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    Tenay: This has been a great episode of Nitro so far. We've seen 2 amazing tag team contests, 1 good match between 2 of the most under-rated in ring performers in recent history, and 1 great divas contest, and now, we have another.

    Bischoff: Paige was only a few points of going to Summerslam in the Womens Title match, where she belongs. Maria on the other hand, was average. A mid-table finish, but as we saw with Tamina earlier tonight, being higher on the Road to Triumph table doesn't mean you're guaranteed to win

    Bischoff: The British Beauty, and the next Mrs. Bischoff.

    Tenay: I thought you were Mrs. Hogan though. You were Hulk Hogan's bitch in the N.W.O., and in TNA.

    Bischoff: That's nothing to do with this match. Paige has talent in speaking, way more than you, and now, we get to hear from here

    Paige heads to the ring in her usual ring attire. She's being cheered for the skill and determination shown in her match at SummerSlam but the boos soon reign from fans who still consider her to be stuck up. She enters the ring and is handed a mic and wastes no time beginning to speak.

    Paige: I'm genuinely appalled by the WWE and how the Womens Championship will be decided without a real woman in the match at SummerSlam to give the championship the prestige it deserves with a true competitor with the desire to give it a fresh perspective and actually have matches worthy os being in the main event of any show, I'm in.

    Crowd boos while some actually cheer

    Paige: But I shall not let this keep me down and my own to Road to Triumph towards becoming the WWE Womens Champion begins tonight, after I kick the bloody piss out of Maria.

    Now get out here, I'll be sure to put you out of your misery and make you're on the receiving end of some RamPaige.

    Tenay: Strong words by Paige there, and no doubt she is one of the top divas here, but is she good enough to be the best of the best?

    Bischoff: Of course she is! Paige was dominant and very, very impressive in the Road to Triumph match. She may have narrowly missed out on Summerslam, but she is more than capable of becoming the face of the Womens Division.

    Bischoff: It's painful watching Maria think. I'm trying my best not to be mean, but I'm sure Eugene has more brain cells!

    Tenay: That's no way to talk about your nephew. Anyway, while Maria may not be the best intellectually, she knows how to wrestle, and how to wrestle well.

    Bischoff: I doubt she knows how to spell wrestle!

    Match 5: Paige vs. Maria (Banks)


    *Paige whips Maria into the ropes, and lands a shoulder block. Maria drops to the mat, as Paige stomps on the midsection of Maria. Maria gets pulled up by the hair, as Paige lands a strong Irish Whip, sending Maria stomach first into the corner. Maria becomes groggy, and gets dropped by a neckbraker from Paige. Paige covers:


    Paige picks up Maria, and grabs her arm. She twists her arm over her head, before kicking Maria's leg, causing her to fall to her knees. Paige goes for a kick to the head, but Maria grabs the leg with her left hand, and with her right, she sweeps Paige's standing leg.

    Maria stands, and keeps hold of the left leg. She turns over, and locks in a Single Leg Boston Crab. Paige manages to drag herself and Maria towards the bottom rope, but Maria sits back. Paige claws at the floor, but manages to push herself up. She manages to roll back between Maria's legs, and kicks her off with her free leg.

    Paige gets to her feet, and takes down Maria with a hip toss. Paige then climbs to the second rope, and lands a leg drop on Maria. Paige covers:


    Paige stands, and waits for Maria to get up. When she does, Paige goes for a clotheline, but Maria ducks. Paige turns back to Maria, but Maria goes for a back body drop, but Paige lands on her feet. Paige waits for Maria to turn around, before landing a cradle DDT! Paige hooks the near leg:


    Tenay: Paige proves that while she may not be the inaugrual Womens Champion, but she is still one of the best divas in the business today.

    Bischoff: That was a great display by Paige! The Anti-Diva, the Enchanting Raven-Haired Lady was awesome tonight! How anyone could deny her beauty or her wrestling skill. She certainly backed up her words with that win.


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