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    Shane: Hey, Rocky. You could have knock-

    Rock: Save it Jabroni! The Rock is not here for chit chat.

    *The crowd explode with cheers as the Rock enters the camera frame. Instantly he can be seen to be a lot more aggressive then usual and in turn pissed off with the out come of his Summer Slam match no doubt.*

    Rock: Summer Slam, the biggest party of the summer. It's funny though, getting spiked on the top of your head off the top rope suddenly makes you not want to party.. It can suddenly make you. *Rock pauses before holding his clearly still injured neck.* Moody.

    At Summer Slam, Dean Ambrose showed the world he's a man.. he showed the world just why there was so much hype about him. He stood toe to toe with the Rock... And he won.

    *Rock sighs clearly depressed with the outcome as the crowd boo the mention of Dean Ambrose winning. Rock then turns to the camera and begins to speak again.*

    Rock: The whole world has speculated, Will he be on Nitro? How injured is the Rock.. Is the Rock done? Is he this, is he that.. Woah! Woah! Woaaahhh.. Mary, mother of Jesus.. The Rock is still here.. I'm still standing and I'm saying this right now.. It's not over jack, we are just getting started! People say the Rock through everything at Ambrose? I say Nah, there's more to come... You knocked me back, But the Brahma Bull comes charging right back at ya'!

    Dean Ambrose, You struck first blood.. and it's 1-0 too you! There's still another 2 rounds because I'm not done.. not by a long shot. I plan to come back, bigger and stronger. I'm laying the challenge right now, Rock vs Dean Ambrose again! And when I beat you this time.. I will beat you this time Ambrose, it will be 1-1 and if your monkey ass can take another slice of getting layeth' the Smackdown then Rock will go another round.

    The decider, with the final result ending the feud, the grudge between The most electrifying man in sports entertainment and the most scariest walking hair cut on god's green earth!

    That's where you come in..*Rock turns to Shane.* All I need.. is for you to book it!

    From off screen a voice calls out to Rock and Shane before Shane has a chance to answer Rock.

    Voice: Book it.. Book it.. why don't you book yourself into the Smackdown hotel.. Hold on.. I already did that for you.. didn't I?

    Dean Ambrose walks into view as The Rock turns around and stands face to face with him. Ambrose and Rock glare at each other before Ambrose wipes a hand down his own face and smiling.

    Ambrose: Why.. are you even here? Shane.. why is he here? Why is The Rock not waiting at the nearest bus terminal trying to get the hell out of dodge? Conspiring.. maybe? Coming up with a new plan..?

    At Summerslam I put you down like a rabid dog.. I snuffed you out.. the invincible wrestling machine that is Dean Ambrose did exactly what he said he would do Rock.. and that was to beat you. All of that hype.. all of that talk.. you witnessed first hand that I wasn't foolin' around Rocky. Your legacy is dead.. the charred ashes of your career have already been scattered.. you're done Rock.. you're over and so is your 'plan'.. that died with you. And yet here you are.. like a cockroach that refuses to die after a nuclear holocaust.. you come scuttling back into view to pick up the pieces..

    Ambrose's smile fades away into a scowl, he pulls at his hair and begins pacing around as he talks, raising his voice.

    Ambrose: Did I get it WRONG!? What has a guy gotta do to ensure that once a guy is BROKEN he stays BROKEN!? Do I have to DISEMBOWEL you!? Do I need to take a knife and just JAM it right up in there and see what falls out? Do I have to bash your head in with a metal pipe until your meagre grey matter stains my boots? Pour ACID on your face, file down your finger prints and bury you alive in concrete before you finally realise that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!?

    What have I got to do Rock to show you that you don't belong here any more.. that the spotlight doesn't belong to you now.. that being around me is just hazardous to your health..?

    Ambrose begins to mutter to himself before laughing to himself, clearly visualising everything he said.

    Ambrose: Maybe the most electrifying man should become the most electrified man in sports entertainment today.. I think we'd all get a laugh out of that. But far be it from me to turn down a fight when one is offered.. I made enough noise myself when I was refused by none other than the third wheel of this crazy little ride.. The Rock wants a rematch.. a chance at redemption.. another round of torture.. who am I to spoil the fun?

    You want to go through all this AGAIN Rock? You want me to bring you down to your knees once more and show you that this is MY world and you're just living in it? They call me crazy.. but you just take the cake! You're on!

    Ambrose looks over at Shane with a grin on his face.

    Ambrose: Don't make me beg Shane.. don't make me beg.. and PLEAD... AND SCREAM.. AND SHOUT! You remember.. what happened last time.. right?

    *Rock just stare's right at Ambrose for a few seconds before speaking.*

    Rock: What do you have to do? Stop!... This! *Rock pounds his chest area where his heart it placed.* Stop this! You stop that.. and you have stopped me. The Injury's, the title loses.. illness.. all those bad moments, they didn't stop me. You know why?

    Because they fuel me.. them fans in attendance! *Crowd cheer* Those fans at home watching live right now! The team bring it army, the boots to asses nation. They, they are my fuel.. my energy, my drive the reason I came back and the reason I'm never going away.

    The same reason that unless you stop them.. unless you stop this *Rock places his hand on his heart* The reason why I will never go away. Dean Ambrose.. The Rock will be a man and will admit you surprised me, You did what you said you would and you beat me! The great one can respect that..

    The Rock can also respect that you are willing to do it all again in that ring in front of the WWE Universe, but know something Ambrose. The Rock does not like you.. But he thanks you for lighting the fire I needed and the fire I will use to do what I should have done at Summer Slam and beat you... *Rock steps closer* Because I will beat you Dean Ambrose!

    *Both men now stand face to face with only there breath separating them.*

    Rock: Shane, you heard him. Book.. the... match.

    Shane: I think...

    Ambrose holds his hand up ala The Rock into Shane McMahons face.

    Ambrose: It doesn't matter what you think... what matters right now is that I get the chance to once and for all extinguish the fire that burns inside of Rock right here. To make sure that the millions... and millions no longer feel obliged to chant his name... that when all is said and done.. and the all the dust has settled... The Rock will be remembered as nothing more than a foot note in the meteoric rise to the top of the best of the best OF THE BEST... Dean Ambrose.

    You think the fans matter? When you're in the ring do you think they really assist you? Where were they at SummerSlam? How many of them got inside the ring to stand between us... to save you from the slaughter... none... because they know that no one can save you from me... not yourself... not the fans... not Shane..

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