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    Shane: Hey, Rocky. You could have knock-

    Rock: Save it Jabroni! The Rock is not here for chit chat.

    *The crowd explode with cheers as the Rock enters the camera frame. Instantly he can be seen to be a lot more aggressive then usual and in turn pissed off with the out come of his Summer Slam match no doubt.*

    Rock: Summer Slam, the biggest party of the summer. It's funny though, getting spiked on the top of your head off the top rope suddenly makes you not want to party.. It can suddenly make you. *Rock pauses before holding his clearly still injured neck.* Moody.

    At Summer Slam, Dean Ambrose showed the world he's a man.. he showed the world just why there was so much hype about him. He stood toe to toe with the Rock... And he won.

    *Rock sighs clearly depressed with the outcome as the crowd boo the mention of Dean Ambrose winning. Rock then turns to the camera and begins to speak again.*

    Rock: The whole world has speculated, Will he be on Nitro? How injured is the Rock.. Is the Rock done? Is he this, is he that.. Woah! Woah! Woaaahhh.. Mary, mother of Jesus.. The Rock is still here.. I'm still standing and I'm saying this right now.. It's not over jack, we are just getting started! People say the Rock through everything at Ambrose? I say Nah, there's more to come... You knocked me back, But the Brahma Bull comes charging right back at ya'!

    Dean Ambrose, You struck first blood.. and it's 1-0 too you! There's still another 2 rounds because I'm not done.. not by a long shot. I plan to come back, bigger and stronger. I'm laying the challenge right now, Rock vs Dean Ambrose again! And when I beat you this time.. I will beat you this time Ambrose, it will be 1-1 and if your monkey ass can take another slice of getting layeth' the Smackdown then Rock will go another round.

    The decider, with the final result ending the feud, the grudge between The most electrifying man in sports entertainment and the most scariest walking hair cut on god's green earth!

    That's where you come in..*Rock turns to Shane.* All I need.. is for you to book it!

    From off screen a voice calls out to Rock and Shane before Shane has a chance to answer Rock.

    Voice: Book it.. Book it.. why don't you book yourself into the Smackdown hotel.. Hold on.. I already did that for you.. didn't I?

    Dean Ambrose walks into view as The Rock turns around and stands face to face with him. Ambrose and Rock glare at each other before Ambrose wipes a hand down his own face and smiling.

    Ambrose: Why.. are you even here? Shane.. why is he here? Why is The Rock not waiting at the nearest bus terminal trying to get the hell out of dodge? Conspiring.. maybe? Coming up with a new plan..?

    At Summerslam I put you down like a rabid dog.. I snuffed you out.. the invincible wrestling machine that is Dean Ambrose did exactly what he said he would do Rock.. and that was to beat you. All of that hype.. all of that talk.. you witnessed first hand that I wasn't foolin' around Rocky. Your legacy is dead.. the charred ashes of your career have already been scattered.. you're done Rock.. you're over and so is your 'plan'.. that died with you. And yet here you are.. like a cockroach that refuses to die after a nuclear holocaust.. you come scuttling back into view to pick up the pieces..

    Ambrose's smile fades away into a scowl, he pulls at his hair and begins pacing around as he talks, raising his voice.

    Ambrose: Did I get it WRONG!? What has a guy gotta do to ensure that once a guy is BROKEN he stays BROKEN!? Do I have to DISEMBOWEL you!? Do I need to take a knife and just JAM it right up in there and see what falls out? Do I have to bash your head in with a metal pipe until your meagre grey matter stains my boots? Pour ACID on your face, file down your finger prints and bury you alive in concrete before you finally realise that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!?

    What have I got to do Rock to show you that you don't belong here any more.. that the spotlight doesn't belong to you now.. that being around me is just hazardous to your health..?

    Ambrose begins to mutter to himself before laughing to himself, clearly visualising everything he said.

    Ambrose: Maybe the most electrifying man should become the most electrified man in sports entertainment today.. I think we'd all get a laugh out of that. But far be it from me to turn down a fight when one is offered.. I made enough noise myself when I was refused by none other than the third wheel of this crazy little ride.. The Rock wants a rematch.. a chance at redemption.. another round of torture.. who am I to spoil the fun?

    You want to go through all this AGAIN Rock? You want me to bring you down to your knees once more and show you that this is MY world and you're just living in it? They call me crazy.. but you just take the cake! You're on!

    Ambrose looks over at Shane with a grin on his face.

    Ambrose: Don't make me beg Shane.. don't make me beg.. and PLEAD... AND SCREAM.. AND SHOUT! You remember.. what happened last time.. right?

    *Rock just stare's right at Ambrose for a few seconds before speaking.*

    Rock: What do you have to do? Stop!... This! *Rock pounds his chest area where his heart it placed.* Stop this! You stop that.. and you have stopped me. The Injury's, the title loses.. illness.. all those bad moments, they didn't stop me. You know why?

    Because they fuel me.. them fans in attendance! *Crowd cheer* Those fans at home watching live right now! The team bring it army, the boots to asses nation. They, they are my fuel.. my energy, my drive the reason I came back and the reason I'm never going away.

    The same reason that unless you stop them.. unless you stop this *Rock places his hand on his heart* The reason why I will never go away. Dean Ambrose.. The Rock will be a man and will admit you surprised me, You did what you said you would and you beat me! The great one can respect that..

    The Rock can also respect that you are willing to do it all again in that ring in front of the WWE Universe, but know something Ambrose. The Rock does not like you.. But he thanks you for lighting the fire I needed and the fire I will use to do what I should have done at Summer Slam and beat you... *Rock steps closer* Because I will beat you Dean Ambrose!

    *Both men now stand face to face with only there breath separating them.*

    Rock: Shane, you heard him. Book.. the... match.

    Shane: I think...

    Ambrose holds his hand up ala The Rock into Shane McMahons face.

    Ambrose: It doesn't matter what you think... what matters right now is that I get the chance to once and for all extinguish the fire that burns inside of Rock right here. To make sure that the millions... and millions no longer feel obliged to chant his name... that when all is said and done.. and the all the dust has settled... The Rock will be remembered as nothing more than a foot note in the meteoric rise to the top of the best of the best OF THE BEST... Dean Ambrose.

    You think the fans matter? When you're in the ring do you think they really assist you? Where were they at SummerSlam? How many of them got inside the ring to stand between us... to save you from the slaughter... none... because they know that no one can save you from me... not yourself... not the fans... not Shane..

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    You made me wait... you allowed me to simmer... preparing to explode until finally I went off like a weapon of mass destruction! I blew the roof off and now I have a taste... I need more destruction... more devastation... more mayhem and to get the chance to inflict more grievous wounds upon you is an opportunity I relish Rock... your dreams of becoming the WHC champion will die with me. I will drown you in your own sorrow and watch as the final ray of hope drains from your eyes as I stand atop your burning... crackling carcass.. title belts mean nothing to mean, but if you want it... then I just HAVE to have it...

    Ambrose and Rock face off as Shane steps between the two.

    Shane: Before the both of you tear my office to pieces I want to make one thing very clear. I make the matches, I make the calls, this is my show and neither of you are bigger than it. Money In The Bank... you two want to fight it out? You want a shot at the WHC Rock? You want to deprive him of that Ambrose? Then how about you both prove to me that you deserve to be in the MITB match?

    *All of a sudden the door bursts open, and in steps Mr. Anderson, with a very wide grin on his face. Both Rock and Ambrose turn towards the doorway to see Anderson, and Rock seems indifferent, but Ambrose seems livid that he just interrupted a possible match being made. Shane McMahon stands there and stares at Mr. Anderson.*

    Shane: Can I help you?

    *There is a bit of a pause as Anderson just looks back and forth between Rock and Ambrose.*

    Shane: Alright gentlemen

    Mr. Anderson: Did I interrupt something?

    *Pause as now both men look very unamused.*

    Mr. Anderson: Hey butt buddies.

    *Points towards The Rock and Dean Ambrsose.*

    Mr. Anderson: Yea you two. Look everybody knows you guys are infatuated with each other, but The Head Asshole in Charge of Nitro needs to have a chat with The Man in Charge of Nitro.

    *Anderson steps through the small space between Rock and Ambrose and right up to Shane.*

    Mr. Anderson: Look these two really want to get at it, that much is clear, but why waste two spots in the Money in the Bank match on these two? Do you really think either of them deserves a shot at it? I mean all they are going to do is play with each other, and now you stick them in this match… for what? So they now have toys they can fondle each other with?

    *Rock and Ambrose now step up behind Anderson, and Anderson peers over his shoulder. First at The Rock, who raises his eyebrow… then at Dean Ambrose who seems to have that crazed look in his eye.*

    Mr. Anderson: Easy there Charles Manson, no need to go on a killing spree you already did that once this past Sunday, that should be enough to fulfill your fantasy for a little while.

    *Ambrose puts his hands through his hair as though he looks like he is about to go crazy. Rock doesn’t take to kindly to the comment and begins to breathe down Anderson’s neck.*

    Mr. Anderson: Easy there Rocky, it was only a joke, you do know I’m an asshole don’t you? *Slight pause* I’m sure Ambrose will be more than willing to play bitch next time, I mean he is insane after all.

    *Done insulting both men, as he can tell they are clearly not happy, Anderson turns back towards Shane*

    Mr. Anderson: Look why waste a spot on two guys who clearly aren’t worried about grabbing a briefcase, instead why don’t you give a spot to someone who does want it… me! Nobody wants a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship more than me. I’ve been so close time and again, and that includes this past Sunday at SummerSlam! And every time I get that close*Closes his fingers together* that close to the Championship, it’s ripped away from me at the last second. The Royal Rumble in 2004, this past Sunday at SummerSlam, for god freakin’ sakes, I won the Money in the Bank match once before… until Edge ripped the briefcase our from my hands. Shane I deserve this, and not only do I deserve it, I need it. Every single time I get close somehow the chance always slips my grip. Shane I’m telling you now, not this time! I know I’ve said it before, but this time is different. After Sunday I had an epiphany, I’ve seen the light, I know what I need to do to win the World Heavyweight Championship, and what better way than to win it via the Money in the Bank briefcase! I had that briefcase once before, but I never got a chance to use it. I know how to win this match… and I know I will win this match! Shane give me that spot in that match… I’ve earned it… I deserve it… I need that redemption… I need to win the match and more importantly… I need to win the World Heavyweight Championship!

    *Before Shane can give a response, the door opens again and everybody turns to see Edge walk into the room. Everybody stays quiet as The Pride of Canada walks past all of them, and begins to talk straight to Shane.*

    Edge: All of these men think that they have what it takes to win the Money in the Bank match. All of these men believe that they can leave with that briefcase when it comes down to it at Money in the Bank, but why would you waste three spots on three men who aren’t going to get anywhere in this company?

    The fans boo loudly as Edge smirks.

    Edge: Let me take you all the way back to WrestleMania 21, the very first Money in the Bank match. I walked out to that ring and I beat five of Raw’s toughest superstars at the time to become the very first winner and holder of the briefcase. Ten months later, I became the WWE Champion for the very first time.

    And then I kept going. I’ve never looked back because the Money in the Bank match changed my career. That night, when I won the Money in the Bank match, I turned from a midcarder to a bonafide main eventer.

    And what nobody seems to understand Shane, is that I NEED to be in Nitro’s Money in the Bank match. I returned to this company way back at Royal Rumble. I fought CM Punk all the way to WrestleMania- where he beat me. I tried to get back up to the spot I deserved by taking on Tyson Kidd, all the way to last Sunday at SummerSlam, where he beat me.

    The fans pop for that as Edge runs a hand through his hair.

    Edge: I need this match to kickstart my career once more. I keep telling everybody I still have it but let’s face it, I haven’t exactly proven it. Come Money in the Bank, should you decide to do the right thing and put me in that match, I’ll do just that and prove exactly what I have been saying for months. I’ll prove that I can still carry this company.

    The fans boo loudly as Edge looks around at the three other superstars in the room with him.

    Edge: Take a look around this room Shane. You think that any of these men are capable of doing what I can do? Take a look at Moviestar over here. You think he has the capability to hang with the main eventers anymore? He lost to rookie boy at SummerSlam.

    And as for Anderson, well he’s an ex-Money in the Bank holder. But he was the first man not to win a World Championship after he won the Money in the Bank match, because I beat him for that briefcase and cashed in myself.

    I proved just a few moments ago by Spearing the idiot that tried to make an impact at SummerSlam, Miz that I can still hang. So what do you say Shane? Are you going to do the right thing?

    Shane pauses for a moment, mulling over each man's arguement, before his face lights up, an idea has clearly popped into his head.

    Shane: OK, so hear we have it. Rock, you want another shot at the World Title, and want in the MITB Ladder match to do so. Ambrose, you want to do everything in your power to stop that from happening. Edge, you wanna kickstart your career? Anderson, you claim to know what it takes to win a WHC now? Is that what you're telling me!? Well, I'll give you the chance to prove it, i'll give you all the chance to prove it in tonight's 6-Man Tag TLC Main Event! Because if any one of you gains that winning pinfall or will qualify for that MITB Ladder Match!

    The crowd pop as all four men look tense. Ambrose runs his hands through his hair, looking around manically, almost drooling at the possibility of getting his hands on The Rock!

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    We arrive back to the arena, where the lights inside are flashing at the Tables, Ladders and Chairs surrounding the ring, and the crowd is buzzing for one of the biggest Main Events in Nitro history. There are two tables set up outside the ring, and chairs lying around the ring.

    Tenay: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are mere moments away from perhaps the most anticipated match in Nitro History, and the first of it’s kind in WWE history. It is a 6-Man TLC Tag Team Match-up, where only pinfalls and submissions are legal.

    Bischoff: And remember Mike, if any 1 of Rock, Ambrose, Anderson or Edge get the winning pinfall, they advance to the Money In The Bank Ladder match along with The...ugh...Miz.

    Brock arrives out with nobody by his side, and he bounces on his toes, and sprints into the ring, ready for a fight.

    Tenay: But this man is looking to send a message to the World Champion tonight as to what type of a danger he is. You can guarantee Brock will be hell-bent on destruction tonight!

    Bischoff: If Brock is the most dangerous man in the ring on a normal occasion, but with Tables, Ladders and Chairs at his disposal, he will be unstoppable! And notice how Brock wants to stay 100% focused on this match, and hasn’t put the beautiful Sable in harm’s way. Now, if Tyson Kidd could get a girl, he would bring her out here and hide behind her the whole match!

    Tenay: And here comes the Rated R Superstar! The man who viciously attacked The Miz earlier tonight after he defeated Goldberg

    Bischoff: If Brock doesn’t get the pin, I want this man to! Our Pride of Canada Edge!

    Tenay: Remember folks, if one of Edge, Anderson, Rock or Ambrose gains the win, they qualify for the MITB Ladder match alongside The Miz, who defeated Goldberg earlier tonight!

    Tenay: And you have to wonder whether this man even gives a crap if he goes to Money in The Bank, he just wants to beat the living crap out of The Great One, The Rock!

    Bischoff: Ambrose is perhaps the most dangerous and downright insane wrestler I’ve ever seen in my life, and I am not surprised that Rocky’s clearly bricking it ahead of this huge match.

    Tenay: And here comes The Great One! Just a few days off a devastating blow, Rock will look to bounce back tonight, and specifically against Ambrose, and I for one hope he kicks his ass!

    Bischoff: Oh what happened to Mr. Neutral over in the corner?

    Tenay: Eric, I’m just giving an opinion many people have. Dean is a sick individual who deserves a good ass kicking!

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    Tenay: And the man who Brock defeated to earn that right as #1 Contender and who came so close to defeating the beast... Mr. Anderson.

    Bischoff: Man this guy is a total asshole!

    Tenay: He takes that as a compliment you know that Eric??

    The crowd give the biggest pop of the night for the WHC

    Tenay: And here comes the man who defeated Edge four nights ago, in the most hellacious and brutal match in WWE History!

    Bischoff: How Tyson still holds that belt, I’ll never know! Brock is gonna crush his puny body!

    Tenay: You know why he’s still champ? Because he has one of the biggest hearts in the company, and is afraid of no-body. I’m honoured to say that he is our Champion!

    All 6 men have filled up the ring now, and the bell rings as Ambrose goes right after Rock. Brock goes right after Kidd, and the two go back and forth, before Brock clotheslines Tyson out of the ring and to the floor below. He goes to follow, but Anderson connects with a kick to the back, and throws him out of the ring. Edge takes advantage of Anderson and chucks him over the top rope, before bouncing off the opposite rope and hitting a Suicide Dive to the outside onto Anderson. Meanwhile in the ring, Ambrose and Rock are battling it out tooth and nail.

    Main Event: Dean Ambrose, Edge (Reigns) and Brock Lesnar (Rollins) vs. Rock (Ryback), Mr. Anderson (Kane) and World Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd (Bryan) in a TLC Match with Pinfalls and Submissions legal
    5:06- 14:40

    Lesnar smirks as Tyson feels the pain of that last chair shot. We pan to The Rock, who is finally moving after that ferocious triple powerbomb through the announce table, and then to Anderson and Edge battling on the outside. Anderson clotheslines Edge to the ground and runs into the ring, where he and Brock go back and forth. Ambrose just stares at them before hopping out of the ring, and setting up a Table outside the ring.

    Tenay: Ambrose just abandoning Brock, but why?

    Ambrose walks over to the announce table, and pulls the Rock to his feet, but Rock looks down and out. Ambrose throws him into the steel ring post, and Rock is out! Ambrose manouvers the Table on the floor, so as that it is a foot away from the apron. He then drags Rock up to the apron, and sets up a Piledriver!

    Tenay: Oh my God! Eric, Dean is gonna kill The Rock! Someone stop him.

    Bischoff: I can’t look!

    Ambrose is about to deliver the Pile driver through the Table, but Rock reverses it into a Hurracanrana and both men go crashing through the Table, Ambrose taking the brunt of it!

    Tenay: OH MY GOD! Hurracanrana from The Rock and both men are out! I have never seen anything like that in my life!

    Brock and Anderson have turned round in opened mouthed shock, and it takes a dropkick to the back of Anderson’s head by Edge to seemingly snap Brock out of the trance. By this time, Tyson has struggled to his feet, with the help of the ropes, and as Edge goes after Anderson and takes him out on the outside with a massive clothesline. Edge then sets up a table outside the ring, and continues to beat down on Anderson, Brock sets his sight on Tyson.

    Tenay: Lesnar perhaps trying to wear down his opponent at MITB, he’s probably hoping he won’t even make it that far!

    Brock has an evil grin on his face as he clubs away at Tyson. He Irish Whips him off the ropes, and Tyson ducks clothesline, but Brock smashes him on the return, and goes for the cover

    1!...2!...Kick out by the World Champ.

    Brock goes to the outside, and grabs a chair, and throws the steel steps into the ring also. He picks up the chair, and motions for Tyson to get up. Tyson turns, and Brock swings the chair at him full force, but Tyson ducks and kicks Brock in the gut, and hits a DDT onto the chair, and falls to the ground himself

    Tenay: DDT! DDT by Kidd, the same move with which he pinned Brock to retain his Title at The Great American Bash!

    Bischoff: Brock will kick out, that scrawny Canadian can’t win this, and he just can’t!
    Kidd crawls over to the cover, and uses all his strength to roll the 290 pounder onto his back, and we can see that Brock is busted open. Tyson throws an arm over Brock....

    1!...2!...3! NOO! Brock gets the shoulder up!

    Tyson rolls out of the ring, as Brock comes to his senses. He rolls a table into the ring, and then pulls out a giant 20 foot ladder, and the crowd cheer loudly. He sets it up and the crowd cheer even louder. Brock however, comes out and meets him, and the two men go back and forth, before Tyson runs at him, but Brock hits a spinebuster onto the mat, and collapses in a heap beside Tyson.

    By this time, Edge has got back into the ring, and pulled Anderson with him. He goes to the outside and grabs a chair, but as he slides back into the ring, Anderson meets him with big right hands. He gets Edge into the corner, and Irish Whips him into the opposite turnbuckle and Edge arches his back in pain, before Anderson hits a Snap DDT, and covers.

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    1!...2!...Kick Out!

    Anderson sets up a Kenton Bomb from the top, but Lita races down the ramp and appears to push Anderson to the outside, and he hits the ground hard. Lita pulls Edge up to his feet

    Tenay: Edge’s valet, Lita and our Women’s Champion coincidentally, just saved her man!

    Edge tells her something, and Lita nods and grabs the table that Tyson placed in the ring, and places it in the corner, leaning against the ropes. Edge smirks and goes outside to get Anderson. Out of nowhere Natalya appears, and as Lita turns, Natalya hits a Spear through the Table!!!!

    Tenay: Spear! Spear through the Table by Natalya, revenge for Lita’s earlier actions!

    Edge looks on in shock, and goes to attend to his wife in the corner, as Natalya slides out of the ring. He gets up, and The Rock slides into the ring and hits him with rights and lefts, before hitting a Rock Bottom!!! Edge rolls out of the ring before Rock can pin him. Meanwhile, Brock has come to his senses and is pummelling away on Tyson on the outside, when Anderson comes in a swings a chair at him, the chair bending in his hands. It takes two chair shots for Brock to go down, and a third to keep him down.

    Tenay: Vicious chair shots by Anderson, sickening blows to the skull of our #1 Contender.

    Anderson helps Kidd up, who then locks in the Sharpshooter on Brock! Little does he know Dean Ambrose is behind him, and he gets hit with a chair shot to the back. He goes down, and as he gets back up, Ambrose swings again, but Tyson ducks and he connects with Anderson! Tyson then jumps off the barricade and hits a flying Enziguiri! He rolls Ambrose into the ring, where an exhausted Rock is waiting and has got his breath back.
    The two men go back and forth in the ring, and Rock gets the upper hand and goes for a back body drop when Ambrose stops and kicks him in the face, and goes for a rollup

    1!...2!...3! NO! Rock kicked out at the last possible moment!

    Rock kicks out, and both men go flying towards each other, with the same thing on their mind, and they both go down after a double clothesline!
    As the two are fighting it out in the middle of the ring. Tyson has rolled Brock onto a Table, and set up the ladder, and began to climb it as Rock and Ambrose hit the double clothesline to loud cheers. HE gets to the top, and with no regard for his safety throws himself off it towards Brock.


    Bischoff: OH MY GODD!!!! BRRROCCCKKK!!!!

    The Rock has now got back up by this point, and can hardly believe it. Ambrose attacks him from behind, and clotheslines him out of the ring, and follows him out. The two men continue brawling, trading massive rights and lefts as they ascend up the ramp.

    Tenay: Ambrose and Rock have no regard for the match! They’re just focusing on beating the living crap out of each other!

    They soon disappear from view as Anderson gets back in the ring, still holding his head from that chair shot. Edge slithers in and hits Anderson with a low blow!

    Bischoff: It’s all legal here Mike, should be no bitching bout that from Anderson!

    Anderson goes down, and Edge sense his opportunity. He lines up the spear, and Anderson turns round and gets hit with it. Edge looks to go for the cover.....

    But pulls out of it, as he sees two chairs lying in the ring, and he places one underneath the head of Anderson. He takes the other one and holds it high above his head, and is about to bring it down when The Miz appears in the ring, and takes Edge down and begins beating the hell out of him! He throws him into the corner, and goes for an Awesome Clothesline. Edge ducks and lines up the spear, and looks to connect with another Spear, but Miz shows amazing athleticism and jumps over him, and Edge goes crashing into the turnbuckle. HE comes back out, and Miz sets him up and....

    Tenay: SKULL CRUSHING FINALE ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR! And Miz leaves, his work done here!

    Bischoff: That cheating son of a bitch! Ref...Come on!

    Tenay: As you said Eric, it’s all legal!

    Anderson comes to his senses, and sees Edge out for the count, but he isn’t done, and he grabs Edge and takes him to the top rope....

    Tenay: GREEN BAY PLUNGE! With authority! Goodnight Edge!

    Anderson rolls Edge over...

    Tenay: What a Main Event tonight ladies and gentlemen, and Mr. Anderson has qualified for the Money In The Bank Ladder Match.

    The camera pans to Tyson Kidd and Brock Lesnar still out at the edge of the ring, and back into Anderson, who celebrates on the turnbuckle with the fans as Nitro goes off the air.
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    Here We Go!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    Who is ready for some ECW!!!!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    I mean Monday Night Raw!!!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    This show better be awesome or else!!!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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    I bet it will be EPIC!

    So, here is RAW IS WAR!!!!!

    A STAR WAS BORN!!!! #ThankYouBrock

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