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    *Aries picks up the chair in the ring and sets it up just in front of the ropes, he waits a few seconds for Punk to get up before running against the ropes and jumping of the chair clearing the other ring ropes and landing perfectly on Punk causing both men to feel the impact*

    JR: Aries just knocked Punk back down like a bowling pin.

    King: It's high risk though Ross.. even if these moves come off you feel the toil and strain yourself.

    *Austin is first back on his feet, he picks up Punk before delivering shots to his back, he then Irish whips CM Punk into the barricade but Punk is able to put his foot in front to stop himself, Aries then runs at Punk but Punk is able to revers it and back body drops Aries over the barricade into the fans as the fans just about move in time and Aries's back comes crashing on to the hard floor*

    King: Ouch! Aries almost cleared our front row out!

    *Punk picks up Aries and delivers right hand shots to the face, Punk then drags Aries through the crowd and reaches the technical table, Punk then gives a huge Irish whip into the table sending Aries crashing over the top of it and clearing out the Laptops and monitors on top of the table, Punk then tells the technical staff to move out of the way, Punk picks back up Aries and slams his head on to the table before laying him on the table.. Punk then begins walking through the crowd as the camera try's to keep up, Punk heads to one of the exit doors and go through..*

    JR: Where's Punk going?

    King: No idea Ross!

    *After a few seconds Punk resurfaces through the exit door to a pop from the crowd as he's carrying a ladder, Aries though has slid of the table and back on his feet.. Punk has seen this though and with the ladder charges at Aries and hits him in the face knocking him back on to the table.. Punk then drops the ladder and delivers some more right hands shots to the face of Aries before perfectly placing him on to the table, Punk then picks back up the ladder and positions it, before climbing*

    JR: Come on now Punk, think of the risk's.. there's no need for this!

    King: Shh Ross! This is just getting good.

    JR: Punk has reached the top of the ladder and is paying tribute to late, great Randy Savage!

    King: Aries is starting to move though Ross.. I don't think Punk has even noticed.


    *Punk jumped of the top of the ladder looking to drive his elbow into Aries, Austin Aries was able to move and Punk came crashing down on to the table, landing on the now broken equipment underneath him as sparks now surround an out cold Punk as the crowd chant "Holy Shit" *

    King: That was crazy!
    *King laughs* Aries looking for the pin!




    JR: Kick out! kick out from CM Punk!

    *Aries seems surprised that Punk was able to kick out, he however waste's no time and picks Punk up off the floor, he then boots Punk to the midsection before signalling that it's going to be over.. Austin Aries then lifts Punk up for the brain buster but Punk is able to break out with knees to the skull, Aries drops Punk back down but Punk lands on his feet and almost immediately springs back up and delivers the..*

    JR: Code Breaker! CM Punk just used the Code Breaker!

    King: Hey! That's Jericho's move!

    Jericho: I told you Punk was a wannabe! He wants to be me.. Chris Jericho! The best in the world at everything I do!

    JR: CM Punk with the pin attempt!




    King: Now Aries kicks out!

    *CM Punk is disappointed but has a smile on his face after using Jericho's move, he picks up Aries and drags him back to ringside, throwing him over the barricade.. Punk then takes a few steps back, waiting for Aries to get up, Punk then runs and launches himself of the barricade hoping to catch Aries only for Austin to respond quicker and deliver a roundhouse kick to the midsection as Punk is in the air, causing Punk to fall on to the mat floor.. Aries then looks underneath the ring and pulls out a Kendo stick.. He shows the crowd the weapon before cracking the Kendo stick over the back of Punk time and time again as Punk rolls around in agony*

    JR: CM Punk in a world of pain right now!

    *Aries picks back up Punk and rolls him into the ring, Aries then jumps on to the side of the ring apron, he waits for Punk to stumble back to his feet and leaps of the top rope looking for a big frankensteiner but Punk catches Aries and delivers a big time sit down power bomb into a pin attempt*

    JR: Big reversal from Punk.. Another pin attempt!



    King: Aries rolls through and delivers a drop kick to the face of Punk!

    JR: Now Aries with the pin!



    JR: Only a two count! Bah Gawd what a match!

    King: You just can't tell where this match is going next!

    *Aries gets back to his feet and exits the ring, he looks underneath the ring once more and pulls out a trash can, he then trows the trash can into the ring and narrowly misses Punk as the rubbish and stuff inside the bin going flying across the ring.. Aries then looks underneath the ropes once again and pulls out a fire hydrant.. he brings that into the ring and instantly blast's the hydrant in the direction of Punk as a cloud of smoke covers the fans vision of where Punk is.. out of the smoke Punk has the trash can in hand and repeatedly hits Aries over the head with it, each time denting the bin and knocking Aries down*

    JR: Very smart from Punk, I think he used the trash can to shield himself from the blast.

    King: I think so too Ross! Now Punk is in control once again.

    *CM Punk then lifts Aries up and places the bin over his head, Punk takes a step back before delivering a big round house kick which knocks Aries down, Punk then positions Aries still in the bin before heading to top rope again*

    King: I think he's going to try the elbow drop once again JR.

    JR: Punk taking another risk right here!

    *Punk then comes flying of the turnbuckle and delivers a big elbow drop which sparks the chant of "Randy Savage" around the arena, Punk however does not go for the pin and signals for the GTS*

    JR: It could be nap time for the new King of the ring!

    *Punk begins stalking Aries, Aries lifts the now crushed bin of his head and body and stumbles to his feet, he however does not even notice Punk waiting for him to turn round and stumbles right into the..*

    JR: Go To Sleep!

    King: No! Aries reversed it!

    JR: Aries wriggled out.. Kick to the midsection!

    King: Aries now has Punk up!

    JR: Brainbuster! Brainbuster!

    King: Aries with the pin! It's over!

    JR: It must be over!




    JR: Punk kicked out! How the hell did he kick out!

    *The crowd begin cheering for Punk in shock that he was able to kick out, Aries looks on in frustration that he was able to kick out, Aries then jumps back to his feet and is pleading with Punk to get up.. begging him to get back to his feet*

    King: Aries is desperate to hit another Brain buster!

    JR: Well here's his chance because Punk is back up!

    *Aries boots Punk to the stomach and begins lifting Punk once more, this time though Punk is able to get out and pulls on Aries is arm before catching him in a fire mans lift and delivering*

    JR: GTS! Go to Sleep!

    King: Punk caught him clean and Aries is out!

    JR: Wait! who the hell is that?!

    King: What the? Who is that?!

    *Before Punk can even think about going for the pin a masked man from the crowd covered in black leaps over the barricade and enters the ring, blind sighting Punk he attacks Punk from behind with a steel pipe knocking him down with one big blow, he then lifts up Punk before delivering his own GTS as the crowd heavily boo*

    JR: What is going on?!

    King: I have no idea!

    Jericho: Don't look at me Ross.. I had nothing to do with this!

    *The masked man stands over Punk taking in the boo's from the crowd, He then grabs hold of Aries and places him on top of Punk as the ref stars to count*One.

    JR: Not like this..


    King: Punk's out, it's over!


    JR: Aries wins! But the story here folks, who is this man? is he behind the secret messages we have been seeing through out the show?.

    King: You would have to assume so Ross, but what does he want with CM Punk? Why attack him?

    Jericho: Punk has annoyed many people, perhaps it's Chris Brown!
    *Jericho smirks*

    JR: Well folks we are about to go off the air, thank you for joining us and allowing us into your homes, we hope to get some clarification next week.. thank you and good night WWE Universe!

    *The camera zooms in on the mystery man one last time before the live feed dies and the show is off the air*


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    Cheers G for leaving me 9 fillers

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    Tonight's going to see the return of one former WWE "legend"

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    It's Nitro time

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    ABCDE-FU .a

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    439 more posts until 5,000

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    Almost time for a late Nitro!

    What a shock!

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    Watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic, watch us wreck the mic-


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    This one is an intentional post to replace the unintentional one earlier!

    Who's the Legend Des was referring to?

    Stay tuned to find out!

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