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    *The camera shows the fans popping for Nitro, before the camera cuts to the commentators.*

    Tenay: Welcome to WWE Nitro, coming of a hot Great American Bash, Mike Tenay and Eric Bischoff here, and wow, how do we start Eric?

    Bischoff: We see the return of the greatest segment in WWE History. The Cutting Edge returns with a mystery guest tonight!

    Tenay: We also have Beer Money, The Rock, and Paige all in action tonight, and we will discover a number 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship!

    Bischoff: This man got screwed at the Great American Bash! Kidd used a chair on him!

    Tenay: Triple threat matches are no-disqualification! And if I remember correctly, when the chair was used on Kidd, you weren't complaining.

    Bischoff: That's different. Brock and Edge can win without the use of foreign objects

    *"The Next Big Thing" is welcomed to the arena with jeering and cursing as he makes his way to the ring as his music plays in the background. A big white bandage covers Brock's forehead, showing evidence of the damage done to him just four days ago. Getting to the ring quicker than usual, Brock picks up the microphone that's laid out in the corner of the ring for him and doesn't waste any time in telling the fans off.*

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    "Oh, ha. Ha ha ha ha. Real frickin' funny. Yuck it up, white trash. Yuuuuuck it up."

    *The "white trash" acquiesce, deciding that mocking Brock Lesnar, at his expense is more satisfying than getting insulted.*

    "Now, you all may have had a good laugh about this. You know, me being screwed out of my World Heavyweight Championship yet again but I'll tell you who won't be getting the last laugh about this and his name is Tyson Kidd. See, Tyson thinks that just because he can weasel his way out of my clutches again that the score between me and him is settled and a done deal and that he can just saddle a pony and ride off into the sunset with my..."

    *The sudden bombardment of booing, that cuts Brock off, is a clear indication of disdain for Brock's using of the word "my" as it disregards their favorite, Tyson Kidd, in every way imaginable.*

    "You heard me: MY title and get away with it. Well, I've got news for you, Tyson, screw the fat lady, it ain't over until I say it's over and I say it's over when I'm standing over your lifeless body and MY World Heavyweight Championship is right back around my waist where it belongs. It's a fact, a cold, hard fact that at the Great American Bash, the biggest screw job in the history of professional wrestling took place. When Tyson "beat" me for my title, I should have been granted the right to face him at any given time within 30 days. Of course, I would have chosen The Great American Bash to take on Tyson Kidd and I would have won my title back if not for one man..."

    *The dramatic pause is ruined by the booing that starts up again as the crowd takes the pause as an opportunity to shower Brock with their hatred.*


    *Said booing intensifies at the mention of "The Pride of Canada".*

    "Edge, just like every other milquetoast around here, had to whine and bitch and pout about not getting what they want. So, of course, he started moaning about not facing Tyson for the title when I not only had the right to face Tyson alone but Edge was the very man that I beat to win the World Heavyweight Championship in the tournament a few months back. Therefore, he had absolutely NO business getting a shot at the title that should have only been granted to me in the one on one match that I desired. See, that way, Tyson would have shown everyone what he has made of without any doubts on what he was capable of. That way, we all could see that he wasn't worthy of being champion in the first place and that this brand, this company should be carried on my back like it did in the past and like I should be doing now as your world champion. But thanks to Edge sticking his nose in business, that he had no business being a part of to begin with, now there's uncertainty. Everyone still thinks that Tyson can be relied in as position of world champion and flagbearer for Nitro. Everyone still thinks that I can't get things done on my own and it's all thanks to Edge. This is the kind of adversity that I had to face so many years ago, politics and willing puckering lips just waiting to clamp on the ass of anyone with any pull in the back and because I decided that I have better dignity than that, that I have so much to offer without stooping so low, I'm once again left high and dry."

    *It's obvious by the way Lesnar's face twitches with agitation, that the urge to let all his rage loose is held back by very fragile mental restraints and a few more seconds of soaking up the verbal abuse of the Nitro audience is all that it takes to drive Brock over the edge.*

    "There is no one, and I mean NO ONE on Nitro who deserves the world title more than me! I'm the most damn legitimate fighter on the planet! I've thrived in other sports and contests all around the world, winning championships and trophies ever since high school while the only ribbon that any of you fat pigs ever earned was for the pie eating contest! Are you even aware of all the opponents I've laid waste to? Shawn Michaels, Edge, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker. Legends that most of the wrestling world respects and I crushed 'em all under my boot like it was nothing. I'm king of the Nitro jungle! There is no one here that deserves the opportunity to face Tyson Kidd more than me! No on..."

    *Lesnar is cut off by the music of Mr. Anderson and Lesnar looks as pissed as ever. Lesnar just stares down Anderson, as Anderson, with a huge smirk on his face, struts down to the ring and gets in the ring. He motions up to the ceiling for his mic. He then goes to speak, pauses, and gets face to face with Lesnar. Anderson then takes a step back, turns around, scratches his chin, and then turns back to Lesnar.*

    Mr. Anderson: No one except... for ME! See Lesnar while you may whine and bitch and moan and cry about not being World Heavyweight Champion, there is one difference between us, at The Great American Bash, unlike you, I won my match! You on the other hand got DDT’ed onto a chair, and that piece of ‘white trash’ as you call it, is up there covering up the evidence that you were the one who got beat on Sunday.

    *The crowd oohs and aahs at the insults that Anderson is hurling towards Lesnar.*

    Mr. Anderson: I mean you got DDT’ed on a freakin’ chair are you kidding me? My grandmother could’ve kicked out of that.

    *The crowd oohs, aahs, and laughs at what Anderson says, and those laughs turns to cheers for Anderson who is on a roll running down Lesnar.*

    Mr. Anderson: All petty insults aside Lesnar, we all know you aren’t worth the time of day, you got your rematch at the World Title, you lost, in fact you got pinned, as far as I’m concerned that puts you down at the bottom of the totem pole with the rest of the bottom feeders. Now I know you’ll come back with but you never have beaten me, and while that may be a valid point, I win when it counts, on the biggest stages, under the brightest lights, in the biggest situations. It’s about time that the Head Asshole in Charge here on Nitro gets a shot, it’s what I deserve. I mean I was an Intercontinental Champion, and would still be if not for Rey Mysterio and the rest of his merry men. But what did I do? I did what an asshole could only do, I took care of business. I won my match, Lesnar you lost, and then upon losing came out here and pulled every complaint out of your ass that you could. You even claimed that the World Heavyweight Championship was YOUR title! I mean last time I checked, and I mean I don’t have the best vision, I can thank my grandmother for that, but I don’t see a gold strap around your waist, the only thing I see is that diaper up there on your forehead covering that chair shot you took. So Lesnar… why don’t you take that diaper off your forehead, put it where it belongs, and stop those bullshit excuses from coming out of your ass, because from what I see you aren’t this all powerful being, you aren’t the World Heavyweight Champion, you’re just a little bitch who got DDt’ed on a chair and now wants to get everything handed to him. Ever since I’ve come back I’ve earned everything I’ve gotten, the Intercontinental Championship, that win at The Great American Bash, for god freakin’ sakes I earned my job back in this company. Lesnar, it’s time for this asshole to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, it’s my time now, it’s time for MIIISSSS…

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