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    JR: I have to give it to Sandow King. I really expected Hogan to take control of this match but Sandow has done really well to keep Hulk grounded and stay in control.

    King: I didn't expect any different Ross. I know Hogan's been training, but you can't train for the hunger to win, Damian Sandow would love nothing more than to tell the world he was the person that killed Hulkamania for good.. and at the Great American Bash? Now that would be something special.

    JR: Well Sandow remains in control folks, he's beating down on Hogan with everything he has.

    *Sandow has Hogan grounded and begins kicking him back down every time Hogan try's to stand. The crowd begin trying to urge Hulk on with chants of "Hogan!" but Sandow reacts to the chants by hitting Hogan with more force while laughing out at the fans.. Sandow then takes a few steps back and allows Hulk to get back up, as Hogan stands.. Damian then runs at Hogan before hitting him with a big boot and knocking him back down before mocking him as the fans boo.*

    King: Come on Hulk! *king laughs* Hulk up! Do it for your Hulkamaniacs!

    JR: Sandow has Hogan exactly where he wants him right now folks, Damian Sandow is almost toying with him to entertain himself and mock these's fans.

    King: Yeah.. and best off all! there's nothing Hogan can do about it! He's being totally outclassed by Damian Sandow! I think Hulk must have forgot his vitamins and Milk this morning *King laughs*

    *Sandow then picks up Hogan in a full Nelson position and drags him over to the turnbuckle and begins smashing his head on them, He eventually let’s go and Hogan just falls back first into the corner. Sandow waste's no time though and immediately is back on the offensive and hits Hogan over and over again with shoulder thrust's to the stomach.*

    JR: My god how much more can Hogan take? Sandow has dominated and one could only assume that Sandow could end this match whenever he wanted too at this point.

    King: He's proving a point though Ross.. he wants to make sure the job is done and Hogan never returns here again!

    *Hogan starts dropping in the corner but Sandow does not allow him to reach the floor and drags him up before slapping him in the face repeatedly as the crowd are now furious with Sandow and are booing while some are now trying to throw litter in the ring.. Sandow notices this and again mocks Hogan before smirking to the crowd.. He then walks over to Hogan again and slaps him in the face one more time before turning towards the crowd and shouting You're welcome! He then turns his back and poses in the middle of the ring.

    What he does not see is Hogan's reaction to the slap, Hogan's face has now turned bright red with anger and the crowd sense Hogan is about to "Hulk up".*

    King: Wait! what's going on?.

    JR: I think Hogan has finally had enough King!

    King: Sandow! Turn around!

    *When Sandow finally turns around he almost freezes with fear as he's confronted by Hogan "Hulking up" Sandow then attempts to strike Hulk only for Hogan to block the attempt and throw up his arm and wiggle his finger in front of him while the crowd join in.. Sandow then again try's to strike with a right hand only for Hogan to block once more then fight back with some big rights of his own, each shot being cheered on by the crowd. Hogan takes a step back before delivering a thunderous right hand which knocks Sandow down instantly.*

    JR: Hogan is feeding of this crowd King! He's flipped this match right round on its head.

    King: Come on Sandow! fight back!

    *Damien is able to get back to his feet but again is greeted by another big shot which knocks him down, this happens again and again until Hogan lifts him up and gives him a huge scoop slam to the mat and then poses for the crowd who are once again on their feet.. Hogan then looks over at the ropes and the crowd no what’s coming next. Hogan springs of the ropes and looks for the big leg drop however Sandow is able to smartly move and get out of the ring.. the crowd boo the actions of Sandow but he shrugs it off and appears to be heading back up the ramp.*

    JR: Where is Sandow going? Is he running away?.

    King: Running away Ross? Sandow is so smart! this is called losing the battle so you can win the war in the long run.

    JR: It's looks like he wants no more of the Hulkster and is running away to me King.

    *Sandow slowly makes his way up the ramp but Hogan is having none of it and begins to pursue him, Hogan catches up and starts beating on the back of Ambrose knocking him down, Hogan then points to the crowd and shouts "This is for you!" he then picks Ambrose up and again scoop slams him but this time it's on the ramp way and you can the pain from the scream of Damien's voice..

    Hogan then begins dragging Sandow by his hair to the ring and rolls him in the ring.. Hogan then enters himself to find Sandow pleading with him.. Hogan seems shocked and even allows Sandow back to his feet.. Only for Hogan to then deliver a big boot which knocks Sandow down again. With Hulk in total control he again looks over at the ropes and this time springs of them and connects with a huge leg drop as the crowd erupt once more with huge cheers as Hogan goes for the pin!*

    JR: Hogan with the legdrop! He connects!

    King: Hogan with the pin attempt! come on Sandow, kick out!




    JR: Hulk Hogan wins! Hulk Hogan wins! Hulkamania lives on!

    *Huge crowd pop as Hogan is almost in tears over joyed with his win and the reaction from the fans*

    King: Damn you Hogan! Why couldn't you just stay away.

    *With Hogan now stood in the ring taking in the reaction from the crowd and clearly emotional his theme "Real American" plays out again as the fans continue chanting his name over and over. Hogan looks out towards them and appears to be thanking them for everything!

    The camera then zooms in on the stage and from behind the curtain steps out numerous legends like Sgt. Slaughter, Rickie Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes and Hacksaw Jim Duggan who are all clapping and cheering on their friend.

    Hogan trying to hold back the tears turns towards them and nods in appreciation before exiting the ring and making his way back behind the curtain to a Hero's reception. Eric Bischoff can now also be seen making his way back to the commentary position as the show moves on."

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