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    Location: The Georgia Dome; Atlanta

    Tenay: Welcome everyone to Nitro! We're building towards SummerSlam, and tonight, I won't be surprised if our show will be dominated by 4 words. Three. Stages. Of. Hell.

    Bischoff: Yes Mike! In little over three weeks, Edge will reclaim his World Heavyweight Championship, in a Hell in a Cell, a Last Man Standing and, if Kidd flukes a win, in a TLC situation.

    Tenay: Last week, we saw the rivalry between Rock and unsigned talent Dean Ambrose escalate, with another fight between the two, and tonight, Rock competes in our main event, versus Tyson Kidd!

    Bischoff: I'll be honest – last week, I was shocked, and disappointed Shane stopped the brawl, but with this past week to reflect, I'm going to be honest, it was what is best for business. Dean Ambrose is a maniac, he's insane, and I'm pretty sure he's a criminal. Having him compete in the WWE, is not only dangerous to him, it's dangerous to his opponent, and anyone at ringside. He could flip out, and attack the fans, for all we know!

    Tenay: Also tonight, we will see the two triple threat matches, where the winners go onto SummerSlam, in a number 1 contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Bischoff: Which means the most probable scenario, is Edge vs. Brock Lesnar at Money in the Bank! What a main event that would be!

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    Tenay: Brock Lesnar tonight, will face 2 of Mr. Anderson, Tyler Reks, Kevin Steen, Randy Orton or the Undertaker, and if he wins, he will go onto SummerSlam.

    Bischoff: SummerSlam is the biggest event of the summer! It needs the 4 time World Champion!

    Tenay: But none of the other men in this tournament are pushovers. If Brock wins, there's no doubt he deserves it, however, if he loses, the only person he has to blame is himself!

    Bischoff: Brock is the only World Champion in the the last few months, since the re-brand of the WWE. He's the guy who's been in the main event recently, and no-one can deny he's the favourite!

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    I really don’t get how many times I have to get it through all of your empty heads but if I wasn’t exactly clear last week, then shame on me. I apologize. I’ll make myself clearer this time so that even the most dimwitted among you can understand what I’m trying to say. Now then, allow me to repeat myself: I…am…go-ing…to… You got that?”

    *For insulting their intelligence, the Nitro crowd drowns Brock in boos.*

    Good. You see, I’m hoping it’s dawning on you now because I’d hate for all of you to think that anyone else actually has a chance in this thing. I mean, I guess it would kinda suck if you all didn’t even bother showing up to the shows any more because I’ve basically spoiled the ending for you but what can I say, I don’t give a damn any one of you.”

    *The booing grows louder as Brock flashes one of his “Like I give a fuck” grins.*

    Everyone in the back and every single one of you have been having doubts about me and my chances for success which proves just how naive and stupid you all are. Just because I’ve had a streak of bad luck and that weasel Tyson Kidd stealing my World Heavyweight Championship doesn’t mean that anyone has the right to count me out. In fact, this whole entire tournament is like a silver lining for me because I finally get to restore my dignity after that punk took it away from me. In case you’ve forgotten, I dominate in tournaments. Just to show you what I’m capable of, you all better take a look at this.

    *Brock motions to the titantron as a clip from the King of the Ring finals in 2002 plays highlighting the events that took place.*

    *By the time it ends, Brock quickly gets back to talking on the mic before booing can interrupt him.*

    Yeah. That’s what I thought. And fancy that. Rob Van Dam, one of the tournament’s competitors if I’m not mistaken, is the man I beat to become King of The Ring. And if that’s not enough to convince you, take a look at what I was able to do in my debut night here on Nitro. You all should remember this.”

    *More footage plays on the titantron, this time, covering Brock Lesnar’s win against Edge for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship with the final moments of the match.*

    Both men are down centre of the ring. The referee begins a count and reaches four before Edge finally begins to move. Brock does the same, and both are up by the count of six. They begin to trade punches in the centre of the ring, leaning against each other.


    The last punch sends Brock down to a knee but he lifts Edge up and is immediately in position for the F-5! He lands it! Brock collapses onto Edge with a cover as the fans groan.




    Edge throws Brock off as the fans roar loudly. Brock can't believe it, neither can Heyman at ringside. Brock grabs Edge's leg and goes for the Brock Lock but Edge reverses into a small package!




    Brock kicks out, just. Both men are panting furiously, as the fans applaud their heart. They're putting it all on the line for the World Heavyweight Championship. Both men begin to get up in different corners and turn around at almost the exact same time. Brock stumbles forwards as Edge uses his final piece of energy to run forwards and connects with a huge Spear, but he doesn't have the energy to cover!

    Both men are down centre of the ring as Heyman is screaming for Brock to get up! The referee begins to count but Edge is moving by the count of seven, and by the count of nine, is lying back down on top of Brock Lesnar for a pin.




    Brock grabs Edge's arm and rolls through into a crucifix pin!



    Three! *

    Bischoff: YES!

    Tenay: Brock Lesnar has done it! He's the World Heavyweight Champion!

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    *The video package comes to an end and once again, the booing gets louder than ever before as Brock takes his time to revel in his past glory.*

    “So not only do I have experience in tournaments, I’ve also come out ahead in every single one of them I’ve been a part of. And I’m glad that the commentary team brought this up last week. Never have I been beaten one on one since joining Nitro except for that time that Tyson robbed me of my championship when I could barely stand on two feet. But that’s not even the best part. Not only do I have the experience and the all around ability to kick anyone’s ass, that’s put in front of me, when I win this tournament, I get a one on one match for my World Heavyweight Championship. You see, it took two men teaming up on me to keep my hands from that belt at the Great American Bash. And now, I finally get the one on one rematch that I should have gotten months ago. But whether it’s Tyson Kidd or Edge that winds up champion, I don’t give a damn. BOTH of them played a part in screwing me over which means that both are getting the ass kicking of a life time once their three stages of hell are done. But let this be a warning to the two of you. Your pansy ass Three Stages of Hell match? That won’t mean a damn thing once I get my hands around your throat. That match will feel like a skip through a sunny meadow as I ram my fists into your ribs. So you know what? You two might as well go out of your way to lose that match because not only will you be losing it to me, the rightful World Heavyweight Champion, but you’ll be in for the worse beating of your entire life. I promise you that.”

    Tenay: It's hard to argue here with Brock! He's the one who won the World Heavyweight Champion just a few short months ago!

    Bischoff: Don't forget, he's also the most successful man outside of the WWE, and he's a UFC Champion! In UFC, even 'Taker wouldn't stand a chance, but Brock conquered it!

    Tenay: Regardless, Shane is here, but what has he got to say!

    Bischoff: Perhaps we can see who Brock's opponent is now?

    *Shane steps out on the ramp, and looks on at Brock.*

    Shane: Brocky boy! I have some news for you! You won't be in a triple threat match tonight! No! Last week, you all saw Tyler Reks and Kevin Steen abandon the tag team main event I made! They fought into the crowd, and they damaged the backstage area. Because of this, both of these men are NOT in the tournament!

    Instead, Shane O'Mac here, has made an Intercontinental Championship match. Tyler Reks and Kevin Steen will face off one-on-one, and it's Last Chance Saloon for Kevin. If he's loses, then he will not get another Intercontinental Championship match, whilst Tyler holds the championship.

    But back onto you Brock, you know you're battling one-on-one then, but I bet you'd want to know your opponent. Well then, I've decided that because of the personal problems you have with this man, and the personal problems the other two men have with each other, Brock Lesnar will face... THE UNDERTAKER!

    *Huge crowd pop.*

    Therefore, later on, Mr. Anderson will battle the man who's politically, not his best friend, Randy Orton! But, Brock, you're in action next!

    Tenay: Brock vs. Undertaker! With a SummerSlam match on the line!

    Bischoff: Not only that, but we will also see a title match tonight! What a Nitro this is shaping up to be!


    Tenay: Well as you see Brock Lesnar is in the ring, waiting for his opponent tonight. If Lesnar can win, he will move onto a Number One Contender’s match for the World heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam, and his opponent for tonight, The Undertaker!

    Bischoff: And these two know each other so well, this is going to be a great match. But Brock Lesnar, I mean he is the former World Heavyweight Champion, he knows what it takes to get there, he is my choice here.

    Tenay: Don’t ever count out The Phenom. Brock has been there, but Taker has as well, and if not been there more. Taker is undefeated at Wrestlemania, former champion. Taker has done it all in this business.

    Bischoff: Taker just isn’t at that same level any more Brock is hungry to get back there, that title is rightfully his, and Brock right now is on a level of his own.

    Tenay: Undertaker has shown he can rise to the occasion, and he can put fear in any opponent of his. Especially with such a chilling entrance like this.

    Bischoff: I have to say, you don’t get matchups like this on cable television too often, what a move by Shane McMahon to have this tournament. Just like the Nitro of old!

    Tenay: Well the winner of this match will face the winner of our other semifinal match-up tonight, Randy Orton and Mr. Anderson, so let’s get this show on the road

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    Match 1: Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker


    Tenay: Oh and Brock has that rear bear hug locked in and Undertaker is slowly starting to fade again.

    Bischoff: Lesnar is in complete control of this match

    Tenay: Well Taker is fading

    Undertaker is slowly fading as he is losing his breath with the hold applied from Lesnar, and the ref comes over, checks on Taker, and it seems as though he is out. The ref lifts his arm once and…

    Tenay: Uh oh, it looks like these two have company, Eric look at the ramp.

    Bischoff: It looks as though he is making his way over here!

    Undertakers arm falls the first time as Orton strolls down the ramp. Orton then begins to round the ring as the ref lifts the arm up of Undertaker for a second time, and his arm falls. Orton then gets over to the commentary table where Lesnar sees him, and Orton takes a seat. The ref lifts Undertaker’s arm as Lesnar sees Orton, he drops Taker’s arm and… he keeps it up! It seems as though Lesnar is distracted by the appearance of Orton and loosens the grip. When he notices Taker has kept his arm up, Lesnar lets go and rolls out of the ring and goes over to Orton

    Tenay: Watch out we may have a brawl over here!

    Lesnar comes over and tells Orton to stay out of his way, then from behind, Undertaker hits a forearm club to the back of the head of Lesnar, and Lesnar falls forward into Orton, and Orton falls over.

    Bischoff: What a cheap move by the Undertaker! He is taking the cheap way out!

    Undertaker rolls in the ring and tells the ref to count. As he gets in the ref’s face, Orton hits a huge punt kick to the ribs of Lesnar, and Lesnar is in pain.

    Bischoff: Lesnar is getting screwed out here!

    Undertaker then goes out of the ring, grabs Lesnar and rolls him in the ring. Taker stares at Orton, and then climbs up on the apron. Taker hits Lesnar with the leg drop, and gives one last final stare at Orton, before climbing in the ring. Taker covers



    Lesnar kicks out. Undertaker gets up and goes to pick Lesnar up, and Lesnar punches him in the gut. Undertaker doesn’t like this and hits a flurry of punches to the head and gut of Lesnar, backing him into the corner, and then Taker runs, turns and runs back at Lesnar with a flying clothesline. Lesnar staggers out; Taker picks him up, hits snake eyes, and then bounces off the ropes with a big boot. Taker is fiery and rips off the straps to his arms. Taker picks Lesnar up by the arm, locks in a wristlock, and walks backwards to the turnbuckle, climbs up the turnbuckle and hits Lesnar with Old School. Taker then stalks Lesnar, and Lesnar begins to get up groggily

    Tenay: Taker may be looking to finish it off here. Wait where is Orton going?

    Lesnar turns towards Taker, and Taker grabs him by the throat. Orton then hops up on the apron, and as Taker goes to lift Lesnar he gets distracted, Lesnar gets out in mid-air, lands behind Taker and pushes him forward into Orton, who falls off the apron and hits the announce table

    Tenay: Did you just hear how hard Orton hit the announce table? How will this affect him for his match tonight?

    Bischoff: That’s what you get for ruining this match!

    Taker falls backwards after hitting the ropes and Lesnar hits Taker with a German suplex. Taker staggers up, and Lesnar hits a knee lift to the midsection, he then drives Taker into the turnbuckle and hits shoulder thrusts to the gut. Lesnar backs up, Taker staggers put, and Lesnar sends him to the ground. Lesnar climbs the turnbuckle, and he has trouble getting his balance standing up. He stands, and Taker hits the ropes and Brock drops. Taker goes over, grabs Lesnar by the throat

    Tenay: He has Lesnar by the throat, here it is

    Bischoff: Lesnar rolled through, he reversed it into and arm drag!

    Lesnar gets up and waits for Taker, who staggers up, turns and…

    Bischoff: F5! F5! Lesnar hits that F5 out of nowhere!





    Bischoff: Lesnar is going to SummerSlam and he is right back in the chase for the World Heavyweight Championship!

    Tenay: And who will he face. You can see Orton leaving here, but he is in obvious pain after getting himself involved here tonight

    Bischoff: Good he deserves it, but I really don’t want to see that asshole Anderson win. So Orton better ice up, because I would love to see Lesnar Orton at SummerSlam

    Tenay: Well it may seem like Anderson has an advantage now, but Orton is the Viper, he can strike at any time. Stay tuned.


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    Tenay: Before the break, with no thanks to a Randy Orton distraction, Brock Lesnar progressed to SummerSlam, where he will face either Orton or Mr. Anderson, for a chance to be the number 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Bischoff: Brock vs. Orton! What a SummerSlam match that'll be! But now, we're moving forward, to a team who has the chance to become the number 1 contender to the WWE Tag Team Championship!

    Tenay: It's Shad, representing Cryme Tyme, facing the man who last week lost to Billy Gunn – John Morrison!

    Tenay: Come SummerSlam, we will see Cryme Tyme, the New Age Outlaws, Beer Money, Prime Time Players, among other teams, compete in a tag team battle royal, where the winner will get a shot at All American Perfection!

    Bischoff: Imagine Cryme Tyme vs. All American Perfection! The Tag Team Division hasn't been this good since the time of the Rockers and the Hart Foundation!

    Tenay: Cryme Tyme still demand respect from New Age Outlaws, after failing to defeat them at Great American Bash!

    Bischoff: New Age Outlaws cheated! Cryme Tyme will be the toughest test the New Age Outlaws will have faced.

    Cryme Tyme's music hits, as the crowd explode with mixed reactions. The Cryme Tyme fans are cheering on Cryme Tyme, but the New Age Outlaws fans are booing them. They slide into the ring, as JTG and Shad both grab mics. JTG begins to speak.

    JTG: Now listen, when we used to come out into this arena each week. We never heard negative reaction from the crowd! All we used to hear, was the positive reaction! There are some people, who are doing the right thing by cheering Cryme Tyme!

    Shad: And there are some people who are doing the wrong thing. By booing Cryme Tyme! As far as me and J are concerned, Cryme Tyme are the only team that deserves respect around here! We've worked so hard to get to this level, and we are the most worthy tag team around here that deserve the tag team titles!

    JTG: However, we've got fools who aren't treating us with the respect they deserve! They think it's slick to come out here, and ridicule Cryme Tyme! And if they thought that Cryme Tyme come out into this arena to be ridiculed every night, then they are even more pathetic than we thought!

    Shad: We will prove our domination in front of the WWE Universe, and we will continue to be the hottest prospects in the tag team division! We are the BIGGEST! As well as the ONLY challenge that New Age Outlaws have ever had, and we will make sure that they should have learnt that in the first place!

    Bischoff: Cryme Tyme speak the truth! New Age Outlaws has never faced the competition Cryme Tyme have. They may have beaten Chainsaw Charlie and Cactus Jack – but we're talking about JTG and Shad here!

    Tenay: I'll be honest, Cryme Tyme are arguably the greatest tag team that hasn't became champions! But does that mean they can't get the job done?

    Bischoff: Well, this battle royal is their best hope! They get a guaranteed championship shot, should they win!

    Tenay: John Morrison last week lost against Billy Gunn, despite the distraction Cryme Tyme possessed, so can Shad do better?

    Bischoff: Shad doesn't want to beat Morrison, he wants to destroy Morrison!

    Tenay: Well, Morrison has produced impressive matches, but yet to pick up a victory since re-joining the WWE, so you can't deny Shad is the favourite, but favourites don't always win.

    Match 2: Shad vs. John Morrison

    *Morrison and Shad circles the ring, before Shad goes to lock up, but Morrison kicks Shad in the knee. Morrison kicks Shad's other knee, before going for a kick to the stomach, but Shad catches the foot, and floors Morrison with a large chop. Morrison gets to his feet, and gets whipped into the ropes, before getting dropped with a back body drop.

    Morrison rolls to the outside of the ring, but Shad follows. Morrison stands, but Shad takes him down with a big boot. Shad picks up Morrison with one hand, and throws him into the steel steps. Morrison holds his head, as Shad goes for another kick, but Morrison dodges, and lands a chop block. Morrison jumps onto the apron, and turns to Shad, who's on his knees. Morrison springboards into a moonsault, but Shad catches Morrison on his shoulder. Shad high fives JTG, before landing a running powerslam!*

    Bischoff: Ouch! That's just painful!

    Tenay: Shad's proving his power! Morrison is being destroyed!

    *Shad picks up Morrison, and throws him into the ring, before climbing onto the top rope. Shad waits for Morrison to get to his feet, and lands a double axe handle, and Morrison falls to the floor. Shad covers:

    1.......2........Shad pulls Morrison's shoulder up!

    Shad picks up Morrison, and throws him shoulder first into the steel pole. He pulls Morrison out, before doing the same to the adjacent pole. Shad waits for Morrison to pull away back into the ring, and lands a spinebuster. JTG applauds from ringside, as Shad pulls Morrison to his feet, and lands the STO! Shad hooks the far leg:


    Tenay: What an impressive display! No prizes for guessing who was the better man tonight!

    Bischoff: Shad has successfully proved that individually, Cryme Tyme are a force to be reckoned with!

    Tenay: We're yet to hear anything yet from Tyson Kidd, Edge, or the Rock so far. Remember our main event of Tyson Kidd versus the Rock is going to be a good one. Will Dean Ambrose make an appearance tonight?

    Bischoff: I hope not! Whilst I want to see Rock get his head kicked in, Dean is unsafe. The lawsuits that could follow if our audience gets hurt – which is a possibility – outweighs the pros, like Rock getting destroyed! No Ambrose is what's best for Nitro!


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    Tenay: Earlier on, Eric mentioned Cryme Tyme are a force to be reckoned with, and so is the person we're hearing from next – Rob Van Dam!

    Bischoff: He debuted last week, successfully teaming with Undertaker and Tyler Reks, versus Brock Lesnar, Kevin Steen, and Randy Orton – no thanks, to Steen abandoning his team

    Tenay: You seem to forget that Lesnar also left Orton high and dry, yet Brock is going onto SummerSlam!

    Bischoff: Lets ignore the technicalities, but we do now get to hear from Van Dam.

    The crowd explodes with cheers as Rob Van Dam's music plays. RVD then hops out onto the stage to an even louder pop, and does his signature "Rob! Van! Dam!" thumb pose! RVD quickly makes his way down the ramp and high-fives a few fans along the way and then rolls into the ring and bounces around posing for the fans.

    RVD: Man, that just never gets old! Let me tell you guys and gals something, Mr. THURSDAY night would not have come back if it wasn't for you fans in attendance and the fans watching at home, and for that, I thank each and every one of you!

    Cheap pop, and the crowd starts a Rob Van Damn chant.

    RVD: I just love this business, and I couldn't stay away, bros. Last week, I got to team with the legendary phenom the Undertaker, and one of the future champions of this business, Tyler Reks, and of course, just like I said, we won that match. I may have had a bit of ring rust to shake off, but with those two awesome guys man, it was just an easy victory to capture.But that is all said and done ... I have bigger plans ahead of me. I am a former WWE champion and ECW champion ... I want another notch in my belt folks. That’s right, the World Heavyweight championship. Tyson Kidd, I hope your listening, bro. I honestly hope you retain your championship, because the fans want to see Rob! Van! Dam! square off against the fastest rising star ... The WOOOOORLD Heavyweight Champion! TYYYYSOOONNN KIIII -

    *Outcomes Rey Mysterio and he seems to have a half-smile and half-frown on his face. As soon he is in the middle of the stage, he mocks RVD's signature move by going, "Rey! Mys! Sterio!". He then moves onto the ring with a microphone in hand.*

    Rey: Why such a long face amigo. Come on Rob, aren't you happy to see your old buddy, Rey Mysterio. Don't you wanna give me a big ol' hug. Or are you too damn in the clouds in the moment to understand what I'm saying. Is that it Rob!

    *Crowd begin to boo Rey for his words towards RVD.*

    Rey: Are you a little confused as to why this people are booing me, RVD? Maybe you haven't been attention, but I guess you can say I've seen the light. The light to, as you would say, a righteous life style. It took me a very very long time to see it, but no longer do I need this people, or anyone's help to succeed life. I've also realized that everything I've done was, because of me and nobody else's. Especially, that steroid up animal called Batista. I carried his lazy ass through our or should I say "my" tag title reign. But, enough of that past, because I came here to talk about another past. The past between you and me. You see, Rob, tú y yo alguna vez eramos muy buenos amigos. You and me were once very good friends. However, this people changed you.

    *The crowd begin to yell and scream that is Rey who has changed.*

    Rey: You're right people, I changed.... I changed for the better. But you Rob, you also changed. You changed for the worse. You once were a chill dude, un compadre, who didn't give a fuck about this. That's why you put your life on the line everyday, es por eso que tu ponias tu vida en peligro todos los días. However, this people changed you and you can better believe that I will help you see the light. The light that I've seen and forget about this people.

    *The crowd jeers, as Mysterio drops the mic, and stands nose to nose with Van Dam*

    Tenay: Trouble's brewing!

    Bischoff: Rob left Rey! He went and got high, and left Rey to fend for himself! Y'know what they say – payback's a bitch!

    *Rob shakes his head at Mysterio, and takes a step back. He goes through the ropes to the apron, before turning back to Rey. Rob walks up the ramp, screaming “I haven't changed Rey!”, as the camera fades to a commercial*


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    Tenay: Before the break, we saw two former friends in the middle of this ring, but now, we have two people, who always despised each other.

    Bischoff: It's no secret the shenanigans of Randy is what caused Mr. Anderson to leave the WWE before the re-branding, but now, they can settle their differences in the middle of this ring, one-on-one, with a match against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, and possibly a future World Heavyweight Championship match on the line!

    Tenay: Earlier tonight, Randy cost Undertaker his match against Brock, perhaps signalling that Brock would be his preferred opponent!

    Bischoff: It's not that! Randy doesn't care who he faces! Undertaker and Randy has a problem with each other, Randy joining commentary earlier today was just a way to get under 'Taker's skin. I can guarantee that it was nothing to do with rather face.

    Tenay: I wouldn't be so sure. Randy is the Legend Killer, and “Killing” the Undertaker at SummerSlam, would be the perfect build up to becoming World Heavyweight Champion! That would be my goal in his situation

    Bischoff: And that's why you're just a commentator.

    Bischoff: In the encounters Mr. Anderson has had with Brock Lesnar in the past, Brock has came out the winner. The only one-on-one match he's lost in the past 4 months was when he's was defenceless, and Tyson Kidd cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on him.

    Tenay: There's always a first though. At one time, both Mr. Anderson and Brock Lesnar were the champions here on Nitro. And if I remember rightly, Mr. Anderson beat Brock Lesnar and Tyler Reks one Nitro a while back.

    Bischoff: Okay, but what about Randy Orton. They've never been on opposite sides in a match, it's an unknown scenario. We don't know who the better man is, as opposed to we all know who would win out of Brock and Mr. Anderson. And that's why Orton would be the better opponent come SummerSlam

    Tenay: Well personally, the further away Randy Orton is from SummerSlam – the better. The man's a despicable human being!

    Match 3: Randy Orton vs. Mr. Anderson


    *Anderson pulls Orton up, and throws him into the ropes. On the return, Anderson goes for a clothesline, but Orton ducks, and runs against this opposite ropes. This time Orton goes for a clothesline, but Anderson lands an arm trap neckbreaker!

    Anderson steps on the head of Orton, before dragging Orton to his feet. He picks Orton up for the running firemans carry, but Orton slides out, and lands a schoolboy


    Both men get to their feet, as Orton lands a right hand. Orton bounces of the ropes, but is greeted by a knee to the stomach. Anderson turns to the back of Orton, and lands a back suplex, dropping Orton on his higher back. Anderson covers:


    Anderson grabs the head of Orton, and punches Orton in the forehead! Anderson locks in a rear one-handed choke hold, but Orton escapes rather quickly with a poke to the eye. The referee warns Orton, who gets to his feet, and takes down Anderson with a clothesline! Anderson is quick to his feet, but gets taken down by another clothesline. Once more, Anderson is to his feet, and goes for a clothesline of his own, but Orton ducks, and Anderson turns around straight into a modified powerslam! Orton covers


    Orton pulls Anderson up, and throws him between the second and third ropes. He keeps hold of the head however, and pulls Anderson into the ring for his rope hanged DDT, but Anderson pulls his legs onto the mat, and flapjacks Orton onto the ropes. Anderson bounces off the opposite ropes, as Orton turns around, straight into a back elbow!

    Orton rolls to the apron, but Anderson pulls him to his feet. Anderson smiles, and does the Orton “Legend Killer” pose, as Anderson pulls Orton's head between the ropes. The crowd pop, as Anderson hits Orton's DDT! Anderson pins:


    Anderson waits for Orton to get to his feet, before landing a scoop slam! He motions for the Mic Check, as Anderson waits for Orton to go to his feet. Anderson goes for his finisher, but Orton kicks Anderson's knee. Anderson falls to one knee, but Orton stands him up, and lands an arm drag! Orton climbs to the top rope, and waits for Anderson to get to his feet. Orton looks for the cross-body, but before he can leap, Anderson jumps up to the second rope, and punches Orton in the face

    Anderson lifts Orton up for the Green Bay Plunge, but Orton lands an elbow to the head. He steps on the top rope, before landing a second rope bulldog on Anderson! Orton smirks at the fallen competitor, before slamming his forearms on the mat. He calls for the RKO, but the lights turn out!!*

    Tenay: I gotta bad feeling for Orton

    Bischoff: No! Undertaker can't do this! This is mind games! Why can't he mind his own business!

    *By the time the lights come back on, Orton is staring at the ramp. He's screaming for the Undertaker, but Mr. Anderson is on his feet behind him. Orton turns around – straight into the Mic Check! Anderson hooks the far leg


    Tenay: Anderson's going onto Summerslam!

    Bischoff: Undertaker screwed Orton! This match should be restarted!

    Tenay: But Orton didn't screw 'Taker when he went down to ringside for his match?

    Bischoff: Completely different!

    Tenay: Anyway, we now know it's Brock Lesnar vs. Mr. Anderson at SummerSlam, with a match against the World Heavyweight Champion – either Tyson Kidd or Edge – at Money in the Bank!

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    *After the three count Mr. Anderson gets up and celebrates wildly as he knows he is now in a number one contender’s match for the World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam. As the fans cheer and Anderson celebrates, he grabs the mic that has been dropped down and begins to speak.*

    Mr. Anderson: I am this close to the World Heavyweight Championship*Puts fingers close together.* This freakin’ close! This asshole is this close to getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!

    *Anderson once again celebrates as he catches his breath and the fans cheer along.*

    Mr. Anderson: While cracking jokes and being an asshole is always fun, it’s who I am, tonight, tonight its business. I haven’t been this close since the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View in 2007. That’s six years, six freakin’ years, since I have been this close to the World Heavyweight Championship… or the WWE Championship for that matter. Two months later after the Royal Rumble, I won the Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania, and then had it abruptly taken away from me by Edge, who now has a chance to be the World Heavyweight Champion at SummerSlam. What a sight that would be, me against Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship!

    *The fans boo the name of Edge, but then cheer at the idea of the match Anderson just proposed, and Anderson takes another moment to take his breath.*

    Mr. Anderson: But before I get ahead of myself, at SummerSlam, one man stands in my way, and that man is none other than, Brock Lesnar!

    *The fans boo at the mention of Lesnar’s name, as Anderson nods his head in agreement.*

    Mr. Anderson: Brock, you were called, ‘The Next Big Thing,’ you were supposed to be the next great superstar here in the WWE, and then you left. You left, bolted right out that door when you thought you had a greater shot at fame, and now the WWE was left to look for the next big thing, and one year later, I was that person, I was supposed to be the next big thing, until Randy Orton, Triple H and the rest of the McMahon clan screwed me out of a job. Well this time I’m not screwing it up, no I’ve come to close for too long to let this slip by. Brock me and you have history, and I’m aware I’ve never beaten you but you can take that history and throw it out the window. This time at SummerSlam its going to be different, Brock I’m going to beat you, I’m going to kick your ass, and I’m going to go on and become World Heavyweight Champion!

    *Anderson releases the mic and flings it into the air as he struts out of the ring.*


  8. #788
    Tenay: Well here we are the long awaited rematch from The Great American Bash. We knew we would get one, and now we have it, Tyler Reks versus Kevin Steen, in what will be Steen’s last chance at the title if he does not win tonight.

    Bischoff: Steen was screwed out of the title at The Great American Bash. You know what they say about karma, well tonight karma will be Tyler Reks’ worst enemy.

    Tenay: While the match at The Great American Bash had a controversial ending, that in no way means that Reks will lose here tonight. Ever since he won that title, he has treasured it and it’s been hard to pry it loose from his grasp.

    Bischoff: Just look at Steen, he knows he was screwed, and he knows tonight is his last chance. He is not going to get screwed tonight

    Tenay: Steen is always focused, maybe even more so tonight because if he loses he doesn’t get another shot, regardless of how this match ends.

    Bischoff: Once again this isn’t fair to Steen, because Reks could just get himself counted out and Steen gets screwed. But he has been screwed one too many times and that ends here tonight

    Tenay: Do you really believe that Reks would intentionally disqualify himself or get himself counted out? He has done no such thing during his reign and I guarantee he won’t here tonight either.

    Bischoff: Because he has always had a rematch clause. This last chance goes both ways; if he loses he doesn’t get a rematch clause. That’s why it’s called a Last Chance Saloon match. Reks may try something different tonight, he knows if he keeps the title he won’t have any contenders and won’t have to go back to the bottom of the totem pole.

    Tenay: Well one of these men will be the Intercontinental Champion, the other will have to work their way from the bottom once again. Who will win this Last Chance Saloon match?

    Match 4: Tyler Reks vs. Kevin Steen (Masters) for the Intercontinental Championship


    Tenay: Oh! That was so close! We almost had a new Intercontinental Champion!

    Bischoff: Steen needs to stay on top of Reks while he is down. You can’t let Reks recuperate in this situation

    Steen stands up after the two count and implores the ref that it was a three count. The ref says two and Steen is angered that it wasn’t three and he thinks he is getting screwed by the ref. He tells the ref to call it fair and the ref doesn’t respond. When Steen turns Reks hits him with a big clothesline, followed by another. When Steen gets up again Reks sends him against the ropes and lays him out with a big boot. Reks goes for a cover


    Steen kicks out.

    Bischoff: Reks is going to need to do more than that if he wants to beat Steen

    Reks picks Steen up and puts Steen against the turnbuckle. He hits repeated shoulders to the gut of Steen, then steps back, and hits a stinger splash. Steen staggers out and Reks hits Steen with a huge powerslam! Reks covers Steen once more



    Steen kicks out once again. Reks gets up and calls for the finish.

    Tenay: Reks calling for the finish here and Steen is not looking good right now.

    Steen staggers to his feet, and Reks picks him up

    Tenay: Reks looking for Wreckening…

    Bischoff: Steen reversed it into a neckbreaker!

    Tenay: And that was a sharp neckbreaker, and both men are down.

    Steen after reversing and hitting the neckbreaker stays down for a little before rolling and getting up to his feet. Reks is on the ground grabbing at his neck. Steen then runs against the ropes and hits a somersault leg drop on the head of Reks. Steen picks Reks up again and grabs him by the head, but Reks pushes Steen off. When Steen turns Reks runs at him for a diving crossbody, but Steen catches him and

    Tenay: Go Home Driver!

    Steen covers




    Tenay: My I thought Steen had him there

    Bischoff: That’s twice by my count that Steen has gotten a bad call from this ref

    Steen gets up and he looks frustrated, he grabs Reks by the head…

    Bischoff: Steen Breaker! He is going for the cover


    Tenay: We may have a new Intercontinental Champion


    Bischoff: He’s got him! He’s got him!


    Tenay: Reks kicked out! He kicked out, he won’t lose this match!

    Bischoff: That was three! That was three! Steen is getting screwed by this ref!

    Tenay: Uh oh! Look out Steen is heading to the top rope!

    Steen climbs the turnbuckle

    Tenay: Looking for a moonsault, Reks got the knees up! He got the knees up!

    Reks gets the knees up to foil Steen’s moonsault and Reks then rolls to the apron. He stalks Steen, who gets up, turns, and Reks hits a springboard dropkick. This sends Steen sprawling across the ring, and Steen gets up quickly and groggily. Reks picks him up from behind…

    Tenay: Burning Hammer! He hit it, Reks is going to retain




    Bischoff: This is a travesty


    Tenay: Tyler Reks retains the championship! And Kevin Steen is no longer the number one contender

    Bischoff: That was a travesty; Steen got screwed by the refs count multiple times

    Tenay: Well Reks is celebrating…. Wait wait a minute where are the lights? The lights have been shut off as Reks was celebrating who is it?

    *The lights go off as Reks was on the turnbuckle posing. When the lights come back on Reks steps down from the turnbuckle, turns to see…*

    Tenay: It’s the UNDERTAKER! Why is he here? He lost earlier in the night to Brock Lesnar and now he is here. But why?

    *As soon as Reks turns, Undertaker grabs him by the throat.*

    Bischoff: He’s got him by the throat!

    Tenay: Why? Why is Undertaker doing this? Oh! CHOKESLAM! Chokeslam to Reks!

    Bischoff: He can’t qualify for the World Heavyweight Championship so he figures with Steen out of the picture he should just take over as the next contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

    Undertaker calmly leaves the ring, and grabs a steel chair from ringside. He re-enters the ring, as Steen is getting to his feet. Undertaker smashes the chair over Steen's head, who falls to the mat. Undertaker drops the chair on the mat, before pulling Steen to his feet. He turns Steen upside down for the....

    Tenay: Tombstone Piledriver! Tombstone on the steel chair!

    Bischoff: What a statement Undertaker has sent to the Intercontinental Champion, and all awaiting challengers!

    Tenay: Well Undertaker has left Reks and Steen in a wake of destruction and by the looks of it you wouldn’t know who's the champion, but it is indeed Reks, who retained. What will be the fallout? Up after the commercial break, we will here from WWE’s returning resident superhero, The Hurricane!

    Bischoff: Superhero? More like superchump.


  9. #789

    *The crowd roars into a cheering frenzy as the lights turn off and the heroic music of Nitro’s resident superhero, The Hurricane, plays. Then, his emblem shine down in the middle of the ring though a green spotlight and Hurricane is revealed to be standing there in his signature pose. As he gets out of his pose to go to the outside of the ring, the lighting goes back to normal as Hurricane rolls back in the ring.*

    ::The Hurricane::

    Never fear, denizens of the WWE Universe! Your knight in shining green armour has arrived!”

    *He pauses to look up in the sky and grin as wide as he can, slightly turning his head to the camera to wink at it.*

    Unfortunately, my sidekick, Mr. Anderson, will not be accompanying me at this moment for I must do battle tonight against the nefarious Christopher Daniels one on one. Oh and also because he didn’t like my costume design. Apparently, fuchsia spandex doesn’t really suit him. I even tried to go for the Packers colours but alas, that was rejected as well. Oh well. Cie la vie. But anyways, you all didn’t come here to hear about designer superhero costumes. You came here for action…*Hurricane strikes a karate pose*…and EXCITEMENT!*kicks the air a few times but trips over his cape and falls on his back. The crowd laughs as Hurricane picks himself back up on his feet.*I’m okay! Your hero is okie-dokie! But I’ll tell you who won’t be so okie-dokie! Not even as okie-dokie as a Facebook pokey and his name is none other than my opponent for tonight, Christopher Daniels!”

    *At the mention of “The Fallen Angel”, the crowd begins to boo.*

    Yes. The sound of his name sickens me as well for he represents the evil that has plagued this noble company. No matter what crime, no matter what malefaction, it will be snuffed out by yours truly…The Hurricane!You have all been deprived enough by the heinous actions of scum like Daniels. Monsters, bullies who wish to only satisfy their own egos and think of no other consequences in the process while they vilify this grand establishment! For letting the morale of the WWE sink so low, I apologize. I take all of the blame for the degradation of the talent and for the ethics of the company. As I’ve said before, at first, it used to be manageable. The worst that I had to deal with back in the day was Evolution and even then, they broke up on their own terms. Volunteers saw a chink in their armour and we all made sure that we took them down until they couldn’t even stand to face each other anymore. Now? We have men like Lesnar, Steen, Edge and Daniels ruining thing for everyone else who wants to make a living. You have teams like The Primetime Players and the tag team champions ruining the business by besmirching the good name of tag team wrestling. What’s up wit dat?!”

    *The Hurricane defiantly crosses his arms and pouts his lip up, staring sternly into the camera before he relaxes and continues talking like nothing was amiss.*

    But just like I’ve been telling you all, never fear for I will take it upon myself to eradicate these evildoers one by one and right now, it’s your turn to approach the gallows, Daniels! So staaaaaand in the back because there’s a hurricaaaane coming through!”

  10. #790
    Bischoff: My god this man is such a joke. Does anybody actually take this man seriously?

    Tenay: Eric this man is a former Cruiserweight Champion, Hardcore Champion and European Champion, how can you not take him seriously?

    Bischoff: He thinks he is a superhero! There are no such things!

    ???: Hey, Sugar! Shane, up here!

    *The camera shows Christopher Daniels on the titantron*

    Daniels: There's been a... slight change in plan. Last week, my gastrocnemius was strained in our match, alas, I cannot complete. Alas, I have a replacement. Rey Mysterio!

    Bischoff: I really hope Mysterio just kicks the living crap out of him and end this quickly. I can’t bear to stand the sight of him in the ring

    Tenay: He would beat you, and you know what I’m going to predict he will win this match, how’s that sound?

    Bischoff: You want to make that a bet?

    Match 5: The Hurricane vs. Rey Mysterio (Tajiri)


    Tenay: Oh Mysterio almost had him.

    Bischoff: Finish this fool off!

    Mysterio after the elbow picks Hurricane up and sends him against the ropes. Hurricane comes back, Mysterio lies down and Hurricane jumps over him. Hurricane hits the ropes again and Mysterio leapfrogs him and rolls to the apron. When Hurricane comes off the ropes a third time, Mysterio hits Hurricane with a springboard sitout facebuster, and as Hurricane gets to his knees Mysterio hits a huge roundhouse kick to the side of Hurricane’s head. Mysterio covers Hurricane



    The Hurricane kicks out. Mysterio picks Hurricane up and pushes him against the ropes, and when Hurricane bounces off, Mysterio hits him with a drop toehold and Hurricane gets stuck up on the second rope.

    Tenay: Mysterio calling for the 619

    Bischoff: Finally just end this

    Tenay: 619… NO! Hurri-kick! Hurri-kick out of nowhere! And now both men are down, can Hurricane get over to make a cover?

    Bischoff: This is a joke this man shouldn’t be competing here!

    After the Hurri-kick both men are down and Hurricane can barely move. Hurricane crawls over to Mysterio and puts his arm across his chest, cover




    Mysterio kicks out and Hurricane rolls back on his back. Hurricane struggles to his feet as Mysterio still seems to be out on the ground. Hurricane stands at the head of Mysterio who is still laid out on his back. Hurricane grabs him by the head and picks him straight up like that. Hurricane sets him up for the Eye of the Hurricane

    Tenay: Eye of The Hurricane…

    Bischoff: Nope Mysterio rolled through and pushed him off.

    Mysterio rolls through and pushes him off. Hurricane stands there, Mysterio runs at him, and Hurricane grabs Mysterio by the throat

    Tenay: Hurrichokeslam… NO! Eye of the Hurricane! He hit it! Hurricane hit it!





    Tenay: And the Hurricane wins this match, can’t say I didn’t tell ya so partner.

    Bischoff: This is a joke… Oh yeah! This is more like it!

    *Christopher Daniels runs down the ramp, and slides into the ring. He kicks Hurricane in the gut, before landing Angels Wings!*

    Tenay: Christopher Daniels! Daniels just attacked Hurricane out of nowhere!

    *Daniels pulls Hurricane up:*

    Tenay: Oh and Last Rites to The Hurricane!

    Bischoff: Finally someone took out this joke of a man. And now he is going to tell us about it too, man I really like Christopher Daniels.

    *Daniels looks down at the Hurricane and admires his work before getting a mic.

    Daniels: Helms you have become the biggest joke in this industry. You were once a respected champion and one of the greats when people think about cruiserweight wrestling. But now you are just like Mysterio, you choose to spit on your career just to please Vince. All those chance you were given coming up, everyone that trained you and all of your fans are ashamed of you because you sold out just to please some snot nosed kids and make a few extra bucks.

    There are guys in the back that continue to get passed over because management chooses to waste valuable air time with sell outs like you and Rey and one of those guys is me. I am here because I am the only man that has the guts to speak out against this injustice and shove the money back up McMahon’s ass. I don't wrestle for money, I wrestle for me and I will not let some cape wearing sideshow act waste any more valuable air time. Helms I am going to send you right into retirement and make sure you never come back to Nitro again.

    *Daniels stares at the fallen Hurricane, before the camera cuts to the commentators*

    Tenay: Christopher Daniels first of all, removes himself from the match – then attacks Hurricane from behind!

    Bischoff: Correct! Pure. Genius.

    Tenay: Well, something that I consider pure genius, is what Shane has booked up next. We now have a triple threat tag team action!

    Bischoff: The three divas involved in the championship match at Summerslam, are on opposing teams!

    Tenay: Lita's partner, is she previously described “The Lita Impersonator” - Paige! Kelly's facing the diva, who only one-on-one match she lost in the tournament, was to Kelly herself – Beth Phoenix, and Trish Stratus, well, last week, her partner decimated Eve – Tamina!

    Bischoff: And that's coming up next.


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