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    MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada

    *The Pyro's explode into life as the show is live, the camera swings around the fans as they jump too there feet with excitement*

    JR: Ladies and Gentleman, WWE Universe, we welcome you too Backlash! We are live from a sold out MGM Grand in Nevada, Las Vegas! And joining me on tonight's broadcast is the ever controversial, Eric Bischoff!

    Bischoff: Vivaaaaaa Las Vegas! Thank you Jim Ross, welcome guys.. what a night we have for you tonight, I hope you guys are ready!

    JR: We will crown the new tag team champions tonight in the tag team turmoil match, we will also see a new number one contender for either the US or IC title, with the Battle Royal!

    Bischoff: Oh boy, sounds awesome Ross.. But not as awesome as seeing Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold for the world heavyweight title!

    JR: Don't forget about the WWE Title bout between CM Punk and Chris Jericho, but up next.. we are kicking off with the Ultimate Warrior vs Lex Luger!

    Bischoff: And what a delusional psycho this guy Warrior is, I tell you I’m happy he is on RAW and not Nitro, but he has no part still being in the WWE

    JR: Then what about Lex Luger, Eric?

    Bischoff: This guy is in great shape and still at the top of his game, just look at him

    JR: There is no doubting he is in great shape, but how can you say he is at the top? Need I remind you Warrior was the first WWE Champion since the rebranding of the WWE.

    Bischoff: But that’s because guys like Luger and Lesnar weren’t here yet.

    JR: Then what about Elimination Chamber?

    Bischoff: What about it? Warrior didn’t do anything, he didn’t eliminate one other person except for JBL at the end. And that is because JBL eliminated two other people while Warrior just stood around and watched. Plus JBL ended up stealing the WWE Championship because Warrior is incompetent.

    Bischoff: This guy should be fired. You don’t get the WWE Championship stolen from you, get it replaced and act like nothing happens.

    JR: You all done ranting Eric? This match does need to start.

    Bischoff: Yea the sooner the better, we all know nobody wants to see Warrior or a RAW match, we all know the fans watch for Nitro.

    JR: Say what you will, I’ll let the match speak for itself

    Ultimate Warrior vs. Lex Luger

    Watch 5:50- 10:50

    JR: What a blatant rake of the eye by Luger

    Bischoff: What rake of the eye? The ref didn’t say anything.

    Luger continues to punch Warrior and backs him into the turnbuckle. Luger mounts Warrior and hits punches to the head of Warrior. Luger steps down, and Warrior groggily steps out, and Luger hits a hip toss. Warrior slides, gets up, runs at Luger, who turns it into a snap scoop powerslam, cover


    Two- kickout by Warrior

    Luger argues with the ref for a brief moment, then turns back to Warrior. He picks Warrior up and hits a vertical suplex. Luger picks Warrior up once again, and this time hits a rib breaker.

    JR: Boy Warrior is sure taking a punishment, how much longer can he last?

    Bischoff: Hopefully not long

    Luger picks Warrior up one more time in a military press position. Luger then does some reps while holding Warrior up, and then lifts him up one final time and holds him there. Warrior then jumps off and hits a clothesline, followed by another. Warrior then hits a big boot, and then a leaping shoulder block. Warrior goes over to the ropes and begins to shake them violently.

    JR: Where does Warrior get this energy from?

    Bischoff: Isn’t it obvious? Steroids.

    Luger gets up groggily, and Warrior hits an inverted atomic drop, followed by another big boot. Luger is down, and Warrior runs around the ring.

    JR: Warrior’s feeling it

    Warrior then runs off the ropes, and…

    Bischoff: What a counter by Luger, no splash for Warrior that time

    Luger got the knees up and Warrior laded on them. Warrior is crawling on all fours as Luger gets up. Luger then grabs Warrior by the head and hits a knee to the gut. He picks Warrior up, wastes no time and hits a military press slam. Luger stalks Warrior and waits for him to get up. When Warrior gets up, Luger hits a running forearm smash, cover…



    Thr- KICKOUT by Warrior!

    JR: How does he do it, how does he get this energy?

    Bischoff: I don’t know but I don’t like it

    Luger argues with the ref as Warrior begins to stir. As Luger continues to argue with the ref, he turns right into a shoulder block and knocks Luger down. Warrior turns and runs against the ropes. Luger was playing possum for when Warrior comes off the ropes, Luger hits him with a snap scoop powerslam. Warrior gets up and Luger picks him up and locks in the Torture Rack

    Bischoff: This is it Warrior is going to tap

    JR: Don’t talk so fast

    Warrior is flailing his arms as Luger applies more pressure, trying to get a hold of everything. Warrior gets close to the ropes and is able to scrape it with his fingertips, but Luger moves back to the middle of the ring and Warrior has no choice but to tap.

    Bischoff: I told you. Luger is at the top of his game, Warrior is way past his prime.

    JR: A hell of a fight from Warrior, just when you thought he was done, he made a comeback, unfortunately it wasn’t enough

    Bischoff: Unfortunate I don’t think so

    JR: No but this may be, what the hell is he doing here

    *What JR is referring to is Randy Orton who ran down the ramp past Luger and climbs into the ring. Orton stands in the corner and is starting to seethe as Warrior begins to stir on the ground. Warrior doesn’t know Orton is in the ring, and as he gets to all fours, Orton runs at Warrior…

    JR: No don’t do it you son of a bitch!

    Bischoff: There it is a punt to the skull!

    JR: How can you enjoy this? This is sick.

    Bischoff: I didn’t say I did, but Orton is a Nitro superstar, so I have to support this

    JR: How can you support someone like this? This man is sick, he has issues. He just punted Ultimate Warrior, one of the legends of this business, in the skull. I mean look at this how can anyone condone these actions

    *JR is talking about Warrior receiving medical treatment, as he is loaded onto a stretcher.*

    JR: This man has a family to support. Now he can’t even do that because Orton may have put him out of wrestling forever.

    Bischoff: While JR loses his cool, we will move on to one of the better matches tonight, a Nitro match!

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    JR: Well this next match has been bubbling over on Nitro, and we’re going to see Kevin Steen’s debut match here! Eric, how about you fill us in?

    Bischoff: Well ever since Kevin Steen debuted, he’s had an issue with R-Truth and his comedic ways. He’s trying to convey a message of real wrestling.

    JR: Well that certainly sounds about right, but I have to back Truth- he makes great contributions to the WWE universe!

    Bischoff: He’s a guy with an imaginary friend!

    JR: But the fans love him.

    Bischoff: They WHAT him half the time!

    JR: And the other half, they love him.

    Bischoff: Just look at this!

    JR: What’s wrong with this?

    Bischoff: He’s a disgrace to wrestling.

    JR: Well I don’t think his ability has waivered

    Bischoff: Here comes a real wrestler!

    JR: Is he not being joined by S.C.U.M?

    Bischoff: Apparently not.

    JR: Well, it looks like this may actually be a fair fight.

    Match 2: R-Truth vs. Kevin Steen (stop at 7:26)

    Bischoff: Huge big boot from Steen! Truth is down!

    JR: What a match this has been, very physical.

    *Steen grabs Truth by the hair and drags him up to his feet. He pushes Truth back into the ropes and goes for a Superkick but Truth catches the foot and twists over to hit a spinning heel kick to take Steen down. He bounces off the ropes and hits a leg drop, before going for a quick cover.



    Steen kicks out as Truth continues the assault, going for a sleeper hold, but Steen reverses out and hits a quick armdrag. Both men reach their feet and Truth runs at Steen but Steen hits a quick spinebuster. He drags Truth across to the ropes before jumping up to the top rope. He sets it up and goes for the 450 Splash but Truth moves, only for Steen to land on his feet! He turns around and Truth hits the Little Jimmy! He covers Steen.




    Steen powers out as Truth can’t believe it. He backs up to the corner as Steen uses the ropes to climb to his feet. Truth runs at him but Steen hits a Superkick from nowhere! Both men fall to the ground as Steen rolls over and covers Truth.




    Truth kicks out as Steen pounds the canvas in anger. He reaches his feet and complains to the ref it was three. During Steen’s rant, Truth uses the corner to reach his feet, before running at Steen as he turns. He goes for a Lie Detector but Steen catches him! He executes a perfect F-Cinq, before collapsing into a cover.



    Three! *

    JR: Steen is the winner!

    Bischoff: What a debut for Kevin Steen!

    The camera cuts backstage where Kelly Kelly is shown backstage, sitting in a beach chair, with one man fanning her, and another feeding her grapes. A third man comes up, looking at her.

    Man #3: Ms Kelly, Scott Stanford is here to interview you.

    Kelly: Send him in.

    The man turns, as he opens the door and Scott Stanford walks in with a mic. He walks over to Kelly Kelly.

    Scott: Thank you for taking a moment to let me interview you Kelly Kelly.

    Kelly: Only my friends call me Kelly Kelly. Everyone else calls me Ms Kelly.

    Scott: I'm sorry Ms Kelly.

    Scott goes to sit down.

    Kelly: Did I say you could sit?! You'll stand if you want this interview.

    Scott: Um...ok. So Ms Kelly, we know you have returned to the WWE. Why exactly?

    Kelly: Why? Here is why. Before I left this death trap of a company, Vince McMahon and John Laurinitus asked me to sign a long term contract. Well, the dollars were right, so I did. I told them though that I wanted time to persue my own ideas. They allowed it, so I left. I posed for magazines like Maxim, featured in People, and guest starred on shows like How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. I became the female Rock, finding success outside of wrestling. I thought i was out of it, until John called me up saying I had dates to complete for my contract. I am...back in the WWE.

    Scott: Oh yeah! You were the girl who hooked up with Ashton Kutcher! I loved that episode!

    Kelly: If you don't have any more questions, please leave.

    Scott: I'm sorry...I have a few more. Now that you are back in the WWE, what do you hope to accomplish?

    Kelly: Is there a Diva's Champion? I didn't so think. How about I regain that title. Heck, I'm the only person in the last 5 years who made that title mean something. On top of that though Scott, I'm going to shut these fans up. I've heard them chant while I wrestle. "Kelly Kelly can't wrestle" "Kelly Kelly is all looks". My big goal with coming back, is to show them the bad ass side of Kelly Kelly. To show them that I am more than just a model. I am the Trish Stratus of this generation. I will be the center piece of the diva's division, and no one will stop me.

    Scott: Do you have any thoughts for the other women in your division?

    Kelly: Yes....stay out of my way. This isn't the same Kelly Kelly who would smile at the camera's, hug the little kids, and pose with the troops. No...this Kelly Kelly is about fame, money and gold. Any diva that gets in my way...well...they'll understand the meaning of getting their ass beat. Now...this tiresome dribble with you has tired me out. Leave now so I may rest.

    Scott: But i...

    Kelly: GET OUT NOW!!!!!!

    The third man grabs Stanford, shoving him out of the room, as the first man goes back to fanning and the 2nd goes back to feeding her.



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    JR: Well folks, it's been a great start to our PPV tonight and I can assure you we still have plenty too come!

    Bischoff: Are you kidding me Ross? The best is yet too come.. I'm talking about Nitro's main event! Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold Steve Austin! That's the show stealer right there!

    JR: I had a feeling you might say that..

    Bischoff: What's up next?

    JR: Well Eric, up next we have our first Divas PPV match since the Re-brand of the WWE, it's the perfect balance of power and beauty, Tamina Snuka... vs the anti diva, Paige!

    Bischoff: Meh. None of them two match up too the ever delightful Sable!

    JR: Oh please, delightful? She didn't seem too delightful over at Raw...

    Bischoff: She's a Bischoff and Nitro kind of girl.. what can I say Ross?

    JR: Really? I here she's a where ever the money is kind of girl.

    Bischoff: You're just jealous she don't like you Ross.. Lets just get on with the show, care to explain how this feud came about? I haven't had the time too keep up with everything going on at Raw!

    JR: I will do you one better, Folks where going too take you back and refresh your mind on just how the Paige, Tamina rivalry came about.

    *Just as Jim Ross finishes speaking, the Titantron comes on and a video highlight begins too play featuring the rivalry between Paige and Tamina!*

    Bischoff: I do love a good cat fight Ross!

    JR: Well stay tuned, because we damn sure about too see one!

    *Paige makes her way from behind the curtain too a chorus of boo's, the Anti-Diva shrugs it off and begins too strut down too the ring ignoring and blanking any bad reaction from the crowd coming her way*

    JR: The self proclaimed Anti-Diva folks! Raised from a very good wrestling background, this women has the attitude and the skills too match!

    *As Tamina steps out from behind the curtain and on to the stage, she has a total opposite reaction too the one Paige had.. the daughter of the hall of famer Jimmy Snuka is greeted with big cheers and a good ovation, Tamina does the trademark super fly sign on the stage before making her way too the ring with a big smile on her face!*

    JR: This is what every young women who dreams of becoming a wrestler wants folks! I know Tamina has been very excited all day at this opportunity and plans on making the most of it!

    Bischoff: I'm sure Paige is feeling the same way Ross! they both can't win!

    *Tamina and Paige both now stand in the ring, both women square up showing how far there rivalry has come.. the ref try's too split them up, only for Paige to slap Tamina across the face!*

    Bischoff: Ouch!
    *Bischoff laughs*

    *As the crowd chant "Ohhh" Tamina takes a step back and begins too smile.. that's smile quickly changes as Tamina rushes towards Paige knocking her down with big clothesline as the ref calls for the ring bell*

    Tamina vs Paige (Kaitlyn)

    Start at 1:40 stop at 6:09

    JR: Look at the strength from Tamina!

    Bischoff: Now that's impressive, how did she escape from that lock!

    *Tamina with Paige on her shoulders, drops with the Samoan drop, with Paige laid out on the canvas, Tamina grabs Paige and begins too drag her closer too the turnbuckle, she them begins too climb to the tope rope*

    JR: I think we know whats coming here folks! Shades of her father.

    *Before Tamina can fly, Paige is quickly up too her feet and begins too climb the turnbuckle too, she begins letting of shots too Tamina face before hitting an acrobatic hurcarana of the top rope!*

    Bischoff: What a move from Paige! that could be it.. could be all over here with this pin!




    JR: Tamina kicked out!

    *Paige with a look of shear surprise across her face begins too grip her hair in shock, She then begins shouting at the referee suggesting it was a slow count, she then grabs Tamina by her hair and drags her up too her feet, Paige then begins too trash talk before kicking Tamina in the midsection*

    JR: I believe Paige is looking for her signature Knight light, that inverted fisherman's brain buster!

    Bischoff: Can she lift the bigger Tamina?

    JR: Well.. she's gonna try!

    *Paige looks too lift Tamina up with the Knight Light, but the strong and bigger Tamina is able too reverse with the snap mare suplex, Tamina then wastes no time and once again goes top rope looking for the..*

    JR: Superfly Smash! connects! this could be it right here!




    JR: Tamina wins! Tamina wins!

    Bischoff: Very impressive from Tamina Snuka!

    *Tamina stands in the middle of ring taking the applause and cheers from the crowd after her victory, she does the trademark Superfly stance once more as the show rolls on! The camera cuts to the back where we see Austin Aries sitting backstage in his own private locker room. Infront of him on the coffee table are four things covered by a cloths. Aries looks at the camera, with a smug look across his face.*

    Aries: Ever since signing the dotted line of my contract, people have been asking "Aries, have you sold out?" "Aries, have you traded your soul for a shot at fame" "Aries, why did you turn your back on ROH and TNA?" To any and all of those people, I have this to say. Shhhh. I didn't sell out or turn my back on anyone. This business is about reaching that pinnacle reaching that point where you are the top dog. I may not be the biggest, and I may not be the strongest, but I am one of the hardest workers in this industry. Do you want proof? I'll show you.

    Aries pulls one of the cloths off, revealing the ROH World title on the table.

    Aries: This right here, this was the pinnacle of ROH. I held this title not once, but twice! I am the only man in the history of ROH to hold this title twice. If that doesn't say I'm a hard worker, well, the other's I have to share might. Speaking of ROH though, there is a man here I want to address. His name is Kevin Steen and he is a piece of trash. Steen, not if..but when our paths cross, I will drop you on your head and make you tap out.

    Aries pulls the next cloth off, and reveals the TNA X Division title.

    Aries: Look at this title. The X Division championship. I held this title for 298 days, the longest that someone has ever held that title. I defend against the likes of Samoa Joe, Alex Shelley, Brian Kendrick, Zema Ion, Chris Sabin, and Kid Kash. I proved that I can pick up any ball given to me, load it onto my back, and run with it.

    Aries pulls off another cloth, revealing the TNA World title.

    Aries: This is the last title I held in TNA before coming to the WWE. I beat the self proclaimed leader of the selfish generation, the guy who said he had the it factor, Bobby Roode for this title. I was at the pinnacle of TNA, and it was at that moment, that the WWE took a shining to me. They said "Oh Aries, it would be great to have you in the WWE. You would make such a great addition to the WWE." So I signed it, with the idea that one day, I would claim the biggest prize of them all.

    Aries pulls off the last cloth, revealing a replica WWE Championship.

    Aries: That right there, is what I came here for. I came to prove to people that you don't have to be as big as Hulk Hogan or the Big Show to be champ. Speaking of people and sizes, look at tonights main event of Chris Jericho vs CM Punk. Two men who go out there and proclaim on the mic "I am the best in the world!" Do you know I don't go out there sounding like a twat proclaiming that? It's because I don't have to. I go out to that ring, and show the whole world why I am the picture of perfection. I am here to show why I deserve to be the WWE Champion. My name is A Double...and I am the greatest man that ever lived!

    Aries looks into the camera, smirking. Fades to black.


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    JR: And now it's time for the tag team turmoil match

    Bischoff: Yippee! We're gonna crown World Tag Team Champions!

    JR: Well, my favourites for this match drew number 1 in this tag turmoil, meaning they will have to go through all the other 5 teams, to win this match

    Bischoff: Haha. These 2 “thugs” are gonna LOSE

    Bischoff: Ah crap! These 2 don't deserve to start this contest off

    JR: Well, they deserve it more than everyone else. Regal feigned an injury, to have Drew compete instead of him

    Bischoff: Pure genius. I don't know how they do it.

    Match 4: Tag Team Turmoil Match for the Tag Team Championships!

    *JTG and Regal are starting this contest off, and they lock up. Regal gets a headlock, and takes down JTG, before retreating back to his corner. JTG is quick to his feet, and goes over to Regal, who kicks him in the gut. Regal grabs the arm, and wrenches it overhead, before tagging in McIntyre with his free hand. Regal keeps wrenching the arm, as McIntyre goes to the second rope, and lands a double axe handle to the shoulder. Regal leaves the ring, as McIntyre grabs the head of JTG, and lands a side Russian leg sweep, before covering.



    McIntyre pulls JTG to his feet, and locks in a hammerlock. JTG elbows McIntyre's midsection, allowing him to escape the hold, and tries to Irish whip McIntyre, but he reverses it, and sends JTG into his own corner. Drew charges, but JTG steps to the side, and tags in Shad. Shad enters the ring, and holds Drew, as JTG leaps and hurricarana's Drew through the ropes. Shad follows Drew, who gains his breath by the announce table. Shad grabs Drew's hair, and smashes Drew's head against the table, before sending Drew into the steel steps. Shad taunts to the crowd, but turns into an elbow from Regal, which sends Shad to his knee's.

    Regal scuppers to his side of the ring, as JTG watches on, before Drew lands a low dropkick to the knee of Shad. He sends Shad into the ring, before following suit. He locks in a front facelock of Shad, before stepping back towards Regal, who gets the tag. Regal kicks the knee of Shad, as Drew holds his hands up innocently to the referee, before leaving to the apron. Regal picks Shad up from behind, and lands an atomic drop, before rolling him up.




    Shad rolls through to his feet, and goes for a clothesline, but Regal ducks. Shad turns around, and Regal tries for a T-Bone suplex, but can't get Shad off the floor. Shad lands an elbow to Regal's head, and goes for the STO, but Regal slips to the ground. Shad goes to leave, but Drew slaps him in the face! Shad is incensed, and hip tosses Drew over the top rope. He throws Drew into Cryme Tyme's corner, and starts landing lefts and rights to Drew. Regal comes in and chops Shad's knee, which allows Drew to drop to the mat, and slide to the floor. Regal turns Shad around, and rests him against the corner. Regal starts landing shoulders to Shad's midsection, but JTG gets the blind tag. JTG gets to the top rope, and floats over Shad, and rolls up Regal in a sunset flip



    Th- Kickout!

    Regal gets to his feet, with JTG still in a sitting position. He goes for a running knee, but JTG ducks, and rolls up Regal



    Thr- Kickout!

    Regal again stands up, and appears to go for a running knee. JTG again ducks, but Regal stops at the last second, and stomps on JTG's head. Regal grabs JTG's leg, and steps on his calves twice. Regal puts JTG's leg inbetween his shins, before dropping down to knees, as JTG screams in agony. Regal drags the leg of JTG, and tags in Drew. Drew enters the ring, and drops a leg on JTG's head, before hooking the far leg.




    McIntyre starts stomping on JTG's stomach, 8 or 9 times over, before the referee pulls him away. Drew goes over to his countryman and high fives him, before taunting at the crowd, who begins cheering for some unknown reason. Drew has a look of confusion over his face, before turning around, and being taken down by a clothesline from Shad! Regal enters, and begins exchanging punches with Shad.


    At this time JTG comes in and turns Regal around, before taking him down with a drop toe hold. The crowd pops, but those cheers turn to jeers when McIntyre runs over to Shad, and takes him down with a complete shot! The referee tries to get Shad out of the ring, as JTG swings a shot. Drew ducks, and kicks JTG low, to the disgust of the crowd. Regal is on the apron, and gets the tag, however Drew stays in the ring. Regal goes behind JTG – on his knees – and pulls him to his feet, and prepares for a Regal-plex. Drew rebounds against the ropes, and lands a big boot, at the same time as Regal lifts JTG into the Regal-plex! He arches his back into a cover





    JR: Possibly a shock, to see that Cryme Tyme are first eliminated

    Bischoff: LOSERS!

    JR: They have nothing to be disappointed with. Anyway – Drew cheated!

    Bischoff: Meh

    *Beer Money sprint in the ring, trying to gain an early advantage, but Regal immediately takes down Storm with a knee trembler! Roode quickly retreats out of the ring, before slowly enters it. McIntyre takes the role of the legal man, and Roode decides to charge at him. McIntyre ducks a clothesline, and Regal lands a punch on Roode, which sends him down to the mat*

    JR: Brass Knuckles?

    Bischoff: Wouldn't surprise me

    *McIntyre picks up Roode, and lands the future shock DDT! He hooks the far leg.





    Bischoff: Beer Money has been squashed!

    JR: They managed to defeat Kane at Wrestlemania, but couldn't last two minutes with Regal and McIntyre at Backlash


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    (Bryan/Haas– Kofi/Benjamin)


    *Regal enters the ring, and turns Benjamin over. He grabs the legs, and tries for the Regal stretch, but Benjamin resists. Benjamin manages to kick Regal off, and gets to his feet. He goes for the superkick, but Regal catches the foot, but Benjamin lands an enzurigi. He covers




    Haas gets the tag, and stands Regal up. He pushes him into the turnbuckle, and chops the chest of Regal. He slaps it, before going to the opposite turnbuckle. He charges at Regal, and lands a monkey flip. McIntyre comes in, but gets taken down by a T-Bone suplex from Benjamin. Regal gets to his feet, and Haas locks in a rear waist lock, before Benjamin superkicks Regal, into a germn suplex from Haas!





    JR: The British folk are gone. They are not the inaugural World Tag Team Champions.

    Bischoff: Narrowly eliminated. Those previous two matches-

    JR: Even the squash?

    Bischoff: -even the squash – took a lot out of them

    (Benjamin/Kofi – Haas/Truth)


    *Titus tags in Young, as Titus pushes Benjamin's head with his forearm, and Young proceeds to kick him in the chest. He picks Benjamin up and scoop slams him, before tagging in Titus again. This time Young locks in a rear neck choke, as Titus rebounds against the ropes, and kicks Benjamin in the head. Titus drops an elbow on Benjamin, before tagging out. Titus picks up Benjamin's legs, and slingshots Benjamin into a elbow from Young. Young springboards off the top rope, and lands a crossbody.

    Young picks up Benjamin, and places him on his shoulders. He looks for the firemans carry gutbuster, but Benjamin slips out behind Young, and pushes him into the WGTT corner. Haas gets the tag and begins unloading on Young, hammering him with punches to the temple. He steps back a few steps, and tries for a clothesline, but Young lands an elbow, before following up with a clothesline of his own, with a cover




    Young tags in Titus, who begins to work over the arm of Haas. He wrenches it, before dropping a knee on it. He picks up Haas, and whips him towards Young. He tags out, and lifts up Haas for a powerbomb. Young gets to the top rope, and simultaneously lands a diving clothesline! A cover from Young



    Thre- Narrow Kickout!

    Young looks frustrated at the referee, believing it was a three count. He picks up Haas, and lands a suplex, before covering




    Young begins stomping on Haas, before Titus enters the ring. They place their arms over one another, before swaying from side to side to the hate of the crowd, before going over to Benjamin. They begins taunting him, before Young slaps Benjamin. Benjamin responds with a punch to Young, before giving one to Titus, and follows up with a double springboard clothesline! He waits for Young to get to his feet, before landing a dropkick on him, whilst Titus gets to his feet. He grabs Titus and throws him over the top rope to the floor, before going to Young, and preparing for a T-Bone suplex. Young resists, and pushes Benjamin in the ropes, and he responds with a clothesline! Benjamin prepares for the superkick, but Titus grabs the leg of Benjamin from the outside. Benjamin tries to shake Titus off, and eventually does, but turns around into a firemans carry gutbuster from Young!

    Young groggily looks at a still layed out Haas, before raising his arm to the crowd. He picks up Haas by the hair, and whips him into the ropes. Young goes for a back body drop, but Haas stops just infront of him, and lands a knee to the head. He rebounds against the adjacent ropes, and goes for a neckbraker, but Young reverses into a small package



    Haas manages to reverse the weight, so he's on top of Young





    Bischoff: Prime Time Players are eliminated? Oh no

    JR: How much did they take out of Benjamin and Haas though Eric?

    *Ziggler and Swagger sprint down to the ring, with Vickie following behind. They look at the damage surveyed in the ring, at the previous two falls work. Swagger goes to the apron, as Ziggler immediately drops on Haas




    Ziggler rolls Haas over, and locks in a choke. He proceeds to perform a handstand whilst having the hold locked in, which cause Vickie to cheer loudly for the show off. Dolph drops down, and tags in Swagger, who sits up Haas. He drives his knee in the back of Haas, before grabbing the arms, and stretching them back. Haas can do nothing but scream in pain. Eventually, somehow, Haas finds the strength to throw Swagger over his body, which sends him into the ZigSwag corner. He rolls to the opposite apron, before Ziggler gets the tag. Haas springboards off the ropes, but goes straight into a dropkick from Ziggler

    Ziggler tells the crowd that it's over, as he awaits Haas to get up. It seems Haas doesn't want to get to his feet, as if he knows what's coming. Eventually, he manages to stand, as Ziggler locks in a sleeper! He falls to the mat, body scissors locked in. Haas can't resist, as Vickie and Swagger look on happily from ringside. Haas doesn't seem to be responding, so the referee raises his arm. The first time – it drops. He tries again – it drops. The referee indicates that this is the final time. He lifts the arm in the air, and it...


    Winner and NEW World Tag Team Champions: ZIGSWAG!

    JR: They did it! They did it! Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler are the World Tag Team Champions

    Bischoff: They're Nitro champions as well Jim. Nitro has the Tag Titles

    JR: They're still inter-branded titles Eric

    Bischoff: But still, the first tag champions are on Nitro!

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    JR: Time for another RAW is WAR match, and this one is personal. Tyler Black will take on John Cena.

    Bischoff: It’s time for Cena to take a step back and let a guy like Black have the spotlight

    JR: Cena is fighting for the spotlight just like everyone else; Black can’t just come in here and expect it to be handed to him.

    Bischoff: Cena has hogged the spotlight for too long, Black just wants to make it known he is here, and he is the future

    JR: Well I beg to differ. Cena has shown no signs of wanting to or slowing down so he will do this as long as he can, and if he is the best so be it

    Bischoff: Well tonight that changes

    Bischoff: Tonight Tyler Black steps into the spotlight and pushes Cena over.

    JR: It’s not going to be that easy

    Tyler Black vs. John Cena

    Watch 2:15-7:00

    JR: And Black continues to be in control of this match. Just when you think Cena is about to make a comeback, Black comes back and takes control

    Bischoff: That’s what it takes to be the face of the WWE

    Black locks in a rear chin lock on Cena once again. Cena fights to his feet, elbows the gut of Black a few times and is able to break the hold. Cena runs off the ropes and Black hits a jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick, cover


    Two- Kickout by Cena.

    Black picks Cena up and places him against the turnbuckle. Black kicks Cena in the gut, then punches him in the head, and repeats this combination a few more times, before Cena stumbles out and Black hits a belly to back suplex spin into a reverse STO to knock Cena down. Black runs against the ropes and hits a running shooting star press, cover…



    Th- kickout by Cena!

    JR: How does he do it?

    Bischoff: He won’t be doing it much longer, the end is near

    Black is stalking Cena, as Cena struggles to his feet…

    Bischoff: Here it comes Avada Kedavra

    JR: No Cena ducked it!

    Cena runs off the ropes and hits a running leaping shoulder block, followed by another. Black gets up, flails with a clothesline, and Cena hits a spinout powerbomb. He gets up and motions for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena comes off the ropes and hits it! Black gets to his feet, turns and Cena picks him up…

    JR: Attitude Adjust- NO Black got out!

    Black jumps off the shoulders of Cena, and when Cena turns, Black hits him with a dropkick, and both men are down. As the ref begins the count, both men stir. The ref hits four on his count and Cena has reached the ropes. The refs count hits 6 and Cena is up, as well as Black. Black runs at him, and Cena uses a drop toehold to trip him down…

    Bischoff: Cena looking for the STF, but Black able to scramble to the ropes.

    Black holds the ropes as Cena gets up and waits. Then Cena approaches and hits a one handed bulldog, and Black gets up, Cena picks him up…

    JR: There it is Attitude Adjustment!

    Bischoff: No come on Tyler kickout




    Thre- Black gets his foot on the rope!

    Cena can’t believe it, and goes for the STF, but Black grabs the ropes and rolls to the apron. Cena gets back in the middle of the ring and can’t believe it. When Cena turns, Black hits a springboard clothesline. Black gets up and lifts Cena. Cena sends Black against the ropes, bends down, and Black runs by and comes back…

    Bischoff: Black Magic! It’s over…




    Thre- Cena kicks out!

    Black can’t believe it and argues with the official. He gets in the officials’ face. Cena gets up, spins Black around…

    JR: Attitude Adjustment! Right into the STF!

    Cena applies pressure as Black is in the middle of the ring, he tries to escape but can’t, and Black taps.

    JR: Cena proves he still belongs in the spotlight

    Bischoff: The ref missed that call it was a three count, awful call, screwed Black

    JR: Cena kicked out, nothing the official could do

    Bischoff: He could and should have given the win to the man who deserved it, Tyler Black!

    JR: No Cena deserved that win, it was a great battle and I’m sure its not the last time these two men will meet.

    Bischoff: Next time Black will win

    JR: We will have to wait and see.

    Bischoff: Well up next we expect to hear from Randy Orton on his actions from earlier in the night, stay tuned.


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    The fans immediately start booing, as the Legend Killer comes out from the back. He stands at the top of the ramp, and poses, as pyro's fall behind him. Orton walks down the ramp, and climbs onto the apron. He stands, looking at the fans who are booing him loudly.Orton climbs into the ring, and gets a mic.

    JR: This young man is a disgrace, his actions tonight were shocking and I hope.. I hope that the board of directors take action against Randy Orton!

    Bischoff: Why? He got rid of the Warrior, if anything.. he should be getting a title shot or something, in fact.. I'm going too see what I can do for him on Nitro!

    JR: You're as bad as he is.. I can't believe I have sat here watching this man, attack legend after legend, week in and week out and nothing has been done!

    Orton: What i did to warrior earlier tonight was an act of conscience.I did a favor to me to all of you and to the whole WWE by kicking him in the scull and ending he's career, well this time for good.Ultimate Warrior is a disgrace of a man.Warrior being the WWE champion was the worst thing that ever happened to WWE.And now he came back and you handed him them WWE title again.Off course those dark days of Warrior being the champion are now over.But that wasn't enough for me.You see i'm the future, i'm the legend Killer Randy Orton and i couldn't stand watching that hasbeen Ultimate Warrior being not only the champion but being in the WWE roster too.

    Boos from the crowd

    Orton: I don't understand why you are booing me.I saved all of you from watching that circus freak show every.I'm sick and tired watching this old idiots coming back and make a fool of themselves every week.That's why i brought the old good Legend Killer Randy Orton back.

    More boos from the fans.Some of them are chanting "you suck"

    JR: Don't worry Orton, You will get yours.. You will come undone and one of these legends is going too stop you in your tracks!

    Bischoff: Oh please! who's going too stop Orton? You? Me? No one can.. No one!

    Orton: You see as all of you know i'm a third Generation superstar.WWE is in my blood and what i do every week is to help WWE getting better and better.And that's the reason that i'm better than all of these so called "legends" and every other wrestler in the back.But i understand how they feel sitting back home watching me winning title after title.They wanted to feel relevant again.But what they don't understand is that they can't wrestle anymore.They don't understand that no one is better than than me.So that's why i want to prove to them that i'm the best.So tonight i'm calling any legend from the back to face me tonight.I don't care who will be but what i care, what i want is to end another legends career with a kick to the scull....

    JR: NO! it can't be.. it's.. it's!

    Bischoff: Diamond Dallas Page! what the hell is he doing here!

    *The crowd explode with Cheers as DDP stands on the WWE stage, DDP has no smile on his face and instead has one of anger as he looks right at Orton.. without blinking DDP runs down too the ring while Orton is still in shock!*

    JR: DDP is coming for Orton! You wanted a legend Orton, oh boy did you get one!

    Bischoff: Dallas what are you doing? You are going too get hurt!

    *Orton trys to the land the first shot as DDP enters the ring, Orton looks for a clothesline only for DDP too duck underneath and land some huge right hands! DDP knocks Orton back against the rope and runs at him with a clothesline of his own clearing Orton from the ring!*

    JR: Take that Orton! Take that!

    Bischoff: Hey, DDP cant do that? He's not even assigned too this company!

    JR: I think DDP just like the rest of us has had enough, Orton called a legend out and now he's got his ass whopped he's running with his tail between his legs!

    *Orton begins too back track with a look of shock and surprise across his face, DDP however now stands with a big smile across his with the fans cheering his name in the middle of ring as the show moves on*

    JR: It’s now time for the battle royal to determine the number one contender to either the United States Championship or Intercontinental Championship.

    Bischoff: That’s right JR! Should a Raw guy win, he would challenge Cody Rhodes at In Your House next month, but should a Nitro guy win, he’ll challenge Mr. Anderson instead!

    JR: And here comes the guys from Raw!

    *Triple H leads them out, followed by Evan Bourne, Bryan Danielson, Brian Cage and finally, Sheamus as the crowd cheers loudly for their arrival.*

    JR: Any one of these five men could win it right here and go on to face Cody Rhodes!

    Bischoff: I can’t wait to see who Nitro have.

    JR: And here they come!

    Bischoff: Who is it?

    *Ricochet walks out first to a mixed reaction, followed by Jeff Jarrett to boos. Tyler Reks follows next as the fans cheer, but there is no more guys.*

    JR: So an eight man battle royal?

    Bischoff: I still think Nitro could win!

    *The fans pop as Ted Dibiase Jr heads out to join the guys in the ring.*

    JR: Dibiase Jr! The son of the Million Dollar Man!

    Bischoff: Another possible contender!

    *A mixed reaction ensues as Rey runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.*

    JR: Rey Mysterio! Rey Mysterio makes it an even ten!

    Bischoff: Another great guy!
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    *Double A heads out to a good ovation as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.*

    JR: Austin Aries! This kid can go!

    JR: Here comes number 12!

    *Kane heads out to boos as the guys in the ring all stare a bit intimidated.*

    JR: It’s KANE! Kane is here!

    *As soon as Kane joins in the ring, the crowd is silent for a few seconds.*

    Match 6: Triple H vs. Evan Bourne vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Brian Cage vs. Sheamus vs. Ricochet vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Tyler Reks vs. Ted Dibiase Jr vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Austin Aries vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kane in a 13 man over the top rope battle royal for the mid-card championship number one contender spot.

    *The match begins with Kane standing tall in the centre of the ring and everybody else not running. Eventually, Triple H stands up and walks across to Kane. Kane uppercuts Triple H, taking him off his feet, and sending him to the floor. Ricochet runs at Kane but Kane grabs him by the throat and tosses him over the top rope to eliminate him!*


    *Sheamus runs forward and begins to trade punches with Kane but Kane gets the upper hand, bouncing Sheamus off the ropes and hitting a big boot. Eventually, Kane is taken down by none other than Tyler Reks, who tackles Kane to the ground and begins to pound on his head. The pounding doesn’t last long though as Jeff Jarrett attacks Reks, continuing their bad blood from Nitro.

    Across the ring, Rey Mysterio is fighting with Jay Lethal as Triple H & Ted Dibiase Jr trade shots. Brian Cage & Bryan Danielson are battling Sheamus who has risen to his feet. Austin Aries is just holding back, watching all the fighting go down, but so is Evan Bourne who attacks Aries, sending him into the ropes, and hitting a dropkick on the rebound.

    Sheamus manages to fight out of his predicament and hits a big right hand that sends Danielson to the canvas. Sheamus grabs Cage by the back of the head and tosses him over the top rope.*


    *Kane is back up and immediately goes after Sheamus, pummeling him into the corner, but Sheamus ducks under another big right hand and sends Kane into the corner. He begins to throw left and right hands as Kane begins to cover up. Across the ring, Jay Lethal has Rey Mysterio in a corner and begins to pound on his head. He picks Rey up and throws him onto the apron, but Rey ducks down, pulling Lethal with him and hitting his throat against the rope. Lethal falls backwards as Rey climbs back into the ring.

    Across the ring, Triple H has Ted Dibiase Jr against the ropes and whips him across the ring, hitting a knee to the face as he comes back. Triple H looks down at Cody Rhodes as Dibiase struggles to get up. He finally reaches his feet but Triple H continues to pound on him. In another corner, Austin Aries has Evan Bourne set up for a Superplex, but before he can deliver the move, Jeff Jarrett runs across and pushes both men to the floor.*


    *Ted Dibiase Jr rolls to the corner as Triple H turns his attention to Kane. Kane grabs Hunter by the throat but Hunter kicks him in the gut. He goes for a Pedigree but Kane lifts Triple H up and over, slamming him back first into the canvas. Kane straightens up and Bryan Danielson hits a dropkick that has Kane stumbling backwards.

    He piles forward to throw some more punches, as across the ring, Tyler Reks manages to fight back against Jarrett. He throws Jarrett back and begins to pound him, sending him to the canvas. He stomps angrily on Jarrett’s chest but before he can do much else, Rey Mysterio comes flying in with a dropkick to Reks’ back, sending him over the top rope to the apron. Rey runs across and goes for a 619 but Reks just steps out of the way. He lifts Rey up by the head and pulls him over the top rope to the apron. He picks Rey up and hits a huge Burning Hammer that eliminates Rey!*


    *Reks climbs back in the ring as Kane manages to get rid of Bryan Danielson, tossing him over the top rope.*


    *Kane & Reks lock eyes and lock up in a test of strength. Kane wins, pushing Reks to the canvas, but Reks is back up to lock up again. This time, he wins the test, throwing Kane to the canvas himself. Kane stands back up and throws a right hand that sends Reks back into the corner. Kane charges forwards and hits a big clothesline that sends Reks to the corner of the canvas.

    Across the ring, Jay Lethal & Sheamus are battling, and Sheamus is winning. He hits a big axehandle clothesline that sends Lethal over the top rope, but on to the apron. Sheamus backs up and hits a Brogue Kick that eliminates Lethal!*


    *Ted Dibiase Jr reaches his feet and immediately goes after Triple H, hitting right and left hands, causing Triple H to fall back to the corner. Dibiase hits a big chop that sends Triple H across the ropes a little bit. Dibiase backs up and runs at Triple H, going for a clothesline, but the momentum takes him out too!*


    *Kane & Reks are brawling as Jarrett begins to get up in the corner. Sheamus holds back, watching the two mammoths go at it as Reks finally pushes Kane backwards, into the ropes. Sheamus & Jarrett rush in and help Reks get Kane over the top rope to the floor below.*


    *The final three competitors back up and begin to eyeball each other. Jarrett is the first guy to move, kicking Reks in the gut and following up with a fist to his back, sending Reks to the canvas. Sheamus piles in and begins to hit right and left hands that have Jarrett falling backwards. Sheamus runs at Jarrett but Jarrett ducks and pulls the top rope down. Sheamus goes over but lands on the apron.

    Jarrett goes to attack Sheamus but Reks grabs Jarrett and goes for Wreckoning but Jarrett twists out and hits a neckbreaker. He drags Reks up by the dreads and begins to try and eliminate him, but Reks fights out, elbowing Jarrett in the head. Jarrett falls backwards as Reks charges forwards once more, hitting a knee to Jarrett’s head, sending him rolling backwards.

    Sheamus is back in the ring and grabs Tyler Reks, locking up but reversing into a headlock and then armlock. Reks pushes Sheamus forwards, sending him into the corner. He turns around and Jeff Jarrett is up. He runs at Reks but Reks backs up and pulls the top rope down, sending Jarrett over and to the floor!*


    *Reks backs to a neutral corner, as Sheamus finally realises it’s the final two guys. They each take a couple of seconds to look at their respective champions, before locking up. Sheamus gets the better of it and flips Reks over his body to the ground. He elbows Reks in the head quickly and locks in an armbar, but Reks powers out and drops Sheamus with a clothesline.

    Sheamus quickly gets back up but Reks begins to unload, hitting right and left hands, before dragging Sheamus up on his shoulders, looking for a Burning Hammer but Sheamus grabs hold of the ropes. Reks drops Sheamus on the ropes, before running, bouncing off the ropes and hitting a huge flying shoulder, dropping Sheamus to the canvas.

    Reks grabs Sheamus and goes to throw him out, but Sheamus elbows Reks in the face, sending him backwards. He goes for a quick Brogue Kick but Reks ducks and bounces off the ropes, running at Sheamus but Sheamus catches him with the Irish Curse, dropping Reks to the canvas!

    Reks begins to get up but Sheamus grabs him and throws him over the top rope! Reks stays holding onto the ropes. Sheamus notices and goes for a right hand but Reks blocks it and hits his own right hand. He quickly ducks down and shoulders Sheamus in the gut, sending him backwards. Reks goes to climb in the ring but Jeff Jarrett, who hasn’t left, pulls Reks to the floor and throws him into the barricade, giving Sheamus the victory.*

    JR: Sheamus did it! Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes for the United States Championship at In Your House!

    Bischoff: Reks got what he deserved from Jarrett.

    JR: It’s not over, they’re still fighting!

    Bischoff: Come on Jeff!

    *Jarrett drags Reks up and goes to slam his head on the apron but Reks stops it and elbows Jarret in the gut, before slamming his head on the apron. He pushes Jarrett who falls backwards into Mr. Anderson, with the Intercontinental Champion falling to the ground. Reks quickly grabs Jarrett and throws him into the steel steps.

    Sheamus is celebrating in the ring but as he turns, Cody Rhodes is shown standing in front of him. He is clapping as Sheamus looks at the United States Championship. Rhodes holds the title aloft as Sheamus nods his head.

    Back on the outside, Reks grabs Jarrett but is blindsided by an Intercontinental Championship shot by an angry Anderson. Anderson grabs Jarrett and hits the Mic Check on the steel steps before placing the title on his shoulder walking away.

    In the ring Rhodes & Sheamus are staring each other down as the fans are cheering*

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    JR: And now, we have a Nitro match

    Bischoff: Yippee! Which one?

    JR: Shawn Michaels vs The Rock

    Bischoff: Oh. Well, um. Yeah

    JR: The Great One, The Bahrama Bull, The Peoples Champion

    Bischoff: The one who cannot get the job done

    JR: A multiple time WWE Champion, and victor against John Cena in a previous Wrestlemania main event

    JR: The show-stopper has a tough ask to put away Rock today

    Bischoff: But he better. I bet Mike Tenay $5 that Shawn would win today.

    JR: Well, lets get this underway

    Match 7: The Rock vs Shawn Michaels

    Watch until 8:32

    *The Rock gets to his feet, and begins stomping away at Michaels, before backing off, allowing HBK to get to his feet. HBK uses the ropes for support, as Rock lands a right hand. He lands 2 more, before putting his hand up to the sky, and landing one more punch, sending HBK down to the ground. He rolls out to the mat, as Rock follows.

    Rock holds the back of HBK's head, and slams it against the steel steps. HBK gets picked up, and snake eye'd on the steel steps, before being thrown back into the ring. Rock takes suit, and stalks HBK, waiting for him to get up. HBK takes his time, eventually getting to his feet. Rock goes for the Rock Bottom, but HBK slips out, and lands a neckbraker. He covers



    Thr- Kickout!

    Shawn grabs the legs of Rock, and locks in the figure four! The ref asks Rock if he wants to quit, as HBK uses the ropes for leverage. Rock tries to turn over, but HBK resists, until eventually Rock manages to slip out. Both men get to their feet, when HBK charges at the Rock, who is hobbling gingerly, but Rock manages a takedown. He picks up the ankles of HBK, and locks in the sharpshooter!

    The crowd pop, as the Rock screams, trying to make HBK submit. HBK has a look of agony on his face, as Rock sits on his back. Shawn grabs the legs of Rock, and manages for him to fall forward, as Shawn locks in his own sharpshooter! A mixed reaction from the crowd, as HBK sits down, trying his best to get the victory. Unfortunately for him, Rock is close to the ropes, and manages to force a rope break.

    HBK had a look of desperate, and goes over to the opposite ropes, trying to decide his next move. He goes over to the corner, and begins to tune up the band. The crowd pop, as Michaels continuously stomps on the mat. Eventually, Rock gets to his feet, and HBK goes for the superkick, but Rock catches the foot. He spins Michaels around and rolls him up!




    Bischoff: The Rock stole a victory!

    JR: A close contest, but in the end, the Rock narrowly manages to gain the victory

    Bischoff: Damn. There goes my bet with Mike! How did Rock manage to pull that off? He was in both the figure four, and the sharpshooter, yet managed to get the victory.

    *The Rock has his hand raised, as Michaels pounds the mat in frustration. He's quick to get to his feet, and keeps his eyes on Rock. The Rock returns the favour, and steps in on HBK, the two going eye to eye, when the lights go out*

    Bischoff: What the hell is going on?

    *Around 20 seconds pass before the lights go on, where Undertaker has appeared! One hand around Michael's throat, the other's around Rock's! He picks them up, and chokeslams them down!*

    JR: The Undertaker is back! A double chokeslam!

    Bischoff: We haven't seen this man since Wrestlemania, and he picks now to return.

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    JR And now it’s time for our World Heavyweight Championship match!

    Bischoff: Well you’ve already announced it wrong. It’s known as Lesnar time!

    JR: Well after this, he may not be the World Heavyweight Champion.

    Bischoff: You believe Austin is going to win?

    JR: Stone Cold is one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, Brock Lesnar doesn’t measure up at all.

    Bischoff: Well we’re going to find out now.

    JR: Here comes Stone Cold!

    Bischoff: This guy sucks.

    JR: You only say that because he poured beer over you, and you didn’t find it funny.

    Bischoff: Well we’ll see who’s laughing at the end of this match.

    JR: And here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, accompanied by his wife and legal advisor, Sable & Paul Heyman!

    Bischoff: It’s LESNAR TIME!

    JR: This is going to be a great match Eric.

    Bischoff: For sure, I can’t wait to see Brock destroy him.

    Match 8: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin vs. Brock Lesnar(c) for the World Heavyweight Championship
    (Cena = Austin, stop at 15:32)

    JR: And Brock kicks out!

    Bischoff: Brock was never in danger!

    *Austin quickly jumps on top of Brock and begins to pound on his head with right hands. He stands up, bouncing off the ropes and goes for a pointed elbow to Brock’s neck but Brock moves and grabs Austin’s arm, going for the Kimura Lock, but Austin manages to squirm away and kick Brock in the leg as he advances.

    Austin grabs Brock and pushes him backwards into the ropes, hitting right and left hands but Brock takes them before lifting Austin up and hitting a spinebuster in the centre of the ring! He roars at the crowd as the fans boo loudly, and Sable is shown clapping at ringside. Heyman pounds on the mat, making Brock look at him. Heyman points at Austin and tells Brock to finish him.

    Brock smiles and nods, turning back to Austin and grabbing his leg, kicking him in the back of his thigh. He grabs Austin’s leg and begins to try and turn him over to lock in the Brock Lock, but Austin manages to kick Brock in the gut, sending him backwards. Austin stands up and clotheslines Brock down. He grabs both of Brock’s legs and stomps on his groin.

    Brock doubles up in pain as Austin begins to feel it. He picks Austin up and throws him backwards into the corner, before beginning to unload to kicks to Brock’s gut, sending him to the floor in the corner, allowing Austin to stomp numerously on Brock’s chest and face. He swears at Brock before stomping once again on Brock’s chest. He pulls Brock to the centre of the ring and covers.



    Brock twists out and locks in the Kimura Lock! Austin is screaming with nowhere to go as both Sable & Heyman are applauding at ringside. Brock is screaming, matching Austin, as the fans begin to groan. Austin attempts to roll but Brock holds on as Austin continues to scream. Heyman is screaming ‘break his arm!’ over and over again as Sable is watching intently. Somehow, Austin rolls over into a pinfall, still locked in the Kimura Lock.



    Brock breaks the hold, kicking out of the pinfall, but the damage has been done. He lifts Austin up and picks him up onto his shoulders. He goes for the F5 but Austin begins to elbow Brock in the head, before dropping down and kicking Brock in the gut, going for a Texas Piledriver, but before he can even lift Brock up for it, Brock reverses and picks Austin up again, hitting a huge F5! He collapses down and covers Austin.




    Austin kicks out as Brock can’t believe it. Heyman & Sable are also shown to be shocked, but Sable quickly resumes her control and applauds, telling Brock to continue. The fans are now cheering as Brock grabs Austin and drags him to his feet once more, looking set to go for another F5, but Austin pushes Brock back, kicks him in the gut and connects with a Stunner! Brock falls down as Austin scrambles into a cover.



    Sable pulls Brock’s leg under the bottom rope, before walking away.


    The referee notices the leg under the rope and stops the count. Austin is furious and begins to argue. The referee says he didn’t see Sable and tells Austin to continue. Austin drags Brock to the centre of the ring and covers again.




    Brock powers out as Austin can’t believe it. He grabs Brock’s legs and locks in a Boston Crab! The fans are cheering, sensing the finish is near, but Sable jumps onto the apron and begins to do the grind! The referee is distracted, telling Sable to get down but Sable isn’t listening. Behind the ref’s back, Paul Heyman runs into the ring with the World Heavyweight Championship and slams it into the back of Austin’s head, breaking the hold!

    Heyman climbs back out as Sable drops down finally. The referee turns around as Brock manages to cover Austin.



    Three! *

    JR: That cheating SOB!

    Bischoff: Lesnar is STILL the World Heavyweight Champion!

    The fans in the arena bay for more action, chanting and cheering continuously as they enjoy the nights entertainment. Too innocent are they to see between the lines, to see what tonight represents, battle lines, the war between good and evil. Too naive are they to realise that wrestling represents more than a spectacle, too blind to see that greater forces are at work.

    JR: We're about ready for our next match, and I can assure you that this is gonna be an old fashioned slobber knocker!

    Bischoff: I damn sure hope so JR, tonight has been fantastic so far and long may it continue.

    JR: Well, these two men have history, and right now I feel.. what the!?

    The lights in the arena flicker and die out, the crowd get excited and camera's flash all around the arena. In the confusion an Undertaker chant rings out from the fans, expecting the dead man to be on his way to the ring, they are wrong. A low, humming noise rings out across the building, a sound that brings anticipation with it, the people become quiet, waiting for what comes next.

    JR: By God i'm afraid I don't really know what's going on here, i'm as confused as everyone as right now.

    Up on the screen, rain begins to fall, there is a storm, a wispy curtain blows into view with a flash of lightning. An empty room illuminates briefly with another flash, a lone figure in a long black trenchcoat stands with his back to the camera. The voice of a child rings out.

    "When a mans heart is full of deceit, it burns up.. dies, and a dark shadow falls over his soul. From the ashes of a once great man, is risen a curse.. a wrong that must be righted."

    The voices stops for a moment, another flash of lightning and the camera leaps closely to the figure whose trenchcoat now blows in the wing along with his dark shoulder length hair.

    "We look to the skies for a vindicator, someone to strike fear into the black hearts of the sane man who created him.. the battle between good, and evil has begun."

    Another flash of lightning and clash of thunder and another leap closer to the man, the camera now lies directly behind him, he stands there motionless as the wind continues to blow his hair gently.

    "Against an army of shadows lies the dark warrior, the prevailer of good.. with a voice of silence and a mission of justice.."

    The camera slides down the figure, into view comes a black baseball bat hanging from his left hand and resting against his boot.

    Bischoff: I've seen this all before... JR.. you don't think.. that's not.. it can't be!

    "This is Sting."

    A final flash of lightning and Stings face is revealed, wearing his trademark black and white face paint, a sombre and sorrowful look upon his face as he stares at the camera. He raises his bat to rest against his shoulder and the camera pans backwards slowly. Another flash of lightning, and Sting is gone. The low humming noise fades away, the screen becomes black and the lights of the arena come back on. The fans are cheering at the top of their voices, Sting has finally come to the WWE. A chant of 'Stinger! Stinger!' rings out, people have already forgotten about the next match momentarily.

    JR: I don't believe it, Sting! Sting in WWE! I never thought i;d see the day!

    Bischoff: What the hell!? The NWO disbanded years ago, who's ticked him off this time!?

    JR: Damned if I know Eric, but whoever they are.. I'm glad I ain't them.


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