to have a World Title match of course.

    But Teddy, as a former Raw General Manager myself, I bloody well know how hard it is to control the crazy, ego-maniac tossers, like the false Kings. But I too know the satisfaction you receive when you make the right decision - when you reward the deserving, the best candidates for the job. And often, they are the British.

    After Money in the Bank, Mr. Wade Barrett will be Mr. Money in the Bank, and he will become WWE Champion when he wants too. Sheamus is already United States Champion - and if you make the right call Teddy, the WWWE Tag Team Championships will be coming home to the United Kingdom. We are the most dominant alliance in WWE History.

    Our self-assigned goal is to dominate the WWE, and we'll be on course to do that, Teddy, we just need the opportunity.

    *Drew McIntyre then steps up and stands next to Teddy.*

    Drew McIntyre: Now Teddy Long we know you have to consult Eve on every decision, but how about you make a decision right now that will impress and show Mister McMahon you are capable of running this show by yerself. Think about it Teddy, the job all to yerself, no Eve, all you have to do is make the right choice, and that choice is to give Mister Regal and I, a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships. The supposed Kings, they already had their shot, they lost. Now there are no contenders, just like these peasants… *Points to AAP* clearly stated, and we, we are the next contenders. We deserve it; it is our destiny as part of the United Kingdom to prove our dominance by winning every title in the WWE. So Teddy Long make the right decision, get this job to yerself, impress Mister McMahon. You know how to do it… give Mister Regal and Mister McMahon’s handpicked ‘Chosen One’ a WWE Tag Team Championship match.

    *The three teams then face off and begin squabbling as Teddy looks on before speaking.*

    Teddy: Enough! That's enough playas. Can we all just settle down and handle this like men. So we have the Kings wanting a rematch after their title chances were ruined two weeks ago on Raw, we have the reigning tag team champions All American Perfection claiming they are the best team in the world and then we have the United Kingdom duo of Regal and McIntyre looking to prove their dominance and win the tag team titles themselves.

    Well.. There's only one way to settle this once and for all. We are gon' have ourselves a little tag team match at the Money In the Bank PPV! It will be the tag team champions, All American Perfection. They will defend their titles against the Kings of Wrestling and United Kingdom paring of Regal and Drew, Now how do you boys like that?

    *Both UK and the Kings seem pleased with the match made while All American Perfection can be seen shaking their heads and storm out of the office.*

    Teddy: May the best team win! Holla, Holla!

    *The two remaining teams then leave the office, as they do.. Eve can be seen walking through the door and walks up to Teddy with a grin on her face.*

    Eve: Hi Teddy, I'm so glad to see you after such a long and unexplained period of absence! Listen before we catch up as happy as I am to see you're actually doing some work for a change I couldn't help overhearing your little dilemma here and it seemed to me like you were making a very important decision regarding this subject, you know the kind of decision you're supposed to consult me about?

    Teddy: Firstly playa' We are not friends Eve, so why pretend to be? You got what you wanted and you almost cost me my job. Secondly, You have been making many decisions without me the past few weeks and so I decided to make one of my own as I'm officially back now.

    Eve: That's completely different Teddy, after all you left without a word, nobody knew where you were, you weren't answering any of my e-mails and I wasn't about to let this company fall apart just cause you couldn't be counted on yet again.

    Teddy: Well excuse me Eve, please. I will make extra sure to "consult" you next time.. I had no idea we you were though and this show is not going to run itself right?

    *Teddy smirks at Eve as she looks unhappy to hear his response.*

    Teddy: You see Eve, there's a reason for my absence and there's a reason for my return. I have been speaking with the board of directors and they have informed me that they only want to see one permanent GM going forward so that mean's one of us will soon be out of a job. However, they are not going to pick one of us and instead there going to allow us to compete for the chance.

    They have told me that at War Games it will be Team Teddy vs. Team Eve, we must each pick a captain and build a team of four people to compete. The winning GM's team, will be the rightful and deserving permanent GM of Raw Is War.

    Now.. I wish you could luck Playa' But I have some calls to make and a team to build. Holla, Holla!

    *Teddy passes Eve with a smile on his face as he leaves the office. The camera then gets one last shot of Eve who's clearly taken back by the news as the camera heads to ringside.*

    JR: Another huge match set for Money in the Bank! A triple threat tag team match for the WWE Tag team Championships. All American Perfection’s title reign is in serious jeopardy.

    King: Are you forgetting JR that All American Perfection has won this exact match not that long ago at The Great American Bash? They beat the Prime Time Players and Kings of Wrestling in that match. The only team they should worry about is the United Kingdom

    JR: You don’t think Kings of Wrestling have tried to correct what happened to them in that match? They are just as big of threats because they have been in the match before, and now know what they need to do in order to win that match. Bottom line, All American perfection, whose historic reign is impressive, will have their hands full Sunday when they attempt to retain the titles and continue this reign.


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