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    The fans explode with cheers as Cody Rhodes walks out onto the stage. He looks from Punk to Black to the UK in the center of the ring, before looking out at the fans. He holds a hand out to Punk, who passes him a microphone.

    Rhodes: Let’s get a few things straight right now. Sheamus, you are not the United States Champion. You see, a champion has to hold that title with pride and quite frankly, you know what you’ve done wrong- you know why you don’t deserve that title and the quicker I take it back, the better.

    William Regal, you talk about your group’s despicable attack on my father, on Dusty Rhodes. There’s no way in hell that I’m going to let that slip by. CM Punk, Tyler Black, Kurt Angle, I don’t care if they stand with me or not, because my mission from here on in is to make certain this group does absolutely nothing in this company. I will not sleep until I have fully disintegrated this group.

    Drew McIntyre, you can say that I deserved what I got on Sunday. That’s your jealousy showing through. You used to be Vince McMahon’s chosen one. Now, you’re just the lackey in an otherwise unimpressive group. As for it all being deserved, well what I’m planning to do to all of you- that’s going to be deserved

    The fans explode with cheers as Cody looks at Punk.

    Cody Rhodes: Punk, I guess you have a problem with Barrett. Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re going to try your hardest to get your hands on him, but that little boy in the ring is mine. He doesn’t know what he started and what he’s got himself into but he’ll soon learn everything he has done is the worst possible way he could have returned. Soon he’ll be regretting his actions.

    And Black, well I appreciate all the help you’ve been giving me these last few weeks, and I would appreciate help from both of you but the fact remains that if you two decide you have better things to do than take down this group, I am more than happy to take them down myself.

    You see UK, you think you scare me, you think you scare all of the guys in the back. You’re wrong

    The fans cheer again and a Cody Rhodes chant begins.

    Cody Rhodes: You see, all I see in the ring is four lost souls. That’s fine because each and every single one of you have your flaws. And I’m going to expose those flaws. I’m going to leave all of you lying in a pool of your own blood. Revenge is a dish best served cold, well not here, revenge is a dish best served gold. By The Golden Boy.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Cody Rhodes: And there’s one man that I haven’t addressed. That’s Wade Barrett. Wade, you attacked me on Sunday. You came out to that ring in your little morph suit- which I’m surprised you’re still not wearing considering how many people you offend by just showing your face- you walked out to that ring, hit me with Wasteland and made sure Sheamus would leave as the United States Champion.

    You see, that was just the first thing you made. The second thing you made...was a mistake

    Another massive cheer from the crowd.

    Cody Rhodes: You wanna talk about The Nexus- you wanna mention them in the same breath as The Four Horsemen, let me say something now. The Nexus will NEVER be anything compared to The Four Horsemen. You are just offending every single professional wrestling fan that paid good money to come out here tonight by even mentioning them together.

    The Four Horsemen changed the way we look at stables and that’s why you attacked my father last Sunday, because you knew that what he did for you was way too much to completely ignore. You tried to make an impact, you tried to make all of these people realize you’re the future of this company. Instead, you only made one thing- me angry.

    The fans go nuts again.

    Cody Rhodes: Wade, you made a mistake when you came back and attacked me. You picked the wrong target because now you have nowhere to run. You should have kept me guessing because now I will not stop, I will not rest until I have delivered each and every single one of you an equal amount of revenge.

    And it starts tonight.

    The thing you’ve all seemed to forget is that I have a rematch clause. And tonight Sheamus, say goodbye to that title because it’s coming home. I may have lost at the Great American Bash but that was because I was shocked. Tonight, I’m using my rematch clause and there are no more surprises. Who in their right mind would team with you guys.

    Instead, I actually hope you all get involved so I can finish this UK business up quickly. Tonight Sheamus, I’m taking that title back, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it

    Cody throws the microphone down as the fans are in a frenzy. He looks at Punk & Black, nodding to both of them as a huge Cody Rhodes chant is heard throughout the arena. The United Kingdom stare back for a minute as Barrett, McIntyre, and Regal assure Sheamus he will be fine without them

    JR: What huge news! What a huge main event we have set! Cody Rhodes has decided to use his rematch clause tonight, and will face Sheamus for the United States Title tonight! And the United Kingdom is banned from ringside! So unless the United Kingdom has another member we don’t know about this will be one on one

    King: Well what’s stopping the United Kingdom from interfering anyways?

    JR: Well I’m getting word they will be held by security until the match is over, the same with Tyler Black and CM Punk to ensure us a fair, one on one match for the United States Championship. We will finally see who the rightful champion should be.

    King: This isn’t fair to Sheamus he didn’t have time to prepare.

    JR: Well he has time now. When we get back we will see Kurt Angle face off against John Cena!


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    JR: Well folks, you heard from Cody Rhodes and we can confirm that Cody has spoken to Teddy Long and has cashed in his rematch clause and will face Sheamus tonight for the US title. Once again, United Kingdom will be banned from ringside.

    King: Sheamus already beat him Ross, why would Cody risk more embarrassment? Face it. He may be the golden boy of the WWE, but he's no match for the barbaric Sheamus!

    JR: I couldn't disagree more King! Cody Rhodes had been outstanding through his United States title reign and had it not been for Wade Barrett or the masked man as he was known, I have no doubt that Cody Rhodes would still be the reigning champion!

    King: Well I don't! I also have no doubt I will be proven right when Sheamus beats Cody Rhodes again here tonight! this time, there will be no excuses for Cody.

    JR: Well that's our main event folks, but now.. we are going to take a look back at the Great American Bash and see the return of the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle!.

    *The camera then zooms in on the Titantron as highlights are shown of his return and his match at the Great American Bash. The Titantron then stops and the crowd are cheering "Angle!" over and over, suddenly his music blares out towards the crowd as they jump to their feet with excitement.*

    *The crowd go crazy at the sight of Angle, He steps out on to the stage and begins warming up as the crowd cheer his name. He takes a look around at the fans before taking a deep breath and making his way down to the ring.*

    JR: Don't adjust your TV set's folks, you are witnessing Kurt Angle once again here.. live on Raw is War!

    King: Man, these fans are going crazy!

    JR: They sure are King. The WWE Universe have missed him dearly.

    *Kurt Angle reaches the ring and spins around taunting as the crowd continue to cheer. He then stands in the middle of the ring and applauds the fans who are cheering him.*

    *The crowd again pop this time for Cena. John Cena does his trademark salute and then runs down to the ring. Cena enters the ring with the crowd cheering, he walks over to Angle and shakes his hand as the crowd cheer for the sign of respect shown.*

    JR: Well here we go folks! Kurt Angle vs. John Cena, it should be a great match King.

    King: What a return match for Angle and what a treat for the fans tonight.

    Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

    Start at 2:59 stop at 6:32

    *Both men are standing toe to toe in the ring, both slugging it out each man delivering and landing hard rights to the others face..


    Cena having landed the last couple, winds up for one big shot, he takes a few steps back before throwing his arm forward attempting to hit Cena with a big right hand. Angle is able to duck it and latches on to the stomach and side of Cena before throwing him over his head with a German Suplex as the crowd pop with the momentum of the throw.*

    JR: Classic Angle right there folks!

    *With both men down, Angle begins crawling over to Cena and goes for the cover.*

    King: Angle looking for the three count!



    JR: Kickout! Cena kicking out after the two.

    *Angle then stands up and taunts for the crowd, He pulls down the straps on his singlet before asking Cena to get to his feet.. Cena eventually does and looks certain to turn into the Angle the slam, however Angle grabs him and Cena is able to struggle out. Cena instead reacts with a boot to the stomach before hitting Angle with a fisherman’s suplex which he carries over into a bridge as he looks for the pin.*

    King: Now Cena with the pin!




    JR: So close for Cena, Kurt Angle kicking out with seconds to spare!

    *Both Cena and Angle begin to reach their feet. John Cena then charges at Angle knocking him down with a shoulder charge and does the same again.. Angle then jumps back to his feet and swings a right hand at Cena which he ducks and then hits Angle with a back body drop as the crowd cheer as they know what’s coming next..*

    JR: It looks like it’s fine knuckle shuffle time!

    *Cena lines up the five knuckle shuffle and waves the "You can't see me" sign. As he leans down and does though he's surprised as Angle is able to role him up in a small package.*

    JR: Angle with the small package!




    King: So close, so close for Kurt Angle! Cena was almost made to pay for showing off.

    *Both Angle and Cena again jump to their feet and Cena again reacts first with a big clothesline. John Cena then throws his hands in the air as the crowd cheer and begins stalking Angle. Angle gingerly stands up again and this time walks right into a Samoan lift as Cena attempts the FU. Just when Cena looks like he's going to land it, Angle is able to land on his feet and spins back around with a boot to the stomach and then hits Cena with the.. *

    JR: Angle slam! Angle slam!

    King: that must be it now! Angle with the pin!




    JR: Angle wins! Kurt Angle has returned to Raw is War and marked it with a victory!

    King: I'm not a big fan of good two shoes Cena, but I will admit both men put on a great match right there.

    The referee raises Kurt Angle's hand in victory, as the crowd cheer him on. Angle, however stares at Cena, who is slowly getting up in pain- before helping Cena up, and shaking his hand. You can see Cena muttering thank you, and he heads to the back as Angle has a mic given to him.

    Kurt Angle: You see, my return at The Bash- was just a little souvenir of what is to come in the future. I teamed up, with one of WWE's rising talents, Tyler Black- to take on some people who have been giving America a bad name. Being back in the ring, being back in the WWE, has taught me many things. But it has taught me one thing in particular... It's never too late to take out trash, and throw it in the bin.

    Crowd cheer Angle.

    Angle: When people talk about trash, many things may come to mind. Such as, cans, bottles, old soft toys, and the list may go on, and on. However, when I talk about trash- I think of four people. And those four people represent a revolution. A revolution that is also the United Kingdom.

    Crowd boo the name.

    Angle: Now, I- along with Tyler Black may have defeated two members of UK- Drew McIntyre, and William Regal at the Great American Bash. But that victory meant nothing to me. Some may ask why? Because Regal, and McIntyre, simply aren't a threat to me, whatsoever. They are simply the wrestlers who hide behind the real qualities of the group.

    And the real qualities of this stable, without a doubt...are Sheamus, and Wade Barrett

    Crowd boo.

    Angle: One thing that hit the news, was the news of a new United States Champion. A man, also known as Sheamus, The Celtic Warrior- defeated Cody Rhodes to win the belt. And he done it in a simple, but yet effective fashion. Via, the help of his pathetic group.

    Now Sheamus, I hope you're listening to me. You're holding a title, a prestigious title which just goes to prove, what America is all about. Guys like Ric Flair, Lex Luger- have busted their asses so much, to give this belt the pride it deserves. They went onto make the title into what it currently is today. And you're about to tarnish the reputation that the strap contains

    Crowd cheer Angle.

    Angle: And in addition to that, there has been plenty of rumors going around. And one of them, is that Wade Barrett is this masked man- who has been attacking WWE's best in the world- CM Punk. Barrett, if you are the masked man- I will say, you have some balls, to mess with Punk.

    Punk calls himself the best in the world, and he has a right to. He's been working his ass off in the WWE, to create a new, fresh life into wrestling. A man who's had a tough life. And he must be irritated at the fact that you're trying to take all of this away from him. Now, if you want to carry on being a punk, to CM. Go ahead. Because the only consequence you'll get out of it, is a vicious GTS to your face

    Crowd cheer Angle in agreement.

    Angle: So far, the UK have been targeting several wrestlers, such as Rhodes and Black. They've made a massive statement. But now, they should remember one thing...they have also created a target in me. So you four, may act as if you own this place. But you don't. So just remember one thing, Kurt Angle- is coming for each, and every single one of your delusional asses!

    And oh, believe me's's damn real!

    Crowd go crazy as Angle drops the mic and leaves the ring.

    JR: Man Kurt Angle is back and better than ever he is so rejuvenated. He is here and he means business.

    King: he has looked impressive but I don’t think it’s wise for him to call out the United Kingdom that might be the last group you want to mess with

    JR: Well we will see how strong Sheamus is as an individual because he faces Cody Rhodes in our main event a little later tonight. Stay tuned. Right now we send it back to Josh Mathews with one of the winners of the scramble moving on to the triple threat match at SummerSlam to crown a new Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus
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    Josh Mathews can be seen backstage with a mic on his hand.

    Josh: Good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is Josh Mathews and I am once again here with the legendary Diva herself, 7 time WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus.

    Trish smiles and waves at the camera.

    Josh: First of all Trish I want to personally congratulate you on becoming one of the final 3 Divas that will be competing for the returning Women's title.

    Trish: Thank you Josh, that means a lot.

    Josh: No need to thank me Trish, after all it was your hard work and determination that led you to this. Unfortunately though you didn't get much of a chance to celebrate your win considering Raven came out shortly after your music started playing and used you as bait to get Sting to come out.

    Trish: Yea that completely unexpected, I don't see why Raven felt the need to put his hands on me when I had nothing to do with his war against Sting, but that just shows how much of a coward he is and how low he will go.

    Josh: I agree and I'm just glad you weren't hurt in the process.

    Trish: Well I appreciate your concern, but I'm tougher than I look.

    Trish and Josh share a laugh.

    Josh: So anyway Trish what are your thoughts on the other 2 contenders for the title?

    Trish: Well Josh I always expected Lita to be in the final 3 so that came as no surprise to me. She is a skilled performer and even though I don't agree with her ways I feel that she deserved to be in the final 3.

    Josh: Yea I can agree with that, Lita is quite a Diva to look out for here in the WWE. How about Kelly Kelly? Obviously you two share some bad history ever since your return to the company so would you say she earned her spot in this match or would you rather have seen someone else in her place?

    Trish: Hmm Kelly isn't someone I would've expected to end up in the final 3 and she's certainly not someone I wanted to see in the final 3. Unfortunately my good friend Nattie suffered that knee injury when she did and was unable to continue on in this tournament, but I would've loved to see her in the final 3. Now coming back to Kelly I do think she's someone in a certain amount of skill, but I don't think she deserved her spot to be honest.

    ????: Oh will you please shut your dirty mouth....

    Kelly Kelly walks on screen, looking at Trish. She then turns to Josh.

    Kelly: You are not needed here, leave...

    Josh: But I...

    Kelly: I said leave! Before I have my security make you leave.

    Suddenly, to big body builder type men in security shirts walk up behind Kelly Kelly. Josh looks at them, and then takes off running for the hills. Kelly Kelly turns back to Trish.

    Kelly: My oh my do seem to have a lot you like to dish....out that is. See, I want to be your friend. Is that ok if I be your friend Trish? The reason Raven chose you, the reason Raven picked you, is because he knows what I know, what Lita knows, what all the other divas know. You are weak, weak and pathetic. The only reason you are even going to Summerslam is pure luck.

    Trish seems like she is going to say something.

    Kelly: Don't even try to bring up your previous win over me. I'm not here to focus on something that happened months ago, I'm here to talk about the now and the future. See, I knew this wasn't over, and while I may think you were lucky in making it this far, I feel like I'm truly the lucky one. I get it all Trish. I truly do.

    Kelly starts laughing kind of crazily.

    Kelly: It's all coming together. See Trish, let me show you the puzzle pieces. First, I scored a guest role on the new Fox show, The Following. You know, the one with Kevin Bacon. I'm going to be on the cover of GQ next month, and to top it all off, I am going to become the new Women's Champion, and in the process, I'm going to finally get my hands on you. Trish, you might have faced tough adversaries in the past, but look in my eyes when I say this.

    Trish isn't totally looking at her, so Kelly immediately gets into her face.


    Kelly Kelly is nose to nose with Trish now.

    Kelly: I am like none of the diva's you have faced in the past. Round 1, you won, round 2, I win, and there will be no round 3. I will become the champion, I will beat your pretty little face in, and I will send you packing, crying all the way home to Canada, you pretentious Canuck.

    ???: Oooooo! Kelly bringing out the Canadian card! She’s bringing it for real now!

    Lita walks onto the screen as the entire arena begins to boo. Lita looks from Trish to Kelly to the camera.

    Lita: Oh my god! Lita on Raw! What’s going on? Shut the hell up. First of all, you.

    Lita turns to Trish.

    Lita: You actually expected me to be in the final three? Well first of all, there was only ever supposed to be a final two. I find it ridiculous that I have to face the both of you when I won that match and you two drew for second spot. If anything, the two of you should face off and I fight the winner at SummerSlam.

    Secondly, of course I was going to be in the final. I was always going to be in the final, just like I’m going to win- I was ALWAYS going to win. I am the greatest diva in the history of this industry. Forget you, forget The Fabulous Moolah, forget Wendy Richter. ME! I’m the original Anti-Diva. Unlike Paige. I actually have talent.

    I deserve this title more than anybody else in this company. Why? Because I should be the poster girl, I should be the one that every single young girl looks up to and tries to be when they get into professional wrestling. Why? Because I’m a good role model. I’m the best woman to ever step into that ring. Nobody could ever do what I do.

    The fans boo loudly.

    Lita: And Trish, I don’t get why you think you have a chance. Kelly is better than you, I am better than you and come SummerSlam, I’m going to prove it.

    The fans boo loudly again as Lita turns to Kelly.

    Lita: And as for you. Well you seem to have completely forgotten I exist. That’s fine, keep writing me off Kelly. I’m going to prove you wrong. You think that this new era of diva is the future. You’re wrong, I’m the future. I will remain the future until the day I die- just like nobody is going to take my title from me when I win it. That’s right, it’s MY title.

    You should completely count yourself as lucky you’re even in the same company as me. You think you’re this big bitch that anybody would be lucky to be with- you’re wrong. Nobody wants to touch you with a ten foot barge pole. Especially considering everything you’ve done. How many guys have you slept with now?

    At least I actually have the decency to stick to one now. I settled down. Edge is my future. Your future? Whoever is the most successful at the time I suppose. I’m surprised you’re not sniffing around Austin Aries. Then again, who knows what goes on behind closed doors?

    The fans give a much more mixed reaction to this, as people seem to dislike Kelly more than they do Lita.

    Lita: Girls, the two of you need to listen to me right now. I’m going to win at SummerSlam. I swear on it.


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    JR: And here comes King, the man that came out victorious at The Great American Bash! By gawd, what a slobber knocker that Hogan and Sandow displayed but in the end, Hulkamania proved to be alive and well.

    King: Sandow was robbed JR. This was a fluke and I don’t see it happening again.

    JR: King, you were there. You saw the same match I did. It was no fluke, it was Hulk Hogan at his best. Now for God’s sake be quiet and let’s see what he has to say.

    *crowd chants Thank You Hulk*

    Hulk Hogan: Thank you guys. Thank you all very much. What I did at the Great American Bash, I did it for each and every one of you here and those watching at home. This win is for all my little Hulkamaniacs brother! The critics all agreed that I wouldn’t be able to pull this win off. All the haters agreed as well, that this couldn’t be done. But as I have said time and time before, whatcha gonna do brother, when Hulkamania runs wild on you!!!

    *crowds goes nuts*

    Hulk Hogan: You see, like I told Damien Sandow. (crowd boos) It’s not about me, it’s about the Red and Yellow. Sandow, you crossed the line when you confronted me and disrespected me by slapping me on my face, and I hope now you will have more respect for the man that kicked your ass brother. So you see little dude, when you disrespect me, you disrespect all the little Hulkamaniacs. So Damien, at first it wasn’t personal, but you made it personal when you put your hands on me. So Damien, like I told you before and I will remind you right now brother…. This is over!

    *Damien Sandow’s music hits, as Damien Sandow walks out from the back to nothing but boos from the fans. He is in his royal blue robe, and has a mic. His music immediately fades, as he talks while walking down the ramp and into the ring.

    Sandow: This is far from over "brother". First off Hulk, before I address your ill-equated statement, I feel the need to address one thing. Your constant use of the word brother. You call numerous superstars in the back brother, various stagehands, I have even seen you call a diva brother. Now, unless I was taught wrong, there is no way you can be everyone's brother, as none of you are blood relation. So your constant attempts to belittle the masses by calling them "brother" has not gone unnoticed!

    Sandow is now in the ring, standing across from Hulk Hogan.

    Sandow: Now, at the Great American Bash, you merely proved that you are still able to move about in the ring. Anyone else watching the same match would know it was merely a sham. Akin to a blind squirrel finding a nut, is how most shall view your win. It was pure and unadulterated luck. But, alas, a win is a win nonetheless. I propose this thought though Hogan.

    Sandow looks at Hogan, with the utmost seriousness.

    Sandow: You speak of Hulkamania, and how it is "running wild" and is back. You refer to the masses as "Hulkamaniacs". What proof have you that this "Hulkamania" is truly back?

    Immediately a Hogan is awesome chant breaks out.

    Sandow: I shall ask each and every one of you to silence the travesties you call lips while I speak. Thank you!

    Fans: WHAT!?

    Sandow: I SAID THANK YOU!

    Fans: WHAT!?

    Sandow: I shall not stoop to the lows of simpletons in reacting to your response. Now, as I was saying before I was interrupted by the unwashed masses...there is no such proof that Hulkamania is truly back, or even alive to begin with. You see Hulk, there is a show on Discovery, which by the way is a channel that I, Damien Sandow, record programs from on a regular basis. This channel, has different shows talking about myths. Myths like big foot, the loch ness monster, UFOs, and John Cena being an amazing technical wrestler.

    Sandow immediately chuckles at his joke.

    Sandow: You see, those myths, are in the same family as Hulkamania. It has never been truly seen, there is no documented proof it exists, and it is merely the beliefs of a senile old man. While there are those out there who will strive to disprove the myths I have mentioned, I have made it my goal to disprove the myth that is Hulkamania. You shall not run rough shod over the people I am here to save. So tonight, pay close attention in my match, because I, your intellectual savior, shall prove that the Great American Bash was nothing more than a mere bit of luck.

    Sandow drops the mic, as he has a smug smirk on his face.

    JR: Well I hope Sandow wrestles just as well as he talks because he is going one on one with Kane after the break.


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    JR: And here comes this demon Kane, who attacked Batista and nobody has seen or heard a peep from since, nobody has seen him or had any contact, and with Kane you can only assume the worst

    King: Kane is just downright evil, I hate being this close to him when he is in the ring

    JR: I share your sentiment King.

    Kane vs. Damien Sandow

    Watch 1:05 till 2:42

    JR: Sandow setting up for the Cubito Aequet… oh and Kane moved!

    Sandow hits his elbow hard on the mat and Kane uses the ropes to prop himself up. Kane waits for Sandow to get up, and when Sandow does Kane hits him with a huge big boot, and Kane covers,



    Sandow kicks out and Kane rubs his forearm across the face of Sandow. Kane picks Sandow up and sends him into the turnbuckle, and Kane runs and hits a corner clothesline. Sandow then groggily stumbles out of the corner, and Kane picks Sandow up and puts him down with a sidewalk slam. Kane sits Sandow up and runs off the ropes and nails Sandow with a dropkick.

    JR: Kane in control here, and he is calling for the chokeslam…

    JR: It’s Batista! It’s Batista! He’s back and he is here for revenge on Kane!

    King: I don’t see him JR.

    JR: Where is he? Is this Kane’s doing

    King: I don’t think so, Kane looks distracted as well

    Kane holds the ropes and begs for Batista to come down to the ring. Batista doesn’t appear and out of nowhere Sandow rolls up Kane,


    JR: He rolled up a distracted Kane!


    JR: He has the tights! He has the damn tights!


    King: Sandow wins! What an upset win for Damien Sandow

    JR: Bullshit. Kane was in control until Batista’s music played, but why did the music play? Batista didn’t appear.

    King: I don’t know but Sandow had an upset victory here tonight

    JR: He had a handful of the damn tights is what he had.

    *Damian is fast to make an exit, before Kane can grab hold of Sandow. Kane then heads over to the announcer and yells to be given a mic. Once he has a mic in hand, Kane gets back in the ring and starts to talk.*

    Kane: So, I see we are playing some sort of mind tricks here tonight. You see the hero once known as Dave Batista is long gone. So, that music of his playing was just an illusion or in other words, trickery. Someone is up to no good cause Dave is far gone.

    *The crowd start to chant "Batista" throughout the arena.*

    Kane: Shut it! He is never coming back and you can trust me on that. You see, all of you are playing mind games with yourselves as well. You want to believe your "superhero" will come back, but the matter of the fact is he isn’t. Batista has finally been destroyed. Yet, you all want to believe he'll be back.

    *The crowd boo Kane and follow it up by chanting "Animal".*

    Kane: Chant all you want, but just know he was no animal. He made you all believed he was one, but he never showed to be an animal or a monster. Yeah, he proclaimed it, but I knew it wasn't true. However, like the sheep you all are believed him. Tell me what sick and twisted things has he done? Nothing. While I have done things no one would dare do or imagine. I have tombstoned a priest, I've also scarred for life the dreams of my dear friend Pete Rose, and I've gone as far as to bury my own brother. So, tell me again how he proved to be a monster of sorts? He is just like all of you..... a mere mortal. Hahahahahahahahaha...........

    *Kane drops the mic and then does his usual post match fire explosion.*

    JR: This man is just evil, just pure evil. What has he done with Batista and why did he do it?

    King: He has no emotions, no feelings, he will do whatever he wants when he wants. He is Kane and he is demon, he is pure evil

    JR: Well up next we have the United States Championship, Cody Rhodes finally gets his fair shot at Sheamus one on one, United Kingdom banned from ringside, as is Tyler Black and CM Punk.


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    JR: Now it’s time for Cody Rhodes to get his fair shot at the United States Championship that he unfairly lost last night at The Great American Bash, when Wade Barrett interfered on behalf of Sheamus and the United Kingdom. This is his rematch clause

    King: Its just sour grapes from Rhodes, he was mad he couldn’t beat Sheamus before Barrett interfered. The United Kingdom just beat him to something he would have done anyways

    JR: Can you accept that Rhodes has changed?

    King: Not when he looks like that

    JR: That is a look of determination King, and he is all business focused on regaining something he was cheated out of last night, something, if I do say so myself, is rightfully his.

    King: Well Sheamus isn’t going to let that happen here tonight, he has gained the United States Championship and he plans on keeping it on behalf of the strongest faction in the WWE, the United Kingdom.

    JR: Well he looks worried, worried that he doesn’t have a plan for someone to interfere tonight, someone to help him win. He knows this is one on one, and he knows Cody has been waiting for this for a long time.

    King: Well we will see what happens, but I think, no I know Sheamus is confident he can beat Cody Rhodes without the United Kingdom. He knows he is a member of the strongest faction here and he has their support. There is nothing to worry about.

    Cody Rhodes vs. Sheamus

    Watch 3:00 till 11:42

    JR: Beautiful Disaster! Beautiful Disaster! Rhodes going for the cover, we’re going to have a new United States Champion!




    Thr… NO!

    King: Sheamus kicked out! He kicked out!

    Rhodes then pounces on top of Sheamus and hits him with repeated rights and lefts. Sheamus rolls over and begins to wale on Rhodes with rights and lefts, and Rhodes rolls him over, and the two roll over, out of the ring and they get back up and brawl.


    Sheamus gains the advantage and backs up, he runs at Rhodes, who moves, pushes Sheamus on the back, and redirects Sheamus into the steel steps. Rhodes grabs Sheamus and throws him in the ring, and Rhodes hops up on the turnbuckle. Rhodes waits for Sheamus to get up, and as Sheamus gets up, he groggily turns towards Rhodes, who jumps and lands a crossbody! But then Sheamus rolls through the crossbody and is able to lift Rhodes up and Sheamus slams Rhodes down with a fallaway slam. Sheamus waits for Rhodes to get up and Sheamus hits Rhodes with the double axe handle clothesline, followed by another, Rhodes gets up , runs at Sheamus, who hits him with the Irish Curse!

    King: Irish Curse! Irish Curse! Sheamus could retain




    Thr… NO!

    JR: Rhodes kicked out, Rhodes kicked out! By god how did he do it?

    Rhodes rolls to the apron, while Sheamus argues with the ref. Sheamus then goes to grab Rhodes by the head, but Rhodes pulls Sheamus’ head down on the ropes. Rhodes gets in the ring, waits for Sheamus, who when he turns, Rhodes drops down and uppercuts Sheamus, and follows up with a dropkick to drop Sheamus. Rhodes waits for Sheamus to get up, and when he does, Sheamus stumbles backwards into the turnbuckle. Rhodes then runs at Sheamus, but Sheamus moves, and Rhodes hits the turnbuckle hard. Sheamus then picks Rhodes up…

    JR: WHITE NOISE! Sheamus has won the match!




    Thre… NO!

    JR: By God Rhodes kicked out! How?

    King: No that was three! That was three!

    JR: It wasn’t but Sheamus is imploring it was three as well!

    Sheamus argues with the ref that it was three and Sheamus can’t believe it. Sheamus then gets to the corner and motions for the Brogue Kick. He clubs his chest, and when Rhodes gets up…

    JR: Brogue Kic… NO! Rhodes ducked.. Beautiful Disaster! Beautiful Disaster!





    JR: Sheamus kicked out! What a hell of a match

    King: Nobody will give either way! Sheamus wants this so bad for the United Kingdom, with that United States Championship, they are that much more powerful!

    JR: Cody wants that title back though just as much, it means everything to him. He was cheated out of it and he knows it.

    Rhodes can’t believe it wasn’t three and he waits for Sheamus to get up, as Sheamus gets up, Rhodes grabs him by the head.

    JR: Rhodes looking for Cross Rhodes… here it comes

    King: NO! Sheamus pushed him off…

    JR: BROGUE KICK! BROGUE KICK out of nowhere





    JR: And Sheamus retains his United States Championship! What a hell of a match.

    King: And Rhodes can’t complain anymore this was fair and square, no United Kingdom

    JR: You have to give Rhodes credit he put up one hell of a fight Sheamus was just that much better tonight, Sheamus truly was on top of his game he took everything Rhodes had, including to Beautiful Disaster kicks.

    King: And the United Kingdom is now more powerful that they don’t have to worry about Cody Rhodes

    JR: Was that a sign of respect?

    King: Well I guess that was, wasn’t it?

    JR: But his isn’t. NO don’t do this. Here comes the rest of the United Kingdom.

    King: I think they are here to celebrate.

    JR: that’s a load of crap, they are beating on Rhodes!

    *The United Kingdom runs down the ramp, and begins to beat on a fallen Rhodes, as Sheamus receives his belt, clutches it and watches on. Barrett, Regal and McIntyre are all beating down on Rhodes. But then from the ramp…*

    JR: Here comes Tyler Black, and right behind him CM Punk!

    *Black and Punk comes down and beat down Barrett, Regal and McIntyre getting them off of Rhodes. Sheamus then comes from behind and stomps on the back of Punk’s back, and kicks Black in the face. Barrett joins Regal and begins to beat down on Punk and Sheamus and McIntyre beat down on Black. Rhodes then comes back in the ring and stops Barrett and Regal, and Punk rolls out of the ring. Sheamus and McIntyre notice, and Sheamus leaves to help as McIntyre gets rid of Black. The four members then beat down Rhodes to a pulp. Regal and McIntyre then pick up Rhodes, holds him, and Sheamus blasts Rhodes over the head with the US Title.

    JR: Oh what a brutal shot with that title.

    King: Finally someone teaches Rhodes a lesson!

    JR: This isn’t a lesson, this is sick and uncalled for. We get the United Kingdom is strong they don’t need to injure Rhodes to prove it.

    *Barrett, calling the shots tells McIntyre and Regal to pick him up once more. They do pick up Rhodes, feed him to Barrett who lays out Rhodes with Wasteland!*

    JR: NO! That’s enough leave him alone.

    King: Message sent.

    JR: Well that is one way of conveying a message, but tonight the United Kingdom still has the United States Championship, and they are standing tall.

    *All four men raise their arms in unison as they stand above a fallen Cody Rhodes, as the show fades to black*

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    For the first time in 8 days - it's showtime folks!

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    This is one of the better Nitro's so far, no doubt in that.

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    We'll see 2 debuts, the return of one popular segment, and a major announcement regarding Summerslam.

    Thanks to Niall for writing a match

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    What a cheap way to postwhore

    Anyway, let's get started!

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