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    RAW is WAR Episode 25
    Bi-Lo Center, Greenville, South Carolina

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to RAW is WAR! We are 24 hours removed from King of the Ring, and I’m proud to say that a RAW guy, Austin Aries, won the King of the Ring Tournament, and will face Chris Jericho at The Great American Bash!

    King: What a win and match that will be, two of the best on the RAW roster, including the Best in the World, Chris Jericho. He once again beat CM Punk to retain his title, and CM Punk can no longer receive a WWE title shot while Jericho is champion, which means we won’t be seeing CM Punk near the WWE Championship for a long time.

    JR: Well what’s a Pay-Per-View without controversy and boy was it there last night. In the supposed tag match between Cody Rhodes and Sheamus and the United Kingdom, Sheamus turned on Rhodes, not the other way around, and joined the United Kingdom, and I’m disgusted.

    King: Sheamus did to Rhodes, what Rhodes was bound to do to him

    JR: I don’t think so King, for weeks we saw Regal and McIntyre warn Sheamus about the danger of Cody Rhodes, but something tells me this was planned all along, so Cody wouldn’t think about the potential danger of Sheamus. And all along people were saying Cody’s new attitude wouldn’t hold but it turned out to be Sheamus’ attitude that was the one to watch out for, this sickens me.

    King: Well you know what sickens me? People saying All American Perfection doesn’t deserve the Tag Team Titles, and on top of all of that those two Indy nobodies tried to upstage All American Perfection! The audacity of some.

    The ring is decorated with streamers hanging from the ropes, balloons floating in the corner, and a pedestal in the center of the ring with a crown on it.

    JR: The audacity, do you not see the ring set up?

    King: What about it? It is a coronation for the King, King Aries!

    Austin Aries comes out from the back to a big reaction, some boos, some cheers, as he walks down the ramp and into the ring. He turns, climbing a corner and poses, as flash photography goes off. Aries steps down, smiling, as he is handed a mic through the ropes. He turns back, standing infront of the pedestal, as the music fades.

    Aries: I did it....I came out to this ring, I gave it all I had....and I did it....I can't believe I did it....

    Aries lowers the mic for a moment...

    Aries: I'M KING OF THE RING!

    The fans pop for this, but a few boos can still be heard.

    Aries: Despite all the nay sayers, Jericho on Raw, Lesnar on Nitro, and each man in the tournament, I proved them all wrong. I proved to them that I'm not just some indy guy that got lucky in ROH and TNA. People consider the WWE the big leagues, well, I'm now the king of the big leagues, and come the Great American Bash, I will be the new WWE Champion!

    The fans are cheering

    Aries: Hey...hey...shhh I'm not doing talking. Now, the Great American Bash isn't for a few weeks, and this moment right here, is my chance to come out here, put this crown on, and proclaim about how people need to refer to me as King Aries, and I'll have royal servants. Well guess what......fuck that!

    Aries grabs the crown, and breaks it in half. The fans are now chanting attitude, as Aries grins, throwing one half to one side of the fans, and another half to the other side. He comes back, grabbing the pedestal, throwing that out of the ring too.

    Aries: You see, I'm not going to be one of the jack offs that come out here thinking I'm from a royal family just because I won King of the Ring. No, I'm more of an ass kicker. That's what I do best. That's what I did to win the tournament. So, Jericho, pay close attention, because between now and the Great American Bash, when I do..not if...but when I do take that championship from your waist, it'll be because I kicked your ass! Now..

    The fans are confused as to who this new theme belongs to until the cheers are drawn to the stage qt the sight of C.M. Punk. Today in his regular clothes.

    He circles the ring silent as can be before a mic placed on the steep ring steps for him and enters the ring never leaving eye contact with Aries before genuinely applauding as the crowd joins in little by little till a large section of the crowd commend Aries on his win and now urges to stop as he is about to speak.....

    Punk: Well congratulations, Aries. You are the new King of the Ring and rightful #1 contender to the WWE Championship. You've earned it, alongside the respect of many in the back, these fans and those who doubted you could be just as they must have doubted Black, who gave his heart out alongside you to make that match one to remember and I'm sure they in some way are doubting what The Kings of Wrestling can do, after they debuted at King of the Ring but I know through one single act what we are capable of....

    Punk extends his right hand out. As Aries looks on to Punk not knowing whether to extend his hand as well. The crowd is electric and tells him to do it but still he hesitates but a moment with Punk in which Punk only nods in a very trusting way is when Aries knows he can trust him and extends his hand and firmly completing the handshake in the middle of the ring.

    Punk: You see this moment right here? You know what it stands for...Honor.

    Punk releases the hold and moves around the ring.

    Punk: Honor is a thing lost in the world of professional wrestling whether it is done intentionally or it was lost along the way looking for that which at one time you felt better. Like myself clamoring to be The Best in the World rather proving it and being able to say I did so with honor.

    I could not and try as I may I still can't. I need to restore honor to myself and to the wrestling world even if it's by such a small act as you trusting me to shake my hand.

    I know the kind of man that you are Aries, Jericho does not and therefore he underestimates you and considers you just another challenger in his reign. He's wrong. Cocky and rude as you may be, you have honor and that's what separates you from any other challenger he'll have right now. It makes you better than him and in a sense better than me.

    You need to know that no matter what happens at The Great American Bash, win, lose or draw you can't forsake that honor.

    Fans cheer Punk on as he continues to speak.

    Punk: If you do. You'll be no better him. You need to better, smarter and more cunning than he will through having honor in knowing you'll go toe to toe with with the WWE Champion and that you'll go through anything he has to offer and then some to be the new WWE Champion.

    I know you can do what I couldn't and so do these fans whether you care to acknowledge it or not. They helped me get through some of worst moments in my career and for that I honor them by changing myself for the better. To change myself for the better. Those words are the only keeping me going and as difficult it may be for some time to come...I will honor the ruling of not being able to challenge for the WWE Championship so long as Jericho is the champion but don't take this as a I want you to beat Jericho just so I can get another shot at the gold. I'm over and under that.

    No, no. I only want to install within you that which I know is there inside you Aries....that honor. That which only a few of us know by heart since our ROH days and didn't you feel like you could take on the world?

    Aries ponders at Punk's words

    Punk: So why not create here in the WWE?

    Fans cheer and chant C.M. Punk repeatedly as well as cheers for Aries and even some ROH chant can be heard across the crowd.

    Punk: That is my purpose now, to ensure honor is still alive in the wrestling world and I know I can do it. Starting with you. I want to you to go against Jericho and go for it all with honor. We should all be as lucky but luck is not what get thing done in this business. Just like you earned your shot at the WWE Championship so will I and should we meet in this ring to fight it out in a match for the ages with the WWE Championship on the line, then may the fans prepare for a one of the greatest their eyes will ever see because that will be one fought with honor. Win, lose or draw at the end I hope to be able to reach out to you as I did tonight and the same result be given...

    Punk reaches his hand outwards once more....Aries now more troubled than ever as to whether he should shake Punk's hand but once again Punk simply looks at Aries, full of sincerity in his actions and Aries slowly but surely takes Punk's hand and shakes it, before Punk lets go and raises Aries arm to the roar of the crowd.
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    JR: What is this new attitude with Punk? I can’t say I like it, almost like a crusade he had a few years ago.

    King: Well its better than him trying to claim he is the Best in the World. We all know how he stacked up against the true best in the world in Chris Jericho. But he flip flops on his attitude worse than the weather, and this is the WWE not ROH. Who does he think he is?

    JR: That’s for sure

    *With Punk and Aries left just staring at each other suddenly a very familiar theme plays out towards the fans, the fans instantly jump to there feet cheering and in some cases bowing*

    JR: The boss is here! It's Vince McMahon!

    King: It's always great seeing the boss!

    *Vince struts out from behind the curtain in his usual fashion with a mic in hand, he waste's no time and begins speaking*

    Vince: Firstly, Congratulations Austin Aries on becoming the new King of the Ring! Very impressive! Now I'm sure you guys are wondering why I'm out here and the reason being.. for those of you that don't know, At King of the Ring the WWE held a competition.. A competition in which the winner would be able to pick a match of his choice on either Raw or Nito and you guessed it.. he chose Monday Night, Raw is War!

    *Crowd cheer*

    Vince: Yeah!
    *Vince smiles* And the match.. CM Punk *Crowd cheer* vs Austin Aries * Crowd cheer* In a hardcore match! Enjoy!

    *Huge pop from the crowd as Vince makes his way to the back and Punk and Aries are left looking at each other once again*

    JR: Well what a main event we have set for tonight! Chris Jericho’s old opponent against Chris Jericho’s new opponent, in a hardcore match! You have to think Jericho will have a vested interest in this one.

    King: Of course he will JR, and if I had to take a guess, I think he will prove why he is the WWE Champion and the Best in the World tonight.

    JR: For once we agree, this match and the outcome will have Jericho’s fingerprints all over it. Now on twitter there seems to be someone who might hate CM Punk almost as much as Chris Jericho does, just take a look at this tweet…

    "Being straight edge doesn't mean shit!! Not my fault that CM Punk is the best in the world at being the pathetic wrestler he is!! Not my fault that his mummy and daddy are alcoholics, and druggies!! #FuckPunk #PunkSucks from @MysteryMan"

    JR: Who is this mystery man, and why does he hate Punk

    King: For all the same reasons I do

    JR: Its probably just some fan jealous of where Punk has gotten and what he has acheived, but it is uncalled for

    King: The first amendment JR, that person has the right to say whatever they want.

    JR: Well I have something to say to him, but I'd be fired if I said it on air, I'll just wait. But I want to let him know Punk puts his body on the line for the entertainment of fans, and I'd like to see him try.

    King: Don't say anything you wil regret

    JR: I won't I just can't stand people like this, makes me stressed. Anyways up next a Road to Triumph match featuring Beth Phoenix and Maryse, stay tuned to see who will gain some more crucial points in the Road to Triumph Series. Somebody get me a drink, chicken and my barbeque sauce


    JR: Back now with a Road to Triumph match, where Beth Phoenix takes on Maryse, and if you were to take a look at the leaderboard you would see Beth Phoenix could put herself in third place with a win, and Maryse needs this to get the ball rolling to say the least

    King: Beth Phoenix has been the most dominant diva, and when she wins tonight and claims third place, she isn’t going to lose it

    JR: Well there are still tons of points to be had, so if Maryse was able to pull off the upset and string together a few wins, she could put herself in the thick of things

    King: Well it’s going to need to be a colossal upset

    King: Just look at Beth, she is so ready right now, she knows whats at stake

    JR: Well Maryse doesn’t seem to show any worries, but between facing Beth Phoenix, and potentially putting herself out of contention in the Series you know she has a lot on her plate

    King: And Beth Phoenix is going to eat it all up, just like you ate all those wings.

    JR: With my barbeque sauce, don’t forget. They were delicious.

    King: I could tell the way you vacuumed them up

    Beth Phoenix vs. Maryse

    Watch till 4:34

    JR: What a kick by Maryse, can she take advantage?

    After the kick Maryse bounces off the ropes and hits a baseball slide kick to Phoenix to knock her out of the ring and down to the ground. Maryse poses for a few seconds before going out after Phoenix. Maryse picks Phoenix up and drives her into the side of the apron, and then rolls her into the ring, cover…



    Phoenix kicks out and Maryse retaliates with a hair pull mat slam, and Phoenix grabs at her face. Maryse picks Phoenix up and leans her against the turnbuckle, Maryse backs up and runs, and Phoenix moves. Maryse hits the turnbuckle, backs up, and right into a bearhug from Phoenix. Phoenix wrenches the hold as Maryse begins to fade. Phoenix wrenches harder, but Maryse gets a gasp of air and hits a few elbows to the head, and Phoenix lets her down. Maryse runs at Phoenix, who catches her with a backbreaker, cover…



    Thr- Maryse kicks out!

    Phoenix gets up and stalks Maryse, as Maryse gets up

    JR: French TK-NO! Phoenix ducked, and Maryse is in a dangerous spot now

    King: Glam Slam! It’s over.




    JR: Beth Phoenix now moves into third place with that win.

    King: And Maryse is stuck at 0 points!

    JR: And in danger of being out of contention early

    King: She already is, now shut up and listen to what Beth Phoenix has to say.

    *Beth does her signature pose in celebration, before staring at the fallen Maryse. She gets handed a microphone, before she runs her hands through her hair*

    Beth: This tournament, is a mockery to the WWE Womens Division, just like how my whole career has been mocked by the WWE. I've been in a relationship with that joke Santino Marella, I've been made to work with divas half as talented as me, but the one constant, is that my quality shined through, and I've always walked out of the ring champion

    But this Road to Triumph tournament. It has been focused on Lita, on Nattie, on Trish Stratus, on Kelly Kelly. Yet myself is the undefeated one in this tournament. AJ Lee - pinned one, two three. Trish Stratus - shoulders on the mat. And now Maryse has lost to the Glamazon.

    I am now third in the Road to Triumph standings - behind Lita and my "friend" according to the WWE, when really, she's not a Lita wannabe - but a Beth wannabe. In 2 weeks I make Kaitlyn tap out, the week after I defeat Kelly Kelly. I will go on to be Womens Champion, and none of the pathetic divas can halt me. None of the abysmal backstage politics will cause me to falter. The Womens Championship is coming back home - make no doubt about it!

    *The crowd jeers, as Beth slides out from under the ring. She motions that the title will be around her waist, before the camera goes to a commercial*
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    *Cameras cut to the backstage where there seems to be something going on. WWE officials are breaking up a fight between Goldberg and Ryback*

    JR: Aw my gawd King, somebody needs to break those two men apart.

    King: Let them be, let them settle their differences. This has been brewing for months.

    Goldberg: You just made a big misake Ryback... You will pay for putting your hands on me. You just wrote a check that your ass can't cash. Let's do this now big man, show me what you got!!!

    Ryback: As if! You wanna take cheap shots at me from behind?! You better pray for an angel to keep me from smiting your sorry ass into the ground!

    *Another security guard goes up to grab Ryback's arm and keep him restrain, along with the other two who currently have Ryback down on the floor but Ryback shoves him out of the way and continues to try and struggle free.*

    JR: Come on... somebody needs to stop this, not even the security guards are being successful at that!

    Goldberg: Come on you punk! You're just another one hit wonder here in the WWE!!! By the time I'm through with you boy, no one will remember your name!!!

    *Goldberg breaks free and attacks Ryback and brings him to the ground. Officials cannot control the situation.*

    Ryback: Remember THIS, bitch!

    *Ryback kicks Goldberg and knocks him off of him. Finally breaking free form the officials, Ryback charges at Goldberg and clotheslines him. He goes to pick him up and lift him on his shoulders for a Shell Shocked but Goldberg just slides off and pushes Ryback into the door of the locker room.*

    Goldberg: You don't want any of this Ryback, you just signed your pathetic life away.

    *Goes after Ryback, but out of nowhere Ryback picks up Goldberg for a sidewalk slam on the concrete floor.*

    Referee: That's enough Ryback, settle this in the ring.

    *Instead of heeding the referees words, Ryback shoves him out of the way and goes over to the side of the hallway to pick up a steel chair. When he turns back around to face Goldberg, Goldberg springs up from the floor and nails a vicious spear on him. But instead of hitting the ground, Goldberg just spears him into the wall and Goldberg takes advantage by landing in a couple of body shots on him until the officials try to pull Goldberg away again*

    Goldberg: You're done Ryback, you hear me, you are done!

    JR: Ladies and gentleman, we apologize for what you have just witnessed going on backstage. These two massive beasts just couldn't be caged up anymore.

    King: If you ask me JR, Goldberg had it coming.

    JR: Listen to me King, it's not about who has it coming. There are better ways to settle this, and what we just saw is uncivilized. But I do tell you this King, when these two meet again, it's gonna be a slobberknocker.

    King: I can't wait!!!

    *Goldberg and Ryback have not finally be pulled apart and separated, security stand in between both men and Teddy Long enters the picture*

    Teddy: Just hold on there playa's! This needs to stop now! We can't have you guys running a muck and causing chaos around here.. Now I know you guys have been desperate to get your hands on each other and after your unfinished match at In Your House I can understand that..

    *Both Ryback and Goldberg continue starting right at each other as Long continues speaking*

    Teddy: But here's what we are going to do! You guys are going to have a little match.. But! You guys are going to have to wait...

    At the Great American Bash it will be.. The undefeated monster Ryback.. vs the man that made undefeated streaks impressive, Goldberg!

    *Mixed reaction from the crowd follows, as both men show no emotion*

    Teddy: Well there you go playa's! Now security, if you could escort these men back to there locker room's please!

    *Security begin ushering Ryback and Goldberg to there respected locker rooms as the camera fades and heads back to ringside*

    JR: Thank god security and Teddy Long was there to control it or it could’ve been ten times worse

    King: I don’t see why that’s a good thing now we have to wait for the Great American Bash for these two too tear into each other

    JR: And I can’t wait for that, but that is going to be settled in the ring, not in the back where you could risk injury to others

    King: Frankly these two don’t care

    JR: Well I do

    JR: And Trish cares about beating Kelly Kelly which she did last night, and got a measure of revenge

    King: Its not over between those two, and in the end Kelly will make it further in this series than Trish Stratus

    JR: Well stratus with a win could put herself in the top 5 at number 3, tied with Beth Phoenix

    King: Doesn’t matter Kelly will pick up some wins and will take that spot, I’m not worried

    Trish comes out to the ring doing her signature taunt and is received with loud cheers by the fans. She taunts a bit more inside the ring till her music stops and she is handed a mic.

    Trish: Hello WWE Universe!

    The fans cheer loudly once more and Trish smiles at them.

    Trish: So last sunday I finally got my hands on Kelly Kelly and as all of you know I won the match.

    The fans cheer again.

    Trish: This match was really important for me because Kelly needed to be taught a lesson, she ran her mouth about me constantly, she cost me a few of my matches and I had enough of her so hopefully that Chick Kick to the head will knock some sense into the girl because as far as I know I'm done with her.

    The fans cheer once again.

    Trish: I have better things to do with my time and my career here in the WWE like focus on the Road to Triumph tournament to become an 8th time Women's Champion. And I'm going to do that starting now because I have a match against Kaitlyn tonight and I'm a little behind in the rankings so hopefully I can beat her and advance some more.

    JR: Well I don’t know if Kelly thinks the score is settled but Trish Stratus is focused on this Road to Triumph series. Earlier in the evening we saw Beth Phoenix claim third place with a win over Maryse, and Trish needs a win here to move into the ever coveted fourth place spot

    King: Well she faces Kaitlyn, I don’t know if Trish can keep up with an athlete like her…

    JR: Are you kidding King? Sorry King, no doubt Kaitlyn is a phenomenal athlete, and I’m going to let you finish, but Trish Stratus is one of the best women’s wrestlers and champions of all time. Sorry Kanye.

    King: That was lame

    JR: It was true

    Trish Stratus vs. Kaitlyn

    Watch 4:47-10:52

    JR: Trish with a huge spinebuster! Cover



    Kaitlyn kicks out! Trish then picks Kaitlyn up by the head, and puts her in a headlock, runs

    JR: Looking for Stratusfaction… oh but Kaitlyn pushes her off

    Kaitlyn pushes Stratus off and Stratus lands hard on the mat. Stratus gets up and Kaitlyn hits a running shoulder block, followed by another. Stratus gets up once more, runs and Kaitlyn hits her with a sidewalk slam! Kaitlyn runs off the ropes and hits a leg drop, cover…



    Stratus kicks out, and Kaitlyn immediately locks in a bodyscissors hold. Stratus pries at the legs of Kaitlyn but to no avail as Kaitlyn tightens the hold. Stratus then rolls Kaitlyn onto her back in a pinning cover



    And Kaitlyn rolls up to avoid the pin, which allows Stratus to break the hold. Stratus rolls over to the turnbuckle where she uses the ropes to prop herself up, Kaitlyn runs, but hits her shoulder on the ring post. She backs out, leans against the turnbuckle and Stratus comes out of nowhere with a stinger splash, followed by a bulldog. Stratus waits for Kaitlyn runs and hits the Thesz press followed by mounted punches. Kaitlyn rolls her over and pushes her off. Stratus waits once again, runs, but Kaitlyn hits her with a dropkick and both women are down. Kaitlyn gets up and picks Stratus up

    JR: Chick Kick! That came out of nowhere

    King: Kaitlyn might be out





    JR: And Trish Stratus picks up the win and moves into a tie for the coveted third place in the Road to Triumph series

    King: Don’t discount Kaitlyn even with the loss she holds strong, she is still very much in this

    JR: No doubt but a win could have separated her from the pack, she only holds the fifth place by a five point lead over two other diva’s

    King: She will be fine, and she will exact her revenge on Trish Stratus in time.


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    *Hogan is backstage talking to the crew*

    WWE Crew: It's good to see you Mr. Hogan, I grew up watching you on TV man, this is truly an honor.

    Hulk Hogan: Thanks little dude, it's good to be back. Just call me Hulk, and I can tell you're a Hulkamaniac brother.

    WWE Crew: I sure am... I have my own membersh......

    Suddenly, Damien Sandow comes on screen, butting infront of the crew member.

    Sandow: Excuse me, may I have your attention please? Thank you. Now, you, your dubious miscreatin, you are excused while I talk to the geriatric patient.

    Sandow swats the crew member away. Sandow turns back to Hogan, with the smug look on his face.

    Sandow: Now, Hogan, if I may beg your indulgence, I would like to lay some knowledge on you. You see you false idol, you go out to the masses and teach them how to not live their life. Saying prayers will not lead to true enlightenment. Take your kind of "vitamins" will not lead to enlightenment, in fact, it will only lead to prison. Finally, training will not lead to enlightenment, unless of course you are training your mind to be like mine. Then...EVEN will only come close to true enlightenment. You see Hogan, you are merely a relic of the past. You are the false dreams the masses cling to. The defective skeleton you call a body, is in need of a long sleep. Do yourself and all of the mindless sheep following you, a favor, and retire.

    Hulk Hogan: The only thing that you will be begging Sandow, is for me to stop kicking your ass if you ever interrupt me again. You come here to enlighten me? Sandow, the one who needs enlightenment is you brother. If I may enlighten you Sandow, I have been a World Champion in every promotion my foot steps in. I paved the way for you and the rest of the talent in the back. You Sandow, should be showing me some type of respect but instead you decide to interrupt and then insult me in front of others. Listen up little dude, you can say all the big words, but I let my big fists do the talking for me. And from the looks of it Damien, you seem to have a problem with me, and I didn't come to the WWE to fight, but if I have to, I don't mind taking out the trash brother.

    Sandow: How neanderthalic of you. Letting your fists do the talking for you? No wonder Linda decided to find someone younger. You see Hulk, you can make all the claims you want, you can even say that you are going to beat me down, but when the leaves fall, I will be the bigger man. Look at my figure. Look at my intellect. Do you know why I am the intellectual savior? It is because I am what the masses strive to be. You want to take the trash out? Then round up yourself and all the other so called legends, and do yourselves a favor and be waiting outside Wednesday morning for the garbage truck.

    Hulk Hogan: Well brother...

    Sandow suddenly slaps Hogan in the face, and walks off as Hogan is left speechless.

    JR: What was that all about? You don't slap Hulk Hogan!

    King: He just did, what are you going to do about it?

    The camera cuts backstage, where Tyler Black is walking down the hallway. The fans give a mixed reaction as Black looks frustrated. Eventually, Black stops as he looks straight ahead. The camera pans out and shows a beaten up Cody Rhodes, cuts on his face. The United States Championship is on his shoulder as Cody stares back. He walks forwards and begins to speak to Black.

    Cody Rhodes: You know what Tyler, if I had seen you before King of the Ring, all I would have done is told you how I owe you one for a couple months ago when you screwed me out of a victory and how redemption is going to come your way- but this Sunday, you earned my respect.

    And the thing is, I wasn’t conscious when you fought the final, I had to watch the next day, but I saw the desire and heart in your eyes- how much you wanted that victory. And trust me, I didn’t have the best King of the Ring but I realised something that night. You and I, we’re not that different.

    The fans in the arena cheer and begin a Cody Rhodes chant.

    Cody Rhodes: I have the same desire, I have the same heart and I long for the victory that I was screwed out of at King of the Ring. The thing is, I’m not taking anything away from Aries- the two of you put on a Match of the Year candidate. You two put on a match that will go down in history, and for that Black, I respect you.

    But what happens next? Well the thing is, I’ve always been a guy that doesn’t duck out of anything, I will always fight my way to the spot I deserve to be in. And the fact is, United Kingdom deserve a beating worse than anybody else on this roster- and I’m not 100%, but I’m not going to turn up to Raw and not beat the holy hell out of Sheamus, Drew Mcintyre and William Regal.

    Black looks at Rhodes with indifference before speaking

    Black: Save the heart warming speeches for someone who cares, Rhodes. I am not one of them. My match against Aries will go down in history as a plain ole' screwing.

    I'm not one to take away from Aries deserving to be the King of the Ring but after receiving a bye to the finals while I fought tooth and nail to actually earn my shot at the Finals, let's just say one questions how the outcome of said match would've been had we both some through the same trials as I had to go through.

    However I will not let this be the defining moment in my career where people suddenly pity me and want me to pander to their every need. I've always been better than that. I'll just take my desire and focus it towards something else, maybe even that United States Championship of yours.

    Black points towards the championship as the crowd is booing incessantly at Black

    Black: I'll say this though, I agree you and I aren't so different and to see you standing here tonight though battered and bruised after what the United Kingdom did to you is something I can admire and actually come to respect from you but let's skip the pleasantries and get right to it, shall we? Why come to me and tell me about not being at your best and not wanting to wait to get some payback on The UK? What does any of this have to do with me?

    The fans give Black another mixed reaction as Cody smiles and moves the United States Championship to his other shoulder.

    Cody Rhodes: You’re right, it was unfair that Aries got a bye into the final and you didn’t, and that’s why I gotta show more respect for you because you went out there, having beaten John Cena, having beaten DDP and fought your absolute heart out to win one of the grandest prizes in the WWE.

    It’s unfortunate that you lost, and I wouldn’t put it past you to come after this United States Championship- and I’d be glad to have another go at you Tyler, but once again, you’re right with the fact that the UK attacked me has nothing to do with you.

    But what I see before me is a warrior, somebody that will fight his way through every single issue out there. And that’s another reason we’re similar, because I’m the exact same.

    The fans pop for Rhodes as Black nods but still looks angry at the fact Rhodes is still not telling him why he’s talking to him.

    Cody Rhodes: And despite the fact that I’m not 100% ready, I’m here tonight on Raw for a reason. You see, in the weeks heading into King of the Ring, I already had a problem with Drew Mcintyre and William Regal but after King of the Ring, Sheamus deserves a beating too.

    But that’s exactly what I’m here to do. Tonight, I’m going to get a piece of the United Kingdom.

    The fans pop once again.

    Cody Rhodes: But if I go out there tonight alone, I’m gonna get my head caved in. I’m here to ask for that desire and heart of yours to come out tonight and be my partner.

    The fans explode with cheers as Black looks taken aback.

    Black: So that's what you're looking for? A partner?

    Black regains his composure before he continues

    Black: Let me tell you something, Rhodes. I'm honestly surprised you expect me to stick my nose into this UK business you have. I would've thought you'd go begging your old Legacy buddy DiBiase to help you but I can see why you'd prefer to approach me instead, being the future of this business while DiBiase is...well who the hell remembers who DiBiase is or what he's even done lately but I can't help but ask myself why should I?

    The fans begin to boo Black before he continues

    Black: Then again....why shouldn't I?

    Cheer emerge for Black

    Black: After that loss to Aries I need to get my name back out there in a big way and being the one rid the WWE of the UK, even if its with you is something I can take advantage of. So you know what? I accept your offer.

    Rhodes is now taken back by Black's gesture of actually shaking his hands having extended his arm to seal the deal, but Rhodes smiles and takes the handshake.

    Cody Rhodes: See you out there.

    JR: Cody Rhodes has found an unlikely partner in Tyler Black, and will take on William Regal and Drew McIntyre tonight! Cody better watch himself though, can he trust Tyler Black

    King: I don't see why not, he gave him his word

    JR: We shall see

    Rhodes walks away as Black looks on and we cut back to commercial


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    JR: I feel bad for this poor soul, he has to face Kane .

    King: Well this shouldn’t last too long. I never understand why we get these matches, is it just to prove Kane’s dominance. I think we already know about that, he is a monster, a demon, downright scary

    JR: Right you are King and I feel bad for any person who has to step in the ring with Kane, and sooner or later that poor soul will be Batista, whom Kane has made the target of his twisted mind.

    King: Well better him than me.

    Kane vs. Jobber

    JR: Well that was quick, and Kane dominant once again

    King: I’m honestly shocked that kid got in as much offense as he did

    JR: As am I…

    *The fans burst into cheers as Batista’s theme blares over the system, Kane looks worried*

    JR: Oh No here comes Batista! He is back for revenge.

    King: This isn’t too smart

    JR: Or maybe it is, maybe Batista was just faking out Kane, cause he isn’t here yet

    *Kane looks at the ramp and his troubled look transforms into a sadistic smile as Kane laughs and then heads to the back*

    King: I think Kane pulled a fast one on all of us, we don’t in fact know what happened to Batista, and we haven’t heard or seen from him in 24 hours he could be in trouble

    JR: Kane truly is a demon, he is afraid of no man, and will go to any limits to impose his will

    King: I’m just glad I’m not Batista, although we still don’t know what Kane’s obsession is with Batista yet, I’m sure we will find out, and I hope I’m far away as well.

    JR: Well we will find out in due time, but this has been affecting Batista in a major way. Since his re-debut and first win, he has yet to win again, with losses to Evan Bourne and Christopher Daniels.

    King: Well Kane will make anyone go on a losing streak, he is scary.

    JR: Well folks earlier in the evening we showed you tweets sent by a Mytsery Man taking shots at CM Punk, and an update to that story, we have another tweet from this same Mystery Man, and this time he is attacking the WWE…

    "Who the fuck do WWE think they are?!?!?! These "wrestlers" in WWE, are nothing but complete mongrels!! They can't wrestle to save there lives!! #WWESuck from@MysteryMan"

    "Absolutely pathetic!! #WWE from@MysteryMan"

    JR: Its one thing to not like CM Punk, but this fan attacking the WWE is uncalled for. These men and women put their bodies on the line to entertain millions of people across the globe, at least show some respect. Plus they are here actually wrestling and working hard, you are sitting at home tweeting from behind a computer screen. Real tough, act like a man and make it known whoever you are.

    King: Calm down JR! This isn't called for by this Mystery Man but lets not have you lose your job over it, last thing I want to do is go back to working with Michael Cole.

    JR: Sorry I'm just riled up because this man is attacking my work, a place I care so much about

    King: We all do JR, trust me we will find out the identity of this man and bring him to justice.

    JR: Good, we'll be right back.

    *The camera cuts backstage, where it hurries down a corridor, it turns a corner to show a door, before a voice is heard*


    *The camera man knocks on the door, as the voice suddenly stops. Footsteps become audible, before William Regal opens the door to a chorus of boos from the watching audience*

    Regal: Excuse me pet, but what on bloody Earth do you think you're doing? How dare you interrupt the song of the great United Kingdom, let alone the voice of the best singer in WWE.

    *Drew McIntyre from his seat in the locker room, the camera goes over Regal and focuses on McIntyre.*

    Drew McIntyre: How dare you interrupt my singing. When I was proclaimed The Chosen One by Mister McMahon it wasn’t just because I am a future World Champion and the future of this business, it’s because I can also sing. Now I would suggest you not do that again unless you want to be the first victim of the United Kingdom.

    *Regal looks at the cameraman, before stepping aside, and the cameraman enters the locker-room to show Sheamus and Drew McIntyre playing sitting and quietly discussing.*

    Regal: Well now you're here, we may as well put on a jolly good show. Hey cretin, look at the three men who are going to revolutionize the WWE as we know it. To borrow a phrase from good friends of ours, a British Invasion is coming.

    Darling, let me take you back to King of the Ring – which may I add – is not the rightful King. There is no rightful King, only the beautiful Queen Elizabeth II. But, at the pay-per-view, our intentions were made clear. Sheamus realized we were right – so we thought of a plan to get Cody to suffer for his previous crimes.

    And Cody did. Sheamus put Bischoff's iPad up his arse, just like Ted Turner's money. Cody's head got smashed against the announce table. Sheamus' Brogue Kick put Cody to sleep, but maybe my power of the punch helped. We all helped decimate Cody, and it was bloody enjoyable.

    But now Cody, you've recruited... Tyler Black? The man who was booed from the WWE Universe, when Sheamus was cheered! Well Sheamus should still be loved – he's leading a revolution! And you should all hate Tyler Black, but Cody isn't. Because they are both distasteful, disgusting human beings. And tonight myself and Drew will literally destroy the dashing Rhodes, and the illiterate Black.

    Drew McIntyre: Last night we got stronger, we showed Cody Rhodes what it feels like to be the one to get turned on. He has done it too so many people including myself, and last night was a measure of revenge for myself, Sheamus, and all the other miserable superstars who have had to team with a peasant like Cody Rhodes. But as we exact revenge for all his former partners, there are always his future partners which is now Tyler Black. Tyler unless you straighten up and see Cody for who he really is, you’ll be his next victim left in the dust. Sheamus did and look at where he is now, we are stronger than ever. Tyler I can personally guarantee you will be left behind, and Cody will move onto his next partner where he will do the same. Nobody has learned but Cody stays the same. But that not what we are here to discuss.

    Regal: Without further adew, allow me to introduce the man in the moment. Speaking for the first time since the King of the Ring: Sheamus!

    Sheamus: Thank ya, Lord Regal. Cody, fella ... You turned your back on me a few weeks ago, so why the bloody hell should I trust you again? Mr. Regal and Mr. McIntyre have proven to me that they are noble men and that they can be trusted! Yes, they may have laid their mitts on me before but that was to knock some sense into me, fella! And bloody hell they did!

    The crowd boos

    Sheamus: You see Cody; you think Mr. Black is a worthy partner, but do you know who you are up against? You have The Chosen One, Drew McIntyre! The 2008 King of the Ring, Sir William Regal! And you have the former WWE champion and 2010 King of the Ring ... The Great White SHEAMUS!

    Regal and McIntyre applaud while the crowd boos

    Sheamus: Rhodes, you are nothin' but a slimy, back stabbin', good fer nothin', wanna-be golden boy who is only in this company because of your father. If you didn't turn on me, Cody, you could have joined this wonderful ... Ahhh I'm playin', we don't allow scum in here! Tyler Black, if you were wise fella, I wouldn't get involved because Cody is gonna be wiped off the face of the earth when we are threw with his arse ...

    Sheamus walks away from the camera with Regal and McIntyre in tow

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    Eve is walking down the hallway and stops to look at something. The camera turns to show a door with with a sign that says WWE Champion. Eve takes a deep breath and raises her hand to knock on the door, but hesitates. She pulls out her compact mirror from the pocket of her jacket and checks her makeup, her hair and her teeth before putting it back in her pocket and finally knocking on the door. Jericho's voice is heard from the other side of the door

    Jericho: It's open!

    Eve opens the door to find Chris Jericho with a towel wrapped around his waist and a glass of wine in his hand.

    Jericho: Oh Eve I was expecting my massage therapist unless that's why you're here.

    Eve grins.

    Eve: Actually Chris I'm just here to congratulate you on your victory at King of the Ring. You did what I knew you would crush CM Punk to show your dominance as the WWE Champion and you showed Teddy that he was wrong to doubt you.

    Jericho: Well thank you Eve, but was the result ever in any doubt? Of course I won. That victory was never in doubt. I beat CM Punk twice before King of the Ring, making it 3 in a row was inevitable.

    And now that I'm still the WWE Champion, maybe the board of directors will realize how wrong Teddy Long has been these past few weeks. Maybe now they'll realize how badly he's been abusing his power to stack the odds against me. Maybe now, we'll get a change that is much needed in the Raw general manager's office.

    Eve: Well I seriously hope that's the case Chris. I never had any doubts that you'd beat CM Punk every single time, but I still felt it was incredibly unfair of Teddy to keep giving him rematches he didn't even earn. How about a little fairness by allowing other people a chance to face you? How about allowing you a week off to rest rather than wearing you down week after week so you'd eventually lose the title by exhaustion alone? It's time the Board starts taking my words seriously because quite frankly I am fed up with Teddy's antics and I won't put up with them much longer.

    Jericho: You and I both. But now, since you mentioned a week off to rest, that's exactly what I intend on having this week. And since my massage therapist has decided not to turn up, I would ask that you take over.

    So allow me to lie down here, there's some oil there and, well, I'm sure you know what to do...
    Jericho goes to lie down face first on the massage couch. Eve blushes a bit and grins.

    Eve: Unfortunately Chris while you may have the week off I have to pick up Teddy's slack so I won't really have time for... pleasure.

    Jericho sits back up

    Jericho: Damn that man. He's always getting in my way! The sooner that idiot's out of a job, the better it'll be, for all of us, but more specifically, for you and me.

    Because you see over the past few weeks, you've been very supportive of me, and I feel inclined to say thank you. And I think it's fair to say that the time has come for us to do something about, well, about this.

    Jericho points to himself and Eve

    Jericho: Now believe it or not, I know a very fancy restaurant in this godforsaken town, and I want to take you to that restaurant after the show.

    Jericho stands up and goes close to Eve. Eve looks nervous

    Eve: Well actually Chris I...

    Jericho: Because I want to show you exactly how grateful I am for your support...

    Jericho gently brushes Eve's hair back behind her ears and goes to lean in for a kiss when......

    * Teddy Coughs* Sorry playa's! hope I'm not interrupting anything.. the door was open and I wanted to speak with you Chris!

    *Both Eve and Jericho turn to face Teddy long, shocked to see him standing there..Teddy then walks over to Eve*

    Teddy: Eve.. seeing you here and Jericho in nothing but a towel may make people thing that something was going on here? people would perhaps question your professionalism.. Perhaps some people may think you are favoring Jericho in more then one way? Lucky for you Eve.. I'm not thinking that.. I just hope the board of directors are not thinking that either, something like that could really effect one's chance's of having anything to do with the general running of Raw don't you think?.

    *Eve is about to answer but seems lost for words and Teddy smirks, she goes a little red in the face and immediately just storms off and leaves the room.. Teddy then turns to Jericho*

    Teddy: Now Chris, I came in here to let you know that unfortunately you will not be having the night off, I'm sure you are fine with that though right? After all.. You are the best in the world and I bet you just relish being in action don't you?
    *Jericho goes to answer* I thought so.. well lucky for you, you will be.. and you will be competing against John Cena! Holla, Holla!

    *Before Jericho can say anything, Teddy just turns away and leaves.. leaving the room with Jericho wearing a scowl across his face as the camera heads back to ringside*

    JR: Another big announcement from our general manager, WWE Champion.. Chris Jericho will face John Cena tonight!

    King: That's a huge match Ross.. But, why is Teddy Long throwing his weight around here more often then he has been doing tonight? I think he feels pressured by just how good of a job Eve is doing as his assistant!

    JR: I don't know about that King.. I personally feel that Teddy Long has been and continues to make the right calls, anyone doubting his ability to manage Raw is War should take notice and see what a great job he's been doing and continues to do tonight!

    King: Whatever Ross.. what's up next?

    JR: Well up next we are scheduled to have that block buster tag team match, United Kingdom vs the unique team of Tyler Black and United states champion of Cody Rhodes.. question is, which two members of United Kingdom will be in action?

    King: I don't know Ross and it's not going to matter, Rhodes is a broken man.. he's not even physically fit to compete tonight and yet he wants to get back in that ring? I think that Brogue Kick from Sheamus may have scrambled his brains!
    *King laughs* Then he picks Tyler Black as his partner? You know why?

    JR: Why?.

    King: Because Cody is jealous of Black! Cody knows how much potential Black has and the "Golden Boy" can't resist but to interfere and get involved.. just like he got involved in this UK feud in the first place and now look where that's got him!
    *King laughs* Cody is so stupid!

    JR: I think that's BS King and you know it.. Cody as he said earlier was impressed with the warrior spirit that Black showed at the King of the Ring, Black along with Aries earned a standing ovation and that was because neither man gave in and gave everything they had.. Cody clearly see's that in Black and wanted a partner he knew would fight and give everything he has once again!

    King: It's not going to matter, with the high UK are on.. I'm not sure anyone could stop them at the moment!

    JR: Well you can bet your behind that Cody and Black are going to try!

    *United Kingdom enter on to the stage with a chorus of boo's and jeers raining down on them, all three men shrug it off and continue walking down the ramp, Drew and Regal are dressed for action while Sheamus is wearing a suit and taking the majority of the boo's*

    JR: Folks I can tell you.. Never in my mind did I think Sheamus would turn on Cody and these fans while Joining UK like he did, but even then.. the Sheamus I knew was a fighter and took great pride in coming out here and representing his Celtic Warrior ancestors.. yet it appears he's going to sit back and watch this one!

    King: Another blow for the "Golden Boy" I bet he was looking forward to getting his hands on Sheamus, it's just as well though.. I'm not sure he could handle another Brogue Kick!

    *Black steps out from behind the curtain in his usual traditional fashion, the crowd react with a mixed response of cheers and boo's but it does not effect Black in anyway, he takes one look around the arena before fixing his eyes on the ring while he waits for his partner*

    *As soon as Cody's music hits the stage it's greeted with a huge pop from the fans, Cody gingerly walks out from behind the curtain clearly showing that he is not one hundred percent.. Cody looks over at Black before both men nod at each other and begin walking down the ramp to the ring.*

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    JR: I get the feeling this match is going to be a straight up fight King! You have the vulture like United Kingdom who will cheat and do anything is takes to win.. while Black and Cody are like injured wild animals and you know what happens when you back an injured animal in the corner, this match really does have the makings of something special.

    King: You could be right Ross.. I think you are over looking one thing though, Black and Cody have never teamed together, there's no chemistry and I'm not even sure they like each other.. do you really expect them to combine and beat the more experience team in United Kingdom!

    JR: I take your point King.. we are about to find out because the match is away!

    Cody & Black (Punk) vs Drew (Bradley) & Regal (spears)

    Start at: 0:50 stop at 7:56

    JR: Cody is pulling and crawling to his corner, he's in desperate need to tag in his partner!

    King: Regal has already tagged in Drew though and here comes Drew!

    *With Cody inches away from making the tag, Drew comes storming over and immediately starts beating down on Cody, with kicks to the head and back before latching on to the boot of Rhodes and dragging him across the ring.. Cody then begins to struggle, with everything he has left he kicks out at Drew knocking him back before again crawling to his partner, just when it looks like he's going to get there and make the tag, again comes Drew this time he leaps into the air and comes down with force looking for the elbow drop only for Rhodes to move at the last second as Drew comes crashing down on the mat*

    JR: Cody moved at the last minute.. a real opener for Cody Rhodes now, he needs that tag and Black is dying to get in here!

    *Cody looks back to see Drew in pain on the mat, he then continues to pull himself across the canvas and with the last push from his body he jumps up and launches himself to his corner where he makes the tag and in comes Tyler Black.*

    King: Here comes Black! Watch out Drew!

    *Tyler Blacks leaps over the ropes and comes in a like a house on fire, he knocks down Drew with a forearm smash before begging him to get up again, when Drew reaches his feet once more again Black knocks him down with another, he then runs over and knocks Regal of his corner which causes Sheamus to jump up on the other side of the ring and Black then sprints over to him and knocks him off with an elbow to the face also*

    JR: Tyler Black is cleaning house and the United Kingdom can't seem to handle him!

    *Tyler Black then turns around and reacts instantly by ducking the clothesline attempt from Drew and responding with a kick to the gut before coming off the ropes and looking for the..*

    JR: Black out! NO! Drew was able to get out of the way and roll out of the ring.

    King: So clever from McIntyre!

    *Black follows Drew out of the ring and clubs him on the back of the head knocking him down, he then picks him up and swings him into the barricade.. Drew hits the barricade with so much force he comes bouncing back right into a dropkick from Black*

    JR: He may have been clever and avoided Black's finisher King but Drew is in a world of trouble right now.

    *Black then stands up and raises his arm as the crowd cheer for him, he then picks up a lifeless Drew and roles him into the ring.. as he does, Regal comes from behind and boots Black in back of the knee knocking him down, he then continues dropping his knee on top of Black before continually stomping on Black, the referee try's to restore some order and comes out from the ring and pushes Regal aside telling him to let Black get in the ring.. with Regal providing the distraction though Sheamus comes around and begins stomping on the lifeless Tyler Black*

    JR: Oh come on!

    King: What Ross?

    JR: Now why is Sheamus getting involved?

    King: I didn't see anything.. he's just cheering his team on!
    *King laughs*
    *Regal then picks up Black and rolls him into the ring, Drew is back up on his feet though and instantly grabs hold of Black and hits him with the Future Shock DDT*

    JR: This could be it.. it could be all over for Black and Cody here!

    King: Drew with the pin! it must be over.




    *Just as the ref was about to call three, Cody was able to come in and break it up at the last second*

    King: Damn Cody Rhodes! UK had this match won.

    JR: You may have been right King.. However for those doubting the ability of these two too team together, well Rhodes just showed he has his partners back.

    *Drew frustrated that Cody was able to break up the pin attempt, releases his anger out on Black, he continue's beating down on Black before picking him up and whipping him into the turnbuckle.. he tags in Regal who starts delivering big knee shots to the midsection knocking Black down.. he then takes a few steps back before charging at Black looking for the knee to the face only for Black to move at the last second as Regal crashes into the turnbuckle and Black attempts the roll up*




    JR: God that was close! Regal able to kick out at the last second.

    *Regal as the fresher man is able to get up first though and runs at Black as he's getting up, Black once again is able to duck it and respond with a big round house shot to the temple knocking Regal down which gets a big gasp from the crowd*

    King: Ouch! what a strike from Black.

    JR: Regal could be out!

    *Cody Rhodes then starts clapping for Black trying to get the crowd to respond which they do, Black then tags in Cody before falling between the ropes through exhaustion and the pain he's in.. Rhodes however comes running in as does Drew, Rhodes strikes first dropping him with a picture perfect dropkick and doing the same to Regal as he gets up.. He then picks up Drew and throws him clean over the ropes, he then stands behind Regal and stalks him waiting for him to get back up.. when he gets back up he's confronted with the..*

    JR: Cross Rhodes! Cross Rhodes!

    King: No! Sheamus! do something.

    JR: Rhodes with the pin!




    JR: Rhodes and Black win! Rhodes and Black win!

    king: They struck lucky! but there lucks about to run out.. here comes Sheamus!

    *Just as Cody stands up to his feet and raises his arms, he turns around and walks right into a huge Brogue Kick from the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus then stares and stands over the lifeless Cody but not for long..*

    King: Sheamus! behind you!

    *Tyler Black drags himself into the ring and charges straight at Sheamus, clearly running on adrenaline Black trades shots with the Great white before getting in one quick and knocking Sheamus back.. just when it looks like Black is going to knock Sheamus down Regal and Drew come from behind and attack Black before all three men start stomping on the lifeless body's of Black and Rhodes*

    JR: This damn United Kingdom are like a hungry pack of wolves!

    King: Cody asked for this Ross.. and it was Black that decided to get involved, I just hope Black knows that he has Cody to thank for the bruises and cuts he's about to receive!

    *United Kingdom continue beating down on both men without a thought of mercy in there minds, Both Drew and Regal pick up Rhodes and Sheamus delivers another huge Brogue Kick which almost decapitates the United States Champion.. UK then finally leave the ring as the crowd are raining down on them with heavy boo's and jeers, as Regal and Drew begin there walk up the ramp, Sheamus picks up the US title and holds it up in there air as the crowd boo again, he then shouts I'm the next US Champion before he leaves with United Kingdom to the back*


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    *The camera comes back from ringside and heads backstage where All American Perfection can be seen in one of the backstage locker rooms.. it shows Vickie alongside Dolph and Swagger who are wearing suits instead of there ring gear and merchandise.*

    Vickie: I'm so proud of you both! You walked into King of the Ring and defended your titles without even knowing her you were facing.. Now that's.. All American Perfection!

    *Both Swagger and Dolph share a smile with there manager, seemingly happy with the praise*

    Dolph: Thanks Vickie, there was never any doubt in my mind that we were going to retain our tag team titles at King of the Ring.. Me and Swagger are the best damn tag team in the world today!

    It don't matter how many times AW shouts millions of dollars or which ever team comes to this company calling them selves "The Worlds Greatest" or "The Kings" of anything.. Having these titles
    (Ziggler shines his tag title with his hand before kissing it) These titles mean we are The Worlds Greatest Kings of Wrestling.. These titles mean we are worth millions of dollars! Without us.. nobody would even care about this tag team division!

    *Vickie claps Dolph's words as Swagger nods his head in agreement*

    "Hey Dolph, Kings of wrestling are coming for those titles" Well I'm sick of it..

    *Dolph's facial expression now becomes one of anger*

    Dolph: Me and my partner deserve some respect around here! We have been stealing the show, week in and week out.. defending our tag team titles with flawless perfection and people still question us?

    Vickie: There wrong Dolph, there wrong!

    *Dolph suddenly begins laughing*

    Vicke: What's so funny Dolph?

    Dolph: Did you know, AW actually had the gull to question our win.. he actually accused us of cheating to keep hold of these titles!

    *All three of AAP begin laughing*

    Dolph: I know right.. if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black! It's just another show of disrespect from a tag team that nobody even cares about.. from a tag team who are more green then the incredible Hulk.. Swagger, I'm done speaking to these idiots!

    *Dolph takes a step back before Swagger is about to speak*

    Jack Swagger: Disrespect is an understatement. The things we are doing for the WWE as Tag Team Champions, rebuilding this division, making tag team wrestling relevant again, we should not have to defend our titles against chumps like these teams. I mean first the World's Not So Greatest Tag Team, and the We Don't Show Up in Prime Time Players, now we have to face the supposed Kings of Wrestling?

    It seems to me we just have to keep beating teams who give themselves nicknames they don't deserve, so we can prove that by being Tag Team Champions, by being the best team in the history of the WWE, we are the World's Greatest Tag Team, we are Prime Time Players, and after we beat these two indy boys, prove we are the Kings of Wrestling. But we don't need a nickname that says all these things, All American Perfection proves it every night in the ring, and thats why we still hold these championships.

    *Jack looks at the championship slung on his shoulders and smiles, but then he looks up and it turns to a growl as from different hallways he can see the Prime Time Players, and the Kings of Wrestling.*

    Jack Swagger: Looks like we got company.
    *Directed towards the Prime Time Players.* What are you doing here? Don't tell me you are about to complain about the match, you aren't getting a rematch. All American Perfection doesn't waste their time with the like of you and the World's Greatest Tag Team, because you are all just the same, a bunch of losers. *Now directed at the Kings of Wrestling.*And I'm sure we will put you in that category in the near future.

    See you made a mistake when you tried to outshine All American Perfection, the only way any tag team has been able to so far, and it will be the only time that happens, because we are going to make an example out of you. You don't try and outshine All American Perfection, because you can't. And when we beat you I'm sure you're going to complain just like they did and just like the World's Greatest Tag Team did, but its not going to work. And you don't have to give us credit, cause you won't, but with these titles we prove we are the best tag team in the WWE. So both of you don't come here and talk about last night, because we know what happens and these titles explain it all.”

    The Primetime Players walk into the view of the camera and stand side by side in their wrestling gear along with a Primetime Players T-shirt. A.W. stands in front of the both of them, arms crossed and glare threatening to bore holes in Swagger’s head.


    “Well, Jackie, number one, you don’t tell me or anyone of the Primetime Players when we can speak. We do it on our own time so if you aren’t going to say anything important, do some pushups in the middle of traffic so I don’t have to waste my time listening to you lisp your jibber jabber. Number two, tough, because we are here to talk about what happened at King of the Ring whether you three like it or not.”

    Darren Young now steps to A.W.’s side along with Titus O’Neil as they nod in agreement A.W.

    :: Darren Young::

    “I don’t think you realize this but we got your boys numbers and I ain’t talking about on speed dial. I don’t know if you noticed or not but we took out every single one of those tag teams in that battle royal. We went ham on all of those fools and made mince meat out of ‘em in no time at all because we’re the best tag team in the WWE. You know what that means? I think you can connect the dots at this point but since you’re lot is under the…impaired label, I’ll let “Sex Appeal” Titus O’Neil finish of the rest of the equation.”

    ::Titus O’Neil::

    “In case you three zeros haven’t filled in the blanks, that means that every time that you “champs” have to defend your titles, the team you’ll be looking across form will be none other than us. Why? Think about it, if we were able to take out ALL of those tag teams by ourselves, not ONE member tossed over the top rope, walk out of that match fresher and cleaner than a pile of Mr. Clean bleached laundry and give you a run for your money, what makes you think that we won’t have another shot at you again? We didn’t come down here to demand any rematches or anything of the natures. Don’t try to make us look small by implying that we have to get what we want based on whining and crying. We make our opportunities through hard work and no matter how many times you have to keep cheating to keep those belts around your shoulders, we’re always gonna be right here, ready and willing to come back at you with 150%.

    Both A.W. and Darren Young pat Titus on the back.


    “Damn right! And Dolph, you wanna call us green?
    *bleep* yeah we’re green because every time we grace the WWE Universe with our presence, we get alllllll the dollas! Millions of ‘em, baby!”

    Before A.W. can start the “Millions of Dollars” dance, Darren Young stops them both with a question.

    :: Darren Young::

    “Wait, wait, wait. Before we get into any of that, I just gotta ask. Vickie, since when were women allowed in the men’s locker room?”

    Instead of cordially responding, O’Neil turns around, bewildered for some reason. He gets closer to A.W. while pointing at her with this thumb.

    ::Titus O’Neil::

    “That’s a woman?!”


    “Ahahahahahaha! Good one, Titus! I’mma have to write that one down. But you know, we’re not here just to ridicule you and put you down, we’re here to tell you that the supposed “Kings” of Wrestling won’t be giving you any trouble. Why? It’s simple. They’re nothing but a bunch of overhyped caddies who should be taking a backseat to pro league players like us. I’m willing to bet my left foot that because of all of that hype, they’ll be in some number one contender’s match for your tag team championships and of course, we’ll be there too. So once things are set, we’ll just scald ‘em and send ‘em back to the indies with their tails tucked between their legs. But rest assured, the Primetime Players aren’t going to let up for one second. We WILL become the new tag team champions whether you like it or not so the best you can do with those titles isn’t polishing them for us but by putting Darren Young’s and Titus O’Neil’s nameplates on ‘em because they’re practically ours.”

    ::Titus O’Neil::

    “Basically. They want to call themselves kings? Well, in the presence of greatness like us, they’re nothing but a pair of jesters. WE are the kings of not only wrestling but of cash flow. Our names SCREAM money and we prove it by dominating in the ring and one more tag team being added to the mix isn’t going to change any of that.”

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

  9. #589
    *The Kings of Wrestling now enter the scene. Claudio grabs the camera and moves it towards Chris Hero and himself*

    *Looking at Ziggler and Swagger* All American Perfection? Perfekt? Nein! Chris und ich sind perfekt. Wir sind die größten Athleten der Welt. Wir sind Könige! *Now looking at the Prime Time Players* Prime Time-Spieler? Ich verstehe nicht. Sie sind alle Amerikanischen schweinen. Es tut mir leid!

    I forget who I am talking to- five under educated men, Ziggler, Swagger, Young, O'Neil and AW. Except for my partner Chris Hero, all you Americans are weak and lazy. You are set in your ways. Chris and I have traveled the world- fought against men in many different styles while you guys have just tolled away wrestling the WWE style. There is a reason we are called the Kings of Wrestling- we are above all others, we are better than others und thats why mein freund und ich hierher gekommen.

    We will put tag team wrestling on the map here by plowing through anybody put in our way. . Isn't that right Chris?

    *Chris Hero is rubbing his chin enjoying the sensation before hearing his name snaps him out of it*

    Chris: Right, right. What were you saying?

    *Claudio facepalms as the other teams are wondering if he's being serious.*

    Chris: Ok, yeah, words are becoming clearer.....all case you missed the memo, we're the The Kings of Wrestling.

    The best tag team in the world today, while you 4 try to be, we already are. You...The All American Perfection...the holder of those jumbo pennies called the WWE Tag Team Championships...I wonder just how well you'd do with the wannabe pussycat at your side? See you've had controversy surround each and every one of your title defenses. You've yet of merit and actual skill, something me and Claudio can actually say.

    *All American Perfection scowls Hero as he continues to speak*

    Chris: Now, The Prime Time Players...always looking for millions of dollars....let me ask your dumb asses something? Have you even held millions of dollars in your hands?

    *They stutter to answer*

    Chris: We have. After hard work. Something you idiots think is unnecessary to achieve success and have those....

    *Mocks the Players with Claudio doing the Millions of Dollars dance*

    Chris: Try putting in the time to earn the right to act like a true playa' before you call yourselves Players.

    *A.W. looks to speak but is cut by off by Hero*

    Chris: Now if you'll shut the hell up. As stated before by Claudio, we'd traveled the world, won as many championships as can be yet one set of championships has alluded us so far...those...right...there...

    *Points at the title in Ziggler's shoulder*

    Chris: Though their appearance is insulting by any standard. Those championships label you as the best tag team in the world today and while you've been claiming to be just that, your bubble has been burst, because the best tag team in the world is standing right in front of you.

    It's only a matter of time, before The Kings reign supreme, question is who will fall along the way? The Perfect Cheaters or The Day Time Toddlers?

    Doesn't matter either way because very soon, the only tag team that does matter will be the champions and like it or not, that us.

    *Points to himself and Claudio*

    Chris: The King of Wrestling.

    *Hero smirks as does Claudio, before all three teams stare down*

    JR: Well now we will have our WWE Champion in action as he will take on the struggling John Cena

    King: Struggling is an understatement, two straight Pay-Per-View losses to Tyler Black, that doesn’t happen to the great John Cena

    JR: Well everyone goes through a cold spell and Cena is on one now. It’s only a matter of time before he turns it around.

    JR: And that night may be tonight, John Cena looks as focused as ever, and you have to believe after a letdown like last night losing in the first round and losing to Tyler Black once again, you know he didn’t expect that, Cena looks like he wants to avenge that here tonight

    King: Well simple fact is that Chris Jericho is the best in the world, and he is the WWE Champion, he is at the top of his game, and Cena is on a slide, it’s a matter of two superstars trending opposite ways, this benefits Jericho.

    JR: Well what better stage to stop the slide, and start a new upwards trend for Cena than against the WWE Champion

    King: Jericho will not allow that to happen, after retaining the title last night he wants to keep the momentum going

    JR: Well Cena is looking to stop his losing streak

    King: And Jericho is looking to extend his winning streak

    JR: We’ll see who wins

    King: We shall

    Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

    Watch till 5:25

    JR: Missed lionsault by Jericho

    After the missed lionsault by Jericho, Cena hits a running leaping shoulder block, followed by another. Jericho wails with a clothesline and Cena hits a spin out powerbomb. Cena raises his hand and waves it in front of Jericho’s face, Cena bounces off the ropes,

    King: And Jericho with a flying forearm smash!

    Jericho hits one forearm smash, followed by another, he dances in the ring as Cena gets up and hits Cena with a backhand chop to the chest, he grabs Cena by the arm, leans him against the ropes then throws him into the opposite ropes, Cena comes back, and Jericho, jumps over Cena, and on the return Jericho hits a northern lights suplex, bridged into a pin…



    And Cena kicks out a two, and Jericho locks in an armbar. Cena is able to fight up, and with his free hand hits a punch to Jericho, but Jericho counters with a headbutt. They trade this a few times until Cena gains the advantage with a few consecutive punches. Cena too uses the ropes to push Jericho off, and on the rebound Cena hits Jericho with a dropkick and both men are down. Cena is the first to get up, and he climbs to the top rope, as he waits for Jericho. Jericho gets to a knee, Cena jumps, but Jericho moves and Cena lands hard. Cena gets up slowly, as Jericho stalks him, when Cena turns, Jericho runs, Cena hits a drop toehold, into

    JR: STF! STF! Cena has it locked in!

    King: Jericho needs to get to the ropes, he’s squirming there.

    JR: Can he get there; oh he’s merely inches away

    King: No Jericho don’t tap!

    JR: One last lunge… he got it! Chris Jericho got the ropes, and you can see the frustration on John Cena’s face, he thought he finally had the match won.

    Cena rolls off and backwards as he can’t believe Jericho didn’t tap. Jericho rolls to the apron, and Cena goes over to Jericho. He reaches over the top rope, but Jericho launches his shoulder into the midsection of Cena, and Cena stumbles a few feet backwards. Jericho then jumps off the top rope for a springboard plancha…

    JR: Oh my god! Cena caught Jericho in midair on his shoulders. Jericho going for the springboard plancha, and Cena caught him, and Jericho is in a world of trouble now.

    King: Jericho’s got a hold of the ropes. If he holds on cena will have no choice but to let him g-

    JR: Cena rips Jericho away from the ropes, and now Jericho has a grab of the ref’s shirt, but it slips out of his grasp, here it comes Attitude Adjustment

    King: No Jericho was able to flip over!

    JR: Codebreaker! Codebreaker! Codebreaker! Out of nowhere!

    King: looks like what happened last night to CM Punk

    JR: Its exactly what happened to CM Punk. Two nights in a row and Jericho won with the same trick. Cover




    JR: And Jericho picks up a huge win over John Cena, who as of late has been struggling, with two consecutive losses to Tyler Black at a Pay-Per-View, and this loss to Jericho, one has to wonder what is wrong with John Cena

    King: There is nothing wrong with him, he lost to the Best in the World, and there is nothing he can do about it. That’s why Jericho is still the WWE Champion, he was able to win two consecutive nights using the same move.

    JR: Its remarkable to say the least. Speaking of our WWE Champion, he has since grabbed his belt and taken a seat next to us here at ringside, and will stay here for our main event, a hardcore match between the man he beat last night, CM Punk, and his challenger at The Great American Bash, Mr. King of the Ring, Austin Aries

    King: That’s King Aries to you.

    JR: King Aries excuse me. Well folks stay tuned because our blockbuster main event comes up next!


    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

  10. #590
    JR: Well folks Jericho is at the broadcast table with us, the ring is set and the crowd have been buzzing all night for this one! CM Punk vs Austin Aries in a hardcore match!

    King: This match is going to be awesome! It's even better that we have the best in the world and WWE Champion, Chris Jericho out here! Welcome champ!

    *Jericho looks over at King but does not even flinch at the welcome, he instead looks straight ahead and seems focused on the match ahead*

    JR: Seems like Jericho is not a fan of Kings!
    *JR Chuckles*

    King: Jericho just has over things on his mind that's all.. were actually good friends!

    JR: I'm sure you are.. Well champ, what do you think about your new challenger in Austin Aries?

    *Jericho then looks at JR and says...*

    Jericho: Why don't you just do your job.. and call the action Ross! I'm not here to talk, I'm here to watch this match!

    King: Yeah Ross! Give the champ his space, he's not out here to trade BBQ recipes with you.. he's on a scouting mission to watch the man he's going to beat at the Great American Bash!

    JR: Well he might be on a scouting mission.. but I can't wait to call this one, and this match is because of WrestlingFan66513! Our lucky winner of the King of the Ring competition!

    King: Well done who ever you are!

    JR: Yes.. well done indeed and great choice of match!

    JR: It's a new theme and perhaps a new state of mind from Punk, but he's a man of honor indeed and were not expecting any difference in performance.. Punk always give everything in each and every match, this should be no different.

    King: He's been giving everything and still couldn't get the job done! He's a broken man.. from straight edge to Best in the World.. not to all this honor rubbish, what is he actually going on about.. I think he's taken one too many Code Breakers from Jericho!
    *King laughs*

    *Punk reaches the ring with the crowd all cheering his name, he stands at the top of the turnbuckle with his arms raised and stares right at Jericho, Y2J responds simply with his cocky smirk before lifting his WWE title of the Announce table and raising it in the air which draws a smile from Punk*

    JR: I get the feeling King.. it's not over between Jericho and Punk, time will tell but I can see these guys going at it once again down the line!

    King: Well not in the near future Ross.. Punk will not be getting another shot at Jericho while he continues his current WWE reign!

    JR: Here comes the newly crowned King!

    King: He didn't seem to pleased to be crowned earlier JR!

    JR: I think for Aries, he perhaps believes he should of gotten this chance a lot sooner then he did.. I think he also feels that many fans who were not supporting him while he was down.. are now supporting him simply because they want to see Chris Jericho lose his title.

    King: Not going to happen! I don't think Jericho can be beaten Ross, his title reign has been nothing but impressive!

    JR: It's been impressive alright, we can all agree there.. but remember the old saying, no matter how good you are, there's always someone out there better!

    King: I don't think it counts for Jericho!
    *King laughs* He can dance.. he can sing, he's the WWE Champion and do you see the way Eve looks at him? He has it all Ross..

    JR: Well ain't you quite the fan King.. You know, maybe you could give Jericho that back rub once this match is done?

    King: You're not funny Ross.. I do the jokes around here!

    *Aries has now reached the ring following a mixed response from the crowd, he stands opposite Punk and is greeted with another nod of respect from CM Punk, Aries just looks on before going across to side of the ring and gesturing to Jericho that he's coming for the title*

    JR: He's coming Jericho.. Oh you can bet he wants that title!

    Jericho: Yeah.. well he's not getting it, the only title he's going to get is in the news.. Best In the World outclasses Indy nobody on the grand stage of the Great American Bash!
    *Jericho smirks*

    *King laughs* He's funny as well.. he really has everything!

    *Both men now stand across the ring from each other, the crowd are cheering and the ring bell is sounded as the match gets underway*

    CM Punk vs Austin Aries (Jericho)

    Start at 9:42 stop at 15:20

    JR: Oh my! Punk just smashed right into the turnbuckle and crashed to the outside of the ring after Aries was able to move.

    King: I think Punk could be hurt, he may have blew his knee out.

    JR: What's Aries doing here?

    King: I think he's about to go high risk Ross!

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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