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    JR: Welcome back, and as you can see William Regal and Drew McIntyre are in the ring, getting ready for their match against the WWE Tag Team Champions!

    King: This isn’t fair; I don’t know who to cheer for!

    JR: At least we know that these two teams are in cahoots if they are facing each other

    King: The match hasn’t happened yet, you don’t know that.

    JR: Well from the looks of it, at least it doesn’t appear that way. Plus they are the champs and were focused on attacking their number one contender’s, not to mention they have said they are out to beat everyone

    King: Well that’s because they are the best tag team, this just happens to be two members of the United Kingdom they are facing. Remember the United Kingdom is a group not a tag team

    JR: Well I for one hope your wrong.

    UK (Regal & McIntyre) vs. AAP (Ziggler & Swagger)
    (William Regal= CM Punk; Drew McIntyre = John Cena)

    Watch till 7:15

    Regal hits Ziggler with the neckbreaker and Ziggler rolls to the apron. Regal reaches between the ropes to grab Ziggler but Ziggler hits a forearm shot to the stomach. Regal backs up a bit as Ziggler stands but then Regal comes over and hits a vicious European uppercut. Ziggler falls to the ground as Regal goes out after him. Regal picks Ziggler up and hits a flurry of forearm smashes to the head. This knocks Ziggler for a loop and Regal rolls back in the ring. He goes over to mock Swagger, where the ref gets between them, and McIntyre drops down and hits a kick to the head of a kneeling Ziggler.

    JR: Oh what a cheap shot.

    King: Ref had his back turned, it’s all legal

    JR: I guess All American Perfection is getting what they deserve they have done it to so many people before.

    McIntyre rolls Ziggler in the ring and Regal bounces off the ropes and hits a knee drop. Regal picks Ziggler up leans him against the turnbuckle and hits a flurry of forearm smashes to the face. Regal backs up and runs, but Ziggler moves and Regal crashes into the turnbuckle.

    JR: McIntyre with the tag to Regal! I don’t think Ziggler knows!

    Ziggler unknowing to the tag grabs a staggering Regal and hits…

    King: Zig Zag!

    JR: Regal isn’t the legal man though

    Ziggler goes to pin Regal thinking he has the match won, and the ref informs him that Regal isn’t the legal man. Ziggler gets up and turns into a huge big boot from McIntyre and Ziggler falls like a heap of bricks. McIntyre quickly covers…




    JR: Ziggler kicked out!

    King: What a match this has been!

    Ziggler kicks out and McIntyre has a look of disbelief on his face. McIntyre then locks in a rear chokehold on Ziggler. Ziggler battles to his feet hits a few elbows to the gut, runs against the ropes, and leaps at McIntyre who catches him with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Ziggler rolls and gets up quickly, runs for a clothesline at McIntyre, who ducks, grabs Ziggler’s head and hits a hangman’s neckbreaker onto his knee. McIntyre smiles and then calls for the finish. Ziggler groggily gets to his feet, staggers around, where McIntyre turns him, hooks the arms…

    JR: Future Shoc-No! Ziggler didn’t fall, and counters with a jumping elbow!

    As McIntyre went to drop him, Ziggler didn’t go down, McIntyre fell and Ziggler countered with a jumping elbow drop. Both men are down and reaching for their partners. They both get close to their partners…

    JR: Tag to Regal!

    King: Tag to Swagger!

    Both men come in and Regal catches Swagger with a huge. Regal goes to lift him but he can’t, and Swagger turns it into a northern lights suplex. Swagger gets up, stalks Regal and tackles Regal by the knees to take him down. Swagger then backs up and hits the Swagger Bomb! (Corner slingshot splash)

    JR: Swagger Bomb! Looks as though Swagger is calling for a finish.

    Swagger celebrates and drags Regal to their corner, where he tags in Ziggler.

    King: Looking to finish it off… wait what are they doing here? No don’t ruin this match!

    JR: Looks as though the Kings of Wrestling wanted a closer look.

    The Kings of Wrestling make their way down the ramp without Ziggler or Swagger seeing them. Swagger lifts Regal up and…

    King: Gutwrench Powerbomb into the Zig Zag! Its over!

    Swagger gets out of the ring as Ziggler covers, but just as he does, Chris Hero climbs on the apron to distract the ref, and points to Claudio Castagnoli who grabs McIntyre from the apron and hits him with a European uppercut followed by a bicycle kick! The ref then calls for the bell

    King: No! All American Perfection had that won! They got screwed!

    JR: A little taste of their own medicine and United Kingdom picks up the win, even though they really weren’t victorious

    King: These guys should be stripped of their tag title shots!

    JR: Well that isn’t going to happen, and the title match is next week. We may have new champions because to me the Kings of Wrestling look to be the favorites!

    King: They will get what’s coming to them next week. You don’t mess with All American Perfection and get away with it. All American Perfection would’ve won regardless but now those Kings will get the beating they deserve, not only for tonight but for last night and teaming with Tyler Black!

    JR: We shall see. Speaking of Tyler Black, he and Wade Barrett will go one on one in a Money in the Bank qualifying match in our main event, but up next we have our first Money in the Bank qualifying match, when Chris Jericho takes on John Cena!


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    A voice from the past: Day after day, year after year, I see America changing. And it's not for the better. All you Americans are getting weaker, and fatter. But not me, America needs a hero, America needs to be saved. And I an unlikely hero will be the one to save you from yourself. For I am more American than any of you watching, and I will cleanse the WWE of the weak, because in my America, only the strong survive.

    *The vignette stops and the crowd immediately begin speculating who is behind the video package. The camera then zooms around the arena, showing the crowd and various signs before the official theme song of this year’s Money In the Bank PPV plays again and the camera then shows the commentary team.*

    JR: Folks, I have no doubt that Twitter and tout will be red hot with various people speculating on who's behind this latest vignette but.. the speculation on who will be the first qualifier for the Money In the Bank match is about be to decided, it's Chris Jericho vs. John Cena and it's up next!

    King: How luck is this WWE Universe Ross! They will be treated to not one, but two main events tonight both will be MITB qualifying matches and both should be awesome!

    JR: I agree partner. The question is... who wants it more? Chris Jericho or John Cena? Jericho will no doubt be hurting having lost to Austin Aries for a second time, we seen the desperation on his face earlier, showing how much he wants his title back. On the other hand we have John Cena, seen by many as that guy that carried the WWE for a long time before the rebirth of Raw Is War. By his high standards, he's somewhat fallen from the lime light if you will... You have to know that he must be just as desperate to turn things around.

    King: Who wants it more JR? It's too close to call... Jericho, he's the best in the world. Money In the Bank matches is nothing new to him, I see him beating Cena tonight and using his experience to win the MITB briefcase and who knows... he may even cash it in on Aries before Rhodes has a chance of winning it that same night.

    *The crowd go crazy at the sound of John Cena's "Word Life" theme music. The leader of the chain Gang burst's through the curtain as the noise rises once again with cheers. Cena stands at the top of the stage and poses to the fans before making his way down to the ring.*

    JR: Oh boy, Cena looks more than ready King. You can't help but the get feeling... this is more than qualifying for the Money In the Bank. This is about two phenomenal athletes bouncing back, getting their careers back on track with a big win tonight.

    King: I would have to agree JR, the bad news though... He's going up against Y2J! There's no way he's going to let this chance slip, if he does? It’s possible Jericho could fall out of the title picture for a long time. Imagine that... Jericho not competing for the WWE title? That just wouldn't be right Ross.

    *The mood in the arena totally changes, the cheers have now become Jeers and the crowd begin raining down heavy with Boo's as Jericho steps out on to the stage. Jericho looks out at the fans and just shrugs them off without a care in the world for the fans. He then turns his attention to Cena in the ring and begins slowly making his way down the ramp as the crowd now begins a chant of "Austin Aries! clap, claps, Austin Aries!”

    King: These fans don't have any respect. Chris Jericho is a legend in this business and yet he's getting this ovation? It's disgusting.

    JR: These fans as you say, they pay their hard earned money King. America is freedom of speech, they have the right to express their feelings, good or bad to the wrestlers they like or don't like.

    King: Oh yeah? Well Jericho is going to have the last laugh when he beats Cena tonight, let's see how these fans will feel then when there smirks are wiped right of their faces! *King laughs*

    *Both men now stand in the ring, face to face they begin to trash talk each other as the crowd are clearly excited to see this match. The ref then gets in between both men and splits them up apart sending each to their corner. With a quick check done with... the official signals for the bell and the match begins.*

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    Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

    Start at 2:50

    Stop at 4:25

    JR: Bah gawd what a clothesline! Jericho was almost knocked right out of his boots!

    King: Jericho took too much time to gloat Ross, this could cost him dearly.

    *The ref begins to count as both men are down on the canvas. The majority of the crowd begin a "Let's go Cena!" chant while a small section of fans counter with a "Let's go Jericho" chant.




    Both men then start to move and look back at each other to see if the other is moving. Both then begin crawling across the ring and grab hold of the nearest ropes, dragging themselves up as the ref continues the count.





    Both men use the ropes and now reach their feet. Cena hits first with a right hand as Jericho responds with a slap across the chest. Both men then continue this pattern as the crowd cheer along with every slap and punch from the superstars.


    King: Look at Y2J go! He's on fire with those chops!

    JR: Shades of the legendary nature boy right here!


    *Jericho then stop's to take a pose as the fans boo, With Cena's chest now a bright purple from the viscous chops, Jericho then attempts one more... this time, Cena blocks and then Jericho try's to counter with a clothesline which Cena ducks underneath and responds with a big back body drop as the crowd begin go cheer as they know what's coming next.*

    JR: Vintage Cena right here folks!

    King: No! No!

    JR: We know what's coming next!

    *Cena then runs of the ropes, brushes his shoulder and then attempts to drop a fist into the face of Jericho as the crowd cheer.*

    JR: Five knuckle shuffle!

    King: Watch out Chris! Cena's behind you!

    *Jericho stumbles back to his feet but does not notice Cena stalking behind him. He then turns around in a daze and runs right into fireman's carry as Cena shows his impressive strength holding him up on his shoulders.*

    JR: We know what's coming next... The FU!

    *Cena attempts to throw Jericho done with the FU, Jericho though... has other ideas and shows his ability and balance by landing on his feet... he then spins back around and jumps up with the...*

    King: Codebreaker! Codebreaker!

    JR: My god, Jericho out of nowhere with the Codebreaker! He's got to pin him here!




    JR: Cena kicked out! John Cena kicked out!

    King: Jericho's stunned Ross, as am I... I thought it was over with that codebreaker.

    JR: I don't think you were the only one King, Many Cena fans in the crowd thought it was over right there. I can't say I didn't have my doubts; Cena never gives up though partner.

    *Jericho looks nothing but frustrated with not being able to put Cena away, He then looks as the doctor of thuganomics before looking over at the ropes as the small section of Jericho fans begins to cheer. Y2J then runs at the ropes and springs off with the LionSault but Cena jumps back up to his feet and catches him with a picture perfect FU before slamming him down on the mat.*

    JR: FU! FU! An FU out of nowhere!

    King: No Jericho! Kick out, kick out!

    JR: Cena with the pin! It must be over!




    JR: Cena wins! John Cena wins!

    King: No! it can't be... this means... Jericho! He's out of the Money In the Bank match? No! It can't happen JR! We can't have Money In the Bank without Jericho!

    JR: Well we can and we will! WWE Universe, your winner and first qualifier into this year’s Money In the Bank... John Cena!

    *Cena jumps to his feet in celebrating and the crowd cheer along with him. The Titantron then begins to show replays of the picture Perfect FU. Jericho begins to stir and looks up at the Titantron in disgust... His face then becomes clear with Anger as he rushes John Cena from behind knocking him down with a big forearm to the back of the head before kicking him over and over.

    Chris Jericho begins to shout "No! No!" as the crowd respond with "Yes! Yes!" Y2J then begins to scream I deserve my place in the Money In the Bank match before lifting Cena off the mat and striking with another Codebreaker.*

    JR: OH come on! You lost Jericho, fair and square! There's no need for this!

    King: Jericho got screwed! There's no way he should have been made to compete, he should have qualified automatically!

    JR: What? Jericho may think he is... but he's certainly not above anyone on this roster King, the world owes Y2J no favors and he's nothing but a bad loser!

    *Chris Jericho then exits the ring and heads over to the commentary team shouting "I don't deserve this... I should still be champion, I shouldn't have to qualify!" he then kicks the steps on his way around the ring before storming up the ramp and heading to the back as the crowd begin to laugh and boo him.*

    JR: Jericho is just furious; you can see how frustrated he is. He is in a downward spiral, and it continued here tonight. Will Jericho spiral out of control?

    King: No he can’t… I mean he won’t… aah! Austin Aries this is all your fault!

    JR: Well Aries did what he needed to do to win and retain the WWE Championship. I think Jericho is frustrated he couldn’t beat Aries injured and now it’s affecting him in ring. You can see he second guesses himself, hoping it will put someone down, because Aries had kicked out of the maneuver before.

    King: He will get back on track, he was still feeling the effects from last night, Cena was fresh, hadn’t competed for weeks.

    JR: Well Cena showed no ring rust whatsoever. Anyways we will see if Jericho can figure it out, meanwhile we will move onto our main event, our second Money in the Bank qualifying match, between Tyler Black and Wade Barrett, and this one is sure to be a slobber knocker, because not only is it for a spot in the match, but these men purely hate each other. That match is next!


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    The camera's pan to the back, where we see Trish Stratus inside of her locker room doing yoga. Immediately, the door swings open, and Trish stops, standing up. Kelly Kelly comes storming in, her hair now jet black, as she has two security guards at her side.

    Kelly: I've got a bone to pick with you. At SummerSlam, it was all supposed to come together. It was all supposed to finally click. And it nearly did. I was so close to finally realizing my dreams, my hopes, and my aspirations. took them, and you crushed them, and threw them all away like it meant nothing. People call me a bitch, but I think you are the one with the scarlet B on your forehead. You screwed me Trish!

    Kelly Kelly takes a step forward, but her two security guards immediately grab her. She calms herself, as they let her go.

    Kelly: As I was screwed me. You were pinned. I wasn't. YOU lost the match. I didn't lose anything. I went home though, with nothing. I sat at home, thinking about SummerSlam, thinking about that loss. Since coming back to the WWE, I've had a new attitude. I'm not the blonde bimbo that the stooges of the WWE would pander over. I'm not the bubbly lovable girl that everyone drooled over. I'm a fighter, I'm a wrestler. So I wanted to make a change, and what more drastic of a change, than my appearance.

    Kelly Kelly runs her hand through her hair.

    Kelly Kelly: While I may have changed how I looked, it didn't change how I felt. Do you want to know how I feel Trish? I feel like I am the #1 know I am the #1 contender. By logic, since I wasn't pinned, I still have a rightful claim to my Women's Championship. Lita is merely keeping it warm until my inevitable win. So...let me make this crystal clear for you. Stay out of my way. If you so much as even sneeze in my direction, I will break, your pretty...little...face....ok?

    Kelly Kelly smiles a sadistic smile, as she turns to leave. As she takes one step, Trish grabs her by the arm, spinning her around, and gets right up into her face.

    Trish: You know what Kelly you're right, I did get pinned in that match, but let's face it there was no way you were walking out of that match with the title around your waist.

    The fans cheer and Kelly looks pissed off.

    Trish: Now there are a lot of things you can do to me, but intimidating me isn't one of them so you better think twice before you get in my face next time or you will find your face permanently re-arranged. I don't care if you've got your two bodyguards here because it will take the jaws of life to get me off you next time you do that, you got that?

    The fans cheer once again and Kelly glares at Trish a bit less aggressive than she started out, but still pissed.

    Trish: As far as that match was concerned it was always going to be between Lita and me. You were just there as an added bonus, and not the good kind, so if anyone is getting a shot at the title it's going to be me.

    The fans cheer once again when suddenly Tamina walks inside the room. Both Trish and Kelly turn their attention towards her.

    Tamina: For gods’ sake, are you two still bitching over your pathetic displays at SummerSlam? Girls get the hell over it; in this business you either win or lose that is rule number one. At SummerSlam, Lita deserved that win, she fought tooth and nail to gain that win and yeah one of you had to get pinned… So what? No one gives a crap! It’s over and done with!

    The fans cheer

    Tamina: Look ladies, you have both had the chance at the title, you both got the chance at SummerSlam and you both FAILED! Get over it already, no one gives a damn which one of you was pinned! Look Trish, *Tamina looks Kelly Kelly up and down* Girl with the dragon tattoo? You two girls do not deserve nor get another shot at such at title… This shot you two oh so crave is mine and mine alone… I have been waiting in the wings in preparation for my chance.

    I watched and waited while you pathetic excuse for performers both got your chance and blew it!

    Tamina smiles before she continues

    Tamina: I waited for the title to be decided, I waited for the final 1,2,3 and for that belt to be to be put around the waist of who got that pin and in this case it is Lita… She is the woman I must beat and I will beat! I am here to stake my claim at that title, I have worked non-stop to get here, I am stronger, I am faster, and I am unbelievably talented and I will take down and pathetic, waste of womanhood who stands in my way *Tamina looks at them both*

    You two need to understand that nobody, be that friend or foe… I will take them to the mat, I will cause pain and punishment and the warrior princess will leave the next PPV as the champion… So dry your mascara full tears fix your make-up and get over yourself! You are looking at your future champ!

    Kelly: Future champ? Surely you don't believe yourself. Waiting in the wings? That baffles me. If you truly have a desire, a burning passion to be the best, to be the Women's Champion, wouldn't you have busted your ass and did everything you could to be in the finals of the Road to Triumphant tournament, and get your spot at SummerSlam? That's didn't, and it's not because you suck, or because people buy into the hype of your greatness because you're a second generation's because Tamina, plain and simple as it is, you are, and always will be a b grade wrestler. That is all your father ever was, and that is all you will ever be.

    Kelly Kelly turns, looking at Trish.

    Kelly: And you miss goodie two shoes. How was it always you and Lita? If you remember, in those final seconds of the Road to Triumph match, it was you and I tied for points, and it was only because you ALLOWED Lita to pin you, that she was in the match. If anything, it is your fault that Lita won! Had you not been such a weakling, then Lita wouldn't have been in the match to begin with. So you know what Trish.....just remember when you don't get a title shot, you were pinned twice by Lita. Once at the bash, and a second time at SummerSlam, so back of the line. I'm going to go get to the front.

    Kelly Kelly turns, storming off.

    Trish gets close to Tamina after Kelly leaves.

    Trish: Well now that the whiny little brat has left how about you and I talk like adults Tamina? You see unlike Kelly I don't need to resort to name calling, she does that because she knows she lacks the skill to back it up in the ring so instead she tries to get in people's heads backstage and hope she'll make them nervous enough for her to capitalize. But that's not going to work on me and neither is you big bad brute display right now Tamina. Now I respect your family's legacy and all, but you're going to have to do a lot more than swing the Snuka name around Tamina cause let me tell you it's getting old. Lita and I still have some unfinished business that dates back a whole decade so if anyone's getting a shot at the title next it's going to be me, but I'll tell you what once I face her one on one without Kelly's constant interference and become the new Women's Champion we'll talk about you getting a shot at the title.

    Tamina gets in Trish's face and Trish doesn't back down. They both stare each other down as the camera cuts to a commercial


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    JR: Welcome back, and as you can see before the break, Kelly Kelly and Trish Stratus are upset about losing last night to Lita, who was crowned Women’s Champion and the winner of the Road to Triumph Tournament, here’s to hoping the tournament returns again.

    King: Well what business does Tamina have in sticking her nose in that situation? What has she done to deserve it? She didn’t even make the top five in the tournament!

    JR: Well she feels as though now that the tournament is over its time to move on and find a new contender, and she is making a case for herself

    King: She doesn’t deserve it I’ll tell you that much!

    JR: Well we differ on that, as we do on so many things, and as I’m sure we will on our main event, Tyler Black and Wade Barrett square off in a Money in the Bank qualifying match! Now I’m sure these two men would love to get in that match to have a shot at the briefcase, but I’m sure they’d like to rip each other to pieces here tonight!

    King: Well of course they would, I mean after yesterday Barrett is in a foul mood. He wants to make sure Cody does not win that WWE Championship before he does. And defeating Tyler Black will give him a chance to maybe do so. Not to mention, Black talks a lot, and Barrett really doesn’t like that or him

    JR: Talks a lot? He does a lot less talking than the four United Kingdom members do, and as you can notice, Drew McIntyre and William regal aren’t here at ringside, they must be recovering from their match earlier backstage.

    King: Well he has Sheamus for support

    JR: Support? As long as Sheamus doesn’t interfere we should have no problems.

    JR: As you can see, Tyler Black is a one man team, he has nobody with him except himself, yet he still shows the courage to fight the United Kingdom

    King: More like stupidity. Fighting four people really isn’t smart; in fact it’s a good way to end your career. Maybe he can join Cena on the sidelines where he put Cena.

    JR: Cena actually won tonight King and is in the Money in the Bank Ladder match at the PPV, he may be well on his way back into the spotlight

    King: Not a chance Wade Barrett is going to push Black out and reclaim that spot.

    JR: We shall see here tonight.

    Wade Barrett vs. Tyler Black

    Watch 1:00 till 4:04

    Black rolls Barrett in the ring and climbs the apron. He stalks Barrett and as Barrett gets to his feet, black hits him with a springboard clothesline. Black gets up and celebrates for a minute before turning back toward Barrett. Barrett fights to his knees and Black bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the face of Barrett. Barrett goes down and Black gets up and celebrates again. Black then stands next to Barrett’s body and jumps…

    JR: Standing moonsault… No… Barrett rolled out of the way!

    Barrett rolls out of the way of the moonsault and Black hits the canvas hard. He bounces up off the canvas where he hits an elbow smash to the face of Black, putting him down. Barrett lifts Black up and places him against the turnbuckle where he hits a couple of knees to the gut. He then grabs Black by the arm and whips him into the opposite turnbuckle. He does it with such force that Black hits the turnbuckle and staggers out where Barrett puts him down with a big boot. Barrett wipes his mouth and spits in disgust and he covers Black…



    Black kicks out. Barrett punches Black in the face multiple times and then leaves him lying on the ground. Barrett gets up and walks around a bit, then goes over and grabs Black by the head and lifts him to his feet. Barrett sends Black against the ropes and picks Black up in midair and swings him around…

    King: Winds of Change

    JR: I don’t know I think Black reversed it and caught him with an STO.

    Black did reverse the move and hit him with an STO to put Barrett down. Black then struggles to his feet, and then when he does, he runs and hits a running shooting star press. Black gets up and notices Barrett down and goes over and quickly covers…



    Barrett kicks out. Black then picks Barrett up who quickly pushes him back but grabs a hold of his arm…

    King: BULL HAMM-

    JR: Black ducked it… and Blackout! Blackout out of nowhere! Tyler Black going to Money in the Bank!





    King: Barrett kicked out! He kicked out!

    Black can’t believe Barrett kicked out and runs his hands through his hair. Barrett is down and out on the ground and Black looks to the top rope as the fans let out a cheer of approval. Black goes to the apron and begins to climb the turnbuckle. He is exhausted and takes a while to get up, and Barrett is stirring on the ground. The ref then checks on Barrett, and Barrett positions the ref in front of him so Black can’t jump.

    JR: What a cheap move! Using the ref to block Black’s move! He knew he was in trouble

    As Black gets his balance he tells the ref to move but Barrett holds the ref there, and then uses the ref to get to his feet. Black tells the ref to move again and as Barrett gets to his feet, Sheamus hops up on the apron and pushes Black off…

    JR: He pushed Black off! Sheamus you cheating bastard!

    King: And Barrett caught him… WASTELAND!

    JR: No not this way. Black deserved this.

    Barrett caught Black in midair and hit Wasteland and covers




    King: Barrett is going to Money in the Bank! He is in the Money in the Bank Ladder match!

    JR: No he doesn’t deserve it! Sheamus interfered! The United Kingdom cannot win without cheating or help I am convinced

    King: Does it matter? They win

    JR: They cheat!

    King: The ref didn’t call it!

    JR: That’s because Barrett made sure he didn’t see it! Black deserves to be in that Money in the Bank Ladder match, instead Wade Barrett gets in with the help of Sheamus. Sheamus better watch himself!

    *Barrett and Sheamus back up the ramp with a smile on their faces as Sheamus raises Barrett’s arm in victory. Black from the ground just looks at the two men as his face is showing the pains of the match. Barrett and Sheamus have a smug look on their face as the show fades to black.*


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    For Nitro..........

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    Cause it's a filleeeeeeeeeer! Fi-ller night!

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    Yadda yadda, herp de durp de durp...FILLER!

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    This episode of Thursday Night Nitro is brought to you by the slavery of a 15 year old boy. Try having a clear conscience now, ya pricks.

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    And nooooooooooooooooooooow..........

    ...what? I was just gonna say the show starts now.

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