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    JR: And it’s time for our main event, but this is just unfair, why should CM Punk have to face someone else to face Jericho at King of the Ring, he already beat Lex Luger.

    King: Eve said so JR. Plus he should have to prove he deserves one last shot

    JR: I’m really tired of Eve overruling Teddy Long. Teddy has done a great job as GM, Eve just needs to get involved and I don’t like her antics.

    King: Calm down JR, you heard Eve, the Board of Directors assigned her to assist Teddy Long, and apparently they aren’t as thrilled with his job as you are.

    JR: Well I just don’t agree…

    JR: And Punk doesn’t look like he does either and I don’t blame him

    King: Since when have you had such an opinion?

    JR: Sorry I just don’t like nor trust Eve.

    King: Well she is doing a great job helping Teddy, and I love this match

    JR: Of course you would, and so does Triple H

    King: Well he can ruin CM Punk’s chances at the WWE Championship, and I hope he does

    JR: Then who becomes number one contender?

    King: How about Triple H?

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    Triple H vs. CM Punk

    Watch 1:50- 8:11

    King: Spinebuster by Triple H!

    Both men are down and the ref begins his count, and Triple H is stirring, and CM Punk rolls out onto the floor below. The ref then begins his count on CM Punk outside, and Triple H gets to his feet and takes a few moments in the corner. Triple H then goes over to the ropes and yells at Punk to get back in, and Punk hops up on the ropes and pulls Triple H’s head and throat down on the rope and sends Triple H stumbling back. Punk then hits Triple H with a springboard clothesline, and when Triple H gets up Punk hits a chop to the chest, knocking Triple H down, followed by another. Triple H then backs into the corner, and Punk runs and hits a high knee, he grabs the head of Triple H and hits a bulldog. Punk gets up and celebrates and then calls for the top rope. Punk gets to the top rope, jumps and…

    JR: Here comes the elbow

    King: No Triple H moved, Punk hit hard, and he is down!

    Triple H moves and Punk hits the mat hard. Triple H then leans against the ropes and comes back with a knee drop to the face of Punk. Punk rolls and gets up in the corner, and Triple H follows, and mounts Punk and hits some mounted punches. As Triple H continues to hit mounted punches, Punk grabs the legs and walks out to powerbomb Triple H, but Triple H is able to jump over the head of Punk, and when Punk turns Triple H hits a high knee, followed by a spinebuster and Triple H gets up and celebrates. Then out of nowhere

    King: What is Ted DiBiase doing here? Someone stop him

    JR: Finally some justice

    Ted DiBiase runs down the ramp and hops on the apron. Triple H runs over to attack DiBiase, but he hops off the apron, and Triple H yells at him, when he turns Triple H walks into a…

    JR: Go To Sleep!

    King: This isn’t fair





    JR: And CM Punk picks up the win, with an assist to Ted DiBiase, and justice is restored, CM Punk keeps his WWE Championship shot

    King: Not fair why did Ted DiBiase get involved?

    JR: I think I may have a guess, and it may have to do with In Your House

    King: Is he really still sour over that. Triple H was teaching him and his father a lesson that needed to be taught, he should thank Triple H, not cost him matches

    JR: Well whatever you feel, CM Punk is standing tall and will face Chris Jericho at King of the Ring

    *CM Punk climbs the turnbuckle and celebrates as Ted DiBiase stands at the top of the ramp smiling. Triple H is in the ring, on the ground, holding his head, but staring at DiBiase furious. CM Punk just watches back and forth between the two. Punk then leaves and stares at DiBiase on the way by as DiBiase just stares back, then at Triple H. The show closes with Triple H down in the ring furious at DiBiase.*

    Extremely Lethal (Carbon & Venomous) - PWR
    1X IWA Tag Team Champions

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    Filler time!

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    Despite missing one promo *TTC* Nitro is going ahead immediately

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    Put the F to the I to the LLER

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    Inbetweeners Movie rules all!

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    Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison are amazing!

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    Inbetweeners Movie: 1/2

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    Yes, I blatantly stole Ape's review schtik, but changed it slightly.


    *You won't see this, but sorry Ape, I promise I won't do it again*

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    And the Final Filler!

    Nitro is next!

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