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    JR: And up next, we have a Money in the Bank qualifier. Who will join John Cena, Kurt Angle, Wade Barrett, and Jeff Hardy in the Raw Ladder Match? Hopefully not Chris Jericho, because he can apparently have as many shots as he wants to get into the match. Ryback winning this match would be the only justice.

    King: Jericho winning would be the only justice considering what happened at SummerSlam! Last week John Cena beat Jericho and it was a fluke, but this Neanderthal won't be so lucky. Eve should give Jericho as many shots to get in because he was screwed out of the WWE Championship… heck he should just be placed in the match!

    JR: King you’ve gone crazy. In no way does SummerSlam justify Chris Jericho getting multiple Money in the Bank matches!

    JR: Well one can only hope that this “Neanderthal”, by the way I’d be careful what you say, wins and doesn’t give Chris Jericho the satisfaction of getting in the match on a second shot at qualifying for the Ladder Match, instead of another more deserving superstar.

    King: Because it'll be a travesty if Chris isn't in the match, he was screwed at SummerSlam, heck HE created the match, this is his match, he needs to be in it!

    JR: He needs to be in nothing and he doesn’t deserve it. He lost last week to John Cena fair and square, and hopefully the same justice occurs here tonight! Ryback deserves it. After beating Goldberg at SummerSlam, and putting his body on the line, Ryback is ready to show he belongs with the top dogs of the WWE and can become WWE Champion!

    *With Ryback's music now playing, he wastes little time in coming out from the Gorilla position, positioning himself at the top of the ramp. Swaying his arms in rhythm, he chops the air as he vigorously brings both arms down to his sides and looks down, off screen fireworks booming from behind him. Looking back up, the camera's now zoomed in into his intense glare and backs up as Ryback yells, "WAKE UP!" He strides down the ramp, visibly amped up for some reason. In no time at all, he enters the ring, looks out at the crowd then turns back to face the camera as he claps his hands together and more fireworks sound off. He walks over to the corner of the ring to pick up a mic left for him.*


    "So the man I'm about to face tonight is perhaps the greatest technical wrestler in the WWE today. A man full of passion, tenacity, conviction and drive, he's made his mark in the WWE for years, captivating audiences with his high flying, mat based wrestling. Indeed, he's the kind of opponent that has me salivating because I know he'll be a credible challenge, a challenge that I seek to overcome tonight. That man is none other than the former WWE Champion, Chris Jer..."

    *Before Ryback can finish his sentence, he's drowned out by the loud booing from the inhospitable audience who're obviously detested by that man even by name.*

    "Now Chris, in addition to being one of the best in the ring, is also known for being brash and outspoken. He never shies away from telling people what he thinks whether anyone wants to hear him or not. Recently, he's making a lot of noise but unfortunately for the good majority of all if us, it's been sounding alot like this..."

    *Ryback begins emulating the crying of a baby, earning him a lot of laughs from the crowd.*

    "And boy oh boy did it get worse since he lost to John Cena last week here on RAW. Bitch, bitch, bitch, moan, moan, moan. That's been his mantra since that match and it's always been his mantra whenever he doesn't get his way or he's faced with disappointment. So finally, RAW General Manager and the self-appointed babysitter of Jericho, Eve Torres, gave him his pacifier and shut him up because in our match tonight, he'll have another shot of qualifying for the RAW Money In The Bank match. But the best part about that was the goofy grin he got when he heard the news from Eve. He's actually under the impression that this will be easy for him."

    *Ryback, very uncharacteristically, smiles in a devilish sort of way, exposing his gleaming fangs that only accentuate his playful but dangerous state of mind.*

    "And I can't wait to prove him wrong."

    *Voice dripping with determination, Ryback's smirk only grows wider when a small "Feed me more!" chant gets started, growing louder and louder each second until the arena booms with the sound of the catchphrase echoing from nearly every patron in attendance. Digging the show of support, Ryback does nothing to quiet the crowd as he continues talking.*

    "You see, Jericho and I have faced each other before and it was for his WWE Championship. I was so close to winning that match until I was robbed by Goldberg..."

    *The chant quickly dies as more booing is heard, nearly as equally as loud as the booing Jericho got.*

    " ...who I sent packing to Nitro via warm regards from my boot to his ass!"

    *Cheering now fills the building.*

    "This match is where everything comes together for me. Not only do I get to prove myself as a high caliber talent like Chris Jericho is but I get to earn a spot in a match for an opportunity for a future match for the title that should be in my grasps right now. Ever since my nemesis Goldberg has been dispatched, I have a new hunger, fueled by greed and ambition and I will not stop until it's fully satiated. So Chris, I hope you're prepared to go to the gallows right now and grapple with the very incarnation of aggression because I'm prepared to break down the Walls of Jericho and plunder and feast on the treasures that await me in the future!"

    *Ryback drops the microphone and leads the crowd into chanting his catchphrase once again.*


    JR: Well I hope Jericho is served on a platter, the way he gets everything served to him.

    King: Jericho has earned everything he has gotten, and he will earn a spot in the Money in the Bank match, and he will earn that briefcase! Jericho is more focused today! He knows what happened last week cannot happen again and he won’t allow it. Jericho is the master of the mind games, don’t be surprised if you hear Goldberg’s name a couple times.

    JR: Well I’m sure if he loses he will just be given another qualifying match since Eve plays favorites. And if Jericho wins tonight it wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to use Goldberg’s name to distract Ryback, because Jericho is that shallow and desperate

    King: She's doing what's best for business, what’s best for the ratings, and people want to see Jericho. Jericho needs to win because if not, RAW will suffer and so will the buy rate for the Money in the Bank PPV!

    JR: I beg to differ, we can do just fine without him, he has left before and bound to leave again!

    Chris Jericho vs. Ryback (Goldberg)

    3:25 Onwards

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