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    The fans explode with cheers as Cody Rhodes walks out onto the stage. He looks from Punk to Black to the UK in the center of the ring, before looking out at the fans. He holds a hand out to Punk, who passes him a microphone.

    Rhodes: Let’s get a few things straight right now. Sheamus, you are not the United States Champion. You see, a champion has to hold that title with pride and quite frankly, you know what you’ve done wrong- you know why you don’t deserve that title and the quicker I take it back, the better.

    William Regal, you talk about your group’s despicable attack on my father, on Dusty Rhodes. There’s no way in hell that I’m going to let that slip by. CM Punk, Tyler Black, Kurt Angle, I don’t care if they stand with me or not, because my mission from here on in is to make certain this group does absolutely nothing in this company. I will not sleep until I have fully disintegrated this group.

    Drew McIntyre, you can say that I deserved what I got on Sunday. That’s your jealousy showing through. You used to be Vince McMahon’s chosen one. Now, you’re just the lackey in an otherwise unimpressive group. As for it all being deserved, well what I’m planning to do to all of you- that’s going to be deserved

    The fans explode with cheers as Cody looks at Punk.

    Cody Rhodes: Punk, I guess you have a problem with Barrett. Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re going to try your hardest to get your hands on him, but that little boy in the ring is mine. He doesn’t know what he started and what he’s got himself into but he’ll soon learn everything he has done is the worst possible way he could have returned. Soon he’ll be regretting his actions.

    And Black, well I appreciate all the help you’ve been giving me these last few weeks, and I would appreciate help from both of you but the fact remains that if you two decide you have better things to do than take down this group, I am more than happy to take them down myself.

    You see UK, you think you scare me, you think you scare all of the guys in the back. You’re wrong

    The fans cheer again and a Cody Rhodes chant begins.

    Cody Rhodes: You see, all I see in the ring is four lost souls. That’s fine because each and every single one of you have your flaws. And I’m going to expose those flaws. I’m going to leave all of you lying in a pool of your own blood. Revenge is a dish best served cold, well not here, revenge is a dish best served gold. By The Golden Boy.

    The fans explode with cheers.

    Cody Rhodes: And there’s one man that I haven’t addressed. That’s Wade Barrett. Wade, you attacked me on Sunday. You came out to that ring in your little morph suit- which I’m surprised you’re still not wearing considering how many people you offend by just showing your face- you walked out to that ring, hit me with Wasteland and made sure Sheamus would leave as the United States Champion.

    You see, that was just the first thing you made. The second thing you made...was a mistake

    Another massive cheer from the crowd.

    Cody Rhodes: You wanna talk about The Nexus- you wanna mention them in the same breath as The Four Horsemen, let me say something now. The Nexus will NEVER be anything compared to The Four Horsemen. You are just offending every single professional wrestling fan that paid good money to come out here tonight by even mentioning them together.

    The Four Horsemen changed the way we look at stables and that’s why you attacked my father last Sunday, because you knew that what he did for you was way too much to completely ignore. You tried to make an impact, you tried to make all of these people realize you’re the future of this company. Instead, you only made one thing- me angry.

    The fans go nuts again.

    Cody Rhodes: Wade, you made a mistake when you came back and attacked me. You picked the wrong target because now you have nowhere to run. You should have kept me guessing because now I will not stop, I will not rest until I have delivered each and every single one of you an equal amount of revenge.

    And it starts tonight.

    The thing you’ve all seemed to forget is that I have a rematch clause. And tonight Sheamus, say goodbye to that title because it’s coming home. I may have lost at the Great American Bash but that was because I was shocked. Tonight, I’m using my rematch clause and there are no more surprises. Who in their right mind would team with you guys.

    Instead, I actually hope you all get involved so I can finish this UK business up quickly. Tonight Sheamus, I’m taking that title back, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it

    Cody throws the microphone down as the fans are in a frenzy. He looks at Punk & Black, nodding to both of them as a huge Cody Rhodes chant is heard throughout the arena. The United Kingdom stare back for a minute as Barrett, McIntyre, and Regal assure Sheamus he will be fine without them

    JR: What huge news! What a huge main event we have set! Cody Rhodes has decided to use his rematch clause tonight, and will face Sheamus for the United States Title tonight! And the United Kingdom is banned from ringside! So unless the United Kingdom has another member we don’t know about this will be one on one

    King: Well what’s stopping the United Kingdom from interfering anyways?

    JR: Well I’m getting word they will be held by security until the match is over, the same with Tyler Black and CM Punk to ensure us a fair, one on one match for the United States Championship. We will finally see who the rightful champion should be.

    King: This isn’t fair to Sheamus he didn’t have time to prepare.

    JR: Well he has time now. When we get back we will see Kurt Angle face off against John Cena!


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