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    Tenay: And now it's time for the Intercontinental Championship match!

    Bischoff: Ken Anderson invokes his rematch clause against Tyler Reks, and as of earlier tonight, we know that Kevin Steen is special outside enforcer

    Bischoff: And here he comes

    Tenay: Kevin faces the winner of this match at King of the Ring, and so will he be impartial?

    Bischoff: This is THE Kevin Steen we are talking about Mike! Of course he'll be impartial!

    Tenay: Well I've yet to see anything to prove this to me.

    Tenay: Neither of the two participants in the match has competed since Tyler won the championship, so neither man has any excuses that their wounds haven't heeled

    Bischoff: That's the spirit Mike! No excuses for losing!

    Tenay: This could be one of the shortest Intercontinental Championship reigns in history

    Bischoff: And remember if it wasn't for Rey - he wouldn't be champion - at Steen could take this away from him just as easily

    Match 5: Tyler Reks vs. Mr Anderson (Masters) with Kevin Steen as special outside enforcer for the Intercontinental Championship


    *Anderson gets out from the Burning Hammer position, and lands a German Suplex! He doesn't bridge the back though, and climbs to the top rope. He goes for a diving clothesline, but Reks catches him with a huge STO! Reks picks up Anderson and whips him into the ropes, and lands a back body drop. He picks up Anderson once more and lands a powerful Irish whip into the turnbuckle, which hurts the back of Anderson, who walks out from the turnbuckle to a dropkick! Reks covers




    Reks looks shocked at the kickout, and picks up Anderson. He goes for a scoop slam, but Anderson manages to escape and lands a reverse DDT! Both men on the floor, as Rey Mysterio runs down to ringside. He slides into the ring, and lands a right hand to the referee, sending him down to the floor. Rey goes over to both men, but Steen enters the ring and stands between Rey and the participants in the match. Rey goes to go past Steen, but Steen blocks his path. Steen looks over his shoulder, and sees both men getting to their feet. Once again Rey goes to try and get past Steen, but once again Steen blocks his path. Steen again looks over his shoulder tosee both Reks and Anderson on their feet. Steen smiles at Rey, and stands to the side, as Mysterio runs at Anderson, and lands a hurricarana! Anderson lands in between the ropes, as Reks looks at Rey, who runs against the ropes. He looks for the 619, but Reks stands in the way. Reks stands over Rey, who slides under the bottom rope onto the floor. Tyler turns to Anderson, and picks him up for the Burning Hammer - which connects! He covers, as Steen gets down to count. Both make eye contact during the count




    Tenay: And Tyler Reks is still Intercontinental Champion - despite Mysterio's interference

    Bischoff: And Steen was impartial, as I said he would!

    Tenay: He didn't disqualify Reks though - did he?

    Bischoff: Well he didn't want to!

    *Steen gets the championship, and hands it to Tyler. Tyler once again stares into the eyes of Steen, before turning to the crowd - and raising his championship high. Steen smiles from behind though, and turns Reks around. He kicks him in the gut, before landing the package piledriver! He raises the championship high, whilst standing over Reks, as we go into a commercial*


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    *Soon as the Rock's music blares out through the arena the crowd instantly jump to there feet with cheers and chants for the great one, Rocky stands at the top of the stage taking it all in before heading down the ramp and in to the ring.. he's then handed a mic from someone before he starts speaking.*

    *Rock clears his throat before attempting to speak*

    Rock: Fina- *Pop from the crowd as Rock begins to smile*

    Rock: Finally! the Rock has come back.. to... BOS...TON!

    *Crowd pop once again while chants of "Rocky" start echoing around the arena*

    Rock: The Rock has been eliminated.. The Rock has been eliminated, those are the words that have been echoing in around my head ever since the end of Nitro and there's one person to blame.. Brock Lesnar!

    *Crowd instantly boo the name of the World Heavyweight champion*

    Rock: Lesnar! The Rock see's how you walk around here, Yeah the Rock see's how you stroll around Nitro like you own this place, telling anybody that listen's how you beat the Rock.. How Undertaker is scared of you, how Paul Heyman used to pack your launch and give you a kiss before work and how your wife is the biggest two dollar hoe in the wrestling industry!

    *Crowd cheer*

    Rock: We all already know this jabroni! *crowd start chanting "two dollar hoe" as the Rock begins to laugh* And let me tell you something.. that was the worst two dollar's the Rock has ever spent!

    *Crowd begin laughing*

    Rock: Rock vs Brock, sure there's been plenty of history.. but one thing that links that history, is that every time you have got in that ring with the Great one! the Rock has been making your monkey ass famous! let me make something clear to you Brock.. You have never and the Rock means *Crowd join in* Never! impressed the Rock, the only impressive thing about your candy ass is how you are able to see when you have your head so far up Shane McMahon's rudy poo ass!

    *Crowd again begin to laugh and cheer his name*

    Rock: Brock.. You were meant to be the next big thing, the only thing I see is the next big, whining.. moaning.. beefed up bitch! So the Rock is saying this.. I have called you out before, and you chose to ignore it.. how about you grow some balls.. let go off your wifes hand.. because lets face it.. You could catch anything from her *crowd laugh* and stroll out here.. look the Great one in the eye and come get some!

    *crowd cheer*

    Rock: The Rock is done talking.. and I'm hoping Brock comes out walking, because there's this nice hotel.. it's on the long boulevard of know your role! take the next right called Jabroni drive.. because you have been checked into the Smackdown hotel!

    Brock Lesnar, just bring it! *Rock makes the hand signal*

    Tenay: And here comes the champ!

    Bischoff: It's kicking off!

    Brock Lesnar, comes out from behind the backstage curtain, World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, microphone in his hand and a look of contemplation on his face as he tries to understand what The Rock is up to. Ignoring all the booing fans, Lesnar slowly walks down the ramp, no sign of his wife, Sable, in sight. Before he even gets in the ring, he speaks into the microphone, talking over all of the fans.

    ::Brock Lesnar::

    "I'll let you know one thing, Rock. If you think I give a damn about whether or not I've impressed you or not, you're sadly mistaken. See this?"

    He stops, just outside the ring and points to his World Heavyweight Championship. After he does, he continues to walk towards the ring.

    "Whether or not you're impressed by what I've accomplished or by how many times I've beaten you, this belt means that I'm better than every single member of the WWE roster whether or not you want to admit it or not. What you decide to acknowledge doesn't mean anything just like you don't mean anything to me. I've already taken down one of the founding pillars that nourished the the Attitude Era. Stone Cold Steve Austin: living legend. That title, along with all of his accomplishments, didn't mean a damn thing when he went after my World Heavyweight Championship. Twice, I defeated him and the reason why is because I'm not only the best athlete on the planet but the sands of time caught up with him and he became nothing but am afterthought. And Rock, you're in the same boat."

    Lesnar finally makes it to the ring and stand in the opposite corner, away from The Rock.

    "The movie industry made you soft. See, I might have left the WWE but when I did, I was still focusing on in-ring competition and kicking ass. I never missed a step. But dressing up in tutus and driving around in fancy race cars for the past seven years hasn't done you any good. That's why I'm the World Heavyweight Champion. I've never let me body rest and I always find new ways to innovate myself while my opponents get sloppy from slacking off and underestimating me. You kept your eye off the prize and it cost you the chance to get in the King of the Ring tournament. That alone right there proves to me that I'm better than you. I didn't do it to impress you. Don't put me on the level of some desperate fan trying to get someone's attention. I only did it to prove that I'm better than you and HBK, the Hasbeen Kid. So, I don't know what you think you're doing calling me out but it's not going to end well for you. So, since I actually feel sorry for you and I don't feel like breaking your arms, I'm gonna let you off with a warning."

    Brock Lesnar waits for The Rock to respond but he doesn't He simply stands his ground, refusing to be intimidated. Lesnar chuckles softly.

    "So that's the way it is, huh? Fine. I'm going to give you to the count of ten to get the hell out of my ring. If you don't leave, you're ass is grass. 1......2......3.......4........5.......6.......7.. ...8......."

    Tenay: And it appears the boss will stop this situation from escalating too far.

    Bischoff: Let the boss sort this out! I see how it is!

    Shane: The Rock! Brock's head is not shoved up my "rudy poo ass", and to prove this! Let me announce the main event! Brock, you're not a popular guy. The Rock has a problem with you. As does Stone Cold. As does Shawn Michaels. As does the Undertaker. And you need to defend your championship at the King of the Ring - so let's sort out your challenger now! In a fatal four way number one contenders match! And Brock. If you get involved - there will be serious consquences!

    *Shane leaves the ring, as Brock stares with Rock, before leaving the ring, and taking a seat at ringside*

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    Tenay: A fatal four way number one contenders match! This should be amazing!

    Bischoff: No it won't! Brock should have the pay-per-view off! And none of these four jackasses deserve the chance at Brock's title

    Bischoff: This man has already had multiple shots at Brock Lesnar for the championship – he doesn't deserve another

    Tenay: But with Sable around, he's never had a fair match!

    Tenay: Shawn Michaels is the only one of the four men to win their In Your House match, so does he deserve to go to King of the Ring the most?

    Bischoff: Maybe. But he still shouldn't challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship

    Bischoff: Oh, it's the big scary deadman! Like anyone would be worried of him

    Tenay: You are!

    Main Event: The Rock vs The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin (Kane) vs Shawn Michaels (Benoit) in a number one contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship match

    4:41 onwards

    *Undertaker goes to pick up the Rock, but Michaels from ringside trips up Undertaker. He pulls Undertaker to the floor, before delievering a reverse atomic drop. Shawn Michaels lifts up Undertaker for a huge scoop slam to the floor. HBK jumps on the apron, before climbing to the top rope. He goes for the diving elbow, but Rock gets to his feet, and pushes HBK off the ropes into the barrier!

    Stone Cold re-enters the ring, and turns Rock around. He kicks Rock in the gut, before lifting him overhead into a vertical suplex, before jumping to his feet. He bounces off the ropes, and goes for his running elbow, but Rock kips up, and lands a DDT! Before he can go for a cover though, Undertaker enters the ring, and throws Rock into the corner. He lands right hands to the face, before whipping Rock into the opposite turnbuckle. He charges at Rock and lands a clothesline, before lifting him up for snake eyes, which connects! He stares at Brock, who's at ringside. He rebounds off the ropes, looking for the big boot, but Rock grabs the top rope, and pulls it down, allowing Undertaker to go to the floor.

    Shawn Michaels enters the ring, and looks at the Rock, who is staring at the fallen Undertaker at ringside. He quietly tunes up the band, before Rock turns around. He goes for the superkick, but Rock ducks out of the way. Rock goes for the Rock Bottom, but Michaels reverses into a small package




    Both men jump to their feet, as Rock ducks a clothesline, before landing a spinebuster! He goes to the head of Michaels, before taking off an armband. He throws it into the crowd, before running against the ropes. He jumps over Michaels, before bouncing off the ropes once more, but on the return gets taken down by a clothesline from Brock Lesnar!*

    Tenay: What's Brock doing!

    *The crowd jeers, as Brock picks up the Rock, before landing a fallaway slam! He turns to Stone Cold, who is now on his feet. He looks to Undertaker, who is also standing, although at ringside. He grabs the head of Austin, and throws him over the top rope ontop of Undertaker! He pulls up HBK by his hair to his feet, before placing him on his shoulders. He looks at the fallen wrestlers at ringside, before landing the F5!*

    ???: Hey Brock, up here!

    *The camera shows the titantron, where Shane McMahon is sitting*

    Shane: Brock, I have a pay-per-view to book, and the World Championship is the crown jewel of the card. And you still will defend your title, there's no doubt about it! Because it will be Brock Lesnar vs The Rock vs Stone Cold vs Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels in a championship scramble match!

    Tenay: A championship scramble match at King of the Ring!

    Bischoff: No! This is not fair on Brock

    *The crowd pop, as Brock stares at Shane – no emotion in his face. He picks up HBK once more, before throwing him to the outside, as the camera fades to black*

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    Posting the fillers now, taking a break after

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    First like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy, get fat, and watch football!

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    Now I just realized that my 500th post will be while posting the show, so I'm going to throw something in there referencing 500, look for it

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    Lot going on this week, with Thanksgiving, and then King of the Ring on Sunday I hope you guys look forward to it

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    Any guesses as to who you think is going to be crowned?

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    How could you make predictions if you don't know the rest of the tournament will have to wait and see on Thursday

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    Plus the one qualifier from RAW is WAR, which starts right now!

    Ok in like 15 minutes

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