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    RAW is WAR Episode 28
    New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Monday Night RAW is WAR! What a night we had last night at The Great American Bash! It was a historic night, not just for RAW or Nitro, no but for the whole WWE, last night will be one of the nights that the WWE Universe will remember for the rest of their lives.

    King: And they were treated to quite the match that will go down as one of the best, Austin Aries and Chris Jericho went one on one in one of the greatest matches we have ever seen here in the WWE, and as sad as I may be I must give credit where credit is due, Austin Aries beat Chris Jericho to become our New WWE Champion!

    JR: Chris Jericho threw everything he had at Austin Aries it just wasn’t enough. Aries just had his night, it was his destiny, but let’s not discredit Chris Jericho, for four months he was our WWE Champion, from Wrestlemania till last night, a remarkable reign, over 150 days, but Austin Aries followed in the footsteps of previous King of the Ring winners, and King Aries is now WWE Champion Aries.

    King: It was a great match, but let’s move on to another remarkable reign last night where the WWE Tag Team Champions, All American Perfection, against the odds, retained. They were in a Triple Threat Tag Team match, never have they had the odds against them like that, but they overcame it and won!

    JR: It was quite a victory for All American Perfection and Hulk Hogan, who in his return to the ring, was able to do the same when he beat Damien Sandow! And in another moment of momentous victories, we concluded the WWE’s first ever Road to Triumph Tournament, and last night the Scramble match culminated with three Diva’s, Trish Stratus, Lita, and Kelly Kelly all moving on into one final match, the winner to be named Women’s Champion, at SummerSlam!

    King: Congratulation’s to those three Diva’s, and while I want a RAW diva to win, I am quite scared that Lita could pull this out, she has been tremendous for Nitro! And to say the least I was shocked Hulk Hogan was able to win, he can’t nearly be as great as he once was, but last night he proved me wrong. Let me tell you with all these old timers running around faring well I may just lace them back up myself.

    JR: Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves King. One of those other ‘old timers’ per say was Goldberg, who last night, in a shocking turn of events let Ryback win the match, but Ryback was not the true victor on the night

    King: Not at all, Goldberg put Ryback through a table. After Ryback was able to kickout of everything Goldberg threw at him, Goldberg lost it, he wanted to make sure there was no way Ryback got up, and in doing so lost the match. Maybe Goldberg had a plan for why he did it, but he sure did send a message to Ryback and the rest of the WWE last night, that he is not a man you want to mess with.

    JR: That’s for sure, and we have received word that Ryback sustained injuries last night, although we don’t know the specifics quite yet, we do know some of these injuries could keep him out of action for a while, which is a disappointment. But that wasn’t the only disappointment last night. In what turned out to be a moment that will live in infamy, in the middle of a classic match between Cody Rhodes and Sheamus of the United Kingdom… well just look at the video.

    *A video of the event’s last night plays as the crowd boo’s when Wade Barrett appeared and helped Sheamus win.*

    King: Wade Barrett has returned to the WWE, and has joined the United Kingdom! Oh this is great!

    JR: I don’t see how this can be a great thing King, the United Kingdom just got more powerful, they might be unstoppable, and not only that Cody Rhodes was unfairly cheated out of his United States Championship. He thought he had the United Kingdom banned from ringside, thought he had a one on one match but it turned out the United Kingdom had a plan all along to help Sheamus win the title and now that title might never change hands.

    King: Well it wasn’t all great news for the United Kingdom last night, they did lose a match, William Regal and Drew McIntyre lost to Tyler Black and the redebuting Kurt Angle!

    JR: And while not to overshadow the victory for Black and Angle and his debut, I think the United Kingdom will gladly take that loss if that means they get Wade Barrett and the United States Championship in their stable. But the question needs to be asked, is Wade Barrett the Mystery Masked Man we have been seeing for weeks attacking CM Punk? And if so why did he choose CM Punk and not Cody Rhodes or Tyler Black or somebody trying to attack the United Kingdom?

    King: Well that’s why the question is being asked JR, is Barrett in fact the masked man? I mean he could have attacked CM Punk to draw attention away from himself and the United Kingdom, and then attack when people least expected it. Who knows we may have another Mystery Man altogether.

    JR: And we don’t know when and if we will get answers but we are expected to hear from the United Kingdom tonight so we will see. But as you can see the ring is set up in celebration of Austin Aries becoming WWE Champion!

    Austin Aries walks out from the back with the WWE Championship draped on his shoulder. He stops at the top of the ramp, and looks around, smiling, as the fans are just eating him up.

    JR: It’s our new WWE Champion and this ovation is deafening!

    King: These fans are saps, just a few weeks ago they were booing him, but because he beat the Best in the World, Chris Jericho, now these fans love him.

    Aries heads down the ramp and over to the steel steps where he climbs them and into the ring. Aries goes to a corner, climbing to the middle rope, as he takes the WWE Championship and raises it high above him with both hands. The fans are going crazy taking pictures, as Austin steps down. Aries goes over to corner where he is handed a mic, as he turns around. His music fades.

    Aries: know what, before I do that...I have one thing I need to address.

    Aries turns, walking to the ropes, as he looks at King and JR.

    Aries: Hey, you two, yeah. I'm talking to you two. From here on out, it's WWE Champ Aries, or just Aries. I may have won king of the ring, but I'm not king. Got it?

    JR nods, as Jerry just avoids eye contact. Aries grins, as the fans are chanting "Champ Aries" over and over.

    Aries: happened. Someone dethroned the great Chris Jericho. Not just someone...the only one. The only one who could do it. Did anyone notice how people like Warrior, Luger, and Punk couldn't top him? I'll let you in on a secret. It's because they aren't Austin Aries!

    The fans explode, as Aries just keeps rolling.

    Aries: It all started, at King of the Ring, and it ended, at the Great American Bash. I said an American would walk out of that PPV a champ, and I a man of my word. I am now in the class of people like Edge, Brock Lesnar, Booker T, and Kurt Angle. I've proven my worth in the WWE, and this...this right my certificate of perfection. Look at who has won this title. John Cena, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker...all of them, greats...all of them...memorable in their own right. And now, after his lengthy reign, even Chris Jericho is among them.

    Aries: But enough about Jericho. This moment right here is about me. This is my chance now, my chance to pick up that ball, load it onto my back, and run with it. I can stand here and tell you all that I will hold this title until Wrestlemania, but I know none of you are fools. I don't know what Teddy Long is going to throw my way, and I'm not going to assume. Here is a promise, a promise each and every one of you can take to the bank. Each and every time I defend this title, you all will see the type of match you saw at the Great American Bash. A balls out, pedal to the floor, wind in your hair, 100 miles an hour match that takes your breath away.

    The fans are now chanting Aries is Awesome, as Aries just grins.

    Aries: Now is the time for celebration. So...without any more delay...I bring you Nickleback live!

    Aries turns, pointing to the entrance

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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