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    RAW is WAR Episode 17
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Air Canada Centre

    JR: Welcome to RAW is WAR we are 24 hours removed from Backlash, and what a night it was.

    King: It was great, Chris Jericho is still the WWE Champion, and the Ultimate Warrior is no longer around thanks to Randy Orton.

    JR: How could you condone the actions of Orton, King? What he did was sick and uncalled for, not to mention he is a Nitro superstar

    King: I don’t condone what he did, and obviously our superstars our better, but it got rid of the Ultimate Warrior and I couldn’t be happier

    JR: Well we also had John Cena defeat Tyler Black, to prove Cena still belongs in the spotlight

    King: Tyler Black will get better in time, it’s only a matter of time before Cena’s time in the spotlight is over, and Tyler Black becomes the new face of the WWE!

    JR: Well tonight we have a special guest host, in Trish Stratus!

    King: Oh I can’t wait. How long it has been since I’ve last seen her.

    JR: And we are expecting to hear from our WWE Champion, Chris Jericho shortly

    King: Here he is now JR!

    *Jericho emerges at the top of the ramp and swaggers down the aisle with a broad smile on his face. He seems to be limping and wincing ever so slightly, but he's still smiling, fighting to hold off the pain suffered from the falls count anywhere street fight against CM Punk at Backlash. He reaches the ring and and after looking to both sides of the arena, he continues to ascend the steel steps into the ring. He goes to take a mic from ringside and then steadies himself in the middle of the ring. Once the music stops, he takes a look at the WWE Championship on his shoulder before again looking out to the crowd with the same smile on his face as the crowd rain down on him with boos and jeers*

    Jericho: You know what? I am in a LOT of pain right now, but nothing, and I mean NOTHING can make me stop smiling right now, because I am STILL the WWE Champion!! Even though the odds were stacked against me yet again at Backlash, when it was decided at the last minute that my match with CM Punk would be a falls count anywhere Street Fight, I still managed to retain my title, and in doing so, I proved CM Punk wrong, I proved the rest of the locker room wrong, I proved all of you parasites wrong, and I proved the whole world wrong.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: I destroyed CM Punk and pinned him in the middle of this ring and I proved that I AM the best in the world at what I do. Nobody can deny that simple fact. I was put under tremendous pressure, my back to the wall, and I came out as the winner.

    There isn't a single person on the Raw roster that can come close to me. I have beaten the best, I have been unbeatable when it comes to the big stage since returning, and I am the MVP of this company.

    *crowd boo*

    Jericho: I have won the Royal Rumble, I have beaten the Undertaker, I won the WWE Championship in the main event of Wrestlemania, I have beaten the Ultimate Warrior, and I have beaten CM Punk. I can't wait to see who becomes the next contender, because the fate of that man will be the same as the rest, he will....

    *Punk heads to a massive pop as he drops to one knee and dos his infamous pose before shouts: Best in the World and continues to head to the ring picking up a mic placed for him in the steel ring steps and entering th ring looking Jericho right in the eyes before he speaks*

    Punk: You know what? You're right.

    *Mixed reaction from the crowd*

    Punk: No, no. He's right. He's still the WWE Champion and proved many people wrong but not me, Jericho.

    *crowd cheers*

    Punk: You had to weasel in an advantage over me by hitting me in the head with the WWE Championship last week, effectively busting me open knowing full well that it would not heal in time for Backlash. What's more you exploited that advantage hitting me repeatedly with a kendo stick until I wore a crimson mask again and still you could not put me down. In fact I remember a whole lot of "Holy sh*t" chant when I put your ass through a table.

    *Crowd chants "Holy sh*t repeatedly*

    Punk: See there is no denying that you defeated me, I can stand as the bigger man and say: "Chris Jericho defeated C.M. Punk" but say that you proved me wrong, I call you a liar.

    *Crowd cheers as Jericho is fuming*

    Punk: You didn't take me on as you should have, as a true champion would. You didn't face me at the top of my game, when I'm 100% and we both know that if you would've you would not be standing here tonight as the WWE Champion, there is no denying it.

    *Jericho is livid as the crowd cheers and chants C.M. Punk*

    Punk: I know I'm better than you, Jericho. No matter how you good you think you are and the fact that you hold the WWE Championship now will change soon because this is not over, Jericho. We put on a war for these fans to see at Backlash but they haven't seen anything yet. I'll put a smile on their faces and mine when I'm through with you and stand before them as the WWE Champion, because I am C.M. Punk and I am the Best in the World.

    *Punk drops his mic and continues to argue with Jericho, the argument growing and more intense when just as it looks like they will come to blows......*

    *The theme of the Total Package rings out over the announce system, to a chorus of boos. Luger comes out wearing his old "made in the USA" attire - which disgusts the Canadian crowd. He goes over by commentary to grab a mic, before sliding in the ring*

    Luger: If I can interrupt you two lovebirds for one moment
    *jeers from the crowd*. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the "Total Package" Lex Luger! Unlike CM Punk - I defeated my opponent at Backlash. Punk, you see my shoulder *Punk points to his left shoulder.* Ultimate Warrior tapped that three time at Backlash - to forfeit the match and give me the victory. And now, where is Warrior? Where is Warrior? I'll tell you where - he's been wished the best of luck in his future endeavours that's what!

    I am the All American!
    *crowd boos.* I am the Total Package! *louder boos.* And Chris - if anyone deserves a shot at your WWE Championship - it should go to yours truly. I've body slammed a 600lb man! I like you Chris - have won a Royal Rumble! Alright, I tied - but I still got a title shot at Wrestlemania dammit! I'm a two time WCW Champion. Punk, you may have got a "holy sh..." chant - but my opponent becomes unconscious after my metal plate strikes him in the temple.

    Irvine - you are not the MVP of the WWE. I am! I'm the man of the match, the star player, the captain! The best in the world honour goes to the Narcissist. I've trained with the best. My best friend is Sting. Chris, when you were in WCW, you could crap on Sting - and he still wouldn't notice you. You Punk - were too busy fighting a crappy Hart instead of begging Sting for respect

    *Luger walks around the back of Punk, neither man taking their eyes of one another. He walks over to Jericho and does the same thing, before setting his eyes on Jericho's title*

    The WWE Championship needs to be in possession of a real man. A man who doesn't give two bazingas what the fans think. A man who doesn't need to wear a sparkly jacket to get the crowds attention. A man who doesn't need Paul Heyman to attract heat. Punk - you need to step aside - because come In Your House - Chris will lose the WWE Championship - to me!
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    JR: Here comes our guest host Trish Stratus

    King: Oh I wonder what she has to say with these three men in the ring.

    Trish's music plays and the crowd goes wild. Trish Stratus comes out doing her signature pointing at the crowd and walks into the ring. The crowd continues cheering and Lillian Garcia hands her a microphone.

    Trish: Hellooo Toronto!

    The fans cheer loudly as the name of their hometown is mentioned.

    Trish: Wait a minute, wait a minute,hold on. I think we can do better than that.

    The crowd cheers loudly again.

    Trish: After all this isn't just any city, this is Toronto, Canada, my home town, your home town and the birthplace of Stratusfaction.

    The crowd goes wild.

    Trish: So how about we try this one more time? Helloooo Toronto!

    The crowd goes absolutely crazy this time giving Trish the biggest pop of the night in her hometown.

    Trish nods and smiles: Yea! That's what I'm talking about. You know I'm so excited to be back in a WWE ring.When I found out that RAW was going to be in Toronto, a few months ago, I knew I had to come by and see my old friends and maybe get to meet some new ones.

    The crowd cheers once more.

    Trish: So when I got that call from Vince McMahon asking me if I'd be interested in being the guest host of RAW tonight I gave him a HELL YEA!!!

    The crowd cheers loudly and chants hell yea.

    Trish: Cause I've been around this rodeo a few times and I think I know how this goes. In fact I think I'm a pretty good host if I do say so myself.

    The crowd cheers in agreement. Trish looks happy.

    Trish: I think the show has been pretty good so far and I have a killer main event planned for you guys. Do you want to know what it is?

    The fans go wild again.

    Trish: Well since CM Punk and Lex Luger both claim they should be number one contender, in our main event tonight, CM Punk will take on Lex Luger in a Number One Contender's match for the WWE Championship. But thats not all... see Chris Jericho you don't have an opponent, but I have arranged you to face John Cena, and that match will kick off the show, so go back and get ready! Now everyone out of my ring!

    *The three men leave as we go to commercial. When we come back Trish is still standing in the ring with a mic.*

    Trish Stratus: I'm so glad to be back, and can't wait for the rest of the night, it will truly be worth the wait

    Kelly Kelly's music plays and she comes out from the back getting heavy boos from the crowd. Trish looks puzzled. Kelly Kelly walks down the ramp, being accompanied by two bodyguards, as she climbs into the ring, smiling at Trish. She grabs a mic, looking at her bodyguards, as her music fades.

    Kelly: Boys, you can head to the back, I don't need you right now.

    The two men turn, heading out of the ring, up the ramp and into the back. Kelly turns back to Trish.

    Kelly:'s so good to see you. look as healthy as ever, and in fabulous shape. What have you done since leaving the WWE? Oh wait...that's right...nothing. You've done nothing. And before you even bring up Tough Enough, that competition was a joke and just away for Stone Cold Steve Austin's ego to be inflated even more. See Trish, you are very similar to another woman in the back. Her name is Sable. Both of you come from different generations. The thing is, once a generation is dead and gone, it needs to stay that way. This is my time!

    The fans are just booing Kelly Kelly big time, as she glares at Trish.

    Kelly: See, while you were gone doing nothing, I did it all. I was featured on the cover of magazines, I was the star of the WWE video game series, I even held the Diva's Championship. I am the queen diva. Trish, the fact of the matter is, people looked at you as the big time diva. Even till this day, people say "Man that Trish Stratus really spear headed the women's division" The fact of the matter is Trish, you were in the right place, at the right time. You aren't amazing, you are barely even talented. Now myself on the other hand, I am the total package. Brains, beauty, and brawn. You on the other hand Trish...what are you? Some lookie loo from Canada. Yeah, these canadian fans will cheer you, but back in the good ole US of A, all the men want me, and even some of the women do too. Back there Trish, you'd be second rate to my fiddle. I'm better than you in every aspect of the word better. I...

    Trish laughs in Kelly's face cutting her off.

    Trish: You know Kelly I find it funny that you of all people say that Tough Enough is a joke considering that you could've learned a thing or two if you had been on the show.

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Trish: You may be better than me at a lot of things, but I've seen your matches and wrestling isn't one of them.

    The fans continue cheering. Kelly looks pissed.

    Trish: In fact for all your accomplishments you could leave WWE tomorrow and nobody would remember you nor miss you. I on the other hand am the Diva of the Decade...

    The fans cheer loudly.

    Trish: I'm the only 7 time Women's Champion in the history of this company...

    The crowd goes wild at the mention of the Women's Championship.

    Trish: And I'm pretty sure that I've been in the cover of way more magazines than you have.

    Kelly pouts looking angry. The fans continue cheering.

    Trish: The fact is Kelly that you may be the most relevant Diva since I've been gone, but I'm one of the most relevant Divas in history. Oh and Canada's awesome!

    The crowd goes wild once more at the mention of Canada and Trish's comeback.

    Trish: So Kelly maybe you should call back your bodyguards and have them bring you and sandwich or something because you may have brain and beauty, but you look like you might need a bit more brawns.

    Trish smiles as Kelly raises her mic.

    Kelly: Oh how funny are want to be funny? I can be funny. You bring up being the Diva of the decade...more like the dud of the decade....

    Kelly pauses waiting for fans to laugh but none due, they all just boo.

    Kelly: Whatever! I have a more sophisticated humor than you do. I'm tired of this though! Trish appreciation night, Trish hosting Raw. It's like we are trapped in a bad spin off of the Brady Bunch and Trish is Marcia. Well I won't have it Trish. I don't care who you are, what you have accomplished, none of that matters. I am the reflection of perfection, I am the blonde bombshell, are nothing more than Canadian white trash!

    The fans in canada are just booing Kelly big time, chanting You can't wrestle.

    Kelly: Contrary to your belief Trish...Canada isn't awesome. Canada sucks. Canada gave us Justin Beiber. What kind of evil would unleash that on the world hmm? But I'm done bickering with you. This is my time, this is my ring. Now get out!!!

    Trish looks at Kelly.

    Kelly: I said Get Ou...

    Trish: No! Actually I'm the guest host of RAW today so how about you get out of MY ring before I have you escorted out?

    Trish cuts Kelly off, as Kelly looks extremely pissed.

    Kelly: No!? NO!?!?!?

    Kelly smacks Trish in the face, and Trish responds with a Lou Thesz Press. Trish pounds down on Kelly, as she gets up, posing for the fans as they cheer. Kelly is back up, as she charges at Trish. Trish ducks a clothesline attempt, as Kelly bounces off the ropes, and comes back, getting nailed with a Chick Kick! Trish climbs a corner next, posing, as Kelly Kelly is down in the ring.

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    JR: Well what has got into Kelly Kelly? Attacking Trish Stratus? A legend of this business and our guest host tonight.

    King: I don't know but I like it

    JR: Well before Trish was attacked, she made two huge announcements, and one of those was a match between John Cena and Chris Jericho and that is right now!

    JR: And here comes the face of the WWE John Cena!

    King: He cheated yesterday! It was obvious

    JR: He did not cheat, he fairly made Tyler Black tap out.

    King: He choked him out! That's cause for a DQ

    King: And still WWE Champion – CHRIS JERICHO!

    JR: He may have defended the title this Sunday, but how long can he go on as Champion.

    King: Until the end of time – because he is the BEST IN THE WORLD, AT EVERYTHING HE DOES

    JR: Like wearing a sparkly jacket, and dancing on TV

    King: Damn straight Jim.

    Match 1: Chris Jericho vs John Cena

    Ignore Entrances and watch until 14:45

    *Cena kicks out of the pin, as Jericho rolls to his feet. He begins stomping on Cena's back, before turning his back to Cena, and waves his hand in front of his face. He turns around and pulls Cena to his feet. He whips Cena into the ropes, and on the return, lands a reverse atomic drop. He sweeps the legs of Cena, taking his back to the floor, and tries to turn him over for the walls! Cena resists, and manages to push Jericho into the ropes, before landing a drop toe hold, and locking in the STFU!

    Jericho screams in pain, as the crowd pops. He tries to move Cena's arms from around his neck but struggles. He moves slowly towards the ropes, trying his best to force a break. Inch by inch Jericho moves, and eventually he stops. He raises his hands in the air, but Tyler Black comes out of nowhere and jumps on the apron!*

    JR: Black? What is Black doing here?

    *Cena relinquishes the hold, and swings at Black, but Black drops down off the apron. Cena turns around back to Jericho, and gets caught in a small package




    JR: Jericho stole a victory thanks to Black!

    King: Black didn't do anything! He just wanted a closer view to the match!

    JR: He got out of here pretty quick, when we come back Cody Rhodes will be in action


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    JR: He’s coming back!

    King: That’s right, Black is in action now!

    JR: And his opponent is the United States Champion, Cody Rhodes!

    King: Black is going to beat this man right now.

    JR: I don’t think so King, Cody’s on a roll.

    King: And we have to see this guy face that leprechaun Sheamus.

    JR: At In Your House, and I bet these guys put on a slobberknocker!

    King: That’s if Black lets Cody reach In Your House.

    Match 2: Cody Rhodes vs. Tyler Black

    (stop at 16:33)

    JR: What a Pele Kick from Black! Rhodes down centre of the ring.

    King: This could be it!

    *Black quickly scrambles through the ropes and covers Cody Rhodes.




    Rhodes throws the shoulder up and the crowd greets it with a cheer. Black pounds the mat and stands up with the ref, complaining of it being a 3. The ref argues back, saying it was only a 2. Black turns back around to see Rhodes rising to his feet. Black goes across to Rhodes and Rhodes punches him in the stomach. He grabs Black and goes to twist him into a Cross Rhodes position, but Black fights out and hits a DDT. He covers.



    Rhodes powers out as the crowd cheers again. Black grabs Cody by the face and pounds it a few times. He grabs Rhodes’ hair and drags him to his feet. He elbows Rhodes in the face and goes for Avada Kedavra but Rhodes ducks under, runs to the ropes, bounces off and hits a picture perfect Beautiful Disaster! He covers Black.




    Black just throws the shoulder up as Rhodes rolls over onto his front. He begins to get up and backs to the ropes as the fans begin to chant ‘Cody’ over and over. He begins to nod at them as Black begins to get to his feet. Rhodes rushes forwards and goes for a Cross Rhodes but Black manages to reverse into a neckbreaker. Both men are down, centre of the ring as Black begins to move towards the ropes, with Rhodes getting up in the centre of the ring.

    When Cody reaches his feet, Black runs at him but Cody moves, only for Black to bounce off the ropes and connect with Black Magic on the rebound! He goes for a cover immediately.




    Rhodes kicks out! A ‘This is Awesome’ chant begins to break out as both men once again begin to rise. Rhodes reaches his feet first and goes to hit Black. Black falls backwards but throws his own punch forwards, sending Rhodes backwards. Rhodes begins to rise again and they begin to trade blows.


    The last punch sends Black backwards into the ropes. He runs forward for the Avada Kedavra but Rhodes ducks, jumps off the ropes and goes for a Beautiful Disaster, but Black senses it, ducks under and goes for a Schoolboy roll up!



    Black grabs the tights!


    King: Black wins! Black beat the United States Champion!

    JR: King, he cheated! Black had the tights!

    King: Well then why is he celebrating?

    JR: Cody got cheated King, and you know it damn well!

    King: Quiet JR he is about to speak

    Black: Backlash.

    *Crowd boos and chants: You tapped out."

    Black: Will you people grow up? No wonder Cena always appeals to kids, you all act like them.

    *Boos begin to increase*

    Black: Now losing at Backlash, does not mean that things are over, said and done between Cena and I. Unlike you children, I do not simply forget what I've been through to get here and the man who stood in my way and simply put, one defeat will not alter my desire to end his career and allow myself to take my rightful place as the face of the WWE.

    No, this is war, you may lose a few battles but in the end winning the war is what matters. I WILL win this war one way or another and cement my place in WWE history as the future of this business. There is no way that is goi-

    *The crowd pops as John Cena runs down the ramp, sliding straight into the ring, before snatching the microphone out of Black's hand*

    Cena: Hold on a second doc, you are saying that you should be the face of the WWE? Really? The face of the WWE is a high honor. Stone Cold was. Hulk Hogan was. Bret Hart was. Tyler Black won't be. You need to put these fans first to be considered the best. At Backlash you tapped out, and tonight you cost me my match with Jericho? You say this war isn't over and tonight you ensured it.

    You tapped out. You quit. You admitted that I was the better man. Yet you still want to fight me? You're lucky that match didn't have a stipulation attached to it, otherwise the only way you'd be here today is on a wheelchair. My place is WWE history is cemented boy, yet you're just an inexperienced rookie!

    This is my yard Black, this ring belongs to me.
    Next time we fight, your shoulders will be down for three.

    You keep reaching for the rings, the imaginary ones made of brass.
    But remember this Black, I'll make you kiss my...

    *The crowd shouts "ASS" as Cena shoves the mic in the chest of Black. The two stand eye to eye, before the camera goes to a commercial*


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    JR: Well what a night we have had so far, and quite the matchups as well, and we have another right here, from two of the losing teams at Backlash

    King: All American Perfection won the Tag Team Championships last night, but the World's Greatest Tag Team made it to the final two, just not good enough.

    JR: In all fairness All American Perfection had not wrestled yet while the World's Greatest Tag Team did.

    King: Doesn't matter, you need to win, no excuses.

    JR: Here comes two hella athletes right now!

    King: With some big egos! The ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’- I mean, really?

    JR: These two are great talents King! Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin!

    King: They’re two losers who’re never gonna get anywhere!

    JR: These two are sneaky, but impressive in the ring too.

    King: What do you expect from Mr. Regal?

    JR: I agree King, hell of an athlete, but he knows it.

    King: And Mcintyre is just as impressive! A future star!

    Match 3: World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Drew Mcintyre & William Regal

    (stop at 4:48- Matt=Regal, Jeff=Mcintyre)

    JR: Great move from Mcintyre!

    King: Come on Drew!

    *Mcintyre grabs Haas as Benjamin rolls to the apron. Mcintyre drags Haas up and goes for Future Shock but Haas reverses into a Suplex & Pin!



    Mcintyre powers out as Haas runs to the ropes and goes for a dropkick on the rebound, but Mcintyre moves and Haas hits the canvas. Mcintyre elbows Haas in the chest and covers.



    Haas kicks out as Mcintyre lifts him up again, but Benjamin jumps up and over the ropes, connecting with a big clothesline. He turns to where Regal is on the apron and runs at him but Regal pulls the ropes down, sending Benjamin to the floor.

    Back in the ring, Haas covers for an amateur pinfall but Mcintyre rolls into his own cover!




    JR: Regal & Mcintyre steal one!

    King: YES!

    JR: Well Josh Mathews is standing by with the number one contender to the US Championship, Sheamus... Josh

    *The cameras cut to backstage where Josh Matthews is standing by with a microphone in hand.*

    Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please help me welcome the number one contender for the United States Championship, The Great White … Sheamus!

    *The camera pans out a bit and Sheamus is brought into focus.*

    Sheamus: Thanks for havin' me back, fella!

    Matthews: Sheamus we just have a quick question for you here, something all the fans want to know … How does it feel to come back to the WWE, and just a few weeks later, you are the number one contender for the United States Championship after what was an amazing battle royal at Backlash?

    Sheamus: Well, Josh, like I said the last time I was here with you, I came back to have gold around my waist, and I am one step closer from that becoming a reality. The battle royal was one hell of a match, Josh, there was a lot of talented guys involved, but was it a challenge? Of course not, I'm a former WWE champion, so I'm used to those kind of odds! And as you and the fans know, because I won that match, I'll be facing Cody Rhodes at In Your House in a few weeks, and once I get into the ring with Rhodes and the bell rings, his time as the United States Champion will dwindle very quickly. I have the up most respect for Cody, he is one hell of a competitor, and that will be a tough match, but I will come out on top, because I am the Great White, and Cody will have to …

    *Sheamus stops, staring straight ahead. The camera pans around where the United States Champion Cody Rhodes is shown, the title on his shoulder. He smiles as Sheamus looks at him before his face changes to a puzzled look.*

    Cody Rhodes: I'll have to...what exactly Sheamus? Keep on winning? Keep on adding the prestige to this beautiful championship? Because that's what I plan on doing. That's what I HAVE to do.

    Don't get me wrong at all big guy, I have a lot of respect for you- but the last time somebody with your stature and calibre stood in front of me...I knocked him down a peg and beat him to become the rightful holder to this glorious piece of jewellery. I'm talking of course about the World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar.

    *The crowd boos Lesnar's name drop.*

    Cody Rhodes: That's right, just one month ago, before Lesnar was the World Heavyweight Champion, we were in the same match at WrestleMania, and I came out victorious. Sure, Stone Cold helped the assist but Brock Lesnar allowed himself to put something above the United States Championship, and you can't do that.

    I heard you mention you're a former WWE Champion- congratulations for that, what you're not though, is the current WWE Champion, or the current United States Champion- that's the guy you're going to be facing in just under four weeks at In Your House, the Golden Boy himself, Cody Rhodes.

    *The crowd pops for Rhodes.*

    Cody Rhodes: Let me just tell you now, I have a hell of a lot of respect for you. You're a nice guy and a great competitor, but respect will only get you so far Sheamus. If you want this belt, you're going to have to come to In Your House and give it your very best shot.

    *Rhodes walks forwards and gets into Sheamus' face.*

    Cody Rhodes: But even then that won't be enough- because I'm going to walk out of In Your House having been victorious and still holding the United States Championship.

    *Rhodes smiles and walks away as the crowd pops. Sheamus turns back to Josh Matthews but stops again as he notices another two men. The camera pans out and William Regal & Drew Mcintyre are shown staring at Sheamus.*

    William Regal: Randy Orton! Hardcore Holly! Manu! Sim Snuka! Ted DiBiase! Twice! Even Drew here! What do they all have in common? Well darling, they were all once Cody Rhodes' friend. And what did he do? He turned on them! Cody beat them down with lead pipes, hit them with Cross Rhodes - cost them a few months or even years of their career wasted with Cody.

    When you're with Cody, it's eat or be eaten. Strike him first before you get struck. You won't be United States Champion with him as your friend. When you're in control, you'll take a chair shot to the head. Cretin, you don't need him. You need, someone like me, someone like us.

    Drew McIntyre: Look Sheamus, take it from me, Cody Rhodes can't be trusted. I mean I have personally experienced it, he isn't going to be like this forever. As soon as he loses, he is going try and kick yer arse. Trust me when I tell you, he is the same old Cody, no different when we were a tag team. Look both me and Mister Regal were very impressed with you at Backlash, and you really need to start thinking about what we have to say. Take it from me, the Chosen One, someone who has personally experienced what and who Cody Rhodes is really like.

    *Sheamus glares at Regal and McIntyre for a bit, then Regal and McIntyre leave, but then rubs the palm of his hand to his mouth while thinking*

    Matthews: Sheamus, I don't mean to interrupt, but I just have one last question to ask you since we are on limited time here ... Are you going to take Mr. Regal and Mr. McIntyre's advice ... Are you going to listen to them?

    *Sheamus stands in front of Matthews and looks down on him, making Matthews move back a bit, but then Sheamus walks off camera and the cameras cut back to a commercial.*


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    JR: Now it’s time for this monster of a man, a machine, Ryback to have a match

    King: He has been utterly dominant since making his debut; nobody has come close to stopping him.

    JR: And I don’t think it’s going to stop now.

    King: He needs to face real competition; he has faced a bunch of chumps since coming to the WWE.

    JR: Care to take a shot at it?

    King: I’m all set here.

    Ryback vs. Jobbers

    Watch 1:27- 3:00

    JR: Just utter domination once again, who is going to stop this man?

    King: I don’t know but I wouldn’t want to get in his path

    JR: Well up next we will have an announcement from Teddy Long.

    *Teddy Long makes his way out to the top of the ramp with a mic and a huge grin on his face.*

    Teddy Long: How we doin’ tonight playas?
    *Crowd cheers* Good, well right now, I got quite the announcement for you all. For the first time ever in the history of the WWE, the Diva’s Division will be competin in Road to Triumph, where the winner will become the new Women’s Champion! Now this is how Road to Triumph works… every Diva will have to face one anotha, where points will be awarded for each win, and dependin on how you got the win. There will also be special occasion matches such as battle royals, where the winner will receive additional points. So when it’s all said and done, the top four divas will face off against one anotha, with the two winners meeting at SummerSlam to crown the new Women’s Champion! Now points will go like this playas, the winner will get 15 points for a pinfall win, 20 points for submission win, 10 points for a DQ win, and 5 points for a win by count out. Then if it’s a draw each diva receives 2 points. But if you lose by anythin other than pinfall or submission, you lose points as well, subtractin 5 points for a count out loss, and 10 points for DQ loss. And those special matches I announced, the winner gets 30 points for a win but if you the losin fall in the match you lose 15 points. So with that said, Road to Triumph will start in a few short weeks! Holla Holla Holla!

    JR: What an announcement from Teddy Long! Never before seen, a new concept to WWE, Road to Triumph, involving all the Diva’s, to crown a new Women’s Champion!

    King: This is great; it’s going to be puppies all the time! Puppies galore!

    JR: And what a concept thought up, it’s unique and really puts the Diva’s division on the map, I can’t wait for this to start. And stay tuned because up next we have a number one contender’s match for the WWE Championship, with the winner receiving a match against Chris Jericho at In Your House!

    King: Hopefully Luger wins, after helping get rid of Warrior this man deserves it!

    JR: Don’t discount CM Punk; he has done it before he could do it again.

    King: But Jericho is still the Best in the World

    JR: And we will be joined on commentary by Chris Jericho, as he waits to find out his opponent at In Your House, up next!

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    JR: We welcome you back, and we are here with WWE Champion Chris Jericho, who will be finding out who his opponent will be at In Your House. So Chris who do you think is going to win?

    Chris Jericho: It doesn’t matter who wins, I am the best in the world at what I do and is why I am the WWE Champion.

    King: That was a dumb question JR. It doesn’t matter, Jericho will beat them both, but I hope Luger wins.

    JR: Well CM Punk without a doubt is looking to get back to face Jericho and this time win.

    King: Well it’s not going to happen…

    King: Not with this man, the man who helped rid the WWE of the Ultimate Warrior, in his path.

    JR: No doubt Lex Luger is on a roll right now, but CM Punk, besides the loss Sunday, has been on a tear as well, its two men who have been on a tear meeting up, should be good.

    King: CM Punk doesn’t even deserve to be number one contender he had his shot, it’s time for him to go to the bottom and give Luger a shot

    JR: Well CM Punk had a minor setback on Sunday, doesn’t mean he just falls out of the picture, he just needs to go back to the drawing board, and this time could be the time for CM Punk.

    Main Event: Number One Contender’s match for the WWE Championship
    CM Punk vs. Lex Luger

    Watch from 3:55 of first video to 0:37 of second video

    JR: And Punk throws Luger out of the ring again!

    King: And watch out Chris they are heading this way

    Punk heads out after Luger, and drop toeholds Punk, who hits his face on the announce table. Luger gets up slowly and grabs Punk by the head and again slams him down, and Luger stares towards Jericho and points at him. The refs count has hit 5, so Luger rolls in the ring, then rolls right back out. Luger grabs Punk by the head once more, and Punk and elbows to the gut, followed by Punk driving Luger back first into the side of the apron. Luger screams in pain as Punk gathers himself. Punk grabs Luger by the arm and goes to send him into the announce table, but Luger reverses it, and sends Punk over the announce table into Chris Jericho.

    King: You can’t do that to Chris Jericho! He is the WWE Champion; he is the best in the world!

    JR: I thought you wanted Luger to win?

    King: I do, but I like Chris Jericho a lot more.

    Luger now gets in the ring, and waits as the ref continues to count. With the refs count at 4 Jericho gets up, and Punk is starting to stir. Ref continues his count 5…6…7… Jericho then hops up on the apron to confront Luger, distracting the ref from his count. As Punk gets up, he trips Jericho off the apron, and Jericho hits face first on the apron and falls. Punk crawls in the ring to break the count, but he can’t get far enough before Jericho grabs the ankle of Punk and pulls him out. Luger knowing Jericho may hit Punk, goes to the outside and lays Jericho out with a running forearm smash, and Jericho is down. Luger then goes over to Punk, but Punk punches him in the gut, and Luger then knees Punk in the midsection, putting Punk down once again. The ref who has been counting has the count at 5 and Luger picks Punk up once again. Punk out of nowhere hits a roundhouse kick and both men are down. The ref continuing to count 6…7… and Punk is starting to crawl, and grabs the edge of the apron to prop himself up. Ref counts hit 8…9… and Punk is up and using the ropes…

    JR: He’s going to make it; Punk is going to win by count out.

    King: No Punk fell!

    JR: Luger with a low blow that the ref couldn’t see! And there it is a 10 count and this match has ended in a draw, and we have no number one contender.

    King: But we need one.

    JR: Chris Jericho may just choose one.

    Chris Jericho is up with title in hand as he waits for Luger to get up, when Luger turns, Jericho smashes the title over the skull of Luger, and now Jericho stalks Punk who is beginning to move. When Punk gets up and turns, Jericho lays him out smashing the title over Punk’s head! Both men are down, and Jericho fixes his suit and walks up the ramp. Jericho gets to the top of the ramp, turns, title slung over his shoulder, holding his jaw, and gives a smile as the screen fades to black.


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    I hate doing these fillers.

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    So, I'm going on a break soon, but this place is great.

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    Nitro up next!

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