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    JR: Well it looks as though we have a challenge from Hulk Hogan to Damien Sandow for a match at The Great American Bash, firs though Sandow has a match tonight against Ted DiBiase

    King: That won’t be much of a challenge for Sandow; DiBiase doesn’t match up to the athletic ability or intellectuality of Damien Sandow

    JR: Most people can’t match up intellectually with Sandow, but then again neither do I, for the simple fact that I don’t want to listen to the crap that spews out of his mouth

    King: Don’t talk about our Savior of the Masses like that, Sandow is here to teach us, and we should all be attentive

    JR: Well I’m sure Hogan is, not to listen to him speak, but to watch him in ring to see what he will need to do to beat Sandow this Sunday.

    King: Well Hogan should learn how to speak from Sandow to, maybe if he loses he should sit through English lessons from Sandow, god knows he needs it

    JR: That’s part of Hogan’s personality King, much like we all speak based on our personalities

    Ted DiBiase vs. Damien Sandow

    Watch till 4:20

    Sandow goes for the elbow but DiBiase moves, and Sandow hits his elbow on the mat hard, and DiBiase comes off the ropes with a huge clothesline, followed by multiple elbow drops. Sandow rolls to the ropes and uses them to prop himself up. Sandow then runs at DiBiase who takes him down with a snap scoop powerslam. DiBiase celebrates, and then locks in the Million Dollar Dream. Sandow crawls towards the ropes but DiBiase locks the hold in tighter and Sandow can’t move. Sandow then grabs the ankles of DiBiase and slides under DiBiase and trips him up, and Sandow rolls to the turnbuckle.

    JR: What a move by Sandow to get out of the cobra clutch

    King: That is why Sandow is so smart

    DiBiase stands in the opposite turnbuckle and Sandow runs at him. DiBiase moves and Sandow hits the turnbuckle, and DiBiase follows with a legsweep to put Sandow down. DiBiase hops up to sit on the top rope, and jumps from the second rope with a fist drop, but Sandow rolls out of the way and DiBiase hit the mat. DiBiase gets up groggy and Sandow returns the favor with a Russian legsweep of his own, followed by Cubito Aequet. DiBiase gets up groggily

    King: Sandow with Terminus, its over! Sandow will pick up the win.





    JR: And Damien Sandow picks up the win- not so fast here comes Hulk Hogan!

    Hogan runs down the ramp and hops in the ring, Sandow goes for a clothesline, Hogan ducks, bounces off the ropes and clotheslines Sandow over the ropes to the floor. Sandow gets up quickly and backs up the ramp. Hogan celebrates and grabs a mic.

    Hogan: I’ll see you at The Great American Bash, brother!

    JR: What a match this should be on Sunday for the first time in many years Hogan will step inside a WWE rng to wrestle!

    King: I can’t wait for Sandow to teach Hogan he is too old to wrestle, show Hogan how the athletes of today are

    JR: I think the ring experience of Hogan could prove to be vital for Hogan to beat Sandow, we will see what happens this Sunday!

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    JR: And here comes Goldberg for our final, final faceoff of the night, and these two have been chomping at the bit to get at each other

    King: They might do that in our main event

    JR: They might very well but lets see what Goldberg has to say first

    Goldberg: Ryback… I’m not much for words because I let my fists do the talking for me. You see Ryback, you and I, well we have a problem. You come out here and try to be like me. You have your streak going, just like me. You like to demolish your opponent, just like me. The problem is that you can never be like me. Your streak… I will end it at the Great American Bash. You see Ryback, I don’t like copycats, and you’re the biggest cat in the yard. At the Great American Bash Ryback… you will go down. As I've said before, that streak will end. Talk is cheap man, it's time for us to just end this once and for all. At the Great American Bash, I will come out the winner and you can bank on that bubba.


    Goldberg: You’re an impressive individual to many, I’ll give you that much. You are a fighter but, you’re not me. So Ryback, as I’ve told you before, this is nothing personal, it’s just business. You came out here and copied me, well son, I’m here. If you goal was to get my attention, well I'm all ears. And at the Great American Bash... You’re Next!

    *As soon as Goldberg's done, Ryback's theme song immediately plays. In no time at all, out comes Ryback in his air-brushed wrestling outfit and sleeveless T-shirt. With a microphone, secured around his grip, Ryback lifts his arms simultaneously over and over again before he brings both of them down with a hard, fast swing, fireworks shooting and blaring around him. Instead of making his way down to the ring, however, Ryback chooses to stay at the top of the ramp.*


    "I hope you don't misinterpret my choice of vantage point as cowardice, Goldberg. I intend not to start any trouble with you tonight. I'll admit it, if I got in a scrap with you, I could't guarantee my safety but at the same time, I couldn't guarantee your safety either so I'm distancing myself from you...for now. You'll get your chance to face me at the Great American Bash and that's that.

    "Now, onto more pressing matters. For weeks, you've tried to get in my head. You've tried to deter me form my goals and you've sought to bring my streak to an end. Well, you see, Goldberg, that's all fine with me because I don't put my stocks into streaks like you do. It's an area of insecurity for you and I understand that because you don't want someone surpassing you. I know that had it not been for me, you probably wouldn't have even come back. You wouldn't see the point. But now, since I'm here, you want to protect your legacy from being overshadowed by mine. Goldberg, there is only one thing in this business that drives me and that's a challenge. For months, I've been deprived, I've been starved of a real fight and now that you've come my way, I can't turn down this prospect. Each and every day that I think about our upcoming match, I salivate at the thoughts of sinking my teeth into some real competition.

    Streaks? If you want to start talking about streaks, they need to be about streaks of luck that stretch a country mile long...for you. Because luck is the only way that you're going to defeat me on Sunday. I've been bust training, keeping in shape and perfecting my craft and though you're tough, you're not the same Goldberg you were years ago. You've gotten weaker, slower, older. The lion doesn't hesitate on preying on the weak, sickly gazelle or injured wildebeest. Their instincts tell them to go for the kill and just like that prowling lion, I won't stop my relentless assault on you until you are finished and my hunger is quelled. If you want to talk about me being "next" for anything, it's me becoming the next WWE Champion."

    *Breaking out of his stoic demeanor to quickly flash a toothy smirk at Goldberg for just a quick moment, Ryback continues talking on the microphone over the buzz of the audience who react to the unveiling of Ryback's rather uncharacteristic desire.*

    "You've seen it. That little glint of greed that I've hoarded for that title. When Theodore Long chose me as Jericho's challenger for his title that night, I could almost smell that championship in my hands. I had been numb to that feeling before; greed. But when you cost me that opportunity, the greed within me amplified and has now taken custody within my very being just as my ravenous appetite has. Now, I not only crave a worthy opponent but the WWE Championship as well and after I have defeated you and put you behind me, the WWE Champion, whether it be Chris Jericho or Austin Aries, they're the next course that I desire to ravage. After our match, Goldberg, the words that you will not be hearing as you try your hardest to pick your groggy self off the mat will not be your name chanted throughout the arena. They will be three words, a glimpse into the future, MY future as RAW's most dominant threat.

    "FEED...ME...MORE! FEED...ME...MORE!"

    *Soon, the audience starts chanting along with Ryback and nearly everyone in the arena, except for the glaring Goldberg join in. The last shot, before fading into the next segment, is a close-up of Goldberg's piercing eyes.*
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    JR: And now it’s time for our main event! As you see Ryback and Goldberg already in the ring, and what a collision these two will be in this Sunday.

    King: And they are joined by the other participants at Sunday’s event in what is a Final Showdown Six Man Tag Match

    JR: That’s right Goldberg will be joined by Sheamus, and WWE Champion Chris Jericho to take on Ryback, and his partners United States Champion Cody Rhodes, and Austin Aries

    JR: And here comes our US Champ now. And King he and Sheamus will wage a war this Sunday, Rhodes has a whole lot of payback to give to Sheamus

    King: For what? Beating Cody to the punch on what Cody was bound to do? Sheamus made the wise choice in joining the United Kingdom and this Sunday it will ring true when he becomes US Champ

    JR: Well this man, King Aries, is looking to follow in the footsteps of previous King of the Ring winners, who went on to become WWE Champion.

    King: And he is going to have to defeat the Best in the World, Chris Jericho. There is no way anybody can dethrone Jericho, he’s going to make an example out of Aries by making him one of the winners of the King of the Ring to not go on to become WWE Champion!

    JR: And here comes Sheamus! And what is he going to do this Sunday when he doesn’t have the UK, William Regal and Drew McIntyre at ringside to help him?

    King: Who says Sheamus needs help? He doesn’t need help to beat Cody Rhodes, you watch he will do it this Sunday, I’m calling it now

    JR: Well I’m skeptical, cause I haven’t seen him win without the presence of those two at ringside, but I’ll allow him to prove me wrong, just like Cody proved you wrong about his attitude change

    King: And here comes the Best in the World, the WWE Champion, Chris Jericho! I like King Austin, but does he really think he can beat Jericho? CM Punk had how many tries and wasn’t successful? If CM Punk in three tries couldn’t do it, one of those being a triple threat match with Lex Luger, how does Aries expect to do it?

    JR: Those are all valid questions King, but there is something about becoming King of the Ring that propels a man’s career

    King: The only thing it’ll propel him to is a loss and the record books, as one of the King of the Ring winners to not go one to win the big one.

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    Six Man Tag Match
    Austin Aries, Cody Rhodes & Ryback vs. Chris Jericho, Sheamus & Goldberg
    (Aries=Mysterio, Rhodes=Edge, Ryback=HHH, Sheamus=Punk, Goldberg=Gallows)

    Watch till 6:45

    Rhodes hops up to the top rope, and attempts a crossbody but Goldberg catches Rhodes and hits a scoop powerslam. Goldberg drags the ankle of Rhodes over to his corner, picks him up, lays him against the turnbuckle, holds his head and tags in Jericho who hits a kick to the midsection, followed by a flying forearm smash from Jericho. Jericho dances a bit

    JR: Lionsaul- No! Rhodes got his knees up and both men are down!

    Jericho is stuck on the opposite side of the ring as is Rhodes from their respective partners. Rhodes crawls over to his corner, as does Jericho, and Rhodes gets the tag to Ryback, who runs over to Jericho grabs him by the ankle and flings him backwards with power so he is unable to make a tag. Ryback gets on the ground and locks in an abdominal stretch. Jericho struggles for air as he fades, and makes his way over to the ropes. Jericho is able to get a hold of the ropes, but Ryback keeps the hold applied. Jericho then runs backwards and hits Ryback against the turnbuckle, but Ryback won’t release the hold. Jericho attempts again, and Ryback won’t release the hold. Jericho tries again, and Ryback doesn’t release the hold, but the grip has loosened. Jericho then quickly drops to his knees, and hip tosses Ryback over his back, and Jericho locks in an armbar.

    King: Jericho is just so smart when it comes to submission holds he can quickly get out of one and put you in one

    JR: That’s why he is the WWE Champion. His experience helps him mightily

    Jericho still has the armbar locked in, and Ryback manages to get to his feet. With Jericho still holding his arm, Ryback hits him with a clothesline. Jericho maintains the hold and Ryback hits him with another clothesline. Jericho still keeps the hold, and Ryback hits an overhead belly to belly suplex, that sends Jericho into the turnbuckle. Ryback calls for the meat hook, but Jericho moves

    JR: Jericho with a springboard dropkick, and he has this behemoth Ryback down!

    King: Jericho just needs to stay on top of him and he is all set.

    Jericho then hits Ryback with an axe handle to the back and Ryback gets knocked down again. Ryback gets to a crawling position and Jericho once again kicks him in the ribs and Ryback is back down. Jericho then grabs the legs of Ryback and

    JR: He has turned the legs of Ryback- Walls of Jericho he has it locked in!

    King: He is in the middle of the ring; Ryback is going to have to tap!

    JR: But will Jericho be able to stop Ryback from powering to the ropes?

    Ryback begins to crawl to the ropes, and as he gets closer, Jericho sits up and attempts to drag Ryback into the middle of the ring, but Ryback is too strong. Ryback reaches the ropes and Jericho breaks the hold. Jericho gets up and stalks Ryback. Ryback gets up and Jericho

    JR: Jericho runs right into a meat hook! Both men are down, and they both need to tag desperately

    King: And Jericho has the tag to Sheamus!

    JR: And Ryback tags in Aries!

    Aries springboards off the top rope for a clothesline but Sheamus ducks. Sheamus comes off the ropes with a double axe handle, followed by another. Sheamus then runs

    JR: Brogue Kic- No! Aries ducked it and rolled to the apron!

    King: But he’s in a bad position now.

    Sheamus was able to grab the head of Aries and Sheamus hits repeated forearm clubs to the chest of Aries. After 10 shots, Aries drops to the outside. Sheamus goes out after him and grabs Aries and rolls him in the ring. Rhodes drops down and stares at Sheamus, who stares back, and Sheamus enters the ring. Sheamus pounds his chest

    JR: He’s calling for the Brogue Kick, here it comes… NO! Aries ducked again, and he counters with a headscissors takedown.

    After the takedown Sheamus backs into the turnbuckle where Aries hits the IED and Sheamus groggily walks out and Aries hits him with springboard moonsault that takes Sheamus down. Aries celebrates for a minute, before hitting the Powerdrive elbow. Aries then grabs Sheamus by the head and hits a few knees, before rolling over into the Horns of Aries submission.

    JR: He’s got the submission locked in and Sheamus is fading

    Sheamus fades and the ref lifts Sheamus hand… and it falls. The ref lifts his arm up a second time… and it falls, the ref then lifts his arm a third time…

    JR: It falls- NO! Sheamus barely avoided hitting the mat there

    Aries rolls back over and hits a few knee shot to the head. Aries then rolls Sheamus over and heads to the top rope.

    JR: He’s calling for the 450 splash!

    King: Look at Jericho he’s going to stop him!

    Jericho tries to enter the ring and the ref gets distracted trying to keep Jericho on the apron…

    JR: No he just did it so Goldberg could push Aries off! And now both men are down

    Goldberg pushes Aries off the top rope and he hits the mat hard. Ryback then enters the ring, while the ref was still distracted with Jericho, and runs straight at Goldberg and hits him with the meat hook, and Goldberg gets hit so hard he hits the announce table. Ryback has gotten out of the ring and runs right at Ryback. The ref is now trying to contain Cody who is trying to get in, which allows Jericho to come in and hit a cheap kick to the midsection of Aries. Aries rolls out of the ring and Jericho goes after him. The ref tries to stop Jericho and Cody comes in and picks Sheamus up and hits Cross Rhodes!

    JR: All hell has broken loose! The ref was not going to be able to contain these six and he has called for the bell.

    King: Here comes William Regal and Drew McIntyre, the United Kingdom!

    The UK comes down and takes out Rhodes, as Jericho is beating on Aries, and Ryback and Goldberg are trading shots

    JR: And here comes Tyler Black!

    Tyler Black then runs down and picks a fight with Regal, this draws the attention of McIntyre and they all fight. Sheamus is now up and as Rhodes goes over to help Black, Sheamus comes over and attacks Rhodes. Aries is now fighting back against Jericho, and Ryback and Goldberg are laying into each other

    JR: Someone needs to get control!

    King: And here comes your beloved Teddy Long with his security to try and stop this. You’re going to need more security if you are going to want to stop this battle. This is why we need Eve as GM, this wouldn’t happen under her

    JR: This has nothing to do with Teddy Long! Nobody would be able to control these men! These men all hate each other, and they all meet in the ring this Sunday at The Great American Bash!

    *All of the groups are fighting as security is trying their best to stop the brawl. Teddy Long watches on with a look of worry as security is having trouble controlling the men. Eve then walks out on the top of the stage and stands next to Teddy Long and looks at him and smiles as he looks on at the brawl ensuing. The screen fades to black as Eve is smiling at Teddy and all of the groups are just being broken up by security.*


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    Here's a filler out of boredom.

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    Was only gonna do one filler, but then I got asked by the boss to carry on. Just goes to show, I'm more famous than all of y'all!

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    Why am I doing a filler? Cause Nitro will be up tomorrow BABY!

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    And my streak of terrible fillers will continue.

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    Can I do a FILLER?
    Quote Originally Posted by Asherdelampyr View Post
    If I could fuck the way Dave makes posters, I would become the most successful male whore in history. Seriously, my balls are clapping, well fucking done.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vandarius View Post
    For those who are too lazy to go to the front page ( ;D ), I have Dave's sexy PPV poster as my signature! Mad props to Dave!

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    I haven't read, or seen Nitro. But I can guarantee that it's gonna be the bomb, like it usually is. Tune in to see the likes of Tyson Kidd, Dean Ambrose, and The Rock! Shaz is out. #promotodo

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