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    RAW is WAR: Episode 24
    1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

    JR: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to RAW is WAR! We are less than one week away from the King of the Ring, where we will crown a King of the Ring, and we will find out our last competitor from the RAW side tonight

    King: And with Batista, John Cena, and Austin Aires all qualifying from RAW, there is no doubt in my mind we will win the tournament and have the King of the Ring on the RAW brand. And we get a preview of that tonight as those three square off in a huge triple threat match

    JR: It is indeed a huge match for momentum as well, and as we wait for that we continue tonight with our Road to Triumph as well

    King: Puppies, I can’t wait.

    JR: And we know after a tough few weeks of battle for CM Punk, he is finally being given the night off like he deserves, and the champ, Chris Jericho will be in action

    King: This isn’t fair CM Punk gets to rest up while Chris Jericho has to wrestle. How is that fair? Just days before he has to defend his title

    JR: It’s more than fair, I’m sure CM Punk won’t even be 100 % going into King of the Ring, not after what he has gone through.

    King: Well it’s just not fair.

    JR: Whatever you say,, but I am hearing word that we will kick the show off with a King of the Ring final qualifier.

    King: Oh good, at least this brightens my mood.

    JR: And this should brighten it even more…

    King: Yes, Tyler Black has a chance to qualify for the King of the Ring!

    JR: But against who we do not know yet

    King: It doesn’t matter after his win at In Your House he is in the spotlight now, and has proven to be the new face of the WWE, his opponent doesn’t matter

    JR: Well I’m getting word as to who it is, and you may be conflicted as to who to cheer for

    King: Who is it?

    King: Is it possible for them to draw and both make the tournament?

    JR: Nope. So who’s it going to be

    King: Umm…err…umm…


    Evan Bourne vs. Tyler Black

    Watch 1:30-8:25

    Tyler Black gets up shocked that Bourne got the roll up on him. Black backs into the corner, and Evan Bourne is in pursuit. Bourne goes over and hits a few kicks to the gut. Bourne grabs Black by the head and rolls him out from the corner, down to the ground, and Bourne climbs to the top rope. Bourne waits for Black to get up, and as he does groggily, he turns, and Bourne hits Black with the knees to the shoulder and takes down Black. Black rolls to the outside of the ring next to the announce table, as he leans on it for support. Bourne waits for Black on the outside to regain himself, and as he does, Bourne hits Black with a suicide dive that sends Black into the announce table kidney first. Bourne rolls Black in the ring, and proceeds to climb to the top rope. Bourne taunts the audience from the top rope, when he’s ready…

    JR: Bourne’s looking for it, he’s looking for Air Bourne

    King: Umm

    JR: Care to say anything?

    King: Yea, Bourne just missed it and landed on his feet.

    Bourne misses Air Bourne as Black rolls out of the way, and Bounre lands on his feet, and Black hits Bounre with a dropkick to the back, this sends Bourne into the ropes, and when he bounces off and comes back, Black hits a belly to black suplex that is turned into a reverse STO. Black with the cover…


    Bourne kicks out. Black then goes to the apron and hits a springboard knee drop to the head of Bourne, and then follows with a running shooting star press of his own. Black taunst Bourne and the fans as he covers once more…



    Thr- Bourne kicks out!

    Black looks frustrated and stalks Bourne. As Bourn gets up groggily and turns in the direction of Black…

    JR: Avada Kedavr- No Bourne ducked it!

    Bourne ducks the kick, and hits a roundhouse kick to knock Black down, and now both men are down. Bourne begins to move first as the ref counts reaches 6, and Bourne then starts to climb the turnbuckle. Bourne takes a while to get up, he taunts the fans once more, then jumps…

    JR: Air Bour- No Tyler Black caught him out of nowhere with Avada Kedavra from the top rope!

    Black thn covers Bourne…




    JR: And Tyler Black will move on to the King of the Ring tournament, tough loss for Bourne

    King: He put up a hell of a fight but I can’t wait to see what Tyler Black does in the tournament

    JR: He is a danger to watch out for for sure. And it looks like we may hear from him now.

    *Black takes the mic after his win....*

    Black: Get used to this.

    *Crowd boos heavily*

    Black: Why? Because no matter who I face this Sunday at the King of the Ring tournament, they'll all fall one by one until I am left standing.

    You wanna talk about the best Raw has to offer? I'm it.

    Batista? Please if he's come back to the WWE, it's because he finally got on his knees, gave himself a saddening sigh and finally joined the Vincent K. McMahon kiss my ass club, the same club which Cena seems to be the president of. I'll have no problem beating either one of those Hulk wannabe's.

    Leaving Aries. I know Aries from back in out Ring of Honor days, faced him a couple times as well and I know he's my biggest obstacle as far as Raw is concerned. I know he wants the title of King of the Ring almost as much as I do but almost doesn't count for much in this business and I'm not in this to lose.

    Never have, never will. Fact is, no other person in the WWE will ever match my desire to make an impact in my career and to be called the next King of the Ring, that is something I will fight tooth and nail for.

    Smackdown, can have anyone they want as far as I care. When the final bell ring and a King of the Ring is announced, all you people will only hear the wonderful words..............and you're new WWE King of the Ring winner..........Tyleeerrrrrrr Blaaaaaccccckkkkkkkkkkkk.

    *Crowd boos*

    Black: Boo all you want, you know my words to be true and come King of the Ring this Sunday, I will be the new King of the Ring. The Era of King Black will be one people will never forget.

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    Batista: Now hold on there Black. I see how well you have been doing here and I can respect that, however. You, as well as everyone in the king of the ring have to get through the animal, and I am not backing down. I will run through anyone who dares and try and face me. I am here to win this and win gold. The animal is loose, and there is no caging him.

    JR: And here comes the Doctor of Thuganomics to speak his mind!

    King: We don't need him here! Nobody is hurt!

    *John Cena sprints down to the ring, as Batista steps back a few steps. Their eyes meet, before Cena turns to Black. He grabs the mic out of Black's hands, before waving his hand in front of Black.*

    Cena: Before I get to you
    *Cena points at Black* - let's talk about Batista! Hey Dave, you're a multiple time World Champion, yet you can't say more than a couple of sentences? Seriously I've took longer with a crap tonight than you've spent talking since you came back. I understand you're a private man, but don't you realize that the less you say, the less EVERYONE - the fans, the people in the back, the corporate side of the WWE - thinks of you. Talking is the biggest one of the three biggest skills that makes you appeal to the audience, with your looks and wrestling talent - not that I have any, but limiting that is going to limit your success.

    You've broken my neck, I FU'd you off a car - we've been through hell together, as have myself and you Mr. Black. You see Tyler, you think your the best in the world, but I produce a bigger crowd reaction by raising my hand in the air - than you do when you win a match. I've won more world championships than the age your dad took your virginity from you! Backlash, Tyler do you remember your hand slapping the mat three times - admitting than I defeated you? In Your House you may have beat me at In Your House - but I'm ending this once and for all in the tournament! Come hell or high water Tyler Black vs. John Cena III will happen at King of the Ring! Your back bouncing of the mat after an FU! My five knuckle shuffle coming down on your head! Your body becoming lifeless because of the STFU! I can imagine it now, and Tyler it will happen. We will meet in the tournament, and I will kick your ass!

    But what about the Nitro superstars, Diamond Dallas Page and Randy Orton! RKO or Diamond Cutter? Diamond Cutter or RKO? Which is better? I'll tell you what's better, and that's the FU! For those that don't tune into the number 2 show, one quarter final will consist of DDP and Randy, so that means I can only possibly face one of those two. King Cena will come soon, and he will prove why he is the face of the WWE!

    Oh, and let's move onto Austin Aries - the man who's had one match in the WWE and is now the "Greatest Man Who Ever Lived!" Please Austin you're just embarrassing yourself. You haven't beaten the face of the WWE so you're not and never will be a someone. Austin Starr, is a bit like the Prototype. The early stages of what could be a main event wrestler! But you see the Prototype became the most controversial wrestler in recent WWE history, but Austin Starr will never reach that stage! He can change his name to Aries, but he's not main event mater-

    ???: Will you just shut up!?!?!

    Some fans boo at this, but some actually cheer, as Aries walks out from the back to no music. He has a mic in hand, as he proceeds to talk, while walking down the ramp.

    Aries: All of you, going on, and on, and on about this and that, and guess one cares! Do you think these pathetic excuses for fans are actually listening? Do you think they actually pay attention to anything you all have to say?

    Aries is now on the apron, as he climbs into the ring.

    Aries: See, this is where most others would come out here and say "Here is what I think about John Cena". "Here is what I think about Tyler Black" "Here is what I think about Batista". Do you know what though? I'm not going to come out here and do the usual song and dance. The only thing you three need to know about my thoughts in regards to you, and the only thing these fans need to know about when it comes to my thoughts of you or anyone else in the King of the Ring tournament, is this. I will will make them tap will beat them down like the pathetic little..or not so little...fools they are. I don't care who I face, all I care about is making an impact.

    Now, talking about King of the Ring. I want to touch on something. See, I'm going to win the tournament.

    Cena looks like he is going to say something.

    Aries: shut your damn mouth your Vanilla Ice, Eminem, gangster wanna be piece of trash. You are what makes other wrestlers like myself, Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, and CM Punk, look like cartoon characters with smiles and happiness shoved up our asses. You are a disgrace to wrestling, and anything wrestling related. Hell, atleast Black and Batista can out wrestle you, and their still jackasses. I was saying. I'm goingg to win the King of the Ring tournament. I know it, these fans know it, Teddy Long knows it, Shane McMahon knows it, hell, even ole Vinnie Mac knows it. Now, here is the difference between myself and people like Savage, Sheamus, Regal, and Booker. I'm going to win, and when I do, I'm not goingg to take on the monicker King Aries. I'm not going to come out here in a crown and cape. I'm not going to have a royal guard. No...the WWE, and anyone else who thinks I will do that, can take the crown and cape and shove it up their asses.

    Some fans pop at this, but some fans boo at Aries remarks.

    Aries: No...I'm going to win this tournament, and when I do, Long will have to name me the new #1 contender to the WWE Championship. I don't care if i face Jericho, or if I face Punk...I will face one of them. Some men use this tournament as a stepping stone for success but fail....other use it to reach new heights. I will be one of those men that reach a new height. I will rise above the pun intended John....and I will be the winner.

    *Aries lowers the mic, looking at Cena, Batista, and Black but before any of them can say anymore, familiar theme music is played out towards the fans*

    Teddy: Hold it there playa's! You have all had your say and quite frankly, I hope one of you are right.. from a Raw point of you I hope and have no doubt in my mind that one of you men will be standing here next Monday night as the 2012 King of the ring champion!

    However for tonight, the talking has stopped and it's time for some actions playa's! tonight we witnessed Tyler Black be the last Raw member to qualify for the King of the Ring but for the rest of you.. I have an idea that I just know the crowd are going to love!

    John Cena!
    *Crowd cheer* Vs Batista *crowd cheer* vs Austin Aries *mixed response but mostly boo's* in a Triple threat match! *crowd pop* and that's going to take place right here.. right now!

    Holla, Holla!

    *The crowd instantly start cheering after the announcement from Teddy Long as the Raw general manager makes his way to the back while the three men just stare at each other*

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    *With the crowd still cheering for Teddy long after his announcement as he makes his way to the back.. Cena, Batista and Aries begin warming up in the ring, getting ready to compete*

    JR: Well I guess we are going to have an unscheduled Triple Threat match up next King!

    King: This is the first announcement that I have liked from Teddy in a loonnnggg time!
    *King laughs* no pun intended.

    JR: Have you noticed King? Black is not leaving ringside either, I think he's going to use this chance to scout his King of the Ring opponents.

    King: Very smart from Tyler Black, just think though Ross.. if one of these men were able to get the win tonight, then that's huge momentum going into the King Of the Ring PPv! it can only be a good thing for Raw!

    JR: Very true King! well the referee is ready and the match look's set to go.

    Cena vs Aries (Orton) vs Batista

    Start at 4:30 stop at 7:55

    JR: With Aries out of the ring, this could be the animals chance to secure the win.

    King: It's Batista Bomb time Ross!

    *Batista lifts up Cena looking for his finisher, with Cena up in the air and ready to be driven down to the mat, Aries comes back into the ring and chop block to back of Batista's knee, the animal immediately loses grip of Cena and falls back, Cena still in mid air comes tumbling down on Batista in a pretty nasty fall which gets an "ohh" chant from the crowd as Aries tries to take advantage of the situation*

    JR: That was nasty! Cena could be hurt folks.

    King: It was Batista that took the falling weight of Cena Ross.. it's Batista that could be hurt.

    JR: Aries looking to take advantage with the pin on Batista!




    JR: Only a two count for Aries!

    King: Just look at the freakish strength of the Animal though Ross! is there anyone more dominant then Batista when he's in the zone?.

    *Batista kicks out after the two count and throws Aries off him, Aries then claws himself back across the ring to take advantage of Cena still down on the mat*

    JR: He's going to try and pin Cena!




    King: Damn only a two count for Aries again!

    *Cena responds in the same way as Batista by throwing Aries off him as the ref counts to two, Aries then looks around at the fans clearly disappointed, the camera then focuses on Black who is watching the match very closely..
    Aries then begins questioning the referee, suggesting it was a slow count.. as he does though the Animal is back up on his feet and charges at him with a big clothesline that turns him in side out and sends him rolling out of the ring. With the crowd starting to cheer for Batista, the Animal waits for Cena to get back to his feet.. he starts stalking him as John Cena stands up, Without even seeing Batista, Cena walks right into a Samoan drop attempt but before Batista can nail it.. Cena is able to slip out and instead pick up Batista with his own Samoan drop this time nailing it to a cheer from the crowd*

    JR: What strength from John Cena!

    King: Okay, credit where it's due.. that was impressive!

    JR: Cena with the pin attempt on Batista!




    JR: Near fall for John Cena, so close!

    *Tyler Black begins laughing on the outside of the ring, Cena notices him and starts walking over without noticing Aries, Austin Aries springboards himself of the top rope and catches Cena mid air with the..*

    JR: Spring board neck breaker from Aries!

    King: What was that?!
    *King laughs* I don't think I have ever seen anything like that before!

    JR: It could be enough for Aries to get the win here!




    King: Another close call Ross!

    JR: So close again partner, Cena able to kick out though folks!

    King: What a start to Raw JR.

    JR: couldn't agree more King, Don't get me wrong.. Nitro has so many great superstars and there doing well over there, but there's no doubt in my mind that Raw is the A-show!

    *Aries has his head in hands as he assumed he would of got the three count.. with Cena still down, Aries does not waste anymore time and instead runs at the ropes before again springing of them looking for a version of the Lionsault when..*

    JR: Maybe a page out of Chris Jeri-

    King: Batista caught him! Batista caught him in mid air!

    *As Aries attempted the LionSault he didn't see Batista was already up and the Animal was able to snatch him in mid air before he could come crashing down on to Cena, Batista with Aries on his shoulder begins smiling, then takes a few steps back facing the ropes before charging at them and launching Aries out of the ring like a dart and Austin Aries goes smashing into the barricade as the Animal looks on happy with his handy work*

    JR: Bah Gawd! Aries maybe broken in half!

    King: Aries just clocked up some air miles with that throw from the Animal Batista!

    *The crowd start chanting "Holy Shit" after Aries was thrown into the Barricade from the ring, with Black looking on in awe at the brute strength of Batista, the Animal turns round and is greeted by John Cena who brings down Batista with a drop toe hold before locking in the..*

    JR: STFU! STFU! Batista could tap!

    King: The Animals in trouble Ross! he's in the center of the ring and there's nowhere else to go.

    *Cena begins cracking up the pressure as Batista is visually clearly in agony, he begins crawling across the ring, using his brute strength attempting to get to the ropes as once more Cena cranks up the pressure..*

    King: Batista is inches away from the ropes, is going to make it in time though Ross? Cena has that locked in tight!

    JR: John Cena has made many tap out from that submission King!

    *Batista continues crawling across the ring and is now just fingertips away from the ropes, Cena try's one more attempt of cranking up the pressure but Batista is able to hold on in.. and stretches out his hand to reach the ropes as the ref breaks up the submission attempt*

    JR: That took some guts from Batista folks!

    King: I think these guys are thinking the same thing Ross.. just how important a win today could be for momentum coming in to the King of the Ring tournament!

    *Batista rolls out of the ring to take a breather as Cena does the same in the ring, both exhausted with the effort and toll that submission took on both men, with Cena leaning on the ropes he does not notice Aries is back on his feet and Aries jumps at the back of Cena bringing him down with a Back Stabber*

    King: Neither men seem to be able to stay in control of this match long enough Ross!

    JR: That's the nature of the Triple Threat match King, you really need eyes in the back your head.

    King: Wait! what's Aries planning here?!

    *Aries notices Batista back up on his feet on the outside, Aries then runs at the opposite ropes before springing back of them and launching himself through the ropes directly in front Batista knocking him down with a.. *

    JR: Suicide dive from Austin Aries!

    King: Aries risking it all here Ross.

    *Tyler Black continues to look on and even starts clapping the impressive dive from Aries, Austin reaches his feet once more and jumps onto the side of the ring.. he waits for Cena to get back up before leaping of the top rope once more attempting a cross body only for..

    JR: Cena caught him! FU! FU! FU!

    King: John Cena just caught Aries mid air and hit the FU!

    JR: This should be it!




    JR: Cena wins! John Cena wins the triple threat match and takes the momentum going into the King of the Ring PPv!

    King: Oh man!
    *Sighs* Anyone but Cena.

    *The crowd instantly start cheering for John Cena as he celebrates his big win, the joy is short lived though as Tyler Black slides underneath the ring and begins attacking Cena knocking him down with punches and kicks*

    JR: I knew he couldn't just let Cena have his win and move on King!

    King: Both men have history Ross! Black is sending a warning, like he said.. the era of King Black is coming!

    *Boo's surround the arena as Black continues beating on Cena, eventually he stops and the crowd think it's over, Black then begins laughing as Cena try's to stand up.. Black then charges at the ring ropes and springs off delivering the Blackout*

    King: Message sent from Tyler Black!

    JR: message sent indeed King, there was no need for this though.. but could this be the sight at the end of King of the Ring? could Tyler Black be known as King Black in the very near future? if so folks.. Dark days surly lay ahead for the WWE Universe!

    *Black stands over Cena with his arm's raised as the camera heads backstage*

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    *The camera heads backstage where Teddy Long can be seen walking, greeting some of the backstage workers before reaching a door, as the camera pens up, the door is shown to be Eve's office.. Teddy Long takes a deep breath before entering without knocking.. Before Eve can say anything else, Teddy begins to speak*

    Teddy: Eve! I hope I'm not interrupting player but there's something that just can't wait.. so I'm here to say it.

    *Eve goes to speak but Teddy again jumps in*

    Teddy: Now I don't know what's going on with you and the WWE Champion, Chris Jericho but what I do know is that I am still the General Manager around here no matter what you think.. and your actions over the last couple of weeks off making CM Punk have to face someone to earn the right that he had already earned is a bridge to far in my book!

    So here's what I'm going to tell you playa! CM Punk will be the number one contender for the WWE title at King Of the Ring so you can forget about pulling any more stunts like last week because CM Punk will be having the night off.

    *Teddy Long begin's smiling*

    Teddy: As for Chris Jericho, well I hope he has brought his wrestling gear because tonight he will be in action and furthermore.. he's going to be defending his WWE title tonight.. and the icing on the cake.. He's going to defend his title against the next person that walks through this door!

    *Eve looks at the door, but nobody walks in. She grins*

    Eve: If you're done with your impressive display of power I just wanted to say that even though you're the general manager of RAW I would appreciate it if you knocked before entering next time.

    Eve: As for what you seemed to be implying about Chris Jericho I want you to rest assured that my relationship with Mr. Jericho is strictly professional and even though you may not agree, my actions were in the interest of fairness.

    *The crowd boos loudly*.

    Eve: CM Punk won his match due to interference by Ted Dibiase and as such I felt that he hadn't proven himself to be worthy of being the number one contender for the WWE title. If Punk really did deserve the title shot then he should be able to win cleanly as he ended up doing. So now he really did prove he deserved a shot at the title.

    *Teddy goes to speak but with Eve looking at the door, her face becomes one of worry and Teddy spins around to see who has walked through..

    Teddy Long then turns back around to Eve with a smile while Eve can be seen shaking her heard at the thought of Ryback facing Chris Jericho*

    Teddy: It's official! WWE Champion, Chris Jericho.. will defend his title tonight against Ryback and the winner will defend the title at King Of The Ring against Cm Punk!

    Holla! Holla!

    *Teddy then turns and leaves the room with a big smile, Eve can be heard pleading with Ryback as the action heads back to ringside*

    JR: Well what about that blockbuster announcement King! The WWE Champion, Chris Jericho will defend his title tonight against the undefeated monster.. Ryback!

    King: It's a joke Ross! It's just another remainder of how badly Raw is being run by Teddy Long, Chris Jericho is being forced to compete tonight with any warning again.. I just hope Eve can do something about this.

    JR: Without any warning? CM Punk has not had any warnings on who he would be competing against the last two weeks King.. But you seemed fine with that? I think this is perfectly fair, Jericho has not competed on Raw for a little while and there fore should be fully fit.. where Punk has been competing non stop and has earned his rest tonight.

    King: I think this whole idea stinks Ross!

    JR: Well it's going to happen folks! once again, our main event tonight will be for the WWE title and it will be Chris Jericho vs Ryback!

    King: At least this night has not been a total disaster just yet.. here come the Divas!

    JR: That's right King, It's going to be AJ Lee vs Maryse.. both of these women are yet to score any points on the board but what a platform tonight for one of these young women to kick start there Road To Triumph!

    King: Good point Ross! To be fair to these women they have faced some tough competition so far, I'm sure these women will happy facing each other tonight knowing that both will be confident of getting the win rather then facing someone of the caliber as say.. Beth Phoenix.

    JR: That's a fair point King, take nothing away from these ladies though folks, both very capable women and both will be looking to get the job done tonight.

    King: I feel sorry for Maryse Ross.

    JR: Yeah.. why's that King?.

    King: Well it can't be easy for her having to compete with everything going on between Triple H and the DiBiase family.

    JR: That's another fair point King, this could very well be her chance though.. a lose tonight and she could fall to far behind the early leaders already.

    AJ Lee vs Maryse (Mcool)

    Start at 1:40 stop at 12:47

    JR: AJ with the roll up! She could have it here!




    King: Maryse with the kick out!

    JR: That was close King, I thought AJ had her there!

    *Both women get to there feet after the small package by AJ, Maryse is the first to respond and catches AJ with a round house kick knocking AJ down and seemingly out*

    JR: Bah Gawd what a kick from Maryse!

    King: Maryse is going for the cover Ross.




    JR: Another close call! Both of these women leaving it all in the ring tonight.

    King: You can't help but be impressed with the women's division at the moment Ross, it really is picking up and perhaps is the best it's ever been right now!

    JR: I couldn't agree more King.. What's Maryse looking for here!

    *Maryse after shaking off the shock that AJ was able to kick out picks up AJ Lee by the hair and drags her up before signalling her intent to strike with the French Kiss.. with AJ's head locked in.. Maryse flicks her and attempts her finisher only for AJ to swing around and latch onto Maryse with the Octopus submission attempt*

    King: What a reversal from this spitfire AJ!

    JR: Maryse is in trouble folks! let me tell you something this move hurts and the pressure is incredible!

    *Maryse can be heard screaming in agony while AJ try's to tighten her grip*

    King: AJ Lee could be on for 20 points if she can make Maryse tap out.

    JR: she may not need to King, Maryse is fading!

    *With AJ locking in the grip and applying more pressure Maryse falls down on one knee, with the crowd expecting Maryse to tap out at anytime, Maryse shocks the fans by using everything she has to stand back up before dropping down on her back, causing AJ to crash into the mat and release her hold*

    King: So smart from Mayrse King! just goes to show how much this women has improved as a wrestler.

    JR: It really does show King! I'm sure Maryse has earned a lot of respect with the way she handled that submission attempt because that's no easy to escape from let me tell you!

    King: It may taken it's toll though JR, Maryse look's exhausted and hurt.

    *With Maryse clearly hurt, AJ is able to get back to her feet first.. She stands behind Maryse stalking the Canadian diva waiting for her to turn around, as she does AJ strikes again.. She runs at the ropes before coming back and nailing Maryse with a Shining Wizard before attempting the pin*




    JR: AJ Lee wins and picks up 15 points with a pin fall victory! both of these women have giving it everything tonight and that may be there best showing's in the WWE King!

    King: Both of these women left it all in the ring Ross and both should be happy, in saying that though Ross it's AJ that takes the points and that leaves Maryse looking for her first victory in the Road To Triumph tournament.

    JR: That's true King but with more performances like that.. I believe Maryse will get the wins she desires and could possibly mount a late challenge for the Womens Championship!

    *AJ Lee quickly gets up to her feet and starts running around. She even gives the ref a hug and kiss on the cheek. She then heads over to the floor and grabs a mic and jumps right back in the ring.*

    AJ: Yes! Yes! Yes! I did it! I have won my first divas match against a really good competitor Maryse. It was great, but honey better luck net time. This is my time!

    *AJ then gets a creepy smile on her.*

    AJ: After what I did tonight I proved that I can't get beat for too long. There is no bitch there in the back that can stop me. Not even my friend Kaitlyn. She will go down with the rest. I will show all those tramps who the real diva around here is. This is AJ Lee's time not some whore's time.

    Well, thank you for your time people. Wooooooooo!!!!!!!!

    *AJ then drops the mic and then starts to skip a little.*


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    Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, would you please welcome back, 2006 WWE Hall Of Famer… Mean Gene Okerlund!

    *Mean Gene’s music hits and is greeted by cheers*

    JR: Oh my gawd… It’s Mean Gene, here on RAW. How can this get any better King?

    King: Maybe he’s here to buy some BBQ Sauce from you JR.

    JR: Stop that King, have some respect for this wrestling pioneer. He has interviewed the greatest wrestlers of all time. He has interviewed Andre the Giant, Hulk Hogan, King Kong Bundy, Big John Studd and the list goes on and on. Mean Gene has done it all.

    King: Be quiet JR, Mean Gene is about to speak.

    Mean Gene: Thank you… thank you very much!

    *fans cheer and chant Thank You Gene*

    Mean Gene: Thank you WWE Universe, thank you all so very much

    King: Why are the fans so crazy about Mean Gene?

    JR: Aww King, he’s a living legend, has some respect for goodness sakes.

    Mean Gene: It feels good to be back home in front of all you here live in attendance and for those watching at home; from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    *big pop*

    Mean Gene: Well let’s get down to business. I am actually here tonight at the request of the Chairman of the WWE, Vince McMahon. I’ve been working very closely with a team that is bringing you the WWE Network and soon all of you will be able to watch WWE 24/7. Not only will you be able to watch classic matches from the WWE era, but we will be bringing you footage from WCW, ECW, World Class Championship Wrestling and so much more. Reality shows are on the works to bring you folks some good entertainment. So stay tuned and be supportive of this network, I’m sure you will all enjoy it.

    *loud cheer*

    Mean Gene: Mr. McMahon brought me here for two reasons. One reason is to give you all the information on the upcoming WWE network. The second reason, well… you folks are going to love it. Mr. McMahon has been in talks the last 3 months with a wrestler. They both have had their disputes and disagreements with each other, but have both decided to bury the hatchet and do what is best for this business and what is best for the fans. The two parties have reached an agreement and the wrestler in question has agreed to come back to the WWE, and he has agreed to come back tonight!

    King: Did you hear that JR? Who could it be?

    JR: I have no clue King, I’m in the dark about this one? With so much talent that has come and gone, it could be anyone. This is monumental.

    Mean Gene: This individual is huge. He is known in every country. He is loved by many and will go down in history as a man who defined the wrestling entertainment business. Ladies and gentleman, without further delay. It is an honor to introduce to you and would you please help in welcoming back to the WWE….


    *the crowd goes nuts*

    JR: Oh my gawd King!!! Business has just picked up!!!

    KING: Ha, it’s Hollywood Hulk Hogan. I thought he was gone for good!

    JR: You can’t keep a man like Hulk Hogan down King, this man should be credited into making wrestling what it is today. You can never forget Wrestlemania III when this man in the ring, body slammed Andre the Giant at a sold out arena!!!

    KING: You are right JR, that will go down as one of the greatest matches in WWE history. Shhh, JR, let’s see what the Hulk has to say

    Mean Gene: Well Hollywood Hulk Hogan…. Welcome back.

    *crowd chants HOGAN, HOGAN*

    Mean Gene: Tell me Hulk, what exactly do you feel right now?

    Hulk Hogan: Listen up Mean Gene! It feels GREAT to be back to where it all started for me brother! It feels good to be back in front of all my HULKAMANIACS!!!

    Mean Gene: Hollywood… what made you…
    (Hogan interrupts Gene)

    Hulk Hogan: Don’t mean to interrupt you little dude, but I have a lot to say and so little time. What I have to say is not only to my fans, but to the talent and to Vince himself. You see Mean Gene, when Vince called me a few months back, he basically said, “Hulk, let’s bury the past and look towards the future.” Now you see Mean Gene, I’ve heard that same old song and dance from that SOB, but I’m not who I am because of Vince, I am Hulk Hogan because of these people and those watching at home.

    *crowd erupts with a HOGAN chant*

    Hulk Hogan: I told Vince that right now we are both between a rock and a hard place. Almost like a scenario where we need each other. So yes… Vince and I are letting the past be the past, but if I am ever double crossed Mean Gene, there will be a man that I will personally hunt down myself. So you see Mean Gene, the contract has been signed, the check has a lot of zeros after the 1, this is real and I am back brother!

    Mean Gene: Well no argument from me Hulk, I am glad to see that you are home. Tell me Hollywood, what are your plans now that you are here?

    Hulk Hogan: Let me tell you something brother! There is so much talent in the back and with my knowledge of this business, I feel that I am able to get that talent across and get the recognition that they deserved. I know the benefits of this business, but this business also comes with demons Mean Gene and I’ve seen this business destroy good men. I’m not here for a title run Gene, if somewhere down the line I get that opportunity, I will take it, but I have established myself as a champion in every promotion that I have stepped foot in. So this is not about a title; this is about the talent being treated fairly. Now I know there are people in the back that are not pleased that I am here, they feel that I will be stealing the spotlight from them. But you see Mean Gene, it’s not about me, it’s about Hulkamania running wild all over this God created world. For those that have a problem with me being here, well tough luck brother! Hulkamania is alive and here to stay.

    Mean Gene: Well Hulk, this has truly been a pleasure for me.

    Hulk Hogan: The pleasure is all mine little dude!

    Mean Gene: Any last words to the WWE Universe?

    Hulk Hogan: Well Mean Gene… I’m gonna end this interview like this….

    *crowds cheers*

    Hulk Hogan: Whatcha gonna do? Tell me brother, whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?

    *Hogan’s music hits but it soon cut off...*

    Jr: What the!?

    King: It's Damien Sandow!

    Jr: Come on now! This isn't called for! The fans are loving this moment

    Sandow walks out from the back in a pristine blue robe, as he has a mic in hand. His music is cut off. He begins to walk down the ramp as he speaks.

    Sandow: Allow me to beg your indulgence for one moment. My name is Damien Sandow, and I am here to help all of you. I'm here to help you.

    Sandow points to an older man.

    I'm here to help you.

    Sandow points to a young girl.

    And I'm here to help you most of all.

    Sandow points to a boy in a hogan t shirt. Sandow climbs up the steps, stands on the apron, looking at Hogan and Mean Gene.

    Sandow: You see, this is the era of enlightenment. This is not the era of the Hulkamaniacs. You sir, are what is wrong with this company. You profess to these adolescents about taking vitamins and prayers, but you don't speak the truth to them. Prayers and vitamins won't make you successful or smart like myself, not will they make them buff and a cretin like you. No, if they wish to succeed in life, they must read, and do homework, and eat vegetables.

    The fans are booing.

    Sandow: You boo me, because you know I'm correct. This man standing in the ring is a charlatan He speaks of lies, and hides behind the veil of yellow and red. I'm here to help show you all the truth. The truth is, this man wants nothing more than the money out of your pockets. The truth is, this man wants nothing more than to make a quick buck and go home. The truth is, this man doesn't care about any of you.

    Now, he speaks of stealing the spotlight from other talent. He is correct to think that others are unhappy over this. You see, Hulk Hogan, is out dated, a has been, and obsolete. There is a new super hero by the name of Johnathan Cena.

    The fans cheer.

    Sandow: But even then, he deludes the minds of these fans. No, these fans need to be woken up to the truth. They need to be enlightened. Since the boom of this company, it has been plagued and misguided by what some would call, the Hulkamaniacs, and at the center of this tom foolery, is this man.

    Sandow points to Hogan.

    Sandow: This has to end. The era of Hulkamania must die, for the era of enlightenment to really reach the masses. So, you, you sophomoric and tasteless neanderthal go hence where you came from and free these people of your ill begotten grasp, for I am their savior.

    *Hogan and Mean Gene both stare at Sandow, clearly not happy that there moment has been ruined and the fans follow the same suit by booing Damien Sandow with the biggest jeers of the night, before anything else can happen, the camera heads backstage*

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    *After the promo from Hulk Hogan and Damien Sandow the camera’s start running down the hallways at 500 mph towards a commotion…*

    JR: What the hell is going on?

    King: I don’t know but it’s loud for sure

    *As the cameras sneak their way through the crowd of people they put into focus, Triple H and Ted DiBiase brawling in the backstage area. Triple H on top of DiBiase punching away, DiBiase rolling him over and returning the favor.*

    King: Come on Triple H kick his ass, teach him a lesson!

    JR: Security needs to break this up.

    *Ted DiBiase then grabs a chair from a nearby area, and swings at Triple H, but misses by a mile as security has come and broken up both men. DiBiase looks frustrated, as Triple H is able to break his hold and hits a few punches to the head of DiBiase before security gets a hold again, this time superstars helping out the cause.*

    JR: Thank god for security that could’ve ended badly

    King: I was looking forward to it.

    JR: I don’t know why, but these two plain flat out hate each other and its reaching a boiling point between these two. And I’m now getting word as a result of what just happened, there will be no match between the two tonight for safety reasons.

    King: See this is why Teddy Long needs Eve’s assistance, canceling great matches like this.

    JR: This came from the Board of Directors via phone call, care to challenge them?

    King: No.

    JR: We will continue after the break.

    *We are in the backstage area of the arena. In the back there are two figures drinking some money and throwing money all around the place.*

    ???: Woo! We are back, baby.

    ???: You got that right. This is our moment to gain. No one will stop us from achieving success.

    ???: That's right it's our time to show everyone we still got it.

    *The camera moves a bit more to focus and it is revealed to be James Storm and Bobby Roode, Beer Money!*

    *James Storm goes over and grabs a 12 Pack of Beer and tosses one to Roode. Both then give a toast.*

    Bobby: Uhhhhh...... That's some good pre-winning beer.

    James: You know it. It feels great to be back in the battle. I've missed this feeling so badly.

    Booby: That's right Storm, we have been gone from this business for far too long. We get to reintroduce ourselves and not only that, but some people might be thinking we have lost our touch as a team. We'll show everyone that Beer Money has gotten better than last time. What better way to do that by winning the pre-show tag match?

    James: Amen! A lot of teams can say is this their chance to win, but tonight here on Raw it's going to be Beer Money's Story of Dominance.

    Bobby: True that, but you do know that match is at the pre-show for the King of the Ring.

    James: I knew that!
    *Drinks some more beer.*

    Roode: Also, I know for a fact that some of the younger teams want to show they can take on the champs, but this might be one of our final times to reclaim a spot at the top. At King of the Ring we get to kick some asses and have a great time.

    James: Not only that, but All American Perfection has said that no current WWE tag team could beat them. Well, that was before we joined. Come just look at us we are Beer Money. The team that helped put tag team wrestling in the map for TNA.
    *Takes a sip of his beer.*

    Bobby: Good time there my friend. Not only that, but they need to be thought a lesson in respect. Who else is better for the job than us? I mean think about how many times we have been Tag Team Champions and dominated the tag division. We were doing all of this while Ziggler and Swagger were learning Jericho's move #69....... the armbar.

    James: You had me scared there for a moment. Don't forget we have also been World Champions. We got the experience factor something The World Greatest Tag Team was missing at in In Your House.

    Bobby: Let's not forget we also have Cryme Tyme to deal with. The guys are young and talented, but they also need to get a bit more serious about this types of things. They act like thugs at times and imagine that image as WWE's tag team champions. At least we wouldn't try to steal some guy's wallet.

    James: True that, we are good citizens. Then we are left with The Prime Time Playas, dawg.

    Bobby: Whoa, do you want us to get fired?

    James: Hell NO!

    Bobby: Then we better be careful cause you know Teddy Long is... you know......

    James:........ Oh, I got you.

    Bobby: However, back to the The Prime Time Players.

    James: Oh yeah, this three guys want the support of this wonderful fans, but they don't want to give it back. They rather receive then give. Unlike us we rather give this people a show rather than giving them a 5 minute show.

    Bobby: Wait. I think we are forgetting a team?

    James: I think we got everyone covered

    Bobby: No we don't. I remembered who we forgot that's the mysterious duo of Kings of Wrestling.

    James: Have they even debuted?

    Bobby: I don't so.

    James: We still have to look out for them, since they can pose as a threat to us and our destiny.

    Bobby: See, that's why we are the perfect team to face All American Perfection at King of the Ring cause we have everything from knowledge to beer to money. Get it I said perfect in the same sentence with All American Perfection?

    James: I get it. However, back to business. We need to start learning this DAMN controls on this XBOX 360.

    Bobby: James, that's a PS3.

    JR: Well we are going to get a preview of things to come Sunday as right now William Regal and Cody Rhodes are going to square off

    King: Cody will be taught a lesson tonight and we will even see if he shows up on Sunday after what Regal does to him tonight

    JR: The leaders of their respective teams, although Sheamus wouldn’t take to kindly to these words

    King: The only reason you call Cody a leader is because he got himself involved where he didn’t belong, so the focus got put on him

    JR: If I beg to differ Cody was the United States Champion when Sheamus got the title shot, so what happened with Sheamus did involve him

    King: If he kept his nose out of it he wouldn’t be champion anymore

    JR: Well I think Cody would like to remain champion, just look how happy he is, and notice Sheamus is out here with him to even up the numbers

    King: He better not interfere

    JR: Like William Regal and Drew McIntyre haven’t done that yet

    King: Nope

    William Regal w/ Drew McIntyre vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Sheamus

    Watch till 9:23

    Just as Cody rolls out of harms ways he can see Drew coming, so Cody quickly come back in the ring. However he received by some heavy stumps by Regal onto Cody's back. Regal then picks up Cody and send him over to the corner. Regal runs over to try and hit a forearm to Cody, but Rhodes moves out of the way. Cody then starts hitting some shoulder blocks onto William's rips. Cody then Irish whips Regal over to the other corner. Cody charges to Regal, but rather misses and hits the ringpost. Cody then slowly goes down to the ground and instead of going for the pin Regal gets on top of Cody and lays some heavy right hand punches. Regal then gets off Cody after the ref's 4th count. Cody then attempts to get up, but Regal gives Cody a kick to the gut. Regal then picks him up and gets him in armbar. As soon as Cody hits the floor Regal start hitting some elbow shots. Regal once more picks up Cody, but this time Cody hits a DDT. Now both men are in the floor. Drew then tries to get the ref distracted by arguing with him in the ring apron while Regal tries to take out the a brass knuckle. However, Sheamus sees this and runs over to steal the brass knuckles from Regal. Once Drew sees what's happening he runs over to Sheamus, but is hit with a clothesline from Sheamus. Regal then turn over to see on Cody but gets hit with a Beautiful Disaster! Cody then covers Regal.




    King: That is not fair, Sheamus got involved and cost Regal the match!

    JR: Are you blind King? McIntyre was just about to interfere before Sheamus stopped him. Finally the number’s game is even and now they can stop interfering in all the matches.

    King: Well I for one can’t wait till Sunday when William Regal and Drew McIntyre teach Cody Rhodes and Sheamus a lesson!

    JR: Well Drew McIntyre has just grabbed a mic, so it looks as though he is going to speak.

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    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    *McIntyre consoles Regal after the loss, but Regal orders McIntyre to bring a mic to him, which he does*

    William Regal: Cody! You have gotten lucky in tonight in one on one competition with yours truly, but love this won't be what it's like at King of the Ring! Cody, you meddled in our business! I was offering mere advice to my former protege Sheamus, because we know what you're like. Throwing away your tag partners like they're crumpled up sheets of paper! And yet you want to beat us? Well you can want to! You can try to! But cretin, we will win!

    And Sheamus. You're just a bit of a tosspot, aren't you? Don't you respect your elders? I single-handily gave you the jump-start to your career which led to you becoming World Champion! And yet the only thing you've shown me is what a idiotic creppy little son of a gun you really are! We warned you about Cody, and you're going to suffer. Love, when my fist meets your face, you'll be crying in mercy, and it will be marvelous When Drew future shocks your head into the floor, and Cody is just laughing at you. That will be delightful! I made you Sheamus - and I can kill you just as easily!

    *Drew now grabs the mic as Regal reaches down in pain.*

    Drew McIntyre: And while Sheamus we are here to teach you a lesson for not listening to what we had to say, Cody don't think for one moment that by walking away you avoid a beating. See Cody, I still have a personal beating to give you for what you did to me when we were a tag team, and when you do it to Sheamus Sunday, I'm going to remember everything you did and beat you down like a little school girl. Cody you are going to regret getting involved in the business of William Regal and I, because in the process not only will you be beaten down, we will expose you for who you really are, and when Sheamus realizes we were right, he will come crawling back, but we will stomp on him, because he didn't believe us, and then when we pin him to become the victors and you are trying to escape Cody, I'm going to get you, and Future Shock DDT you right on the ramp you were so desperate to run up.

    *Cody Rhodes & Sheamus stand on the ramp smiling as Cody asks for a microphone from a stagehand. He adjusts his United States Championship so it’s on his shoulder before he begins to talk.*

    Cody Rhodes: Now that things are even, they look a bit different- huh?

    *The fans pop loudly as a Cody chant begins.*

    Cody Rhodes: Hey, I don’t want all the love, show some for my partner here.

    *The fans pop again as a Sheamus chant begins too.*

    Cody Rhodes: But let’s get something straight since I have the time, now that things are even, the advantage you two had, that advantage where you kept beating down on us, kept attacking us and laying us out- well that advantage has suddenly disappeared.

    And after everything you did, after all of the attacks, all of the words, all of the insults and promises, it’s about time you got what’s coming to you- so this Sunday, you’re going to be doing just that. Sheamus & I will not stop until the two of you are so laid out, you’re going to wonder just what the hell happened.

    And the fact is, Drew- you had so much potential. You were the Chosen One! You had the perfect gimmick, now you run around just like William Regal’s lapdog. And Regal- you’re just as bad. As a young guy, you had all the potential in the world, but you never quite made it to the top level.

    And now you look at Sheamus & I, and the two of you are just jealous that we know how to make it to the top level, we both have the ability to make it to that top level- we’re both going to make it to the top level. And what are you going to do?

    You’re going to crash and fall.

    *The fans cheer loudly as Cody smiles.*

    Cody Rhodes: Let’s get this right, this Sunday is going to be the end of Drew Mcintyre’s career, it’s going to be the end of William Regal’s career and it’s going to be the very beginning of Cody Rhodes & Sheamus’ careers.

    Now, fella, got anything to add?

    *Cody turns to Sheamus and passes him the microphone.*

    Sheamus: Of course I do, fella! Regal, you say you made me what I am today ... Fella you didn't do squat! I fought my heart out over these past few years. I earned the WWE Championship, and I earned the King of the Ring a few years back. Earning things gets you a long ways, and Cody here has earned my trust. I would much rather believe him over you or McIntyre, that is for damn sure! Why would I trust a lad who puts his hands down his trunks and puts on a pair of brass knuckles just so he can cheat to win? I mean c'mon now, fella! I'm a bit wiser than that!

    The crowd pops loudly for Sheamus

    Sheamus: And McIntyre ... The Chosen One! Honestly, fella ... I have no idea what to say to you. You haven't really done much to catch my attention. Sure, you had a nice little mean streak going on for a while and you were undefeated ... But lets face it, you faced jobbers that no one knew yet! We all got to start somewhere, I guess! But how is your undefeated streak now, Drew? Oh, that's right ... Its dead, and come King of the Ring, Cody and I will beat you and Regal into oblivion ... No, we'll beat you into early retirement. Well for you Drew, Regal is already on the way there.

    The crowd chants Sheamus loudly

    Sheamus: McIntyre ... Regal. Cody and I will see you fellas at King of the Ring. Get ready to hang up your boots, fellas!

    Sheamus drops the mic and grabs Cody's arm, and raises it high in the air as Cody and Sheamus pose for the crowd


    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    * A video pops up on the Tron. A camera man is walking down a dark hallway, he stops when he hears a cough coming from a room. He starts to walk closer but… *

    ??????: I sense fear. I sense a man who needs guidance

    Camera man:
    *starts to walk towards room *I’m just here to try to get a word from you. You have been hiding in the shadows and…n: I’m just here to try to get a word from you. You have been hiding in the shadows and…

    ??????: Hiding in the shadows? NO! I have been biding my time. I’ve been studying the psyche of those here in WWE from afar, I know what drives them. I know what their darkest fears are. I know they are weak and powerless. And I will feast on on their pain, I will feast on their anguish, I will feast on their hatred. Some will hate me more and more but some will see the light, some will follow my lead. Those that do will taste success in all faucets of their lives- they will never be alone, they will never feel pain, they will never feel alienation, they will never follow a false God. Me? I’m no God, but I shall be their savior, I’ll open their eyes, to help those that need guidance, to show them to think for themselves, to show them how to listen to what is in their dark heart. They are free to come and go as they please. But those that try to stop me- I offer you one thing, and yes, this is directed at you Sting- Scars, Memories, Pain! You see, scars are souvenirs you never loose, they remind you the past is never far away. But what do you do, when all your memories are razor blades? When everything you can possibly remember, hurts? What do you do? I’ll let you in on a little secret- you embrace it. You use that pain, that hurt, that anguish as a tool, you use it as a fuel, you use it to feed the darkness in your heart, you use it to instill fear into others.
    *??? Walks out of the room, revealing himself * Quote the Raven, nevermore.

    *Raven gets in the camera mans face, then shoves him against the wall*

    Raven: Now last week, I said I’d hunt the man who hides behind a painted face down. I’ll tear this place apart, I’ll reveal the man know as Sting as no more that a fraud, a con artist. You see last week, he thought he sent a message- but in truth, it was all smoke and mirrors. Its was all corporate hype, a way to make those that can not think for themselves to get excited about a man who lost his relevance in this sport after disregarding the training of one Eddie Gilbert.

    *Raven lets the camera man go and the camera man starts to walk away *

    *Grabs the camera man by his hair, pulls him back, and throws him against the wall * You’re no going anywhere but with me. The hunt has only begun

    *Raven starts to walk and looks back at the camera man who is against the wall, he is quivering in fear, crying and has pissed himself *

    *he grabs the camera away from the man, then spits on him * There is no help for your poor soul. You are a lost cause.

    *Raven starts walking off down the hall again, carrying the camera and looking for Sting *

    Raven: STING!

    *Raven continues walking and calling out for Sting, he gets to a door, opens it, then sees a ladder in the corner of the a very large open room- it leads up to the rafters. He climbs up to the top, with camera in tow. He pans the camera’s light all around, no one is up there so he climbs back down. Raven then makes his way to the backstage area- entering the mens locker room. He walks around a bit but Sting is nowhere to be seen. Raven then makes his way to the womens locker room. Maria is the only one in there, in a towel. She waves at Raven then heads to the shower and Raven does not bother her. Raven looks around a bit, leaving the shower area alone, but finds no Sting. He leaves the locker room area and head down to the catering area *

    Raven: Sting!
    *Raven looks around the room, knocking the catering tables over * You can not hide forever. I will find you, I will expose your true nature .

    *Raven heads off to the GMs office, slams to door open and looks around- again finding no Sting. Raven then heads off to another part of the backstage area- finally finding the control room where the editors do their thing- the room is full of people working to make sure the show airs perfectly. Monitors show camera angles all over the arena, backstage, parking lot, the crowds- all over. Raven looks at all the video feeds, oblivious to the fact that everyone is yelling at him to leave. He sees no Sting on any of the monitors so he leaves *

    Raven: Sting! Why must you hide? I know you are afraid. Come forth unto the darkness. Allow me to relieve your pain. Allow me to set your true self free

    "Seek the Scorpion.. and you'll find its Sting."

    Raven snaps his head around to look for the origin of the voice but can't see anyone, he barks out orders for Sting to show himself but gets no answer, Sting doesn't appear.

    "For weeks you have attempted to get my attention.. and i'll be the first to admit that I was intrigued by your fascination.. your fixation on me, on my purpose. You weren't on my radar.. I did not have time for someone with a bark worse than his bite.. you are not a threat to me. But now you have my attention.. now you have what you seek.. even if you cannot see it. I am not the only thing you cannot see.. but I can see you, I can see everything about you."

    Raven continues to look around for Sting but to no avail, he remains hidden and out of sight.

    "I have listened.. I have listened as you blindly fumbled for my motives in the dark.. as you wrongly accused me of many things. I am the light, Raven.. allow me to illuminate you. You see, you confuse my use of the shadows as hiding.. the shadows are my tool, my weapons.. from here I watch, and I wait.. and I listen. I watch as crimes go unpunished, as deceivers cheat and steal their way to positions of power and high status. From here I listen.. I listen to the lies that spray from maggot riddled mouths.. infesting and corrupting the truth.. drowning out all that is good. From here I wait.. I wait until the time is right to reveal myself.. I wait until I am needed.. I wait until the enemies of truth.. light.. and justice are about to strike.. so that I may intervene. Raven.. my time is coming.. and you are hanging dangerously close to the edge of a cliff fall that you may never recover from.."

    Raven turns around and up on the wall where there was nothing before, a shadow has appeared. The outline of the shadow appears to be a man with neck length hair, wearing a trench coat and wielding a baseball bat. Raven moves around a corner to investigate, hoping to find Sting but finds only a mannequin that has been dressed in his fashion.

    "The shadows play tricks on your mind Raven.. they are mine to command, mine to wield.. I am fear incarnate, but do not let your mind betray you.. you are completely safe.. for now. I am light AND darkness.. I embrace both and fear neither, I am justice.. in an industry riddled with the disease of deceit.. I am the cure. Years ago I began my quest to remove the cancer from this industry.. striking with surgical precision I brought down so many who would do harm.. so many who would corrupt and twist professional wrestling into a malignant horror that benefits the few.. as opposed to the many. My time was over.. I left and moved onto newer things.. my presence was no longer necessary. But time is not only a great healer to the good.. it appears to heal those of evil desires and motives. Through time new powers have risen.. new factions and individuals bent on nothing but destruction.. who do nothing but drain the life and energy from this great industry. People who prey on those who cannot defend themselves.. people who use dishonourable means to put down the hard working, truthful and loyal members of this business. And so.. I am back.. to finish a job left unfinished.. to ensure for future generations that people like me are never again needed."

    Raven turns around again, looking behind more doors in his search for Sting. Opening one door he finds a spray painted scorpion upon a wall, he opens another and finds more paint, this time of Stings face paint upon a locker. Growing more frustrated he heads back into the corridor.

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
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    "Like shadow and light I am everywhere.. open your eyes and you will find me. I am fuelled by pain.. anguish.. I was betrayed once.. in front of the whole world I watched as a man I saw as my idol.. as my hero.. my friend.. turned his back on me, on everyone that made him great, on everyone that loved wrestling.. and turned into something disgusting. I watched as he gutted and destroyed this industry.. as he made a mockery of everyone that believed in the light. I saw as he blindly led the blind down a path of ruin.. just as you intend to do.. just as I intend to make sure never happens again."

    Raven stops in the corridor and just continues to listen as the camera pans all around looking for Sting.

    "The hunter becomes the hunted.. you have my attention and you will catch my ire.. there will be no reprieve.. no place to run.. no place to hide. You wanted this.. you wanted me, but did you truly understand the nature of the beast you wished to find? My faith in this industry protects me from devisive and deluded parasites like you Raven.. what shields you? What will protect you when the shadows you cling to so desperately.. begin to envelop and devour you? You will be used.. used to send a message that the light has returned.. that people no longer need to be afraid.."

    Sting is still nowhere to be seen, the voice echoes around the corridor, concealing his location.

    "Your search is at an end Raven.. no not look for me as I am already right in front of your eyes.. you just don't know it yet. You want Sting? Sting is coming for you.. the long wait is almost at an end.. keep one eye open at night.."

    The voice stops, there is a silence as Raven waits for Sting to appear but his appearance never comes. Raven looks at the camera, angered with the games Sting is playing and barges passed the camera man and back down the corridor and out of sight.

    *Jericho walks up to a door that simply reads "Authority Figures". He doesn't knock and simply barges in*

    Jericho: I have caught wind that Teddy Long has scheduled me to be in a match tonight against none other than Ryback!
    As the person that is supposed to be monitoring Teddy Long and making sure that he's doing his job, surely you can't let this happen, Eve?

    *Eve stands up looking angry*

    Eve: Seriously does nobody knock in this place? This is my office, my private office where I work and I don't appreciate you or Teddy just barging in without knocking!

    *Eve takes a deep breath and calms down*

    Eve: Now Listen Chris I understand your frustration with Teddy better than anyone. It's clear that Teddy is completely biased and unfit to run this show anymore. That said he's still the general manager so until the board of directors decides otherwise I'm obligated to accept his insane rulings for the time being. In other words your match tonight is going to happen.

    Jericho: Excuse me? I am the WWE Champion, and I'll barge in wherever I want whenever I want whether you like it or not.

    And frustration doesn't quite cover it. Infuriated perhaps. Irate is another word. This CAN not and WILL not continue much longer. You HAVE to do something about that incompetent idiot before he runs this show into the ground any more than he's already done. He has been stacking the deck against me for far too long, and even though overcoming these overwhelming odds all the time isn't an achievement that is out of my reach, it is getting painfully annoying and inconvenient that I as the WWE Champion, the best in the world at what I do have to continue to fight an uphill battle every single week here.
    I should be the one getting privileges. I should be the one getting preferential treatment. I should be the one getting weeks off instead of having to go through grinding matches against such opponents as Ryback.

    *Jericho pinches the bridge of his nose and takes a deep breath of his own*

    Jericho: Now. Let me be very blunt and to the point. And before you say yes, no, I'm not asking you out on that date I mentioned....... yet.
    But haven't you considered who would replace Teddy Long when he's removed from his position? Haven't you thought about who would be the best suitable option for the role of GM of Monday night Raw? Well it's you of course! Who else! You've pretty much been dragging this show and carrying it on your back for the past few weeks anyway! If you weren't here God knows where we'd be right now! Perhaps we'd even have been cancelled!
    So with that in mind, isn't it fair to say that you'd rather take over of Raw sooner rather than later? Of course you would. So how about you go to the board of directors ad recommend that Teddy Long be fired.

    Imagine, you'd be the boss here. I wouldn't have to worry about getting treated unfairly! Everybody wins!

    *Eve smiles*

    Eve: You know what Chris you're right. Everything you've said about me, about Teddy and even about yourself is completely right and I'm not going to stand here and let Teddy Long make a mockery out of a show that I've worked so hard on. Ever since I started this job, I've been covering his ass, doing all the work and still I've had to listen to him make half-assed and unfair decisions that affect not only me, but the well being of every single member of the RAW roster and I will not let this go on another day. So thank you Chris Jericho, your complaints have been heard loud and clear and I promise you that action will be taken.

    *Jericho puts on his trademark shit eating grin*

    Jericho: Well that's very good to hear Eve. Very good indeed. With some luck, Raw will shortly be without Teddy Long and back to it's former glory once more.

    *Jericho gets up close to Eve.*

    Jericho: And who knows. If you manage to pull this off, who's to say that date won't actually happen in the very, very near future.

    *After a brief moment*

    Jericho: Later.

    *Jericho slowly backs out of the shot and the room*

    *Eve grins and shakes her head a bit as the camera fades to black and turns to the next segment*


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    JR: Well all the pleading in the world couldn’t get Chris Jericho out of this match, and not only that, this match is for the WWE Championship!

    King: This isn’t fair, Teddy Long needs to be replaced this is a travesty. First he shouldn’t even be competing if CM Punk isn’t competing, and not only that now he has to defend his title twice in seven days! Are you kidding me?

    JR: This is what I like. RAW just keeps proving why we are the best brand with the best GM

    King: And not only is he wrestling, he is wrestling this freak of nature Ryback. Teddy Long needs be removed immediately

    JR: Did you even hear what I said?

    King: It’s alright Chris you will win you are the best in the world, remember that.

    JR: Apparently not.

    WWE Championship
    Ryback vs. Chris Jericho
    Watch 3:25-9:18

    JR: And Ryback is back in control. Question is who does CM Punk what to face Sunday?

    King: Come on Jericho get back in this!

    After the boot from Ryback, he goes to the corner to rest up for a minute. He then gets ready for the Meat Hook as he pumps up the crowd moving his arm around. Ryback waits as Jericho gets up groggily, and when Jericho turns Ryback hits the Meat Hook, cover…



    Thr- Jericho kicks out.

    King: Whew!

    JR: Ryback is still in full control, we could have a new WWE Champion!

    Ryback picks Jericho up and gets him ready for Shell Shocked. As Ryback picks him up he begins to march around the ring, and as he does, when he marches into view of the ramp

    JR: What is Goldberg doing here; he isn’t a part of this!

    King: Oh thank god!

    Ryback drops Jericho as he stares straight at Goldberg and yells at him to come get some. Goldberg just smiles as from behind Jericho hits a springboard dropkick that sends Ryback through the ropes and out of the ring. Goldberg makes his way down the ramp and just stares at Ryback on the ground as Jericho is out in pursuit. Jericho grabs Ryback by the head and throws him in the ring. Jericho then runs off the ropes and hits the lionsault, cover…



    Ryback kicks out. Jericho not happy begins stomping away on Ryback before the ref backs him up, and Jericho does it again. The ref backs him up once more and Jericho grabs his hair clearly frustrated. Jericho then grabs the legs of Ryback and is looking for the Walls of Jericho, but he is having trouble turning him over. Ryback then turns him the opposite way and sends Jericho flying, and Goldberg now looks concerned. Jericho gets up groggily in the corner and waits for Ryback to get up. When Ryback gets up, Jericho runs at him, but Ryback comes out of nowhere with a huge Meat Hook and both men are down. Ryback is beginning to stir and now he is stalking Jericho to get up. Jericho is getting up very slowly and Goldberg looks really concerned. Jericho gets up, turns, and Ryback begins to walk over but…

    King: Spear by Goldberg to Jericho! The Ref has called for the bell! Jericho wins and is still WWE Champion!

    JR: This is not fair Ryback had the match in hand.

    King: But now Jericho won’t be 100 % to defend his title Sunday, I demand the match get canceled.

    JR: That isn’t going to happen, because here comes CM Punk, and he looks like he is going to speak. But before that can we talk about the great match Goldberg jus ruined?

    King: I don’t think he ruined anything, he was doing justice

    JR: I think he was just making sure Ryback didn’t win

    King: And now Punk is telling us to shut up. Are you kidding me?

    *Punk heads out to the ring with a mic in hand, fake applauding Jericho's win before he enters the ring and stares directly at Jericho who is clutching the WWE Championship belt within his hands, Punk is now ready to speak*

    Punk: Well congratulations Chris. you managed to beat Ryback. How about a round of applause, everyone?

    *Some fans applaud but many boo Jericho for his win tonight*

    Punk: Well Chris, I hope you enjoy this feeling. This feeling you get when you're on top of the world holding the WWE Championship because you guaranteed your own demise when you attacked me last week officially making me the #1 contender.

    *Crowd cheers excitedly*

    Punk: I bet you honestly still believe this rivalry we've had will end in your favor. Well, let me wake you up from that won't. I will end you. I will break you and I will be the next WWE Champion come Sunday at King of the Ring.

    Not even Eve, who clearly had a thing for making a glorified Diva like you be more of an ego mania than usual, will save you from the embarrassment and shame you will live with when I make you tap out ferociously to the Anaconda Vise and to prove that..........

    *Punk nails a huge roundhouse kick to the side of Jericho's head before rapidly following him onto the floor locking the Anaconda Vise*

    King: What's Punk doing? He can't do this to Jericho, he's our WWE Champion.

    J.R.: Well King, he's making a final statement should this be his last chance at the WWE Championship.

    *Punk is cranking away applying heavy to the hold but refuses to tap out, when Punk continues to increase the pressure in pure rage as refs have come out to try and make Punk release the hold and the crowd is loving it*

    J.R.: MY GOD, King!!! Punk has gone mad. He's really making Jericho pay for all those times he attacked Punk.

    King: This is outrage, J.R.. Eve should fire Punk after this not let him face Jericho for the WWE Championship.

    *Punk still has not let go of the hold and Jericho is lifeless in the ring having passed out for refusing to tap out. Punk soon lets go and celebrates in the ring jumping turnbuckle to turnbuckle screaming: "Best in the World!!!!" as the referees and an EMT are checking on Jericho, and the screen fades to black*

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