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    Location: Oakland Colosseum; California

    Tenay: Hello everyone, and we're hot of the heels of one of the greatest Summerslam's in recent memory. Mike Tenay and Eric Bischoff here, and everyone's got one thing on their mind, and that's the Miz.

    Bischoff: And he's not awesome. He attacked Edge randomly, when he was putting the boots in Tyson Kidd – who somehow – is still World Heavyweight Championship.

    Tenay: And he will go on to Money in the Bank to defend against Brock Lesnar: he triumphed over Mr. Anderson in a number 1 contenders match, and those 2 will tear the house down in a few weeks.

    Bischoff: We also had Lita and Undertaker winning the Women's and Intercontinental Championships respectively, plus Hurricane beat Daniels, and Dean Ambrose defeated The Rock, who's whereabouts are unknown, since he was hospitalised a few weeks ago, and treated for a concussion, since suffering the second rope piledriver from Ambrose

    Tyson Kidd's music hits, as the crowd explode with a massive pop. Kidd comes out and makes his way to the ring, before raising his belt up high in the air with the crowd taking pictures of him.

    Tyson Kidd: First of all, I'd like to address Edge. Edge, you put on one hell of a match at Summerslam- and for that, I have to give credit where it's due. You put me to the test, however I conquered that test, and despite defeating you, you also proved that you are WWE's biggest sore loser.

    After our match, we shook hands- only for you to turn on me...again. Edge, I know for a fact that there are people out there fuming about the fact that you didn't beat me, because they say you deserve it more than me. But the fact of the matter is, I can accept the fact that people say that. Because at the end of the day, I can say that I walked out of Summerslam- and I broke you down!

    Crowd cheer as Kidd grins.

    Kidd: But that was the past, and for now- I need to keep my eye on the future. I've got a beast of number 1 contender on my hands, and he goes by the name of Brock Lesnar. See Brock, I'm not the one who is gonna deny your ability- but the only problem for you is, your ability isn't enough to compete with the top dog.

    Crowd cheer.

    Kidd: And yes, you may come out into this ring and talk about how you're bigger than me, how you're tougher. But I am the world champion, and like it or not- I'm also the big thing that came out of a small package!

    After defeating Edge, I feel better about myself. I feel that I can compete with anyone on the roster, and all the nerves I used to have- I've defeated them. You think I'm scared of you Brock? Well, guess what? I'm not scared at all! And let me prove that by calling you out, so you can get your fat ass out here right now!

    *On cue, Brock Lesnar comes out in his workout gear. Visibly pumped, he storms down the ramp with conviction while his music blasts from the PA system. With a microphone already in his hand, he orders that his music be stopped as he enters the ring. He looks up and down Tyson, paying extra attention to the belt he has in his grasp.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    Well, look what we’ve got out here. Our confident yet unworthy World Heavyweight Champion. You know, Tyson, I was going to cut your little celebration speech shot anyways but since you decided to call me out here, who was I to refuse? After all, I’ve been waiting for this moment for months. I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not but ever since you robbed me of my World Heavyweight Championship, everyone’s been second guessing me. People have been looking down on me in ways that I’ve never confronted before in my entire life. ‘Hey Brock, how’s it feel like knowing that you, the supposed best athlete on the planet, got his ass handed to him by a midget like Tyson Kidd?’. “

    *Some of the audience members begins to laugh as Brock looks back at them with an intense glare. He turns his attention to Tyson.*

    That’s all I’ve been getting from these fans when you stole my championship from me after I took out four of Nitro’s top talents in the same match and on the same night that you lost to Edge. Knowing that your momentum was down, instead of cashing in that briefcase on me when I was at 100%, you decided to slither your way into the ring and use that damn contract on me after my match was won. And to make matters worse, I didn’t get the one on one match with you that I should have gotten. Instead, that crybaby Edge had to piss and moan until he was added into my world championship match and thanks to him getting in my way, you got away with the title again. But did he have to earn his world championship match with you like I had to for Money In The Bank? Of course not! He gets shoehorned into yet another title match while I had to get my hands dirty with Mr. Anderson. Of course, I won but see, that’s not the issue here. The issue here is that I, of all people, had to work my way up to the place where I should already be and that’s the top. Meanwhile, scum like Edge get smooth sailing without having to lift a damn finger and that doesn’t sit well with me at all. I don’t know if it’s just management wanting to jerk me around like old times or just plain incompetence on their part but the winds aren’t in your favor now, Tyson. In case you’ve forgotten, let me remind you of what’s in store for you come Money In The Bank. You have to put your title on the line against me in a one on one match. No B.S. Just a straight up man to man confrontation. And since I’ve been back, I’ve yet to be beaten in that type of match. And don’t even think about calling that cash-in a match. That was a robbery and everyone in the WWE knows it. But in the end…”

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