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    Location: The Georgia Dome; Atlanta

    Tenay: Welcome everyone to Nitro! We're building towards SummerSlam, and tonight, I won't be surprised if our show will be dominated by 4 words. Three. Stages. Of. Hell.

    Bischoff: Yes Mike! In little over three weeks, Edge will reclaim his World Heavyweight Championship, in a Hell in a Cell, a Last Man Standing and, if Kidd flukes a win, in a TLC situation.

    Tenay: Last week, we saw the rivalry between Rock and unsigned talent Dean Ambrose escalate, with another fight between the two, and tonight, Rock competes in our main event, versus Tyson Kidd!

    Bischoff: I'll be honest – last week, I was shocked, and disappointed Shane stopped the brawl, but with this past week to reflect, I'm going to be honest, it was what is best for business. Dean Ambrose is a maniac, he's insane, and I'm pretty sure he's a criminal. Having him compete in the WWE, is not only dangerous to him, it's dangerous to his opponent, and anyone at ringside. He could flip out, and attack the fans, for all we know!

    Tenay: Also tonight, we will see the two triple threat matches, where the winners go onto SummerSlam, in a number 1 contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Bischoff: Which means the most probable scenario, is Edge vs. Brock Lesnar at Money in the Bank! What a main event that would be!

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    Tenay: Brock Lesnar tonight, will face 2 of Mr. Anderson, Tyler Reks, Kevin Steen, Randy Orton or the Undertaker, and if he wins, he will go onto SummerSlam.

    Bischoff: SummerSlam is the biggest event of the summer! It needs the 4 time World Champion!

    Tenay: But none of the other men in this tournament are pushovers. If Brock wins, there's no doubt he deserves it, however, if he loses, the only person he has to blame is himself!

    Bischoff: Brock is the only World Champion in the the last few months, since the re-brand of the WWE. He's the guy who's been in the main event recently, and no-one can deny he's the favourite!

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    I really don’t get how many times I have to get it through all of your empty heads but if I wasn’t exactly clear last week, then shame on me. I apologize. I’ll make myself clearer this time so that even the most dimwitted among you can understand what I’m trying to say. Now then, allow me to repeat myself: I…am…go-ing…to… You got that?”

    *For insulting their intelligence, the Nitro crowd drowns Brock in boos.*

    Good. You see, I’m hoping it’s dawning on you now because I’d hate for all of you to think that anyone else actually has a chance in this thing. I mean, I guess it would kinda suck if you all didn’t even bother showing up to the shows any more because I’ve basically spoiled the ending for you but what can I say, I don’t give a damn any one of you.”

    *The booing grows louder as Brock flashes one of his “Like I give a fuck” grins.*

    Everyone in the back and every single one of you have been having doubts about me and my chances for success which proves just how naive and stupid you all are. Just because I’ve had a streak of bad luck and that weasel Tyson Kidd stealing my World Heavyweight Championship doesn’t mean that anyone has the right to count me out. In fact, this whole entire tournament is like a silver lining for me because I finally get to restore my dignity after that punk took it away from me. In case you’ve forgotten, I dominate in tournaments. Just to show you what I’m capable of, you all better take a look at this.

    *Brock motions to the titantron as a clip from the King of the Ring finals in 2002 plays highlighting the events that took place.*

    *By the time it ends, Brock quickly gets back to talking on the mic before booing can interrupt him.*

    Yeah. That’s what I thought. And fancy that. Rob Van Dam, one of the tournament’s competitors if I’m not mistaken, is the man I beat to become King of The Ring. And if that’s not enough to convince you, take a look at what I was able to do in my debut night here on Nitro. You all should remember this.”

    *More footage plays on the titantron, this time, covering Brock Lesnar’s win against Edge for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship with the final moments of the match.*

    Both men are down centre of the ring. The referee begins a count and reaches four before Edge finally begins to move. Brock does the same, and both are up by the count of six. They begin to trade punches in the centre of the ring, leaning against each other.


    The last punch sends Brock down to a knee but he lifts Edge up and is immediately in position for the F-5! He lands it! Brock collapses onto Edge with a cover as the fans groan.




    Edge throws Brock off as the fans roar loudly. Brock can't believe it, neither can Heyman at ringside. Brock grabs Edge's leg and goes for the Brock Lock but Edge reverses into a small package!




    Brock kicks out, just. Both men are panting furiously, as the fans applaud their heart. They're putting it all on the line for the World Heavyweight Championship. Both men begin to get up in different corners and turn around at almost the exact same time. Brock stumbles forwards as Edge uses his final piece of energy to run forwards and connects with a huge Spear, but he doesn't have the energy to cover!

    Both men are down centre of the ring as Heyman is screaming for Brock to get up! The referee begins to count but Edge is moving by the count of seven, and by the count of nine, is lying back down on top of Brock Lesnar for a pin.




    Brock grabs Edge's arm and rolls through into a crucifix pin!



    Three! *

    Bischoff: YES!

    Tenay: Brock Lesnar has done it! He's the World Heavyweight Champion!

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